Alien: Isolation

Welcome to the walkthrough for Alien: Isolation. This guide will focus on getting you the achievements the quickest way possible, in order to minimize overall playing time.
The game, however, allows for extensive exploration - for example hunting for all the collectibles (only about 2/3 of all available collectibles count for achievements) will have you gain some insights on the background story and the events that happened on the Sevastopol Station before you set foot in it.

Important note: A patch after the game's release has added two additional difficulty levels, Nightmare and Novice. The use of Nightmare is not recommended when hunting for achievements: Even though one achievement requires you to finish the game on the highest difficulty setting, completing the game on Hard will get you there. Novice difficulty, on the other hand, is suggested for any additional playthrough, as it significantly lowers the chance to be spotted and caught by the Alien or any other opponents.

In theory, you can get all of this game's achievements on a single playthrough on the beforementioned Hard difficulty. This is achievable if you manage to not die even once, and grind for another achievement which requires you to get killed by the Alien 100 times by reloading a specific mission again and again afterwards. The easier way to complete the game is going for two playthroughs, starting with the playthrough on Hard. Here you will focus on finishing the story, grabbing all story-related achievements along the way. Playing on Hard will have you dying often, in fact very often, which makes the grind for 100 deaths way less tiring.

Your second playthrough should be on the easiest difficulty (Novice). With the story achievements out of the way, your focus should now be to stay alive, while gathering all required collectibles. This difficulty also makes it easier to avoid killing any human NPC, thus netting you another achievement in the end.

The overall difficulty of the game can be considered as medium to hard. The Hard playthrough will keep you on the edge while trying to find ways to sneak around the Alien and any other opponents, constantly hiding and patiently waiting for the right time to move on. The Novice playthrough still poses a challenge, as you have to stay alive at all costs, and in certain areas of the game (explained in a later section) death is just a wrong move away.

Depending on your survival and hiding skills, along with your desire to explore, the game will require about 30 to 50 hours to complete.

So close the curtains, dim the lights, and prepare to get scared - let's get started!

As a general rule, this game is all about stealth. Sneaking around and hiding when necessary will almost always be better than running, shooting, or making noise in general. Especially on the harder difficulties, the Alien and the other human/android opponents are easily attracted by noise - although you can sometimes use this to your advantage, e.g. by luring the Alien in killing some enemy humans blocking a way.


On your way through the station, you will acquire various weapons and items. Picking up blueprints will allow you to craft devices that help you with distracting or killing opponents, restoring health, or simply lighting the area to increase visibility. A short description follows.

  • Flashlight/flashlight batteries: You acquire the flashlight early in the game, and it's mere function is lighting up dark areas to help you navigate. Usage drains the battery, and replacement batteries must be picked up. Warning: Opponents might become attracted once they notice the flashlight.
  • Flare: Can not be crafted, only picked up. Can either be thrown or carried around, and will light up your surroundings even more than the flashlight. Warning: High chance to be spotted by opponents, especially when being carried.
  • Medikit: Can be crafted. Restores a certain amount of your health.
  • EMP Mine: Can be crafted. Non-lethal device that detonates on impact and disables synthetic opponents for a certain period of time. Can also be placed to become a proximity device. Warning: Has no effect against Synthetics in orange protective suits, which you will encounter later in the game.
  • Flashbang: Can be crafted. Non-lethal device that detonates on impact and stuns humans/Synthetics looking at the explosion. Can also be placed to become a proximity device.
  • Noisemaker: Can be crafted. Non-lethal device that (as the name suggests) can be thrown and keeps making noises to attract opponents; very useful to lure the Alien towards a group of hostile humans. Can also be placed on the floor, which will trigger the noise with a four-second delay.
  • Molotov: Can be crafted. Lethal to humans, can be thrown and detonates on impact. Can also be placed to become a proximity device. In addition, the flame lights up the area around you, although to a much smaller level than e.g. the flare. Warning: Opponents might be attracted once they notice the glow from the flame.
  • Pipe Bomb: Can be crafted. Lethal to humans and Synthetics, can be thrown and detonates on impact. Can also be placed to become a proximity device.
  • Smoke Bomb: Can be crafted. Non-lethal device that can be thrown and emits smoke, thus reducing visibility. Warning: It will also reduce your own visibility, so make sure to plan your movement ahead.

To craft these items, you need a combination of various components, which you must pick up on your way through the levels, such as Scrap, Ethanol, Bonding Agent, etc. Sometimes these items can be found in plain sight on the floor or on shelves, but mostly within boxes and drawers. It is also important to notice that you can part-build devices even if you don't have all components to fully complete it - this way the parts will not fill up your inventory.

When picking up blueprints, you will typically encounter v.1 of those first. Deeper into the game, you might encounter v.2 and v.3 - those enhance the crafted items, by either increasing the area of impact, restoring higher amounts of health, or emitting a sound several seconds after placement to attract opponents.


Again, the game is about stealth. In theory, you can complete the game without using any weapons - but they do make the game easier at certain points. Different weapons are better suited for different types of enemies. A short description follows.

  • Baton: The weapon you use when you have no other weapon equipped. Limited effectivity against humans and Synthetics, kills are pretty much only possible if the target was previously stunned. Not effective against the Alien or against Facehuggers.
  • Revolver: Effective against humans, head shots result in instant kills (unless the target wears a helmet). Limited effectivity against Synthetics; again, head shots deal the most damage. Not effective against the Alien. Limited effectivity against Facehuggers, as it requires careful aiming against a typically moving target.
  • Stun Baton: Effective against humans and Synthetics, but non-lethal; not effective against Industrial Synthetics wearing the orange protective suits, unless you hit them at the (unprotected) face. Enemies will be stunned for a limited amount of time, making them vulnerable for attacks with the Maintenance Jack. Warning: Stunning a human counts as a kill, thus eliminating your chance to achieve the Mercy of Prudence? achievement.
  • Shotgun: Effective against humans and Synthetics, although Synthetics might require several shots. Not effective against the Alien. Effective against Facehuggers if shot at close range.
  • Flame Thrower: Effective against humans. Limited effectivity against Synthetics, who will die only after burning for quite some time. Effective against the Alien - once hit, it will retreat for a short period of time, although this might require more than one flame burst. Very effective against Facehuggers.
  • Bolt Gun: Very effective against humans and Synthetics, head shots result in instant kills for both. Must be 'charged' to get the most effective shot. Not effective against the Alien or Facehuggers.

Movement and hiding

When moving through the levels, you can choose to either walk, run, or crouch. Obviously, running is the fastest way, but will make the most noise. Walking also makes a fair amount of noise; to avoid any unwanted attention, crouch as much as possible. On the plus side, in certain levels (especially early in the game) you can actually run without the fear of being noticed - more on that in the next section.

Hiding is possible in lockers or crates - you will know that you are in a hiding place if you see a short animation scene when entering. Hiding in those spots makes you very difficult to find for enemies. However, if anyone sees you entering a hiding place, you will be found and killed (by the Alien), shot at (by a human) or pulled out and choked (by a synthetic) - so if you get spotted, run away as fast as possible and enter a hiding place only if you are out of sight.
Sometimes enemies will investigate the hiding place from the outside; you can avoid detection by holding your breath. Warning: Holding your breath reduces your health; you can actually die if you hold your breath for too long.

It is also possible to avoid detection by staying in dark areas, e.g. under a hospital bed or a between crates. If e.g. the Alien enters a room you're in for the first time, quietly staying under a hospital bed without moving might avoid detection. However, if you stay in that same room after the Alien leaves and returns for a new search, it will actually look under beds and in dark areas, thus almost always resulting in your certain death.

Under no circumstances should you use the motion detector while hiding; any nearby enemy will hear the beeping noise it makes and find you, even within a locker or crate.


"Save early, save often" - Al Lowe

Alien: Isolation lets you save only on certain save points, shown as old school emergency phone booths. The good news is that those save points are placed strategically throughout the levels, and almost always just before difficult parts. It goes without saying that you should save as soon as you encounter one of those stations. Warning: As saving does not stop in-game actions, there is a chance that you get killed if you try to use a save station while being pursued by an enemy. Thus, always try to shake off pursuers before attempting a save.

It is also important to understand the save game concept: The game stores a so-called "current save" and a "previous save". The current save is the one you saved last, while the previous save is from the time you saved before that. Important: If you ever load the previous save, it will become your current save, and the former current save will become the previous save. This is relevant when being forced to reload due to a death while going for the no-death achievement - more info below.
It is possible to save twice at the same save point, in order to have pretty much the same "current save" and "previous save". However, the game makes save points unavailable for a few minutes after using them, so you need to hide and wait before you can use them again.

Missable achievements

Before we dive into the story, it is important to keep two missable achievements in mind, which would require you to play the entire game again if missed. Other achievements could also be missed during your playthrough, but can easily acquired by playing a certain level again.

Namely, these two missable achievements are:

Mercy or Prudence?

Complete the game without killing any humans

Mercy or Prudence?
3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

One Shot

Complete the game without dying

One Shot
8 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

Mercy or Prudence will require you to finish the game without killing (or stunning) a human. This basically means to stay clear of any humans in general, unless you are certain that they are not hostile. Use noisemakers and flares to attract the Alien or a synthetic to humans that might block your way, and have them do the killing for you; the achievement will only be voided if you kill a human yourself.

In order to get the One Shot achievement, you may not die once, neither by the Alien or any other opponent, nor from falling, an explosion, or being run over by a transit car. If you are being spotted by the Alien or get attacked by any other enemies, quickly pause the game and reload your current save before the death animation ends. Sometimes a death will occur too quickly for you to pause the game at the right moment, e.g. when you are being attacked by a Facehugger; you will know that this is the case if the pause screen does not include the option to "resume game" but only "load current save". If this happens, your "current save" is now spoiled and you need to load your "previous save". If you end up with both the current and the previous save being spoiled, you need to reload the "mission save" and continue the game from the beginning of your current mission.

Note: Killing an unarmed human will result in a game over screen and will also void your achievement.

As mentioned before, it is strongly advised to attempt this achievement on your playthrough on Novice.

So now, without further delay, let's dive into the story!

First and foremost, this guide will not differentiate between the playthrough on Hard vs. the one on Novice, in case you want to capture all achievement in a single playthrough.

The game contains various collectibles, namely ID Tags, Nostromo Logs, and Archive Logs. You will need to find all ID Tags (50), all Nostromo Logs (10), and 100 Archive logs out of 172 for the following three achievements:

The Taken

Collect all ID tags

The Taken
3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable


Collect 10 Nostromo logs in the main campaign

2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

Voices of Sevastopol

Collect 100 archive logs

Voices of Sevastopol
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

It is highly recommended that you follow a video guide for all collectibles, as several require detours from the main storyline. The following YouTube video contains all collectibles and shows how to get them in detail - credit goes to TA user Zasta 360 GameTV!


The walkthrough will use spoiler tags if you don't want the story to be spoiled too early.

Mission 1

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***


Mission 2

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***


Mission 3

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***


Mission 4

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***


Mission 5

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***


Mission 6

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***


Mission 7

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***


Mission 8

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***


Mission 9

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***


Mission 10

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***


Mission 11

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***


Mission 12

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***


Mission 13

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***


Mission 14

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***


Mission 15

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***


Mission 16

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***


Mission 17

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***


Mission 18

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***


Mission 19

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***


If you have followed this guide, you should only be missing two achievements by now, 100 Times Too Many and Self Defense. I suggest that you use your second playthrough to kill ten (hostile) humans for Self Defense, as it can make proceeding through different areas easier. In any case, the grind for 100 Times Too Many will earn you Self Defense along the way.

Load up mission 17 - Desolation and set the difficulty to Nightmare. Equip your shotgun while in the elevator, then sprint towards the security guard patrolling the area. Pump him with lead. This is almost guaranteed to attract the Alien; if it doesn't, keep shooting with all you have until the Alien shows up. As soon as it does, succumb to your fate and let it kill you. Rinse and repeat. You can keep track of your progress by periodically checking the Xbox One Achievements App - e.g. 20% progress for Self Defense means you have killed two humans and have eight to go; e.g. 41% progress for 100 Time Too Many means you have been killed by the Alien 41 times and have 59 to go. Note that only kills by the Alien count, not other deaths caused by humans, Synthetics, explosions, or transit cars.

After killing the security guard ten times (or less, depending on your previous playing style), you will earn:

Self Defense

Kill 10 humans

Self Defense
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

After getting killed by the Alien 100 times altogether, you will earn:

100 Times Too Many

Get killed by the Alien 100 times

100 Times Too Many
5 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

This concludes it - congratulations to a well-deserved 1000 Gamerscore!

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