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Death from Above

Destroy a floor with a breach charge in Quick Match/Ranked Multiplayer

Death from Above0
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27 Apr 2016 17 Oct 2019
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EDIT: As of June 2019, the requirements of this achievement have changed.
The original requirements were 'Breach a Floor or Ceiling in "House" on Casual/Ranked Multiplayer or Terrorist Hunt'.
Now you can only achieve this in multiplayer, but on any map instead of only 'House'.

Simply find a square breach area on a floor and use a breach charge on it. As per below, there are at least 3 on the map 'House'.

ISSUES UNLOCKING OCT 2019: A few people are having issues unlocking this recently. SCOTTLAND1986 was able to unlock it in Ranked match, Kafe Dostoyevsky map, breaching from 3rd floor to 2nd floor. Please try this map if you are having trouble with this.

Original Guide:
You can do this quickly and easily by yourself in Terrorist Hunt.

First, press cn_start on the main menu and click 'Options' and then into 'Multiplayer Preferences'.

Scroll down to the Terrorist Hunt game modes. Turn them all off except 'Terrorist hunt classic'. Then below that, turn off every terrorist hunt map except 'House'. Press cn_X to apply the changes.

Go back to the menu and into Terrorist Hunt. Click cn_LSc and make sure 'Lone Wolf' is selected.

Start the game and make sure your character has breaching charges equipped.

Finally, you need to find a room in the house with a square area on the floor, this shows a place you can breach. I found at least 3 on this map. 1 in the Master Bedroom (2nd floor), 1 at the top of the main stairs in the landing area (2nd floor), and 1 beside the pool/billiards table (1st floor). There may be others too but I didn't find them.

If you are having trouble getting to the room due to enemies or you just cant find the right place, send in one of your remote drone devices and roam around the house til you find one in a room that's free of enemies.

Once you are there, place your breach charge on the square area and detonate it.

Achievement should unlock a few seconds later.
SCOTTLAND1986It seems the achievement is glitched now? Or very glitchy and stubborn to unlock because I’ve done this countless times on causal and ranked matches.

EDIT: Finally got it on Kafe Dostevsky in a ranked match blowing from the 3rd floor through to the second floor. Not sure if it some how works there and not other places but just posting this in the off chance that’s what it is for anyone else having trouble unlocking this one.
Posted by SCOTTLAND1986 on 09 Oct 19 at 14:43
teddieboiI am having difficulties with this too. Will try your solution.

EDIT: After many tries, I finally received it on Coastline.
Posted by teddieboi on 17 Oct 19 at 08:53
l BlackBrian7 lThanks for the heads-up guys. I'll add what SCOTTLAND1986 wrote to the solution to try help others. Cheers!
Posted by l BlackBrian7 l on 17 Oct 19 at 14:35
superling231Just got this by destroying a wooden FLOOR (not a floor hatch) on the second level of the Coastline map.
Posted by superling231 on 09 Mar at 22:24
BroknPlayai can confirm i got this on coastline, no other maps
Posted by BroknPlaya on 27 May at 17:40