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Sorry, got to run

Run a total of 50 km during the 6 hours of EA Access

19 Apr 2016 until 05 Jun 2016

Sorry, got to run
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TSU pfcslothTSU pfcsloth179,347
02 Jun 2016 02 Jun 2016
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Simply playing the game for a few hours will pop this achievement. I played the story missions in order and got this at about 4 hours of game time. Should be no problem in the six hour time frame you get for the trial.
Gunstar RedI got it in about 3 hours of normal gameplay. I did some messing around between missions, so there's plenty of time to finish and no need to grind.
Posted by Gunstar Red on 03 Jun 16 at 17:05
KexolAs long as you don't go afk for an few hours during the trial, you should be able to get this challenge. You could just run circles in a corner too but there is no need.
Posted by Kexol on 04 Jun 16 at 06:10
TheBoxyBearWhat was the reward for completing this challenge?
Posted by TheBoxyBear on 05 Mar 17 at 21:15
TSU pfcslothAn image if I remember
Posted by TSU pfcsloth on 06 Mar 17 at 00:38