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Visit all locations.

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05 May 2016 11 Sep 2016
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The list of all locations is as follows, but you will most likely not need to actually visit all of them.
For many, this achievement will unlock a bit earlier. For me, it was in an area called "Old Town".

All locations, in order of appearance:

Gorgon Pass
Werewolf Den (via Croakwood)
Inkwalk (via Croakwood)*
The Ink (via Markovna)*
Orichalcum Mines
Hauling Station

Dread works
Secret Lair
Old Tunnels (via Rookery)
Lost Place*
Sewage Plant
The Hideout (via Sewage Plant)*
Abandoned Research Station (via Sewage Plant)
Industrial Port
(Rookery Night) - Accessed via Alchemist quest in Secret Lair

Old Town
Lost and Found (via Old Town)*
The Statue (via Old Town)*
Industrial Port Night
Secret Laboratory (via Industrial Port Night)
The Pocket Realm*
The Gables
Rooftop Mayhem
Palace of Machines

*marked are ink locations
M1ght33 J03This is a great solution, but could use one addition. Rookery night is accessed as part of a quest from the alchemist in the Secret Lair, which isn't clear from any of the solutions to this that I found. Everything else (non-Ink) is either main quest or via an obvious door.
I think the reason it pops early is that one coder for the game thought this should include the ink locations, and one didn't, but I only have indirect evidence for that.
Posted by M1ght33 J03 on 11 Sep 16 at 22:43
iMaginaryyUpdated to include this info just in case :) That's why I had it in () wasn't really sure what to do with it.
Posted by iMaginaryy on 11 Sep 16 at 22:56
M1ght33 J03Awesome!
Posted by M1ght33 J03 on 12 Sep 16 at 02:52
DrSchlepensteinJust had this unlock for me when I used the portal in the Secret Lair to travel back to previous area, I am currently in Old Town for the first time and decided that after selling my loot to go back and look for a missed location, and got teleported to an Ink location instead of where I choose to go. As soon as it loaded the area, the achievement popped. According to the ingame tracker I was 23/29 for visited locations.
Posted by DrSchlepenstein on 21 Jul 18 at 18:56
Y2Kasper10I didnt travel to any ink locations but the first and it still popped for me fyi
Posted by Y2Kasper10 on 02 Mar at 00:38