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Venomous rush

Poison 100 people

Venomous rush0
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25 Apr 2016
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For this achievement, you need to find the punch bowls, kegs or even poison in the brief cases. An example would be the first level, BBQ Party, where there is sometimes a punch bowl on the table in the kitchen. All you have to do then is walk up to it and hit cn_Y to poison the food. People will then walk up to the poisoned food and you will know who is poisoned by the green bubbles above their heads. Or if you have a brief case with poison in it, simply walk up to someone at the party and press cn_Y to poison them. The achievement will pop after the 100th person has died.
juicyluce9My stats say I've poisoned 231 people yet the achievement is stuck on 99% :\
Posted by juicyluce9 on 03 May 16 at 19:58