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Blade Mastery

Reach Rank 30 with any five Longsword or Dual Short Blades weapons.

Blade Mastery0
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Update 19.5 Sword List

Weapons in brackets are Variations on that Sword, so there is a Skana, Skana Prime and Skana Prisma.

• Broken-War
• Cronus
• Dakra Prime
• Dark Sword
• Ether Sword
• Heat Sword
• Jaw Sword
• Mire
• Pangolin Sword
• Plasma Sword
• Skana (Prime, Prisma)

Dual Swords
• Dex Dakra
• Dual Cleavers (Prisma)
• Dual Ether
• Dual Heat Swords
• Dual Ichor
• Dual Kamas (Prime)
• Dual Raza
• Dual Skana
• Dual Zoren
• Nami Skyla
• Twin Basolk

Unlocking Weapons

Mk.1 Weapons you can buy for Credits from the Marketplace and provide quick replacements.

A few swords are easily acquired through bosses or quests, these are;
Cronus Blueprint is found from Captain Vor on Mercury (level 1-6)
Heat Sword is from the Once Awake questline (level 7-12)
Broken-War is from the Second Dream questline (level 25-30)

A few more swords are acquired through Alerts, similar to Daggers are all exclusive Alert Rewards, keep an eye out as they pop up ingame or watch the Xbox Warframe Alerts Twitter feed. These include Dark Sword and Plasma Sword.

For all your other Sword needs, there are plenty of weapons on the Marketplace for one of the more populated weapon categories, making five Rank 30 weapons a simple thing.

Lot's of weapons require a Mastery Rank, but by leveling weapons you increase your Rank so this shouldn't be a problem, just make sure to Rank up regularly.
Check here for required Mastery Ranks or the Marketplace.

Prime Weapons require Void completion, often high level Survival/Defense 'Rotation C' drops. These are endgame. I use Primarch Prime Part Guide

Other weapons like Prisma, Vandal and Wraith Weapons are Limited Time exclusive weapons, some re-appear as Sortie or Week/end event rewards but some are gone, maybe for good. (Dex are Birthday weapons and they pop up once a year around April for free)

Leveling weapons to Rank 30

The best way to level weapons is to play Survival or Defense missions and kill lots of enemies, then extract for the bonus exp, you'll get lots of weapon mastery whilst unlocking all worlds, doing alerts, unlocking other achievements and just playing the game. Remember to always swap for you next weapon and have one ready to swap.

Lots of Dark Sectors have Affinity bonus (+Shotgun), use a Warframe that supports you but doesn't really kill enemies so you rely on your weapons, being in a group spawns more enemies for more exp.

Elara on Jupiter is a great mission for Affinity, as the anti-moas spawn early and often, and they give a fair amount of affinity around 7-9x the exp of grunts.
JoKeRWiNs89just to add to the list the Nikana prime counts as well
Posted by JoKeRWiNs89 on 07 Aug 16 at 09:40
FailedSeppukuThanks, i'm gonna play some more this week after a short hiatus and make sure the guides are all up to date
Posted by FailedSeppuku on 08 Aug 16 at 09:57
InugamiTheHoundcan you buy dual swords in the market with credits? What's the name of it??
Posted by InugamiTheHound on 04 Mar 18 at 20:58