Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon

Welcome to the future with lots of lasers and cyborgs, what is there not to love?

This walkthrough will take you through all the leisurely activities available on the island from saving hostages, to hunting down the Blood Dragons which are ferocious lizards as large as 10 storey building with lasers and other exotic activities like outpost liberations.

This is a nice, short, relaxing completion that will bring with it a lot of 80's nostalgia to boot from Robocop to Aliens. You will likely spot something that reminds you of the era.

There are a few things that might come in handy:

Every upgrade for your weapons are either obtained by finding collectibles, killing enemies or finishing side quests. I strongly recommend doing every side quest you can in order to get every possible upgrade in the game.

There are four major outposts which contain the various collectible maps so just take out garrisons until you can get these.

Not much of a tip, but always aim for the heads or weak spots of your enemies.

You can replenish some ammo for free with a little trick. Swap the weapon you want the ammo for with another weapon in your stronghold and the ammo gets refilled for free. This might sound tedious, but it will save you in the long run several thousand dollars which is needed for collectible maps and weapon upgrades.

Crouching in bushes renders you nearly invisible, so use that to your advantage! Careful of fire, this will burn down your cover INCLUDING you!

Remember the main missables are brain-cages (Not any-more due to patch which can reset garrisons with these Blood Dragons) and shooting all enemies in the head.

Point of no return for the story mission is when you have to enter a big swirling blue portal. Make sure you have a save to revert to if you somehow forget to headshot the later enemies.

Now if you are familiar with Far Cry 3 this game will be for the most part similar and it won't be hard to get the hang of the game. However, it may be harder if it is your first outing in the Far Cry series. Fairly simple you are Sergeant Rex Power Colt a futuristic cyborg of an older kind are inserted into enemy territory with lots of enemy cyber troops that are going to do their best at killing you. Your mission is simple kill the rogue agent Colonel Sloan and put an end to his world domination schemes.

We will start a new game on easy since there are no difficulty related achievements. For easy tracking some of the necessary stuff is listed below to keep an eye out for while free-roaming the island.

There is an achievement for killing one of every animal in the game naturally you will get a fair few of these while doing missions and side quests so use this for mop up or to keep an eye out for them on the map.

  • Black/White Tiger (Hunting and Normal)
  • Blood Dragon (Indicated by health bar, always near bases. You need to kill 25 and 1 one of those with arrows for another achievement)
  • Boar (Normal)
  • Cyber Panther (Normal, rare)
  • Cyber Shark (Hunting and Normal)
  • Devil Goat (Normal)
  • Mutant Buffalo (Normal)
  • Mutated Cassowary (Hunting and Normal)
  • Mutated Turtles (Hunting)
  • Robo Crocodile (Normal, rare, look near still water and bridges)
  • Robo Dog (Can be found while clearing garrisons or during missions among other places)
  • Neon Snake (Normal, rare, look either in deep grass OR in the water at coasts)

The next list shows the various enemies you need to kill with headshots. Later on there is an unlock for the sniper rifle that will allow you to use exploding bullets which make the headshots rather simple. The more elite enemies carry different colored uniforms that are different from the standard black/red uniforms they are mainly seen in later missions as you rampage with a Blood-Dragon. Also note that the Running Dead variants ONLY spawn during 2 missions, afterwards your chance is gone to get this! So make sure to create a save before this and ensure that you headshot at least one of each of them.

Cyborg Checklist:

  • Assault (Machine Gun)
  • Runner (Molotovs; Careful not to set him on fire perhaps let him throw his molotov first as it means they will stop moving long enough to get a headshot)
  • Sniper (Sniper Rifle; obviously a sniper rifle has the benefit here)
  • Elite Sniper (Sniper Rifle)
  • Heavy (Gatling and flamethrower)
  • Running Dead with a knife
  • Running Dead with a shotgun
  • Running Dead with a molotov

This video describes the enemies:

Credit: GamerForEternity

These will come during achievement progression, so a good tip would be to keep a list for both. For the last animal killed on the list this will unlock:

Murder Nature

Kill all the Animal Types

Murder Nature
3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

The last enemy on the list that you kill which will likely be the Running Dead during one of the last few missions just after entering some portal (Point of no return if you will):

The Only True Stopper

Headshot Every Type of Enemy

The Only True Stopper
3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectableMissable

The tutorial is rather standard and will not require too much forward thinking after completing it you should be awarded with:

Welcome to the Party, Pal

Finished Helicopter Entry

Welcome to the Party, Pal
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Shortly after escaping from there you will appear in a pit with lots of dead bodies do note that not far from where you are is the first collectable among the dead scientists. From here on out crouch and try not to anger the locals as they have laser eyes and are very temperamental. Once you get out of their home you will note some more Blood Dragons in the distance; this will be your first chance to test the cyber hearts out; so use them to get the Blood Dragons to take out the little outpost outside the main base. Then once that is done take the gear here at this little outpost, they will help you out with later achievements. Now for liberating the outpost, there are the standard ways highlighted in the Far Cry 3 walkthrough or there are the cyber hearts that can lure Blood Dragons in for the kill. Either way once all is said and done you should get:

One Small Step

Finished First Garrison

One Small Step
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

*Worth noting that it is best to remain undetected for the maximum bonuses however you will get max level either way you choose to go. Blood Dragons will turn on you if they see you and can easily demolish you in the early hours of the game however their size means they get stuck on terrain fairly easily (Note lovely rocks right next to outpost wall on the left the Dragons tend to get jammed in there when they follow you through).

From here on out this map will provide a great guide on where everything is:

Image guide for all collectible locations.  All items are numbered in accordance to the game's menu.  All garrisons are numbered through a personal method.

Should be useful for:

The Greatest Format of all Time

Find all VHS Tapes

The Greatest Format of all Time
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

The Drug of the Nation

Find all TV SETS to Decrypt the Hidden Message

The Drug of the Nation
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

What are You Reading For?

Find all of Dr. Carlyle's Notes

What are You Reading For?
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

*Or of course again like Far Cry 3 you can buy a map from one of the shop places found in liberated outposts and find them as they really aren't in any awkward spots or at least a lot less then in Far Cry 3.

As with the above mentioned glitch for "One Small Step" except running in and out of the outpost throwing those many cyber hearts you get from ripping them out of cyber troops' chests eventually attracting the attention of the Blood Dragons. When you shoot at one of them immediately retreat back into the outpost making sure the shield goes back up or is still up. Should get:

Running man

After saving Darling, enter Combat Mode with a Dragon and Return to Stealth

Running man
4 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Your first kill will happen in the first mission or just after when you try for the bow and arrow hit to the chest for another achievement. If not it will unlock at some point during the main game's storyline:

Blood Dragon Down

Kill Your First Dragon

Blood Dragon Down
4 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Storyline based or watch the following video to find the waterfall to get it (Note unlike Far Cry 3 there is no fall damage). Alternatively you can also head to these coordinates (X-461,2/Y-457,0) and jump off the highest and deepest spot on the cliffs. Credit goes out to Lead Example for the following video:

Should net:


Jump Down from 50 Meters

4 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Now as you go about the main story missions remember to use those credits for more gear so you can clear more garrisons and thus get more side-quests.

As soon as you liberate your last garrison you will unlock the following:

Way to Go, Garri-Son

Finish all the Garrisons

Way to Go, Garri-Son
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

*There are 13 of the garrisons all around the world noted by the big circles around them, they are where you can find the side-quests i.e. hunting.
*You can buy ammo, weapons and weapon upgrades here. Although these are dependent on completing requirements to unlock everything.
*The stealthy approach requires the locating of the alarm noted by the pole with speakers on it and then deactivating this to get through quietly.
*Otherwise go loud and blow the shield generator up or deactivate the shields and watch the local wildlife tear apart the base inhabitants.
*This is not missable as it can be gained after story completion.

Hostage rescuing is rather simple side activity that involves killing forces surrounding hostages, take note that these cyber-troops will execute hostages. So either be quick with the fragging or try to silently take them down one at a time. For arguments sake it is simpler to roll in and blast everything that moves as that leaves them all focused on you as you tear them apart with a mini-gun. Otherwise if you mess up sniping or using the bow you may not be able to dispatch everyone before someone murders the hostage. Use to following list to check them off:

- Number 1: Save a Nerd
Five soldiers; 1 scientist for all of that you will get $200, 4000 CP and the ability to attach a suppressor to your AJM-9. Useful for further stealth-based action.

- Number 2: Desperately Saving Susan
Six soldiers; 1 scientist which will net $250, 5000 CP and the ability to upgrade your Galleria 1991 shotgun to semi-auto.

- Number 3: Life's a Beach
Now we will step things up a notch four soldiers, two Snipers and a heavy gunner for that scientist. This will net $250, 5000 CP and the Kobracon will get a new attachment available for purchasing that being the extended mag. Snipers not a problem just pack a ranged weapon and seek them plus the heavy gunner out first before they delay you from saving the scientist. Remember aim for the head.

- Number 4: Ruining Everything
Five soldiers and only one heavy gunner. Not all that bad and will net $250, 5000 CP and you will get a sweet full-auto upgrade for purchasing for the Fazertron. Certainly will make mowing down the hostage takers easier now.

- Number 5 Save a Nerd - Part Deux
Again five soldiers and one heavy gunner. Netting $250, 5000 CP and a Bandolier for the Galleria 1991.

- Number 6: Insane in the Braincage
The usual outfit five soldiers and one heavy gunner. Should be great at this now; will net $250, 5000 CP and a larger mag upgrade that will be available for purchasing for the A.J.M 9.

- Number 7: Everyone's On a Boat
Four soldiers, two snipers and a heavy gunner will be guarding this hostage. Time to practice those takedowns above, below or chained. Rewards are $200, 4000 CP and an extended mag for the Fazertron.

- Number 8: Baiting the Hostage
Now here is the final and arguably most challenging of the lot. The scientist will be surrounded by seven soldiers and two Heavy Flamers. Rewards $200, 4000CP and aiming stabilizer for the Kobracon.
Video for those stuck on last hostage mission:

Credit - Tomoch

You should get this snazzy achievement for your efforts:

Nice Like Jesus

Finish all the Hostages Situations

Nice Like Jesus
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Continuing with our efforts at gaining achievements in the game world we shall hunt down the local creature by the name of Blood Dragon and slew it with a bow and arrow. Now at first look at their daunting size and health bar one may think this a trying task. However if you notice when on its hind-legs you can see a glowing shape on its chest. This is their heart and their major weak point but hits to the heart are not fatal in of itself. I would recommend either reaching a higher level, gaining heavier weapons and/or completing the game before going for this. So cyber hearts should be in plentiful supply by now so just keep throwing them near a base to get the best response preferably the starting garrison. Once attracted you want to whittle down the health to a minimum preferably from a hard to reach location like behind a tree or a rock where the dragon cannot hit you or use its lazers of death on you. Once this is done the tricky part awaits in which the Blood Dragon must reveal its flank to you allowing for you to perhaps get a shot at its heart. Now if you are not near a base you will have to recover arrows as you run low as it will not happen first shot without luck. Then just sit back behind cover and plink away at it whenever it reveals its weak spot to you. KABOOM! And:

Just the Tip

Kill a Dragon with the Bow

Just the Tip
5 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

This achievement video from PowerPyx summarises the techniques described however as noted, differences they use cyber-hearts to lure them into the base:

Ok well while you are it you may as well use those cyber hearts to lure more dragons; remember to move to different garrisons if they are not spawning often enough. Use a turret or the hand cannon to obliterate them once they turn up. Of course several will be killed during storyline and side mission hunting. Kill however many of 25 you need to unlock:

Dragon Slayer

Kill 25 Dragons

Dragon Slayer
5 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

Use the following video from Howelly69 for an alternate method:

Maka91Productions also has another method:

*Note: This achievement is mainly a pain because dragon spawns are highly irregular and it may require a certain extent of luck to get a spawn.

Before you can proceed with finally buying up everything with attachments you must finish Predator missions. Basically unique variants of in-game animals and Omega Force commanders will represent themselves in 13 unique challenges.

Kill Them All

Finish all the Predator's Path Quests

Kill Them All
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

*Note: These are not challenging at all so they should not cause any sweat.

Ok so now to buy everything up that has attachments; with all the collecting, looting, missions and so forth there should be enough money to get what you need. Good news is if you run out of enemies to kill and loot just reset garrisons to gain new looting opportunities. Should get:

Tooled Up

Own all Weapons Attachments

Tooled Up
4 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerShop

*Note that it should not cost more than $43,150 to gain all upgrades and weapons especially if you do these as you go.
*Note: The A.J.M, Fazertron, Galleria and Kobracon are the only weapons with attachments so the Bow, Terror 4000 and Flamer are not needed for this achievement.

This is one of the last few achievements you should get depending on whether you did most of the achievements before the story end if not this will come during the final mission or while you clean up the achievements:

Hail to the King

Reach Maximum Level and Become the Ultimate Badass

Hail to the King
3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerLevel

*You really will not need to grind it out as long as you are inventive with the takedowns and kill lots of enemies.

Back to the story mode we will be at Level 3 where the main objective is to infiltrate a research facility the path through is fairly linear and you won't find yourself getting lost. The brain-cage is another achievement which pertains to destroying an object seen on some Blood Dragons' heads you will know because the Blood Dragon will not attack the cyber-soldiers. Now on harder difficulties I noted that some garrisons had these brain-caged Blood Dragons so simply using garrison reset in the options and grinding the one garrison may be sufficient. However back to the mission this facility contains enough of them so as you use the flamethrower (Vendor near entrance has more ammo for purchase) to destroy their eggs (Look familiar?) the controlled dragons will appear. Destroy the Dragons as they appear and try not to tackle too many at once. After the eggs are destroyed; as you exit you will face one last one should get:

Set Them Free

Destroy 5 Braincages

Set Them Free
5 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +Buggy +

*Note: brain-cages unlike Blood Dragons can be destroyed with most any weapon so just use your trusty Fazertron on the cage before blowing the Dragon into oblivion.

Here is also a video, credit goes to Removed From Party

Ok so now to run through the remaining missions remembering to headshot anything and everything; I will avoid saying much as the ending mission is quite fun. Hint: look for zip-lines for ways to progress and make sure you have as much ammo as you can hold. Ending credits will roll and the final achievement should pop:

End Game

Finished Final Showdown

End Game
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

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