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Quantum Break

Quantum Break

Quantum Break
You and Me

This is a secret achievement.

You and Me0
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06 Apr 2016 06 Apr 2016
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You obtain this achievement by choosing the Personal path in the second junction (after completing Act 2). Hold down the cn_LT button and confirm the decision with cn_LB after viewing the consequence. After that, you can reload the last checkpoint and unlock the Bigger Fish to Fry Achievement
Mr XBobThis has glitched for me, completely unlockable as of now...

I chose this path when I first played the game, not realising it was an achievement. Because of this I dind't notice when it didn't unlock.

I came back to this junction again when replaying to find the collectibles I'd missed, and I again chose this option. Again it didn't unlock.

I reset the checkpoint and chose the other option - and the ahcievement for that option did unlock. But no matter how many times I try the other option, it never unlocks.
Posted by Mr XBob on 06 Apr 16 at 23:25
cookienutI'm the same but with the other choice - Bigger Fish to Fry. Won't ever unlock for me. Glitches.
Posted by cookienut on 12 Apr 16 at 13:57
Iron Man TStarkPerfect for me - +1 thanks!
Posted by Iron Man TStark on 08 Jun 16 at 08:11
BugogiSame problem here, I cant get You and Me to unlock.
Posted by Bugogi on 14 Jun 16 at 22:30
quiettime3I'm also having issues with this one, picked the choice on my hard playthrough and it hasn't popped. Has anybody managed to unlock it after having issues like this?

Edit: Never mind, popped a few hours later, it's just delayed for some reason.
Posted by quiettime3 on 17 Aug 16 at 19:35