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Burning Bridges

Complete Chapter 1 of Episode 2

Burning Bridges0
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31 Mar 2016 31 Mar 2016
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Chapter 1 begins where the end of Episode 1 left off and you'll have some conversational choices where afterwards you'll have some help to escape.

Once outside you'll have to sneak up on a bad guy to get past them, use cn_LS to move and target them and use cn_RT to knock them out, you'll then walk up to where Pete is and need to peek out of and into cover using cn_LS. Once you're with Pete you will grab your machete but unfortunately you'll be seen which brings on some conversational choices which gives Sam a window to ambush.

Sam's ambush brings you a choice of who to go for and attack which leads to lots of fighting QTEs, win the fight and you'll walk off with Pete and Sam but the alarm will sound so you'll run off and hide.

Once inside the hiding spot Michonne will need to look for a ride, I picked the boat far left, once picked there will be some conversational choices including stopping or letting Pete go, I picked to let him go. With the people distracted Michonne and Sam jump into the water where you need to spam cn_A to swim and then press cn_A once on the boat.

A woman will confront you and you'll have some conversational choices followed by a some QTE prompts. You'll sail off screen and the screen will fade to black to signal the end of the chapter.