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Master of Rings

Acquire all rings.

Master of Rings0
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Frankies BackFrankies Back1,372,549
18 Apr 2016 19 Apr 2016
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I created a Google Sheet that lists all the rings and how to get them. You can go to file and copy the sheet so you can keep track of what rings you need.

This also includes the other collection achievements.

At the bottom of the page you can select the different pages.

Using the paint can you can black out the box for acquired which makes it much easier to see what you have.

If you were using my checklist and everything is checked off but you don't have the achievement it is because i forgot the Lloyd's Shield Ring. I fixed it and i'm very sorry for missing it.
VeiRoN v2Thank you for this,very helpful.
Posted by VeiRoN v2 on 13 May 16 at 23:01
FayMoonVery helpful. BTW - Ring of Life +2 can be found during NG+ and Ring of Life +3 - during NG++.
Posted by FayMoon on 15 May 16 at 09:06
Gazmaster3DThis has been beyond helpful, thanks.
Posted by Gazmaster3D on 16 May 16 at 22:14
SkinstakovicAny idea how I save it on an ipad?
Posted by Skinstakovic on 29 May 16 at 20:48
Frankies BackI think it should work the same way. I dont have an ipad so i cant test it.
Posted by Frankies Back on 29 May 16 at 21:16
SkinstakovicI don't have any menu with which to select File/Copy. Might have to drag the laptop out lol. Thanks for the list though, will be very helpful
Posted by Skinstakovic on 30 May 16 at 05:44
Shadow XBLThis is very awesome, thank you. Been using it.
Posted by Shadow XBL on 17 Feb 17 at 16:47
MISTER RKSoo, the + is based on the playthrough then?? If so....Thanks.
Posted by MISTER RK on 14 Apr 17 at 05:20
Frankies BackThe + on the ring means u need to be at least on new game + to get it. You can get it later though. New game + is after you beat the game you can start a new play through with the same character.
Posted by Frankies Back on 14 Apr 17 at 18:49
ehlert12689Thanks man! much easier than writing each down. did that for ds1. was a pain.
Posted by ehlert12689 on 15 Sep 18 at 17:13