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Fruit Basket

Eat all 5 fruits (Cherry, Strawberry, Orange, Apple, Melon) in one playthrough!

Fruit Basket+1.9
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03 May 2016 03 May 2016
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You can abuse the save system to make this achievement very easy (if a bit time consuming). Sorry if this is a little long, I'm trying to make the instructions as clear as possible.

If you are continuing on from the picky eater achievement, you will just need to clear 3 more levels (and survive long enough to get the melon on wave 7). You need to eat a fruit on levels 1,2, 3 OR 4, 5 OR 6, 7 OR 8. I would recommend restarting if you die before reaching wave 4 (which you will already have done if you did picky eater in the same playthrough). And then restarting if you die more than once per wave on waves 4,5, or 6. It's not that hard so you probably don't need to save your progress after every round unless it's giving you a lot of trouble. Every two is probably plenty.

Play the game until you feel like you've made a good amount of progress towards the achievement. Then save and quit and follow the directions below to get a reusable checkpoint. Then keep playing from your checkpoint and try to get a little further and make a new checkpoint. If you mess up, or aren't doing as well as you would like, restore your previous checkpoint and try again. N.B. Your achievement will not actually pop until you go back online.

Personally I cleared each level completely, then saved my progress. It's a personal choice of how much risk vs hassle you want to put up with. You can save your progress after every level.

To “back up” a new checkpoint.
1) Go online if you are offline.
2) Save and quit.
3) Quit the game (hit xbox button, then menu/hamburger button and select quit)
4) Wait a while for it to synch up to the cloud (I would give it 10 to 15 minutes).
5) Load the game.
6) Go offline (If you are sharing your content via swapping home xboxes, you should still be able to play for a certain amount of time even offline, as long as you launch it first. Since the levels in the arcade collection are all pretty short, you should either be at the point where you are ready to go online again in just a few minutes.)
7) Continue to play

To restore your checkpoint
1) Xbox button then menu/hamburger and select manage game.
2) Go to the saved data for your gamertag and hit A, then select “DELETE FROM CONSOLE”. DO NOT SELECT “DELETE EVERYWHERE”.
3) Go online again.
4) Load the game and after the launch screens it will sync your save from the cloud.
5) Once it does this, go offline again, and give it another shot.

To go offline
1) Settings
2) All Settings
3) Network
4) Network settings
5) Go offline

To go online
1) Open sidebar
2) Go to settings section
3) Select connect to xbox live
4) Go online
Pedle ZelnipI'm confused, can you play online, or do you have to be offline? If offline, wouldn't that mean the achievement would pop offline? Can I pause and go online right before I finish the achievement?
Posted by Pedle Zelnip on 08 May 16 at 14:44
PalesiusWhen you continue your game it deletes your checkpoint. If you play online it will delete your cloud copy as well after a little while. It will probably take at least 5-10 min. If you play offline there are some extra steps, but no danger of losing your progress. You can't pop achievement offline on the One, it will pop (online) as soon as you sign back in. You can also go online right before you finish, if you prefer that.
Posted by Palesius on 10 May 16 at 00:26
Pedle ZelnipAfter failing at an attempt, I went back online, then started the game, and after the loading screens I hit A and it now says "We were unable to get your latest saved data" and I have two options "Try again" and "Use offline" and picking "Try again" just results in the same screen.

What am I missing?
Posted by Pedle Zelnip on 14 May 16 at 03:19
Pedle ZelnipOk, that was just weird. At that point my save appeared to be totally gone (I could only pick level 1 as the starting level), so I quit out again, went online, went to manage game and deleted local save, then started game, and it restored fine.

Posted by Pedle Zelnip on 14 May 16 at 03:26
XpEcTedContinued off the picky eater achievement and got it first try
Just make sure to set it to 5 lives and 10k bonus
Posted by XpEcTed on 10 Sep at 10:42