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The Wolf Among Us

The Wolf Among Us

The Wolf Among Us
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Unlock all Book of Fables entries in Episode 3.

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25 Apr 2016
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There are quite a lot of story fables in this chapter but a few are miss able the first one is at Lilly’s funeral. When you go to speak to snow don’t interrupt her speech instead go to the table on the left and read the first card which will unlock the first fable.

The next miss able fable is in crains apartment, when you choose where to search first go to crains apartment, when you go in head straight ahead then left where you will find the area where the key to the next room is, above that there is a headless statue if you investigate it you get the next fable.

The 3rd miss able fable is in the Tweedles office after speaking to snow in crains apartment you can choose to go to the bar or the Tweedles office. Choose to go to the Tweedles office doing so will not affect the story as there isn’t anything of use there, but it will get you another fable after leaving.

The last miss able fable is in the witches house it is another split decision you can choose to burn her tree down or not, the way did this to save time was choosing the one I didn’t want to first then quit as soon as the fable unlocks and then you can reload the game and choose the one you actually wanted to do without having to replay the full level.

If you’re stuck on anything or have missed a fable, I have included a video below with the location of all the fables in order *warning the video does contain spoilers*