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Break All Their Toys

Destroy 15 enemy chronon harnesses.

Break All Their Toys0
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08 Apr 2016 11 Apr 2016
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I found a pretty good spot to farm this really quickly without any real danger of getting shot or having to avoid other enemies while trying to get this. Either load up the stage below on any difficulty or keep an eye out while you are playing the stage. Proceed through the level until you get to the part where you have to disable the Chronon Dampener and take out the enemies when you're looking for Dr. Amaral.

Once you jump down onto the platform right before the sphere (red dome) you will hit a check point making this the perfect spot to get it done really quickly. Basically all you do is walk into the dampeners field in front of you and wait for the enemy that is on the platform below you to turn around or walk up the stairs. Once he does this shoot the device (chronon harness) on his back, reload the checkpoint then rinse and repeat until your achievement pops.

Difficulty: Any
Required Amount: 15
Level: Monarch Gala - Act 3 Part 2

The MalkiThis spot is perfect to farm the achievement. Thumbs up from me!
Posted by The Malki on 13 Apr 16 at 14:24
samsaBEARIs anyone else having any problems with this? I'm definitely hitting their harnesses but it's just not adding to the achievement.

Also for some reason I can't get to checkpoint in the video to work, I do everything the same but when I restart it puts me further back, just before you have to jump around the cliff. Anyone have any ideas?
Posted by samsaBEAR on 18 Apr 16 at 13:59
S4WSorry samsaBEAR to see you're having trouble with this. I myself had no probs with getting the achievement here. Just make sure you're actually killing the enemy by shooting the harness.
Posted by S4W on 20 Apr 16 at 06:01
o0 MrPapaya 0oi also have problems with this solution, same as samsaBEAR,...strange
Posted by o0 MrPapaya 0o on 23 Apr 16 at 12:09
S4WFor anyone having problems with the check point, go further into the area and get yourself killed, it should then give you the checkpoint on the platform.
Posted by S4W on 23 Apr 16 at 12:31
beets101My check point is good except for the guy is miles away takes around 1 minute to walk from the top, down and around. I also found sometimes he sees you thus negating the the harness achievement. It works though, so thumbs up from me even if it took me longer than I thought.
Posted by beets101 on 05 Jun 16 at 21:35
FoolsAndKingsOK. After a few goes I got this to work perfect.
To get the checkpoint, just wait while the guy walks around until he gets to the point in the video, THEN walk forward to trigger the checkpoint.
I used the Burst Pistol to get the kills. You'll know it worked if the enemy explodes rather than just dies. +1 smile
Posted by FoolsAndKings on 11 Jun 16 at 17:37
Mat VoyzeyAnybody know if melees count?
Posted by Mat Voyzey on 08 Jan 17 at 20:46
Apostle92627I'm not getting credit either. I shoot him in the back and nothing.

Edit: I don't thing it works with burst weapons. I wasn't getting credit until I started grabbing the Carbine Rifle and aiming for the packs.
Posted by Apostle92627 on 05 Sep 18 at 00:34
PsychoVengeBurst weapons worked for me. You'll know you hit the pack when it propels the guy. You'll also hear a distinct stutter sound effect.
Posted by PsychoVenge on 12 Sep 18 at 18:11
LockieThis popped for me while I was standing in an elevator and outside there were some scripted deaths where the Shifter monster was killing enemies.

I think the Shifter must've popped their chronon harnesses and the game attributed them to me doing it. shock
Posted by Lockie on 22 Sep 18 at 09:34
The Negateri was also having trouble using a machine gun so i switched to pistol and 1 shots gave me credit each time
Posted by The Negater on 03 Dec 18 at 19:13