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Into the Unknown

Warp to Hell

Into the Unknown0
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Mak Me A SamichMak Me A Samich366,505
14 May 2016
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Because the other solution is a joke, I'll tell you where thishe achievement occurs. This achievement is titled Into the Unknown and can be gained at the end of the level Argent Tower. After working your way up the elevators though the tower a cinematic shows Olivia diving into the portal. Waves of enemies appear and I survived a countdown. I didn't need to kill all of the enemies and the screen faded to the results screen at the end of the countdown. This achievement is story related and difficulty does not matter so it cannot be missed.
JPiLLaFor some reason this achievement hasn't unlocked for me, even after I 100%ed the game. I even went back to the level again and it didn't unlock.
Posted by JPiLLa on 18 Feb 17 at 19:07
Audax719Same here. I tried replaying the missions in another game slot..didnt work either..
Stupid cheevo
Posted by Audax719 on 28 May 17 at 23:29
netstrykerFor my luck, I had no issues.
Posted by netstryker on 26 Oct 18 at 02:00