Enchanted Arms (JP Ver)

Hi and welcome to the Enchanted Arms (Jp Ver) walkthrough. Achieving 1,000 G in this T-RPG will be simple, not only because of the easy mechanics of the game (see General hints and tips), but also because all the achievements are story related. Only two achievements can be "missed" if, at the very end of the game (before the final bosses), you pick the "wrong one" of two choices you're given, thus completing the game too early. The "danger" of missing them is not the wrong choice itself (you can always reload and pick the correct one to continue), but rather when you are asked to save the game after the credits roll: if you overwrite your data with a useless post-ending file (it doesn't allow you to play, it's only a record for online "Golem battles") you will have to restart all over again.

Speaking of online, all the achievements are offline, and the only online feature of this game is relevant to the "Golem battles" between the parties of two different players.

Make sure you give a read at the General hints and tips page, because all you really need to do is learn how this game works, and that's where I've explained it. The Story walkthrough will be divided in two "versions": one is the full, extended and traditional walkthrough which you can use to know step by step where to go; the other one is a shortened version which provides the essential information on how to proceed, and is meant for players who don't want to constantly keep an eye at the walkthrough while playing an overall straight forward game.

The first thing I want to point out is that there are substantial differences between the XBox360 and PS3 versions of this game. Skills, commands and even enemies and parts of the dungeons are different from one version to the other one. This guide is obviously written for the Xbox360 version of the game.


Tactical-RolePlayingGames are a very particular sub-category of RPGs, and you will easily get familiar with the gameplay system after few minutes in the game, also thanks to the many tutorials included in the first phases of the game. There are however many aspects of the gameplay mechanics, specifically those of this game, which are important to remember in order to take advantage of them as you play the game.

You can save the game almost anywhere and at any time. Simply open the main menu (Y button) and use the "Save" function. There are no "save points" in this game. The only exception are very few locations where saving might be dangerous -- say you have a boss to face ahead and you can't backtrack to fight enemies and train more: if the game let you save you could theoretically never be able to proceed if the boss was too strong for you -- and therefore the developers decided (wisely) not to allow you to save.

You can skip the cutscenes (not the dialogues) by pressing Start.

There is a non-return point in the game, and it's openly declared when you reach it: make sure you don't save the game on your previous data when you go past that point, because it would really be a pity to be stuck against the final bosses and be unable to backtrack to level up.

You always recover full HP and EP after each fight. What you lose as you fight are the VP (read below about them).

EP are a name for what in most the other RPGs is known as "MP": they are the magic/mana points, and any action (except using items or special techniques called "EX Skills") will consume EP. The stronger the action, the higher the cost of EP. You can recover EP automatically in the fight if you decide to "Standby" (that is to say, do nothing), besides using items or skills which can recover them of course.

VP are vitality points which are consumed as you fight. Vitality points can be restored at "Recharge Stations" (they can be used as many times as you want) found here and there in the dungeons. You usually find Recharge Stations near the beginning of the areas, so it's always important to be conservative about your VP. VP don't affect directly anything, and it's the same thing if you have 100 VP or 1 VP. Things completely change when you have 0 VP: a character with 0 VP will start the fights with 1 HP and 1 EP, meaning he's highly at risk of death and needs to wait at least a turn before being able to recover EP and act, unless you plan on using an EX Skill or Items with him/her.
VP can be restored also using the item "God's Vigor", but this item isn't available in the first part of the game.
Each character has a specific amount of VP (the amount can't be increased), and a certain amount of VP will be subtracted at the end of each fight. The longer a fight lasts, the more VP you will lose; if the character died in the fight, he will lose more VP. On the contrary, a quick kill of the enemies (one turn) can result in 0 VP lost, which is of course the best thing which can happen. No VP can be recovered for a "good performance" in fight anyway: God's Vigor, Recharge Stations are the only way to recover VP. Later in the game you will be able to get and learn a skill, "Cut VP Use", which will reduce the VP spent in battles by 50%.
If you escape a fight, every deployed character's VP will lose 5 VP (not permanently of course): sometimes fights may last so long as to result in a loss of 15-20 VP, so losing 5 VP isn't that bad after all.

While the encounter rate is quite high, I suggest you fight every encounter until a specific point, a "Casino" (read about it at the bottom of this page), is available for a cheap boost of parameters. After that point you can start skipping fights using the "Escape" function, but keep in mind that even if you fight all the fights you may still be underleveled for some boss fights. In the walkthrough I will give you a rough idea when it's time to relax, skipping more fights, but at least for the first part (about 30% of the game; you can see the Progression of the game at any time, for instance when you save the game) please make sure not to skip fights. There's a quick way to fight after all, using the "Automatic" fight feature which I'll explain soon below.

Shand Alk3 added some information about skipping the random encounters if you want to do so:

If you have a turbo controller (or the means to simply do it yourself) you can press Y to avoid encounters. Basically, a battle can't occur if your minimap in the top right hasn't appeared yet after you exit the Status screen. You can't open this screen again until it's there either BUT you can still move in the few seconds between the time you exit the Status screen and the time the minimap appears. So if you turbo the Y button as you run through parts where random encounters happen, it will put you in the status screen before a battle can happen. You press B to get out of the screen, run forward for a few seconds, and then repeat. Since the screen comes up the moment the minimap does, you wont get any battles.


Battle Mechanics
Now let's have a look at the most noteworthy aspects of the fights.

The analysis of the enemies is important. When you navigate on the grid of a battlefield, you can select your characters using the A button, then decide where to move them and then how to act; this is obvious. If you select an enemy, you can see how big the enemy is (his "Size"; typically "1", but some enemies or even allies might occupy more than a square; for instance a "Size 4" character would stand on four squares), his movement range and also his skills. If you select his skills you can even see the range and power of the skills.

The "PP" value of a skill, in battle (and not in the field menu!), will tell you almost always the exact amount of damage that skill can deal. Say you read "Slash" has a "PP" value of 70 in battle, you can bet that skill will deal exactly 70 HP of damage to any enemy attacked with it (unless they have some defensive protections), and this is possible since there's no "Defense" parameter. The "PP" value of a skill in battle is influenced by the standard power of that skill (there are stronger skills than others of course) and by the parameters of your character. The main exception to the "exact amount of damage" is when enemies have elements, and your attacks are elemental too.

Elements are very easy to remember: Fire beats Water, Earth beats Wind, Light beats Dark. Attacking an enemy with an attack of the opposite element of his will result in dealing twice as much damage, while attacking an enemy with an attack of his same element will deal half the damage. You won't need to pay much attention to this in the game (you will probably stick to some attack patterns for most the fights), but in some boss fights it might be important to keep it in mind.

While you fight you can press the Y button to open a three-choices menu, which is very important. The three options here are: Quick Start, Auto, Escape.
Escape will instantly let you escape from the fight, and has a success percentage of 100%, unless it is a forced fight (like a boss fight) where this command can't be used at all.
Quick Start will start the next turn even if you haven't finished giving commands to your characters. It's the equivalent of choosing not to move characters and act telling them to stand-by. It isn't very helpful, but you can use Quick Start after moving, and choosing the actions, of part of your characters. Say you have only one enemy left to kill and he has 10 HP left: instead of moving a character and telling him to kill the enemy, and then manually command the other characters telling them to do something they won't even be able to do since the enemy will die before they can act, you could just move a character and tell him to kill the enemy, and then use the Quick Start to avoid giving useless commands to the other ones. Note that using LT in the fight equals to using the "Quick Start" command -- handy shortcut.
Auto is a great option to use in Enchanted Arms. As you press Auto, regardless of if you gave some commands to your characters or not, the CPU will act in your place. This means they will be moved and commanded, for the next turn, by the CPU itself. There are two considerations to make about this thing now. First, the CPU isn't very smart (to be honest, it acts weird to say the least in some situations), but is smart enough to dispatch the regular enemies successfully (not as good as you could do by yourself of course). Second, this means the game will basically auto-run for most of it. Now, if I have to be honest, the frequency of enemy encounters in this game is very high, and you hardly want to spend dozens of hours to manually select the actions your characters will do in each fight. You're free to decide whether to Auto-play almost every encounter (except the boss fights and few more) or to manually fight, but I suggest to auto-play it. How much this game appeals to you is what will make you decide, anyway. It's also important to mention that RT in the fight equals to using the "Auto" command, and it saves you some time.

Turnation in this game isn't affected by parameters such as "Speed" or "Agility". There is an "Agility" parameter, but it has another role (see below about parameters). In almost every fight, except very few boss fights where the main opponent will be able to act first, your characters will act first. The order of their actions will be the same as the commands you give them: if you give command to character "A" first and to character "B" next, "A" will execute his movement/action before "B". After all your characters, all the enemies will act.
One exception is when you get "Caught Off Guard": in this case, the enemies have an extra turn before you can fight the rest of the match with the usual turnation. Both the difference of level between you and the enemies and the Agility parameter affect your chances of being caught off guard: enemies having a higher level than yours will trigger Caught-Off-Guard fights more easily, and having a lower Agility will also increase the chances of being caught off guard. That's why you obviously want to level up and to increase your agility parameter every now and then: no need to overdo it, but raise it from time to time.

Calculating the damage you (or the enemies) will deal can be important to plan advanced strategies, especially in boss fights. I already mentioned this, but it's worth saying it again: the "PP" value equals almost every time to the damage/recovery that attack will deal, with the main exception of element changes. The "PP" value not-in-battle (the one you see in your main menu when you check your skills) will always be lower than the "PP" in the fight, because it's the rough power of that skill without calculating the additional power of your parameters.

Dead characters will disappear from the battlefield after three consecutive turns of being knocked out. You can revive them using some items or skills, though it's usually not worth spending the time for it. It's important to know that dead characters (removed or not from the fight) won't gain SP at the end of the fight, but they still get Experience Points.

Overbreak and Overbreak Upper kills will trigger if you deal, in a single hit or a single combo (see "Combination Attacks" below), more than the max HP of the enemy/more than twice the max HP of the enemy respectively. There are two results: one is that you receive a bonus on the Exp, SP and TB given by enemies killed in Overbreak/Overbreak Upper (the higher the damage, the higher the bonus); another is that, if you manage to score an Overbreak Upper, the enemy will be immediately removed from the field without waiting the usual three turns.
This rule applies to your characters too -- there isn't much you can do to prevent this, but there is a support skill ("Cancel Overbreak") which could prevent the instant-removal effect of the Overbreak Upper. To be honest, it's not very important since Overbreak Uppers rarely (if ever) happen to your characters.

You can deploy a max amount of four characters at once on the battlefield. Extra characters will be left out, in the reserve party, and they won't gain SP. Characters in the reserves will gain the same Exp as the four deployed members.

Losing Battles is really no big deal. If you lose, a three-options menu will prompt: "Retry", "Load" and "Quit to the main menu". The last doesn't need extra explanation, as well as "Load" since it just means loading a file of your game. On the contrary, "Retry" will let you fight the same fight again from the beginning of it. In addition to this, characters will be placed on the grid in a different starting position (this can make the difference between a win or loss in some fights), giving you potentially limitless fights to attempt winning. If it is a non-forced-fight you can even decide to "Escape" on your "Retry" match if you see that the enemies are too strong for you, and this means that, unless you have a problem against a particular boss, you can't seriously experience a game over.


In this game there are six parameters. To raise parameters you can use SP (obtained at the end of each fight and also by means of "Skill Gems" and "Mega Skill Gems", available in Shops only after specific events of the main story) or level up. Using SP is your main source of parameter increase.
The parameters you can see are: HP, EP, Direct, Ranged, Support and Agility. You can increase HP and EP by +15 units every time, while the rest of the parameters will be increased by +5 units every time. The cost for the "next" parameter increase will be higher and higher (it caps at almost 14,000): at first it takes you 30 SP to increase, say, your HP; the next upgrade for your HP will cost 90 SP, the one after it will cost 180, and so on.

HP and EP are self explained.
Direct will increase the amount of damage you deal with "Direct" type of attacks (see below).
Ranged will increase the amount of damage you deal with "Ranged" type of attacks (see below).
Support will increase the amount of damage you deal with "Support" type of attacks or increase the amount of HP/EP recovered using "Support" types of skills (see below).
Agility will decrease the chances of being caught off guard.

It's important to raise HP and EP on your characters, as well as Direct/Ranged/Support according to the type of character. For instance, Atsuma has very few "Ranged" attacks, and most of his attacks are Direct: you want to spend points on "Direct" for him.

Here's how the values will increase:


Defense, as a parameter, doesn't exist in this game. There are however Defense boosts which don't really affect your Defense, but they affect the damage output of the incoming attacks. The result is less damage taken anyway.

Parameter enhancements are possible during the battle, and you will clearly read "DMG -n%" or "PRM +n%" near a character if any enhancement is on. Keep in mind that any character can only have one single enhancement. If you add another enhancement, it will overwrite the previous one. Say you have DMG -25% and you use a skill which gives PRM +25%: that character will lose the DMG -25% bonus and will gain the PRM +25% bonus. Even if you use the same "type" of enhancement the second one will overwrite the first: say you have DMG -50% and then use a skill which gives DMG -25%, you will lose DMG -50% and be down-graded to DMG -25%.


Types of Attacks
There are three types of attacks in the game, each affected by different parameters.

Direct: the icon is a simple fist. Direct attacks are boosted by the Direct parameter and their damage output is decreased if other enemies are on the way. Say you target three enemies in line one after another: with a direct attack the first one would take full damage; the second one would take half the damage; the third one would take no damage.

Ranged: the icon is a smaller fist with a white arrow and red dot nearby. They are boosted by the Ranged parameter and their damage output is not decreased if other enemies are on the way.

Support: the icon is a white/blue sphere with a red "+" nearby. They are boosted by the Support parameter, although some of them have the same effect regardless of the Support parameter (for example those which give a stat boost such as Defense +25%).

These attacks can have also another icon near them, on their left: it can be any of the six elements icon. When an element attribute is added to that skill, it means that it will always keep that element inside. If the skill, for instance, has Fire element, and you attack an enemy with Water element, the damage will be doubled; if you attack an enemy with Fire element the damage will be halved; in all the other four cases the damage doesn't change.


Skills, EX Skills and Combination Attacks
Skills can be learned using SP. Regular skills won't be acquired leveling up: you either need to purchase the skill in a shop, or find it in a dungeon, to be able to learn it (using SP, again) and then "Equip" it (which means "turn the skill on" for that character). There are two sub-groups of skills: "Skills" and "Support". The "Skills" skills (sorry about the pun) are active Skills you can use in battle, while "Support" skills are the passive skills such as "HP +20%". There is a limited and not-to-be-increased amount of skills you can equip on each of your main characters. "Golem" characters (read about them below) can't learn new skills.

EX Skills are special attacks which won't consume EP, but they will consume the "EX Gauge". They aren't available for every character at first, but you will acquire your EX Skills (more and stronger) as you progress through the game. The EX Gauge is filled as you fight, and it can fill up to 100 Points. EX Skills will use part of that gauge, for instance "35 points", leaving you with the rest of the gauge for other EX Skills to be used later. Regular fights will rarely if ever require the use of EX Skills, so it's usually a good idea not to use your EX Skills until you reach the end of the dungeons, typically fighting against a boss, so you can unleash your most powerful skills (the EX Skills, that is) when you need them the most.
If you read somewhere on the internet about the "Enchant Dance" (which should refill the EX Gauge if you shake the controller), don't bother trying it: it's a PS3-exclusive feature.

Atsuma learns his EX Skills progressing through the game. The other four characters will unlock their EX Skills leveling up. The PP values referred below are of course those "outside the battlefield", the "row value" without including the additional power calculated on your parameters.

In particular, the first female character who joins will learn:

- Lohengrin (Ranged; Water based; PP 92; 28 EX Points used) at level 8
- Floral Steps (Support; 56 EX Points used; complete recovery of every character, but doesn't revive them from K.O.) at level 24
- Buster Shoot (Ranged; Water based; PP 164; 100 EX Points used) at level 38

The character who joins with the previous one will learn:

- Levatane (Support; 25 EX Points used; boosts own parameters by 100%) at level 10
- World Creation (Ranged; Earth based; PP 144; 52 EX Points used) at level 26
- Tiara Crusade (Support; 100 EX Points used; boosts everyone's Defense +75%) at level 40

The last character who joins (this character joins during the events in Dolmen Ruins) will learn:

- Moon Trigger (Ranged; PP 120; 35 EX Points used) by default
- Potluck (Support; 45 EX Points used; random effects on everyone on the battlefield) at level 25
- Lunatic Dance (Ranged; PP 160; 100 EX Points used) at level 39

Combination Attacks are very powerful attacks which can trigger when more characters attack the same enemy in the fight. In the fight you can see this "Combination" gauge (it's blue): if it's full on more characters, and they attack the same enemy, a "combination attack" will trigger. Combination attacks are very powerful (the longer the combo, the higher the damage boost percentage) and could completely turn the events of a fight, especially if it's a lifelong boss fight. The gauge is refilled mainly if you get hit (the stronger the hit, the higher the recovery of this gauge) or if your characters attack the same enemy (like they would do to trigger the Combination Attack) in the same turn. After using a Combination Attack the "Combination" gauges will be deplenished.
FP, "friend points", can save you some "Combination" points after you use Combination Attacks, reducing the amount consumed by the Combination Attack performed. It's not a very important parameter and is easy to max out.


Casino Grinding Method
Since your first time in London City you will be able to play at a "Casino". The Casino offers several minigames, but the most important one is the Roulette.
You can exchange TB, the coin of the game, for Chips (Chips being the value used in the Casino circuit, to play and exchange them for prizes), but doing the opposite isn't directly possible. You can however purchase items using Chips, and then sell those items in any Shop (there is one very close to the Casino) to gain TB this way. The last step is purchasing the "Skill Gems" in the Shop and then use them on your characters to increase their SP and use them to boost your parameters/learn skills very quickly and free of battle.

How to play the Casino effectively will be explained in the Story Walkthrough pages, when its time will come. It's important to point out now that there are three main "situations" when you can play the Casino:
- The first time you access the Casino you will be able to purchase up to 9x Recovery Powders at once and then sell them all for a total of 5,400 TB every trip
- After some events you will eventually be able to purchase up to 9x God's Ambrosia at once and then sell them for a total of 21,600 TB every trip
- After more events you will be able to purchase the Mega Skill Gems in the Shops: they are more expensive, but also much more effective

In particular, the Skill Gems cost 1,200 TB and earn you +1,200 SP (on a single character), while the Mega Skill Gems cost 4,200 TB and will earn you 8,000 SP (on a single character). The process is therefore much faster and better done when the "third moment" comes. It doesn't mean that it's not worth doing it early in the game though: it's obviously a great thing if you can gain so many TB, and SP as a result, easily and quickly, and I strongly suggest that you exploit this method at least for a good bunch of SP which will let you learn the new stocks of skills and increase your parameters by a decent amount. After all, you don't have much to choose: this game is based much on leveling up (as the high encounter frequence witnesses), and you can either level up in repetitive fights, or using this system. Most of the bosses can be defeated with low parameters if you use a good strategy, but in some serious fights you may seriously regret not exploiting the Casino to get a little sprint.

Then again, it's your choice: either fight or use this system. If you decide not to use it, be prepared to spend some extra hours to fight extra encounters in addition to those (many) you already trigger naturally on the way to your next destination.

It's also advisable, if you decide to use this method, not to overdo it too early: get your little sprint, then try to hold on without it until the next "update" is available -- that is to say, don't spend 2 hours doing this the first time you reach the Casino: spend an hour maybe, then move on and try to hold on until the Casino gets the update (when it sells the God's Ambrosia it basically quadruples your income), spend another 20-30 minutes when it's available, then hold on for another part of the game and when the Mega Skill Gems are finally available, feel free to spend a large amount of time (1-2 hours) to grind much with this method as to be able to fly through the rest of the game.

As a rough indication, the Mega Skill Gems will be available when your "Progress" percentage will be around 75%.


At last, a few words on the Golems. Golems are "characters" which can be both your opponents and your allies. As for the opponents, they're just regular enemies like in any other game of this kind, and there's not much to say about them. About the ones on your side, there is only a way to obtain a Golem: synthesize him in any Shop.

To synthesize a Golem you need the "Core" of that Golem (which can be considered as the "Recipe") and some "Gems" (Power/Mind/Speed Gems), commonly found in battles and occasionally in destroyable items, besides being available for purchase (they can be considered the "Ingredients"). When you have both the Core and the required Gems, you can synthesize your Golem in a shop (there's no additional cost other than using the materials).

The Cores can be obtained in two ways. One is by purchasing them from the Shop (or, for some Golems, the Cores are sold in the Casino, so you'll need Chips and not TB), and another is defeating a "Lost Golem". Lost Golem will be introduced to you early in the game, and they are simply enemies which you can see on the field, as you walk around. When you see one of these enemies, go near him and press " A " to engage a fight. If you win, you will obtain the "Core" of that specific Golem you just defeated.

The whole Golem system is simple, but you should always consider which Golems are worth the cost and which aren't. I will give you suggestions in the Story Walkthroughs, telling you when it's time to get a new Golem, but keep in mind that there are dozens and dozens of Golems in this game. You're free to use whatever Golem you want, but if you deploy those I suggest you will hardly have problems getting through the game (specifically for the hardest boss fights). It goes without saying that some strategies I will describe will be based on the Golems I've suggested to keep. If you want to use other Golems, at least make sure you keep the Golems I suggest in the reserves, so they get at least Experience points.

The most important Golem I will suggest to synthesize as soon as possible is "Apo", whose Core is available in the Casino for "many" Chips (they are no problem with the Roulette system though). I will suggest to keep him in the reserve party all the time so he can level up passively and be ready when, at the end of the game, you will need him. Having a leveled up Apo could make a huge difference (some hours) in the time you'll need to grind before being able to get through the hardest of the final bosses, so please make sure you follow at least this suggestion.

You will also soon realize that Golems have a fixed amount of Skills: they can't learn new Skills, they have no EX Skill, and will usually result, for these reasons, worse than the four main characters who will join your party during the course of the events. It's also true that some Golems will result more effective than characters in some situations, but you will mainly use your "person"-characters rather than Golems as soon as you get the chance of deploying characters.

The amount of Golems you can carry in your reserves is limited, but you can "park" them at the Shop and switch the Golems in your reserves with those you "parked" at any time, provided you can reach a Shop from your position to actually do so. "Parked" Golems will not gain Experience points (the reserves will).


I will use abbreviations for direction references: N, E, S, W, NE, SE, SW, NW, which mean respectively North, East, South, West, North-East, South-East, South-West and North-West. They are obviously referred to the in-game directions on the map.

As for the "spoiler" issues, I won't name characters/enemies who are story-related (except when new characters join; I won't anticipate their names anyway) or make comments about the plot, so you can read without worrying about it.

I suggest you to read the General hints and tips page to acquire knowledges about the gameplay, because this game has really just one thing to do: fighting.

One last thing: the game will quite often ask you some questions, giving you several choices to pick: almost none of the choices make any difference, with one most important exception at the end of the game, where your choice will change the ending you'll have. One of the endings earns you the last achievement of the game, while the other one doesn't: I'll tell you which of the two is the right choices when its time will come.
Sometimes the question requires a specific answer for you to proceed with the story: if you pick the wrong the answer you'll be asked the same question again until you finally pick the correct one. This, in short, means you don't have to worry about giving "wrong" replies (except, again, for the end of the game's case where a different ending and an achievement are involved; there will be warnings about this in the walkthrough of course).

Story Walkthrough

Enchant University

Lecture Hall - You start with a tutorial fight: make sure you learn the basics of the game.
After the fight you'll take control of Atsuma: exit NE.

Central Tower Corridor - Continue left downstairs.

Cafeteria - Get your lunch at either of the shops, then head nearby to speak with Toya for more dialogues.
Proceed E and a tutorial about "enchanted boxes" will trigger: simply use " A " to smash them. Enchanted boxes will always contain only Power/Mind/Speed Gems, and just very rarely more than one, resulting in a quite useless collection from a practical point of view (you will get hundreds of gems for fighting battles). There's one enchanted box on the left as you continue, containing a Speed Gem and another on the right just past it (Power Gem). "Talk" to the dog marked with the red icon on the map afterwards.
Edit your party as two characters will join, so that you include them.
You can speak with the three students in front of the door E for an optional fight. Regardless of it, head S and speak with three students in front of the door for an easy (necessary) fight: win and go through the door S.

South Hall - Three more students on the way: defeat them and proceed S.
You'll be told about the Recharge Stations: they fully recover your VP, make sure you always use them when you find one, also because the next one will usually be found quite "later".
Defeat another enemy to reach the exit.


Yokohama City

As mentioned in the introduction lines of this page, pick whatever of the three options you're given here, it won't change anything.

You can find some minor items in this place: in the upper half of the area (before reaching the fountain square) there are some barrels on the E side to break for a Power Gem, then boxes on the W side for a Mind Gem. As you go S, on the E side (before that sort of bridge), check more barrels for a Power Gem. Break some items before the building on the E-most side for Speed Gem, then break boxes located S of the tent marked with the red icon to be able to go around the tent and reach a box worth another Speed Gem; at last, go all the way S and check on the W side past the last tent for more items to break to get a Mind Gem.

Please keep in mind that these "Gems" will be soon found in enormous amounts in any regular fight, so it's not really important to spend time to collect them.
Anyway, go where the red checkmark is for some dialogues.
Then head to the "egg-shaped" building nearby.
Now you'll have to speak with some characters here and there to get some "Tickets":
1. Speak with the Clown near where you are: pick either of the options and after some lines you'll have a ticket.
2. Speak with the girl before the tent NE and pick whatever of the three options.
3. Go E/SE from the egg-shaped tent to find a pizza stand: another ticket will be earned here.
4. Go straight S from the fountain and speak with the girl on the way.

Report to the egg-shaped tent and pick whichever of the three Golems you want: Taigalion is a good choice because he'll make the following fights a bit easier. You'll be able to get the two you don't choose later.
Speak with the previous character SW from here (the red mark should be clear) and proceed. Follow the events until you have to fight.
The first fight will proceed easily (you'll get 100 TB and Primrose Core after winning), and you don't even need to win the second one against the cowgirl.

For ending the second fight you will unlock:



Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

When the fights are over you'll be outside.

First of all, re-include two characters in your formation.

Random encounters with enemies will start to trigger as you walk: since they're all very easy, you can Auto-fight (press RT to quickly choose to do so) and Fast-Forward (hold Y while the actions are being performed) the fights letting the CPU take care of your actions. Note that the Auto-fight command affects only the next turn: if things are getting bad, you can always take control of the situation on the next turn and try to fix the situation (if they're not, continue to Auto-fight). Besides, as explained in the General hints and tips page, you don't have to fear a Game Over since you can always "Retry" the battle from the beginning if you lose.
Your brain can obviously make a better work than the CPU's, but in fights this simple the artificial intelligence can succesfully run the battles nonetheless, saving you some minutes which will become hours of potential stress and boredom on the long run. That's your choice anyway.

As you proceed south you will see a giant blue crystal: it's an all-inclusive general store and "golem workshop", which from now onwards will be called "Shop".

To create new Golems you need to get the "Core" material (for instance, the "Primrose Core") first of all. You can't afford spending TB for Core Materials in the shop right now, and your party is full anyway with three characters and the Golem you got earlier. Other than the Core, you also need specific "Gems" to create the Golems. Cores can be bought in shops, but you will soon find your first "Lost Golem": the Lost Golems are found on the field as you walk around, and if you defeat them in battle you will obtain their Core. As you can imagine, Lost Golems will usually be stronger than those available simply in shops. We'll deal with Lost Golems on the way; as for now, take this just as a note.
Weapons work exactly the same way as Golems: Cores and Gems. Nevermind about weapons for now either.
Few Skills are also available for sale, but they are again too expensive and not worth it so early in the game. Before you purchase the Skill, you can see which characters will be able to learn it and how much SP you'll have to spend in order to learn the skill with each character.

Proceed S to the red icon to trigger a fight against a dog.
After more dialogues head north for another fight in the square.
You'll be told about the Shop after this second fight. Feel free to walk around and grind some Experience Points and TB, but you can proceed with your standard party ignoring the creation of new Golems and without grinding levels, for now.
On the contrary, make sure you use your SP earned to increase your Parameters. In particular, increase HP and EP since they have the most priority on anyone in these first phases of the game.
Head N to trigger a fight against the Yokohama Guard.
As you can imagine, this fight is harder than the other regular encounters, but still far from being a problem. Move your three main characters on the grid so they can always use attacks on the enemy (Atsuma should be on the front line while the other two rely on attacks from further away): keep attacking (if you have Taigailon, use his Power Charge + skill on the other ones; otherwise use support skills with any other golem you may have) and you'll win.
You'll obtain Wave (Skill for Atsuma) after the fight: learn it (open the menu with " Y " then pick "Character", then Atsuma, Skill, Learn Skill, Skill and finally choose "Wave" to learn; shortcut for this is entering the menu and then use " X " to be already in the Skill menu), then equip it.
Proceed N afterwards.


Enchant University

South Hall - After the scenes use the Recharge Station and continue N to the Cafeteria.

Cafeteria - Follow Cota NE to reach Sealed Ward Entrance.


Sealed Ward

Entrance Hall - Follow the path until a cutscene triggers.

You should have high enough HP and EP now: start increasing other parameters (Direct for Atsuma, Direct and Ranged for Toya, Ranged and Support for Makoto). If your EX Gauge fills, please don't use it: you don't need it for regular fights (Automatic fights will never use EX Moves) and having it will make the boss fight easier. Give a read about the EX Skills in the General hints and tips section maybe.

Depths - You'll find a Recharge Station and Shop here: follow the path E on the Enchanted Cube and continue E.

Stair Room - You'll be told about the "Enchant Item Boxes" -- open the one in front of you to get 500 TB.
Continue downstairs, E, on another Enchanted Cube and go up with it.

Power Room - In this room there are more platforms: ride one to go E and then ride another one W to reach a chest with 500 TB; then ride the last platform back W and S afterwards.

Upper Corridor - In the next room proceed S until you reach a fork: go E to fight your first "Lost Golem" on the field, "Knight Servant". He has Water element and can heavily damage Atsuma, and viceversa. The fight will be simple anyway: you'll receive Servant Core after the fight.
Go on S to the Guardian Room.

Guardian Room - Continue S, ride the platform up and activate the switch to unlock the path going W, then go W through the now-available door.

Lock Room - Here you can find a Shop. Approach the switch at the center of the room, then proceed to be told about the "Enchanted Wire" and use them to go around to the west side of the area -- absorb the Ether and return to the central switch: activate it to go down.
At the bottom you'll find a Recharge Station.
At the fork go N and follow the way: after another tutorial on how to climb a ladder (seriously...) follow the path N to reach a chest with 1,000 TB. Now go back all the way S, past the Recharge Station to eventually reach another Ether: absorb, backtrack at the center an activate the switch again.
Another Recharge Station and Shop on the way: proceed to trigger the first Boss Fight of the game.

Boss Fight # 01 - Fire Guardian
The boss has Fire element. If you have the EX Gauge filled, use Toya's EX Skill Heaven Squall (possibly after boosting his parameter by +25% with Taigalion's Power Charge + Skill) a couple of times to end the fight in a couple of turns. Otherwise spam EX Skills anyway and the fight will quickly end.

For winning this fight you will unlock:



Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

You will obtain Hammer Fist Core (Weapon for Atsuma). Next proceed S to the Lower Corridor, and continue on the only possible way from here.

Another fight will trigger: just Quick-Start (press LT for a shortcut to this command) without giving orders and after few turns the fight will end.
After many scenes another fight will trigger: you have a new (and only) skill to use. Attack until the battle comes to an end.

For winning this fight you will unlock:



Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline


Castle Dam

When you're up again, you'll be told that Atsuma can now use EX Skills, as he has learned his first EX Skill (Summon Phoenix). Also, two characters will have left the party (the Golem(s) will be still here).

??? - Speak with the character in front of you for some lines of dialogue, then speak with him again twice more until Atsuma decides to take a rest.
Scenes will introduce Karin: pick the third option when you're asked a question (the one about Yokohama City) to continue.
Examine the door in front of you, then the back of the "room" after more lines.

Two characters will join the party: place them in your active formation.

Head N to find a chest with 1,000 TB inside, then S all the way to a Recharge Station: use it, it's the last you'll see for a while.
Go N and, if you want, take a turn W into a cell to fight the Lost Golem "Crazy Pizza".
Proceed N to find boxes to smash for Mind Gem, then follow the path to another room and smash boxes here and there to get Speed Gem (on the left as you enter the room). There's also a Shop in this room. Exit S through a door.

West Water Tower - Go E to climb a small ladder up, follow the path S.
When you see a small ladder W, ignore it and take the path NE instead to reach a chest with 1,000 TB, then go back and proceed down with that ladder; continue S to find two ladders: climb up the one E first and climb up another ladder in front of you to reach a chest worth 2,000 TB; then descend these two ladders and climb up the ones on the W side to find and fight three Scouts.
After the fight there will be a dialogue with two options to choose from: it doesn't matter which you pick.
You'll get Slash, a skill for Raigar: learn and equip it when you can. Continue on to find a Shop and some boxes near it: break them for Speed Gem, then go in the water and swim to the opposite side.
Smash some barrels on the right as you're out of the water for a Power Gem, then operate a switch N from here to lower the water (another switch more north than this one can raise a gate to create a shortcut to the opposite side; not like you need it anyway).
Now you can use the ladders down: use the one in front of the switch you just used to lower the water and then exit through a door nearby (don't bother swimming to the opposite side, there's nothing new).

Exterior Path - Follow the short way around and go through another door into the Southwest Water Tower.

Southwest Water Tower - As you're here check N for a chest (500 TB), then use a long "wire" to go W, climb up the ladder to be in the Exterior Path again.

Exterior Path (2) - Here smash some boxes on the right for Speed Gem, then continue on the path slightly going up: there's a Shop (it's a good idea to create a new offensive Golem: however not essential. You may seriously run out of VP with Karin and your first Golem, and backups might be needed) and the Lost Golem "Lord Onyx" on the right, some boxes to break for a Power Gem on the left, then proceed on the way slightly down climbing a ladder down.

Sewer - Continue S, at the fork (you can go E or use a ladder W) climb the ladder W to go down and follow the way to reach a chest for Blend Leg Core (Weapon for Karin).
Go back up the ladder, proceed E and check the south side (right as you go) for another ladder going down to a way leading to Lost Golem "Dariaslez".
Go back up again, this time continue E, break a box for Mind Gem and then continue S.
Smash some barrels on the right at a fork for Power Gem, ignore the ladder going down on the left and proceed W instead: break more boxes for a Mind Gem and then continue S.
Go down the ladder W and open the chest in front of you for 1,000 TB, then up the ladder and this time follow the path to the end (on the way smash some boxes for a Power Gem). A dialogue with three options will trigger as you're about to exit: pick whatever, then check on the right of the ladder for barrels to break for a Mind Gem and finally head up the stair to exit.


London City

Bar - There will be a conversation in the bar (pick any option when you're asked), then you'll be free to move again. Since there's nothing interesting in the bar, exit.

Inner City - On the sides of the entrance of the bar destroy some barrels for Mind Gem and Power Gem, then proceed N and stop by the Casino.

The next Italic-style section will cover the Casino method to increase the amount of your SP: give it a read, unless you want to spend some extra hours to level up the long and hard way on the battlefield.

Casino - How to boost your parameters and avoid later grinding on the battlefield
The Casino is located in front of the Recharge Station. The Casino allows you to win (rather quickly) "Chips" (the value used to play casino games) with games of odds: if you lose, you will just reload the game and try again. Chips can be exchanged for items, and items can be sold in the nearby Shop for TB. At last, TB can be used to purchase, in the Shop itself, Skill Gems (1,200 TB each, and each gives a character +1,200 SP).

Earning chips won't take long (max 20/30 minutes before you have a total of 500,000+ chips).
First of all, save before you do anything in the Casino.
After saving, exchange all your TB for Chips: they cost 20 TB each and you want to buy as much as you can.
After buying them, save your game on another data slot, just in case you change your mind.
At this point, choose the Roulette game in the Casino and bet all the chips you have (max bet is 1,000 chips) on one of those bets which are worth 2x (for instance, bet on either Red or Black; Even or Odd works fine too). If you win, exit and save your game. If you lose, exit and reload your game, then try again. Repeat this process with the 2x-value-bets until you earn a total of 6,000 (or more) chips.
Now you want to go on the 36x-value-bets, that is to say you want to bet the max amount (1,000 chips again) on single numbers. There's a total of 37 numbers (0 to 36): bet 1,000 chips on six numbers (any number, it's a random game). Make sure you're betting on numbers, and not in the "spaces" between numbers (they're worth 18x if it's a space between two numbers, which earns you the chips if the winning number will be either of the two numbers around the space, or 9x if it's a space in the corner between four numbers, which earns you the win if any of those four numbers is the winning one; just in case you don't know how the roulette works). When you've bet on 6 numbers, you have almost 1/6 chances to win: if you don't succeed, retry (quit the casino, reload, bet again).
When you win, you will earn 36,000 chips (-6,000 you used to bet). Do this a couple more times so you have up to about 100,000 chips.
At this point things get more serious, and you want to bet also in the spaces between the numbers. Fill them all, doing something like this:

Big bets = big wins of course, and since you can always quit and reload. It's worth making big bets to speed things up.

Now that you have the chips, exchange 450 chips for 9x (unfortunately this is the max) Recovery Powders (they cost 50 chips each). Then go to the nearby Shop and sell the 9x Recovery Powders for a total of 5,400 TB. Then go back in the Casino and exchange another pack of 450 chips for 9x Recovery Powders, sell them again and so on.

Now that you have the TB, use them to purchase the Skill Gem in the same shop: each costs 1,200 TB, and unfortunately you can only carry a max of 9 of these too. After purchasing them, use them on the characters. Keep in mind that the max amount of SP you can have is 99,999; after that, the extra will be lost. Not like you want to go that far anyway: as for now, it's ok if you just purchase a total of 54 Skill Gems (with about 12 sets of 9x Recovery Powders sold) and gradually give 18 of them on your three main characters (not the Golems, really, you find better Golems often as you progress and a fourth character will eventually join; it's not worth investing on the Golems, especially now). By the way, don't worry about investing in these characters here: they won't leave the party (not permanently, at least) and it's fine to take care of their status because you will hardly replace them.

Some reference numbers to give you an idea on the size of the deal here:
450 Chips = 5,400 TB
8,334 Chips = 99,999 TB
1 TB = 1 SP

With about 20,000 SP, they'll be able to learn all the new skills (which you can easily afford thanks to the TB earned in this way, again) and use some extra SP for good power ups on their parameters (mainly HP and EP, but also Direct for Atsuma and Raigar and Support for Karin). You don't need much more at this point of the game.

An important thing to note in order to save you a potential waste of time, is that later in the game you will be able to play the Roulette again, and you will also be able to exchange Chips (which are almost infinite when we speak of an account of 500,000+ Chips) for God's Ambrosia, worth 2,400 TB/a piece, and later the Shop will also have the Mega Skill Gems for sale (costs 4,200 TB/each and give a character +8,000 SP). That means the process will be much quicker and that's why I suggest not pushing it too hard for now. It's also true that this will happen almost at the end of the game, but you don't need extra power until then anyway.

In the Casino you can also find some interesting Cores.
Purchase the EP Drain Dance Skill, and also Taunt if you want (though Taunt isn't anything special), and in the Shop make sure you get all the other ones (High Earth Shake, Speed +20%, High Charge noticeably, but also those for Karin).

Purchase the Apo Core (Casino), synthesize him and place him in your reserves, so he will get his share of Experience Points during the journey. However I won't suggest using him for most of the game, just for the final bosses there will be strategies involving this Golem. Do not leave him at the shop for any reason: always keep him in your reserves and let him level up passively.

The Casino offers other games too, including a Golem fight mode: the former won't let you win Chips faster than the Roulette, and the latter isn't really that interesting right now.

The items found in this city consist in a Mind Gem and Speed Gem (wooden boxes near the north-most yellow dot), another Speed Gem in the NE-most corner and a chest with Negate Poison (Support Skill) in this same corner too.

Don't forget to recover your VP at the Recharge Station near the Casino and the Shop.

When you're ready to proceed, speak with people gathered by an outstanding well with a soldier near it: it's just E of the Bar.
There are two paths leading to London City Grand Steps: take either.

Grand Step - Exit S.


Londinus Plains

Wild - Continue S until you trigger a cutscene about a landslide, then keep going S. On the way you'll soon find Lost Golem "Bulldog": manually use the High Earth Shake skill with Raigar for a quick victory (the AI doesn't seem to realize when it's time to use elemental attacks).
You will be in the North Forest as you continue.

The skill Negate Poison might be useful for some random encounters here, but it's no big deal if you don't have it.

North Forest - Continue S: on the E side you'll see a wooden platform with a chest worth 500 TB on it, and this is all you will find here. Proceed S to trigger a scene with another character and at the fork ignore the Fire Shrine S: unless you overdid for hours with the parameters boost you're not going to stand a single hit of the enemies here, and all you would find is a Golem with 9,700 HP which would kill you with a single hit. Instead, go E to reach the Military Path down a ladder.

Military Path - There's a Shop as you enter: if you haven't already, synthesize Golem Rio Mimoza. It will be important to have backups for when you run out of VP as you proceed, and now TB shouldn't be a problem anymore.
As you go N check a room on the W side for a chest containing Cancel Gravity (Support Skill) and boxes to smash E from it for Mind Gem, then proceed N and fight the Lost Golem "Amazonia" on the way: use EP Drain Dance with Karin to effectively disable it within few turns, and use other characters to attack meanwhile.

For winning this fight you will unlock:



Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

You'll get Max Sword Core (Weapon for Raigar) besides the Amazonia Core after the fight. Smash a bunch of boxes on the way E for Power Gem and Speed Gem (first group on the right and second group on the left, as you come; the other two groups of wooden items don't hold items), then break more wooden items on the right of the ladder at the end of the path for Mind Gem. Up the ladder E to exit.

South Forest - As you're out, check around for a chest with 1,000 TB, then go up the two small sets of stairs and you're back on the path.
Proceed around (W and then S) to reach Ragau Coast.


Ragau Coast

Fork - Continue S until you reach the fork which gives name to this area: there are a Shop and Recharge Station here. There's a sign telling you the way, but if you try to go SE (which would lead to Yokohama City) you'll be stopped by a couple of soldiers.
Go SW instead: a scene will trigger and you'll be told to follow the path down the shore.
Do so, follow the path down until you find a spot where you can swim.

If you ignore it and proceed E, you'll find another spot to swim, and past it, at the E end of the shore, also a strange character who looks like a Lost Golem but is actually "Black Dragon" (looks all but a dragon, anyway), one of the three Pillar Guardians protectors of the God Orbs. There's nothing you can do about him right now, but try to remember his position for a later optional quest.

Anyway, swim to the opposite side (get out of the water on the E end of the river) and then take the path leading up.
When you're at the top, before exiting S, go NW towards the broken bridge and check NW to find a chest with 1,000 TB, then exit S.

Cape - Follow the path and proceed, breaking some wooden items. Past them, make a turn N to reach a chest worth 1,000 TB, then go E into another tunnel. Fight against Lost Golem "Saber Tiger" on the way if you want, then exit after a cutscene.

Wharf - Proceed to find a Recharge Station and a Shop, then go down the slope for a short dialogue, continue for another short dialogue telling you to find some Ether.
Go straight E as much as you can, then proceed N to find a small cave with the Ether inside.
Now that you have it, use the wire to go up the ship, check its left side to find the switch, then use the cannon on the right side.
Way clear -- down the ship, proceed S and check the W side to find Lost Golem "Mermaid" (this Golem is quite good, get it), then continue S to trigger a Boss Fight.

Boss Fight # 02 - Aqua Jelly
The boss has Water element. Have Raigar casting Barrier Accel on Atsuma (then attack), use Flare Rush with Atsuma and EP Drain Dance with Karin. Rio Mimoza will heal from the second turn.

For winning this fight you will unlock:



Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

You'll obtain Poison Mist (Skill for Karin). Continue S and go on the E side to find the way to continue.
When you're on a non-frozen floor you'll soon find a fork: go W to find a chest with 1,000 TB, then proceed N to smash some boxes to continue (on the way you can examine a frozen door on the left, but it doesn't matter).
After smashing the boxes take a turn W to find another chest with 1,000 TB, then again N to reach a door and a Shop past it.

Synthesize Golem Mermaid and replace Rio Mimoza with Mermaid.

Head W from the Shop to find breakable boxes (Speed Gem) behind a chest containing 2,000 TB, then enter the Warehouse.


Yokohama City

Warehouse - Check SW corner of the Warehouse to find a chest (1,000 TB), then climb up the ladder on the right of the entrance, operate a switch to rotate the crane, climb up another ladder and use the cranes as a bridge to the opposite side.
Ignore the first switch (it doesn't work) of the opposite side, climb down a ladder, operate a switch on the way to raise a platform (ignore it for now), continue W to find another switch which will rotate another crane so it brings down a shelf and you can proceed to eventually find another switch on the left side: this will lower a platform somewhere nearby.
Now go back to the first platform you raised, use a switch on it to go down.
There's a chest to open here for High Blade (Skill for Raigar), then go back on the platform and return up. Now backtrack, using the two previous cranes as a bridge again, climb down the two ladders and you're back at the entrance; from here go W to find the platform you lowered, ride it up and then use a switch on the right to move another crane so it clears the way (another shelf will go down) to the exit to the Port Customs.

Port Customs - Go S as you enter to find a chest (500 TB), then proceed downstairs, check on the left before a tunnel for another chest (500 TB) and then exit S.

Port City - Here there's a Shop and a Recharge Station. Proceed to trigger a boss fight.

Boss Fight # 03 - 4x Lady Azlight
These enemies have Water element. Use Atsuma's EX Skill on the first turn (he'll probably die before the second turn) and full attack with the other ones. It's a good idea to use EP Drain Dance since these four enemies will try to heal each other massively if you don't prevent them to act at all.

After the fight you will obtain Hi-Return Dance (Skill for Karin): it's a good reviving skill, make sure you learn and keep it.

As you proceed W, make a turn on the left side to find Lost Golem "Yokohama Guard". You can proceed straight west for another Lost Golem, "Palace Gunner", then head SW, open a chest for 1,000 TB and enter the Port Station.

Port Station - Here go upstairs and proceed W; when you see a train cart check its N side for a chest (1,000 TB) then go past its S side to exit.

Port City (2) - Proceed in front of you to the School Area.

School Area - At the fork check W for a chest (500 TB), then exit N.


Enchant University

South Hall - Rercharge Station here -- exit N to the Cafeteria.

Cafeteria - After a scene follow the way around, go to the W side for Lost Golem "Lady Azlight" if you want (feel free to use Atsuma's EX Skill to speed things up here), then enter just N from the Shop, and inside the Cafeteria building go N upstairs to the Tower Corridor.

Tower Corridor - Follow the way around to the Library.

Library - Keep following the only possible way sneaking between the shelves.
When you reach the N end you're supposed to go E and then S to reach the center, but before going E check on the NW side to find a ladder (it's on some shelves) going up: use it, then proceed with an enchanted wire, ignore the first ladder going down and use the second one to find a chest with 2,000 TB.
Afterwards go back (up the ladder, enchanted wire, down the ladder) and continue to the center of the library; use the warp device here.


Magic Laboratory

Transporter Block - Go N to the next area.

Central Block - Here you'll find Recharge Station and Shop and two switches requiring Ether on both the sides to turn on warp devices. There's a third, working, warp device: take it to reach the Waste Block.

Waste Block - Head N; at the fork (you'll see Ether in front of you at the fork) pay attention not to step on the yellow symbol because it would warp you to the beginning of this area, then go E and step on any of the blue symbols you find for a quick warp to the E end of the area.
From where you're warped to, go up a ladder, then down another ladder on the right to reach a chest with 1,000 TB, then go back up this last ladder, step forward a bit and then check the right side for a ladder leading up; use it and follow the long path to go W. After some walking check the left side to find a ladder leading down to the first Ether (it's the one which you saw when you went N at first in this place) and activate the switch in the cell to open it and create a shortcut.
Afterwards climb the ladder back up, go to the far W end of the path until you find another ladder leading down to a chest worth Ranged +20% (Support Skill; it's in the cell W of the cell with the Ether), an expensive but useful skill for Karin.
When it's done, backtrack in the Ether cell. From here you can go W and then make a turn S (opposite the cell with Ranged +20%) to find Lost Golem "Spooky Boo" (avoid the red symbol in front of him on the floor).
After getting him, step on the red symbol to reach Lost Golem "House Guardian" (he's on the W side of the area, from its entrance).
That's all: backtrack to the entrance of this place and return to the previous room (avoid the blue symbol on the floor, it sends you back where the red symbol was).

Central Block - Use the Ether on the W switch of the two, then proceed to the newly available area (if you used the Ether on the E switch, read about the Exhibit Block first).

Maintenance Block - As you enter there's a fork: go S, use an enchanted wire to go W, then proceed W and then N to reach a platform.
Move it left so you reach the W side of the area, follow the way around and you will find a second Ether on your right as you walk S. Examine the control panel behind the Ether to activate more platforms here.
Go S to reach the SW end of this area and use the newly-activated platform to go down. As you arrive, walk E and check a small turn N to find a chest with Poison Blade (Skill for Raigar); then use the platform E to return up.
You'll be SE (on the upper floor): exit E to return to the previous area.

Central Block - Here now activate the E switch too: another switch is available, but you need more Ether. Ride up the platform near the switch you just turned on to reach the Exhibit Block.

Exhibit Block - In here you'll be told about moving items: pull one of the three pillars back, then go past them.
Some alarms will close the way to a chest and the Ether: go N at the fork and use a platform to lift down.
There will be many pillars at the bottom: only one, in the S corner, blue-colored, can be grabbed and dragged N. Move it before the central wall-door so it keeps the walls shut down at the bottom level, then go back and ride the platforms up to return to the entrance.
You can now head E since the walls won't close at your passage: gather the Ether, open the chest straight S of it for 1,000 TB, fight Lost Golem "NB Destroyer" (be aware that this fight is harder than usual, consider using EX Skills) in the E most side.
Use a platform SE to reach and fight Lost Golem "Existence" and, NW from him, High Power Accel skill for Raigar. Back up, return to the Central Block.

Central Block - Place the Ether N, save the game, then go to the Clinic Block for some scenes and a boss fight.

Boss Fight # 04 - Cerberus
The boss has Dark element. Every attack of this enemy is quite powerful and hits a full line: place your characters accordingly if possible. Use EX Skills (Atsuma and Karin's) altogether, attack heavily and end this fight as soon as possible. It's true that there's a second boss fight after this one, but you won't need your EX for it: feel free to use all your gauge here.

For winning this fight you will unlock:



Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

After some scenes you'll get Cerberus Core and a new EX Skill (Stun Bead Flare) for Atsuma. More scenes and another boss fight will follow.

Boss Fight # 05 - Knight Avei (up to 3 at once) and ???
All the enemies have Dark element. Raigar and Atsuma will use High Charge and High Power Accel at first, then they will attack, possibly along with your Golem, the Knight Aveis enemies. Karin will use EP Drain Dance on the "???" enemy: this is important, make sure you do it. The Knight Aveis won't hurt you very much, but the "???" will spawn up to three of them at once and then use his EX Skill Pandemonium on his next turn, provided the three Knights are still alive (if they are not, he can't use it). He needs EP to spawn more Knights, so it's a priority to drain his EP while gradually killing the Knights. It won't be hard if you do this. When the Knights are all down, slowly work on the main boss's HP, always using EP Drain Dance with Karin.

For winning this fight you will unlock:



Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Many scenes will follow.


London City

After some lines of dialogue you'll receive Recover Body, a good skill for Atsuma which gives you a reason to boost his Support parameter by a few points. Exit the bar.

In the Shop there are many new skills (one new Skill can also be found in the Casino), and some can be learned by an unknown character (it reads " ??? " ): if TB aren't a problem, and it shouldn't be here in London City with the Casino at your service, purchase and learn everything. Unfortunately it's still too early to find the God's Ambrosia among the Casino prizes and the Mega Skill Gems in the Shop. It's still worth spending some minutes to get extra SP on your three main characters, especially to increase their EP (and why not, HP too) to be actually able to use expensive skills such as Mega Flare Wave: 350 EP each are more than enough; as for the HP, raise them up to 300 for Karin and around 400 for Atsuma and Raigar.
Possibly try to save 20,000 TB for future necessities; there's a strong boss just before your next chance of visiting the Casino, and you may need to give a quick boost to your parameters at a specific Golem you'll obtain later.

When you've finished, go to the Grand Steps (either way, as usual) and head N this time.


London Castle

Grand Hall - Check NE for a chest (1,000 TB), then exit NW through the secret passage.

Mechanics Area - Follow the path (there's a Recharge Station if you need), then continue all the way N to exit.


Nordnia Mines

Gorge - You will notice a substantial increase in SP gained from this point (about 600/battle).
Smash some boxes for Power Gem if you want, then proceed to an open area and follow the way W and then N for a cutscene before a Shop.

It's a good idea to purchase the Belladonna Core in this Shop (and synthesize Belladonna afterwards), since this is a great support character, especially for tougher fights where it's important to drain out EP from the enemies.

You can smash boxes N for a total of 5x Mind Gem, 4x Power Gem, 4x Speed Gem, then hug the W wall and go N to find another room to find a chest (2,000 TB), then head E into the mine itself.

Abandoned Mine - Here you'll be taught on how the carts work: ride the one in front of you to reach the N side.
Head E from where you arrive and use the wire on the way; as you land, go W a few steps and then S to find a chest with 2,000 TB.
Return where you landed after using the enchanted wire and go E this time, following the path S for some steps and then E again (if you continue S you'll reach a wooden-walled dead end) to find a certain character.
After a scene ignore the the slope S going down and instead follow the path going up; ignore the cart at first and continue to go W and eventually find a chest with Negate Knockback (Support Skill). Now return to the last cart I told you to ignore (it's in the NE part of the area) and ride it to end up in the W/NW part of this area.
From where you land go all the way S to find a chest worth 4,000 TB, then return where the cart ended the line and search E for a ladder going up.
At the top of the ladder, ride the cart nearby and you will be where your first cart took you. From your position, check W to find a lever and pull it to change the trail of the last cart you used, then ride the same cart which this time will lead you near the exit (if you gave a look at the area you might have also spotted the Water Shrine entrance but, as for the Fire Shrine, you're not prepared for this area yet).
You'll be close to a Shop: before heading SW to the exit, expect a boss fight.

Boss Fight # 06 - Minotaur
The boss has Fire element. If you're carrying Belladonna you will neutralize his turns very easily draining his EP. Feel free to use Karin's EX Skill to deal massive damage, but this is an easy fight without it too.

For winning this fight you will unlock:



Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

You will obtain Clear Dance (Skill for Karin) after the fight, then you're free to exit.


Dolmen Ruins

Exterior - Check on the right of the bridge for a chest (500 TB), then speak with the character on the left of it for a short dialogue. After it he'll move away and you can access the ladders: go all the way up and follow the path until you reach a tent camp. There are boxes here and there to smash for the usual random gems (2x Mind, 1x Power and 1x Speed Gem); at the W end there's a chest for 1,000 TB. Ride the gondola down afterwards.

Main Chamber - Here there are a Recharge Station and Shop besides more boxes to smash: at this point of the game it's quite pointless to name gems which you probably have in your inventory in amounts like 200+ each, so I'll save you the description of the wooden boxes earning gems from now on. You can go upstairs or use the wires to find a chest on the E end (2,000 TB).

Operations Room (downstairs) - Chest worth 1,000 TB.

Dormitory (upstairs N) - You can climb up a ladder to reach a chest with a skill which will also reveal to you the name of your next character (Potshot skill; the developers forgot to censor the name of the next character here...anyway), and (still up the ladder) you can fight Lost Golem "Royal Bone".

Refectory (upstairs S) - Here you will find some people you can talk to, but that's all.

Main Chamber - When it's all done go back down and speak with the characters by the gondola, then go to the Operations Room and approach the SW side of the room to speak with them again.
Then exit this room back in the Main Chamber, make a few steps forward and more scenes will trigger.
After the scenes go to the Refectory Room for more scenes at the end of which you will eventually get a God's Nectar.
When you can control your character again, exit the room where you start to be in the Main Chamber again, then go back where the gondola is and ride it up.

Exterior - Go straight W and speak with the character here to trigger an easy fight (one attack might even be enough). After more scenes a second fight will trigger: it's slightly harder than the previous, feel free to use EX skills. You will get Assault Core (Weapon for the member of the party who just joined) after the fight.
Use the gondola back down and go to the opposite side of the room to trigger more scenes.

Main Chamber - Reset your party formation after the group is reunited, then exit to the Exterior (either the long way through the gondola or simply E from the Main Chamber since now the bridge can be used) to trigger four fights.
When it's all done, enter the Main Chamber again for more scenes and a boss fight at the end of them.

Boss Fight # 07 - ???
The boss has Wind element. The fight is quite simple, just make sure Raigar gets healed since he's the one who will deal the most damage to the main boss (there are two minions too, work on their health with the other characters), using High Earth Shake (three turns should be enough).

You will get Beat Fist Core (Weapon for Atsuma) after more scenes. Now you'll have to speak with several characters.
1. Speak with a woman few steps NW from the Recharge Station for some dialogues related to the "investigation" in progress.
2. Exit to the Exterior (use the door E) and go past the bridge, speak with the character by the entrance (the first one you met in this area when you first arrived) for more information.
3. Back in the Main Chamber, go upstairs in the Refectory room and speak with the character standing in the bottom-left corner for more information (the characters sitting at the tables will support your cause, but won't contribute to the investigation).
4. In the Dormitory go up the ladder and speak with the man walking by up here. There will be a short dialogue with two options to choose from -- pick the second (you can't really choose: if you pick the first you'll be asked the same question again), then head to the Observation Room.
After more scenes, head to the Dormitory again and approach the guard before Raigar's "room", then speak with Raigar. When the conversation is over, go to the SW side of the Dormitory and speak with Yuki to call it a day and to more scenes.
When you have control of your character again, exit the Dormitory and head down in the Main Chamber for another bunch of dialogues.
As the scene ends, reset your formation and exit through the door E to the Exterior, then E from here to be back in the Abandoned Mine.


Nordnia Mines

Abandoned Mine - Ride the first cart in front of you; as you land, save the game and prepare for a boss fight: possibly equip Negate Rage and Negate Poison; bring Belladonna in the fight, it will help.

Boss Fight # 08 - Dabrad and ???
Dabrad has Dark element, while the other enemy has Water element. Dabrad hits hard, but within a couple of EP-drain attacks he will become harmless. As for the other opponent, he can mainly heal and defend (his only offensive attack is Poison which you should be able to ignore), but he's no problem by himself. Start with High Charge on Atsuma (then he and Raigar will attack giving priority to "???" first, if possible), and use High EP Drain with Belladonna all the time on Dabrad: this will be enough to lead you to victory without using EX Skills (which you can use, especially Atsuma's, if you want).

For winning this fight you will unlock:



Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

You will obtain HP +20% (Support Skill) after the fight. Make few steps E from your position and ride the next cart to be near the entrance of the Abandoned Mine, then exit from here.

Gorge - Backtrack S and then E to trigger another boss fight.

Boss Fight # 09 - Blood Fencer, Lord Onyx and ???
The minions have Dark element, while the main enemy has Wind element. Focus all your attacks on "???" first, keep Raigar healthy and don't bother with EP draining this time. The fight should flow easily (some characters might get killed, but don't worry about it and focus on killing the enemies as soon as possible).

For winning this fight you will unlock:



Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

You will obtain High Flare Rush (Skill for Atsuma) after the fight. Continue E to the building and check on the right side as you enter to find a desk with a red object on it: examine it to continue with the story.

After some scenes, enter the same building again and backtrack to London Castle. On the way make sure you have at least 25% of EX Gauge for the next fight.


London Castle

As you're out of the Mechanics Area, save and expect a boss fight, then approach the stairs in the Grand Hall.

Boss Fight # 10 - ???
The boss has Wind element. The boss's EX Gauge will fill by 50% each turn, meaning he will use a powerful (>250 HP of damage) attack on the third turn. If you use Levatane on the first turn the fight will probably be over with two hits of High Earth Shake, max 3 if your Direct power isn't strong enough.

For winning this fight you will unlock:



Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

You will obtain Para Sword Core (Weapon for Raigar) after the fight. Now head up either the stairs leading to the Corridor.

Corridor - You will find a Shop: the West Suite has a chest with High Wide Shoot (Skill for Karin) while the East Suite is empty. Enter the Audience Room.

Audience Room - In here "speak" with the character on the floor after some scenes to receive God's Ambrosia, then go NW and use a warp to the Admin Chamber.

Admin Chamber - Follow the way: you can enter the Royal Quarters to find a chest with Angel Leg Core (Weapon for Karin) and another with 2,000 TB. Then exit the room and proceed N to the Inferno Temple.
Recharge Station and Shop in here: examine the statue N of the warp device to activate it, then use the Warp Device.


Inferno Temple

If you want, Escape from all the fights from now to the next boss: there will be a Recharge Station before the boss. This is mainly to avoid boring battles on the way now, since after this boss you will be able to generate TB with the Casino method four times as fast. Spending time here to fight isn't worth your time anyway, but do as you prefer.

Hall of Grief - Proceed S to the Grave Chamber.

Grave Chamber - As you're here go left and fight the Lost Golem "Skeleton" before the Ether so you get his Core and then the Ether itself. Check SW for a chest worth High Aero Shot (Skill for Yuki). SE is another Skeleton: you won't get another Core of course, but you need to defeat him to get the second Ether behind him. Now get through the door to the Tyrant Cell and continue.

Tyrant Cell - There's a Shop here. Go down some stairs and enter the water: swim N and exit the water to open a chest and get 2,000 TB from it.
Back in the water, this time go W and continue until you find an Ether: get out of the water to collect it, then go back in the water and continue NW if you want to fight against Lost Golem "Vampire" (careful, this one can be hard; neutralize the Vampire's turns with EP Drain Dance).
Either way, get out of the water on the N side of the central part of this area (about in front of the third Ether you just got), up some stairs. Now that you're out of the water, go NE and ride a platform (be ready to tap " A " to fix it midway) to reach a chest worth 2,000 TB, then ride the platform back and proceed W to the Seal Chamber.

Seal Chamber - Shop and switch here: use the three Ethers to turn it on and reveal the path down (go around it on the right side and touch the green glowing object to go down).

Royal Hallway - Here is the Recharge Station I told you about earlier. Make sure you use it and save your game too, then go E and fight the Lost Golem "Poseidon" (he's actually a boss fight) on the way, possibly substituting Yuki with Belladonna (make also sure Karin has her EP Drain Dance skill available).

Boss Fight # 11 - Poseidon
The boss has Water element. His attacks will most likely kill Atsuma unless he has more than 600 HP (not like he would survive a second hit anyway). If you brought in Karin and Belladonna, in max 3 turns his EP will be completely drained and you can revive Atsuma with Karin while still draining EP with Belladonna. Raigar will attack meanwhile of course, and Atsuma can freely use his EX Skill when he's back. The fight will be easy if you keep his EP always empty.

For winning this fight you will unlock:



Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Backtrack to the Shop and synthesize Poseidon (this is very important), fighting matches on the way if you need to refill your EX gauge and gaining a few SP to raise Poseidon's Direct parameter a bit (make sure he has also 250+ EP). If you saved money as suggested during your last tour in London City you can also purchase some Skill Gems to speed things up, though it's really just a matter of few fights for the SP necessary here.

Anyway, when you're ready save the game again and proceed through the warp device E.

Royal Chamber - Another boss fight will follow after some scenes in the Royal Chamber, and this is going to be much harder than any of the previous you met so far. Replace Karin with Poseidon.

Boss Fight # 12 - ???
You can find a video on how to tackle this fight (the strategy is the same described here with words) below.
The next enemy has 3,800 HP, 9,999 EP, Fire element, can add Gravity status with his attacks and has also his own EX Skill, if you let him.
The game tells you not to attack when there's a blue light on the top of this enemy's head, because after four hits it will be game over. Those three hits can't be wasted now, can they? It's also very important to place your characters in specific positions of the grid.
As soon as you start, give a look at the boss's attacks (move the pointer on him as you navigate the grid, then press " A ") and scroll his skillset: he can't move from his position, and the range of his two skills is clear. One attack will damage the first two lines of your grid (powerful attack, but not elemental) while his second attack has a different range (it won't hit a total of four squares) and is fire-based. You want to place your characters on those four squares where you can't get hit by it.
On the first turn use High Charge with Atsuma and Levatane (EX Skill) with Raigar; Yuki will stand-by, while Poseidon will use Power Rise. The boss will attack with his first skill, and he shouldn't kill anyone.
On the second turn use Mega Aqua Spear with Poseidon, High Blade with Raigar and High Blow with Atsuma; Yuki stand-by again. The boss will use an attack to reverse his condition (it's the command which will hide the blue sphere on his head, meaning the third turn won't cause you problems if you attack).
On the third turn, full assault: Moon Trigger with Yuki, High Blade with Raigar, High Blow with Atsuma and another Mega Aqua Spear with Poseidon: you should manage to get a Combination attack too, which will significantly increase the output of your damage. If you don't, well, you will still deal a lot of damage which should add to the previous 1,300+ HP of damage you dealt. If you don't win on this turn, you should be able to succesfully end the fight on the next turn, especially thanks to Poseidon's attack (he should have enough HP as to stand two attacks of the boss, as long as you don't place him in position to be attacked by the fire-based hit of the boss). Should you have problems winning this fight, try using healing items to last longer, or simply reload and grind a couple of fights outside to increase the HP of Poseidon (he's the key to winning the fight).

For winning this fight you will unlock:



Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

You will obtain Double TB (Support Skill) and the EX Skill "Mega Phoenix" (takes place of Summon Phoenix, it's for Atsuma) after the fight.


London City

The Casino will now finally exchange 400 Chips for a "God's Ambrosia" (you can carry up to 9x of them at once), and you can sell them for 2,400 each at the shop. It's a 1:6 income, theoretically worse than the 1:12 which you would have with the Recovery Powders, but it's obviously much faster, and you don't have a problem with chips with the Roulette method. You can generate a massive amount of TB in very few minutes, and then spend them to purchase the new skills (Mega Drum Roll and Mega Blade are very important), purchase Sniper Shot in the Casino too (it won't work on every enemy, but when it does it takes away 3/4 of the current HP of the target), and Skill Gems. Mega Skill Gems still won't be available for quite a while, and now the SP income of each battle starts to be competitive with the 1,200 SP on a single character given by this method (which is still faster of course, but not "that" great as it was in the past): this doesn't mean that you shouldn't take this chance to store a good amount of TB on your account. It won't take more than a few minutes to gather 200,000 or more TB: that's about the value you will need to get 99,999 SP on four characters with the Mega Skill Gems, but it's a good thing to have those TB anyway in order to buy recovery items/golems/whatever at anytime.
Do not use the Recovery Powders anymore to grind: the time you'd waste for their purchase-sale can be used much better to purchase-sell more God's Ambrosias.

It's also advisable to store something around 150-200 Speed Gems before leaving: you will need 200 of them for a good trade soon, and you won't be visiting the Casino for a while.

Inner City - Go SE and speak with Karin -- you'll be given three tasks.

1. Securing Light: go N from Karin, then head W to find a character (in the alley just north of the south-most yellow dot of the map) near a broken lamp: talk to him and he'll tell you he needs some "tools". Now go N of the Recharge Station and check on the left of the staircase leading to the Grand Steps to find a boy: speak with him to receive the "Enchant Burner". While you're here, speak with the woman around the well (in front of the Shop) -- you'll be told to go to Karin. For now, complete the "securing light" part speaking with the previous character (the one near the broken lamp).
2. Securing Water: if you didn't already, speak with the woman around the well (in front of the Shop) and then with Karin (she's still SE). Then go in the "Grand Steps" area (on the way near the top check the left side for an open gate leading to High Aqua Shoot, Skill for Karin) and head all the way up to enter the Grand Hall of the Castle from here: speak with Raigar on the right as you enter, then return to the well and speak again with the woman here.
3. Securing Fire: go NE and look for a man (he's somewhere south-east of the north-most yellow dot) near a fire can which isn't burning (he's in a corner). Speak with him, then go back to the well and look for the "Bar Master", a man standing on the W of the well itself: he'll give you the item to lend to the previous old man to complete this task too.

When it's all done, return SE for a scene, after which an easy fight will trigger.
More scenes afterwards, then you'll have to return to London Castle. In the entrance, speak to Raigar again, on the right, who has two guards near him. From here go upstairs, in the Corridor and then in the West Suite: speak with Raigar again. You'll return to the Grand Steps again: exit S.


Londinus Plains

There will be a useful skill to learn (VP Cost Cut; reduces the amount of VP you lose by 50%) soon, and it requires 15,000 SP: try not to use your SP on other things, from now to when you reach Junk City, so you'll be able to learn it quickly with everyone.

Reset your formation, consider the idea of going back to London City to get some Skill Gems to learn the new skills with Raigar and Karin, then go all the way S.

Follow the way through the North Forest, Military Path and South Forest to reach the "Fork" area of Ragau Coast again.


Ragau Coast

At the fork go SW to the next area -- there's another fork before the SW exit: go S to fight Lost Golem "Orpheus" first, then exit.


Yalzemp Gorge

East - Make your way to the Center area.

Center - There's a chest just on the way (3,000 TB), then continue to the West area.

West - There's a Shop here. As you continue there will be a ladder in front of you: go up to find a chest worth 5,000 TB, then back down and proceed to find another ladder leading to Lost Golem "Harpy". That's all for this area: continue to the exit.

Basin - Here there are a Recharge Station and Shop and as you walk forward you'll trigger a scene.
Afterwards you can check on the right as you're down the slope to find Lost Golem "Prill Cotton". Check the E side of this flower camp to find a cave with a chest inside (3,000 TB), then proceed W and check the W side of a giant stone complex in the middle of the camp to find a path leading underground to a chest (HP Drain Dance, Skill for Karin). Next check the NW side of the camp to find a path going up in the mountains and follow it to eventually reach Lost Golem "Gale Lancer"; then follow this path to the exit.


Junk City

Go N and look for a ladder going down just near Raigar (there's a Recharge Station and a Shop here too): you'll be in a market-tents area. Go W of this area and speak with a woman to trade 200 Speed Gems for "VP Cost Cut" (Support Skill): however expensive (15,000 SP), it will prove to be a great support skill for your four "person" characters (which you should be deploying constantly now).
Go back up the ladder again, then head to the far N end to find Yuki: speak with her for a scene.

The Rock Pinnacles exit SW will be involved in the hardest sidequest of the game, unlocking an optional dungeon. For now, leave it where it is since there's only Lost Golem "Crowberry" to find.

Backtrack to the entrance (W, where there's also the red mark) and speak with your mates for a scene.
Edit your party and head W: as you go, stop by the Recharge Station to recover everyone's VP, then use the ladder to go down (the one which was near Raigar) and proceed S up the long staircase, then talk to the crowd there.

You'll be asked to proceed with an investigation.
1. Speak with Fubial in his mansion just in front of you and ask him all the three possible questions.
2. Go N and speak with a boy with a white dog nearby: to bring him some food, go in the market-tent area and speak with the woman on the SE side (the one near whom Karin was). Pick whatever of the two options, then return to the boy.
3. Go S of the Recharge Station to find a ladder going up; speak with a man on the right up there.

Pick the third option when you're asked, then head NE where the red mark is.
Pick the third option again, then the fourth, then the first and finally the third option.
Go NW and speak with the kid.
Add a fourth member to your party (Belladonna might be a good choice for the EP draining skill): expect a fight after some scenes as you return to Fubial just outside his mansion (the fight is simple; start with High Charge and similars, drain the EP of the enemies and then smash them to death).
You will obtain Mega Shot (Skill for Yuki) after the fight. Return NW for more scenes.
Exit E from where you came.


Yalzemp Gorge

Basin - Continue after a scene, expecting a boss fight as you go (the boss has too much EP to rely on their drainage; make sure you have Cancel Gravity on your three "person" characters and don't use Wind-element Golems).

Boss Fight # 13 - Sphinx
The boss has Earth element. Start with High Charge and Levatane as usual: the fight isn't too hard, although the enemy can hit hard and absorb your HP. Go on full assault with your strongest attacks and you should be able, also thanks to Combination Attacks, to keep up with the healings of the boss.

For winning this fight you will unlock:



Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

You will obtain Sphinx Core, Revolver XX Core (Weapon for Yuki) after the fight.


Junk City

Reset your formation, stop by the Recharge Station if you want, then exit Junk City W.


Zuala Desert

In this area you can find a warp device to Londinus Plains, a very helpful shortcut. There are also four warps leading to the "Ruins" area, but there are only two "Ruins" area: one accessed with either the warp devices N, another accessed with either the warp devices S.

Dunes - Use the warp SE.

Ruins - Go forward to find a chest containing Gravity Shot (Skill for Yuki), then continue on a platform (press " A " to fix it midway) and continue forward to another warp device.

Dunes - You're back outside, in the central part of the desert, S. Go straight N from where you are to fall in a big hole in the sand.

Ruins (2) - In here you will find Anubis, another of the three Pillar Guardians: nothing to do with him yet. There are also two warp devices: use the one E to warp to another area, and activate the switch on your right as you land to open a door and create another shortcut (this links a warp device NE with the region where Anubis is). Then use the W warp device in the "Anubis area" to reach another switch to create another shortcut, this time between the Anubis-area and the NW part of the desert.

Dunes - From the NW side, continue NW to find Lost Golem "Na Eil", then go past a bridge to find Lost Golem "Basilisk" (use EP drainage for both of them), ignore the path leading to Vorbios Volcano at the fork (you can't go there) and instead exit W, past a Shop.


Yamashiro Marsh

Lake - Few steps forward and a scene will trigger; continue to trigger an event fight against 3x Ninja (focus on one at a time and be aware that they will explode damaging everyone when they're defeated).
Scenes will follow, then you'll be able to reach a Recharge Station and Shop afterwards: go E to reach the Waterfall area (we'll explore the rest of the Lake soon).

Waterfall - Take a turn right as soon as you enter, swim in the water and land in front of you to examine a stone statue to get Cancel Overbreak (Support Skill); then swim W and then N to land and continue to the N-most end (behind the waterfall) and find a chest with X Cutter (Skill for Raigar).
Then proceed to the next red mark.
Speak with the character here and then backtrack to the previous area.

Lake - Go W for a short dialogue past the Recharge Station, then cross the broken bridge and when you're in the water (while crossing it), make a turn N to reach a chest with 3,000 TB. Proceed W afterwards (you can see the Lost Golem Samurai on the way, but you can't reach him from here).

Forest - Proceed W; at a fork go S to reach another fork; at this second fork go E and past the enchanted wire check W (on your left) to find a chest worth 5,000 TB; then follow the way to the NE exit to end up in the Lake area again, where you can fight Lost Golem "Samurai". Then return to the Forest area.
The Wind Shrine here is too much for you, but go near that warp device nonetheless to find a chest in an alcove SW (3,000 TB); ignore the shrine and exit NW.


Iwato Village

There is a Shop and a Recharge Station at the opposite end of the village from where you enter (there's a closer Recharge Station though), and that's really all.
Enter the house marked with the red icon for some scenes.

In this house there's the other Recharge Station I mentioned a couple of lines ago: go N for more scenes.

Exit the house afterwards, proceed to the central area outside and go up the stairs leading N just at the center to find and speak with Raigar.
Then return to the house and speak with Sayaka.

After the scenes you'll be outside again: go down the stairs in front of Sayaka's House and turn left immediately (before crossing the small lake) to trigger a scene with some characters near a tree.

When the scenes are over again, reset your formation and exit the village from where you came.


Yamashiro Marsh

Backtrack to the E exit to exit the Forest and return to the Lake area.
From the Lake, exit E again to the Waterfall area.
In the Waterfall area go W to proceed to Kyoto City.


Kyoto City

Go W with either sets of stairs, past the Recharge Station and a scene will trigger. Continue past the Shop to eventually reach the W side of the city where the red mark is, then enter the Castle.


Kyoto Castle

In the "Tower" area go straight W to ride up a platform (use the switch): at the top, before going W to the Great Hall check SE of this upper area to find a long set of stairs leading down; follow them to the end (ignore the enchant wires on the way) to find a chest worth 8,000 TB.
Then backtrack to the top (use the enchant wires for a shortcut) and enter the Great Hall (speak with the man in front of the door first).

Inside, follow the way around to reach the S exit to the Tower (up some stairs).
At the top of the Tower area, enter the Audience Room for some scenes. Then go back to the City.


Kyoto City

Replace Karin with another Golem (Poseidon can be a good choice since some enemies here have Fire element), return to the Downtown area, and from here head SW where the red mark is to trigger an event fight against 3x Ninja (Karin won't take part of the fight even if you deployed her).

You will obtain Flare Force (Skill for Atsuma) after the fight.
To proceed you need to use a ladder located near one of the yellow dots on the map. Looking at the map, this yellow dot is located few meters SW of the Shop icon (the Shop is the white dot).
Down the ladder, swim towards SW and land on your left as you go; it seems like there's a cave if you keep swimming SW, but it's not a playable area.
Keep going (on the way there will be a Recharge Station too) to exit SW.


Ninja Hideout

Front - Nothing to point out here: go around to reach a Shop and then go to the Underground area (the access to the Living Rooms isn't available).

Underground - Use the ladder in front of you to reach the Living Rooms.

Living Rooms - Here you can push a switch N to unlock the door to the Front area, then check the SW corner to find a chest (3,000 TB) and then exit W to the Corridor.

Corridor - Straight W as you are here there's Lost Golem "Kunoichi"; then enter the first room you see (before the stairs going up).
In here walk S to find some torch-pillars: three are lit, one is not; grab and drag the one which doesn't have a fire inside to light it, thus opening a closet containing an Ether to absorb.
Exit this room and go up the stairs: enter the first room on the right as you go to find a chest worth 1,000 TB and Lost Golem "Kabuki". Then exit this room, continue (ignore the other door on the right since it's locked) downstairs E until you reach the door to the Lookout.

Lookout - Place the Ether to lower a bridge and reveal a ladder: climb it up and exit to the 2nd Floor area at its top.

2nd Floor - Follow the way S and then W to find a switch. Operate it to open a wall to the left of the switch, and enter the room. In front of you is the locked door mentioned moments ago. Unlock it, but do not go through it. Now turn to the left, so the door you have unlocked is to your right, and then go down the stairs behind the wall in front of you. At the bottom of the stairs, go behind them to find a door to the Living Room again, where you'll find another Ether.

Now return to the first room where you used the Ether (Lookout area), and use the second Ether in the E end of this room, on another switch, to gain access to a ladder going down: use it to find a Shop at the bottom and a door leading to the Stone Chamber.

Stone Chamber - Here you will find a Recharge Station. Save the game and then proceed to trigger a boss fight.

Boss Fight # 14 - ???
The boss has Dark element and a bunch of HP, but he won't be a problem. Start with High Charge, Levatane and (if you have Poseidon) Power Rise. The boss will try to replicate himself with "Shadow Self", a skill which adds a couple of minions of about 900 HP each: with Levatane your Mega Blade should deal around 600 HP of damage, which will be added to the attacks of Atsuma and Poseidon, resulting in the continuous death of the "shadows". The enemies will always be near each other: place Raigar in front of the middle one of them, and use his Mega Blade attack to also consistently damage the main boss. EX Skills can be used whenever you feel like. The boss won't use a suicide attack when his HP reaches 0.

For winning this fight you will unlock:



Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

You will obtain Mega Earth Shake (Skill for Raigar) which can finally update Raigar's attacks. Reset your formation after the events, then backtrack to Kyoto City.


Kyoto City

Go back to the Audience Room.

After the scenes, walk back all the way to Iwato Village.


Iwato Village

Enter Sayaka's house for a few lines of dialogue.
Exit the house and head NE outside (where the red mark is).
Save the game and go where the next red mark is: a boss fight will trigger.

Boss Fight # 15 - ???
The boss has Light element and a counter which triggers almost always, unless the enemy is ready to use the EX Skill or isn't on the front line. The EX Skill of the opponent is quite original: when used, for one turn nothing will happen; the next turn it will land, bringing all your characters' HP to 1.
A good thing to do is drain the EP of the opponent (EP Drain Dance doesn't trigger the counterattack) with Karin, use High Charge and similars with the other characters, and attack when the boss is ready to use the EX Skill (you can see a particular "stance" when this happens). With this strategy you don't have to worry about healing your HP, since you won't be countered (because you only want to attack when the enemy is loading the EX Skill, except EP Drain Dance which can be done with no worries during the whole fight) and you won't be attacked either. The enemy recovers the EX Gauge even if nothing happens. When the enemy isn't loading the EX Skill, do nothing with three characters and just use EP Drain Dance with Karin. Quite cheap and slow, but it will work.

For winning this fight you will unlock:



Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

You will obtain High Aero Pain (Skill for Yuki) after the fight.


Ascetic Court

Feel free to Escape the fights here if you're getting too bored.

Approach - Proceed on the only possible path; when you climb up a ladder check on the left behind some rocks to find a chest worth 3,000 TB, then continue up two more ladders to come to a fork. At the fork go E to find Lost Golem "Yuzuriha". Use the enchant wire nearby afterwards and head to the N-most exit to the Stream area to find a chest with High Recover (Skill for Atsuma).
Backtrack to the Approach area, and proceed back using the enchant wire back, return at the previous fork and this time go N using another enchant wire to reach a Shop and then continue to reach the W exit.

Stream - Go down a ladder and follow the way across a water pool. Out of it, go SW under a passage to find a chest (3,000 TB), then go N up two more ladders and proceed as it will come natural to reach another water pool. Immediately E of this one there will be another water pool, then you can head N to exit.

Cliff - Linear path, keep going. After climbing up two ladders there's a fork: go E first to reach a chest with 1,000 TB inside; then go W to trigger a bunch of dialogues. Then proceed W again and go around to reach the N-most point of this area where you will find a ladder leading you up to where a Recharge Station, a Shop and the character with whom you have to talk to proceed are.
Speak with that character and pick the first option to continue.

Spirit Region - At the fork go N and check the right side to find a place where to swim: swim E a bit, then land and open the chest here for 3,000 TB. Swim back and go N to find another fork: E leads you to a chest with No-Power Shot (Skill for Yuki), while N leads you to Lost Golem "Blue Imp".
Return to the first fork of the area and go E this time to eventually reach a Shop and a Recharge Station.
From the Recharge Station, go SE to find one Ether located West of the E exit (currently blocked).
Then go in the water behind this first Ether to swim a bit S; get out of the water and follow the path which will eventually end, in the S-most point of this area, with a chest worth 8,000 TB. Return to the Recharge Station.
From here now go W to find a second Ether before a bridge; get it and cross the bridge, then check on the right of the tree to find the third Ether.
Go back and now activate the switch (it's in the middle between Shop and Recharge Station).
At this point you can proceed to the Earth Temple.

Earth Temple - Proceed forward to trigger a boss fight (bring in Yuki with Sniper Shot).

Boss Fight # 16 - Hydra
The boss has Water element, but no water attacks. It has some powerful attacks, but the second one (the most powerful) can't reach you if you're in the last line of your grid.
Sniper Shot will work well on this boss: use it at the beginning of the fight to deal 5,000+ HP of damage, while using High Charge with Atsuma and High Power Accel/Levatane with Raigar. On the second turn unleash your best fire attack with Atsuma and other attacks with the other characters; you should win easily after taking only one hit.

You will obtain Hydra Core and the EP +20% (Support Skill) after the fight.

Backtrack to the Cliff area.

Cliff - Go down the ladder and proceed to spot the Ascetic Monk soon: speak with him to get Force Pain (EX Skill for Atsuma).


Iwato Village

You'll be here after some scenes: use the Recharge Station and head to the entrance of the village, where a boss fight will trigger.

Boss Fight # 17 - 3x Ninja and ???
The four enemies have Dark element. Start with the usual enhancements (High Charge, Levatane), and on the second turn use World Creation (Raigar's second EX Skill) and High Drum Roll which together should easily take out every minion (some may survive if they're covered; kill them in the next turns if this happens). With Karin drain the main enemy's EP with the usual attack, while Atsuma and Yuki focus on the survivors, and then on him, with the usual hits too. Remember that Ninjas will suicide when killed. The fight won't be hard if the main opponent isn't able to act.

For winning this fight you will unlock:



Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

You will obtain Mega Cure Dance (Skill for Karin) after the fight.

After the scenes you'll have to return to Kyoto City: fight a few battles on the way if you need to replenish your EX Gauge.


Kyoto City

Proceed until the entrance of the Castle, then speak with a certain character in front of it and pick the first option to trigger more events.


Kyoto Castle

Save the game and proceed all the way to the Audience Room, where a boss fight will trigger.

Boss Fight # 18 - 3x Kunoichi, Honoka and ???
The four minions have Fire element while the main enemy has Earth element. Start with High Charge and Levatane, Sniper Shot on Honoka (it doesn't work on the "???" opponent); keep Karin covered in the third line with two of your characters before her (possibly Atsuma first and Raigar in the middle). On the second turn start draining EP from the main boss with Karin, use World Creation with Raigar and mop up the minions with High Drum Roll and Atsuma's attacks if needed. The fight will end with no problems afterwards.

For winning this fight you will unlock:



Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

You will obtain Direct +20% (Support Skill), great for Atsuma, Raigar and Yuki. Return to the Grand Hall.

Grand Hall - Go to the Shogun's Room NW.

Shogun's Room - Go W and examine the lamp to lift a platform up. You'll be able to access the Underground afterwards.

Underground - Follow the path and continue after some scenes: at a fork go NW to find a chest (1,000 TB), go SW and check your back as you walk to find a ladder going up where you can find another chest (3,000 TB). Then climb the ladder back down and exit SW.


Ascetic Court

Pass - There's a Shop here: follow the path, and when you come to a fork go S to find Lost Golem "Straw Shaman"; then exit.

Spirit Region - Use the Recharge Station on the way if you need, possibly purchase 4-5x God's Ambrosias, fight until you have a full EX Gauge, then go to the Earth Temple (where the red mark is).

Earth Temple - Save the game and go on to trigger the next boss fight; this is harder than usual.

Boss Fight # 19 - ???
You can find a video on how to tackle this fight (the strategy is the same described here with words) below.
This enemy has Earth element and only 1,000 HP, but a Defense +95% boost which actually means that, if you could deal normal damage, his HP would be 20,000. Sniper Shot won't work, and No-Barrier Shot won't mean more damage either.
The enemy can drain a small amount of EP (while also damaging your HP) from you as well as invoking a couple of minions (they have 300 HP each and will die in one hit by now), and his EX Skill (a powerful Direct Earth-based attack) is the most damaging attack.
Strategy: start using High Charge with Atsuma, High Power Accel (not Levatane, you need full EX Gauge on the second turn) with Raigar and, if possible, High Aero Shot with Yuki. You can use EP Drain Dance if you want, but this is a double-edged sword as I'll explain soon.
On the second turn use Force Pain (Atsuma's EX Skill) to stop his auto-regeneration ability and substantially drain the boss's EP; attack with the other characters.
From the third turn you'll have to attack, continuously. If you keep draining his EP, when his EX Gauge is full he will surely use World Creation (his EX Skill). On the contrary, if he has some EP, he may also do something else. Either way, try to leave Yuki behind two other characters to save her life, and heal (even with items if you need). You should be fine if you leave Raigar "alone", Atsuma on his left/right (Atsuma will be facing the boss directly), then Karin behind Atsuma (so she can use her healing skills to recover herself and Atsuma) and Yuki behind Karin. Yuki won't take damage from World Creation, Karin and Atsuma should be able to keep up with the damage; as for Raigar, he can take many hits before being in danger: if his health is in danger, heal him too/use healing items with him.
The minions should die as you work on the fight. If they damage Yuki, heal her or the boss, when her HP is low enough, will use his EP-draining attack finishing her off and basically breaking the flow of the fight. To prevent this, feel free to even use an item with her to heal when her health is in danger.

For winning this fight you will unlock:



Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

You will obtain Cut EP Use (Support Skill) after the fight.


Iwato Village

After the scenes exit outside to watch more scenes, and then return in Sayaka's House for another set of dialogues.

Rearrange your formation afterwards, use the Recharge Station inside the house and then exit the village S.


Yamashiro Marsh

Reach the Lake area and exit S to the Zuala Desert Dunes.


Zuala Desert

Go NW and examine the junk on the way to Vorbios Volcano: you'll be told to go back to Junk City, but there are other important things to do first.
Use the NW-most warp device of "Zuala Desert Ruins" to quickly reach the NE part of the area passing through the Ruins themselves (where Anubis was and still is). From here, instead of going to Junk City, reach the warp to Londinus Plains and then go to London City.


London City

The Mega Skill Gems are finally for sale, and not only them: in the Shop you can also find new great skills such as Double Exp, Wide Range (can move anywhere on the grid; they're both Support Skills), Mega Aero Pain and Mega Flare Blow, and also the new "Friend Gems" which are however probably not necessary; new Cores are also available.

The Casino will sell new Golem Cores and two great Support Skills: Double SP and Encounter Evade.

Note that all the "Double X" skills affect the final outcome of the battle, and are cumulative. This means that having all the characters with Double Exp, Double SP and Double TB will increase the income more than having only one character with it.
Since you can't make a very good boosting yet though, it's probably a good idea to give Double Exp to two characters and Double SP to the other two, so you don't overload a single character of skills which would take place of other important support skills. When, later, other dungeons will offer better chances to level up, it will be a good idea to use Double Exp/SP (TB isn't really very important) on everyone.

Since now you can fully use the grinding method, learn everything and give a boost to your parameters. Atsuma should possibly have 1,000+ HP, 800+ EP and 700+ Direct; Karin 1,000 HP, 600+ EP, 650+ Support; Raigar 1300+ HP, 600+ EP, 650+ Direct; Yuki 1,000+ HP, 700+ EP, 570+ Direct. It shouldn't take more than 30 minutes, or something around it. Help yourself with Direct +20%, HP +20% and Support +20% to reach these values of course. If you want to overdo it (not a bad idea at all), boost Atsuma's Direct and HP, Raigar's Direct and Yuki's EP. The indicated values will be enough for most of the rest of the game even if you skip all the fights from now on with Encounter Evade (especially if you still fight the next Lost Golems while having Double Exp/SP boosts).

Skills on characters: if you want a "lazy" setup, put HP +20% on everyone; Direct +20% on Atsuma, Raigar, Yuki and Support +20% on Karin; Cancel Gravity on everyone; VP Cost Cut on everyone; Double Exp on Atsuma and Yuki, Double SP on Karin and Raigar (one of these becomes "Encounter Evade" if you don't want to fight). This protects you against the most "dangerous" status ailment of the game (Gravity), avoids random fights and earns you more rewards for the forced fights ahead. If you want to spend some time to re-arrange the skills according to the situation, you're more than welcome; if you don't want to think about it that much, just set these ones and go on with them in any circumstance.

When it's all done, equip the Encounter Evade skill on someone and backtrack to Zuala Desert and enter Junk City from there.


Junk City

If you don't already have 9x Return Powders, buy them at the Shop here: you'll need them soon.

Go N and speak with the usual kid: this will bring you directly to Zuala Desert too.

From where you will be (near the exit to Vorbios Volcano Wind Tunnel), go forward to proceed.


Vorbios Volcano

Whether to fight or keep Encounter Evade up is purely your choice. With your last parameter increase, Double SP and also Double Exp, fighting isn't all that bad now; you can still turn on Encounter Evade at any time if you get bored/run out of VP of course. My suggestion is not to fight, but then again: your choice.

Wind Tunnel - Go NW and at the fork go S and follow the way to a chest containing 3,000 TB; then return to the fork and proceed N.
At another fork, go S towards the entrance of the Earth Shrine - Earth Temple to find Lost Golem "Minotaur". At this point you can attempt to clear this temple: use the warp behind that Lost Golem.


Earth Shrine

Use Encounter Evade to stay alive before the Lost Golem "White Tiger", found at the end of this place. When you are before him, assuming you have the parameters I suggested the last time I spoke about London City (or higher, of course), make sure you also have EP Drain Dance on Karin and then go fight him.

White Tiger
First of all, remember that you can Escape if you see he's just too much for you.
He is strong, but your EP Drain Dance will make him harmless in few turns. Do not place characters on the front line until his EP is completely drained, or he will use "Meteor Fang", a devastating attack. Use High Charge and High Power Accel and wait/revive whoever dies with Return Powders (use them with anyone but Karin) until you're safe (once the enemy's EP is completely drained, that is), then move to full assault and win the fight in a very easy way.

Tiger Core and Earth Orb are yours after the fight. Return to Vorbios Volcano: we'll take care of the other Shrines later.


Vorbios Volcano - Wind Tunnel

Wind Tunnel - Exit N.

Magma Cave - Move on until you find a Shop and a chest: if you open the chest a fight (not forced; you can escape from it) against Fire Guardian will trigger.

The Fire Guardian has Fire element and more than 8,000 HP; he can be hit by Sniper Shot and therefore won't be a problem: use Sniper Shot a couple of times and add few hits to take him down. You will obtain Fire Core and Mega Flare Rush (great Skill for Atsuma).

Proceed forward to exit.

Summit - Follow the way to the Sage's Tower, and keep going after a cutscene.


Sage's Tower

Center - There are a Shop and a Recharge Station as you arrive. I will refer to this floor as 1st floor.
Go W and ride a platform up twice to reach the 3rd floor.
On the 3rd floor go E and ride a platform up to the 4th floor.
On 4th floor if you go W you can find Gold Squat, the third and last Pillar Guardian, while N are some stairs and a platform: since the stairs lead to a Recharge Station and a switch which requires Ether, use the platform first. As you land you'll find a Shop: don't go N yet, don't go W (leads nowhere), go E instead, using a couple of enchanted wires.
Proceed S after the second wire to find a platform: ride it down to the 3rd floor.
On the 3rd floor ignore the exit E for now and instead go N, then W and use a couple of wires to reach the W side.
Here you find two platforms: one moves horizontally, the other can go down. Ride the second one and go down to the 2nd floor.
On the 2nd floor, W-most side, there's a Shop and an exit (W). Take it.

2nd Level - You'll see four statues in front of you. To open the gate you need to have the two statues with a green gem on the green plates on the ground, while the two statues which have a red gem mustn't be on the green plates. So, looking at the W side, you need to move the left-most platform off the green plate on the ground; then move the second platform from the left on the green plate on the ground. Now that the gate is open proceed W.
As you progress there are two lines of four statues each: the first line has only red-gemmed statues, while the second line has a green-gemmed statue (the second one from the left, facing W as earlier). Grab and drag the green-gemmed statue to the green plate on the ground, then proceed further W.
Next there are two lines of 8 statues each. Green-gemmed statues are found on the first line (it's the second from the right, facing W) and second line (second from the left, facing W).
At last, look for a couple of ladders (look E from the last sets of statues and you should spot them): climb up the S one and place the green-gemmed statue (the second one you see) on the green plate; go up the ladder N and remove the red-gemmed one from the green plate.
The gate to the Ether is now open: get it and exit outside.

Center - Ride the platform up to the 3rd floor again.
On the 3rd floor go N, then E using two wires, then exit E.

3rd Level - Follow the way to reach Lost Golem "Gargoyle" to get his core and open the gate behind him. You will find two chests here, worth 1,000 TB and 5,000 TB, along with the second Ether. Exit back out.

Center - Ride the platform on the E side up to reach the 4th floor again, then exit N using a couple of wires.

4th Level - As you enter you will see three platforms. Facing N, ride the first on the left to go N. Get off, ride the platform in front of it to go down. Get off, ride the next platform S (it can go W too; go S). You're now on some floor SW of this area. Get on the next platform and ride it all the way N (tap " A " on the way). You're again on some floor, NW this time: ride the next platform to go S. The last platform led you on the W side, near another platform: ride it E (it can go S too; go E). You're now on the floor located E. Ride the next platform to go NE (tap " A " again). You're now NE on the floor again: ride the next platform W (it can go S too; go W) to be near another platform. Finally ride this last platform up to reach the Ether.
After getting the Ether, ride the platform nearby back S to return to the entrance.
Now ride the second platform from left (facing N) to go N. Get off when it stops and ride the next platform: go E first (tap " A " again) to reach a chest worth 8,000 TB, then ride it again and go W to find Lost Golem "Lapis Magina". Ride the same platform back in the middle and ride back the platform you used earlier to return S, to the entrance.
Ride the first platform on the right (facing N), which is the last one to use. It stops near another platform: ride that one down. Get on the next platform and go S (it can go N too but it's a dead end) to reach a chest (tap " A " again) worth Mega Slash (Skill for Raigar). Then ride the same platform back, stop in the middle and ride the previous one back again. Finally return to the entrance and exit.

Center - Ride the platform in front of you to go horizontally to the opposite, central, side. Go up the staircase and use the three Ethers on the switch to reveal a side passage through the wall: save the game, use it and go up until you find Lost Golem "Odin", who is actually a boss fight (you can't Escape).

Boss Fight # 20 - 3x Valkyrie and Odin
Odin has Dark element while the minions have Water element. Odin can be hit with Sniper Shot: use it and you shouldn't have problems.

For winning this fight you will unlock:



Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Top Level - Go W and follow the stairs down ignoring the other path (leading up) for now. There are 64x Power Gems in the SW corner as you're at the bottom of the stairs, breaking some wooden items, then go N to speak with the Sage. Go there again after some scenes for more dialogues.

Save your game, then head up the stairs you used and turn right to follow the stairs up (the ones I previously told you to ignore) to trigger a boss fight.

Boss Fight # 21 - Siren
This boss has Water element. Sniper Shot works: use it and finish the boss off afterwards. Don't use your EX Gauge.

For winning this fight you will unlock:



Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Save the game and make sure your EX Gauge has at least 55 points.

Return back to the Sage after the fight. You'll be given two choices: pick the second one, then the second choice again. Make sure Atsuma has at least 1,300 HP and full EX Gauge; save the game again on a separate slot, then approach the Sage's place to trigger another set of dialogues and a boss fight after it (it's a solo fight with Atsuma, regardless if you put some Golems before this triggers).

Boss Fight # 22 - Baglanji
This boss has Dark element, 2,200 HP and hits very hard. Start with High Charge with Atsuma and unleash his Stun Bead Fire (probably the strongest) EX Skill. The Dark Gravity (by far the most frequent) attack of the enemy deals 638 HP of damage, and you need at least three turns to win (unless you have a high Direct value); one for High Charge, one for the EX Skill and one for the finishing blow. That's why you need to be able to take two Dark Gravity hits. The boss also has an attack dealing 398 HP of damage and another which drains 145 HP.

You will obtain Wild God Orb and Baglanji Core after the fight.

When you have to "stroll around", speak with Karin upstairs, then go upstairs again and speak with Raigar and Yuki (she's in the room near Raigar) too. Then talk to the Sage again.

You will obtain Iris Knuckle, the Iris Weapon for Atsuma, as well as Meteor Rush (best skill for Atsuma). The "Iris" weapons are the second-to-most powerful ones of the game. The "Moonlight" Weapons are the best ones, but they are only available in the last optional dungeon which we'll consider tackling soon.

At this point it's obvious that you can go after the Pillar Guardians sidequest. Since we're here and it'll only take few minutes, backtrack to the Center of the Sage's Tower and go fighting the Gold Squat guardian (W side when you're down the staircases).

Gold Squat
This guardian has 9,414 HP and 1,016 EP; Light element. It's hard to bring him away from the first line, so you can't rely on Sniper Shot. He has some powerful attacks, but the strongest (which he can use only on characters on the front line) deals about 1,100 HP of damage. You can efficiently take him down the same way as the White Tiger: EP Drain Dance, High Charges and then damage to death.

Scout Core (for some reason it's not called "Squat Core" or similar, but that's the core for Gold Squat anyway) and Sad God Orb are yours after the fight.

Bring the Sad God Orb right back to the Sage (she's always in the same place) to receive the Iris Weapon and skill of Raigar: Iris Sword and Ethereal Armor (Damage -50% with a wide range of effect!).

Now go at the top of the "Top Level" area and use the warp to Gravekeep Holm.


Gravekeep Holm

Open your map and smile: this place has warp devices leading to Kyoto City, Junk City, London City, Ragau Coast (Fork) and of course the Sage's Tower too! It will be very easy to reach the other two Pillar Guardians and Shrine Temples from here. In due time, that is (the warps will work again soon after few events here).

Walk N and continue straight N past the Recharge Station and Shop to trigger a short scene about the great gate.
Now go SW, past the warp devices, and use three enchanted wires. As you land after the third there will be a fork: instead of going forward (S), turn back and go N/NW to find a chest (8,000 TB). Then return to the fork and go S: ignore the next enchanted wire at first, go S to find a chest worth 5,000 TB; finally use the enchanted wire to return to the entrance.
Speak with the man on the left of the great gate: he'll tell you to pay a visit to a certain person, in her house.
"Enter" the house (the only yellow dot) to be told about a grandma.

Save the game and make sure your EX Gauge has at least 55 points.

Proceed upstairs to reach the great gate again; now turn E and use some stairs down to reach the graveyard, where an event fight against 3x Uhabongo (4,319 HP each, Water element) will trigger: they're nothing special, take them out (start the fight with Ethereal Armor, since you have it; Sniper Shot works fine). Do not use your EX attacks here (or, at least, save those 55 points suggested above).

You will obtain Uhabongo Core after the fight; when some scenes are over your party will split.

Save the game again on a separate slot and check Atsuma's status. You probably want to have these Support skills: HP +20%, Direct +20%, Wide Range and two slots for whatever you want. Make sure his HP reaches 1,700+, his Direct 800+, including the boosts from the suggested skills.
When it's done, proceed to the great gate to trigger a boss fight (another solo fight, even if you had put some Golems in your party).

Boss Fight # 23 - ???
The boss has Light element and 2,900 HP. The regular attacks aren't troublesome (271 HP of damage), but the EX Skill can deal 1,425 HP of damage. Start with High Charge moving back to the the last line and in the furthest corner from the boss (so you lure the enemy in his front line and he summons a Yo-yo enemy instead of attacking you). The Yo-yo enemies can't reach you if you stay on the last line, and that's what you want to do: stick back, use one Mega Flare Wave and then Stun Bead Flare: this should be enough to take the boss out on the third turn.
If you're not much more powerful than the minimum suggested, the fight will be slightly luck-based: keep trying again and again until he finally decides to summon the Yo-yo on the first turn instead of attacking you (he may even summon three Yo-yo in a row, not hurting you at all). If you're still struggling, provided you have enough TB, increase Atsuma's HP with Mega Skill Gems and call it day.

For winning this fight you will unlock:


Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

You will receive a key item to progress through the story after more scenes.

You'll be given three options to choose from, though it doesn't change much. Karin is on the path which goes (from the entrance) W before the Recharge Station, around the elder's house; Yuki is before the great gate (there's an easy fight if you choose her); Raigar is at the graveyard. Return to the elder's house when you've finished talking with the one you chose.
You will receive Flower Bookmark/Bullet Pendant/Black Stone, depending on your choice.

The day after you'll meet again with your party: organize your formation and read the next section carefully before proceeding.


Optional Quests

There aren't many actually, just two. The warp devices are now fully available, and you can go tackling the Pillar Guardians and the Shrine Temples quest. The Shrine Temple quest makes an optional dungeon available, which eventually leads you to getting a very powerful Golem, "Omega", which is also our goal. If you only want to get the full gamerscore on the game, skip this whole section of optional quests (search for "End of the Optional Quests").

Pillar Guardians

Black Dragon
Where: use the warp in Gravekeep Holm to reach Ragau Coast. From here, follow the way SE down the slope and, instead of swimming, proceed E to find the Black Dragon guardian, hidden in a small alcove at the end of the path.
The boss has Wind element, but doesn't have Wind attacks. He has actually a Dark element attack which itself deals 950 HP of damage but can only be used on the front-line characters (don't put them there); his other attack deals 544 HP of damage.
The strategy is the same as usual, with the addition of Ethereal Armor on everyone at first: thanks to Damage -50% you will easily manage to use EP Drain Dance those 4-5 times you need to make the enemy uneffective. When it's done, use High Charge and similars and switch to full assault while still draining the EP.

Black Core and Kindly God Orb are yours after the fight. Warp back to Gravekeep Holm (it's not necessary to stop by the Sage yet; get the next orb first to make one trip for both).

Where: use the warp in Gravekeep Holm to reach Junk City and from here exit W to Zuala Desert (you can also warp to London City, exit to the Londinus Plains and use the warp there; anyway). In the desert, use the NE-most warp of those which lead to the Zuala Desert Ruins and you'll reach this place (if you can't, it's because you still have to fall in the hole in the sand located in the N side of the central part of this area).
The boss is pretty much the opposite of the Black Dragon, but stronger: Dark element but no Dark element attacks; he has a Wind attack. Both his attacks (one wind-based and another non-elemental) will deal 614 HP of damage, but he also has an EP-draining attack with the same power.
Instead of relying on EP draining attacks (which is pointless considering that he can get all of them back in one hit), go all-offensive immediately with High Charge and Levatane/High Power Accel. Use your most powerful attacks while always healing with Karin and you shouldn't fall. If you place your characters on the front line he will probably step back, allowing you to use Sniper Shot (it works). You can do without it too anyway, just keep attacking with everything you've got.

Anubis Core and Happy God Orb are yours after the fight.

While you're here you may want to take the chance to go to Yamashiro Marsh and deal with the Wind Shrine.

You should have already faced the Gold Squat guardian; if you didn't, he's in the Sage's Tower (check some paragraphs above here to find him; the strategy is about the same as the one used against Black Dragon).

Pay a visit to the Sage in the Sage's Tower to get Iris Leggings and Requiem skill for Karin (Kindly God Orb); Iris Cannon and Happy Trigger skill for Yuki (Happy God Orb). Back to Gravekeep Holm.

Shrine Temples

Fire Shrine - Phoenicia
Where: from Gravekeep Holm, warp to London Inner City, exit to the Londinus Plains and go N to the North Forest. The warp to the Fire Shrine is located in the North Forest.
Phoenicia has Fire element, almost 10,000 HP and deals heavy Ranged-Fire-type damage. Start with Ethereal Armor on everyone except Atsuma who will use High Charge. Use a couple of Sniper Shots in a row, while healing with Karin, and end the fight with a couple of more hits.

Phoenicia Core and Fire Orb are yours after the fight.

Water Shrine - Divine Turtle
Where: from London City, go to London Castle and exit NW through the secret passage to the Mechanics Area; from here go to the Nordnia Mines - Gorge and then to the Abandoned Mine. In the Abandoned Mine ride the first cart in front of you. Then make sure the lever nearby is pointing N (you probably have to switch it) and ride the second cart here to go to where a small ladder can lead you down. Use the ladder and then proceed E until you reach the warp to this Shrine.
Divine Turtle has Water element, and has an attack to drain your EP while also dealing high water damage (672 HP each).
Same as Phoenicia: a couple of Sniper Shots while High-Charging and healing, then finish him off.

Turtle Core and Water Orb are yours after the fight.

Wind Shrine - Aero Dragon
Where: from Gravekeep Holm, warp to Kyoto City and exit to Yamashiro Marsh (Waterfall, then Lake, then Forest).
Aero Dragon has Wind element. All his attacks are Wind-based and can deal 671 and 1,118 HP of damage (by default). A third one, again wind-based, deals 885 HP of damage and has EP draining effect.
Usual strategy: Ethereal Armor, Sniper Shot(s) and finishing hits.

Dragon Core and Wind Orb are yours after the fight.

You should already have tackled the Earth Shrine and White Tiger inside of it. If you didn't, from the Yamashiro Marsh go to Vorbios Volcano and follow the path to eventually find this temple's entrance.

Holy Beast Shrine

The optional dungeon is available after collecting all the four "Element" Orbs. Go to Junk City and exit SW to the Rock Pinnacle; from here follow the way.

Speaking of preparation, your characters should naturally be around level 40 by now. Make sure you have the last skills learned from the Pillar Guardians quest. There aren't particular requirements other than having slightly higher parameters than those I mentioned a while ago. If you want to skip all the random encounters of this giant place, you can do fine with that decision. If you plan on fighting on the way, you'll become stronger as you go, but it will also take you much longer to complete this place. Stock on God's Vigors in that case too. The best levels to grind are around level 6: easy enough and highly rewarding.
One important thing to have is Cancel Gravity, on everyone. Many enemies, including some boss fights, will try to add this status, and you must be protected to succesfully deal with them.
The skill "Ethereal Armor" and "Sniper Shot" will be the keys to win all the optional boss fights, so make sure you have them both equipped (on Raigar and Yuki respectively).

There will be a boss on the way every three levels, and on the same floor of the bosses there will be also a warp device which leads to the "Approach" area (the entrance of this dungeon). Once you use the warp from these levels to the Approach area you will have a door in front of you: unlock it from the inside (where you will be) and from that moment afterwards you will be also able to go, viceversa, from the Approach area to these warp-provided levels. It goes without saying that you want to use these warp devices and unlock these shortcuts as soon as you find them.

There are a total of 13 Levels, including the last (13th, that is) where Omega lies.

Approach - No map here at first, but you don't need it: proceed to find a Recharge Station and go past it to find four stone pillars. Use the four "Element" Orbs to turn them on and open the way ahead, leading to a warp device. Use it.

1st Level - In the E/NE-most side you can find Lost Golem "Great Mammoth". In the N end there's Lost Golem "Earth Guardian". Approach the center from the S side to find a platform to proceed to the 2nd level through a warp.

2nd Level - Go E. At the fork go S (note: go N if you only want to proceed) and then W to be able to reach the SW section of the area where you will find a chest with Garnet Core.
Return to the first fork and now go N, then follow the path W, N, E, S and E again. Use a platform to go down, then take a turn right (to go S) and use another platform to go up. You're now in the SE part of the area, where you can find a chest with Scythe Core. Back down with the same platform, now go N to find Lost Golem "Lenialis", then proceed E to ride a platform up. Follow the only possible path to reach another platform to go down and reach the warp to the 3rd level.

3rd Level - Proceed E and go in the first room S to find a chest worth 128x Speed Gem. On this level there is also a warp to the "Approach" area and a Lost Golem "Fire Guardian" on the way (you should already have his Core). This is the first and easiest of the optional bosses here, and defeating him will net you the Moon Fist Core to forge the Moonlight Weapon for Atsuma.
Return to the Approach area after opening a chest behind its warp here on the 3rd level (120x Mind Gem).

Approach - Examine the door in front of you: this unlocks the first of the four "shortcuts" I mentioned some lines ago. Although it's a long way back, go to Junk City and create the Moonlight Glove weapon: it's totally worth it (HP +511, EP +255, Direct +255, Ranged +255, Support +255, Agility +10). Every other Moonlight Weapon will have these same stats.
When you're back, return to the 3rd floor and exit to the 4th with the warp device E.

4th Level - Go E and check NE and SE corner for two chests containing 160x Mind Gem and 160x Power Gem respectively. Use the platform NW to go up. As you land, go E and use an enchant wire to go E, then follow the path to reach the NE end where you'll find a chest (Medusa Core). Return back with the enchant wire and now go S to reach a platform SW: use it to go down.
From here go S, W, N, E: ride a platform up. Continue S, use an enchanted wire to go E and proceed N down another platform. Follow the path to the warp to the 5th level.

5th Level - Go E and continue E with an enchanted wire, then go S and ignore the next enchanted wire (it would bring you back from where you came) and instead go E downstairs to ride a platform down.
Go straight W and use the enchanted wire to continue W. Then proceed N ignoring an enchanted wire at first, so you can access a room on the East side of the NW part of the area to find Lost Golem "SG Dominion". Then return to the last enchanted wire which you ignored to reach the NW-most side: check N and S to find two chests worth 160x Power Gem and 160x Speed Gem. Use the enchanted wire back and return S and then E. Use another enchant wire to go E again. From this one, go S to find another enchanted wire: use it to go W and proceed downstairs to a platform going down.
Go E, S ignoring an enchanted wire (note: use it and skip to the next paragraph if you only want to proceed), W to find a chest (2x God's Ambrosia). From this chest go S, then W: you'll find and enchanted wire on your way, but before using it go N to find another chest (2x Return Powder). Then use the enchanted wire S of this chest to go S. As you land go S and take immediately a turn E to find a chest (Grenadier Core); then take the S path to reach the SW end of the area where you'll find a chest worth Avei Core. Go back N, then E, use an enchanted wire to go N again, E a few steps and then N to find an enchanted wire which you previously ignored: use it to go E.
There's another fork now: go N (note: go S if you only want to proceed), E a bit, N to use another enchanted wire leading further N. As you land, don't go straight N yet; go E first, ignoring the first enchanted wire you see (it would bring you back) and instead go N to find immediately another enchanted wire: use it to go N and reach a chest (5,800 TB). Use the previous wire back S and go immediately W from where you land to find another enchanted wire: use it to go N. Now go W a bit and then N to find Lost Golem "Ground Breaker". Then use the enchanted wire to go S, then go E and use another wire to go S. Continue W, S, W. You're now at the previous fork: go S.
After going S follow the way E downstairs to finally reach the warp out to the 6th level.

6th Level - Warp to the Approach area and optional boss Hydra. It should go down even more easily than the Fire Guardian: use Ethereal Armor and use the usual Sniper Shots and healings. Moon Leg Core is yours now. Make sure you warp back to unlock the shortcut here, then feel free to proceed in the Shrine without backtracking to create this weapon (unless you are fighting the encounters here, in which case it's a good idea to power up Karin right now). Use the Recharge Station in the Approach area though.

7th Level - Check the NW room of the section where you begin to find Lost Golem "Aqua Jelly"; NE is a chest worth 96x Speed Gem. Go E to ride a platform down afterwards.
Continue E: the S room has two chests (96x Power Gem, 96x Mind Gem) while the room N has Lost Golem "Woodian". Proceed E to another platform going down.
The next section has four more rooms. NW has a chest (3,200 TB), SW too (96x Mind Gem); SE has two chests (3,200 TB, Dabrad Core) and NE has another chest (96x Speed Gem). Exit E to the 8th level.

8th Level - Go S; at the fork go E to find Lost Golem "Pegasus", then go W to ride a platform down.
Go N, E. At the fork go N (note: go S if you only want to proceed) to be at another fork. From this second fork, W is a chest (96x Power Gem), E too (96x Mind Gem) and N you will find Lost Golem "Folly Carol". Go S when it's all clear, down a platform.
Go W, N. You will be at a fork: go W (note: go E if you only want to proceed) to find another three-path split. Continue W from here to fight Lost Golem "Raiko". Then go S to go up a platform which leads you to a chest (96x Speed Gem). Go back, now use the platform N to go up and find another chest (96x Mind Gem). Go back again and now head E to find another platform which leads you down.
Continue S, then W. At the fork go S (note: go N if you only want to proceed). There will be two rooms with a couple of chests (96x Power Gem, 96x Speed Gem) and two more platforms leading up: follow their paths to find two more chests (3x Mega Skill Gem, 3x Mega Skill Gem). Then return to the previous fork and go N to reach another platform which leads you down, finally to the warp to the 9th level.

9th Level - Go S and then E to lift up a platform leading to the warp back to the Approach area. The platform W leads you nowhere. Continue S to fight the optional boss Wind Guardian. Moon Gun Core and Wind Core will follow your victory.

I suggest to get back and create the two new weapons now, also to take a break from this dungeon. The Moonlight Leggings and especially the Moonlight Barrel will help for the next optional boss and levels.

10th Level - Use the platform down as you start, and from where you land follow the way around to ride another platform down.
In this new room check SE and NE to find a couple of chests (3x Return Powder, 96x Speed Gem), then ride another platform down on the E side.
Continue E down another platform: the warp to the 11th level is here.

11th Level - If you only want to proceed, at the end of many paragraphs here I will add the quick summary to get out. Look for "Summary for the 11th Level".
At the first fork, go W and ride a platform down.
As you arrive, go E, then N to a large room: check NE to find a side-room with a chest containing Alibarad Core. Return from where you came and ride the platform back up.
Back to the first fork of this area, now go S, then W to ride a platform down.
From here go E to be at another fork: go N first, follow the path and go E when you can't go N anymore. Ride the platform down.
You are at a four-way fork now. Start going N to find two side-rooms with a chest each (5x Friend Gem, 5x Mega Skill Gem); then go E for two more side rooms with chests (96x Mind Gem, 96x Mind Gem); then go W to find a single side-room (96x Mind Gem). At last, proceed S: it seems like there's a fork, but the way is actually closed. There's only a side-room at the W end; it has a chest (96x Mind Gem, for a change). Now return up with the previous platform (the one in the middle of the four-ways fork).
As you arrive at the top, go W, then follow all the way S (you came from the W platform; go S past it) and then turn E to reach the platform in the SE end of this section.
If you open your map as you land you will recognize this section: it's the second half of the area which you just visited (you should at least recognize the four-way fork in the N half). From where you start, go N at the first fork and, when you can't go N anymore, go E down some stairs to ride a platform down.
Go E as you land to be at another three-way fork. It seems like you could go S, but the South-half of this section can't be reached from here (similarly to the previous section); E leads you nowhere too. Anyway, go N at the fork and then W at another fork, so you reach the NW-most part of this section (this is the only possible path) to reach Lost Golem "Executor". Return to the previous platform and ride it up again.
Go W and then all the way S (you came from the platform W; go past it); then go E to reach the platform in the SE end of this section.
As you can imagine, you're now in the South-half of the previous section. The same situation happens one more time: go E to find a fork, and at the fork go N; when you can turn E, do so (if you continue N you come to a dead end) to go downstairs to another platform leading down to a chest containing Apostle Core. Go up with the same platform, return W and then go all the way S (past the platform on the W side, which is the one you used to come here) to ride the last platform down to the warp leading out to the 12th level.

Summary for the 11th Level: first fork go S, then W and use a platform to go down.
As you land go E, S, E again to another platform leading down.
As you land go E, S, E again to another platform leading down (yep, same thing as earlier).
As you land go E, S, E again to another platform leading down (same thing for the third time). You have the warp out in front of you.

12th Level - Warp to the Approach area, optional boss Sphinx. Moon Sword Core will follow your victory (there's no particular need to create this weapon now).
Use the warp to the God Temple afterwards.

God Temple - There's only the last optional boss here, Omega: save your game before triggering the fight (go N to do so, of course) since you won't be able to escape from this fight. Bring in a full stock of God's Ambrosias and Return Powders, just in case.

He has 99,999 HP and just as many EP, plus a bunch of powerful attacks. It doesn't really matter though: start with Ethereal Armor and obviously use Sniper Shot with Yuki while healing/standby-ing with Atsuma and Karin. This time Sniper Shot won't deal 3/4 of his current HP as damage, but "only" around 37% (for some reason he takes half the damage with any attack); it still deals a lot of damage of course, so keep using it and you will easily win. For your information, Omega also has an attack which brings your HP down to 1 regardless of protections (used rarely); you still want Ethereal Armor, so you can succesfully heal back and continue. Be aware that this attack also nullifies your defensive enhancements, so you have to recast Ethereal Armor afterwards.
You should place your characters like this: Atsuma on the second line, left-most side; Yuki on the third line, left-most side; Karin on the third line, on the right of Yuki; Raigar on the second line, on the right of Atsuma. This allows you to easily keep up with the damage, using Mega Cure Dance with Karin to heal her, Raigar and Yuki, and High Recovery with Atsuma.

Omega Core is yours now. Go to a Shop and synthesize Omega and the Moonlight Sword, then level up Omega to level 20 (on the 6th Level of the Shrine, for example); then go back to any Shop and boost his EP up to 900 (using Mega Skill Gems of course), so he'll be able to use "Near Death Edge" and save some EP (some of the last enemies can drain your EP, and it's a good idea preserve the 760 needed for Near Death Edge). When it's done, you only have to end the game.

End of the Optional Quests


Gravekeep Holm

When you're ready, head through the great gate.


Ice Castle


If you got Omega and boosted his EP to 760 or higher (possibly 900+), include him in the party instead of Karin, make sure you have a couple of God's Ambrosias and ignore the rest of the preparation.

If you didn't get Omega, check if you have the right parameters and skills to proceed:

Atsuma: 2,000+ HP, 700+ EP, 875+ Direct (900 or higher is better, if you don't mind spending two minutes to do so).
Karin: 1,200+ HP, 750+ EP, 800+ Support.
Yuki: 1,200+ HP, 700+ EP, 750+ Direct (800 or possibly even 850 is better).
Raigar: 1,500+ HP, 600+ EP. Other parameters aren't important, but you must have Ethereal Armor (you learn this skill after giving the Sage, in her tower, the God Orb you receive for defeating the Pillar Guardian located in the Sage's Tower itself).

Apo: 1,200+ HP, 270+ EP. If you brought him with you since your first visit in London City he should be around level 40 (if not higher), and it should take just 9x Mega Skill Gems to get the suggested amount of HP. Possibly increase his EP too; that's not strictly necessary, but it might help a bit.

The strategies for the first series of fights will rely on Atsuma+Karin+Yuki+Apo. Then we will switch to Atsuma+Kain+Yuki+Raigar.

Each of the "person" characters must have learned and equipped Wide Range and Cancel Gravity (Support Skills). If you have some "free" slots (those left after equipping these two skills and the various HP +20%/Direct +20%/Support +20%, according to the characters), EP boosts are welcome (especially for Karin).
Atsuma must have Mega Flare Rush; bring Meteor Rush too, but make particularly sure you have Mega Flare Rush; he also has to have Mega Flare Wave and High Charge, plus Mega Blow (you can exchange this last one with High Recovery, but you probably won't use High Recovery).
Karin must have EP Drain Dance, Mega Cure Dance and HP Drain Dance.
Yuki must have Mega Shot and No-Barrier Shot.
Raigar must have Ethereal Armor, as already said, Mega Slash and High Power Accel. X Cutter is welcome if you have it.

Bring in a full stock of recovery items: not only the best ones (such as God's Ambrosias), but also the "minor ones" in case you run out of the better options. You will probably need only four God's Ambrosias for this long fight, but you never know.

End of the Preparations

Outer Gardens - As you enter proceed straight N and at the fork go NE to find a chest worth 8,000 TB. Then go NW to find a Shop and use the warp device here to continue.

Underground - Use the E-most of the platforms here to go down and reach a chest (8,000 TB), then ride it up and use the other platform to proceed N. A short scene will trigger.
Ride the same platform you just used to go N and go E to land near another platform. Get off and ride that new platform to go S (it can also go E; go S). You will land near another platform: get off, ride the new platform and use it to go down and reach a chest worth 8,000 TB. Ride the platform up again, use the previous one to return N and then E; proceed around to reach the N part of the area to reach another platform: use it to reach the N-most exit to the Inner Gardens. Note that you can also go the way around the W side, it's just the same.

Inner Gardens - SAVE THE GAME.

Go all the way N and a short conversation will trigger: you have to pick the second of the two choices here, "Never!" or you will miss two achievements!

Party (if you don't have Omega): Atsuma, Karin, Yuki, Apo. Make sure you have full EX Gauge, and if you don't, go back to the previous area and fight until it's full again.

Boss Fight # 24 - ???
With Omega in your party, just use a "Near Death Edge" followed by any attack to end the fight. If you don't have him, read below.
The boss has Water element and 10,000 HP. The enemy here can rely on two EX Skills and has regeneration powers which can be disabled thanks to Force Pain, but it would be a waste of EX Gauge to use it: don't. The boss will counter every direct attack with a multi-target hit which deals 408 HP of damage (not elemental), but has limited range and can't reach characters deployed in the last line. The regular hits of the boss aren't particularly dangerous, but of course Atsuma will suffer much from his water attacks: one of the EX Skills of the enemy is Water-based and deals 1,010 HP damage by default; this means more than 2,000 for Atsuma. Sniper Shot won't work.
Strategy: Apo will use Mega Link on the first turn, Atsuma will use High Charge; Karin will heal Atsuma if he needs (in case you got Caught Off Guard); if he doesn't, she will do nothing; Yuki will Standby. On the second turn attack the boss with all your four characters, using Atsuma's Stun Bead Flare EX Skill as the fourth and last attack, so it gets the highest bonus of the Combination Attack. You should even Overbreak it.

For winning this fight you will unlock:



Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Go back to the previous area and fight to refill your EX Gauge to 100 points (Max) again (if you have Omega, go ahead without worrying about the EX Gauge). When you have your full EX Gauge, continue N to the Shrine.

Shrine - Shop and Recharge Station: stock on every recovery item if you didn't already. As you proceed you'll be told it's a non-return point: indeed it is, since the last battles of the game will trigger ahead. Continue forward up the long staircase.

Boss Fight # 25 - 3x Lady Azlight and ???
If you have Omega, "Near Death Edge" followed by any attack (Mega Drum Droll should reach the main target) will end this fight without problems.
If you don't have Omega, you have to rely on Apo and EX Skills.
You can find a video on how to tackle this fight (the strategy is the same described here with words) below.
Strategy: deploy Atsuma, Karin, Yuki and Apo. On the first turn place your characters as displayed in this scheme:

X X At X

At = Atsuma; Y = Yuki; K = Karin; A = Apo.
If you get an unlucky starting position for Apo (and you can't move him on that square), other squares on the left side should work too. If the different position of Apo messes up the strategy, just get killed and Retry to shuffle the starting position and try for better luck.
First turn: Atsuma uses Mega Flare Wave, hitting a minion and the main boss behind the minion. The minion dies. Karin and Yuki will hit the lonely minion on the left side, either dealing massive damage or killing him, depending on your parameters. It doesn't matter if the minion survives anyway. Apo will use Mega Link.
One of the minions will attack Atsuma; the almost-dead minion will attack the group of Karin and company; the main opponent will attack everyone and move to the left side (where the lonely minion is). Everyone should be able to survive.
Second turn: everyone attacks the main enemy, with Atsuma using Stun Bead Flare last, in order to get the max boost out of the Combination Attack. If the boss won't die with this combination attack, it will only be a matter of a few hundred HP left. On the next turns the minions will kill most of your party members, but Karin should easily survive and be able to finish the fight using HP Drain Dance on the main enemy (don't revive your allies; they would just die again while the opponents continue attacking you).

This was the hardest one: if you got through, you can most likely end the game with no problems. Let's continue then.

Boss Fight # 26 - ???
Immediately after the first fight, this one will follow: the enemy has Water element again, and 12,000 HP. No minions around this time.
If you have Omega, you know what to do.
Sniper Shot won't work.
You can find a video on how to tackle this fight (the strategy is the same described here with words) below.
The enemy has two water-based attacks: one deals 610 HP of damage and the other one 888 HP; the second one can only be used on characters on the last line, while the first one can knock your characters back (preparing them to receive the second and more powerful attack). The opponent here has also a limited amount of EP (only 508), and the EX Skill is water-based and deals 796 HP of damage. In short, it's a much easier fight than the previous, and you can rely on EP Draining attacks to nullify most of the boss's offensive.
Strategy: Karin will always use EP Drain Dance; Apo will use Mega Link on the first and third turn, and he will attack on the second turn; Atsuma will start with High Charge and then use Mega Flare Rush - NOT the EX Skill (you don't need to waste this precious gauge; there won't be other chances to fill it for the final bosses) - and finally Yuki will simply attack all the time.

For winning this fight you will unlock:



Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable


Underground - Replace Apo with Raigar now. Go N to trigger new events.

Final Boss # 01
You will use other characters during this fight, so there's nothing to prepare with your main party.
There are two opponents in this fight, but you mustn't kill one of them (the Fire-elemental one). Don't use EX attacks to conserve your gauge for later, and try to always place your two characters near each other, (this avoids getting both hit). The fight is quite slow since one of your two characters will need to continuously use his healing skill to avoid being killed, and the other one will need to take breaks between his attacks to recover enough EP to attack.

Final Boss # 02
The main boss has Light element. There are three minions: defeat them first, since they can support the main boss. They all have their own elemental resistances, but they aren't particular news on the fight. Sniper Shot won't work, as usual. If you have Omega, use his usual attack.
Strategy: start with Ethereal Armor and attack the Water-element enemy with Mega Flare Wave and other attacks. When it's down, focus on the Fire-element enemy on the front line using Meteor Rush and other attacks. At this point you can switch to offensive enhancements (High Charge and High Power Accel with Atsuma and Raigar respectively) and then kill the Earth-element enemy. At last go on the main opponent of course. Keep the healings up, possibly placing Karin on a square with Atsuma in front of her and Raigar and Yuki on the sides. Use EP Drain Dance whenever you start to run out of EP with Karin, but only if you don't need an urgent healing on the other characters. Anyway, you can handle the situation easily by yourself, just don't rush and play defensively.

Final Boss # 03
There will be three consecutive enemies: your status won't change (you neither lose the enhancements, nor recover your HP/EP/dead or removed characters) between them. If you're using Omega, just heal his EP between the phases to continue with the usual strategy. The three enemies will all have Light element again and are again protected against Sniper Shot.

During the first phase start with Ethereal Armor and move your characters so they can all be healed, as usual, by Karin at once. This fight is even easier than the previous one, since you only need to heal with Karin and use EP Drain Dance if she's running out of EP. The EX Attack of this boss is strangely weaker than you could imagine, and can add the Gravity status if you're not protected as suggested. Not like you're going to move from your position, anyway.

A second phase will trigger afterwards: the EX Attack this time is more powerful, but nothing you can't handle. Examine the range effect of his attack "Ether Charge" and move your characters accordingly to avoid it and at the same time preventing the enemy from charging the EX Gauge.

A third and last phase will continue the previous fight: feel free to use items and EX Skills as you wish. This last enemy has no EX Attack and will nullify your damage barriers: use High Charges instead and finish him off with a neat combo (possibly the usual combo ended with your EX Attack).

After many scenes and a one-turn-only fight (and more scenes after it) you will be able to move around again.

Be aware that the "there is no return" warning is still valid: don't save the game, or at least don't save on the same slot you had before triggering Boss Fight # 25. There isn't anything else to do, except proceeding with the last scenes of the game to unlock the last achievement, and if you planned to do something else (for instance the optional dungeon) after finishing the game you surely don't want to overwrite your data with a data where you can only end the game.

You have to look for some characters. One is up the bridge on the E side; one is in the S/SW corner of the main square, near two kids; another is in the SE corner of the main square; the last one is S of the main square, near two other random characters. Go to the "meeting place", as you're told after speaking with everyone, and the last scenes will trigger, unlocking the last achievement of the game:



Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

Congratulations on your 1,000 G and thanks for reading!


As anticipated in the previous pages, this "summarized" walkthrough will cover the most essential aspects of the areas of the game. The progression in this game is usually very easy and obvious, thanks to a quick "to-do" reference which you can find opening your main menu (press Y as you are on the field) which tells you exactly what to do, with rare exceptions. The areas are also usually straight forward, and the exploration is limited to few things, and that's why you probably won't need a step-by-step guide for most of the areas.

As in the "other version" of the walkthrough, this one won't contain spoilers either, and bosses won't be named -- you can easily find them in the extended walkthrough searching for the name of the area where they are located, or searching for their "ID" (for example "Boss Fight # 07").

In the game you will quite often be asked questions, but there is no need to be concerned about them. As a matter of fact, most of the times any answer is "correct", and there will only be a difference in the immediately following lines of dialogue, without any permanent or relevant difference other than that. A minor part of the questions requires you to pick a specific answer: if you choose the wrong one, the game will ask the same question again until you pick the correct choice. In both the situations you don't have to worry about what you choose: follow your heart for the former and use your brain for the latter, it's really nothing complicated.
The only exception is at the end of the game, where you must pick the second of the two choices you're given to access the last fights of the game and unlock the last two (missable) achievements. I'll warn you when its time comes.

Story Walkthrough - Summarized

Enchant University

Events: nothing noteworthy, proceed with the events.


Yokohama City

Events: when you have to collect four "Tickets", speak with the Clown near where this "quest" starts; the juice-selling girl NE from the Clown; the Pizza-seller at the stand SE of the fountain; another juice-selling girl S of the fountain.
When you're asked to choose a Golem, however it doesn't change much, Taigalion is probably a slightly better choice.

Other notes: remember that you can auto-fight most of the random encounters of the game to save time. Only near the end of the game you will need to take the fights more seriously and spend time to fight manually instead of leaving it to the CPU.
When the first Shop will be available, avoid purchasing anything and save your TB for later.

Achievement: one (01/25).


Sealed Ward

Events: Boss Fight # 01 in the "Lock Room" area, past a Recharge Station and Shop. Save your EX Gauge on the way to be able to use EX Skills on him.
An event fight triggers after the previous boss fight and you can't win it: skip the turns without worrying about being defeated.

Chests and Golem: 500 TB (Stair Room); 500 TB (Power Room); Knight Servant (Upper Corridor); 1,000 TB (Lock Room).

Recharge Stations: Depths; Lock Room; Lock Room.
Shops: Depths; Lock Room.

Other notes: you learn Atsuma's first EX Skill (Summon Phoenix) here. As for all his EX Skills, it's story-related.

Achievements: two (03/25).


Castle Dam

Events: nothing noteworthy.

Chests and Golems: 1,000 TB, Crazy Pizza (first area); 1,000 TB, 2,000 TB (West Water Tower); 500 TB (Southwest Water Tower); Lord Onyx (Exterior Path, second one of the two areas with this name); Blend Leg Core, Dariaslez, 1,000 TB (Sewer).

Recharge Station: first area.
Shops: first area; West Water Tower; Exterior Path (second one of the two).

Other notes: since the way is long and there is only a Recharge Station in the beginning, it's a good idea to synthesize a new golem: Lord Onyx is a perfect substitute for whoever will run out of VP (Karin and/or your default Golem) on the way. If you are having serious problems with endurance by the time you are in the "Sewer" area, feel free to Escape the fights (you will lose 5 VP each everytime you escape, but you will get out safely).


London City

Important Warning: you will have your first chance to synthesize "Apo", a Golem who could save you hours of extra grinding at the end of the game. His Core is found in the Casino, and it's enough to just bring him in your reserves (after synthesizing him, of course) for him to get Experience points to collect during the many fights from now to the end of the game. It's really important: let him level up with you as soon as possible (that is to say, now).

Events: nothing noteworthy.

Chest: Negate Poison (Inner City).

Recharge Station: Inner City.
Shop: Inner City.

Other notes: read about the "Casino - How to ..." method in the extended walkthrough to learn how to get a lot of TB in London City.
Purchase Apo Core and synthesize Apo (Golem): place him in the reserves of your party, so he can gather Experience points and level up passively during your journey.
With the Chips of the Casino and the TB, purchase all the new skills and use some TB to purchase Skill Gems to learn them quickly and give your parameters a little (or medium, or big if you want) boost. Remember to equip the skills after learning them.
Purchase Rio Mimoza Core and synthesize Rio Mimoza (Golem); replace your first Golem with Rio Mimoza.
Among the other skills, make sure you have EP Drain Dance learned and equipped on Karin: it will assist you in numerous boss fights from now to the end of the game.


Londinus Plains

Events: forced Golem fight against "Amazonia" on the way in the Military Path area (consider this a regular encounter).

Chests and Golems: Bulldog (Wild); 500 TB (North Forest); Cancel Gravity (skill), Amazonia (Military Path); 1,000 TB (South Forest).

Shop: Military Path.

Other notes: this is another "endurance" long path; if you want to Escape the last fights, feel free to do so.
Ignore the warp device to the Fire Shrine in the North Forest area: the enemies there are far stronger than you.
Cancel Gravity is probably the most important Support Skill of the game, considering the massive amount of enemies able to add this annoying status which you will find in your journey. Learn it and equip it as soon as possible.

Achievement: one (04/25).


Ragau Coast

Events: Boss Fight # 02 in the "Wharf" area, after the Recharge Station.

Chests and Golems: 1,000 TB (Fork); 1,000 TB, Saber Tiger (Cape); Mermaid, 1,000 TB, 1,000 TB, 2,000 TB (Wharf).

Recharge Stations: Fork; Wharf.
Shops: Fork; Wharf; Wharf.

Other notes: fight Mermaid to get the Core to synthesize this Golem. Then replace Rio Mimoza with Mermaid.

Achievement: one (05/25).


Yokohama City

Events: Boss Fight # 03 in the "Port City" area, after the Recharge Station. Save your EX Gauge on the way to be able to use it on the enemies involved (use Atsuma's EX Attacks).

Chests and Golems: 1,000 TB, High Blade (skill) (Warehouse); 500 TB, 500 TB (Port Customs); Yokohama Guard, Palace Gunner, 1,000 TB (Port City); 1,000 TB (Port Station); 500 TB (School Area).

Recharge Station: Port City.
Shop: Port City.

Other notes: make sure you get High Blade, it's an important skill for Raigar. Make Karin learn Hi-Return Dance when you get this skill after the boss fight.


Enchant University

Events: nothing noteworthy.

Chest and Golem: Lady Azlight (Cafeteria); 2,000 TB (Library).

Recharge Station: South Hall.
Shop: Cafeteria.


Magic Laboratory

Events: Boss Fight # 04 and Boss Fight # 05 (one after the other) when you progress to the Clinic Block area (it's past a Recharge Station). Use EX Skills on the first one and rely on EP Drain Dance for the second one.
When you get the Ether from the "Waste Block" area you can use it on either the two switches, since you will have to activate them both anyway before proceeding.

Chests and Golems: 1,000 TB, Ranged +20% (skill), Spooky Boo, House Guardian (Waste Block); Poison Blade (skill) (Maintenance Block); 1,000 TB, NB Destroyer, Existence, High Power Accel (skill) (Exhibit Block).

Recharge Station: Central Block.
Shop: Central Block.

Other notes: the areas here might be slightly confusing: it's not a bad idea to read about them in the extended walkthrough.
Ranged +20% and High Power Accel are both valuable skills.
Be careful against Lost Golem NB Destroyer.
You learn Atsuma's second EX Skill (Stun Bead Flare) here.

Achievements: two (07/25).


London Castle (through London City)

Events: nothing noteworthy.

Chest: 1,000 TB (Grand Hall)

Recharge Station: Mechanics Area.

Other notes: use the Casino method to purchase the new skills in the Casino and shop (some of them are usable from a "???" character; & that character will join later).
Stock up on TB (20,000 or more) while you are at London Casino, since you may need a quick boost of parameters for a boss fight (# 12) which will occur later (yet before your next stop by London City).


Nordnia Mines

Events: Boss Fight # 06 in the "Abandoned Mine" area, immediately before exiting SW (past the Shop). Drain his EP to neutralize him.

Chests: 2,000 TB (Gorge); 2,000 TB, Negate Knockback (skill), 4,000 TB (Abandoned Mine).

Shops: Gorge; Abandoned Mine.

Other notes: purchase Belladonna Core and synthesize this Golem to replace Mermaid.
If you think you might get lost in the Abandoned Mine area, take a look at the extended walkthrough.
Ignore the warp device to the Water Shrine in the Abandoned Mine area: the enemies there are far stronger than you.

Achievement: one (08/25).


Dolmen Ruins

Events: one easy event fight followed by a slightly harder event fight triggers after the first few events in the Main Chamber, when you are temporarly separated from your party members.
Four more event fights will trigger in the "Exterior" area, followed by Boss Fight # 07 (you have your party back by then) in the "Main Chamber" area; use Raigar's Earth-based attacks to deal massive damage to Boss Fight # 07.
When you're asked to "investigate" about something, the four people to speak with are: a woman NW of the Recharge Station in the Main Chamber; the man who first greeted you in the Exterior area, past the bridge; a man in the bottom-left corner of the Refectory; a man walking on the floor up the ladder in the Dormitory.

Chests and Golem: 500 TB, 1,000 TB (Exterior); 2,000 TB (Main Chamber); 1,000 TB (Operations Room); Potshot (skill), Royal Bone (Dormitory).

Recharge Station: Main Chamber.
Shop: Main Chamber.

Other notes: while the fights aren't hard, it's not a bad idea to save the game on a separate slot before proceeding with the events in Dolmen Ruins; just in case you need to go back and fight to level up.
Fourth and last party member joins during these events.
At the end of the events here you can replace Karin with the character who just joined, leaving Belladonna, Atsuma and Raigar in the party too. You will replace Belladonna with Karin after the few boss fights ahead.
Don't forget to stop by the Recharge Station again when you're leaving this place.


Nordnia Mines (backtracking)

Events: Boss Fight # 08 in the "Abandoned Mine" area, soon after riding the first cart back; use High EP Drain on the "Dabrad" enemy (there are two enemies) to neutralize his attacks, then kill him and take care of the other one.
Boss Fight # 09 in the "Gorge" area, you can clearly see the enemy on the field too; use Levatane EX Skill with Raigar before starting the offensive.

Shops: Abandoned Mine; Gorge.

Other notes: you will obtain HP +20% and High Flare Rush (skill) after the two boss fights, and they are both valuable skills.
Make sure you conserve (or gain back) at least 25 EX Points in your gauge after the second boss fight, as you continue to backtrack (this is for the next events).
Replace Belladonna with Karin again after these fights.

Achievements: two (10/25).


London Castle (backtracking)

Events: Boss Fight # 10 in the "Great Hall" area, and only Raigar will fight; use Levatane and finish the fight quickly.

Chests: High Wide Shoot (skill) (West Suite); God's Ambrosia (Audience Room, speak with the character on the floor); Angel Leg Core, 2,000 TB (Admin Chamber).

Recharge Station: Mechanics Area; last area before proceeding.
Shop: Corridor; last area before proceeding.

Other notes: when your full party is back, replace the golems and include only your "person" characters in the party. The Angel Leg Core will provide a good new weapon for Karin: synthesize it and equip it.

Achievement: one (11/25).


Inferno Temple

Events: two forced fights against Golem "Skeleton" in the "Grave Chamber" area.
Forced fight against Golem "Poseidon" (who is actually Boss Fight # 11) in the "Royal Hallway" area, past the Recharge Station; replace Yuki with Belladonna and drain the EP of the boss with both Karin and Belladonna.
Boss Fight # 12 in the "Royal Chamber" area; see extended walkthrough for a strategy.

Chests and Golems: High Aero Shot (skill) (Grave Chamber); 2,000 TB, Vampire, 2,000 TB (Tyrant Cell).

Recharge Station: Royal Hallway.
Shops: Tyrant Cell; Seal Chamber.

Other notes: feel free to Escape from all the fights here.
Be careful against Lost Golem Vampire.
When you defeat Poseidon and get his Core, synthesize him in the previous Shop and, if you want (or if you see you need it) use Skill Gems (you should have a good amount by now, if you saved 20,000 TB earlier) to boost his Direct parameter; also make sure he has at least around 250 EP. Replace Karin with him to tackle Boss Fight # 12.
You learn Atsuma's third EX Skill (Mega Phoenix; replaces Summon Phoenix) here.

Achievements: two (13/25).


London City

Events: nothing noteworthy; see extended walkthrough (search for "Securing Light") if you need help with the three "securing" tasks given to you.

Chest: High Aqua Shoot (skill) (Grand Steps).

Recharge Station: Inner City.
Shop: Inner City.

Other notes: the Casino allows you to exchange chips for God's Ambrosias now, giving you a much faster income.
Purchase and learn all the new skills for sale (both at the Shop and at the Casino), especially "Sniper Shot". Also make sure Yuki has enough EP to use it.
Stock on God's Ambrosias before leaving, they might be necessary for some boss fights ahead. Save a good amount of TB (200,000 TB; it should take very few minutes with the God's Ambrosias) for the upcoming journey. Also purchase (if you need) a large amount of Speed Gems (about 150); you'll need 200 of them for a trade soon.


Ragau Coast (through Londinus Plains)

Events: nothing noteworthy.

Golem: Orpheus (Fork).

Recharge Station: Fork.
Shop: Fork.


Yalzemp Gorge

Events: nothing noteworthy.

Chests and Golems: 3,000 TB (Center), 5,000 TB, Harpy (West); Prill Cotton, 3,000 TB, HP Drain Dance (skill), Gale Lancer (Basin).

Recharge Station: Basin.
Shops: West; Basin.

Other notes: conserve the SP gathered on the way, so you'll be able to learn the important skill which you will find in the next area as soon as you get it.


Junk City

Events: when you have to "investigate", speak with Fubial in his mansion and ask him all the three possible questions; speak with a boy in the N part of the area, then bring him some food which you get from the woman in the Southeast part of the central tent area (down the ladder); speak with a man at the top of a long ladder located South of the Recharge Station.

Golem: Crowberry (Rock Pinnacles).

Recharge Station: Downtown.
Shop: Downtown.

Other notes: speak with the woman in the central tent area (down the ladder), on the West side, and trade 200 Speed Gems for VP Cost Cut (skill).


Yalzemp Gorge

Events: Boss Fight # 13 in the "Basin" area; make sure you have Cancel Gravity and use a non-wind-element Golem instead of Yuki.

Achievement: one (14/25).


Zuala Desert (through Junk City)

Events: nothing noteworthy.

Chests and Golems: Gravity Shot (skill) (Ruins; the central-south ones); Na Eil, Basilisk (Dunes).

Shop: Dunes.

Other notes: there is a warp to Londinus Plains in the desert.
The several warp devices here might be confusing at first; check the extended walkthrough if you think you may end up wandering.


Yamashiro Marsh

Events: event fight against 3x Ninja before the Recharge Station in the "Lake" area.

Chests and Golem: 3,000 TB (Lake); Cancel Overbreak, EX Cutter (skill) (Waterfall); 5,000 TB, 3,000 TB (Forest); Samurai (Lake; reached from the secondary exit in the Forest area).

Recharge Station: Lake.
Shop: Lake.

Other notes: ignore the warp device to the Wind Shrine in the Forest area: the enemies there are stronger than you.


Iwato Village

Events: nothing noteworthy.

Recharge Stations: Inner Hamlet; Sayaka's House.
Shop: Inner Hamlet.


Kyoto City and Kyoto Castle (through Yamashiro Marsh)

Events: event fight against 3x Ninja; it triggers after the events in Kyoto Castle, when you head to the spot marked with the red symbol on the map. Replace Karin with Poseidon (or any Golem you prefer) for this fight.

Chest: 8,000 TB (Tower area of Kyoto Castle).

Recharge Station: Kyoto City; Kyoto City.
Shop: Kyoto City.


Ninja Hideout

Events: Boss Fight # 14 in the "Stone Chamber" area, past the Recharge Station; kill the spawned minions to keep the boss busy respawning them and avoiding the massive attack by all of them (see extended walkthrough too).

Chests and Golems: 3,000 TB (Living Rooms); Kunoichi, 1,000 TB, Kabuki (Corridor).

Recharge Station: Stone Chamber.
Shops: Front; Lookout (after using the second Ether).

Other notes: if the fights are getting troublesome, feel free to Escape and speed things up to reach the Recharge Station.
There are several rooms and forks; it's not a bad idea to use the extended walkthrough for this area.

Achievement: one (15/25).


Kyoto City

Events: nothing noteworthy.


Iwato Village (backtrack through Yamashiro Marsh)

Events: Boss Fight # 15; see extended walkthrough for a strategy.

Achievement: one (16/25).


Ascetic Court

Events: forced fight against Golem "Hydra" (who is actually Boss Fight # 16) in the "Earth Temple" area; use Sniper Shot by Yuki.

Chests and Golems: 3,000 TB, Yuzuriha, (Approach); High Recover (skill; Stream; from a secondary exit of the "Approach" area), 3,000 TB (Stream; from the main exit of the "Approach" area); 1,000 TB (Cliff); 3,000 TB, No-Power Shot (skill), Blue Imp, 8,000 TB (Spirit Region).

Recharge Station: Cliff; Spirit Region.
Shop: Approach; Cliff; Spirit Region.

Other notes: the path is long and has several forks; feel free to Escape from the fights and use the extended waltkhrough, especially in the "Spirit Region" area.
You learn Atsuma's fourth EX Skill (Force Pain) here.


Iwato Village (after Ascetic Court)

Events: Boss Fight # 17; kill the minions with massive attacks and drain the EP of the main enemy.

Achievement: one (17/25).


Kyoto Castle (through Yamashiro Marsh and Kyoto City)

Events: Boss Fight # 18 in the "Audience Room" area (top of the Tower); nothing special.

Chests: 1,000 TB, 3,000 TB (Underground).

Achievement: one (18/25).

Other notes: you get Direct +20% skill after the boss fight; make sure Atsuma, Raigar and Yuki learn and equip it.


Ascetic Court (from Kyoto Castle)

Events: Boss Fight # 19 in the Earth Temple; see extended walkthrough.

Golem: Straw Shaman (Pass).

Recharge Station: Spirit Region; (Cliff).
Shop: Pass; Spirit Region; (Approach; Cliff).

Achievement: one (19/25).


London City (optional; through backtracking to Zuala Desert)

Other notes: the Shops will sell the Mega Skill Gems now, and new skills are for sale. Most relevant of all, Double Exp, Double SP, Encounter Evade and Wide Range. Purchase and learn everything.
Read about the suggested boosts and skills in the extended walkthrough: if you get those parameters, you can use Encounter Evade through the rest of the dungeons of the game; which is advisable considering the low income/effort rate.
Stock on God's Ambrosias and Return Powders while you're here.


Vorbios Volcano (through backtracking to Zuala Desert and opening the way speaking with a character in Junk City)

Events: nothing noteworthy.

Chests and Golems: 3,000 TB, Minotaur (Wind Tunnel); Fire Guardian+Mega Flare Rush (skill) (chest in Magma Cave).

Shop: Magma Cave.

Other notes: you can tackle the Earth Shrine location, using the warp in the "Wind Tunnel" area. Refer to the extended walkthrough for information about it.
Make sure you open the chest containing the "surprise" fight against the Fire Guardian, so you get the valuable skill "Mega Flare Rush" for Atsuma.


Sage's Tower, Gravekeep Holm, Final Dungeon

There are many events, dangerous enemies, chests, Golems, Shops and Recharge Stations in these last three story-related dungeons, and it's not a very good idea to "summarize" them, losing precious information and references.

There are three important notes about these last places:

- In the "Inner Garden" area of the Final Dungeon you are given two choices: pick the second one, "Never!", or you will miss some events and two achievements

- Be warned that the last bosses of the game (noticeably Boss Fight # 25) are very powerful, and you need a powerful party to be able to get through. If you have brought Apo with you it won't take long to increase your parameters the minimum which will result enough to win. If you didn't, the golem Omega, obtained through the Shrine Temples sidequest, is the best choice you can make

- DO NOT SAVE THE GAME ON YOUR PREVIOUS SLOT from the moment when the game tells you that there is no return past that point (it will be after Boss Fight # 24, as you go up a long staircase) because you may get stuck in a place where you can't fight battles to level up and the upcoming bosses might be too powerful for you. If you have Omega you can hardly lose; if you don't, make sure you don't overwrite your game data from before that staircase

For more information about the two side quests available (one to get Omega and the other to get the last valuable skills for your characters, especially Ethereal Armor for Raigar), search for "Optional Quests" in the extended walkthrough.

Achievements: two in the Sage's Tower, one in Gravekeep Holm, one in the Final Dungeon and two more in the Final Dungeon (these last two only if you pick the second choice when you're asked) (25/25).

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