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Focus. Aim. Pull.

Get 10 head shots while using Dodge Focus.

Focus. Aim. Pull.0
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07 Apr 2016 07 Apr 2016
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Getting this achievement is rather easy. First of all, Dodge ( tapping cn_LB ) will cause you to move a short distance with a burst of speed. You can use this move to either avoid an enemy or his gunfire, or you can use it to rush an enemy and cause them to become defenseless. Make sure you are within 10 or so feet from the enemy to start the sequence. What you have to do is tap the cn_LB to Dodge towards an enemy. This will cause lesser enemies to recoil from the shockwave that you create. The split second you come out of Dodge, immediately HOLD cn_LT, aim for the enemy's head and squeeze the trigger, headshotting the enemy. Do this 10 times over the course of the game and the cheevo will be yours. It may seem difficult at first because you have to gain your bearings with your aiming because you will be right next to the enemy. You can probably go into the gameplay settings and adjust your aim sensitivity. I left mine at 50%, which is the game's default setting.

I uploaded a video of me killing the last enemy that earned me the cheevo... Dodge, Dodge Focus, Kill!!

Hope this helps!!

samsaBEARDoes the achievement tracker show the progress to this? I swear I'm doing it right every time yet it's not increasing in the app.
Posted by samsaBEAR on 09 Apr 16 at 23:07
IronWillMy tracker is increasing
Posted by IronWill on 10 Apr 16 at 05:01
samsaBEARMust just have the timing wrong, I'll wait to upgrade it a bit more and try then!
Posted by samsaBEAR on 10 Apr 16 at 13:10
The MalkiI suggest you add to the solution that upgrading this power will extend the time you have for aiming after the dodge. It's a lot easier if you have this upgrade...
Posted by The Malki on 13 Apr 16 at 14:35
KroogeeWhat episode should I load to grind?
Posted by Kroogee on 21 Apr 16 at 22:08
beets101I went from 3 to achievement at act 5.2 it has two enemies and a good check point. Took me about 15 minutes to get my remaining 7.
Posted by beets101 on 25 Jun 16 at 18:20
JoujouboxIs this normal the progression bar doesn't fill up for me?
Posted by Joujoubox on 19 Jan 19 at 03:25
Pedle ZelnipVideo appears to be broken.
Posted by Pedle Zelnip on 08 Jun at 04:16
SpartanWolf 187Was only missing one for the achievement. First one after completing the game it unlocked.
Posted by SpartanWolf 187 on 03 Aug at 04:38