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Dungeon Master

Defeat the Dealer.

Dungeon Master-0.7
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04 May 2016 13 Jan 2020
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Time Heals Artifact It i s pretty much essential, it gives you 3 lives also If you have Dragon Armour that massively helps but not as essential as Time Heals.

DO NOT LET THE COMPUTER CHOOSE YOUR DECK, Greatest error you can make

Customize your encounter deck. - At first I had as many cards such as Metal Ore, field of poppies, local peasant etc where I could quickly get to the dealer, this is a waste. You need to gain as much max health, gold, food and equipment as possible.

Make Sure The Maiden, Soul Gem, Ghost of The Sea, Lonely Bard, dead-mans gorge are equipped. I managed to get my health to 145

Next Make Sure cards which give supplies, gold and food are included even ones where mild combat is required so. My deck included: Mister Lionel, Cave Rescue, loan, tavern wager, a wife's fury, the altar, wandering minstrels, food wagon, heros remains, embertown hero, angry guild master, trading post, cave shelter, twisted canyon

These are all cards which have great rewards for minimal effort.

Now customise your equipment, include only your best weapons, armour, shields. Only have two rings in your deck. If you fill up your deck with rings then the shops and gain cards will be dominated by rings, we need weapons, Armour and artifacts. Make sure one of those rings selected is the Emergency Ring. Now include the Lovers Card, demand payment, and you are guaranteed to get those two rings. If you include the cursed treasure card you have a strong chance of getting Midas Appetite if you want to take advantage of the cheat.

If you have unlocked TIME HEALS ARTIFACT, make sure that is the only artifact in your equipment deck, which increases the chances of it being drawn or in a store. This artifact essentially gives you three lives.

Visit Every Shop, sell your surplus supplies and make sure you buy the best equipment you can

The most difficult wave is the Lizard Kings Wave - Hermes Antlers deals double damage so they are helpful. However until you kill the Lizard King none of the other enemies will die. I learned this after 15 minutes.

If you start the battle and are happy with your inventory, you have raised your health, and you get far but end up dying, make sure that you dashboard out, reload the game and you can start the battle again.
AlbinoKidELITEThis solution is the closest to the way I did it and has the most important tips; however I would strongly recommend the use of the Secret Society encounter!!! You gain a new curse every level and can't have blessings so they will always open the door to you, and a Huge Success card will halve your health but DOUBLE your max health (obviously dashboard and reload until you draw it). I then fully healed by buying food and moving back and forth between encounter cards before progressing to the final floor, and entered the dealer fight with 260 health and Time Heals equipped - hard to fail even with my lack of combat skill!
Posted by AlbinoKidELITE on 25 Jun 17 at 22:24