Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (Xbox 360) Review by WhyattThrash

16 Apr 2016 20 May 2018
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Borderlands: The pre-sequel is an RPG/FPS/Dungeon crawler, that's a terrible RPG, FPS and Dungeon crawler.
Borderlands: TPS was a highly anticipated game. And while for many fans it seems to have lived up to the hype, for me it just didn't.

If you have played previous Borderlands, it resembles its predecessors; It has the same graphics, charm, humour and silliness as the series is famous for, but that's just a superficial coat of paint over a deeply flawed, in some cases even broken game.

A role playing game with no roles.
In TPS choosing a character is difficult. Not because they all seem badass, but because they're all kindof generic. In an RPG you expect the classes to have diverse skills and uses. If you've played previous Borderlands, you know how the skill trees will let you focus your character as a lethal sniper assassin, or an unstoppable tank, or a great support character.

But in TPS there's little to no specialization, which means that adding points in the skill tree basically will not affect your playstyle at all. There'll be no added reward for choosing to play any specific way, and there's really no way to specialize your character, just make it slightly stronger.

This also means, it doesn't really matter which character you choose. And when co-op:ing, the lack of roles means you won't rely on your partners as much because there are no specific advantages you can give eachother.

(A bonus point though: the fact that Claptrap is a playable character means that if you don't choose him, you won't have to see him in the game if you happen to find him more annoying than funny.)

A first person shooter where you can't aim.
The lack of a sniper character that focuses on rewarding skilful aiming is another divergence from previous games, and an odd decision. The decision starts to make sense when you try to aim, and notice that any sort of sniping is broken; When zooming in with any weapon, aiming suddenly slows down to a trawl, even when setting aiming movement to the highest sensitivity.

This means aiming down the sights of weapons is fundamentally broken, making hip-firing pretty much the only option. This also means that any play-style except run-and-gun is broken. If pure run-and-gun is your playstyle, you might be able to forgive this oversight. But if you enjoy aiming and taking strategic shots (or even trick shots), you will find it extremely frustrating, probably even unplayable.

A dungeon crawler with way too much crawl.
TPS includes a lot of walking to get where you want. Like a whole lot. And when you get to your location, many of the level designs are confusing, and rely on multi-level maps. Which always introduces difficulties in games like these, especially if the in-game maps aren't multi-level in themselves.

This leads to lots of situations where you don't know where you are or understand where you're supposed to go, and the frustration of not being able to find your way builds up and makes it more of a game of just running around in circles trying to find your way. This takes you out of the action, and out of the fun and silliness and just artificially lengthens the game with unnecessary running-around padding.

To wrap up, The pre-sequel, while sporting pretty much the same mechanics as its predecessors, still manages to be vastly different. Now you might enjoy these differences, or be able to tolerate them because you enjoy the graphics and humour of the Borderlands universe. But for me, I just don't.

My personal experience can be summed up with: Choose a character where the choice doesn't matter, run around in circles and get frustrated that you don't get anywhere, and when you finally get to shoot at something, discover that you can't aim.

Now, is it a horrible game? Not really, but not good nor enjoyable neither. I think the best way to describe it is to quote Flea: "it's better... than a kick in the face with a golf shoe".

- The trademark borderlands-y borderlands graphical style and humour

- Pretty much everything else

Play instead: Borderlands , Borderlands 2 , RAGE , Mad Max
Darklord1899If I gave the other two games 5 stars I would give this one three stars or maybe 2 and half ... it is sort of a noble failure.
Posted by Darklord1899 on 21 Apr 16 at 02:40
WhyattThrashYeah, two stars might border on the rough side. I mean, it's not terrible, just... Not good. But I think if it had at least been good enough for me to even want to complete the campaign, it would've been three stars. And like you say, the previous two were 5-star 100% completions for me.
Posted by WhyattThrash on 21 Apr 16 at 05:34
DeviSlatorThe story was weak but I did like some of the new features. Enemies were bland and unforgettable. The worst BL game
Posted by DeviSlator on 25 Apr 16 at 13:21
WhyattThrashDownvoters:. By all means feel free to explain to me how I'm wrong and what makes this game great. I'm genuinely interested in why people enjoy it.

Devislator: I think you might mean forgettable (without the "un")?
Posted by WhyattThrash on 27 Apr 16 at 16:24
SimmI disagree. Its basically the same game as Borderlands 2 but with a new story. 2/5 stars is just ridiculous, the game is not broken. The level design wasn't confusing to me and you CAN make some awesome character builds with the 4 initial characters. I really enjoyed the game and I believe most people who liked Borderlands 1&2 will also enjoy this one.
Posted by Simm on 14 Nov 16 at 14:17
WhyattThrashIt is broken. Aiming down sights moves ridiculously slow, breaking any tactical non-run-and-gun build. It's "basically" the same except where it's way worse in every regard. I 100%:ed Borderlands 1 and 2, and couldn't even finish a fifth of TPS. 2/5 sounds about right for a game so bad that I can't even finish it.
Posted by WhyattThrash on 14 Nov 16 at 17:49
The Metal SergeGood i thought I was the only one that didn't feel the hype of the game for me it's more of the same but more annoying some how.
Posted by The Metal Serge on 03 Dec 16 at 21:23
DominusTenebraeSorry, but reviewing and rating a game you haven't completed just seems...lame. I'm all for reviewing and letting your educated opinion known, but how can you review a game you admit you haven't finished? This review should be removed from the site as it is clearly flawed and not truly able to accurately review the whole game. Down vote here.
Posted by DominusTenebrae on 22 Apr 17 at 22:15
WhyattThrashDominusTenebrae If you had finished reading the review you would've reached the point where I explained that the game is broken and unplayable. I clearly stated why the game is fundamentally bad, you're more than welcome to supply compelling counter arguments.
Posted by WhyattThrash on 24 Apr 17 at 20:35
DominusTenebraeWhyatt, whatever man. My point still stands, this is an awful review. You've finished around 1/2 of the game's main missions as of 4/29/17.

You've complained about the characters, bad sniping mechanics and confusing level design. You failed to talk about the great voice acting, intriguing additions both in weapons and new capabilities, the humor that has followed through in true Gearbox form and I'm only 1/4 of the way through.

Further in your "review" you mention how great the previous games are but the first game isn't even on your gamer card. And finally this is a failed attempt at a review and should be removed from the site as it is not a true review of the whole game. Personally I don't know how you're not ashamed of this "review". Clearly more voters who have read it agree with me.
Posted by DominusTenebrae on 29 Apr 17 at 18:04
WhyattThrashYou're free to have your opinion of the game as i am mine. If my issue with the game was things like voice acting or story, those could improve throughout the game. Core game mechanics will not, so I don't need to complete the game to know that those will stay as broken as they are.

If you have a differing opinion, feel free to post your own review. Instead of attempting to censor an opinion you don't agree with, supply your own. Note that no-one has cared for the game enough to post a single opposing review.

Both Borderlands 1 & 2 are 100% on my card (and completed several times over).
Posted by WhyattThrash on 30 Apr 17 at 00:07
Serious X DevilBorderlands is not everyone's cup of tea, me and my friend would constantly argue about playing it in co-op because he is not a fan of the game as much as i was but come on guys its not worth arguing over in the comments he is entitled to his opinion of his review as much as you are to your opinion.

While i didn't enjoy this game as much as the others it is still a good borderlands game none the less (i did change my mind about the game as i played) and i'm super hyped for the borderlands 3!
Posted by Serious X Devil on 30 Apr 17 at 00:28
DominusTenebraeWow, thanks. I'm free to have an opinion. How noble.

My argument isn't with your "opinion". You still seem to fail to grasp that my argument is in the fact that you are reviewing a game you have failed to complete. That's like reviewing a restaurant on the outside facade and the table without ever trying the food.

Missing an opposing review on a game that was released at the end of one console's lifecycle is not a valid excuse. You still have more negatives than positives.

This review was written from someone who wanted borderlands 2.5 and threw a tantrum because they didn't get what they expected. You should be ashamed of this review.

Finish the game. Then post a review. A hole.
Posted by DominusTenebrae on 01 May 17 at 05:12
WhyattThrashMore like someone who tasted the entree at a restaurant and then vomited. Sometimes the parts are all that's needed to form an opinion, if those parts are the bare minimum requirements.

If I were forced to complete the whole thing, I'd probably post an even lower score due to the increased amount of distaste.

You're right in that I did expect the game to take the concepts of the previous, and develop on them further. Like what happened between 1 and 2, all the concepts were refined and improved. The Pre-Sequel on the other hand feels like someone looked at the base concept, didn't understand it, tried to copy it, and failed. It's just a really, really bad copy of the predecessors.
Posted by WhyattThrash on 01 May 17 at 19:31
DominusTenebraeOne year later and the negatives have only increased. Not a single positive in a year. This review is a shame and should be removed.
Posted by DominusTenebrae on 11 Apr 18 at 02:51
WhyattThrashOver a year later, and still no-one has cared enough for the game to provide an opposing opinion.
Posted by WhyattThrash on 02 May 18 at 20:09
DominusTenebraeTwo years and this horrible review is still here. At least a REAL review has showed up. You should be ashamed. SHAME!
Posted by DominusTenebrae on 19 May 18 at 13:46
WhyattThrashGreat that you have a review that you can agree with! Although when reading it, I find that it says pretty much the same thing as mine. The main two differences being the tone and the fact that they were able to overlook the flaws that I couldn't. Reading it I do find that I had an unnecessarily harsh tone in my language, so I've cleaned that up, in honour of this new review.
Posted by WhyattThrash on 20 May 18 at 22:16
KanchanaburiCould I suggest the review be re written. YOu make several valid points about the sub par nature of this game, but a review should be balanced, and this does not appear to be. Right from the get go, you slam the game before saying much about it. Although a lot of what you stated were cons to the game, there were good parts too. yes, the humor was good. The fact it had coop, and even couch coop were key points. Any way, I hope you dont take what I suggested to be another call for conflict. Keep up the writing.
Posted by Kanchanaburi on 21 May 18 at 07:55
tornprince2012^^^^ Kinda says it all in a very respectful and calm manner.

Bottom line, you DID NOT come to WRITE A REVIEW, you came to TRASH the game completely.

And yes, the game that has a rating of 4.1 with more than 2600 people rated it, this looks ridiculously unbalanced, as mentioned in a comment above mine.
Posted by tornprince2012 on 22 May 18 at 13:56
DominusTenebraeThree years on and this “trash” is still here. Lowest rated review. You still haven’t grown the guts to complete the game. So pathetic.
Posted by DominusTenebrae on 18 Apr 19 at 23:28
casa de morteHoly crap people!!! It is a freaking review!! A review is an opinion. Typically a review will praise or condemn something. If you don't like the review down-vote and go live life. If he wants it to stay it will stay. Why complete a game you dislike? Go write your own review and be done with it. Move on. Trust me you will feel better. This starts to look like fanboy-ism over any real constructive criticism. What are we going to do for the 5 year anniversary of this review? It should be epic!
Posted by casa de morte on 11 May 19 at 17:58
"This starts to look like fanboy-ism"
We're way past "starting to" at this point. I made the mistake of engaging with the trolls though, let's not stir up any more trouble. Peace, mate!
Posted by WhyattThrash on 12 Jun 19 at 17:14
DominusTenebraeAnother year gone. Still unfinished.
Posted by DominusTenebrae on 20 Apr 20 at 19:10
ClockKingRM@DominusTenebrae Dude, it's been 4 years... let it go.
Posted by ClockKingRM on 01 Dec 20 at 06:53
IrishBeatdownHonestly, I think this review was both compelling and comprehensive. Do we really downvote reviews these days based on divergence of option alone? If so, that is sad. I wouldn't give it 2 stars but the arguments in this review are sound. Upvoted.
Posted by IrishBeatdown on 02 Mar at 02:35