Killer Instinct Review by Darth4212

06 May 2016
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This game is epic. It is fast paced, fun, and gets your adrenaline rushing. It is a combination of Street Fighter, and Mortal Combat. But it isn't exactly the same. The Shadow Mode, in my personal opinion, was a wonderful idea. It is unique and original. It also shows how far video games have come. Because it uses its own complex algorithm, to replicate your fighting style allowing the game to fight for you. It also shows that Microsoft can make a good console exclusive game. If you enjoy fast paced game play and have ever enjoyed playing Street Fighter or Mortal Combat then you will enjoy this game immensely.
PangoBaraCough *Kombat* Cough
Posted by PangoBara on 07 May 16 at 20:44
Unique AND original? Saying the same word twice doesn't make the statement any less wrong...
Posted on 12 May 16 at 12:42