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Cocoadile Tears

Player has attained full bonus growth for a plant using the Cocoadile tears

Cocoadile Tears+0.1
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Crimson DrifterCrimson Drifter871,311
20 Jan 2009 21 Sep 2013
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First and foremost for this achievement you will need to make a Cocoadile your resident.

To get this you will need to transform a Sour Cocoadile into a normal one, to do this you will need to meet these requirements:

-Be a Level 28 gardener
-Eaten 1 Sweetooth (Level 21 gardener, 14% water, eaten 3 fir cones, eaten 2 water lily flowers to become a resident)
-Eaten 1 (or some have reported 2) Swanana (Level 27 gardener, garden worth 20,000 CC, 25% water, eaten 2 sandwiches to become a resident)

Once it has done that it will go into a cocoon then it will hatch into a regular Cocoadile. Now plant a simple plant (tulip for example) then select the Cocoadile and direct it to the plant. It will then cry on it and you will get the achievement.
ProParkourIt has to eat 2 Swananas
Posted by ProParkour on 28 Nov 10 at 00:03
LazyCreeperHe is right, it is only 1 swanana the sour cocoadile needs to eat, it is a typo in the game
Posted by LazyCreeper on 30 Nov 10 at 06:06
ParanoidRobIts 2 just got this one :P
Posted by ParanoidRob on 20 Dec 10 at 20:35
TinCanMcBucketIt's not a typo, it really has to eat 2 swananas.
One thing that is good to remember is that if you break the sour pinata with the shovel you will lose one completed requirement for it to become resident.
Posted by TinCanMcBucket on 04 Jul 11 at 14:25
Crimson DrifterThanks guys havent checked these in a while, its been corrected
Posted by Crimson Drifter on 04 Jul 11 at 21:07
TimeTrakenDefinately only ate 1 swanana for mine to transform
Posted by TimeTraken on 08 Aug 12 at 04:17
Monkey PeltI just got it with 1 swanana as well...
Posted by Monkey Pelt on 20 Mar 13 at 21:42
Crimson Driftersounds good enough for me, I'll change it back to 1
Posted by Crimson Drifter on 21 Mar 13 at 05:04
Emilo93I can't even get a Sweetooth in my garden to get the sour one :/ I give it everything it needs except the last thing and it just leaves my garden every time, its getting really frustrating now.
Can someone gift me a Sweetooth please? My GT is Emilo93
Posted by Emilo93 on 13 Apr 13 at 23:28
metabolicBatmanfix your solution. it's 2 swanana not 1
Posted by metabolicBatman on 21 Sep 13 at 18:46
Crimson Drifterjesus, I'm sick of changing this solution lol. I'm leaving it 1, but putting 2 in parenthesis
Posted by Crimson Drifter on 21 Sep 13 at 22:01
iMaginaryyWell yeah, probably just gotta explain that haha. Mine was 1 too, i'm pretty sure.

Why does the achievement say "full bonus growth", doesn't it only do level 1?
Or can you use this to get Master Horticulturist?
Posted by iMaginaryy on 20 Dec 13 at 00:29
AvocadoFireThe info in the game itself says 2 swans but mine also only ate one.
Posted by AvocadoFire on 22 Jun at 00:16