Voodoo Dice (JP Ver)

Hello and welcome to the VooDoo Dice (Jp Ver) walkthrough.

This is a very addictive puzzle game but it is also very hard.

All achievements are level related but some can still be missed due to them having to be done within a certain time limit.

There are four worlds in this game each with 15 levels.

First is world one which has 3 achievements related to it but another 2 are easier there. (60/200)

Next is world two which has 2 achievements related to it. (95/200)

Then it is world three which has another 2 achievements related to it. (130/200)

Finally is world four which has the 3 final achievements there. (200/200)


This game gets very hard during worlds 3 and 4 and will require A LOT of patience.

After you complete all 15 levels of a world you get a new skin for the dice (there's also an achievement linked to changing it) some of them look quite good as well.

VooDoo Times are set by the devs of the game, so you have to beat all of them for a few of the achievements.

World 1

Straight after you complete the first level you get an achievement. This level is not very difficult, so you should complete it in VooDoo Time with not too much trouble which will get you another achievement.

You can get the next two at the same time if you follow the video below. While this is a very easy world, VooDoo Times are still hard if you are new to the game at this point.

World 1 Levels 1-5


World 1 Levels 6-10


World 1 Levels 11-15

Once you have beaten world 1 go back to the level select screen and you will see a new dice skin. Roll over it to change skin and get a new achievement.

  • New Skin

    Change your appearance before selecting a world

    New Skin
    Offline Game ModeSingle Player

World 2

There are two achievements linked to world 2 both for doing the levels and doing them within VooDoo Times. Just follow the videos of the achievements.

World 2 Levels 1-5

World 2 Levels 6-10

World 2 Levels 11-15

Again there will be a new skin after doing the world but as there are no more achievements linked to skins you don't have to change it if you dont want to.

World 3

Much like world 2 the only achievements are for doing the levels and doing them in VooDoo Time. Follow the videos again for a guide but a few levels will require a little luck.

World 3 Levels 1-5

World 3 Levels 6-10

World 3 Levels 11-15

Like every other world you get another skin if you want to 'suit-up'

World 4

In world 4 the last 3 achievements will be unlocked here if you have followed the videos for the other worlds as well. Follow the video for guides on the levels but a lot of them will require a little luck and level 13 is 80% luck based.

World 4 Levels 1-5

World 4 Levels 6-10

World 4 Levels 11-13

World 4 Levels 14-15

If you did every level within VooDoo Time you will get the last achievement

  • Voodoo Sorcerer

    Complete all the levels in each world by beating the Voodoo time

    Voodoo Sorcerer
    Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerTime/Date

Also you get the last skin after doing all world 4 levels if you want it.

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