Dig Dug Review by PatrickRes9

14 Jul 2010
8 3 0
You really get what you pay for here. If you haven't played the original, it's a basic game in which you try to avoid monsters by digging around them in a dirt filled area. As you're avoiding them, you attempt to kill them by sticking an air pipe into their face, and inflating them until they pop. It has its charms, but there's no real lasting appeal here. I've played it three times since purchase, and can't imagine doing so much more.

Graphics - A classic, so clearly NES level, and even for it's time, nothing special here. SCORE:6

Gameplay - Simple, yet addicting here and there. SCORE: 6.5

Lasting Appeal - I doubt you'll be playing this much after the initial day of purchase. SCORE: 4

Overall - Less addicting then Pacman, certainly a classic, but with virtually no lasting appeal, I'd consider it mediocre. SCORE: 5

All scores are on a scale of 1-10