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Chronon Surge

Upgrade a time power.

Chronon Surge0
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06 Apr 2016
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Starting in Act 2, when you get control of Jack, you will be introduced to Chronon Sources, or the upgrade point system that Quantum Break offers. The first Chronon Source is right outside the van. Use cn_Y to reveal it (and activate the radar function that allows you to determine the direction and proximity you are to one). Once you have a single Source, open the menu cn_back and you should have immediate access to the upgrade menu. If you don't, it will be an immediate option that you can see in the lower right.

All you have to do is upgrade one of the current powers you will have access to by holding cn_A and you will unlock this achievement.
PopindaChopzI for some reason have not unlocked this achievement and have turned everywhere for advice, I have already upgraded 3 different time powers with no achievement pop!
Posted by PopindaChopz on 17 Jul 16 at 13:02
KaronaWeiyran@NathanPayne98: That might be a problem with the achievement system itself. The condition is to simply upgrade a power. There have been times where an achievement has not unlocked for many, not exclusively to this game, so I'm not sure what else to suggest to you other than giving it time (no pun intended).
Posted by KaronaWeiyran on 17 Jul 16 at 18:50