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Guitar Hero II

Guitar Hero II

Guitar Hero II
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Get a 100 note streak in Cooperative

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Pick co-operative mode and score a 100 note steak between you and your friend, it doesn't matter what difficulty you pick but harder difficulties have more notes while easier ones make it easy to maintain a streak.
The game does not show you your current streak so you have to just keep playing and will pop up eventually during play.
If one of you breaks streak you will both start again from zero.
BewareOfDaKnifecan co-op achievements be obtained online?
Posted by BewareOfDaKnife on 26 Nov 10 at 15:49
DefEdgeThere is no online in this game, despite it being xbox live enabled. That's only for the leaderboards.

Yeah, that was a kick in the teeth for me as well. Otherwise, I'd have a lot more of these achievements than I got.
Posted by DefEdge on 27 Nov 10 at 17:05
Senior ChuponAre there any songs with 100 notes on guitar/bass before the other instrument starts? I don't have two guitar controllers so not sure if I can manage this with a standard controller as the 2nd player.
Posted by Senior Chupon on 01 Jun 12 at 19:41