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Kill 10 enemies by shooting them in the leg

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Lt DavoLt Davo211,993
03 Apr 2016 03 Apr 2016
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You will probably unlock this achievement oganically while playing the game. If a wounded enemey dies when you shoot him in the leg, that counts, so they don't have to be one-shot kills. Even so, you can get one-shot kills to the legs, if that's how you want to do it, with either the pump-action shotgun Lara receives and automatically equips during a fight in the Geothermal Valley or the Voidhammer shotgun. Both of them will even kill enemies carrying shields, with one shot to their shins, without any upgrades.
Warboy925Just to conform, you can EASILY get this in Lara's Nightmare (If you have the 20yr Anniversary Edition)
Posted by Warboy925 on 02 Jul 17 at 03:30