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A Shadow Lord’s True Power

Break two combos using Eruption in a single match while in Gargos’ Instinct Mode

A Shadow Lord’s True Power0
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27 May 2016 27 May 2016 27 May 2016
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Same as with similar achievements, this can be done while in Practice.

Press Menu to open options
Change action to CPU
Press cn_RB
Scroll down to Instinct Meter and switch to Infinite

When opponent goes to attack, just press cn_LB to perform Eruption and it should stop the attack. Do it a second time and achievement will unlock.

Note that I didn't have to perform a combo breaker for the achievement to unlock.
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uyadaddysson I would ad that the player needs to activate instinct mode before pressing cn_LB. Gargos will appear to explode - that is the Eruption move.
Posted by uyadaddysson on 12 Jun 16 at 06:12
SweetArkhane You should add (LP + MP + HP) after cn_LB for those who don't use default controls.
Posted by SweetArkhane on 13 Feb 17 at 14:15
CatgirlFanatic I just did this about eight times and it didn't I missing something?
Posted by CatgirlFanatic on 30 Jul 17 at 19:08
jh51681 Activate Instinct first -- cn_RB+cn_RT -- then press cn_LB for Eruption.
Posted by jh51681 on 31 Jul 17 at 20:30
brooza664 Didn't pop for me in practice mode
Posted by brooza664 on 07 May 18 at 19:56
HRoark00 Didn’t pop for me in practice mode either.
Posted by HRoark00 on 28 May 18 at 21:24
nightw0lf Like others here, I was unable to obtain this in practice mode, despite numerous attempts. I got it in a versus match against beginner AI. Also, unlike the other characters' instinct achievement, this is two in one *match*, not in one instinct activation. Each time you perform eruption, you drop out of instinct mode and have to re-activate instinct to use eruption again.
Posted by nightw0lf on 21 Jul 18 at 07:00
Naberios It worked fine in Practice mode for me. Thumbs up.
Posted by Naberios on 09 Dec 18 at 05:29
TheAnonymity Worked in practice mode. Be sure to set instinct meter to "refill" and not "infinite" and this should work.
Posted by TheAnonymity on 19 Apr 19 at 07:19
o Heres Jonny o Refill worked for me to in practice mode. No luck with infinite
Posted by o Heres Jonny o on 12 Sep 19 at 20:25
The SCHWARTZ 00 I know it's an old guide, but it really should be updated so that it reflects that infinite instinct doesn't work for this, only refill. I tried your way for a few minutes and got nowhere. Soon as I switched to refill like the other guys above me suggested, it popped instantly. Still giving you a +1 though.
Posted by The SCHWARTZ 00 on 02 Oct 19 at 04:45