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Clearing the Area

Knock an enemy to their death using Pharah's Concussive Blast in Quick or Competitive Play.

Clearing the Area0
3 guidesOnline Game ModeCooperativeVersusPlayers Required12 Players Required
GIG GuerraGIG Guerra352,937
27 May 2016
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An easy map to do this achievement in is Nepal as the capture base has one whole side where people could fall off. Just aim it right and they should go flying off.
Ereaser NLLijiang tower also has one objective that's inside a building with a path around. Next to that path there's a cliff where people can fall off.
Posted by Ereaser NL on 27 May 16 at 12:24
GIG GuerraEvery time I play on that map I rarely see anyone around there.
Posted by GIG Guerra on 27 May 16 at 20:02