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Welcome To Bricksburg

Collect all of the Red Bricks (Single Player)

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13 May 2016 24 Jan 2019
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x10 Brick Glitch Fix!!

in Bricksburg for finding the five cats I can CONFIRM that if your experiencing the x10 brick glitch, where the bench is unbreakable therefore you cant make the grapple hook, there IS another extra cat located in the cafe under the subway. Just use lord business to unlock the doors and the cat is there. I was reading everywhere that you have to start a new game and then I found this solution. So please if you are having issues don't make a new game, try this first.

If the above location does not work for you, try all the kitty spots again.
AngloSaxtonI also had this glitch with the unbreakbale bench, and it was solved by finding and extra cat, however it was in the port-a-potty, and not the cafe. So be sure to check all the cat locations again if you have issues with the bench.
Posted by AngloSaxton on 31 Dec 17 at 14:05
m6wg4bxwDefinitely revisit all kitty spots. I got my extra kitty from doing the Benny hack again. The other areas didn't work for me.
Posted by m6wg4bxw on 24 Jan 19 at 06:05
FUBAR8888This video is one of the best i have seen.

Posted by FUBAR8888 on 25 Apr 19 at 17:42
ColdEagle86My problem was I lost the cat jumping down from the ledge near the porta potty. All other locations were "completed" so I could not redo anything. Spent about an hour wandering around trying to find the lost cat - oh the irony.

Tried all of the locations again multiple times, nothing. I ended up walking into the little door with the red light to load up the intro / tutorial bit and then exiting back to the hub. This reset the porta potty n enabled me to recollect the missing cat.

So try that if you are stuck.
Posted by ColdEagle86 on 09 Jul 19 at 11:40