Beyond Eyes

Welcome to the walkthrough for Beyond Eyes. This game is the first major offering from Sheridan Halatoe’s tiger & squid, which is self-described as a one girl game studio. Its beautiful art style and innovative game mechanics have been turning heads since it debuted for the international press at the Game Developers Conference in early 2015.

You play as Rae, a girl who lost her eye sight at a young age from a fireworks accident. Since then she has hardly left her yard and fears the world outside. While in the garden she befriends a stray cat, Nani. She spends most of her days playing with the cat in the garden. One day she discovers that her good friend Nani has gone missing. Soon she gathers up the courage to face her fears to look for Nani.

Since Rae is blind, her world is revealed to her through the other senses. By listening, feeling and even smelling she is able to navigate through the world in search of Nani. She is not always right about the things she senses but her determination and friendships that she gains along the way give her hope to find her lost friend.

I hope that you enjoy this relaxing game that invites you to sense the world through someone else’s “eyes.”

Beyond Eyes is primarily exploration and navigation through a world that you cannot see. There aren’t any enemies, puzzles or any of the conventions you’d expect from an adventure game. There are several fears that will prevent Rae from moving in a certain direction, but for the most part the only difficulty in the game comes from knowing where you are.

The primary limitation to this walkthrough is that you won’t have a lot of landmarks or sense of direction. This is especially evident in Chapter 5, where the rain quickly erases your perception of the world. Because of this, a lot of the walkthrough will be following the perimeter of areas. Other reliable landmarks are paths on the ground and rivers, which you can always see because they make noise. If there is a wall or a tree 5 feet in front of you, it won’t be visible until you are close enough to touch it.

If you ever get lost, which will happen, the best way to get your bearings is to completely explore the perimeter of the area that you are in. There are rarely objects in the middle of areas that you need to discover, but it can be fun to explore everything. Once you have the perimeter you should be able to find the area that you need to go to next.

There are three types of collectibles in Beyond Eyes.

  • The first one is Nani experiences. These are basically short cutscenes where you imagine that you are playing with Nani. About half of these are unmissable and most of them you will come across naturally. There is one where you interact with a see-saw (or teeter-totter, depending on what region you’re from). This one is very missable, but close to another achievement. If you’re following this guide you should find it right away. Each time you get one of these, the completion percentage in the achievement app will go up 6-7%. These will be shown in bold and numbered in the walkthrough.
  • The second collectible is the true identities of objects. This is when Rae’s past experiences of sounds makes her think an object is one thing, but when she gets closer she realizes it’s something else. There are a few that might look like this at first but they don’t count. The only way to be sure you have them is to check your progress in the achievement app. Sometimes you’ll unlock one and you won’t even realize it. When you find one your completion percentage will go up 5-6%. These will be bulleted and numbered in the walkthrough.
  • The third collectible is butterflies. These are only found in chapter 6 and there’s only five of them. We’ll get to them when the time comes.

If at any time the achievement app shows 0% completion after picking a collectible up. You can reset it by closing and restarting the achievement app. Also note that all the achievements, except for “Closure” are secret achievements which can make the collectible ones jump up and down the list. This can make it a little harder to keep track of which one just moved. Just pay attention to which one has the most recent increase and if you're really concerned you can keep track of the actual percentage.

There are also some visual representations in the game that aren't very clear at first and aren't described. Most of them are self-explanatory, but they are listed here to avoid confusion.

  • Pulsing blue orbs means there is a sound coming from that object/area. This will also allow you to see what is in that area.
  • Black smoke and black rings means that the object is scary (It causes fear and Rae can’t get too close to it).
  • Yellow waves indicate smells like flowers and fresh bread.
  • Green wavy lines means you can interact with the object. Pay special attention to the green wavy lines, as most of them are needed for various achievements and story progression.
Chapter 1

This chapter is a short tutorial chapter with only a few scripted events. Feel free to explore the whole area to get a feel for the way the game works. There are no collectibles in this area, although you will be interacting with Nani, who is a cat and your friend.

After the short cutscene with Nani, you take control of Rae. Once you are ready head down the path away from the house. You will soon see Nani meow and as you get closer you will pet her. Further down the path the seasons will change and you’ll “hear” a fountain and a clothesline. Take the path to the right of the fountain. You will play with Nani, but it won’t count towards the achievement.

Walk back towards the fountain then towards the large tree on the other side of the fountain. it will soon start snowing. This makes navigation a little more difficult but it doesn’t last for long. To the left of the large tree you will hear Nani meowing further down the path. Follow her and head out through the arch. You will notice green wavy lines, indicating you can interact with the gate. Remember the green wavy lines because you will be interacting with a few things throughout your adventure.

Chapter 2

Most of this chapter is pretty linear. There are a few places that might be confusing around the cow, but overall a good level to expand on the original concepts.

Walk down the path and you’ll see a bell ring and some birds fly away. Continue down the path and you’ll come to a fence stile. (A stile allows passage for people over or through a fence but prevents animals from going through. A more recognizable type would be a turnstile.) Here you will have your first Nani experience (Nani 1 of 15). Climb over the stile and over the bridge.

  • After the first bridge go along the left side. A fountain will appear and turn into a drain pipe as you get closer to it. This is the first "true identity." Rae believes that the sound of water is a fountain but when she gets closer to it she learns that it truly is a drain pipe. (True Identity 1 of 17)

Continue forward.

  • In front of you there is another clothesline fluttering in the wind. When you get closer it turns into a scarecrow without a head and a crow is perched on it. (True Identity 2 of 17)

This is the first time you encounter enemies that cause you fear. Sometimes it will appear as black smoke, but usually there are black wavy lines and the screen darkens a little. It shouldn’t affect you here too much but in some places it can block you off of other areas.

Continue behind the scarecrow and between two large rocks near the fence you will see another stile to go over. After the second stile, stay to the left of the wall of bushes. Nani, will jump into the bushes (Nani 2 of 15). Follow the perimeter to your left until you see a cow mooing. Approach it and there will be a bed of flowers around the side of the fence. Take a flower and go up to the fence to feed the cow. The first time you’ll drop it, so you need to feed it a second time to get the achievement.


Feed the cow by hand

4 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Now head from the cow to the left along the path. In front of you there is a river. Go to the river and turn right. When you come to the bridge with a frog on it, go over it.

  • Past the Bridge there are a bunch of crows. As you get closer they turn into chickens. (True Identity 3 of 17)

In front of you there are some chickens that are fenced in. They run away from you, so to get the achievement, you have to scare one out of the pen and across the bridge that you just came over.


Get a chicken across the bridge.

2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

From here you can head right along the river. Upstream you will come to another bridge, which you can ignore. There’s just a barking dog and a path that leads back to the chickens. Turn left so the bridge is behind you and walk forward. There a house to your right and a little further there will be an opening in the gate for another Nani Experience (Nani 3 of 15). Pass through the stone arches and follow the edge of trees to the right to a wall of black smoke.

  • You will notice the sounds of a woodpecker along the large black cloud. As you get closer it turns into a traffic light. (True Identity 4 of 17)

Hit the button on the traffic light. You will hear the screeching of car tires. It is now safe to cross over the street and into the next chapter.

Chapter 3

Follow the street forward until you have another experience with Nani (Nani 4 of 15). Follow the wall on the left for a little while.

  • You will eventually come to a broken down car with black smoke around it. When you get closer it will turn into a man mowing the lawn. (True Identity 5 of 17)

Continue along the wall and over a bridge. Follow the path until you reach a barking dog. Head to the right of the dog down a dirt path. Head through the stone arch in front of you. There’s a chicken nearby that you should head towards. When you get close to the chicken coop you will have another experience with Nani (Nani 5 of 15).

  • When you go towards where Nani is scratching a tree it will reveal that it actually mice leaving a shed. (True Identity 6 of 17)

Now head back through the stone arch and go to the right. The barking dog will be blocking off the road again, so continue right. Around the next set of bushes you can turn left towards the dog. If you reach the gate, you’ve gone too far. As you approach the dog, its owner will whistle and it will run away. Now you are free to continue.

Cross the street to the river and turn right. Keep following the edge of the river here. The bell will ring again. Keep walking along the river, then along some bushes. Shortly after this you will run into a another section of the river where you have another Nani experience (Nani 6 of 15). Now head back to the main path and follow it left up the hill. The barking dog is back! Go to the left and you will hear the school bell ringing again.

As you get closer to the fence a girl named Lily will throw a ball over the fence and ask you to get it for her. There are blue wave showing you where she is pointing but you can’t get there yet. Continue down the path until you reach yet another barking dog. Walk to the right and around the fence into a playground.

In the inside corner of the fence that you just went around is a see-saw. Interact with the bottom of the see-saw (teeter-totter) and you will have another experience with Nani (Nani 7 of 15). Next, go over to interact with the swing, which is right next to the see-saw to unlock another achievement.


Sit on the swing.

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Facing the swing, turn towards the left to the slide. Just past the slide is two sections of wooden fence that you should pass through. If you get to the white stone walls you went too far. They both go to the same area but the other one is a longer detour. The ball is in the area down here. It’s red and white striped and near the wavy blue lines coming from the other girl. Pick it up and bring it back to Lily. Then she will throw the ball towards the barking dog. Head up towards where the dog was and jump over the stile. The dog will growl and come after you. You have to back up until you trip. At that point you are able to go up to the dog and pet it, gaining a friend and this achievement in the process.


Overcome your fear of the dog.

3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

  • This is also a discovery. The mean barking dog is actually a friendly dog. (True Identity 7 of 17)

All that there is left to do is jump over the next stile and start the next chapter.

Chapter 4

This chapter is a lot bigger and less linear than the previous ones. It’s pretty easy to get lost or take long unnecessary detours. In the main area there are three bridges. Since there are two achievements and a Nani experience around the bridges you will have to be careful not to get lost. Remember that if you get lost start circling around the perimeter until you can get back to something familiar. The town will also change the location of several object that block you halfway through, so you might have to find another way around.

Another thing to be mindful of is the rain. About halfway through it will start to rain. The rain removes your perception of the world. It’s harmless at first, but it quickly gets worse. Before you know it the entire world that you discovered starts fading back to white. When this happens start to move quickly so you don’t get lost. Also note that pausing the game doesn’t stop the rain.

Alright, now into the chapter. Follow the road into town. After a short time you have another experience with Nani (Nani 8 of 15). Keep going straight and you will be blocked by some seagulls, which you are afraid of. This also counts as a Nani experience (Nani 9 of 15). Note that there are yellow lines coming off the boxes of fish; this is a visual representation of smell and will show up a few more times. You will be forced to head into the direction that Nani was walking from the 8th Nani experience. This is the opposite corner of the courtyard.

  • As you’re walking down the alley you will see a man coughing but it turns out it was the screech of a gate and the man is whistling and walking away. (True Identity 8 of 17)

Continue on the path and you’ll soon walk over a bridge. A man will enter a house to the left. Head over there and continue along this wall.

  • Continue to the back left of this area. Rae sees a wrecked car surrounded in black smoke. As you get closer it will turn into the back of a delivery truck. (True Identity 9 of 17)

With your back to the truck walk along the left wall and go straight until you reach a narrow alley. Once you enter the alley and have walls on both sides of you, follow the right wall for a while. You won't be able to see it if you're following the right wall but the alley branches. Just make sure to follow the right wall. If you reach some bread and the dog you passed the branch. Halfway through Rae will smell some bread. Before you reach the end of the alley you will see an archway with a bird on it to your left. Go through the arch way and go straight.

Soon you will see a river. In the middle is the second bridge of this area. Walk over and turn left at a 45° angle and you will “see” smells coming off some bread on the ground. Pick it up, go to the river between the first and second bridge. There are some ducks quacking. Feed them for another achievement.


Feed the ducks.

3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Go back to where you picked up the bread and go through the gate next to it. Now turn right and follow the path, which will take you to the side of the seagulls from the beginning of the chapter. They will attack you and take the bread but they move out of the way.

Note: The town has changed now and you will have to take a different way back. The gate that you just went through is now closed. The gate by the ducks is open now, and the alleyway right next to the first bridge is now open.

Now turn around and follow the path that you’re walking on to a third bridge. Then you can follow the wall to your right to see your old friend, the dog.

Note: If he is not friendly, it is because you didn’t pet him at the end of chapter 3 for the Bravery achievement. If this is the case, you have to go back to chapter 3 and get that. Otherwise this area will be blocked off.

As you pass around his right side his owner will call him away again. Go through the gate that is to the right. In this garden area go to the second flower bed (the one in the back left) to activate another experience with Nani (Nani 10 of 15).

You have to make one more stop before heading to the end of the chapter. Walk back to the last bridge you were on, the one next to the dog. You will be able to interact with the flowers in the middle. Rae will throw them off the bridge into the water. Go off the bridge the same way you went on. Follow the fence to the left.

There will be a short cutscene of a man whistling and walking down the street. This is just to show you that this alley is open now. Instead of going down this alley, go through the archway to your left. Go across the second bridge and in between the third and second bridge will be the flower on a rock. Interact with it again, sending it down the river and earning you another achievement.


Follow and free the flower.

5 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerBuggy -

Now you can head back to the seagulls from where you tried to pass through in the beginning. Since the streets have changed a little it’s quite easy to get back. From the rock with the flower head towards the second bridge, but instead of crossing follow the river. The gate that is in front of you and next to the ducks was closed before but is now open. Once you’re through it, turn left and walk down the alley. Head past the statue to the opposite corner. Head down the road with all the fish smells to end the chapter.

  • After passing the seagulls you will see a tree branch fly into the street. As you get closer you realize it’s actually an umbrella. (True Identity 10 of 17)
Chapter 5

Now it will rain harder and the world you’ve discovered will disappear quicker. Luckily this chapter doesn’t have any missable memories with Nani and only two “discover the truths”.

Starting out you can head straight forward and down a walkway. A ship will sound in the distance. Further down the ramp you will hear the cries of Nani on the other side of a gate. Stay on the ground level and turn left to a railing over the ocean. Keep this on your right side and follow it for a while.

  • You will smell a crate of fish in front of you. As you get closer it will turn out to be a sewer. (True Identity 11 of 17)

Continue to follow the railing and make sure it is on your right side. After a while you will have another Nani experience (Nani 11 of 15). You will start to walk down another walkway onto the beach.

When Rae tells herself to be brave it starts to rain much harder. You will lose you sense of the world almost immediately. So now you need to rely on your memory and landmarks a lot more. Be careful! It’s very easy to get lost from here until the end of the chapter. The ocean is the only reliable landmark in this area. So from the bottom of the ramp turn 90° left and walk until you reach the ocean. Once you are at the edge of the water turn right and walk along the edge for a while. Make sure the ocean is on your left side.

After a while walking down the beach you will have another experience with Nani on a barrel (Nani 12 of 15). Go in the direction she was and take the ramp up. Follow the railing to your left. This area can also get very confusing. Just make sure that the railing is always on your left side as you’re walking forward.

  • After a while, there is a swing set you can see. Once you get closer you learn that it is actually a Ferris wheel. (True Identity 12 of 17)

Keep walking with the railing on your left side. Soon you will have birds on both sides of you. This is a good thing, since it means you’re heading out to a pier. (Note: There are 3 piers in this area, but you need to go on the first one. That will be the one you’re following.) You’ll know you’re on the right pier if a ship blows its horn and extends a bridge for you.

Continue walking with the railing on your left side. In a short time you will come to the sounds of cats. Walk through the gate on your left and go investigate the cats.

  • The first cat you walk up to is a mean cat that’s definitely not Nani. (True Identity 13 of 17)
  • Oh no! The second cat is another mean cat! (True Identity 14 of 17)

Walk a little further down the path to end the chapter.

Chapter 6

**Video Contains Spoilers**

Shortly into this chapter the rain will finally stop, making exploration a little easier again. In this chapter you will have to find a new collectible that’s just in this chapter: butterflies! They are pretty hard to see but you don’t have to interact with them. They just start following you around. Each time that you reload the chapter the butterflies are different colors and sometimes they will move slightly. Because of this, the location will be noted but it may move slightly. If you have trouble finding one, try exploring the general area.

Walk forward a little bit and you will have another Nani experience (Nani 13 of 15). Keep heading down the train tracks, following the bushes on the right side. First there is a log with a bird on it. After the second tree you will soon see a butterfly (1) in the area around the tree. Now walk on the tracks towards a large gate. When you reach it turn right and follow the wall of foliage near the gate. You will soon happen upon a butterfly (2). Keep following the left side until you get to a river. Follow the river for a little bit and you have another experience with Nani (Nani 14 of 15). Keep following this same edge and eventually you’ll come to another stone tunnel. Here should be the last Nani Experience (Nani 15 of 15). This achievement is missable so if you don’t have it, check the guide for the other locations.


Find all Nani experiences.

3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectableBuggy -

Go through the stone tunnel and keep to the right edge to find another butterfly (3) by the first tree. Stay along the right wall and you will come to another part of the train tracks. On the other side of the tracks is a pile of lumber and a butterfly (4).

Continue along the right edge past a few more piles of lumber and eventually to a river with a waterfall. Follow the river downstream until you come to several stepping stones. Interact with them to cross the river. Then head left and soon Rae will hear the unmistakable sound of Nani’s bell on her collar. Keep walking along the river and you will come to a large fence. Just past this fence is another butterfly (5). This is the final butterfly and will earn you the achievement. For some reason the achievement glitched while the video was recorded but there's a note of where it should unlock.


Collect all 5 butterflies.

2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

  • Just in front of you is a large building with scaffolding and wooden shutters that are banging in the wind. (True Identity 15 of 17)

Keep walking around the outside fence and you will eventual come up behind a gravedigger. You can’t pass through here so keep going around the fence and head towards Nani’s ringing bell.

  • While passing through a narrow path to Nani’s bell you will trip on the short wall, revealing it was actually a gravestone. (True Identity 16 of 17)

Keep heading towards Nani’s bell.

If you’ve been following this you should unlock the last two achievements.


Discover everything's true identity.

5 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable


Complete your journey.

2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain StorylineBuggy -

Enjoy the epilogue and thanks for coming on this journey with Rae. I hope you enjoyed the game.

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