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Money man

Earn 10M in cash

Money man+0.1
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04 Apr 2016 23 Sep 2016
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This is my first solution, so be nice.

It's a simple achievement that really does not need a solution.
I just wanted to let you know that this is a cumulative achievement.
I spent a couple of M to buy coaches/players. So you don't need to have 10 milion at once.
It unlocked for me when I was in Serie B (Italian Second Division) and I had about 3 milion. So don't save your money and just spend it to make your team better or to engage coaches.

TanukiV said in the comments that it unlocked for him during the fourth season when he had 9.3 M and definitely spent more milions in coaches and players. So the achievement it's probably bugged or has a strange way of counting the money.

It also seems from various comments (Banco Billy and naoya0831) that prize money does not add up to the count.

Thanks to all people that commented the solution and helped.
TanukiVIs there any place to see the cumulative money, even after you spent on stuffs?
Posted by TanukiV on 04 Apr 16 at 13:11
Andrinho7xI don't think so. I'm sorry. But I wouldn't worry too much. You should get this if you are going for all other achievements.
Posted by Andrinho7x on 04 Apr 16 at 13:13
TanukiVUnlocked for me when I have 9.3M, while I am in week 10 of the fourth season of England (Eng Champ). I must have earned more than 10M and spent couple of M to buy coachs/players
Posted by TanukiV on 07 Apr 16 at 03:38
Andrinho7xWell I'm starting to think it's bugged then.
Posted by Andrinho7x on 07 Apr 16 at 05:37
illdizzogAlso unlocked for me in my fourth season (Eng Champ). Only had £400k on me at the time so it's absolutely accumulative. I think I earned more than 10 million by the time it unlocked but it seems to be a fair indication of when it unlocks. Fourth season, mine was about week 30.
Posted by illdizzog on 10 Apr 16 at 20:02
BuckswanaGot it right at the end of my 10th week in 4th season as well.
Posted by Buckswana on 19 Apr 16 at 20:25
Banco BillyI think it is just the cash you get awarded at the end of each match. Prize money can't count because I won every cup getting £500,000 to 1,500,000 for each one but it didn't pop till the forth season like people state above.
Posted by Banco Billy on 26 Apr 16 at 07:15
naoya0831I got it after my 2nd week of 5th season. My money is 9.77M.Banco Billy maybe right,prize money can't count.
Posted by naoya0831 on 04 May 16 at 07:35
builder dirgeGot this yesterday in my 4th season, I was in the English Championship, it unlocked in game but will not update on TA. Anyone have this issue?
Posted by builder dirge on 16 Jun 16 at 08:47
Andrinho7xSorry, the problem did not occured to me with this achievement but happened with some Bingo (WP) achievements. They unlocked in game but not on the Xbox app or TA. After a couple of days, however, the issue solved itself.
Posted by Andrinho7x on 16 Jun 16 at 09:40
builder dirgeAs long as it unlocks, that's cool. They only thing is I was hoping to use the top league achievement on Saturday to keep my streak going, as I'm on holiday. Oh well, streaks don't really mean anything I guess.
Posted by builder dirge on 16 Jun 16 at 17:48
Gunstar RedThis unlocked for me my 4th season around week 10. Looks like that's when others here got it as well, so that's probably the average time to expect it.
Posted by Gunstar Red on 02 Sep 16 at 05:45
ShinwashaConfirm 10th week of season 4 as of July 17.
Posted by Shinwasha on 25 Jul 17 at 14:54
marklynxMine popped at week 11 on the 4th season.
Posted by marklynx on 11 Oct 18 at 02:41