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Quantum Break

Quantum Break

Quantum Break
Knowledge Is Power

Locate all of the Intel Items.

Knowledge Is Power0
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05 Apr 2016
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A COMPLETE guide of all 200+ collectibles with timelinks can be found HERE.

The collectibles, including 9 "Intel" pieces are found within Act 1 to Act 5 of the game. They can also be seen by using time vision in most instances. Upon picking up the piece of intel, you will be rewarded with the achievement.

You can replay chapters using the timeline at any point, but keep in mind that changing your choices within the Junctions will add new collectibles for you to collect, bringing your percentage down. NOTE: There are some uniquely titled collectibles depending on your Junction choices, but all collectibles should be in more or less the exact same place; but will have different contents. You can quit to the main menu once you collect them and reach a checkpoint save.

Lastly, use the menu to check "Collectibles" where it'll show your collectibles for each Act/Part so you can easily keep progress.

Alternatively, please see this video which is the beginning to the collectibles guide video playlist:

Upon finding all collectibles, you will have the following achievements:
Quantum BreakKnowledge Is PowerThe Knowledge Is Power achievement in Quantum Break worth 34 pointsLocate all of the Intel Items.

Quantum BreakTossing Stones in a PondThe Tossing Stones in a Pond achievement in Quantum Break worth 41 pointsYou need to trigger all Quantum Ripples

Quantum BreakMedia BaronThe Media Baron achievement in Quantum Break worth 44 pointsYou need to find all Emails, presentations, TV Shows, Radios And Posters

Quantum BreakMaximum EffortThe Maximum Effort achievement in Quantum Break worth 44 pointsFully upgrade all your time powers.
deadpinHey maka, can you clarify the part about going back to replay chapters? I don't understand the part about decreasing percentage.

I just started Act 3 last night but I missed some items way back in Act 1. If I replay Act 1, what exactly will change and would that affect my main Act 3 progress in any way?
Posted by deadpin on 05 Apr 16 at 18:21
Maka91If you change decisions at a Junction point, it may erase/replace some of your collectibles.
Posted by Maka91 on 07 Apr 16 at 07:11