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Complete level without found body

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24 Apr 2016
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A very easy way to get this achievement is on Level 7 (Party Bus) if you have the Chainsaw Hero unlocked. Most times when you start, a suitcase will be on the right of the bus, pick it up and it should contain a smoke grenade. If it doesn't then reload the level until it does.

Once you have the smoke grenade, go to the middle of the dance floor and drop the grenade with RB. Run back and pick up your chainsaw then hit RB to mow down about 25 partygoers.

After your stamina recharges go pick up the smoke grenade item again (gives you a fresh charge) then hurry to the left side of the screen and drop the smoke on the last group of 10 then quickly 187 them all. If no blue lights pop up then you will be granted the Ninja achievement, takes 20 seconds.

Foreupvote from me for a quick solution and the use of 187

Posted by Fore on 03 May 16 at 10:22
Calex dEUSHa worked a treat. Thanks.
Posted by Calex dEUS on 03 May 16 at 21:12
BlueThunder7398I just picked it up with the stun grenade. Similar method. Placed it a little to the left of center, then ran over to the bottom right corner. After it went off there were 2 alive. Took them out, then ran around and got the rest while they were down.
Posted by BlueThunder7398 on 05 May 16 at 04:06
NinjaShadowKaiNo idea why people have down voted this
Posted by NinjaShadowKai on 18 Jun 17 at 20:37
Tenshi3Didn't work for me the first time with the smoke, but worked just as well with the stun. I'd say aim it slightly to the left, then massacre everyone on the right, should have plenty of time to take out everyone else before they wake up just spamming attack...
Posted by Tenshi3 on 20 Jun 17 at 13:52
torrens7760Tried several times with both smoke and stun- nothing. No screams, blue lights, should have unlocked. :/
Posted by torrens7760 on 04 Nov 17 at 23:46
The Fury I84IWorked perfect headspin
Posted by The Fury I84I on 18 Nov 17 at 08:33
zDrUnKeNMoNkEyzMah MAN! 😝 Took a few tries...then BAM! 187 all up over the place! lol thanks brotha!
Posted by zDrUnKeNMoNkEyz on 29 Mar 18 at 08:40
TheDonSimeoniI tried it a few times, but in the end, I found it easier to not use the chainsaw and to just spam the smoke grenade, working from right to left.
Posted by TheDonSimeoni on 11 Mar 20 at 15:04