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Kill 10 Named Enemies in the Dark Zone.

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16 Mar 2016
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You can kill the same named enemy multiple times and you must be the person that gets the last hit on them.
Here's a image that roughly shows where the named enemies spawn.
External image

The site the map is from also details the different named enemies:
The map was more useful for me but I'll leave the link to the page.
Even with the map above the named enemies can wander around a bit and you need to factor in that other players can kill them, I think it takes about ten minutes for them to respawn.
If you're fighting one in the open street I suggest staying far away and picking off at them with a sniper. If you're fighting a subway named enemy try to lure them to the stairs, some times they'll just stand at the foot of the stairs but even if they don't you got nice cover and some time to stall as they should pause going half way up.
The lower the zone number the easier the named enemy will be, so stick to zones 01/02/03 if you're playing solo.
Upon a successful named enemy kill your achievement tracker should go up by 10%.
Took me about three or four hours running around randomly to kill the ten required.
Ultamisiaawesome solution man! was wondering why i wasn't getting the cheevo sooner after hours running around killing 15+ name enemies in a group and it didn't pop, only to realize i got 6 kills out of those.
Posted by Ultamisia on 16 Mar 16 at 05:32
ukinsproWhat complete donuts down voted this?
Thanks for the map
Posted by ukinspro on 18 Mar 16 at 12:28
ReaganSteinI wonder if this is affected by the new patch. Apparently named enemies no longer respawn once, you've killed them (to stop bullet king farming). I wonder if they only stop respawning if you were the one to last hit them though.
Posted by ReaganStein on 23 Mar 16 at 14:13
mcnichojNew patch doesn't effect named enemies in the Dark Zone, only the one guy people could farm for Phoenix Coins outside the DZ:
Posted by mcnichoj on 23 Mar 16 at 19:08
ReaganSteinThanks for the clarification.
Posted by ReaganStein on 24 Mar 16 at 20:54
WeighingBruteYou may want fo add this to get this quickly once you kill a named enemy log out and log back in you start in a different server which in turn you can quickly knock this achievemeng I would farm DZ exfraction zone
Posted by WeighingBrute on 26 Mar 16 at 01:44
WeighingBruteDZ 3
Posted by WeighingBrute on 28 Mar 16 at 01:21
AcTuaLSkUnKzMines stuck at 50%, any ideas?
Posted by AcTuaLSkUnKz on 03 Apr 16 at 09:44
Danscouti need help on this achievement
Posted by Danscout on 27 Jun 16 at 18:14
SquirtyPlopWould like to boost this, GT: DJ Whittlestone
Posted by SquirtyPlop on 04 Aug 16 at 13:25
Skate 323Not sure if this is a bug but i was fighting an elite and a rouge agent killed the elite and my achievement tracker went from 50% down to 40%
Posted by Skate 323 on 07 Sep 16 at 23:46
Skate 323Ok so i killed another elite and my tracker went back up but only to 50%
Posted by Skate 323 on 07 Sep 16 at 23:58
LeedsFC1985^Lol , That’s defo got be a bug 🤣
Posted by LeedsFC1985 on 19 Nov 20 at 08:12