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Good Eye

Find the lost corridor in the Misty Woods

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19 Mar 2016
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This is a secret area that is only accessible AFTER restoring the wind in the Forest; Nibel. It will also require the climb ability which should be unlocked by this point.

After restoring the wind, go back to the Misty Woods (in the bottom left corner of the map), which can be accessed using Sorrow's Pass. Once inside the Misty Woods, travel all the way to the left of the area. Use your new climb ability to progress up a tree, and then you'll use your feather + wind in order to reach a tree branch. Continue to the left until the achievement unlocks when you reach the ability cell.
vladimirthedudeThis won't unlock for me. Maybe I'm missing something but I've been to that spot on the map, I've picked up the orb that is there but it won't unlock. Does anyone else have this issue, any ideas how to fix it.
Posted by vladimirthedude on 16 Apr at 17:04