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Score a goal using diving header

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09 Jul 2010
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With a second controller give yourself a corner kick by having Player 2 kick the ball out of bounds behind his own goal.

On the corner kick three guys should be in the box. Press A to launch the ball towards the goal. As the ball is in the air, press up and then down (down then up if on the top half of the field) to take control of the player closest to the ball and press A once again to head it in. The player that scored on a header for me was the one closest to the corner kick taker.
AdnyCheers, this worked a treat. :D
Posted by Adny on 21 Oct 10 at 23:30
Jezza69I had no luck with the other method mentioned, this worked after a few (lots!) tries.
Posted by Jezza69 on 26 Jan 13 at 11:22
Lord TerentiusPerfect. Tried the throw-in method. Didn't work. This worked on the 4th attempt. Up voted!
Posted by Lord Terentius on 11 Jul 14 at 11:09
MattiasAndersonTHANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! I tried to other foolish ways of doing this and after 2 hours i saw your solution which i had overlooked somehow!!! To get the ball up hi enough just press a button and hold it down and dont move analog like i did first. Then at one point sooner or later you be able to get this one. I played as Brazil vs Faraoe Island.

Once again! Best solution BY FAR!
Posted by MattiasAnderson on 12 Feb 15 at 13:32
SantaUndercoverThis was the way to go! So glad I got this game done pff. Btw, the achievements should pop immediately.
Posted by SantaUndercover on 25 Feb 16 at 23:04
CartooniteThis is how I finally managed to do it. I found with the throw-ins the ball just didn't seem to have enough height for a header.
Posted by Cartoonite on 07 May 20 at 19:35
JeeperCreeperMCHow do you manage it? Literally every time it's either going wide of the post, the players not responding, or the keeper is there...
Posted by JeeperCreeperMC on 14 Jun 20 at 18:59
MisterSledgeI had absolutely no luck with the throw in method. Here’s what I did:
- (Real) Madrid vs Faroe Islands (B36)
- 4-3-3 formation keeps 3 guys in the box
- Second controller dribbles the ball out behind goal for a corner
- Cross the ball in with a half second press on the A button (longer than a tap) launches the ball further and past the post
- Once kicked, move the nearest player away from goal and quickly back and press A. While pressing A, aim the Left stick into the opposite corner of goal

I’ve uploaded a few videos of me doing this for reference.

Good luck!
Posted by MisterSledge on 11 Nov 21 at 20:01
Leap Of Faith77Thanks again MisterSledge. This worked for me after about 10 attempts.
Posted by Leap Of Faith77 on 20 Nov 21 at 03:35
JeeperCreeperMCCame back to this after a year and managed to nail it second time round lmao 😂😂😂
Posted by JeeperCreeperMC on 13 Mar at 18:18