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Welcome to the achievement Walkthrough for Fuse. Here we will guide you through the entirety of the game unlocking all '40' achievements in the most efficient order possible.

This game has a Single Player requiring two playthroughs, once on 'Hard' to unlock the higher difficulty of 'Lethal' and then a playthrough on Lethal. Some achievements require 2 and 4 player co-op, and there is one collectible and two large cumulative achievements during the campaign as well as few opportunity achievements.

We also have a separate mode called 'Echelon' which is like a horde mode, and all maps must be completed with 5 stars in at least 2 player co-op.

You will find all achievements related to the single player campaign in chronological order on the 'Story Walkthrough' page, where I have also integrated all collectibles.

All information related to the Echelon mode is found on the 'Echelon Mode' page.

Please take a look at the 'General Hint's and Tips' first to get a better idea of the games ins and outs.

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This game plays out like any third person shooter, (with mechanics similar to Gears of War), but with a couple of twists; instead of controlling one character, you have four. Each character has a unique weapon and a unique ability powered by 'Xenotech'. Xenotech weapons have extraordinary capabilities as they are charged with 'Fuse' energy, a new secret energy source that you'll become very familiar with during your campaign. In solo player mode you can switch between these characters by holding the cn_back button then selecting either cn_A for Dalton, cn_B for Jacob, cn_X for Naya or cn_Y for Izzy. In co-op mode you will choose or be assigned one of these characters.

Xenotech weapons and abilities are not unlocked right away, you must first find them in the story mode, then you accumulate XP through combat and collectibles to unlock and upgrade your Xenotech. Utilizing each character's Xenotech is vital to success and efficiency during gameplay. You may find yourself a favourite character and wish to stick to that character, this is not advised since you have to reach max level with each character. So not only because of efficiency, but also due to the fact that you will gain more XP for the character you are using, you should switch equally between the four characters.

You will accumulate 'Skill Points' every time you level up each character, you will gain one separate skill point for that character as he or she reaches the next level. You should first work towards unlocking Dalton's 'Deployable Shield' and Izzy's 'Med Beacon'. One of the most successful techniques in this game is using the Deployable Shield and/or the Med Beacon on some cover, then using either a Harbinger sniper rifle or a Daybreaker to headshot all enemies in the area in relative safety. Although you will gain less XP from normal weapon kills this principle is the quickest and most effective way to clear an area. For maximum XP gain use your Xenotech weapons on groups of enemies. Also, whenever possible, always try to combine Xenotech weapon effects with each other, for example; you can freeze a group of enemies with Izzy then liquify them with Jacob- try out different combos for maximum XP gain.

There is also an important feature called 'Team Perks'. Access these through the lobby or the pause menu. The only way to buy Team Perks is to collect 'Fuse Credits'; these can be found in the campaign and in Echelon mode. I have integrated all known locations of Fuse Credits into the Story Walkthrough page. I highly recommend that once you accumulate 10,000 credits, buy the 'XP Multiplier' team perk to increase XP gain. Make sure to actually equip the perk onto each character by pressing cn_A in the team perks menu.

Once you buy the XP Multiplier perk, twice or three times if you like, I recommend saving up all the credits you find until you reach 190,000, then there is a trick you can perform with a USB stick and internet connection to unlock all the team perks at once and save you from accumulating the 1,000,000 credits normally required.

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You must complete the game on Hard difficulty to unlock Lethal, and completing the game on Hard will stack with the Normal difficulty achievement. Once you have completed the game on Hard you can complete it on Lethal and in co-op for all remaining achievements.

I would highly recommend completing both playthroughs in co-op if possible, your allied AI characters can be quite unhelpful and annoying at times, but this is not a difficult game and completing your Hard playthrough on solo is no major challenge. You also have the option of using a second controller to get the co-op achievement, this is not advised however as you'll definitely need at least one co-op partner on Lethal difficulty anyway.

From the main menu select 'Campaign' then select either 'Solo' or, if you're hosting a co-op game, select 'Matchmaking' and invite your co-op partner/s in, or join the host's game. Then select 'New game' and begin on Hard difficulty.

I have integrated all known fixed locations of Fuse Credits and XP canisters into all missions.

Note: You do not need to collect all of the Fuse Credits and XP Canisters, but they help.

These collectables are not attached to a collectable achievement, the Fuse Credits are required to buy Team Perks and the XP canisters are just there as extra XP, both of these collectables will respawn in the same location when restarting checkpoints or redoing your campaign, and there is a trick to perform in the second mission to gain maximum Fuse Credits early.

There is one collectable achievement however, for finding all 57 'Intel' items. The Intel collectables are scattered throughout the campaign, they are just there for background information about the characters and weapons etc. All of these are required for 'The Inspector' achievement and they have all been integrated into this page in chronological order.

Hyperion Base

Checkpoint One - Casual Friday

Watch the cutscene, when you gain control of your first character press cn_B to take cover, shoot the 'Enforcer' enemy if you like but you can't kill it, after a little time he will jump over you and you'll watch another cutscene where you run through a door. At this point you'll only have your side-arms, but there aren't any enemies to be concerned with yet. You can try switching characters by pressing cn_A for Dalton, cn_B for Jacob, cn_X for Naya or cn_Y for Izzy.

Fuse Credits - These do not necessarily all have to be found, if you hate collectables and really can't be bothered to find them all, my advice is just to note the next intel item and find any of these through general searching as you play. All Fuse Credits look like a glowing stack of gold bars, check out the right side of the room to pick up your first one, just at the base of the broken glass wall, hold cn_Y to pick up collectables.

Intel #1 (Classified Experiments #5) - Intel items look like dark tablets, your first one is in this first room; there will be a dead scientist in a hazmat suit, it's next to him.

You can use the cn_LSc function at any time to find the mission objective waypoint. Go to the nearby door, you'll find a lot of situations throughout the game where you need to co-operatively open a door or perform a group action, you'll need 2 or all 4 of your teammates to reach the designated area. If you are in solo your AI will come to help you once you hold cn_Y on the door, in co-op you'll have to get together and help each other open these doors.

In the next room you'll encounter your first 'Motion Sensor turrets', to continue past these you'll have to disable them, this one is very simple, just avoid their lasers and go into the room on the right, hold cn_Y on the console with the icon above it to disable the turrets.

Fuse Credits - Look under the left turret to find these.

XP Canister - Like the Fuse Credits, you don't need to find all of these, it may be preferable to just find some of them by generally searching as you play. These look like glowing canisters of yellow Fuse that periodically flash green. Just before you head into the decontamination chamber, look to the left of it and the first one is on the table there.

You'll then be introduced to the effects of the first Xenotech weapon; in the form of a cannon that 'liquefies' two scientists, this is later exemplified in Jacob's 'Arcshot' crossbow.

Intel #2 (Classified Experiments #1) - After the turret kills the scientists, enter on the right side of the room and you'll see it on the floor.

XP Canister - Same room as intel, just to the left behind the turret.

Now you'll see the effects of Dalton's Xenotech weapon; the 'Mag Shield'. A large cannon will be shooting at the wall generating a black rectangular shield. Simply walk under the beam, the game will automatically crouch for you, there is no crouch button in this game.

Fuse Credits - As you duck under the Magshield projection you should see it in front of you.

Hack the Mag cannon and the wall will explode, go through the broken wall, wait for some dialogue, then press cn_A to jump over the desk.

Fuse Credits - Turn right and find these hiding behind a panel of broken glass.

You'll now be introduced to the effects of Izzy's Xenotech weapon, the 'Shattergun'. Head through and you'll then see the effects of Naya's Xenotech in a much more dramatic fashion.

Fuse Credits - Once you watch the scientist become a wormhole, head to the room on the right with the turret, go inside and pick it up.

XP Canister - Head to the other room with the turret on the other side. It's just by the turret.

In the next room you'll find your Xenotech weapons; this will unlock:

Groom Lake

Retrieve your Xenotech Weapons.

Groom Lake
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeMain Storyline

Intel #3 (Classified Experiments #3) - Once you get your Xenotech weapons, head to the other side of the room. It's located on a desk at the back.

You can gain a bit of extra XP here by trying out your weapon on the pigs in the shooting range.

Intel #4, #5, #6 & #7 (Xenotech: Magshield, Shattergun, Warp Rifle, and Arcshot) - Hold cn_back to rotate between all four characters for each of their intel on the weapons you just gained.

Once you get your Xenotech weapons you can start working on the character specific Xenotech weapon achievements.

Dalton's weapon is effectively an impenetrable shield that catches all projectiles that hit it, including grenades and rockets; you then have the ability to launch all these back at enemies, or just fire a blast of fusion whenever. For his achievement you have to get at least three enemies in front of Dalton's shield and kill them all in one shot.

We're Gonna Need a Mop

Eviscerate 3 enemies at once using the MagShield.

We're Gonna Need a Mop
2 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperative

Izzy has the 'Shattergun', this weapon uses 'Melanite' which when fired at enemies will 'Crystallise' them rendering them paralysed and spreading to any enemies close by. To unlock her achievement you must crystalise three enemies at once, then shatter them all with a grenade. Make sure you have a grenade and just wait for a group of three or more enemies close together, as soon as they are crystallised use cn_LB to throw a grenade and smash them all at once.

The Geologist

Crystallize and kill 3 enemies at once.

The Geologist
2 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperative

Naya uses the 'Warp Rifle'- this weapon generates a singularity which will suck in nearby objects and enemies then explode them together. Her achievement involves the chaining of at least three enemies with the warp rifle. This is not as simple as shooting at an enemy with some other enemies around him, to be able to 'warp' the effect you need to first 'paint' at least three enemies close together by shooting them a little bit until a part of them glows, then repeatedly shoot a nearby enemy until the singularity is generated and it will warp to all the nearby painted enemies.

Chain Gang (of Dead Guys)

Create a chain reaction that takes out 3 enemies at once.

Chain Gang (of Dead Guys)
2 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperative

Jacob uses the 'Arcshot' crossbow, this is different from a normal crossbow, when you unlock the 'Ignite' skill, you can shoot a bolt at an enemy or even a surface, and then press cn_RB to ignite nearby enemies and liquify them. For his achievement you must pin three enemies to a wall in ten seconds or less. The easiest way to do this is to find three or four enemies who have a wall close behind them, then headshot them as quickly as possible. Note that this is made even easier after you acquire Dalton's deployable shield, just deploy a shield with Dalton, then change to Jacob and shoot your enemies at your leisure.

Shots Fired!

Pin 3 enemies within a 10 second period.

Shots Fired!
2 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeTime/Date

There are countless opportunities for all of these achievements throughout the campaign so I don't need to mention them all. I will, however, mention the first and easiest places for Jacob's.

When you're ready, hack the door and move down the corridor. You'll be attacked by one of the most annoying enemies in the game; small kamikaze robots known as 'Seekers'. They can easily be destroyed with any weapon, but if they get too close they will explode and instantly down you. Shooting them prevents them from activating their high damage explosives so shoot them even if they are close but always try to retreat and gun them down from a distance.

XP Canister - After the Seekers, head to the room where they came from on the left with chairs as it's inside here.

Fuse Credits - After the last one, just before your team enters the door, head down the right and it's on the floor.

You'll come to another set of turrets, unlike the last ones these are covering the console you need to hack, you can use any team member's Xenotech weapon to disable the turrets long enough to hack the console. Head through where you'll see an Enforcer you don't have to kill, then you'll meet 'Senator Fable' behind some bulletproof glass.

Fuse Credits - After Fable opens the door for you, head down the corridor, jump into the broken window on the left and you'll find it on the table.

XP Canister - Head across the corridor from the other collectable and into the other room where you'll find it on the desk.

You'll now find your first normal primary weapon, the 'Savager' assault rifle, these use a different ammo type to your Xenotech weapons and should be used for normal lesser enemies, try to keep your Xenotech for the more difficult enemies and situations of the game. Pick a Savager up with cn_Y and your teammates will automatically pick theirs up. Note that if you're playing solo, your teammates will not pick up ammo packs that aren't directly in their path, so it is a good idea to cycle through your guys sometimes and pick up some ammo for them.

Hack the next door and you'll find your first opportunities to start trying for the character specific weapon achievements, although it is harder to get large groups of enemies this early in the game, and I wouldn't stress too much about it for now, but it is possible.

Also you may encounter the 'down but not out' aspect of the game here- very similar to Gears of War, where if you or one of your teammates suffer too much damage they will drop to the ground incapacitated. You then need to revive the downed character by pressing, yes you guessed it, cn_Y, before they bleed out. This may happen a lot in solo, and it can be annoying when you yourself are downed as your AI can sometimes be very slow to revive you. A good tip is to know that the game will select one teammate to revive you, it will not necessarily be the closest or best choice, this is indicated by them saying something like 'I'm coming' or 'hang on', it is always best to listen for this and quickly tap cn_A to crawl faster to their location as opposed to the nearest teammate because if the game didn't select them they will just stand there and let you die. Also bear cover in mind, it's sometimes better to stay behind cover to protect your teammate while they are healing you.

Fuse Credits - After dealing with the first set of enemies here, check out the right side of this area for a balcony with plants on it, the credits are tucked against the wall on there.

A 'Bloodhawk' helicopter will drop more troops off, then more will come from the door on the left. After these enemies are dealt with, Bloodhawks will start landing troops on the platform out to your right, move around quickly, avoiding the Bloodhawk's gun and you'll find some grenades on the wall to the right of the walkway that leads to the platform. Grenades are not very effective at first, but after unlocking 'Fuse Grenades' later; they become very powerful indeed. Hold cn_LB and you'll see an arc for where your grenade will land, you can cancel the throw with the cn_X button, or you can just tap cn_LB to blind-fire the grenade.

Not only will you be introduced to grenades here, but also 'Fuse Containers', these are sets of three spheres of Fuse energy, that when shot will explode and launch the spheres at nearby enemies with devastating consequences. Always keep an eye out for these, they are very powerful and give extra XP.

XP Canister & Fuse Credits - These are located on the platform the helicopters are dropping troops on. Shoot all of the Fuse containers on it to reveal the Fuse Credits.

Fuse Credits - Just before you rally to the door, head around to the right of the door and it is sitting on the floor.

XP Canister - After opening the team door, look to the broken down wall on the left before breaching the wall; it's inside.

Hold cn_Y on the wall to the left of the sealed armoury door to breach it with explosives. Head through into the armoury and grab some ammo, you can change weapons here, the 'Daybreaker' is a nice semi-automatic rifle great for headshots.

XP Canister - After the armoury you will see a large room on the right with enemies. Instead, look to the left and pick it up.

If you are playing co-op (or with a second controller), this will be your first opportunity to unlock the 'Shh Go To Sleep' achievement by stealth killing two enemies at the same time. Just position yourselves behind the first two enemies and press cn_Y to execute them at the same time, this will unlock:

Shh... Go to Sleep

Perform a stealth takedown on 2 enemies at once in a co-op game.

Shh... Go to Sleep
1 guideOnline/OfflineCooperative

Kill all the enemies, including some Seekers across the bridge then move up to deal with some snipers. Go up the stairs for a short cutscene.

Here you'll encounter your first 'Leadfire' enemy. You must kill three of these types of enemies using only your side-arm for the 'I'm Your Huckleberry' achievement. It doesn't matter what your teammates use, whether they are co-op partners or AI, as long as you only use your Guardian pistol, no grenades, and do not shoot Fusion containers. Each Leadfire, Leadfoot and Leadshot has a vulnerable canister on their back, shooting these will cause maximum damage. Keep on your toes and keep shooting him in the canister with your pistol, look for more ammo around and if you run out you can switch to other characters and use theirs. If you get set on fire roll the flames out by running and pressing cn_A. Be sure to be the one who actually gets the last killing shot on him, if you do not kill him yourself you will not be credited for the achievement.

When you kill the Leadfire you'll know if you killed him by the large volume of XP you'll see pop up, and you can check whether it counted for the achievement by pausing the game, going to 'Service Record', press cn_down to 'Achievements' then press cn_right and scroll down to 'I'm Your Huckleberry' - there will be a little progress bar, and if it counted, it will be 1/3 full.

Rally your team in the elevator to complete this checkpoint and gain a bonus XP.

Checkpoint Two - Future Proofing

Watch the Enforcer destroying a 'Fuse Cell' then listen to some dialogue. You'll have to replace the Fuse cell, grab one from the container on the right, note that these cells are unstable once removed from their containers, and you'll effectively have a countdown until they explode and fail the mission. Carry it over to the receptacle and place it in.

Intel #8 (Applied Technology #1) & XP Canister - Once you replace the Fuse cell head through and stealth kill the enemy there, you'll find both of these in same room.

Zip-line down to the next area. If you are playing in four player co-op this is your first opportunity to grab the 'Ninja Style' achievement for stealth killing four enemies at the same time. Note that there is an easier location to do this just ahead, but this is the first. Just like the Shh Go To Sleep achievement, you have to place everyone behind an enemy, then all hit cn_Y to execute them at the same time. There are two guys standing still straight ahead, a third standing still on the left, and a guy walking around on the right. Position the first three, then wait for the fourth guy to call out the moment to take all four at once. This will unlock:

Ninja Style

Stealth takedown 4 enemies at once in a four player co-op game.

Ninja Style
2 guidesOnline Game ModeCooperativePlayers Required4 Players Required

XP Canister - In the room with the four player stealth kill opportunity; clear them out then look to the right of the stairs in an alcove where you should spot it.

Fuse Credits - In the same room, just head up the stairs then pick it up off the barrel.

The next part is an even easier place to do the Ninja Style achievement; there are two static guys ahead and two on the walkways either side.

XP Canister - On the upper left walkway. It's next to the enemy up there.

Fuse Credits - This time head to the right walkway then pick them up next to the enemy.

Make sure to kill all the enemies in this area before grabbing the Fuse cell. Once they are dealt with, grab the cell, move a little forward on your right towards the receptacle, but when you see some enemies come in, drop the cell by pressing cn_B to take cover. Kill all of the enemies before picking the cell back up, there is no point in trying to charge through as you'll just keep going down and there aren't that many enemies.

Fuse Credits - After you put the second core into the machine, head around the back of it and then pick it up.

Go down the lift and try to kill as many enemies as possible before the Seekers pour in. When they do, try using Dalton's shield to group them together and blast them. Otherwise, or when his Fuse runs out, switch to Izzy or Naya and keep running around and gunning them down with their Xenotech weapons.

XP Canister - After the lift ambush, head to the next room where you should spot 59's on the wall. Head to the room on your right and pick it up.

Intel #9 (Classified Experiments #2) - After the ambush, in the same room, head under the walkway by the stairs, enter the broken window and pick it up by the bodies.

This is the most difficult Fuse cell replacement, it's quite far away and you'll get ambushed by a lot of enemies. Just grab the cell and whenever you see enemies make sure to drop the cell and clear them out to the last one, if you're playing solo you'll find that your teammates can struggle to take out even one guy, who will just repeatedly down you if you're carrying the cell.

Fuse Credits - After you plug in the third Fuse cell, look behind the machine and pick it up.

Fuse Credits - After the next door, head down the corridor and it's past the 'HYP 2' marking on the wall.

XP Canister & Fuse Credits - After the last collectable, once in this new area, search it and you should find both of these before getting on the mobile platform.

Whilst on the moving platform, there is a great opportunity to go for Jacob's weapon achievement. There'll be some enemies that fly over to the left, you can try it here very easily, just make sure to get a headshot so you pin them to the walls behind.

After a few more groups of enemies, an Enforcer will blow the platform up and you'll be dropped down. This introduces you to the climbing aspect of the game. Just use the cn_LS to shimmy around the ledges, and press cn_up and cn_A to climb up. Use the orange ledges to climb on, you'll get a few more of these climbing sequences throughout the campaign, the principle is always the same, except sometimes you'll have to jump across or it won't be clear where to go, but there is nothing difficult about them.

Fuse Credits - After climbing up, it is over to the right behind the forklift truck.

Checkpoint Three - They Came... They saw...

Intel #10 (Weapon Schematics #1) - After the elevator, look for a dead scientist in on the right, the Intel is next to him.

XP Canister - Just after the intel, look on the left for some burning crates. It's on the floor next to them.

Fuse Credits - After the cutscene, turn around and it's inside a large container behind you.

When you're blocked by fire, rally your teammates then after a communication with Oculus press cn_Y to smash the crate there and reveal a vent you can open and crawl through.

XP Canister - After crawling into the vent, keep an eye to your left as it's in the alcove there.

Intel #11 (Classified Experiments #4) - After your team opens the door, it's by the dead scientist on the floor.

You'll reach your second Leadfire here, it is important to only use your Guardian or Dragonfire pistol in this area. You may get away with killing some other enemies with other weapons, but if you strike the Leadfire with any Xenotech effect or a stray bullet, or hit a Fuse container, you may not be credited for a pistol-only kill.

XP Canister & Fuse Credits - After the firefight, search the area in the middle where you'll find the XP canister, and to the right of the door as you leave, are the Fuse credits.

The next corridor will be blocked by fire, shoot the fire extinguishers on either side of the corridor wall to put it out.

XP Canister - After putting the fire out, head past where the fire was and pick it up.

Now turn around and look up to your right, there is a gap where you can jump up and crawl through.

Fuse Credits - After falling down from the climb space you just crawled into, look in the room and pick it up.

If you have been collecting all Fuse Credits, you can now buy your first Team Perk, I highly recommend buying the XP Multiplier to increase XP gain by 5%.

Buying your first Team Perk will unlock:


Purchase a single Team Perk.

1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeShop

Fuse Credits - After the last credits, head out of this room and turn left; it's in the corner.

Shoot the fire extinguishers on the floor, then when the fires are out, turn the (now miraculously cooled) red valves to put the fires out, your teammates will help you.

XP Canister - In the next room where you need to blow a hole in the wall, it's on the ground by the desks.

XP Canister - Once the huge firefight is over, look to the right wall as it is inside a container stuck in to the wall.

Fuse Credits - Before leaving the same area, head around the walkways before leaving the door marked exit. Turn around and it's behind you.

XP Canister X2 - Before leaving you should find two canisters, one on the right and one on the left of the exit door.

Fuse Credits - After the elevator ride, look right as it's sitting on the console.

Zip-line down and into the Nucleus room, after a cutscene you'll start to be ambushed by groups of enemies being dropped off by Bloodhawks. Use all your team's Xenotech, exhaust one of their weapons then swap characters and exhaust theirs. Keep on your toes, stay near your teammates and work down the enemies one-by-one.

After some time you'll get attacked by a load of Seekers, using Dalton's Mag shield can be very effective to stay alive and take care of them, provided you keep picking up the ammo boxes they drop.

After the Seekers you'll have to face the Enforcer that's been bugging you the whole mission. Note that this enemy is not a Lead enemy, and you do not need to kill him with a side-arm. So just use your Xenotech and keep in cover, he doesn't have a specific weak spot (until he fires rockets), so just shoot him anywhere with all you've got. Whenever he stands still to shoot his rockets you'll notice some orange lights on the ground, these are where he is targeting his rockets and it's normally right where you're taking cover. Even if you're behind cover you have to move out of their way, but this is also a good opportunity to frag the Enforcer with grenades or try for a few shots on the glowing orange weak spot that opens on his chest.

So whenever he's about to fire rockets; throw a couple grenades at his feet then quickly change cover with cn_B or roll with cn_A. The Enforcer also has an even more annoying weapon that will shoot out fusion 'lasso's' that bind you and your teammates, you have to free your teammates with the cn_Y button before the Enforcer flies over and picks them up, because that will insta-kill them.

Keep avoiding the rockets and unbinding your teammates and you should have no problem defeating the Enforcer and after a cutscene you'll unlock:

Missing Persons

Complete Hyperion Base.

Missing Persons
Online/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeMain Storyline

If you were playing in at least two player co-op, you'll also unlock:

Buddy System

Complete a single mission in co-op (2, 3 or 4p).

Buddy System
1 guideOnline/OfflineCooperative

Triton Outpost

Checkpoint One - Worms in the Apple

Intel #12 (Corrupted Fuse #1), XP Canister, & Fuse Credits - Once you escape your cell, head out to the next cell area, search the cells and pick all three up.

Fuse Credits - When you get to a hallway with a sea view, as you walk to the ladder, instead of going up it, walk past it and collect it.

XP Canister - After going up the second ladder, head left behind a generator and collect it.

XP Canister - Once you secure some weapons, head past the ladder you climbed down and find it located on a table by a doorway.

Fuse Credits - Head down the stairs closest to where the enemy was and follow the wall on the right, past two generators, and it will be on the floor.

XP Canister - Head past the two grates upstairs that you are meant to enter and head to the bench; it's sitting on the desk.

After climbing on the pipes and ledges to reach the lower level, you'll go through a vent, be careful here not to get seen because there is an achievement here to stealth kill the guy taking a whizz in the bathroom, drop down and stealth kill him to unlock:

Bro Code Violation

Perform a stealth takedown on the Raven soldier at the urinal.

Bro Code Violation
2 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperative

Fuse Credits - In the bathroom there in a sink behind you.

Intel #13 (Weapon Schematics #2) & XP Canister - In the room where you regain your weapons, the intel is over by the weapon lockers. From there, turn around and pick up the canister.

Fuse Credits - Once you have defeated the enemy on the raised platform and climbed down the ladder, follow it around and on the right side look to your left; it's by a pillar.

Fuse Credits - After the turret section, head right of them and over to a cell where it's on the toilet.

Intel #14 (Raven Leadership #2) & XP Canister - From the last collectable, head right around the walkway until you come to a ladder that leads to the floor above; both are in front of you.

XP Canister - After your team opens the shutter, head inside but don't rush to the terminal in the middle. Instead, search the room where it' located on a sofa.

After a little cutscene you'll be attacked by your third Lead enemy, a 'Leadfoot', unlike the Leadfire he has a large 'Behemoth' cannon, he's a little tougher, and he will throw out little floating turrets. The principles to defeat him, however, and gain the Huckleberry achievement are the same.

Defeating this Leadfoot with a side-arm should be your third and so will unlock:

I'm Your Huckleberry

Kill 3 Leadfires, Leadfoots, or Leadshots using only your sidearm.

I'm Your Huckleberry
2 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeCumulative +

Don't worry if you still haven't defeated three Leadfoots with a side-arm yet, there is another Leadfoot straight ahead, and at least six or seven more in the rest of the campaign.

Fuse Credits - After beating the leadfoot, it'll be in the corridor you walk down under the crate.

It would be a good idea to pick up the heavy Behemoth weapon for the next part where a load of Seekers rush you from the corridor.

Intel #15 (Raven Leadership #1) & XP Canister - After the corridor but before you enter the door, search the area. You should find both on worktops near the windows.

Fuse Credits & XP Canister - Before you board the tram and after clearing out the area, head to lower floor and search the cells away from the train where you will find one of each in the farthest ones.

Checkpoint Two - And I Gazed into the Abyss...

The start of this checkpoint is an excellent place to grind out Fuse Credits. If you have an internet connection, a USB and you don't mind spending some time here you can accumulate 190,000 credits by collecting Fuse Credits #32 - from the crate to the left, then quit out to the lobby and reload the checkpoint collecting them again and again until you get 190,000.

Once you have 190,000 credits follow the video below courtesy of 'XboxAchieveables' to unlock all Team Perks.

Buying all three levels of your first perk will unlock:

Killer Perk

Fully upgrade 1 perk in the Team Perks menu.

Killer Perk
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Spending 100,000 credits on your way to buying all the perks will unlock:

Let's Go Shopping

Spend 100,000 Fuse Credits.

Let's Go Shopping
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Buying the first level of all 16 perks will unlock:

All Grown Up

Unlock 16 perks.

All Grown Up
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And buying all Team Perks will unlock:

Valued Customer

Fully upgrade 16 perks in the Team Perks menu.

Valued Customer
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You'll soon encounter 'Riot Troops', they group together and are almost invulnerable from the front. Throw frags behind them, then when they turn, gun them down, or try flanking manoeuvres on them.

Fuse Credits - After dealing with the Riot troops, turn back towards the stairs you came down and under the right are some Fuse credits.

XP Canister - From the previous credits, head around the closest of the large fans and you'll find it on a trolley.

Intel #16 (Intercepted Chatter #1) - Head towards the left set of stairs that the Riot troops came from. When you reach the top, turn right and it's on the console.

XP Canister - Once you drop down to a new enemy-infested area you should notice some white tarps on crates. Look to the right and you'll see it in the corner, clear them out first otherwise they will spot you.

Intel #17 (Overstrike 9 #1) & Fuse Credits - After defeating the wave of Seekers, look to your left and you will see an open window. Vault over the rail and climb in where they are both in this room.

XP Canister - Once you have entered the Core room and Dalton recovers, climb over the rail and head right. Vault back over and pick it up.

Fuse Credits - After exiting the core room, look on your left; it's sitting on a crate.

You'll come to a part where you're on a balcony and need to clear the way for the zip-line, shoot the crate on the gondola and then the Fuse canister inside to unblock the way and zip-line down.

Intel #18 (Intercepted Chatter #3) - After you zip-line down, head right and it's by the wall next to a gun rack, just by the stairs.

Fuse Credits - From the last one, head to where the console you are told to hack is and look straight across. It is located under the platform.

XP Canister - In the far corner of the same room, diagonally across from the turret, by the window.

Checkpoint Three - Kicking the Habit

XP Canister - As soon as you exit the lift, head out, then look to your right and you should spot it in the window of the armoury.

Fuse Credits - Look towards the door in the same room that says 'Evac Bay' above it. Look to the right and in the corner will be a crate covered with a white tarp; look behind it.

Fuse Credits - In the next room, look to your right soon as you enter and it will be on a bench.

XP Canister - Follow the right side of the room where it's located in a workstation.

In the next room you'll be introduced to possibly the most annoying enemies in the game; cloaked agents called 'Infiltrators'. These enemies use the same tech as Naya to cloak themselves then they rush your team, usually in groups, climb and flank you from all angles, then they grab you and your teammates into a chokehold. The best way to counter these guys is to hang back with either Naya's Warp rifle and use her cloak, or use Dalton's shield to detect and blast them. Grenades are also an effective way to deal with them. If you get grabbed by one of them; keep tapping cn_A until you are rescued, if you are fast enough you can break free yourself, but if you are too slow the Infiltrator will execute you. If a teammate gets grabbed run over to them and melee them free with the cn_Y button.

XP Canister - After the Infiltrators are dealt with, head to the far left corner of the room where it sits on a barrel by the rail.

XP Canister - Head into the next room, take a right and when you get to the corner, look to your left where it sits on the bottom shelf.

Fuse Credits - Follow it along, keeping an eye on the left side where you should spot it easily enough.

XP Canister - Enter the next lab area. As soon as you are inside, head left where it's located in the locker.

Fuse credits - Now go to the right side and find them in the open cryo tube.

In the next room you'll be locked in and some scientists will activate a 'Chemical Laser' that will gradually lower into the room. You must quickly climb down into the chamber below, use the unlit handles that will rotate below and keep going to the bottom. At the bottom immediately locate the Fusion containers up in the middle of the chamber that power the laser. Quickly destroy them with a Xenotech weapon, preferably Naya's or Izzy's before it reaches you.

Intel #19 (Corrupted Fuse #2) & Fuse Credits - With the laser deactivated search the chamber; the intel is to the right of the Fuse credits which are easier to spot.

Intel #20 (Raven Leadership #3) - Enter the next area, ignore the waypoints and go up the stairs on the left. It's on the desk to the right, next to a microscope.

Hack the two consoles to begin the reactor meltdown, you'll be interrupted by 'Ivan Sovlenko', he has been injecting Fuse directly into his bloodstream and it has given him a 'mind-control' ability. You and your team will have some kind of hallucination taking you to a large open area where you'll be attacked by a giant version of Sovlenko. Take cover and when he is not firing at you, use Xenotech to smash the clusters of orange Fuse on his torso.

He will use a Warp type weapon which beams from his hands and will instantly down you or your teammates, so be sure to be in cover when it reaches you. He will also use a more dangerous melanite effect that will charge towards you in waves, these cannot be avoided by staying in cover and you must move out of their way. Keep dodging his attacks and wearing the Fuse clusters down on his chest, destroy all five and you'll break the hallucination and return to reality.

When you are back in the reactor room; immediately locate the Fuse cores either side of Sovlenko and destroy one of them. Sovlenko will inject himself again and you'll be returned to the hallucination. This time Sovlenko will summon Fuse troops below him which can complicate things, but stay true to the plan, and keep shooting the orange clusters and avoiding his attacks.

Once all five clusters are smashed, you'll be returned to reality again, some Infiltrators will attack, try to avoid them or kill them quickly so you can smash the other Fuse core. Sovlenko will inject himself for the final time and you'll have to defeat his giant once again. After he's defeated you'll be returned to the reactor room where you can shoot directly at Sovlenko to finish him.

Killing Sovlenko will unlock:

Cold Turkey

Defeat Ivan Sovlenko.

Cold Turkey
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You will now have a reactor core meltdown timer and must escape the outpost as quickly as possible. Run out of the door and climb back up the chamber from before.

XP Canister X2 - After climbing up and opening the jammed door, go into the next area. Look to your left and right here; one canister is in the pod to the left, and the other on a crate to the right.

Fuse Credits - Head into the next room, down the stairs and look to your right; you should spot it near a console.

Fuse Credits - After climbing through a vent, drop down and head right where it's sitting on a crate. If you've entered the room with 'Evac Bay' on the wall above the next doorway, you have gone too far.

XP Canister - Just before you leave, enter the room marked 'Evac Bay' and head left where it's by a bolted door.

Sheng Island

Checkpoint One - Matches and an Old Flame

Fuse Credits - As soon as you gain control, head down the path and keep a lookout on your left for a passage leading out to a ledge where the credits are.

XP Canister - Before heading up the ramp to the sub, head down the walkway on the left and it'll be sitting on the floor behind some missiles.

Fuse Credits - Once on the sub, head to the end towards the ocean and pick it up.

XP Canister - Once you exit the sub, on the other side head right and follow the walkway to the end where you can pick it up off the floor.

Fuse Credits - Just after collecting the last Canister; return to the blue and yellow ramp and find the ladder to the little lookout tower on the left of the top of this ramp, grab the Fuse credits on top.

Intel #21 (Raven Leadership #4) - Just before heading up the stairs, enter the room to the right of them, it'll be on the desk.

Fuse Credits - Just before the stairs again, head to the left only this time it is located next to the second truck.

XP Canister - Just after using the zip-line, look to your left, climb up, follow the path around and pick it up.

Intel #22 (Overstrike 9 #2) - Once you're up the top and after watching the helicopter scene play out, climb up and follow the left stairway down. The intel will be located at the end, on some crates.

Fuse Credits - Once on the helipad after the cutscene, head to the other side from where you entered and it will be hidden behind some crates.

Here you'll encounter another new type of enemy called 'Elites'. Elites are protected by blue Fuse shields that render normal weapon fire almost completely ineffective- you must use Xenotech weapons on them to have any effect. Also, Elites will heal other nearby soldiers in their radius, so it is important to target these shielded troops first.

Fuse Credits - Once the area is clear from where you entered, look left and pick the credits up by the building.

XP Canister - From the last collectable, head to the truck across from you. Next to it is a larger water tower, check behind it and pick it up.

XP Canister - Before the water fountain, head to the small building on the right, head past the lockers and look behind them; it's on a table.

Fuse Credits - Head in to the left building, go upstairs past the weapon lockers and in to a toilet area. It's located in a cubical.

Fuse Credits - After the last one, head to the left side of where your team is waiting for, you climb up and pick it up off the green crates.

XP Canister - From the last one, do the exact same process, just on the other side of your team. It is sitting on a bench.

Intel #23 (Shifting Allegiances #1) - Upon opening the door, enter the room and to the left of the staircase there will be some intel to pick up.

Checkpoint Two - All War is Deception

Intel #24 (Corrupted Fuse #4) - In the computer area you will need to push a button to open the door to continue. Next to this is the intel.

Intel #25 (Raven Leadership #5) - After setting the charges, look to the right where you will see it on some green crates.

Intel #26 (Weapon Schematics #3) - After blowing up the pipes, inside the armoury is an intel, just around the lockers on the right.

Intel #27 (Applied Technology #2) - After you get split up into two groups on Izzy and Naya's side there is a intel pick-up in the first building they come to. It is located on the upper floor in the bathroom on the shelf.

Fuse Credits - Turn around from the last collectable, head out to the balcony, turn right and it is sitting on a bench.

XP Canister X2 - Head to the next building along on Izzy and Naya's side. The first one is on the table on the ground floor and then the next one is upstairs. Head past the armoury and into the bathroom where you should spot it.

Fuse Credits - If you started on Dalton and Jacob's side (or you can now switch to one of them), head down the left passage at the base of the radio tower and pick it up.

XP Canister - After the last collectable, head inside the second building on your path and head upstairs. Enter the bathroom area and it'll be in a cubical.

You'll now be introduced to another new enemy type; the 'Whistler', this particular one will be piloted by Dalton's old lover Meilin. You can sort of treat this enemy like an Enforcer, but more mobile, and with three separate parts, each with their own health bar you need to whittle down. Target the orange weak spots on any one of the three parts while avoiding its heavy machine gun and rockets. When you weaken it enough, Meilin will flee, you'll get some dialogue and a few troops will attack out of the exit door.

Fuse Credits - After heading into the next area, when you are in the library, turn right and it will be sat on a chair in the corner.

Intel #28 (Corrupted Fuse #5) - From the last one, look to the table left of the stairs, head over and pick it up.

Checkpoint Three - A Bad Breakup

XP Canister - After defeating the Enforcer and co. drop down into the sewers and break the crate in front of you for the canister.

Intel #29 (Shifting Allegiances #2) - Once you are out in the open, look towards the destroyed truck on the left; by the dead body is the intel pick up.

You'll now reach the main entrance to the compound; there is an achievement to destroy the four trucks outside this entrance, but that is not possible yet. Just stealth kill a few enemies or kill all of them before using a secret sewer entrance on the left side, or collect the next canister if you want before proceeding.

XP Canister - At the entrance to the base, head towards the right breach point and leap over the fence, but before climbing up, head around the left wall then pick it up.

Fuse Credits - After opening the secret sewer grate head down and you'll find these credits right in front of you.

Intel #30 (Shifting Allegiances #3) & XP Canister - Clear the inside of all enemies and you'll get a rally point upstairs, the intel is on a desk below the rally point, and to left of that is the canister.

After reaching the team rally point in the compound, the door will be magnetically sealed and Raven forces will start attacking the main entrance. Head straight over to one of the turrets and proceed to destroy all enemy forces. For the achievement; be sure to destroy the two trucks outside, use cn_RB for rockets, and when they are destroyed another two trucks will arrive with more troops. Destroy those trucks as well and you will unlock:

Keep on Truckin'

Destroy all of the trucks at the bunker defense.

Keep on Truckin'
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Once the compound is clear, a Leadfire will open the magnetic door and attack. This is another opportunity to get a Lead kill with a pistol if you still haven't got it yet. Either way, take him out and proceed through the door.

XP Canister - After going through the magnetic door, kill the few surprise enemies and smash the crate on your right to find an XP canister.

Intel #31 (Corrupted Fuse #3)- Once in mission control, you'll see Meilin kill some scientists then flee, head up the small set of stairs on the right. Look towards the flaming crate and where two hazmat bodies lie; it's between them.

Fuse Credits - Head up the stairs, behind the intel, it is located on the desk.

You'll now be tasked with activating the Ignition clamps, you'll be under the pressure of a countdown, so don't dilly dally, find the two grates and hold cn_Y to open them and shoot the fusion pipes inside. Be sure to quickly target any enemies that show up, and rescue any teammates that get downed or grabbed, med beacons are very useful here.

XP Canister - After going up the second elevator to the top floor, grab this from the corner before activating the last clamp.

You'll now face Meilin in her Whistler again, and this time she is not going to run away. This encounter can be a little difficult, but like all boss fights just keep moving from cover to cover and use your Xenotech weapons and abilities, especially Izzy's med beacon, it can save you over and over again. Keep a look out for ammo boxes all the time for more Xenotech ammo. Aim for the orange parts on the front and inside the wings for maximum damage.

A good strategy is to weaken the Whistler's armour on each of the three parts without actually destroying one of them, because destroying a part will cause some troops to be dropped in earlier. Do not ignore the enemy troops that start flying in, take them out swiftly then attack Meilin again.

Defeating Meilin will unlock:

Damaged Goods

Defeat Meilin Mao.

Damaged Goods
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Raven Facility

Checkpoint One - The Long Road In

XP Canister - While climbing the cliff face, once you jumped the waterfall, drop to the lower ledge, jump to the other side, regain your footing and pick it up.

Fuse Credits - After using the zip-line, head left and it is next to the cliff face.

Fuse Credits - After climbing the cliff you will spot a turret behind lasers. Once up, head around the truck on the left, look towards some crates in front of you and pick it up.

XP Canisters - Once inside, look right and it is located in the locker.

Intel #32 (Shifting Allegiances #5) - Once you have entered the next door, head right following the path to a rail. Once at the rail, look right to the alcove.

Fuse Credits - For this one you will need to be part of the team taking out of the whistlers. After placing the second charge, head up the staircase. Instead of going right, head left and pick up the Fuse credits.

XP Canister - Once you reach the final stop, head to the left under the stairway, then look for a ladder. Climb down then pick the canister up.

Fuse Credits - From the last collectable where your team is waiting for you, head up the stairs on the right. Nearby at the top will be an orange crate, pick it up.

Fuse Credits - Just after the last Fuse credits, go down the stairs and rejoin your team below, go through the door and deal with the few cloaked enemies here. Now check the far right corner of the room for some credits tucked into a recess.

Intel #33 (Weapon Schematics #4) - Once you enter the next cable cart room, go right and head down the stairs. Once at the bottom of the stairs, hack the door there, follow the path around and then pick it up.

Fuse Credits - From the intel pick up, head outside then go left past the stairs, down the ladder and pick the credits up at the bottom.

XP Canister - Head to the cable cart, but before getting on, look to the stairs to the right of it. Nearby is a canister pick it up.

Checkpoint Two - No Honor Among Thieves

XP Canister - After the short climb, upon getting to the top a cutscene will trigger. Drop down to the left side of the fencing area and between two crates; it's hidden between them.

Fuse Credits - Head toward the next fence area going through two gateways, then head right following the fence in front of you. When you get to the end, look straight ahead to a pair of orange crates where it is located on top of them.

Intel #34 (Overstrike 9 #3) - From the last collectable, look to your right. There should be a red building with the number 5 on it, head inside and the intel is on the lone desk.

Fuse Credits - Before you climb the pipes up towards the fans you just turned off, follow the railing on the left and keep following the path to the end. Once there, look towards the pillar; the credits are hiding in the gap.

XP Canister - Once you cut the vent and have dropped down below, turn the corner and follow it to the end. Do not turn left as it's hiding in a column to the right.

Intel #35 (Shifting Allegiances #4) - Once you've dropped down into the room, when you come to the second room with enemies you should see a door on the right that you can hack. Do so and pick up the intel.

Intel #36 (Applied Technology #4) - When you get to the research wing, after hacking a door, look to the left and follow the hazmat guys in to the room on the left. It is located on the right circular device.

XP Canister - Now head to the other side in the other room. Towards the back of it, by the crane, is the canister.

Fuse Credits - Find this under the Maelstrom prototype in the middle of the room; it's sitting on the platform.

XP Canister - After a team door opening, look to the left wall and it is beside the fan.

Fuse Credits - After the second shutter opens, head through it and look to your left.

XP Canister - Once you hack the door, secure the area. Once you have done this, head right inside this room and it will be sitting on a desk.

Intel #37 (Shifting Allegiances #6) - From the last one, head towards the lift but instead, go past it to the area where the spec ops guys came pouring out of. Behind the right truck on a green crate is the intel.

Intel #38 (Overstrike 9 #4) - When you get to the area where you hear Luther talking, drop down to the room below, search the terminals in the room and it will be by one of them.

Intel #39 (Applied Technology #3) - In the room full of Enforcers, to the right side, on the wall. It is by one of their feet.

XP Canister - Once the Enforcer breaks you out of the room, head straight forward. When it turns left, it'll be by the hazmat guy.

Fuse Credits - Once the Enforcer blows out the windows, drop down then head to the left side. You should see a room over a conveyor belt, so hop it then enter the room and it will be located on the right.

Fuse Credits - After a long drawn-out fight and after beating the Leadfoot, at the end, head to the blue-floored area. On the right, by the forklift in the corner.

Intel #40 (Intelligence #1) - When your new-found Enforcer buddy dies, head to the room on the right and it will be located on some metallic crates.

XP Canister - Just before you leave the area to the left of the door, behind some crates is a canister, so pick it up.

Checkpoint Three - The Betrayal

Fuse Credits - As soon as you see the outside world, head out the door and turn right where it is on the boxes.

XP Canister - When you see the locked gate, head on the off-road path. It will be sitting on the rocks to your left.

Fuse Credits - Once you finish off both of the heavies at the end of a big fight, head to the right building where you should find some Fuse credits inside.

XP Canister - From where you entered through the fence, head left past the small building where it's located right next to the fence.

Fuse Credits - Hack the door into the next area and walk inside. Once you see a truck in the far back right of the area, head behind it where they are located on a crate.

Intel #41 (Order of Grigori #1) - From the last pick up, head down the stairs by the truck and run to where the overturned, flaming forklift truck is. It's located on a crate near it.

XP Canister - From the intel, look to your left where you will see a fire by some crates with a body in it. The canister is just beside this.

XP Canister - When the airship takes off, head left as its located near a building on a green crate.

Fuse Credits - From the last one, turn around, then look to the crates located on the left where the plane was. You should spot them just near the crates and truck.

Fuse Credits - Once you head through the hallway area and past the second door, you should notice a crate covered by a blue tarp; look behind it.

XP Canister - You should spot this by the weapon lockers after opening the next set of doors, shortly after the Fuse credits you recently obtained.

Now it's time to evac - unfortunately though you're not going anywhere just yet; before you can go you'll have to face the 'Maelstrom' boss. He acts similar to a Whistler; three parts with weak orange Fuse cells to aim for. However the Maelstrom's machine gun is more powerful, more accurate and shoots 360 degrees, it also has a devastating Warp beam weapon you need to avoid. He will also throw down super-charged Warp mines that explode near you and can be very troublesome. And he'll destroy most of the cover in the area making things more difficult.

Use the indestructible centre column as cover and keep moving around, I'd recommend using Izzy and repeatedly throwing down Med beacons and grabbing ammo boxes. Whenever you see the Warp mines, destroy them immediately, if you allow them build up you will fail. Keep targeting the Fuse cells and moving around until he gets angry and starts using rockets and more mines. Just keep moving, target the Fuse cells, destroy the mines as they appear and keep your teammates healed, this should be no problem.

Defeating the Maelstrom will complete the Raven Facility and unlock:

Extraction Specialist

Complete Raven Facility.

Extraction Specialist
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Jodhpur Stronghold

Checkpoint One - The Extraction

Things begin to heat up in this mission; enemies are generally tougher, with more snipers, more Elites, more heavies, and Riot troops start using Mag shields. You will be facing two separate groups of enemies; the Order of Grigori and Raven Squadron, who are fighting both you and each other. Ideally, if you want play it safe, you can hang back and let them weaken each other before you wade in and finish off the leftovers. However, bear in mind that you are wasting the opportunity to gain XP from these enemies, the better strategy would be to attack straightway and flank the stronger side while they are distracted.

XP Canister - Once you get to an open area, look to the waypoint. On the right you should see it on a white barrel.

Fuse Credits - Head back to the open area, look towards the left path and it's located behind a rock before you enter.

Fuse Credits - Once you clear the outpost from where you entered, look right towards a tank. It's located in front of that on some crates.

Intel #42 (Intelligence #4) - Before interacting with the CCTV system, look towards the yellow grate, open it and go inside where it is waiting for you in here.

Fuse Credits - From the CCTV system, turn around then head up the stairs. Once you are in the next room, look left behind the desk.

XP Canister - From the Fuse credits, exit out of the door to the walkway, take a left and then follow the path. You should spot it on the walkway.

XP Canister - After using the CCTV system, exit the door and look right as it is on a blue barrel.

Intel #43 (Weapon Schematics #5) - After opening the portcullis in the sewer, enter then head to a pipe on the right. Climb up this to find the intel on a blue barrel.

Fuse Credits - When you get to the Raven vs Raven fight, head to the stairs across from you. Head into the room upstairs and on your left, on the couch, pick them up.

Intel #44 (Weapon Schematics #5) & XP Canister - Once the area is clear, head up the stairs on the other side of the courtyard. Follow it around and you should spot them on a table. If you head past where your team are waiting, you have gone too far.

XP Canister - After you clear the area and after a long fight with an Enforcer, head back to where you entered. Before going down the stairs to the courtyard, head left and then climb the wall.

Fuse Credits - From the last collectable, head to the nearby room and then look to your left in the corner.

Fuse Credits - From the rally point on the left, head the other way and up the set of stairs for some Fuse credits.

Checkpoint Two - Uninvited Guests

Fuse Credits - Once you get down to the wine cellar area, take the guy out then look to your left by the doorway; it's next to some crates.

XP Canister - Once you see a Buddha statue, head to the left of the room where you should spot it on a table.

Fuse Credits - In the same room, once you get to the top of the stairs, look left where they are located on a couch.

Fuse Credits - Once you complete the team open, head to the end and then look left to pick them up.

Fuse Credits - In the display room after beating the rocket Enforcer, on the lower floor, head to the right and under the upper walkway, head to the end and pick up the Fuse credits.

Intel #45 (Intelligence #2) - Once you make your way to the rally point upstairs, before blowing up the wall, it is on the display case nearby.

XP Canister - After you have blown the wall up, head down the stairs and look to your right.

Intel #46 (Intercepted Chatter #4) & XP Canister - Turn around from the canister, then look back to where you came from where you should spot it on the couch; the intel is beside it.

XP Canister - Once downstairs with the Leadfire, head right and it's under a yellow-framed scaffolding.

Checkpoint Three - Family Reunion

Intel #47 (Intelligence #3) & XP Canister - These are located in the safe room, so pick both of these up before leaving.

Saving Luther from the Order of Grigori will unlock:

Daddy Issues

Save Luther from the Order of Grigori.

Daddy Issues
Online/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeMain Storyline

Fuse Credits - Head down the first set of stairs. After that, look towards where you entered as it will be inside a pipe in the wall.

Fuse Credits - Head towards the elevator, but before going up the stairs to them, look left and follow the drop down path around to find credits on a white barrel.

Intel #48 (Order of Grigori #2) & XP Canister - Before getting on the lift rally point, head left of it then follow the path. It's next to the dead body; further on is an XP canister.

Once back outside, switch to Jacob, turn right and take cover against the gray railing overlooking the area. You'll get a lot of troops being dropped off by a Bloodhawk and they'll be protected by a turret on the far side. Your teammates recommend flanking the turret, but there is a helping trick here to beating this part very nicely. Equip your Arcshot and aim towards the turret, you'll be able to get a perfect angle on the top the turret operator's head. The kicker is that all the other troops will just keep manning the turret for a while giving you repeated high XP Skewer kills.

XP Canister - When the area is clear, go down the stairs and find the canister in the corner on your left on a barrel.

Intel #49 (Order of Grigori #3) & XP Canister - Once inside again, head to the left and hack the door; the intel will be inside with an XP canister.

Fuse Credits - As soon as you head outside again, look left and it is located by the rubble.

Intel #50 (Raven Leadership #6) & XP Canister - When the Bloodhawks are done and the rally point pops up, head up the first set of stairs, turn around and head down the walkway to pick them both up.

Fuse Credits - Just before the elevator, in the small armoury, look on the left to the couch as it's on there.

You'll now face the final part of this mission; not exactly a boss, but a ton of troops, backed up with Bloodhawks and two Whistlers. One strategy is just to hang back with Dalton or Izzy and use their abilities while spamming one of the ammo crates either side. Or you can chance using one of the turrets either side, if you go for the turret option, be sure to pop a med beacon at your feet and/or a tactical Mag shield.

Grigori Station

Now you're going into space to save the world, a bit of a cliche I know, but in terms of gameplay not much has changed. There will be some zero gravity areas where bodies and materials will float and get in your way but ultimately everything is the same.

Around this point, but possibly earlier or later, you will reach level 19 with one of your characters enabling you to unlock the 'Fusion' skill. Unlike your primary Xenotech ability this is not activated by cn_RB and does not cost Xenotech ammo; instead the Fusion ability charges up over time and can be activated with the cn_down button. The Fusion ability gives all your teammates temporary invincibility, unlimited Xenotech ammo, and (when upgraded) it can revive you and your entire squad back to 100% health when you're all downed. Keep this for emergencies only and boss situations, although there is only one boss left in this playthrough you will keep all your abilities for your Lethal playthrough next.

Unlocking and activating the Fusion special ability for the first time will unlock:

You May Want to Stand Back

Activate Fusion for the first time.

You May Want to Stand Back
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Checkpoint One - One-Way Trip

Fuse Credits - Once gravity gets restored, head through the doorway and move towards the checkpoint. Before reaching it, look left and it should be located behind some crates.

Intel #51 (Corrupted Fuse #6) - Shortly after the last collectable, look behind the nearby orange crate, towards a yellow bending pipe and it's located on that.

XP Canister - Once in the crawl space you can clearly see the terminal you need to hack, turn around as it's by a yellow pipe.

XP Canister - As soon as you drop down from the crawl space, turn around and it's in the corner on an orange crate.

Fuse Credits - Once you clear the room of the four guys, head upstairs. It's just below the cargo control sign.

XP Canister - Once you unlock the next area, after heading down a large set of stairs, look under them for a canister.

Fuse Credits - From the last collectable, head to the stairs on the other side but before going up them, look left for the credits.

Fuse Credits - Head up the stairs closest to the last collectable, then follow it around to a green barrier (this won't show unless you kill everyone in the room.) It's in the room at the end, sitting in the wall.

XP Canister - After you have the eye, in the next area, after using the conveyor belt to get there, keep an eye on the belts as an XP Canister is located on them.

Fuse Credits - Head to the right of the belt and you'll find them in the middle of the room, located on an orange crate.

Intel #52 (Intelligence #5) & XP Canister - Before boarding the lift, turn around facing away. There is a wall to breach, do so then pick up the intel near the body; the canister is also in this room.

Fuse Credits - After clearing the enemies in the room with the train, from the entrance way look to the right by the forklift where they are sitting on top of it.

Intel #53 (Order of Grigori #6) - Head towards the centre of the next room where you will be able to climb the railing and then hop down; it's located under the right walkway.

XP Canister - After beating the heavies, search the area and look towards the main doorway ahead. Between the stairs, look to the left of the door and it's located on the crates.

XP Canister - From the last one, go on the other side of the door and pick it up.

Checkpoint Two - Peace. in Pieces

Fuse Credits - After riding the tram and once the area is cleared, follow the wall on the right side and it's located under the walkway.

XP Canister - When you climb the ladders to the upper level, take the right one, then look left towards some lockers and it is located inside.

XP Canister - Once you get to the yellow grate, instead turn right towards the big red '3' on the wall and it's on your right behind some white canisters.

Fuse Credits - Go into the yellow grate, go through then drop down, go into the turret room and disable the one on the left (or cloak with Naya) and hop over the box blocking the lasers. Go through the next grate, and you'll see it on your immediate right.

XP Canister - Go through the next room, down a corridor and into a room where you'll lose gravity and put your suits on. Check the right wall of the next corridor just before two orange crates for this.

You'll now come to a zero gravity area where, strangely, you can use a switch to 'drop' a crate on an enemy's head (maybe they are magnetic, I don't know, but it still doesn't explain why your grenades still arc), anyway, after killing some troops, including some Elites, a new modified Leadfoot will ascend from a bay in the centre of the room. Unlike previous Leadfoots, this one is shielded with Fuse energy, much like Elites, although they don't heal nearby allies. You will have to use a lot of Xenotech ammo on this enemy to break the shield, then take his health down as much as possible before it regenerates. If you have the Fusion ability, this is a good place to use it. Take it's shield off, activate Fusion, then hit it full force in the fuel canister.

Fuse Credits - Once the huge fight is over, follow the walkway round on the left where a switch that drops a crate is, the credits are just to it's left.

Intel #54 (Order of Grigori #4) - From the last collectable, hop over the console, drop down, then look left towards the cherry picker and it is on there.

Fuse Credits - After the cutscene, head down the hallway and look left; they are sitting on a barrel.

The plan now is to refuel some shuttles in order to launch them at the Fuse satellites and destroy them before they fire on New York City. This process will be the same as back on Hyperion; you must extract a Fuse cell and deposit it into the shuttle's fuel receptacle before it explodes. Just like Hyperion, you will be unable to fire your weapon or use any abilities while carrying the cell, but this time you'll be faced with much tougher enemies.

Remember not to try charging in, extract the cell then move in and press cn_B on the first cover to drop it and take out the enemies to the last man. The first one isn't that hard, but the second shuttle bay can be tricky as you have to go further and you'll get extra waves of enemies as you ascend the stairs, including some Infiltrators. Try being Izzy or Dalton and using a shield or beacon then taking all the enemies out quickly, you have to keep pushing forward.

XP Canister - Once you get to the first Fuse extractor area, look left and it's located on the wall.

Fuse Credits - After refuelling the first shuttle, look behind it for some credits.

Fuse Credits - When you pick up the second Fuse cell, the door will open, take cover straightaway and take out all the enemies including the Infiltrators. These credits are tucked in on the very first recess on your right, behind a fire extinguisher, you can pick them up while carrying the Fuse cell if you want.

Press on killing more troops including some Spec ops, and go up the stairs, drop the cell again and take out the Infiltrators and other troops across the way, before depositing the second and last Fuse cell.

Intel #55 (Applied Technology #5) & XP Canister - After placing the second cell, jump over the railings on your right onto the adjacent platform, find the intel and an XP canister on a crate.

XP Canister - After crossing a bridge with Riot troops and snipers, go into the room marked with a '5', it's in the back of this room up some little stairs.

Fuse Credits - After you launch the shuttles, cross a bridge then find these tucked in on a shelf to your right.

After riding the service elevator and listening to the United Nations transmission, you're going to get a countdown as you battle toward the 'Navigational Bridge' to reprogram the shuttles. The four minute countdown will begin as soon as the elevator doors open. This is a quite generous amount of time, but don't get caught up looking around for collectables or trying fancy kills. Just push forwards wiping out all enemies as fast as possible, another good time to use your Fusion ability. Be careful of a flurry of Seekers at the end.

Checkpoint Three - For the Good of Man

XP Canister - Once you have reprogrammed the shuttles, turn your back to the computers, then look left and it is located on a crate.

When making your way back now you'll be attacked by waves of Riot troops and Spec ops, take care of them as you backtrack to the next objective and for the two optional collectables below.

Fuse Credits - You can just see them from the bridge, they are over on your right, on some white crates, you can flank around and collect these as you fight the invading troops.

XP Canister - From the last collectable, move down on your right to the lower level, and find this straight ahead on a counter.

XP Canister - After you open a door as a team, head through and stealth kill the guy in front of you, this canister is just tucked away around on your right in a locker.

Intel #56 (Intercepted Chatter #2) - Before wading into the room with the enemies, better to hack the door on the right side that leads to an armoury, stock up and grab this Intel from the locker.

Fuse credits - Now check the opposite side of the room for another set of lockers inside of which are these credits.

XP Canister - After the elevator ride, head left into the next corridor, look left, and it's sitting on the wall.

To bypass the laser grid you'll have to shoot the grate up high opposite the last collectable, be warned however that a load of Seekers will pour out of here.

Intel #57 (Order of Grigori #5) - Once you climb up to the grated area, this is immediately on your right on a crate.

This is the final piece of Intel and should unlock:

The Inspector

Collect every piece of Intel in the game.

The Inspector
3 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeCollectable

If you missed any Intel, you can find out which one/s it was by checking the 'Intel' section of the pause menu; you can simply reload the checkpoint where it is located and collect it, all Intel you have previously collected will still be saved.

Fuse Credits - After bypassing the lasers and entering 'Command Deck B', head up the small staircase on the right and look right; they should be floating there.

XP Canister - Head to the next area along, go down the first set of stairs, but before going up the second, look to the left of them.

After defeating the Spec Ops and Infiltrators here, you'll face a Leadfoot and a Leadshot together and a Leadfire will appear before they are both defeated. This is not the best opportunity to gain the Huckleberry achievement, but it is your last. To combat these enemies; remember to Use med beacons and the Fusion ability, but more importantly, concentrate on one of them until it's dead, then grab it's heavy weapon and use it on the other ones, repeat with the last Leadfire and with the few troops that ambush you from the exit door at the end.

In the next area, grab the last two collectables here before activating the corrupted Fuse.

XP Canister - Head down the stairs, turn right and then follow the stairs to the canister.

Fuse Credits - From the last collectable, past the corrupted Fuse to the white containers where it's located on a terminal next to them.

Now it's time for your final fight, and most difficult. Fable has commandeered a highly upgraded Enforcer and plans on using it to destroy you. You'll be blasted out into space and reach a platform where you are to do battle, the area is good for cover and doesn't disintegrate. Fable will have similar weapons to a normal Enforcer, but he is a lot tougher and has regenerating Fuse shields. He'll also fly around using a down-in-one-hit warp beam that you have to be wary about.

I'd recommend using Izzy mainly here and repeatedly deploying her Med beacon, so often in fact that there shouldn't be a moment where it isn't on the ground. You can stick with Izzy, but it may be more advantageous to throw a Med beacon and then change to another member of your team while using their Xenotech ammo but staying on or near the beacon, Jacob's Arcshot seems to be highly effective against Fable.

It is imperative that you keep moving from cover to cover, deploying Med beacons, and collecting the sparse amount of ammo boxes that are dotted around. However, you have to try to stay close to your teammates and make sure they don't bleed out, your teammates are quite good at reviving each other but don't rely entirely on them. One of the main fails in this boss fight; is the Fuse Lasso's, they are very dangerous because if Fable lassos one of your teammates he will fly straight over and crush them causing instant mission failure. So stay in cover when he is firing these lassos and free your teammates immediately if they get caught, if Fable grabs a lassoed teammate you still have a chance to free them if you cause him critical damage.

Use your beacons, Xenotech weapons, Fusion ability, and don't forget to hammer him with grenades and shoot any Fuse containers that are floating around. Although it might be a good idea to keep your Fusion ability as an emergency revive, it will cause him major damage if used at the right time.

Defeating Fable will complete this mission and the game unlocking:

What a Waste of a Space Station

Complete Grigori Station.

What a Waste of a Space Station
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeMain Storyline



Complete all missions on normal difficulty.

1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeMain StorylineDifficulty SpecificStackable

Also, if you completed this in at least two player co-op, you'll unlock:

Group Hug

Complete all missions co-op (2, 3, or 4p).

Group Hug
1 guideOnline/OfflineCooperative

Now is the time to get some co-op buddies for your Lethal playthrough if you haven't already; the AI teammates will not be very effective on Lethal difficulty and I highly recommend completing the Team Perk trick from the Triton Outpost checkpoint for the best perks. If you are struggling with Lethal difficulty you can always work on Echelon mode a little or do some more campaign on Normal or Easy to level up your characters more and improve their skills.

Completing the game on Lethal difficulty will unlock:

Overstrike Elite

Complete all missions on Lethal.

Overstrike Elite
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeDifficulty SpecificStackableMultiple Playthroughs Required

Also you should have killed at least 2,500 enemies by now, if you haven't just keep playing a little more for XP or Echelon and you'll soon unlock:

That's a Lot of Dead Guys

Kill 2500 enemies in Campaign and Echelon.

That's a Lot of Dead Guys
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeCumulative +

Congratulations on completing the campaign mode of the game, please see the 'Echelon Mode' page for all further information, thank you.

Image 1

To put it simply, this is a fancy name for horde mode. You will want to be a decent level before attempting this as your character's perks will help you tremendously. It is also essential to have at least one co-op partner for the achievements in Echelon and highly recommended to have a full squad of four before going for the 5 stars on every map.

In total there are 'six' maps, each having 'twelve' waves that you must complete. The character you play should be at least level 19 in order to use the Fusion ability as it is extremely helpful. Play the character you feel you can play best with, providing they are free.

The same thing applies to team perks with level 3 being the best. Anything that gives a buff to your team is a bonus, but you need to have at least 60,000 Fuse credits to fully upgrade a team perk to its level 3 state. The four best team perks are as follows: Fuse Hoarder, Fuse Maximizer, Shield Assassin and Vitality, so make sure if you have other players or A.I. that proper team perks are chosen.

If you cannot find a full team, A.I. team mates will step in to give you a hand. However, if you can find more than two players it will make playing this mode much easier. Waves can sometimes vary from time to time so you will need to change tactics on the fly in order to beat them. You should also play games from start to finish to ensure you get 5-star credit for the map; if you join mid game, you may not get credit so be warned.

Credits are dropped in this mode, however if you are going for 5-star achievements on the maps, you cannot really divert your attention to grab them; you should either be killing or helping your team by either watching their back or reviving them, so do not wander off.

During the twelve waves, objectives will pop up prompting you to focus on the task given to you. These will happen every so often; below I will go into more detail for each of them.

HVT (High Value Targets) - This will be your stronger-than-normal foe which is most likely one of the following: Enforcer, Leadfire, Leadfoot or Leadshot; your team needs to work together to kill it quickly. This is a key time to activate your Fusion ability.

Fuse Beacon Protection - A beacon will appear on the map and your team must defend it from being taken out by enemy forces. Dalton should use his Mag shield to keep it covered, preventing it from taking damage from the enemy.

Fuse Core Delivery Boy - One of your team members will need to carry the core from its start point to its insertion point; the remaining members of the team must keep him alive.

Supply Drops - A supply crate will appear on the map and your team must open it in order to complete it. Doing so will supply the team with ammo, heavy weaponry and Fuse credits. You are vulnerable while opening it, so be sure to defend your team members or ask them to defend you in the process.

When you begin, I would highly suggest your team take the maps that have the best layouts, are easier to defend and leave the later ones until last; this is my opinion on difficultly for them:

Easy - Deveraux's Hideout and Fuse Reactor.

Medium - Meilin's Quarters and Raven Facility.

Hard - Tram Station and Raven Sub Bay.

You should start with the easiest ones first and try to get five stars on them, then work on the next. Don't forget: practice makes perfect. Remember to pick areas with lots of cover and choke holds so you can keep them as far from you as you can.

Completing at least 'six' waves on any map with at least one other player will unlock:


Complete 6 waves on a single map with 2+ players.

1 guideOnline/OfflineCooperative

Completing all 'twelve' waves on any map with at least one other player will unlock:

Ain't Got Time to Bleed

Complete 12 waves on a single map with 2+ players.

Ain't Got Time to Bleed

Getting 5 stars on any map with at least one other player will unlock:

Echelon Specialist

Get 5 Stars on a single Echelon Map with 2+ players.

Echelon Specialist

And getting 5 stars on every map with at least one other player will unlock:

Echelon Agent

Get 5 Stars on all Echelon maps with 2+ players.

Echelon Agent
1 guideOnline/OfflineCooperative

By the time you finish Echelon mode you should have all your characters to level 35 and have spent all their skill points in their skill trees. If not keep grinding away on the easier maps of Echelon, or the last two checkpoints of the Triton Outpost in the campaign.

Reaching level 35 with Dalton will unlock:

The Merc

Get Dalton to max level.

The Merc
2 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeLevel

And spending all his skill points will unlock:

Dalton 2.0

Upgrade Dalton's entire skill tree.

Dalton 2.0
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeLevel

Reaching level 35 with Izzy will unlock:

The Hacker

Get Izzy to max level.

The Hacker
2 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeLevel

And spending all her skill points will unlock:

Izzy 2.0

Upgrade Izzy's entire skill tree.

Izzy 2.0
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeLevel

Reaching level 35 with Naya will unlock:

The Assassin

Get Naya to max level.

The Assassin
2 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeLevel

And spending all her skill points will unlock:

Naya 2.0

Upgrade Naya's entire skill tree.

Naya 2.0
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeLevel

Reaching level 35 with Jacob will unlock:

The Detective

Get Jacob to max level.

The Detective
2 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeLevel

And spending all his skill points will unlock:

Jacob 2.0

Upgrade Jacob's entire skill tree.

Jacob 2.0
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeLevel

With the campaign complete on Hard and Lethal, all Intel found, all Echelon maps on 5 stars, all characters on level 35 and all other miscellaneous achievements unlocked, the game is finally complete and you can hang around waiting for Fuse 2.

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