Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge

Ahoy mateys and thank ye fer readin' this walkthrough for Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge. This is widely considered to be one of the best adventure games of all time, perhaps even better than the Secret of Monkey Island. Like most other point & click games on Xbox this isn't a terribly challenging completion but this walkthrough will get you through the game as fast as possible.

Like all older XBLA titles, this is a standard 12 achievements for 200g affair:

  • Four story-related achievements (100g)
  • Four easter egg type achievements (35g)
  • Three achievements for not using the help features (40g)
  • And finally, one achievement for completing the game in under three hours (25g)

While you can get all 200 gamerscore in a single run, you'll have to skip cutscenes and dialogue to finish the game in under three hours. If you do you'll miss out on the story, most of the humor of the game, and you'll also have to rely on the walkthrough to finish the game in time. With that in mind, I strongly, strongly recommend devoting your first experience of the game to obtaining the other 11 achievements at your leisure and saving the speed run for a second playthrough. The decision is up to you of course, but I advise against a single playthough completion unless you've played through the game before and are just grabbing the 200 gamerscore.

Our hero Guybrush Threepwood (mighty pirate) has arrived on Scabb Island in search of the lost treasure of ...BIG WHOOP. Hijinks ensue.

If you've ever played an adventure game before you're probably familiar with the general concept already. Use cn_LSc to move Guybrush around and cn_RSc to move the cursor. While holding the cursor over an object, press cn_RT to bring up the actions Guybrush can do with that object. For example, selecting a sign will give Guybrush the option to read the sign or to pick it up. Press cn_LT to bring up Guybrush's inventory. Sometimes you'll have to use an item from your inventory with an item in the world - or with another item in your inventory - to progress through the game.

When in doubt: talk to everyone, try to pick up/use everything, and try using everything in your inventory with everything else. You cannot get into no-win situations, so you'll always be able to complete your objective. This walkthough can get you through the game step-by-step, but you'll lose out on much of the fun if you completely rely on it. When going for the Speed Demon achievement, skip all cutscenes by pressing cn_Y, and skip dialogue with cn_A. The final page of this walkthrough has some extra tips for the speed run.

Don't use the hint or object highlighting systems or you can miss up to three achievements. These are activated with the cn_X and cn_LB buttons respectively, so keep away from them. While you can use object highlighting up to five times without costing yourself an achievement, even a single use of the hint feature will cause you to lose out on a missable achievement. Loading a previous save can help save you from a slip-up, but to make it easier on yourself just avoid cn_X and cn_LB entirely.

In in order to make this walk through a little more readable, all relevant characters and locations will be in bold and items will be in italics. And in Part II when you need to sail between three different islands I'll underline the one you need to go to next. Without further ado, let's set sail!

Our story begins with Guybrush Threepwood arriving on Scabb Island in search of the fabled treasure of... BIG WHOOP. Just like in the Secret of Monkey Island, the first achievement can be earned right from the get-go by pressing cn_back.

Old School

Switch to classic mode at least once.

Old School
2 guidesOffline Game Mode - These achievements require play in game modes that do not necessitate a connection to any online services.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.

cn_back replaces the shiny new Special Edition graphics and orchestral soundtrack with the original 1991 look and all the bleeps and bloops that were actually quite cutting-edge at the time. The story is the same either way, but the control scheme is a bit different. I prefer to keep the game in Special Edition mode because of the updated soundtrack, but that's my own personal preference. It can be kind of fun to flip back and forth between the two modes to see how much the developers preserved of the original game and to compare the soundtracks. Anyway, let's get to it.

Part I: The Largo Embargo

Now that we've got the gimme achievement out of the way, walk to the left after chatting with the pirates by the campfire. Grab the shovel off of the sign, then walk onto the bridge and meet Largo LaGrande. You'll be relieved of your fortune and be faced with the same task as Part 1 in the last game: Get off the island. You can go talk to the Voodoo Lady in the swamp, or you can take my word for it and assemble some things so she can make a voodoo doll of Largo. You will need "something of the Head, something of the Thread, something of the Body, & something of the Dead." ...or, say, a toupee, a frilly white bra, a glob of spit and a femur.

Three of these things can be found in the town of Woodtick, just across the bridge to your left. Take the main path all the way to the left to the Laundry and notice the Men of Low Moral Fiber (yes, the guys from Melee Island in the first game). Try to take the bucket hanging below the ledge they're sitting on. When they try to stop you from taking it, ask if the bucket belongs to them. You can also say a dozen variations of "please", but that's much more time consuming. Turns out it isn't their bucket, so you're free to take it. There's no need to talk to them about anything else.

Leave the laundry, and walk into the small building just to the right of it. This is Wally the Cartographer's house. He's a funny little guy and you can talk to him and learn a few things, or just steal his monocle when he sets it down on his desk to rub his eyes. If you're going for the less than 3 hour speed run achievement skip chatting with Wally to save time. Grab a piece of paper from the tables across the room from Wally before leaving.

There's a ship-turned-pub just below Wally's place, but before you go down the stairs, go straight into the kitchen (select "use window") via the open window. Once inside, grab the knife and head through the door to the right. The bartender will say "hired help only", but you won't get in trouble. Talk with him for a bit and Largo will make another appearance before hocking a big, gross glob of spit on the wall. Largo just gave you "something of the body", so open up your inventory and use the paper you got from Wally on Largo's spit. One voodoo ingredient down, three to go.

There's nothing else you can do here now so leave the bar and head into the ship to the left. The guy behind the counter won't let you into Largo's room, so you'll need to distract him. Use the knife on the rope that's being used to keep the alligator tied up and watch it run off. Help yourself to the cheese squigglies in the alligator's bowl, the head into Largo's room to the left. Grab the toupee off of the mannequin head on the counter to the left, then hurry out of there before Largo comes in. The toupee will serve as "something of the head".

Walk all the way to the right, back across the bridge where you first met Largo, out of Woodtick. You'll see a map of Scabb Island that serves as a fast travel menu of sorts. Select the Swamp on the east side of the island. Use the bucket on the swamp to fill it with mud, then return to Woodtick. You can use the coffin floating in the water to visit the Voodoo Lady now, but there's no need to until you have the remaining two voodoo ingredients.

Go back into the hotel (the building on the far left) and go into Largo's room. Close the door, then use the bucket o' mud with the door. Guybrush hears Largo coming and hides. The bucket of mud comes down on Largo's head and he leaves. As long as you picked up the toupee earlier you can leave as well. Leave Woodtick and go to the Beach to the east of town. You'll see a stick in the middle of the path. Grab it, then head to Woodtick. Go back to the Laundry and watch Largo give poor confused Marty the same treatment he gave the bartender earlier. Looks like Largo has some laundry to pick up. Head to Largo's room, shut the door, and grab the laundry claim ticket off of the back. Then head back to the laundry and collect Largo's ...bra? Whatever, that's "something of the thread" so it will work.

Leave Woodtick and walk to the Cemetery in the southeast. Look at the tombstones and find the member of the LaGrande family, then use the shovel (that you picked up by the bridge at the beginning) with Grandpa LaGrande's final resting place. After a bit of grave robbery, Guybrush has the fourth and final ingredient for the voodoo doll, "something of the dead". Go to the Swamp and use the coffin to go to the right and into the mouth of the giant skull. An elevator will take you up into the Voodoo Lady's house. Pick up some string from the counter near the skull, then walk to the left to meet the Voodoo Lady and give her the ingredients. Armed with the voodoo doll, go back to Largo's room. As he confronts you, go into your inventory and use the pins the Voodoo Lady gave you with the doll she made. The Largo Embargo has been lifted, but we're not done with Part I just yet.

It's time to get off Scabb Island. But first, we need to scrounge up some pieces of eight to charter a ship. Guybrush has to be very unpiratelike and get a honest job. By dishonest means, of course. It's still a pirate game after all. Remember the guy in the kitchen at the pub who was making a soup? We need to add a secret ingredient. Go back to the Laundry.

That rat scurrying around will suffice. Open the box, use the stick with the box, then use the cheese squigglies with the box. Use the string with the stick, then stand back and wait for the rat to take the bait. When it does, pull the string. Open the box and pick up the trapped, cowering rat. Go into the kitchen through the window and drop the rat in the soup. Leave through the window, go back downstairs and ask the bartender about the soup. Accept the newly vacant chef position (and the week's pay in advance) and get to work. Just kidding, go out the window. I told you this was a pirate game. Go see the Voodoo Lady and ask for help dealing with the LeChuck situation. She says that you need to find Big Whoop to stop him. You'll be given some reading material on the subject (courtesy of the Phatt City library) that you can read if you like.

Leave the swamp and go check out the Peninsula in the southwest corner of the island. Board the houseboat and meet Captain Dread. Thanks to you, the Largo Embargo has been lifted and he's free to leave soon as he has his lucky sailing charm. Fortunately, Wally's monocle will suffice. Pay the good captain 20 pieces of eight and you can set sail in search of the four pieces of the map that leads to Big Whoop.

Largo Embargo Complete

Complete Part One: Largo Embargo.

Largo Embargo Complete
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Part II: The Four Map Pieces

It's a beautiful day in the Caribbean and Captain Dread has no idea where he is supposed to go. Grab the bag of parrot chow next to the door, then go into the cabin and talk to Dread. He knows how to get to two islands besides Scabb: Phatt and Booty. As nice as Booty Island sounds, we should sail to Phatt Island first.

Guybrush is invited to meet the Governor, but not in a good way. Turns out he is selling you to LeChuck. So now you're in prison. This area has great music but you really should be going. Lift the rock-hard mattress and pick up the stick from the frame underneath. Use the stick on the leg bone of the skeleton in the cell next to you. Then give the bone to Walt the dog, pick up the key, and unlock your cell. Before leaving take the Manilla and Gorilla envelopes from the shelf and open them. Leave the jail and walk towards the waterfront on your right. Go out onto the pier and talk to the fisherman. He's willing to bet his fishing pole that he can catch the bigger fish. You never know when you'll need a fishing pole, so accept his wager and walk into the alley nearer the jail.

You'll see a game of chance being played and a contestant winning a nice bit of cash. You can try your luck (spoiler: you'll lose) or you can follow the winner and see what makes him so lucky. He'll go into an alley just past the library and get the next winning number from a man behind a door. Notice the code system they're using. "If ___ is ___, what is ___?" In case you didn't catch it, the answer is the number of fingers he holds up the FIRST time. So if four fingers is two, five fingers is four. If one finger is three, two fingers is one. Knock on the door and ask for the next number. Get the finger code right three times, and you're given the next winning number. Walk back to the first alley, place your bet using the number and color you were told, and select the invitation to Governor Marley's party. You can repeat this process and win a vacation (which you can't go on) or some money (that you don't need) so you might as well not bother, especially if you're on your speed run. Return to Dread's ship and sail to Booty Island.

There's no need to talk to the old man manning the cannon, so enter the building to the left. We'll need some supplies later, so buy the well-polished saw, the horn, and the beware of parrot sign. Hang the bag of parrot chow on the hook that was holding the sign you just bought. The parrot has a new mirror of sorts, so you can now buy the mirror it was so fond of. You have plenty of money from your "employment" at the pub to afford these things and you'll use them all, so don't worry about the cost. The shopkeeper does have a piece of the map on the counter, but you can't afford the 6,000,000 pieces of eight he wants for it. You can, however, trade him for the figurehead of the Mad Monkey, a sunken ship. Exit the store.

Walk over to the costume shop and give the man inside the invitation you won on Phatt Island. Your costume is a dress, you lucky pirate, you. Leave the costume shop and walk left out of town. Go to the "Small Structure" in the northwest portion of the map. Give the guard your invitation and after Guybrush changes into his costume the guard lets him in. Once you've made it to the Mansion, walk around to the back. This next part is a little tricky sometimes. There's a door to the kitchen and inside there's a fish you can use to win the contest with the fisherman on Phatt. (Yes, this is the second Monkey Island game where you have to grab a fish from a kitchen.) However, the incredibly French chef will chase you out if you try to run in and grab it.

Push the garbage can by the kitchen door to draw out the chef. Now you have to go off to the right and back towards the front of the house and he has to follow you. Once you've drawn the chef around front, continue to the right and go back behind again and into the kitchen. Grab a fish from the pot, walk around front again and go inside. The chef can't actually chop you during any of this, it can be hard to get him to follow you. There's only one way to die in the entire game and I'll point it out later because it's one of the achievements.

Once inside, grab the map piece from the frame on the wall to the left, then make your escape back outside. ...And get caught by the dog's super ability to smell anything that belongs to Governor Marley. The gardener takes you up stairs to meet the governor. The conversation with your ex-girlfriend can go different ways depending on your choices but it ends the same way - with Elaine throwing the map piece out the window. Guybrush starts off down the stairs, but you should save yourself the walk and double back into Elaine's room and grab the oar off of the wall before going after the map piece. Guybrush can't quite get the piece and it flies away. You'll have to get it later. Pick up the dog before leaving. Like the oar, grabbing it now will save you the trip back to the mansion later. After Guybrush somehow manages to get the dog in his coat, head back into town.

Talk to the woman in the large hat selling three hour tours in a glass bottom boat. This is Captain Kate Capsize and she sells charter trips for more money than you have. 6,000 pieces of eight. Take one of her leaflets and be on your way. There's a spitting contest to the right that you can win, but only in the most piratey way possible - by cheating. You'll need some performance enhancing substances from the pub on Scabb Island, but Guybrush left his ID in his other pants. A library card will do, so back to Phatt Island it is.

Enter the library and open up the model lighthouse by the door. You really do owe Wally the Cartographer a new monocle, so pick up the miniature lighthouse lens. The librarian might ask you to put it back at some point but she won't stop you so don't listen to her. Remember, you're a pirate. While we're here we do need some books however, so talk to the librarian and get a temporary library card to use until the real one gets sent to a fake address. It doesn't matter which one you give her. Consult the card catalog. First off you'll need a random book later, so pick any card and have Guybrush remember the title. Search the D drawer (for "disasters") and have Guybrush remember "Great Shipwrecks of our Century", then search the OPQR drawer for "The Joy of Hex" and have Guybrush remember that title as well. A certain voodoo expert friend of yours will need the second book, and just as she foresaw your need for a book about Big Whoop, you can foresee her need for this one. Talk to the librarian again and get the two books you need, plus a random book of your choosing. Leave the library.

Walk to the left, past the jail and go to Governor Phatt's mansion. Once inside, tell the guard there's a fire in the kitchen to distract him and head upstairs. The gluttonous Governor is sleeping with the book "Famous Pirate Quotations" resting on his substantial stomach. You'll need this book later, so use the random book you checked out with "Famous Pirate Quotations" to have Guybrush do his best Indiana Jones impression, with less giant boulder. Leave the mansion and go back into town.

Use Captain Capsize's leaflet on the wanted poster of Guybrush and leave town to the left until you're at the island map. You'll see Kate get thrown in jail, but we still need to charter her ship so go back to the jail and use the small key on the cell to free her. She thanks you and leaves, but without retrieving her personal effects like you did. Grab the vanilla envelope (from the shelf you got the Gorilla and Manilla envelopes) and open it to find a bottle of near grog. This will come in handy later so we had to get Kate imprisoned to get it. This isn't an optional step, so don't try skipping it for the sake of your run time. Before returning to Dread's ship be sure to give the fish to the fisherman to claim his fishing pole. Sail back to Booty Island.

If you noticed the "Big Tree" on Booty Island and were wondering what it was, now is the time to check it out. There's a plank stuck in a hole in the side of the tree. Use the plank and Elaine's oar in the lowest two holes on the tree, then have Guybrush walk up them. The oar breaks, Guybrush hits his head and has a rather bizarre experience with his parents. At the end of a rather odd song and dance routine, Guybrush will have something written on the spit encrusted paper from Part I. Believe it or not, this will be useful in Part III. Pick up the pieces of the broken oar, go back to Captain Dread's ship, and return to Scabb Island.

After this odd detour, return to the Scabb Island pub. The bartender will fire you for skipping out on the job but you don't owe him any money so this is of no consequence. After using your temporary library card for ID, the bartender will sell you alcohol. You'll want to buy two drinks, a Blue Whale and Yellow Beard's Baby. After getting the drinks (and a complimentary crazy straw) use one beverage on the other to make a green drink. Then use the banana you got earlier (it was inside the gorilla envelope you picked up after breaking out of prison) with the piano-playing monkey's metronome. The monkey will be distracted and now you can pick him up. I don't know how Guybrush fits all of these animals in that jacket, but you don't have anything left to do here.

Go see the woodsmith (last door on the right in Woodtick) and ask him to repair the broken oar. He does it for free, which is nice of him. Head back to the laundry. Use the well-polished saw with the peg leg of one of the Men of Low Moral Fiber and leave the laundry. After the cutscene, return to the woodsmith's and grab the hammer and nails while he's off fixing the peg leg. You've caused enough trouble on Scabb for now, so have Dread take you back to Booty Island again.

Now you're ready to nab your first piece of the map. Remember the one that blew away earlier? Leave town to go to the Booty Island map and you can travel to the Cliff on the southern coast of the island. Walk up to the cliff's edge and use the fishing pole on the map piece. A seagull foils your plan and flies to the Big Tree. Leave the Cliff and return there yourself. Now that your oar is reinforced, you can use it and the plank on the bottom two holes in the tree. Climb up, then grab the first step and place it in the third hole. After going up one more step Guybrush will lean over and use the plank and oar leapfrog-style to climb the tree. Go inside the first hut (with the blue curtain) and you'll see a big pile of maps. However, Elaine's dog can sniff out the one you're looking for, so use the dog on the pile. That's the first piece of the map found! Exit the hut and pick up the telescope found by the left hut before going back to ground level. There's nothing in the right hut so don't bother. Go back into town.

Guybrush is ready to cheat his way to victory in the spitting contest. Step one is to blow the ship's horn you bought earlier and use the flags on the spitting field. This moves the first place marker closer to the starting line. Next, use the crazy straw on the green drink to make Guybrush's spit thicker and therefore better for spitting contests apparently. Tell the spitmaster you're ready to compete. In order to win, you have to time your spitting with the tailwind. When the woman's red scarf catches the win (you'll hear it blowing) select "ptooie!". You win first place and a lovely plaque.

Take the plaque to the store on the left side to town and offer it to the shopkeeper. He balks at first, but if you tell him it has the spit of the person who killed LeChuck on it, he offers you 6,000 pieces of eight for it. Accept his offer, and leave the shop. Read "Great Shipwrecks of our Century" and find out where the Mad Monkey sank. The coordinates are randomized in every game, but will always be in a fairly small range. Commit it to memory, then talk with Captain Capsize. Ask to charter her ship, then give her the Mad Monkey's final coordinates. When you arrive, dive down and find the ship. (If it isn't there, return to Booty Island, read the book again and pay attention to the coordinates given. Then make sure you select those same coordinates on the map when you talk to Kate again.) Once you've found the ship, pick up the figurehead from the ship - it looks like a big monkey head - and use the anchor to return to the surface.

Once back on Booty Island, go see the shopkeeper again. Give him the Mad Monkey head in exchange for the second piece of the map to Big Whoop. Now that we've got both of the pieces found on Booty Island, we need to locate the piece on Phatt and the final piece back on Scabb Island. If you've followed this walkthrough up to this point you can retrieve either one first, but for the sake of speed go to Phatt Island first. From the Phatt Island map, walk to the Waterfall found to the north. Follow the path to the top of the falls, then use Jojo the monkey on the pump. The water stops, revealing a hidden passage. Enter, and follow it all the way to the left. When you exit onto a beach, take the path to the left up on top of the hill. You'll see a small cottage. Open the shutters on the left window before knocking on the door and meeting Rum Rodgers. Inquire about the map piece and he proposes a drinking contest. After giving you your mug o' grog he leaves to fetch his own glass. When he leaves, use the mug o' grog with the sad-looking potted tree nearby. Then use the near-grog found in Captain Capsize's vanilla envelope with your empty mug. Guybrush wins the contest handily, but we still have to find where Rogers hid the map piece. Use the mirror you purchased from the store on Booty with the empty frame on the wall. Exit the cottage.

Use the telescope you found at the Big Tree with the grotesque statue in front of Rodgers' cottage. A beam of light should shine through the left window that you opened earlier and onto the left wall of the cottage. Take note of where the beam falls on the wall. This is randomized and indicates which brick on the wall you need to pull on. You can use the telescope on the statue again if you need another look. If you pull the wrong brick Guybrush will land on the beach from earlier. If that happens just take the path up to the cottage and try again. Pulling the right brick results in Guybrush falling into the basement instead. A skeleton is sitting in the bathtub holding the third map piece. Take it, then use the hole to the left and make your way back to town, and then back to Booty Island.

Enter Stan's Previously Owned Coffins and talk to Stan about a good used coffin. When he hops in a coffin to show how spacious it is, close the lid. He gets out and gives you a hankie. Ask him to jump in the coffin again then use the nails you got from the Woodsmith on the coffin. Provided you picked up the hammer as well, Guybrush nails the coffin shut and traps Stan inside. As Stan discovers that you're not really just kidding, grab the crypt key that's hanging behind the counter. There's nothing left to do in here besides listen to Stan panic, so sail to Scabb Island for the final portion of the map.

Walk to the Scabb Island Cemetery and find the crypt that Stan owns. Use his crypt key to open it up and step inside. Read Famous Pirate Quotations (the book you borrowed from Governor Phatt) and note the quote attributed to one Rapp Scallion. Look at the coffins inside the crypt until you find the one with Rapp's quote. When you find his coffin, open it up. Pick up some of Rapp's ashes and leave. Visit the Voodoo Lady, but stop and look at the jars on her shelf before speaking with her. You'll find one labeled Ash-2-Life. When you try to pick it up, the Voodoo Lady will talk to you. Ask for some Ash-2-Life and Guybrush will need to give her some of Rapp's ashes, and a book: The Joy of Hex. You should have both, but the book can be found in the Phatt City Library if you didn't get it earlier. Once the Voodoo Lady has the ashes and the book, she'll make you a batch of Ash-2-Life. Return to the Cemetery.

Use the Ash-2-Life on Rapp Scallion's ashes and watch him reanimate in an impressive display of voodoo. After breaking the bad news to Rapp, agree to check the gas at Rapp's weenie hut in exchange for his piece of the map. Rapp will give you a key and then you can leave the Cemetery and go back to the Beach on the northern coast. There's a small building by the sea behind the pirate's campfire, use the key Rapp gave you on the door. Sure enough, he did leave the gas on. Turn it off for him and return to Rapp's coffin and bring him back to life once more. His soul at peace, Rapp gives you the final piece of the map. Walk back to Woodtick.

Go back to Wally's house where the poor guy is still searching for his monocle. Give him the model lighthouse lens you snagged from the Library so he can see again. Hand over the map pieces and Wally offers to put them together for you if you stop by the Voodoo Lady's place and pick up a love potion for him. Go see the Voodoo Lady. After sensing a voodoo disturbance of some kind, she will tell you Wally is in trouble. Return to his home to find him missing, and "LeChuck" etched into his table. Walk back to the Swamp and enter the crate by the sign, completing Part II.

Four Map Pieces Complete

Complete Part Two: Four Map Pieces.

Four Map Pieces Complete
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Part III: LeChuck's Fortress

Our hero arrives at the fortress we saw during the cut scenes with LeChuck and Largo. Exit the crate and go up the stairs to the right and come to an area with three different routes you can take. Pick one (doesn't matter which) and you'll come to a maze of sorts. Remember the song you heard earlier? Look at the spit encrusted paper that Guybrush wrote the lyrics on. This is the code you'll use to choose the correct doors. The lyrics and the doors are randomized, but here's an example:

"The head bone is connected to the leg bone. The leg bone is connected to the hip bone. The hip bone is connected to the rib bone."

If that is the first verse, the first door you need to go through will have a skull on top, a pair of leg bones in the middle, and a pelvis on the bottom. You can ignore the last bone in each verse. There's four verses, so that means you need to go through four doors. If you don't see next door you need, walk into an adjacent room until you find it. After the fourth correct door, you'll see a huge, imposing, door. Ignore all the security measures and enter through the smaller, unlocked, door built into the big door. When you find LeChuck's chair, pick up the nearby voodoo key. Unfortunately, LeChuck catches you and puts you and Wally in a needlessly-complicated killing machine. Which brings us to an easter egg achievement.

Remember how I said there's only one way to die in this game? Wait five minutes for the candle to burn through the rope and you'll earn a rather gruesome achievement.

Five Minutes Later...

Allow Guybrush to die.

Five Minutes Later...
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(Note: TA user AutomaticOcelot says that this achievement might not pop for some reason, possibly because you idled and the pause menu came up. If this is the case, reload the most recent save and try again.)

This time we need to get Guybrush and Wally out of this mess without getting dissolved in green goo. Another green liquid will come in handy in doing so. Use the crazy straw with the green drink before spitting on the pan. Once you've turned it, spit twice on the shield to put out the candle. Guybrush and Wally escape from the overly-complicated killing machines, but still need to make it out of LeChuck's Fortress. Open the juju bag found in your inventory to find a love bomb and some matches. Use the matches to blast your way out and complete the shortest and second to last chapter.

LeChuck's Fortress Complete

Complete Part Three: LeChuck's Fortress.

LeChuck's Fortress Complete
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Part IV: Dinky Island

The explosion lands Guybrush on a mostly uninhabited island called Dinky. Before we carry on with our adventure, let's get another easter egg achievement. Go left to enter the jungle. Wander around until you come across a phone marked "Call Box" mounted on a tree. Use the phone to call the LucasArts Help Desk and unlock the achievement. By this point you should have 6 of 12 achievements for 100 gamerscore out of 200, so you're exactly halfway to 100% completion.

Call 9-1-1

Call the LucasArts helpdesk when walking through the jungle on Dinky Island.

Call 9-1-1
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After leaving the area with the phone, you'll wind up back on the beach. Instead of exploring the island further, there's a few things we need. Collect the crowbar from the beach and the martini glass next to it. Grab the bottle from the ocean and use the martini glass on the water to fill it up. Use the filled glass with the still nearby to make distilled water. Open the barrel to get a cracker. Feel free to talk to Herman Toothrot (who you might remember from the previous game) but it is entirely optional and you should avoid speaking to him if you're on your speed run. It's possible to spend a lot of time talking to Herman if you select all the possible options, so don't bother unless you're not worrying about speed this playthrough.

With that taken care of, go back into the jungle, take a left, and continue until you see a bag hanging from a tree. Use the bottle on the tree to break it, then use the jagged edge of the bottle to cut the bag open. You can retrieve a box from the bag. Use the distilled water on the box to make a few crackers. You should have three at this point. Walk back to the right until you discover a box near a pond. Pick up the rope on the box, then use the crowbar to open the box. You'll find dynamite inside, pick up the dynamite then return to the beach.

Give a cracker to the parrot to get the first bit of directions to Big Whoop. When you arrive at the correct location the parrot should be waiting. Give it another cracker and it will say the next step towards the treasure. Repeat until you find The Big X. Use your trusty shovel on the X. When cement blocks your way, use matches with the dynamite, use the dynamite with the hole. There will be a small explosion.

Guybrush finds himself on a small column, with Big Whoop on another one nearby. Use the rope with the crowbar and then use your makeshift grapple with the exposed rebar sticking out of the cement above you. Guybrush is left hanging and we cut to Guybrush as he finishes explaining to Elaine the events of the game thus far. And then he plunges into darkness.

When you locate the light switch (press cn_LB to use object highlighting here if you need it, you can use it 5 times total without costing yourself an achievement), use it to shed some light on the situation. Speak to LeChuck to reveal some startling information about Guybrush's family. LeChuck uses a voodoo doll that teleports Guybrush to a random room in this underground complex. It's also extraordinarily painful for Guybrush, but that's not an issue for you. Remember how we made a voodoo doll of Largo in Part I? Well we need to make one of LeChuck now. While collecting ingredients LeChuck will probably catch you at least once or twice and teleport you to another room. It's annoying but you can't or otherwise fail the game here, you can only have your progress impaired by LeChuck. Just make your way to all the rooms and collect all the ingredients in whatever order you can manage.

Go to the right until you find the medical room. There will be two skeletons sitting on a bench, take a skull from one of them and try to not think about the horrible mental trauma you're inflicting on Guybrush by doing so. That's our first voodoo ingredient. Look in the medical drawer for a hypodermic syringe and in the trash can for some surgical gloves. Leave the medical room, then exit the next room through the only other door to the left. In the next room, take the door on the back wall and you'll find yourself in a room full of boxes. Open the ones on the floor until you find a doll. There's also a balloon and some root beer in the boxes as well. When you're done, leave this storage area. Head left again and go through the door on the back wall of the next room. Guybrush will be in a room with a smashed up grog vending machine and you'll be ready to unlock the last easter egg achievement.

Use both of the surgical gloves and the balloon with the helium tank to inflate them. Then use an inflated glove to have Guybrush inhale the helium inside to earn an achievement.

Helium Inhaler

Guybrush inhales some helium.

Helium Inhaler
1 guideOffline Game Mode - These achievements require play in game modes that do not necessitate a connection to any online services.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.Missable - These achievements can be missed.

With that 10g out of the way let's finish up. Refill the glove with the helium tank, then use the coin return on the grog machine. A coin will roll to the other side of the room. Wait for LeChuck to show up and be distracted by the coin. He'll bend over and you can grab his underwear to get your second voodoo ingredient. Remember the hankie we got from Stan? Give it to LeChuck to have him use it so we can get our third voodoo ingredient. The last one is a bit tricky, and we'll need to use the elevator to do so.

Once at the elevator, press the button and walk inside. From inside the elevator, LeChuck will find you again. Quickly use the lever to your left to close the door on his beard. Pick up the beard bits and that's your fourth voodoo ingredient. Use the beard bits, the hankie, the doll, the underwear, and the skull with the juju bag (just like the Voodoo Lady did in Part I) and you've got yourself a functional voodoo doll of LeChuck. Exit the elevator if you haven't already and wait for LeChuck to show his ugly mug. When he does, use the hypodermic syringe with the voodoo doll. Tear the leg off of the doll to incapacitate LeChuck and enjoy the final cutscene.

A True Pirate

Complete the game.

A True Pirate
1 guideOffline Game Mode - These achievements require play in game modes that do not necessitate a connection to any online services.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.Main Storyline - These achievements are gained automatically by progressing through the main game modes.

If you've finished the game without using the hint system once, and without using object highlighting more than five times, you'll earn an additional three achievements:

Free Thinker

Beat the game using fewer than 10 hints.

Free Thinker
2 guidesOffline Game Mode - These achievements require play in game modes that do not necessitate a connection to any online services.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.Missable - These achievements can be missed.

Monkey Master

Beat the game without using one hint.

Monkey Master
2 guidesOffline Game Mode - These achievements require play in game modes that do not necessitate a connection to any online services.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.Missable - These achievements can be missed.

Turning the Lights Out

Complete the game by using object highlighting five times or less.

Turning the Lights Out
2 guidesOffline Game Mode - These achievements require play in game modes that do not necessitate a connection to any online services.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.Missable - These achievements can be missed.

Only one achievement left now, so on to the speedrun.

If you're been following along with this guide (and if you took my advice and didn't go for Speed Demon on your first run) you should only have the speed run left to do. Completing the game start to finish in three hours may seem like a daunting task, but it's no trouble if you stick to a few guidelines. For an example of a very efficient speed run, here's shido534 beating the game in less than 45 minutes.

As you'll see right away, there's a lot of very, very quick dialogue skipping. You obviously don't need to be that quick about it, as shido had plenty of time to spare. However, a good thing to pick up on is how every time they go to a location they do everything there they can before leaving. By doing so, they keep their travel time to a minimum. They also avoid visiting areas before they need to. For example, there's no need to visit Rum Rodger's cottage before you have the mirror and telescope, even if you have the near-grog needed to win the drinking contest. If you don't have all three items you'll need to come back in order to claim the map piece. The game can be completed by visiting many locations only once.

Similarly, you'll want to avoid conversations that aren't required to progress through the game. You don't need to talk to Wally until you have all four map pieces, even if you do need to swipe his monocle and a piece of paper from his house. You don't need to say anything to the Men of Low Moral Fiber besides "Is this your bucket"? Polishing the peg leg one of them wears is completely optional and should be skipped for the sake of time. Some characters don't even need to be spoken to at all. The man next to the cannon on Booty Island and Herman Toothrot on Dinky Island, for starters. If this walkthrough doesn't tell you to talk to them, you don't need to, at least not at that point in the game.

The timer does not stop during cutscenes (which is why you should skip them) but pausing the game does pause the timer. So rather than have Guybrush idle for 15 seconds while you read this walkthrough, hit the pause button. 15 seconds may not be much, but it will add up over the course of a playthrough. You can see the current time elapsed and the percentage of the game you've completed on your save file. The time shown is accurate as far as the Speed Demon achievement is concerned, but the completion percentage should be taken with a grain of salt. For example, Part III is a fairly small part of the game, but your completion percentage will be 50% when you start Part III and it will be 75% when you finish it, even though Part III is not a quarter of the game time-wise. Similarly, Part II should take up the lion's share of your time but is only considered to be 25% of the game, just like the much shorter Part III.

As long as you take a time-efficient path through the game and skip dialog as much as you can, you should nab the game's final achievement with fairly little difficulty. I did it on my first attempt with a final time of around 2:35 if I recall. As you can see from the video above, that wasn't even close to a record-setting time, so anyone should be able to beat 3 hours with little effort using the walkthrough and the pause button.

Speed Demon

Finish the game in under three hours.

Speed Demon
4 guidesOffline Game Mode - These achievements require play in game modes that do not necessitate a connection to any online services.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.Missable - These achievements can be missed.Time/Date - These achievements require you to play the game or perform actions at certain times, within a time limit, or on specific dates.

Congratulations matey! You've got all 12 achievements, all 200g, and (at the time of this writing) all 281 TA.

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