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Upgrade 20 guns to Level 5.

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28 Apr 2016 18 Sep 2016
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There's a game braking glitch that will allow you to get this in next to no time:

Get 3-4 weapons a couple hundred XP away from level 5 and quit to Home. Go offline in the Network Settings and load up the game and get all those weapons to level 5 then quit the game. Delete the save from the console for Sunset Overdrive by clicking 'Manage Game' clicking the save game and choosing to delete 'From Console' ONLY! Go back online from the network settings, and load up the game and your previous save will be downloaded from the cloud and those 3-4 weapons will still be a couple hundred XP away from level 5 but you will have gotten progress towards this achievement in the achievement tracker. You only have to do this a couple of times to get the achievement.

This also works with the 50 gold challenges, and ALL of the collectible achievements!
but NOT for the 250 cloth items, as you have to own all of those at once.
(check respective solutions for more detailed information)

PS. My original solution was just a theory because i did this by accident, so this revised version is pretty much a copy paste of how D4 B1GD0G got this to work too, so a HUGE thanks to him for confirming this in the comments! :)
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FINezula brilliant news! thanks for confirming this bigdog ;)
Posted by FINezula on 08 May 16 at 15:27
SrrTalkalot Not to be rude. But cheating on guns i understand. But common do the gold challenges. Its totally worth it!
Posted by SrrTalkalot on 10 May 16 at 11:38
FINezula i personally did the golds legit, but there are always people who are willing to cheat if they struggle too much or whatever. (ie. someone might not like the game much, but wanna finish it anyways) but yeah i agree, i would suggest for people to try the challenges first and if theyre too hard and no fun at all, maybe only then resort to cheating ;D
Posted by FINezula on 10 May 16 at 15:40
NeoFibonacci oh my god!
it works very well
just save my from buying the 100k weapon~~~
Posted by NeoFibonacci on 20 May 16 at 12:30
Bacavoit Is this still working?
Posted by Bacavoit on 21 Jan 17 at 05:22
FINezula have not tried since i got these achievements myself, but i doubt that abusing the broken trackers will ever be fixed in any game, so it should still work!
Posted by FINezula on 21 Jan 17 at 08:36
Bacavoit It stills works and I figured an even easier way to do it without deleting the save.

Just go to the "Get the band together" level some weapons to level 5 and hard reset the console. Try to do it with the easy ones and make sure the achievement tracker counted them.

I was grinding this and my game froze. After reading your guide I went to check my % and found out that I was at 95% with only 19 weapons and around 5 of them were level 1.
Posted by Bacavoit on 22 Jan 17 at 03:37
Kanchanaburi I don't know why so many morons downvoted this. This solution - THANK YOU BTW - will save you 4-8 hours of pointless grinding. I completed the entire game, all DLC and 50 challenges and I only had 7 guns at level 5. I would have had to grind 13 more guns, but rather than that, I grinded 2 weapons to just below level 5, saved by buying something, and then got level 5 to pop for both and then unplugged my Xb1 power. Turned it back on and did it again.

THANK YOU FOR POINTING THIS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! clap
Posted by Kanchanaburi on 12 May 17 at 19:34
FINezula some people might be pissed that they had to do it the longer way themselves before they realized this works too, or some people might not like abusing glitches like this. but i dont care about the dislikes, im just happy to save that 4-8 hours from anyones life thats willing to use this method like i did! :)
Posted by FINezula on 17 May 17 at 16:59
snikefriend This method does not work for me. It may have been patched.
Posted by snikefriend on 10 Nov 17 at 16:12
FINezula are you sure you did the steps correctly? i have rarely seen achievement tracker abuses like this fixed, so im guessing you just did it wrong and can still get it to work if you try again correctly (i dont have the game anymore so i cant try myself) oh and have you tried any of the other achievements with this trick and couldnt get them to work either?
Posted by FINezula on 10 Nov 17 at 16:35
Dubs187 I confirm this still works as of October 2018. I hadn't played in a while and I hopped back on to get the collectibles, I said to hell with it and bought all the maps leaving me with no overcharge left. I wasn't planning to get this cheevo after I did that but then I said let's see if there is a overcharge farm method, but then I stumbled upon this perfect solution. Absolutely perfect wish I saw it a lot sooner.
Posted by Dubs187 on 06 Oct 18 at 09:41
FINezula great to hear! stuff like this almost never gets fixed, because even if you were to contact xbox and the game developers, they would probably both ask you to contact the other instead because the developers think its an xbox problem (achievement trackers cant ever go down) and xbox is too stubborn to ever admit their mistakes (ie. the 360 consoles "feature" called red ring of death xD) so they will surely tell you the developer should just code their achievements better!
you see this all the time when two big companies, agencies or whatever work in coalition, but both refuse to take responsibilty for the final product or parts of it etc.
Posted by FINezula on 06 Oct 18 at 14:33
pcfraek92 i can confirm that this still works as of 11-05-2019... thank you so much for the intel :)
Posted by pcfraek92 on 11 May 19 at 01:18