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Seizing the Opportunity

Complete any Opportunity in The Final Test.

Seizing the Opportunity0
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13 Mar 2016
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At the start of "The final test" mission, go left of the entrance and climb over the fence and hide behind some boxes. Youll be able to overhear a conversation between mechanics. Listen to it, the game will tell you to push select to follow this opportunity, so press select.

Youll need to get a mechanics uniform, a wrench, and then press a button on the plane, the achievment should pop once you press the button.

You can find a lone mechanic in a nearby small room and a wrench is right next to where you press the button.

Id suggest following through with the opportunity for the K-36D achievement, which is gotten by eliminating the target with the plane opportunity. After you press the button on the plane, walk upstairs to the target, press Y to talk to him, he will follow you, and walk back to the plane. Once back at the plane, there will be a marked clipboard that will start the test.

The game tells you what to do throughout the mission so it should be pretty easy and also be sure to manual save.