The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Welcome guys, girls, and gamers to the TrueAchievements walkthrough for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion!

Before we begin, let me take the opportunity to offer my grateful thanks to Starlight126 who co-authored this walkthrough, and without who's invaluable assistance this walkthrough would not have been possible.

Let us start by saying that you are about to play one of the best games ever released for the Xbox 360. This role-playing adventure is an epic journey in an immense and incredibly detailed world in which you can literally spend weeks exploring and dungeon crawling. You can be the knight in shining armor, you can be the evil villain, or you can be anything in between. Everything is up to you, and a huge world of adventure is waiting for you. This game will be what you make of it. You can burn through it in about 25-30 hours, but you'll miss out on an astounding amount of content. On the other hand, you could spend about 300 hours in this game and probably still not see and do everything there is to see and do.

Now that our sales pitch is out of the way, we can talk about the achievements of this game and this walkthrough. Oblivion is organised in quests, and all the achievements are related to these quests. There are six quest-lines in the main game, and another quest-line on its own in the DLC "The Shivering Isles", worth an additional 250 G spreaded among its 10 Achievements. The quest-lines of the main game are:

- Main Quest (16 Quests; 6 Achievements, 360 G)
- Arena (Organised in fights; 9 Achievements, 130 G)
- Fighters Guild (18 Quests; 10 Achievements, 140 G)
- Mages Guild (18 Quests; 10 Achievements, 140 G)
- Thieves Guild (11 Quests; 8 Achievements, 120 G)
- Dark Brotherhood (19 Quests; 7 Achievements, 110 G)

Although you can can complete any of the quest-lines whenever you want, it's advisable to focus on the Main Quest first, then the Arena, Fighters Guild, Mages Guild, and lastly Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood. It's particularly important to join the Fighters Guild early in the game, since joining requires you to have an Infamy lower than 100, a requirement that you may accidentally miss if you free-roam doing evil deeds too much (more info can be found in the General hints and tips page). This does not prevent you from joining the Fighters Guild, since you can still join if also your Fame is higher than 100, but it would certainly cost you a massive time investment to fulfill this alternative requirement (more than it would take to start a new playthrough).

It's important to know that all the non-Main-Quest quest-lines (Arena, Fighters Guild, Mages Guild, Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood) have rules that you must follow to avoid being expelled. If you in persist violating the rules your expulsion becomes permanent, and you must restart a new playthrough to join again. This means that, virtually, all the achievements related to these quest-lines are missable. Technically speaking, this is not entirely true for the Thieves Guild, since only the last of its achievements is missable (you can be expelled permanently only if you fail the last mission, which earns the last achievement of that quest-line).

More info on the Shivering Isles will be provided in the introduction of that page.

The next pages of this walkthrough are structured as follows:

- General hints and tips: all you want to know to understand the game better
- Character creation and leveling: informative page on the character creation and character leveling system (speed-runners may skip this page, since it's dedicated to those that have a more passionate interest in the game)
- Exploitable glitches and 100% Chameleon: page dedicated to some cheap tricks that you may want to pull off to make your achievement hunting easier and faster, at the cost of a more entertaining game experience
- Story Walkthrough - Part 1 and Part 2: the Main Questline is covered here
- Arena, Fighters Guild, Mages Guild, Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood: the respective quest-lines are covered here
- Shivering Isles DLC: the Main Quest of the DLC is covered here

The walkthrough will focus on the most important aspects of the game, particularly for what is important to proceed with the achievement hunting as quickly and efficiently as possible. Oblivion is a giant game, and a proper "trimming" of the secondary aspects is fundamental to keep the walkthrough as direct as possible. If you do want to explore the full game, you'll have a better time doing it on your own than you would if you followed a walkthrough.

Regarding the "spoilers" issue, you won't find major story-related spoilers in the pages of this walkthrough. However, keep in mind that for obvious reasons sometimes it's necessary to refer to the name of locations, NPCs, and solution of puzzles -- just in case, you've been warned.

In this page we're going to discuss a few of the many, countless things that you can learn about the world of Oblivion. Only a restricted amount of topics have been covered, with the intention of keeping it as simple as possible. Despite the relatively lengthy page, it's advisable to read it all to know some important things before playing the game.

In addition to some general suggestions, we will spend a few more words on these topics:

- Taking Care of Your Gear (about repairing equipment)
- NPC disposition and persuasion
- Lockpicking and the Skeleton Key
- Altars in chapels, Wayshrines and Vampirism
- Fame and Infamy
- Alchemy and Ingredients
- Altar of Enchantment: Custom Spells, Soul Gems and Enchanted Equipment
- Daedric Artifact: Azura's Star and Wabbajack

General suggestions

Due to its giant world, it's natural to encounter glitches and bugs in Oblivion. There are many, countless small bugs that may trigger, sometimes creating funny situations, sometimes preventing you from continuing quests (even main storyline quests) with all the nuisance associated to this. Although the game-breaking glitches are rare, to be safe it's always a good idea to save the game on different slots every now and then, so in case something bad happens you have a nice backup ready to be used. In particular, it's advisable to save the game before starting every quest, and it's also a good idea to make backups every 10 completed quests or so -- you never know.

Here you can find a customized map of Cyrodiil (click here for a lower zoom level), the world of Oblivion (it's in black&white for contrast reasons, in case you wonder), with all the main locations marked on the map. In particular, all the locations related to the main quest and quest-lines which earn achievements have been added with a red square and a yellow number which refers to the legend on the right side. The purpose of the map is to let you know in advance which locations you'll need to discover in your journey to the 1,000 G (the DLC takes place elsewhere), so in case you want to spend some time discovering all these places one after another (so you don't have to discover each of them every time you have to start a new quest, breaking the flow of the gameplay) you know where to go.

It's possible to change the gameplay difficulty at any time: press Start to open the menu, select "Gameplay" and you will find the difficulty settings among the other gameplay options. The game on the lowest difficulty is tremendously easy, so you may want to leave an average difficulty setting to keep some challenge and fun.

In case you don't know, the term NPC means "non-playable-character". It's used to indicate every "form of intelligence" of the game, excluding your own character. In other words, every person you find in the street is a "NPC", from the guards to the beggars, from the shopkeepers to the random thieves in the woods.

Since the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood quests often require you to break the law with thefts and assassinations, you should focus on completing the Arena, Fighters Guild and Mages Guild before focusing on the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood quests. It's not uncommon that a quest from the "bad organizations" requires you to put your membership for the other guilds at risk, especially the Mages Guild since you have to sneak inside the Mages Guild quarters multiple times, and if you get caught you'll get expelled.

Committing crimes will also raise your bounty and the guards will be aggressive towards you. If your bounty exceeds 500 Gold (the currency of the game, also known as "Septims"), Guard will actively seek for you, trying to send you to jail. Viceversa, for bounties lower than 500 Gold you can be caught only if you approach guards on purpose (or if you commit a crime and someone calls the guards because he sees you). Remember that if nobody sees you nobody will seek you: a perfect theft at night, or an assassionation done with no witnesses, will usually not increase the bounty on your head.

If you get caught by guards, it's highly advisable to pay your fee if you can afford it. Resisting to the arrest will result in a long chase and guards will be even more aggressive against you the next time. It's worth saying that you will hand over every item you stole if you decide to pay for your crimes, other than paying your bounty in Gold. The Thieves Guild offers a service that allows you to get rid of your bounty by paying only half of it to the "Doyen" (bosses) of the Thieves Guild itself; moreover you don't have to hand over the stolen goods if you choose this way of paying for your crimes.

To level up you need to find a bed to rest. Any bed will work, from the bedrolls to the beds in your own houses. However, the most accessible beds can be found in the inns. There are many inns available in the game; one, for instance, is the Market Inn in the Imperial City - Market District area.

In most of the large cities in Cyrodiil, it is possible for you to buy a house. This option usually becomes available after completing a side quest in that city, either for the ruler of the city or for some other NPC. For example, if you complete the side quest "Where Spirits Have Lease" for Velwyn Benirus in Anvil, he will then sell you the house that you just cleared of evil spirits. After buying a house, you will be informed of a merchant in town from whom you can buy upgrades for your new home. These upgrades range from furniture and storage chests, to alchemy tables and enchanting benches. Simply buy the upgrade and it will automatically be installed in your home.

When you move in the water you can either swim on the water's surface or underwater. When going underwater you have a limited amount of air that will slowly go down, until you are out of oxygen and start losing health (until you die) if you remain underwater. To avoid this, try to always swim on the surface of the water. In order to do this you need to keep the camera angle towards the sky (this feels a bit uncomfortable when you play in third-person view, since you probably usually keep the camera above the character and not towards the sky).

To cast spells more quickly you can enter combat mode (press X to draw your current weapon, even if it's only bare fists) and hold the block button (LT): as long as you keep LT held down, you can cast spells more quickly one after another, basically with no waiting time between one casting and the next one.

When you are playing the game and you are trying to complete a specific quest, it's always a good idea to make sure that you have set the quest you want as your "Active Quest". It's not uncommon that you try to complete secondary quests while there is still a main quest in course, and the game may not automatically set a secondary quest that you just started as your Active Quest because it gives more priority to the "Current Quests" that are story-related or simply to those started earlier. Setting a certain quest as your Active Quest allows you to always have a handy marker on your map (Red or Green, depending if your target is in the same area as you are or not) that will lead you where you have to go. Sometimes secondary routes are preferrable instead of heading where the markers are, but these are exceptions (for example sometimes the red marker points towards the main door of a house, but it's better if you enter from the basement). In order to set a certain quest as your "Active Quest", open your inventory, scroll to the last tab (for the maps and the quests), select the quest you want among the Current Quests and press A to make it your Active Quest.

It's also possible to press A while checking your Active Quest to view the current target of your quest displayed on the map.

If you open the world map while you are outside (i.e. not inside a building) you can choose the locations that you have already found on your map to fast-travel there. Simply move your map cursor on them and press A to fast-travel. Fast-traveling is extremely handy, but beware that you can't use this feature if there are enemies nearby. This can be a bit annoying especially if the enemies are well hidden, for instance if there are fishes or crabs underwater near you.

If you buy a horse (or simply get one, for instance as a reward for a quest), he will follow you around the map even if you fast-travel. In particular, the horse will be placed in the stables of a city if you fast-travel to that city. As for the many other non-city locations of the open world, the horse may or may not be spawned right next to you when you fast-travel. However, if you sit on the back of the horse when fast-travelling to an open area you will always spawn on the back of your horse. Also be aware that your horse can be killed. If you are attacked while riding your horse, he will attack whatever enemy is around and may die. In this case, you'll need to get a new horse. More commonly, your horse will run away if he becomes too damaged. Don't worry, he'll show up again next time you fast travel. Some special horses, like Shadowmere (a reward for one of the quests of the Dark Brotherhood; it's one of the best horses of the game), cannot die.

When climbing up the mountains you will often come across paths that are too steep to be climbed. These paths are usually in correspondence with the darker lines of the mountains on your map. I've highlighted them in this picture, just to be clear. Therefore if you can't seem to find a way up some mountains you should probably open your map and check where these darker lines are not present: that's probably the way to go.

As you travel around Cyrodiil, you will find books just about everywhere you go and all of them are actually readable, which is pretty cool. You can find them in homes, building, shops, dungeons, in chests, and as loot. Even cooler is that, just like in real life, you can actually learn stuff from reading books. Some books will automatically level up a particular skill when you read them (you'll get a text pop-up in the upper left of the screen). Other books will initiate a side quest and put it automatically into your quest log.

Unlike most of the RPGs, in Oblivion when you sell an item you must take into account the money that the buyer has available. This is a rather huge issue, since it means that you can't sell the most expensive stuff due to the small amount of Gold that the merchants have. Also, not all the merchants have the same interests in certain types of items: a merchant that deals (sells) spells will probably not buy your weapons, and viceversa. Pawn shop owners will buy any type of goods. Although the amount of Gold from a single transaction is limited by the amount of Gold that a merchant owns, the amount of Gold across multiple transactions is unlimited. In other words, if a merchant has 600 Gold available then you will be able to sell goods up to a total of 600 Gold; if you try to sell something worth 601 Gold (or more) the merchant will not purchase it. However, if you have ten items, each worth 600 Gold or less, you can sell them one by one and the merchant will be able to buy them all. It doesn't make much sense, but that's the way it is.

The best merchant of the game is probably Varel Morvayn, who runs the shop "Morvayn's Peacemakers" in Anvil. The shop is the first house Southwest of Anvil Main Gate (the gate on the North side of the city). This merchant will buy Weapons, Apparel and Miscs item, which is pretty much the kind of deals you want to make since you typically want to sell the valuable equipment looted from some powerful enemies or found in the chests (the rest of the items aren't worth carrying/selling most of the time). Moreover he has 1,200 Gold (the highest possible amount that a merchant has) and he also has a relatively low Mercantile skill (if the Mercantile skill of the merchant is higher you make worse deals by buying for more and selling for less), so he's really the perfect merchant for making money. Despite this, the best pieces of equipment (worth even more than 10,000 Gold) cannot be sold due to the fact that there is no merchant able to buy them.

Keep in mind that you can't sell the stolen items (they appear with a red hand marker in your inventory), regardless of the interests of the merchant. The only exception to this is the "fence" system, a feature available if you are a member of the Thieves Guild, which allows you to sell every stolen item.

In case you wonder, the name of the days of the week (which is seven-days-long like in real life) are: Morndas, Tirdas, Middas, Turdas, Fredas, Loredas, Sundas. A few NPCs have different schedules in different days of the week, though for most of them the schedule is the same every day with differences only in the day/night business.

Taking Care of Your Gear

Nearly all of the gear and equipment that you use while playing the game can, and will, wear out over time and with usage. From armor and weapons, to magically enchanted items, you will need to take care to maintain the condition of your items. Every time you are struck by an enemy's attack, the piece of armor that was struck will degrade in quality, whether it be your cuirass, helmet, shield, or whatever. As the "health" or condition of a piece of armor decreases, it will offer less and less protection. If the condition of the armor reaches zero, it will no longer offer any protection to you at all. The same principle applies to weapons. Every time you strike and enemy, the condition of the weapon degrades. If the condition of a weapon reaches zero it will "break" and no longer do any damage.

For these reasons, you need to periodically repair your armor and weapons. There are a couple of ways of doing this. The cheapest option is to buy Repair Hammers from merchants. You can then go into your inventory, select the Repair Hammer, and press A to use it. This will bring up a list of all the items needing repair and you can then select the item(s) you want to repair and press A as many times as needed to repair the item to a condition of 100. It is recommended that you carry at least a few Repair Hammers with you at all times. This will also improve your Armorer skill. The more you improve your Armorer skill, the more your equipment will be repaired with each use of the Repair Hammer. The other option is to pay an Armorer merchant to repair your items for you, but this can get quite expensive.

It should be noted that at first you will not be able to repair magical or enchanted items, and you will be forced to have these repaired by a merchant. When you reach Apprentice Armorer rank (Armorer level 25-49) your Repair Hammers will last twice as long before breaking. At Journeyman rank (Armorer level 50-74) you will be able to repair your own magical or enchanted items. At Expert rank (Armorer level 75-99), you can repair items to 125% of their original state, which will cause weapons to do extra damage and armor will offer extra protection. At Master rank (Armorer level 100) your Repair Hammer will never break and you only need to carry one of them from now on.

Enchanted items contain a certain number of "charges" that reflect how many times the item's magical ability can be used. For example, if you have a sword that does fire damage +20 points and has 150 charges, you can strike enemies 150 times and inflict extra fire damage in addition to the weapon damage. If you use up all the charges, the weapon will no longer do extra fire damage, although the base weapon damage will be unaffected. When this happens, you need to recharge the item. Again there are a few ways of doing this. The most obvious is to pay a merchant with this ability to recharge the item for you, which can be done at most Mages Guilds, but again this can be quite expensive. Items can also be recharged using a Varla Stone. Varla stones are fairly rare, but can be found in most Aylied ruins scattered around Cyrodiil. Please note that Varla stones are not the same as the more common Welkynd stones that you find in Aylied ruins. The cheapest method of recharging an item is to use filled Soul Gems (see bottom of this page for more info).

NPC disposition and persuasion

Virtually any NPC in the game can be convinced to be more friendly toward you by using your Persuade skill on them to raise their disposition towards you. To persuade someone, select the left-hand icon below the dialogue choices and press A. A circular arrangement will appear next to the NPCs face which is divided into quarters. Each quadrant of the device contains a yellow pie wedge of varying size. The larger the wedge, the more bonus (or penalty) you will receive to the NPCs disposition by selecting it. The NPCs disposition is indicated by a number in the center of the device, and slowly drops for as long as you have the device open.

The four quadrants of the device also relate to how much, or how little, the NPC likes your choice. If you use the LS to select each of the quadrants you can see how the NPCs facial expression changes to reflect his response to your choice. They will either Love it, Like it, Dislike it, or Hate it. Love and Hate give the largest bonus, while Like and Dislike give the smallest. Each time you make a selection on the device, the pie wedges will rotate one slot clockwise. The trick here is to always select the smallest pie wedge when it is in the Hate and Dislike quadrants, while trying to select the largest wedge possible in the Love and Like quadrants. Just practice this a few times on an unimportant NPC and you'll have the hang of it in no time.

It's also possible to "bribe" the NPC by giving them some Gold if you don't want to play this persuasion minigame; the effect is the same (it's actually faster and easier to bribe them), except that you won't raise your Speechcraft skill by bribing them.

The consequence of persuading a character are various and always positive: they may give you information only after a certain level of disposition for instance, and as a matter of fact you'll need to raise the disposition of a few NPCs to progress through some of the main quests of the game.

Lockpicking and the Skeleton Key

Lockpicking is a huge component of the gameplay mechanics. Most of the doors and many of the more valuable chests have locks that need to be forced in order to get inside/loot their content. The lockpicking minigame can be frustratingly hard to understand, but when you get used to it you'll be able to open the hardest locks without failing once. The key idea of lockpicking (sorry about the pun) is to use the "Lockpick" items to raise up all the tumblers of the lock. To do so you need to push "up" each of the tumblers and then press A to fix them in that position (up). The problem is that the tumblers will not simply go up and stay there, but they will frequently fall down again after a few instants, and if you press A to "fix" the tumbler when it's returning to its default position (down) then you will break the Lockpick and you will not fix the tumbler in position. You also fail to fix the tumbler if it takes you too long to press A, and therefore it's crucial to be able to anticipate and foresee how the tumbler will behave the next time you push it up.

What you need to do with the locks is to learn the three main "timing" that the tumblers can have. In particular the tumblers will do the following things when you push them up:

- They remain in that position for a full second
- They remain in that position for half a second
- They pretty much fall down again as soon as you push them up

There are two main types of tumblers, but every tumbler will eventually stay in position for a full second, since that's the only moment when you can fix it successfully. The difference between the tumblers is about the other two things that can happen when you push them up (fall again soon or after half a second): some tumblers will sometimes remain in position for half a second and sometimes fall down again immediately; other tumblers will only either remain in position for half a second or fall again immediately.

In other words when you push the tumblers up repeatedly you can see two types of behaviors:

- The tumbler goes up and remains in position for a full second; if you push it up again it will fall after half a second; if you push it up another time it will fall down immediately; if you push it up once again it will remain in position for a full second; then the cycle repeats itself
- The tumbler goes up and remains in position for a full second; if you push it up again it will fall after half a second or immediately; if you push it up another time it will go up and remain in position for a full second; then the cycle repeats itself

Therefore it's usually possible to make a few tries on the same tumbler (push it up continuously) to see which kind of behavior it has. If you see that it's a tumbler that alternates the "full second" and the "immediate fall", for instance, push the tumbler up until it falls down immediately, then push it up again and press A -- it's more than likely that the tumbler would have remained in position for a full second, so you fixed it in position for good. In other words, you can foresee that a tumbler will remain in position for a full second if the last time you tried to push it up it immediately fell down again.

Similarly, if you "study" the pattern of a certain tumbler by pushing it up a few times you will be able to notice how most of the time it has a periodical cycle that repeats itself, which most of the times will be either "good to fix, bad to fix, bad to fix, good to fix, bad to fix, bad to fix, good to fix, ..." or simply "good to fix, bad to fix, good to fix, bad to fix, good to fix, ...". Note that it rarely happens that the same tumbler changes its pattern, so don't be surprised if every now and then the tumbler behaves differently from what you expected after studying its behavior.

An item that helps a lot to lock-pick is the Skeleton Key, a unique item received as reward for an optional side quest, which is basically a Lockpick that never breaks and it also gives you a boost of +40 Security (Security is the skill related to picking locks; at higher levels it will prevent the tumblers from returning to their original position when you fail to fix other tumblers). The quest I'm talking about is "Nocturnal", and you can start it only when you are at level 10 or above. Once you have the required level, find the Nocturnal Shrine on the map (it's on the East side of the tracked path located a bit on the West of the words "County Leyawiin"; these words are on your map Northeast of the city of Leyawiin) and "activate" the statue to start the quest.

You'll be asked to get the Eye of Nocturnal back from a couple of thieves. Travel to Leyawiin and speak with the guards, such as the guard standing near the North East Gate, asking them about "Leyawiin" (you can also ask them about "Eye of Nocturnal", but despite what you may think it's actually better to ask about "Leyawiin"). They will tell you about Weebam-Na and Bejeen, the two thieves, and the quest will update putting a red marker in correspondence with the current position of the thieves here in town. Follow the marker and it will lead you to Weebam-Na's House, where both the thieves can be found.

Speak with them about the "Eye of Nocturnal", and the quest will update telling you to eavesdrop their conversation. You could do that, but as a matter of fact if you open your map you will see that a new red marker has already been put somewhere South of Leyawiin, in correspondence with the Tidewater Cave -- head there, after overhearing their conversation if you want. Inside the Tidewater Cave you will find a green marker which points out the location of the Eye of Nocturnal (it's a rather big item and it's found underwater behind a sunken chest). Retrieve the item and then fast-travel to the Nocturnal Shrine to hand it over -- you'll be rewarded with the precious Skeleton Key and also +1 Fame points.

Thanks to the Skeleton Key you can virtually open all the locks you find with the "Auto-Attempt" function: button-mash X (the Auto-Attempt command) until the lock opens, without running short of Lockpicks (each failed attempt would consume a Lockpick) since the Skeleton Key cannot be broken.

Altars in chapels, Wayshrines and Vampirism

In each of the main cities of the game there is a chapel with an Altar that you can access. Accessing an altar provides full healing (HP/MP) and also has a "Cure Disease" effect. In addition to this, you also get some bonus effects such as a temporary boost of Attributes.

Without going into much details about this topic, the Altars in the chapels are only available to characters with a Fame higher than Infamy (read the next topic of this page for more info). This is a problem, because the "Cure Disease" effect is really important if not almost "vital" to heal some conditions like Porphyric Hemophilia, which must be cured within 3 days to avoid becoming a Vampire.

Luckly, there are also the Wayshrines, small shrines outside the cities that have pretty much the same effect of the Altars, except that they work regardless of your Fame and Infamy. One of the easiest Wayshrines to find is located barely North of the "n" of the word "Anvil" on your map (Anvil is the West-most city of the game) (click here for a picture). On the other hand, the same Wayshrine can be used again only after increasing your Fame by +1 from the last time you used it, so don't just go around activating them and save them for the emergencies.

The reasons why it's important to know these locations is mostly because of the Cure Disease effect, which can remove the Porphyric Hemophilia and prevent you from becoming a Vampire. Becoming a Vampire has some positive sides, but also some awful negative sides. The worst of all is that sunlight damages you, and for this reason the game will ENTIRELY PREVENT you from using two features that are extremely handy during the day time (from 6AM to 8PM): the "Wait" function, and most importantly the "Fast-travel" function. Unless you want to be bothered for the rest of the game with the impossibility of fast-traveling during day time, make sure to immediately cure the Porphyric Hemophilia disease in case you get affected by it (for instance when fighting another Vampire).

You have 72 in-game hours to heal the disease. After the 72 hours deadline, you can't heal anymore. You are not a Vampire yet though: if you don't go to sleep in a bed you will not become a Vampire. It is possible to return to normal after becoming a Vampire, but this involves the completion of one of the most complex quests of the entire game, which includes a lot of farming and trouble. Unless you hold your playthrough dear and don't feel like restarting, a new playthrough is probably a better choice than going after the lenghty quest to heal your Vampirism condition, especially if you only want to speed-run for the achievements.

There is also a spell with the Cure Disease effect, so you don't necessarily have to use Altars or Wayshrines. They are a good back-up plan if you don't have any potion or spell though, so keep them in mind and cure Porphyric Hemophilia as soon as possible!

Fame and Infamy

Among the other parameters that characterize your hero there are two values called "Fame" and "Infamy". You can check the current values of Fame and Infamy in your character's stats (select the first of the four main tabs of your journal, then scroll to the last sub-tab).

Fame and Infamy increase when you do "good deeds" and "bad deeds" respectively. Some quests, like the Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild questlines, will earn you Infamy points as you do them. Earning Infamy is usually a bad thing, especially considering that some features can only be accessed if your Fame exceeds your Infamy (or similar requirements). On the contrary, there aren't quests that require you to be "bad" (have high Infamy to start). Having Infamy therefore is basically a bad thing, although it has a positive effect too: some "bad" NPCs have a higher disposition towards you if your Infamy is higher (rogues like other rogues), but this is no reason to raise your Infamy (there is plenty of ways to raise the disposition regardless of Fame/Infamy).

To avoid accumulating Infamy it's usually enough to avoid raising your bounty over 1,000 Gold (which gives you +1 Infamy every time), which translates in avoiding to kill NPCs for no reason and excessive pickpocketing. You can't do much about the Infamy accumulated as "reward" for completing the quests of the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood, other than leaving these quest-lines for last.

As for raising Fame, most of the quests of the game (except the two guilds aforementioned) deal with "good deeds", even if they require you to kill someone sometimes. Another great source of Fame points are the Oblivion gates: closing each of them earns you +1 Fame. There aren't faster ways to raise your Fame, sadly.

The biggest problems with having a low Fame/high Infamy are:

- To join the Fighters Guild you must have not have a bounty (not a big problem actually, just pay what you have to and you'll be fine) and you must have an Infamy lower than 100. If you don't, then you need to have a Fame higher than 100. Starting a new playthrough usually takes less time than raising the Fame above 100, so if you only need the achievements for the Fighters Guild but your Infamy is above 100 you should consider a new playthrough as an option
- To join the Mages Guild you must not have a bounty. Unlike the issue with the Fighters Guild this isn't much of a problem since you can pay the bounty and then join the guild without problems
- To access the "Altars" in the chapels of the cities your Fame must be higher than your Infamy. This isn't a big deal since you can still use the "Wayshrines" instead of the altars in the chapels

Alchemy and Ingredients

The Alchemy skill in Oblivion can affect you in three ways as you play through the game. It can be a tremendous advantage, it can be something fun to play around with, or you can completely ignore it, depending on your play style and how you approach the game. Alchemy is the process of combining items to result in something (hopefully) useful to you. Ingredients can be found literally everywhere, and there are hundreds and hundreds of different types of ingredients. They can be harvested from trees, bushes and plants; they can be looted from dead enemies, chests and other containers; they can even be found just lying around on tables and floors. Nearly anything can be an alchemy ingredient, from a common apple or carrot, to rare Minotaur horns and vampire dust.

The basic tool of alchemy is your mortar and pestal, and you should obtain one in the tutorial portion of the game in the Imperial sewers. To increase the potency and effectiveness of your alchemy, you can add other pieces of equipment as you go along. These include a retort, a calcinator, and an alembic, which you can acquire or buy. It is recommended that you wait until you own a house before starting to seriously work on your alchemy endeavors so that you don't have to carry around tons of ingredients all the time. Once you own a home, you can safely leave all your alchemy equipment and ingredients in a chest or other container at your home.

To create a potion, go to your inventory, select your mortar and pestal (or other piece of alchemy equipment), and press A to use it. This will bring up a menu allowing you to place up to four ingredients in the mixture. Using ingredients with like effects will increase the potency of the resulting potion. It's not as hard as it sounds because once you choose the first ingredient, the menu will only show you other ingredients that are compatible with the first. When you've placed all the ingredients you want, then press X to create the potion. The resulting potion will be automatically placed in your inventory with an appropriate name.

Increasing you alchemy skill will increase the potency of the potions you create. There are a couple of ways of doing this. Just the act of creating a potion will increase your alchemy skill, and is the most efficient means of doing so. You can also just eat the raw ingredients to obtain a small boost to your alchemy skill, but be aware that the effects for that ingredient will placed on your character for a short time. In addition, you can usually find someone at the local Mages Guild to train you in Alchemy, but this is expensive.

The potions you create can be used for a huge variety of things such as restoring Health or Magicka, curing poison or disease, dispelling status effects, temporarily increase your stats, and a number of other beneficial uses. You can also create offensive potions with which to coat your weapons or arrows. These can have any number of effects on the target, including poisoning, paralyzing, cursing, stat draining, and other helpful effects. Although you can sometimes find recipes in notes, letters, and books, the best thing is just to experiment and see what you can come up with then just focus on the ones that are useful to you.

Altar of Enchantment: Custom Spells, Soul Gems and Enchanted Equipment

After gaining access to the Mages Guild you are able to use the "Altar of Enchantment" to create custom spells and enchant pieces of equipment with certain effects. The Altar of Enchantment is available in The Arcane University - Chironasium (it's one of the buildings of the university) of Imperial City.

To create custom spells you need to first have acquired at least a spell with that type of effect. For instance to create a custom spell with an effect of "Fire Damage" you need to have at least a spell of this kind in your inventory. Then you can create it by paying a certain amount of Gold, and you can customize your own "Magnitude" (strength of the spell). This is a very handy tool that can lead to a ton of different results for everyone's tastes and needs, including the creation of cheap spells that you can spam to level up your magic skills more easily.

The Altar of Enchantment is also used to create custom pieces of equipment by using items called "Soul Gems" to add certain effects to your non-enchanted equipment. These effects include basically any effect related to a spell, including the interesting Chameleon effect, Night Eye, and many more. The price to pay are the Soul Gems, special items that you can buy from many places, including the common shops that deal magic goods, but also a lot of members of the mages guild that will sell these items in the mages guild quarters of all the cities.

There are different types of Soul Gems which differ for their "quality". The "quality" of a Soul Gem determines which kind of Souls they'll be able to trap. The stronger the Soul Gem, the stronger the Soul they can Trap: a "Lesser Soul Gem" will not be able to trap a "Grand Soul", for which you need a "Grand Soul Gem". Grand Soul Gems are basically the stronger normal Soul Gems available, and acquiring them is not a big problem. The problem is rather to find Grand Souls to put into these gems.

The thing is, there are just a few enemies that you can defeat to trap their Souls which have a Grand Soul. The easiest of all are the three "Lord Minotaur" enemies that you can fight in the Arena (last fight) repeately after becoming the Grand Champion. Note that they will only appear if your level is higher than level 17. In order to trap a Soul into a Soul Gem you need to use the Soul Trap spell on your opponent, and defeat him until the effect is active. The sword "Umbra" might be particularly useful since it's enchanted with this effect by default (we'll see about this sword in the Story Walkthrough page).

Note that to trap the souls of NPCs that are not animals/monsters you must use a Black Soul Gem. As a general rule, the Grand Soul Gems are what you need to make the best enchantments.

Daedric Artifacts: Azura's Star and Wabbajack

In addition to the normal Soul Gems, there is also a special gem called Azura's Star which is basically a Grand Soul Gem which can be used repeately (normally you consume both the Soul trapped in a Soul Gem and the Soul Gem itself; Azura's Star will not be consumed, and it can trap Grand Souls). The Azura's Star is a unique item that you'll be asked to get and give away during the story progression. However, it's possible to give another item instead of the Azura's Star. As a matter of fact the request will not be to bring the Azura's Star, but only a "Daedric Artifact": the Azura's Star is a Daedric Artifact (and it's the one suggested by the NPC that gives you the quest), but any othe Daedric Artifact will work too.

Therefore, if you care about it, you should get another Daedric Artifact of minor value than the Azura's Star and hand it over instead of the precious "bottomless Soul Gem". One of the items that fits best this description is the Wabbajack, a shabby weapon which counts as a Daedric Artifact. Getting it is rather easy, and you have to complete a side quest which starts being available when you are at least at level 2 in the Sheogorath's Shrine. The Sheogorath's Shrine is located midway between Bravil and Leyawiin, on the West side of the river located North of Leyawiin, about directly East (far East) of the upper part of the letters of the word "Elsweyr" on the world map. Simply check the picture anyway.

Once you find the shrine, speak with the people around the statue to start the "Sheogorath" optional quest. You need to collect one of each of these items to continue: Lettuce, Yarn, Lesser Soul Gem. They are available rather easily:

- Lettuce: can be found in the "Covered Pot" on the table of Ri'bassa's House/in a barrel in M'dasha's House in Border Watch*
- Yarn: can be found pretty much in any random barrel or crate in the houses of Border Watch*
- Lesser Soul Gem: purchase/steal from stores selling magical goods (for instance the Mystic Emporium of Imperial City - Market District)

*Border Watch is an optional village located South of the Shrine of Sheogorath. It's also displayed on the picture previously provided.

Once you have the items, examine the statue of the Shrine of Sheogorath and decide to leave your offerings (Lettuce, Yarn, Lesser Soul Gem) at the altar. The "spirit" will tell you to reach Border Watch and find Ri'Bassa. Do so, following your map/compass markers for convenience, and ask Ri'Bassa about the K'Sharra Prophecy. Tell him that you are a traveling scholar. Make sure his disposition is at least 70 (otherwise raise it with the persuasion mini-game, or simply bribe him), then ask him about the "Three Signs". Once he tells you everything he knows, you will receive a quest-update message.

Reach the Border Watch Inn if you're not already here, and force-open the lock of the smaller display case on the right as you enter. Steal the Olroy Cheese from it, then exit outside the inn and put this item in the "Cooking Pot" just outside the inn. Next, wait for a couple of in-game hours and when you get up you will find a bunch of rats in the village. At this point Ri'Bassa will be marked on your map again, and you'll be told to go after him -- do so, but he will be in a hurry to get rid of the rats. Once he's done with it, he will come and talk with you.

The marker still points at Ri'Bassa after the conversation, but ignore him. Go get the two Rat Poison items, those grey things that appeared in the middle of the rats and at the bottom of the stairs down where the rats spawned. Then go South of the inn to find some sheeps in a pen. In the middle of the pen there is also a rectangular container: approach it (it's a "Feeding Through") to put the two Rat Poison in position. After a few seconds you should receive a quest message update, telling you to wait in the town for the final sign of the prophecy. You will actually be forced to stand still when this cool "Apocalypse"-like thing happens. Looks like it's raining cats and dogs here...especially dogs lol

Anyway, once it's all done you can return to the shrine and check the statue to get your reward: the Wabbajack "Daedric Artifact". This toy allows you to make NPCs go crazy when you attack them with it, but only for a few seconds (not to mention that you can use it just a few times before it runs out of magical power). The real deal is that you will give it to a story-related character instead of the Azura's Star, thus keeping the Azura's Star, a much more valuable item.

There are may other Daedric Artifacts to discover (a total of 15), and they are usually unique pieces or at least interesting items. The Skeleton Key itself is a Daedric Artifact.


Two of the biggest topics discussed when speaking of Oblivion are the character creation and the character leveling system. In this page you will find the information you need to know in order to make a choice when you create a character (beginning of the game) and during your whole playthrough (when you have to level up).

It's not *essential* to know the subjects of this page in order to get the achievements of this game. Some suggestions for your choices will be done in the Story Walkthrough pages, so you don't have to think about it too much. However, if you wish to truly enjoy the game and everything it can offer, a proper knowledge of its gameplay essence is necessary.

Even if this page is a bit lengthy (and deliberately redundant sometimes) I suggest reading it thoroughly since these are the fundamental mechanics of this RPG.

Character creation

During the first dungeon of the game you'll be progressively be prompted the three main choices that decide your character's starting point and his/her future growth. Given how easy the gameplay is, it doesn't really matter what you choose as far as the "let's make a good character to make the game easier" is concerned. Worst case scenario, you can always set the game difficulty to the lowest, and although some choices (starting choices and long-term "care" of the character's growth) might make the gameplay a bit harder or easier, it's basically impossible to screw up to the point you need to start over to continue.

Some suggestions about the character creation will be made in the Story Walkthrough page, but only for the purpose of giving the undecided players a good (but not necessarily the best) set-up for a guide-driven speedrun focused on obtaining the achievements as swiftly as we can figure. However, feel free to make totally different choices if that's how you feel about playing the game.

Also, if you have just barely started the game, keep in mind that you are allowed to change all the starting characteristics (Race, Class, etc.) before you exit the Imperial Sewers. Before exiting through the last door of that dungeon (the first of the game) you'll be prompted a four-choice menu where you can edit your generalities, your birthsign and your class again until you decide to pick the fourth option to exit the Sewers. After that point, your choice is final and you will play the rest of the game with the chosen settings.


The first choices you make are about the the Race of a character, his/her name and the physical appearance. Name and physical appearance don't change anything in terms of gameplay, so you can customize whatever you want.

The sex and race of the character will change some of the starting attributes and give the character particular skills. You can read about these bonuses in-game when scrolling through the different races. As for the attributes, without going into too much details here are the bonuses and maluses of each race from a base value of 40 (a bonus of +10 means that a certain character will start with 50 of that attribute, and so on):

- Male Imperial: +10 Personality, -10 Agility, -10 Willpower
- Female Imperial: +10 Personality, -10 Agility, -10 Speed
- Male Khajiit: +10 Agility, -10 Endurance, -10 Willpower
- Female Kajiit: +10 Agility, -10 Strength, -10 Willpower
- Male Nord: +10 Endurance, +10 Strength, -10 Intelligence, -10 Personality, -10 Willpower
- Female Nord: +10 Strength, -10 Intelligence, -10 Personality
- Male Orc: +10 Endurance, +10 Willpower, +5 Strength, -5 Agility, -10 Intelligence, -10 Personality, -10 Speed
- Female Orc: +10 Endurance, +5 Willpower, +5 Strength, -5 Agility, -15 Personality, -10 Speed
- Male Redguard: +10 Endurance, +10 Strength, -10 Intelligence, -10 Personality, -10 Willpower
- Female Redguard: +10 Endurance, -10 Intelligence, -10 Willpower
- Male Wood Elf: +10 Agility, +10 Speed, -10 Personality, -10 Strength, -10 Willpower
- Female Wood Elf: +10 Agility, +10 Speed, -10 Endurance, -10 Strength, -10 Willpower
- Male Argonian: +10 Agility, +10 Speed, -10 Endurance, -10 Personality, -10 Willpower
- Female Argonian: +10 Intelligence, -10 Endurance, -10 Personality
- Male Breton: +10 Intelligence, +10 Willpower, -10 Agility, -10 Endurance, -10 Speed
- Female Breton: +10 Intelligence, +10 Willpower, -10 Agility, -10 Endurance, -10 Strength
- Male Dark Elf: +10 Speed, -10 Personality, -10 Willpower
- Female Dark Elf: +10 Speed, -10 Endurance, -10 Willpower
- Male High Elf: +10 Intelligence, -10 Speed, -10 Strength
- Female High Elf: +10 Intelligence, -10 Endurance, -10 Strength

Note that Luck starts at 50 for everyone, and no Race gives a bonus or malus to this attribute.

The Race, regardless of gender, also determines some additional bonuses for the Skills (base level is 5, so a bonus of +10 means a Skill that starts at level 15):

- Imperial: +5 Blade, +5 Blunt, +5 Hand to Hand, +10 Heavy Armor, +10 Mercantile, +10 Speechcraft
- Kajiit: +5 Athletics, +5 Blade, +5 Light Armor, +5 Security, +5 Sneak, +10 Acrobatics, +10 Hand to Hand
- Nord: +5 Armor, +5 Block, +5 Restoration, +10 Blade, +10 Blunt, +10 Heavy Armor
- Orc: +5 Hand to Hand, +10 Armorer, +10 Block, +10 Blunt, +10 Heavy Armor
- Redguard: +5 Heavy Armor, +5 Light Armor, +5 Mercantile, +10 Athletics, +10 Blade, +10 Blunt
- Wood Elf: +5 Acrobatics, +5 Alteration, +5 Light Armor, +10 Alchemy, +10 Marksman, +10 Sneak
- Argonian: +5 Alchemy, +5 Blade, +5 Hand to Hand, +5 Illusion, +5 Mysticism, +10 Athletics, +10 Security
- Breton: +5 Alchemy, +5 Alteration, +5 Illusion, +10 Conjuration, +10 Mysticism, +10 Restoration
- Dark Elf: +5 Athletics, +5 Blunt, +5 Light Armor, +5 Marksman, +5 Mysticism, +10 Blade, +10 Destruction
- High Elf: +5 Alchemy, +5 Conjuration, +5 Illusion, +10 Alteration, +10 Destruction, +10 Mysticism

Race also influences other factors, such as elemental resistance and resistance against some status ailments, but these things would be far too specific to be discussed here. Another thing influenced by the race and gender is the character moving speed, with the High Elves (Male/Female) being the fastest of all and the Male Dark Elf being the slowest of all. In any case the difference is minimal, I've mentioned it just as a curiosity.


The birthsign provides bonuses and maluses of all kinds. Some birthsigns focus on giving you more "Magicka" (the Mana, MP, whatever you want to call it) to start, while others give you permanent stats boosts or even status effects. You can read the correspondent effects in-game. There are many good birthsigns to choose from, but there are also some obvious "bad" choices (The Steed, for instance, gives +20 Speed; while nice, this doesn't compare to much better bonuses). Usually the birthsigns that give a Magicka boost are better than the others, since the use of spells is largely encouraged in this game, at least for recovery purposes.

Keep in mind that the birthsign The Atronach prevents you from automatically recovering Magicka (which normally restores as the seconds pass by and it restores completely if you rest for at least one hour; none of this happens if you choose The Atronach). This heavy downside can be easily bypassed with a large stock of potions that recover Magicka instantly for you, and getting said stock of potions will be easy with the item duplication glitch.

At the end of this page we'll see why some birthsigns like The Thief and The Lady can possibly be the best ones to optimize your stats and leveling, although for a more "average" gameplay there is plenty of good choices. The only "bad" birthsign is The Steed; the others offer bonuses that, if you can make good use of them, will always reveal useful.


The class is where most of the variety comes from. There are many default classes to choose from, but you can also create your own custom class. As you can imagine, the custom classes are crucial to optimize the gameplay features.

The classes vary from these four elements: Specialization, Favored Attributes, Major Skills and (consequently to the last entry), also the Minor Skills.

The Specialization can be: Combat, Magic, Stealth. Each of these is associated with seven Skills (there is a total of 21 Skills in the game). The Skills associated with the Specialization you choose will start with a +5 bonus (by the way, the game says "+10", but it's actually +5) and will also level up faster*. Combat is associated with: Armorer, Athletics, Blade, Block, Blunt, Hand to Hand, Heavy Armor. Magic is associated with: Alchemy, Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction, Illusion, Mysticism, Restoration. Stealth is associated with Acrobatics, Light Armor, Marksman, Mercantile, Security, Sneak, Speechcraft.

*Only 3/4 of the "Skills Exp" is needed for the "Specialization" skills, so if you normally have to make 8 jumps to make a level up of Acrobatics you will only need 6 jumps if you choose Stealth as specialization.

Then we have the Attributes. Attributes are the basic parameters of your character. There is eight of them (Strength, Intelligence, Willpower, Agility, Speed, Endurance, Personality, Luck). Each of the Attributes is associated with three Skills, with the exception of Luck which is not associated to any Skills. The association between an Attribute and a Skill has a direct impact on the level-up mechanics, as described in the next section of this page. Of course each Attribute has a different impact on other characteristics of your hero: the Strength for instance affects also how easily you get fatigued, and the Intelligence affects your spells power and your Magicka.

The Favored Attributes you choose (you choose two Favored Attributes among the eight Attributes) will gain a +5 bonus to start.

Then we have the Major Skills and consequently the Minor Skills. Among the 21 Skills available, the seven Skills that you decide to choose as Major Skills will get a +20 bonus (so they start at level 25 instead of 5) and will level up faster than the Minor Skills**. Moreover, leveling up the Major Skills and the Minor Skills will have an impact on your character's level. This is a whole different topic which needs to be discussed separately in the next section.

**Only 3/5 of the "Skills Exp" is necessary to level up a Major Skill. If a Major Skill also falls among the Skills chosen with your Specialization (see earlier paragraphs) then the bonuses will stack: (3/5)*(3/4) = 0.45. In other words, a Skill which is a Major Skill and is a skill that you chose for your Specialization will require less than half (45%) of the regular "Skills Exp" to level up.

The Attributes associated with a certain Skill (the game says "the attributes that govern a certain skill") are:

- Strength: Blade, Blunt, Hand to Hand
- Intelligence: Alchemy, Conjuration, Mysticism
- Willpower: Alteration, Destruction, Restoration
- Agility: Marksman, Security, Sneak
- Speed: Acrobatics, Athletics, Light Armor
- Endurance: Armorer, Block, Heavy Armor
- Personality: Illusion, Mercantile, Speechcraft
- Luck: none

Character leveling

As every RPG, The Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion has its own system to increase your character's level, his attributes, and his skills. However, unlike most of the other RPGs Oblivion doesn't rely on an Experience-based system where you simply kill the enemies and then eventually level up. The system used in Oblivion is much more elaborated, harder to understand the first time than it is to actually put to good use for a proper level-up.

In the following paragraphs we are going to discuss about the character leveling system, with a primary focus on how it is done and what are the consequences of a bad or careless planning of a character's growth. Understanding the optimal way of leveling up will be a direct consequence of your knowledge.

How the level-up works

In order to level up you must increase the level of your Major Skills by a total of +10 levels; then you need to rest in a bed for the level up to actually occur. By "total of +10" I mean that the ten level-ups of Major Skills can be done across all the seven Major Skills you have. In other words, it doesn't matter if you make +10 level-ups on the same Major Skill, if you make +5 level-ups in two different Major Skills, or if you make +4 level-ups in a Major Skill and +1 level-up in each of the other six Major Skills: as long as the total amount of level-ups made across all the Major Skills is equal or above +10 you will be able to level up (by resting in a bed, as already mentioned). You will notice a "You should rest and meditate on what you've learned" message when you hit the tenth level up of a Major Skill. Moreover you can check the progression towards a level-up in the Skills tab of your character: the more it fills red, the closer you are to level up (in this picture you can see a character ready to level up).

When you gain a level, you are allowed to increase three of your eight attributes by an "X" amount. The attributes that will be increased are completely at your choice, so you can pick whatever three attributes out of the eight possible. The amount "X" can vary from +1 to +5, which is the max, including the values in-between. In particular, you get to upgrade a certain attribute by more points if before resting to level up you increased the skills governed by that attribute by a total amount of +10 levels. Each attribute governs three skills (except Luck, which doesn't govern any skill; see the last part of the Character Creation section). As it was for the requirement to level-up, also in this case the level-ups are cumulative across all the Major/Minor Skills governed by a certain attribute. For example, the Intelligence attribute governs the skills of Alchemy, Conjuration and Mysticism. Regardless of whether you chose one of these skills as Major rather than Minor Skill, if the total increase of these skills was +10 (or higher) then when you level up you are allowed to upgrade Intelligence by +5 by choosing Intelligence as one of the three attributes to increase upon leveling. Of course to reach said result you could increase, say, Alchemy by +10 and Conjuration/Mysticism by +0 (no level-ups), or also Alchemy and Conjuration by +3 and Mysticism by +4: as long as the total is 10 or higher you will still get the maximum increase (+5) available for that attribute.

As for the lower increases, you get to increase a certain attribute by +4 if the total level-ups of the three skills governed by that attribute is 8 or 9; the increase will be +3 if the level-ups were 5, 6 or 7; it will be +2 if the level-ups were 1, 2, 3 or 4; if will be only +1 (minimum available by default) if you didn't increase a single level of the skills governed by that attribute. For this reason, the attribute Luck (which doesn't govern any skill) can only be increased by +1 each level up, provided you decide to choose it as one of the three attributes to boost with your character's level-up.

Due to this system, the max you can get out of a character's level-up is an increase of +5 in three different attributes, or an increase of +1 in Luck and +5 of two different attributes. It's not possible to boost more than three attributes when you level-up, and it's not possible to boost the attributes higher than +5. It's also not possible to boost the same attribute multiple times on the same level-up (you have to choose three different attributes to boost), in case you were wondering.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the attributes cap at 100 (it's technically possible to go beyond these values with a certain item, the Oghma Infinium, which is the reward of a quest that gives +10 to a couple of attributes, but let's ignore this exception). As for the skills, they also cap at 100. Moreover, the skills become harder to level-up as their level increases (a skill takes less effort to level-up from level 5 to level 6 than it would take to level it up from level 99 to level 100, for instance).

The downsides of bad (over-)leveling

At this point you should be able to understand that the skills increasement is a double-edged sword. On the one hand we have:

- Major Skills: increasing them is necessary to level up
- Major and Minor Skills: increasing them is necessary to increase the amount of bonus points added to the three attributes you choose to increase when you level-up your character

On the other hand, it's also true that there are downsides of over-leveling. About the Major Skills:

- The level-up of Major Skills can be considered the "level up currency" that you have to "pay" to level up your character. In particular, as we explained earlier, the "price" to level up your character is increasing the level of your Major Skills (cumulative across all the Major Skills) by +10. If you level up them more than +10 levels (cumulative, again) you'll be wasting your "level up currency". For example, if you level up two of your Major Skills by +7 levels each, then the total level-ups made with the Major Skills will be +14, but +10 is already enough to level up. Therefore you wasted four units of your "level up currency". The thing is, for the next level up you will need to increase the Major Skills (cumulative, as usual) by +10 from the last level up! In other words, it's not like the exceeding amount of Major-Skills-level-ups will be accounted as a sort of "credit" for the next level-up: if you gained +14 levels among your Major Skills and then levelled up, the next level will still require +10 levels of Major Skills and not only +6 because there were "4 levels of change" spared in the previous level-up

- The Major Skills all start at level 25 by default (minimum). Since the maximum level is 100, it means that each Major Skill can be leveled up a total of 75 times (25+75=100), and therefore, with seven Major Skills available, the total of level-ups of your Major Skills is 75*7 = 525. With the terms used in the paragraph above, this means that your "level up currency" is 525. Not more, but potentially less if your Major Skills received a boost from your Race, Class Specialization and Class Favored Attribute. With an optimal setup (or almost optimal), since every 10 level-ups of Major Skills you can level up your character by +1 level, the maximum level you can reach with your character is: 1 (you begin at level 1) + (525/10) = 1+52.5 = 53.5. In other words, you can reach a maximum level of 53, and you can "waste" a total of five Major Skills level-ups. If you don't plan the leveling of Major Skills, the maximum level you can reach of course will be decreased

- If you waste so much "level up currency" (i.e. you level up the Major Skills over the minimum necessary, which is +10 levels, for too many times) you will reach the cap of the Major Skills (let's say they are all at level 100) before you are able to reach the cap of your attributes. Let's take it to the extreme: you level up all your even Major Skills from level 25 to level 100 while your character is at level 1. You go to sleep and you level up to level 2; you get to choose three attributes to boost by +5 (Luck by +1 as usual). The end. You won't be able to level up any further than level 2 because there are no more Major Skills to increase. Therefore you also won't be able to increase your attributes any further

- In addition to lowering the max character level you can reach, the over-leveling of Major Skills also has an impact on how fast you can level up. If you remember, we already mentioned how the skills will level up more quickly at first and more slowly later (faster to go from level 25 to 26 than from level 99 to level 100). It goes without saying that when you over-level you waste the easy level-ups. To make an extreme example, if you level up your Major Skills all to level 70 when your character is level 1, and then you rest in a bed to reach character level 2, to reach level 3 you will need a lot of effort because you need to level up the Major Skills that are already at level 70. In other words you'll be making the effort that it should take you to reach the highest level (if you plan the level-ups properly) to reach a mere level 3 character which with a proper planning should only take you a few minutes to grind the necessary Major Skills level-ups

- To recap, an optimal control of your Major Skills level-up (or almost-optimal, since 5 of the 525 level-ups are "useless") allows you to reach level 53, the maximum without exploting glitches, and easily max-out your attributes. Note that maxing out the attributes is also possible before level 53. However, a terrible control of your Major Skills level-up will result in a lower level-up "potential" (maximum level lower than 53, etc.), which without taking the situation to the extreme consequences (like the "max level = 2" example) can still be a rather bad approach at the game and result in a slower level-up

- Keep in mind that the enemies level up with you in this game, and increasing their level while having a poor growth of attributes will mean that your character's level-ups might actually do more harm than good. On the other hand, it's also worth remembering that if you set the game to lowest difficulty setting you can screw up all you want, but you will hardly manage to be in danger (especially with all the glitches and tricks to exploit), so now I don't want to "scare" you saying that if you don't plan your level-ups you'll get stuck because you are too weak and the bosses will be undefeatable for you

Regarding the Minor Skills, there are downsides of over-leveling them too. As a memo, when you level up you can boost three attributes (you choose which ones) by a value that ranges from +1 and +5, and to increase a certain attribute by +5 you must have leveled up one of the three skills "governed" ("related to") that particular attribute by a total of +10 (cumulative) levels. Also, the skills governed by a certain attribute can be Major or Minor Skills. Therefore what we are saying here about the negative effects of over-leveling Minor Skills is also true about the over-leveling of Major Skills, so over-leveling Major Skills has not only the negative effects described earlier, but also the following ones (which are also the negative effects of over-leveling Minor Skills):

- The over-leveling of Minor Skills does not have an impact on your character's max level. You may level up all the Minor Skills to level 100 when your character is at level 1, then rest in a bed to reach level 2, and still be able (provided you didn't screw up the Major Skills too) to reach level 53

- Over-leveling the Major/Minor Skills has a negative effect on how high you can boost your attributes, and also how fast you can boost them. The reasons are very similar to why the Major Skills have a negative effect on how high you can boost your character level and how fast you can level up your character: the level-ups of Minor/Major Skills are the "attributes-boost currency", and you need to "spend" 10 level-ups to "buy" the boost of +5 for a certain attribute upon leveling up

- The extreme example in this case is if you level up all your Minor Skills to level 100 when your character is at level 1, and then (after also increasing any Major Skills by +10 levels - cumulative, as usual - ) you rest in a bed to reach level 2. As you level up you get to choose three attributes to boost by +5, which is ok. However, on the next character level up you won't be able to boost Minor Skills (along with Major Skills) to get the +5 bonus, and therefore (assuming you optimize at least the Major Skills leveling) you will reach level 53 but most of the time you will only get +1 on your chosen attributes instead of the ideal +5

- In this extreme example, in theory you could still level up three Major Skills associated to three different attributes to get the maximum boost, but not for many levels. For instance the Major Skills you choose to level up are Blunt, Alchemy and Destruction, which are associated to Strength, Intelligence and Willpower respectively. Say you level up Blunt +10, Alchemy +10 and Destruction +10 (they are all Major Skills). As you level up you'll be able to get the +5 bonus attribute for Strength, Intelligence and Willpower, but it goes without saying that you just reduced the level cap by -2 levels (you just wasted 20 Major Skills level-ups since you made 10+10+10 = 30 level-ups instead of just 10 necessary to increase your character's level) and on the long (quite short actually) run this means running out of level-ups for your character and ending with a weak character despite a huge effort to level up

- Although this extreme example is not a very likely situation, it's also true that if you "waste" your Minor Skills level-ups you will make the attributes growth slower. Like we said for the Major Skills and character level: if you level up all the Minor Skills to level 70 when your character is at level 1 and then you level up to level 2, it will take much more time and effort to get +10 level-ups of Minor Skills now that they are all at level 70; certainly more time and effort than it would take if they were not over-leveled and remained at, say, level 15

This is all about the downsides of over-leveling.

How to efficiently level-up

First of all, what is the definition of "efficient level up" in Oblivion? From what we saw so far an efficient level up is a planned and most importantly controlled level up which doesn't waste the level-ups of the Major and Minor Skills, and by that we mean that you level up with the minimum amount of Major Skills level-up necessary (10 in total) and with the minimum amount of Minor Skills level-up necessary to get a +5 boost in three different parameters (20 in total, as we're going to explain). Note that there are two level-ups strategies, known as the "5/5/5" and the "5/5/1" strategy. We will explain the meaning of these names (well, numbers) and the differences after seeing how the "5/5/5" works and before seeing how the "5/5/1" works. The text below will start speaking of the 5/5/5 approach, the easiest and most classic.

Let's make a couple of examples to clear things up. Let's say you choose the following Major Skills: Armorer, Alchemy, Alteration, Hand to Hand, Sneak, Speechcraft, Light Armor. These skills are associated respectively with these Attributes (or, as the game would say, "these Attributes govern the previous skills"): Endurance, Intelligence, Willpower, Strength, Agility, Personality, Speed.

The choice of these seven Major Skills is good, since as you can see there is a Major Skill for every Attribute. It would have been a worse choice if you picked something like this: Blunt, Blade, Hand to Hand, Alchemy, Conjuration, Mysticism, Security. In this second example the only Attributes governing the Major Skills chosen would be Strength (for the first three), Intelligence (for the next three), Agility (for the last one). Ideally, the first step towards a good character leveling is to choose a Major Skill for every different Attribute. Of course you can choose seven Major Skills only, while there are eight Attributes; this is not a problem since you should know that Luck (the eighth Attribute) doesn't govern a Major Skill anyway, so you couldn't choose a Major Skill related to Luck even if you were able to select eight Major Skills instead of seven.

So, now we have our Major Skills (those of the first example; Armorer, Alchemy, etc.) and we want to level up efficiently. As we said earlier, "efficiently" means that we level-up only 10 Major Skills in total and only 20 Minor Skills in total, and of course we also have to choose which of the 21 skills to level up.

First thing first, decide which Attributes you want to raise with your next level up. For example, let's say you want to raise Strength, Intelligence, Willpower.

The second thing you should do is taking note of the current level of your skills. If possible, take note of all the 21 skills levels, though it will be necessary to track only nine of them at most. The reason why nine will be enough is simple: you want to level up only the Skills (Major/Minor) associated with three Attributes (the three you decided to raise with this level up), and since each Attribute is associated with ("governs") three Skills (except the usual Luck) then 3 Skills * 3 Attributes = 9. Of course you don't want to level up any of the Skills that are not related to the three Attributes you want to raise.

The third step is to actually level up the skills before the fourth and last step which will be finding a bed to sleep and level up. At this point we need to level-up 10 Major Skills and 20 Minor Skills (not one more, not one less) among the nine Skills associated with the three Attributes we decided to level-up (Strength, Intelligence, Willpower). In particular, the Major Skills involved are: Hand to Hand (Strength), Alchemy (Intelligence), Alteration (Willpower). The Minor Skills involved in our example are: Blade, Blunt (Strength), Conjuration, Mysticism (Intelligence), Destruction, Restoration (Willpower). At this point you can combine the level-ups of these skills so you get a total of +10 levels among Hand to Hand, Alchemy, Alteration, and a total of +20 levels among Blade, Blunt, Conjuration, Mysticism, Destruction, Restoration.

Note that you not only have to combine +10 levels among the Major Skills and +20 among the Minor Skills, but you also must make sure to fulfill another requirement: the sum of level-ups of the three Skills associated with ("governed by") the same Attribute must be exactly 10, not more, not less. Therefore you must get a total of +10 levels among Hand to Hand, Blade, Blunt; another +10 levels among Alchemy, Conjuration, Mysticism; another +10 levels among Alteration, Destruction, Restoration.

Provided you fulfill both of these requirements (+10 levels among the Major Skills and +20 levels among the Minor Skills; +10 levels among the Major Skill and the two Minor Skills governed by the same Attribute), you can choose any combination of level-ups you want. For example, an efficient level up is:

- Hand to Hand: +2 levels (Strength: 2/10)
- Alchemy: +1 level (Intelligence: 1/10)
- Alteration: +7 levels (Willpower: 7/10)
- Blade: +5 levels (Strength: 7/10)
- Blunt: +3 levels (Strength: 10/10)
- Conjuration: +4 levels (Intelligence: 5/10)
- Mysticism: +5 levels (Intelligence: 10/10)
- Destruction: +3 levels (Willpower: 10/10)
- Restoration: +0 levels (no level up)

The two requirements for the efficient level up have been fulfilled, since the Major Skills received +10 levels (+2, +1, +7), the Minor Skills received +20 levels (+5, +3, +4, +5, +3), and each set of Skills related to a certain Attribute has received +10 levels (+2, +5, +3 for Strength; +1, +4, +5 for Intelligence; +7, +3, +0 for Willpower).

As you can see it's perfectly fine to exclude one of the Minor Skills from the level up plan, and in this example there was no need to level-up Restoration since we already fulfilled the two key requirements before leveling it up. Therefore, if you think about it, the minimum amount of Skills to level up is not nine, but actually only three. As a matter of fact, another efficient level up could have been:

- Hand to Hand: +10 levels (Strength: 10/10)
- Conjuration: +10 levels (Intelligence: 10/10)
- Destruction: +10 levels (Willpower: 10/10)
- All the other six* Skills: +0 levels

*Alchemy, Alteration, Blade, Blunt, Mysticism, Restoration. Of course you also won't level up (+0 levels) the remaining 12 Skills (those that are not related to the three Attributes you decided to raise in this level-up).

In this second example we also fulfilled the two requirements, but we only leveled up one Major Skill (Hand to Hand) and two Minor Skills. The sum of level-ups of the Major Skills is still 10, the sum of level ups for the Minor Skills is still 20, and the sum of level ups of the three skills (one Major, two Minor) associated with the same Attribute is still 10.

Whether to distribute the level-ups more widely among the nine skills involved rather than focusing only on three skills is up to you, though from personal experience I can tell that you are more likely to use the second approach rather than the first one. As a matter of fact, it's easier to sit there and focus on leveling up a certain skill by 10 levels (for instance, sit there and punch your horse until you level up Hand to Hand 10 times, sit there and spam Conjuration and Destruction spells until you gain 10 levels in each) rather than doing multiple tasks at once. It's also a bit easier to track the progression of your skills with the second approach (the focus on three skills only), because in this case you don't even need to remember the pre-grinding level of the nine skills involved since remembering only the three of them that you are going to level up is enough.

Sometimes you will need to work on all the nine skills though (or at least more than just three). This is mainly due to the fact that some skills may level up "accidentally", so even if you planned to focus only on three skills you may need to change your plans slightly. For example, let's say that you want to raise your Speed, which governs these skills: Athletics, Acrobatics, Light Armor. Your plans at first might be to get +10 levels on Light Armor by getting hit over and over by some aggressive rats in the Imperial Sewers. However, you may "accidentally" level up your Athletics skill by +2 levels (random number to make this example) as you walk towards the location where you will level up (Athletics is leveled up by walking, in case you don't know). For this reason you would want to change your original plan of +10 levels on Light Armor to +8 levels of Light Armor to add to the +2 level of Athletics that you got by accident.

Therefore it's still a good idea to take note of all the levels of the nine skills related to the three Attributes you want to raise on the next level up, and always double-check that you haven't made any "accidental" level-up of skills. Note that another consequence of the fact that some skill may "accidentally" level up is that you should plan to invest your first level-ups to raise some specific Attributes with some specific Skills; this will be a matter of discussion in the last part of this page, when speaking of the very last suggestions to make your level-up process as smooth as possible.

Up to this point we have discussed the classic approach "5/5/5". You probably understood that the term "5/5/5" means that you get an increase of +5 for the three Attributes you decided to work on in the current level up. In other words, in our previous main examples when you go to bed after raising your skills you will get up and you'll be able to raise your Strength by 5, your Intelligence by 5, your Destruction by 5. Of course the remaining five Attributes can only be raised by +1, since you didn't level up a single Skill (Major/Minor) for them.

As we anticipated in the first part of this section of the page there is also another approach, the "5/5/1" approach. As a matter of fact what we said so far it's all true when you decide to level up three Attributes among the seven Attributes that govern skills (Strength, Intelligence, Willpower, Agility, Speed, Endurance, Personality). What about Luck, the eighth Attribute?

When you decide to raise Luck in your next level-up the Skills you will focus on are six instead of nine (3 Skills * 2 Attributes = 6). For example, if you decide to level up Strength, Intelligence and Luck, you will need to pay attention only to Blade, Blunt, Hand to Hand (Strength) and Alchemy, Conjuration, Mysticism (Intelligence). The two golden rules, the two key requirements you must fulfill for the efficient level-up, are still the same: +10 levels among Major Skills and +20 levels among Minor Skills; +10 levels among the three Skills governed by the same Attribute. The only difference is that the second requirement needs to be taken in consideration only for two Attributes (Strength and Intelligence) because the third one that we're going to level up (Luck) doesn't govern any Skill.

So, similarly to our previous examples (assuming we have the same Major Skills and Minor Skills that we set earlier), an optimal level-up to raise Strength, Intelligence and Luck is:

- Hand to Hand: +2 levels (Strength: 2/10)
- Alchemy: +1 level (Intelligence: 1/10)
- Blade: +5 levels (Strength: 7/10)
- Blunt: +3 levels (Strength: 10/10)
- Conjuration: +4 levels (Intelligence: 5/10)
- Mysticism: +5 levels (Intelligence: 10/10)

And of course you can focus on less Skills too:

- Hand to Hand: +10 levels (Strength: 10/10)
- Conjuration: +10 levels (Intelligence: 10/10)
- All the other four* Skills: +0 levels

*Alchemy, Blade, Blunt, Mysticism. Of course you also won't level up (+0 levels) the remaining 15 Skills (those that are not related to the three Attributes you decided to raise in this level-up).

Regardless of the approach (focus on anything between 6 and 2 Skills), this is an efficient level-up, and after going to bed you'll be able to raise Strength by 5, Intelligence by 5, and all the other Attributes by 1. In particular, you will choose Luck as your third Attribute to raise, so you get an increase of +5/+5/+1 in Strength/Intelligence/Luck.

Now you know why these two leveling up strategies (5/5/5 and 5/5/1) exist, and the reasons why they both exist: the 5/5/5 approach is an optimal level-up for seven Attributes, while the 5/5/1 approach is an optimal level-up for eight Attributes. At this point you are probably wondering if it's worth investing time in raising Luck, since raising Luck practically means that you will raise the remaining seven Attributes (which you probably hold dear much more than the random Luck) slower, in particular at 67% (2/3; it's because you raise two of the seven Attributes per level up instead of three) of the efficiency you could work on raising them. There is no real answer to this question: Luck is, indeed, much less important than the other seven Attributes, since it doesn't really make you stronger. On the other hand it *is* an Attribute after all, and therefore if you are a perfectionist you will probably want 100 Luck too.

The last thing to say about these two approaches is that of course you don't have to "choose one and stick with it forever", but you can (and will, unless you decide to give up on Luck and stick only to the 5/5/5) decide to make some level-ups with a strategy and some other level-ups with the other approach. In any case, know that if you do plan on maxing out your Attributes (including Luck) then you should stick with the 5/5/1 approach until you max-out Luck. The reason is rather simple: it will take less levels to max out the eight Attributes with the 5/5/1 approach (on the contrary if you don't care about Luck it will take less levels to max out the remaining seven Attributes with the 5/5/5 approach; this is obvious).

If you don't believe so, then think that there are four Attributes instead of eight, called A, B, C, Luck. The Attributes max out at 20 instead of 100, they start at level 1 by default, and the most you can raise them per level up is +5 for A, B, C and +1 for Luck (like it is in the real game). With the 5/5/1 approach you can do the first four level-ups to raise A, B, Luck (+20/+20/+5); then you do the next four level-ups to raise C and Luck (+20/+0/+5)*, so at this point you are level 9 (you start at level 1 by default, so it's 1+4+4) and you have maxed out A, B, C and you have Luck at level 9. The last eleven level-ups are only to raise Luck (+0/+0/+11)* -- at level 20 you have a character with all the Attributes maxed-out.

If you choose the 5/5/5 approach in this fictionary example then you can raise A, B, C in the first four levels (+20/+20/+20), so you have them maxed-out when you are level 5 (instead of level 9 of the 5/5/1 approach), but then you would need another nineteen levels to max-out Luck (+0/+0/+19)*. Therefore you need to reach level 24 to max-out all the stats, instead of level 20 with the 5/5/1 approach. Long story short, since Luck is the slowest Attribute to raise, if you want to raise it in the first place then you should go for the 5/5/1 approach -- it will raise your seven "important" Attributes more slowly, but it pays out on the long run since you will finish maxing out every Attribute, including Luck, as early as possible.

*The 5/5/5 approach and 5/5/1 approach are the main approaches, true. Of course once you are about to finish leveling up the Attributes (when you need to raise less than three Attributes) you'll end up with some 5/5/0, 5/0/1, 0/0/1 or even 0/0/5 (0/0/5 is hardly likely, since Luck is usually the last Attribute you max so you probably won't end up with all Attributes maxed out except for one of the seven that govern Skills, but anyways), but only because you are "out of Attributes to raise".

With this being said, there is nothing else to say about the efficient way of leveling up. The last topic of this page will deal with some suggestions on raising skills and leveling up.

Final suggestions

Difficulty doesn't change the speed at which you level up. There are however some situations where changing difficulty will make a difference. For example, raising the difficulty while training a skill such as Hand to Hand is a good idea, since it's a skill that levels-up by a certain amount every hit you land, and therefore it's more convenient to have a target that dies in, say, 100 hits rather than a target that will get killed after the second punch.

Regarding the "priority" of leveling up, Luck, Speed and Endurance have the highest of all. The reasons are:

- Luck levels-up more slowly than the other Skills, as explained a few paragraphs ago
- Speed governs the two Skills that are easier to level up by accident (Acrobatics and Athletics)
- Endurance increases the amount of HP (Health) you get at the next level up (you get +[Endurance/10] HP; if your Endurance is 80, you get +8 HP upon leveling)

In particular, raising Luck is a priority "on the long term", meaning that you want to stick with raising Luck basically until you max it out (one of the last level-ups you will do, if not the last one). Endurance is a "medium term" priority, because you want to max it out (so you can have max HP when leveling up) as soon as possible, but you'll be done with it before your last level-up. As for Speed, it's a "low term" priority, since you can actually stop giving it priority even before you max it out: Athletics and Acrobatics will level up VERY slowly when they reach higher skill levels, and therefore it's pretty much impossible to level up by accident Athletics from, say, level 75 to level 76. Of course all the walks and runs you make will still give you some accidental level-ups on these Skills, but it's highly unlikely that they will stack so much to actually make a difference (remember that to reach max Attributes you don't need a "perfect" level-up, and some accidental level-ups are allowed).

Due to these priorities, you first level-ups should be focused on maxing out Endurance while raising Luck and Speed. After reaching level 40-50 in Athletics (30 is enough for Acrobatics) you are basically safe from accidental level-ups of these skills, so you can remove the "priority flag" from the Speed Attribute and raise another random Attribute that you want. Just keep an eye out for Athletics and Acrobatics every now and then maybe: if you see that they are about to gain a skill level you might as well decide to work on them to actually make a skill level-up on them (either or both) and dedicate your current level-up to increasing Speed. These are all intuitive "good ideas", but they are worth mentioning nonetheless.

Another consequence of these priorities is that you should choose your Race/Sex, Birthsign and Class (the whole Character Creation) according to them. In particular, since Luck has the highest priority of all, you should choose The Thief Birthsign (Luck +10) and make a Custom Class with Luck as one of your two "Favored Attributes" (so Luck gets another +5). Regarding the Gender/Sex, none gives a boost for Luck; the second-highest priority is Endurance, and the best Races for Endurance are Orc, Redguard (either gender) and the Male Nord (each of them gives +10 Endurance).

The other things left to choose are the Class "Specialization", the Class second "Favored Attribute", and of course the Major and Minor Skills. The second Favored Attribute is an easy choice: Endurance, since it's the other one (along with Luck) that you want as high as possible by default. The "Specialization" is not very important, but if you have to choose you should probably go with Magic; it's a decision made by excluding Combat and Stealth rather than a real preference for Magic, since Combat and Stealth already have a lot of skills that are rather easy to level-up, while Magic has a few that go up quite slowly. Moreover, Combat is associated with Athletics and Stealth with Acrobatics, so if you choose Combat/Stealth you will level-up faster one of the two Skills that level-up by accident more easily. Then again, it won't make much difference.

Note that if you don't want to max-out Luck then you should choose The Lady Birthsign (+10 Endurance). It doesn't matter which will be your Favored Attribute instead of Luck, since none of the other six Attributes needs a good starting point from the point of view of the leveling up efficiency. You may want to choose Willpower as Favored Attribute since the speed at which you regenerate MP (Magicka) depends on your Willpower, but a boost of +5 to start, while nice, doesn't make much difference.

Lastly, the Major and Minor Skills. The two criteria that you should use to make your choice are based on what we said so far. First and most important, make sure to choose a Major Skill for each of the seven Attributes that govern skills (i.e. don't pick two Major Skills if they are both governed by the same Attribute, like Blade and Blunt). Then, for extra planning, avoid choosing skills that on the long run are harder to level up and prefer those that you can level up more easily (the Major Skills need to hit very high levels to max-out the Attributes since they are also necessary to level up your character, while the Minor Skills won't always need to reach high levels to max-out Attributes). The most famous case is the skill Mercantile, which you should definitely avoid. Read the next and last "how-to-level-skills" part to get an idea of which skills level up more quickly on the long run, and therefore should be preferred as Major Skills.

Another thing to make a couple of choices are the Light Armor and Heavy Armor skills. If you plan to use Light Armor in the game, then you should not choose Light Armor as a Major Skills; same thing if you want to use Heavy Armor. The reason is obvious: if you're going to level up by accident (the skills Light Armor and Heavy Armor are leveled up when you get hit while equipping these pieces of equipment, so it's very possible to get accidental level-ups while fighting) it's better if you level up a Minor Skill rather than a Major Skill, since wasting a level up of Minor Skill is not such a big deal as wasting a level up of Major Skill. In case you wonder, neither is better between Light and Heavy Armor, it's only a matter of personal taste.

At last, as just anticipated, some suggestions on how to level up your skills. The skills are grouped by Attribute governing them.

Strength - Blade, Blunt, Hand to Hand

The strength skills are leveled up when you hit a living target (dummies don't count, it must be a living being with some HP) with a certain type of weapon. In particular, cutting blades (swords, knives, ...) will level up Blade; axes will level up Blunt; bare fists (no weapon equipped) will level up Hand to Hand.

Leveling up these skills is done more easily if you summon a monster with one of the Conjuration spells, then raise up the difficulty and beat the monsters up for good. Note that the monster will fight back if you start attacking him, so be careful and ready to take some damage. For this reason it's usually a good idea to level up Heavy Armor/Light Armor at the same time as the Strength skills: they are all "melee-fighting" types of skills, so getting into this kind of action is likely to earn you points in each of them.

A good way to raise Hand to Hand (to some extent also the other two, though they don't work that well) is to punch the horses you own. Don't do this on random horses, since they will fight back and die eventually. If you do this on your own horse, with high difficulty, the downsides basically don't exist. This is perfect when you do it against a powerful horse like the one you are gifted after one of the Dark Brotherhood quests ("The Purification"), since it not only has a lot of health, but it's also literally impossible to kill it (it will just faint on the ground).

Since Hand to Hand deals the least damage and levels up slightly faster than the other two, it's the optimal Major Skill to choose among the three related to Strength.

Intelligence - Alchemy, Conjuration, Mysticism

Alchemy levels up very easily, and is pretty much impossible to level up by accident. It can level up when you eat random stuff (not very effective) or when you create potions with the alchemy sets and the ingredients (most effective way).

Conjuration, like every spell-related skill, is best leveled up by creating a cheap custom spell at the Arcane University (you need to be a member of the Mages Guild to do so). The cheapest option is a Summon Skeleton spell which lasts only 1 second, so it also costs the least possible Magicka and you can spam it over and over. The reason why you want to use a "weak" spell (the custom ones can be as weak as possible, usually weaker than the weakest pre-made spell found in shops, dungeons, etc.) is that it will take less Magicka to use the spell and you also must use the spell for a "real" purpose (for instance if you fail to hit your target when casting offensive spells to level up the skill Destruction you will not gain Exp for that skill). The strength of a spell is a value known as "Magnitude". Keep in mind the "block and cast" tip written in the General hints and tips too (if you draw your weapon and hold LT to Block, you can spam spells with RB more quickly than if you weren't blocking). Once you run out of Magicka, use the "Wait" feature (press Back and wait for as much as you want) to recover it. This will not work for The Atronach Birthsign characters, which will need to use potions to heal while grinding.

Mysticism is another spell-related skill: create a custom "Detect Life" spell for this one and spam it on yourself. Again, set minimal "Magnitude", the strength of the spells, so it takes less Magicka to use it, allowing you to cast it more times before needing a break for healing.

Conjuration is the best of these as Major Skill, since it goes up twice as fast as Mysticism and is much easier than Alchemy. On the other hand, Alchemy is also the safest of all since it's "accidental-level-up-proof".

Willpower - Alteration, Destruction, Restoration

Alteration is a spell-related skill; create a weak custom "Shield" spell and spam it on yourself.

Destruction is another spell-related skill. A good custom spell for this one is "Weakness to Fire" (or any other element, it doesn't matter) since you can set it to cast it on yourself.

Restoration is again a spell-related skill; go for a custom "Restore Fatigue" spell here.

Alteration goes up faster than the other two, so it's the best choice as Major Skill.

Agility - Marksman, Security, Sneak

Marksman levels up when you hit a living target. You can summon an enemy with Conjuration spells, raise up the difficulty, jump on a roof where the summoned enemy won't reach you, and spam arrows from there.

Security goes up when you succeed in fixing a tumbler of a lock you are trying to open, but also when you use the "Auto-Attempt" feature. The shops of the Market District of Imperial City can be lock-picked repeatedly at night, and the locks will be "respawned" after a few days of waiting in-game time. It's useful to have the "Skeleton Key" (see General hints and tips) for this one. So either Auto-Attempt the locks of shops, or simply learn to stick the tumblers in and work on the same lock over and over without opening it (fix all the tumblers but one, then exit and try again: the tumblers will be reset again).

Sneak is very simple if you can find someone standing still (a guard near a gate) and you auto-run (keep LS held in a direction where you run against a wall or something) while you are somewhere undetected, like between a wall and a building. Alternatively you can pickpocket random people. Having a 100% Chameleon effect (see correspondent section of the walkthrough) helps.

Security and Sneak are both excellent Major Skills, but you may prefer Sneak since it can be automatised.

Speed - Acrobatics, Athletics, Light Armor

Acrobatics goes up when you make a jump and when you take damage from a fall. The second way is more risky but levels you up more quickly. On the other hand if you can find a low "roof" of some kind (for instance the bottom part of the piers) and you manage to jump repeatedly below the small roof then you can easily tap the jump button to jump, hit the roof (so the jump lasts only a fraction of second and you immediately return on the ground), jump again, etc.

Athletics is leveled up when you run or swim. Swimming is more effective, but not by much. If you have it, equip a piece of equipment with a Water Breathing enchantment and swim underwater towards a rock or something. Otherwise simply run towards a wall outside of the water. For obvious reasons you don't gain Athletics points if you ride a horse.

Equip Light Armor gears and get hit repeatedly by aggressive enemies to raise the Light Armor skill. The rats in the Imperial Sewers are good options, but any place will work fine. Turn the difficulty to the minimum, so you don't take much damage.

Light Armor is the easiest to level up and the least likely to level up by accident, so it's a good choice. If you plan on using Light Armor in the game you may change your choice to Acrobatics, since it's less likely to level up by accident than Athletics and Light Armor.

Endurance - Armorer, Block, Heavy Armor

For Armorer you can create a custom spell with a "Disintegrate Armor" effect to cast on yourself. Then simply use a Repair Hammer to repair the broken armor.

To raise Block find an enemy and hold the block button to defend; each hit blocked will level you up. As for Light Armor, turn down the difficulty.

Heavy Armor works like Light Armor, except you have to equip Heavy Armor suits.

Heavy Armor is quite easy to level up without an active effort, so it's the best of these. If you want to use Heavy Armor in the game then you may prefer Armorer instead, which cannot level up "by accident".

Personality - Illusion, Mercantile, Speechcraft

Illusion is a spell-related skill; create a weak custom "Light" spell and spam it.

Mercantile goes up every time you buy and sell something. Selling multiple items at once will not level it up more, so keep buying and selling low-cost items from/to the same merchant over and over.

Speechcraft is easy to level up, since it goes up every time you complete a "round" of the "Persuasion minigame". Approach any other character and do the minigame randomly; it doesn't matter if his disposition goes up or down. As a matter of fact, it's better if you fail since you won't reach the max disposition (usually around 100) which would prevent you from continuing the minigame. Any NPC is ok to do this. Bribing doesn't increase this skill.

Speechcraft goes up very fast and can't be leveled up by accident (the only times you need to raise it to progress in some quests it can still be bypassed by bribing the NPC instead of doing the persuasion minigame), and it's the ideal Major Skill by definition.


Among the other glitches, some of them can be exploited in order to gain great advantage in the game as early as when you are out of the Imperial Sewers, the first dungeon of the game. The glitches I'm talking about are the "duplication glitch" and the "level up glitch", which both rely on the "slow brain" of the game when it comes to understanding what you asked it to do. A third glitch that can come in handy is the "Dorian's Gold glitch", which allows you to gain basically unlimited Gold very easily and quickly (this one was fixed with a Title Update though).

Another interesting matter of discussion is the "100% Chameleon" status: it's not a glitch or a bug, just a sort of game-breaking abuse of a certain status (Chameleon) that allows you to become invisible, making a lot of tricky quests much easier (the most "difficult" quests of the game are pretty much all made harder only by the fact that you must be stealthy) and also making the actual gameplay potentially more fun and less tedious (it's easier to break the laws when nobody can see you...).

Duplication glitch

The duplication glitch allows you to duplicate items (most of them), or more properly to multiply items. The basic steps of the duplication glitches are:

1. Get two or more "Scrolls" (they are one of the several types of objects of the game) of the same name, i.e. more units of the same Scroll.
2. Open the inventory and find the chosen Scroll. Press A while selecting the Scroll.
3. Select the item you want to multiply and press X on it. Note that by "select" I mean "move your cursor on it": you don't want to press A on this second item!
4. By doing this you will drop the item you selected (X is the "Drop" button). The glitch will cause the game to drop the item you selected, but in the amount correspondent to how many Scrolls (the one you previously selected with A) you have. In other words it will think that you are dropping all the Scrolls and it will save in its memory "drop N Scrolls", and when you drop another item instead of resetting everything it will still remember "drop N ..." part.

Here is a video of this process.

Note that this glitch may not work with certain items. For some reason some items simply won't work, but thankfully there is a lot of items that will work with this. This glitch is best used to multiply your stocks of potions (like the Strong Potion of Sorcery and Strong Potion of Healing) and also to multiply your stocks of valuable items that you then want to sell to get more Gold.

Moreover this glitch can be made exponentially more effective if you use it to multiply the Scrolls themselves. Say that you have three "Fire Scrolls" and one "Frost Scroll". You can use the glitch to multiply the Frost Scroll, so that when you drop it you will actualy drop 3x Frost Scroll (three is the amount of Fire Scrolls that you will select before choosing to discard the Frost Scroll). Grab one of the Frost Scrolls and use the glitch on it again to drop three more Frost Scrolls (now on the ground there is a total of six). Grab another Frost Scroll from the ground and repeat the glitch again to drop three Frost Scrolls. At this point you can get all the Frost Scrolls and select them (nine) as "duplicating Scroll" and the three Fire Scrolls as "duplicated Scroll", and keep repeating this whole process for as long as you want to increase the amount of Scrolls you have exponentially.

There are two things that you want to keep in mind when doing this trick though. The first and obvious consequence of duplicating too many things is that when you pick them up you add each new item in your inventory, and this means increasing your Weight. If you were to abuse this trick to duplicate a ton of potions (400+) you would easily be near or even past the max Weight you can carry. This is not really a problem, since you can always drop the surplus, but what I'm trying to say is that you should be careful with what you duplicate because it would be pointless to have a lot of useless objects in your inventory. The only thing worth duplicating massively are the potions (100+ for the Health and the Magicka-recovering potions) and the Lockpicks (500+) and sometimes also some valuable objects like the Sapphires, which you can get in many amounts just for the sake of reselling them to earn some Gold (you won't need a lot of Gold since you can duplicate the objects, really).

The other and more important consequence of over-doing this trick is that the game can't stand a massive spawn of items on the ground. You simply can't ask the game to spawn on your screen a thousand objects without paying the consequences of this massive amount of data that was never supposed to be calculated in the first place. The game will slow up a bit when you start dropping around 100 items (it will probably freeze for a few instants as soon as you drop them, but then it should recover safely), but I strongly suggest not to do this trick over the 100 units. Also because of this reason, try not to leave the surplus of items on the ground, especially if you do this trick in open areas (for instance if you do this in the streets of Imperial City): if you leave them there they will still be there the next time you visit that place, which means more loading times, or even a dramatic drop of frame-rate in those areas. You've been warned.

Level up glitch

The other glitch that exploits the slow brain of the game is the level up glitch. This glitch allows you to get free level-ups as long as you have a save file that can level up the "legit" way.

1. Say you have two saves: save "A" where you have a character that can level up legit, and save "B" where you want to level up.
2. Load save "A" and reach a bed to sleep (see the "Character leveling" section of this page for more info on the leveling process). Go to sleep and select, say, 10 hours of sleep time (the hours don't matter, just pick something above two hours so you have enough time to open the menu).
3. As soon as you see that the first hour has passed, press Start to open the menu. Now load save "B". The exact moment when the first hour passes is when the game calculates that the next time the game is loaded you will level up. Of course the game would expect to load the same playthrough you were playing when you went to bed (so it would level you up normally on save "A"), but if you ask the game to load another save instead then it will trigger the level up on that save, which in this case is save "B".

Here is a video of this process.

Therefore you will reload save "B" and you'll be prompted a level-up screen like if you really leveled up on save "B" instead than save "A". To repeat the glitch, simply save the game of save "B" after your level up, then reload save "A" (which is still a save with a character ready to make a legit level-up) and repeat the glitch again by going to sleep and reloading the new save "B", which already leeched a level-up from save "A" and will now leech another level-up the exact same way.

There is one counter-indication for this process though: although you can fool the game as far as the level-up is concerned, you can't fool the game as far as the attributes growth goes. Without going into too many details (the attributes growth upon leveling is explained in the "Character leveling" section of this page), when you level up on save "B" with this glitch you will be able to increase your attributes (when leveling) according to the real Skills growth you made since the last level-up. This practically means that if you do this glitch over and over, on save "B" you will get a character at higher level, sure, but each level-up will only earn you a growth of +1 (the minimum you can get) instead of the optimal growth of +5 in your attributes. In other words, your level increases, but you gain the least benefits possible from leveling up.

Moreover, the enemies will level up with you when you do this glitch, and therefore you will end up with a character that is at high level but with weak attributes, which on the long run can result in a character much weaker than the enemies because his growth was cheated. It's a bit like when people go on steroids to pump their muscles: it's all appearance :p

There are however some positive consequences of this glitch. First of all, some optional quests (un-related to the main quests, and un-related to the achievements) require you to be at a certain level to be started. If you're going to use this glitch I doubt you love the game much enough to care about these quests in the first place, but hey that's your call.

Second of all (and this is the main reason why we're talking about it), just like the enemies you encounter will level up with you, also the items you pick up (from chests, etc.) will be upgraded if your level is higher. In particular, the "Sigil Stones" (some special and unique items) effects are also related to your level, and their effect is the best when you are above level 17.

A third aspect is that the level up glitch is the only way to go beyond the cap level of 53 in the game, though quite frankly I can't see the point of doing it since you can already get a "perfect" (maxed-out stats) character legit.

Dorian's Gold glitch

One of the inhabitants of Imperial City - Talos Plaza District called "Dorian" is subject to a game glitch that allows you to get the Gold he carries (even more than 100 Gold; you can Bribe him when persuading him to give him more Gold to start with) without actually removing it from his body. In other words, he is an unlimited source of Gold, and you can easily sneak into his house (located in the Southeast part of the district), kill him, and then repeatedly loot his body to gain the Gold. This can generate an enormous amount of Gold in no time (you just have to tap A to get more than 100 Gold every time) -- make sure to use this glitch if you need Gold to buy whatever you like. Note that this glitch has been fixed by a Title Update, so it will not work if you have downloaded it. It's no big deal after all, since you can still become rich with the duplication glitch (but really, completing the main quests, especially the Arena fights, is more than enough to become rather rich).

100% Chameleon

Many quests of the game have stealth portions that require you to sneak in places crowded by many people, steal and sneak into houses while being undetected. The problem with this is the "while being undetected" part, since in a speed playthrough it's very easy to rush too much and trigger an alarm that will result in a massive chase (all the guards in the world will hunt you down mercilessly and they basically won't stop until they catch you). To avoid all of these problems there is one solution: becoming invisible.

The term "invisible" is not the best I could use to be honest, because the game has also an "Invisible" effect, different from the "Chameleon" effect, which shares many features with Chameleon but is not the subject discussed here. Just so you know it, it's not possible to be "Invisible" permanently, while being "Chameleon" permanently *is* possible. By "permanently" here I mean "automatically": you could drink potions and cast spells to be Invisible or Chameleon, but what you want to do is to add the "Chameleon" effect to your equipment, so that once you wear that equipment you don't have to do anything else to remain invisible.

The basic idea of this process is to enchant your equipment (four different pieces of equipment) with the Chameleon effect. In order to enchant the equipment you can use either a "Sigil Stone" (there is a limited amount of these, but you can get them easily in one of the first story-related dungeons) or the enchanting process available at the altars of the Mage Guild's place (one can be found in the "Chironasium", Southwest in the "The Arcane University" location of Imperial City). A video of the process done with the duplication glitch and the Sigil Stones can be watched here.

With the Ascendent Sigil Stones the process is very simple: use an "Ascendent Sigil Stone" imbued with the Chameleon effect (select it with A in your inventory) so the enchanting menu is prompted. Then select the piece of equipment you want to enchant with that Ascendent Sigil Stone, and confirm your intention to make that enchantment. Note that the maximum effect that can be associated with an Ascendent Sigil Stone will be "+25% Chameleon", and therefore you will need to do this on four different pieces of equipment (minimum) to reach a total of 100% Chameleon. It's possible to duplicate the Ascendent Sigil Stone with the duplication trick, so this is really not an issue. Also keep in mind that the Ascendent Sigil Stones can have a +25% Chameleon effect only if you pick them up when your level is 13 or higher; if your level is lower the effect will also be lower (at level 12 for example you get a +20% Chameleon effect, so you need five different pieces of equipment to reach 100% Chameleon).

The other method is much more tedious. First you need to get some "Grand Soul Gems" (they can be bought in the magic shops; the supplies aren't very large, but if you search for them in every shop you'll get more than enough) and then you need to fill them with a "Grand Soul" (you need to use some spells that can trap the souls of the defeated enemies into these "Gems", and it must be some powerful enemies for it to become a "Grand Soul Gem - Level: Grand"). Then you will use the "Grand Soul Gems - Level: Grand" at the "Altar of Enchanting" in the Mage Guild's places (such as the aforementioned Chironasium of Imperial City). Note that to access these features you must be a member of their guild. Once you can use one of these altars you will consume the Grand Soul Gems to add a +20% Chameleon effect to the pieces of equipment you want. It's not possible to get a +25% Chameleon effect with the Grand Soul Gems. You also need to have a spell with the Chameleon effect in your grimoire to be able to add this effect with the enchantment. The "only" positive thing about this other method is that it can be done in a completely legit way (no glitches are necessary to do this).

Once you finally have the enchanted pieces of equipment, put them all on to reach the 100% Chameleon effect, thus becoming invisible on the screen and stay virtually safe for most of the game. Sneaking and lock-picking will be extremely easy even with other characters around you in day time. Note that you are not exactly immune against every law: if you kill (or pickpocket, etc.) a guard they somehow will manage to find you regardless of your Chameleon cover. On the other hand, even if they find you you can simply decide to "resist to the arrest" and run away: they won't be able to see were you go, so you can make your escape with ease. There are still some hazards against which you are not protected even with this cover, but they are just minor "imperfections" that won't bother you. The process of course can be reversed at any time: as soon as you un-equip the items enchanted with Chameleon effect you will lose the effect associated to them and become visible again. This is usually not necessary, since you can speak with the characters (including those to start the main quests) even with the 100% Chameleon effect on.

Beware that the NPCs can hear you if you wear Boots (especially the heavy ones), so you should probably use other types of equipment to reach the 100% Chameleon result. In particular they can hear you if your Sneak Skill is lower than level 50; if it's higher then wearing Boots won't make you more detectable while in Sneak mode.


In this and the next page of the Story Walkthrough you will find a walkthrough of the main quest of the game. The pages have been divided in sections, quest by quest, to give an essential (but comprehensive of all the necessary info) guide to the completion of the Main Quest of Oblivion.

Keep in mind that there is a lot of multi-choice dialogues in the game, and most of the time what you choose doesn't affect anything (the typical choices are between some optional info and the choice that makes you progress; the latter will continue to appear until you pick it), or don't have an impact on the main quest development anyway. In the main game none of the choices you make will affect the achievements, and the few times when a certain answer may cause a slightly different development of secondary events you can choose whatever you prefer (the gamer's logic is enough to make a better choice; if someone asks if you want help then you should probably say "Yes" -- it's not rocket science).

The walkthrough will not contain major spoilers about the story events, but you should expect some minor references about the places to visit and characters to deal with. There won't be unnecessary references or anticipations in any case, so you'll be fine even if you read ahead.

Make sure to follow the section "Preparations for the adventure" (shortly after the first quest), since it provides useful info on items that you probably want to get before focusing on the rest of the adventure (including the secondary quest-lines and the DLC).

If you need to find a specific quest in these pages, use the CTRL+F search function of your browser to type in the name of the quest preceeded by a " # " marker (like "# Tutorial"). Here is the quest index (Part I):

- Tutorial
- Deliver the Amulet
- Find the Heir
- Breaking the Siege of Kvatch

Story Walkthrough

# Tutorial

The adventure starts in the Imperial Dungeon, and the first thing you have to do is create a character. For every player of Oblivion, the character creation is one of the "hardest" things to do, since it's easy to get lost among all the possible options given. You can find more info on character creation and leveling in the correspondent page of this walkthrough. Also remember that you can change your choices (including the appearance) before exiting the Sewers, the last portion of the first dungeons that you're going to explore soon, so don't worry if you change your mind after the first choices made now. If you can't decide which class to use, then a good choice for the average player can be the Redguard class.

Approach the cell door and an unpleasant conversation will start. After a short while, someone will come and visit you: turn around and head for the wall opposite the door to let them in. Another conversation will trigger afterwards; pick all the options available until you can progress with the story. Note that you can play in third-person or first-person view. To change between the two, press RS. The first person allows you to be more accurate, especially when interacting with the environment (a cursor clearly displays what you are "aiming" at; in third-person this is not available).

Imperial Prison

Follow the soldiers and at one point you'll be assaulted by some enemies. You can't really fight right now, so let the NPCs do the job for you. Then loot the bodies of the dead enemies to find some useful items, including a Steel Shortsword and a Torch. Equip them both before continuing: press B to access your journal, navigate with LT/RT to select the second tab (the one with a "fist" icon; it's the one for the equipment) and also navigate with LS or the D-Pad to check among the different categories of equipment instead of the all-inclusive tab (the left-most). The sword will be found in the second page of the equipment tabs, among the other Weapons, while the torch is one of the Miscellaneous items of the last tab.

While you are navigating in the menus, take a look at the rest of your inventory/journal too. The four main tabs you can choose from, with LT/RT, are: the main character's status, the equipment, the spells, and the proper journal with a record of your active/current/completed quests. Each of these has its own sub-tabs which deal with different things. Explore the menus to get acquainted with all the features available, and in particular make sure to check out the in-game maps (fourth tab, the same of the journal). The game even provides two different maps: one is the "local" map of the dungeon/city/house where you are, while the other is the world map, in its full extension.

Note that you could also loot other enemies' bodies to get extra resources, but although you might be tempted to mop up everything you find it's better to not do so to keep your total carried weight low (they do have some useful potions if you want, but definitely leave their robes on the ground). You can check the weight in the equipment tab of the menu; it's a number represented near a feather symbol and it's very important to keep it low. There are no particular consequences of carrying a lot of weight, but if you exceed your weight allowance you will be over-encumbered and become unable to move. Also,having too many items means being always on the edge of having the necessity to drop the surplus in the future. Long story short, instead of picking up all the garbage you find, try and save the weight capacity for the important stuff. You can drop the surplus items at any time from the equipment menu though, just select the item you want to drop and press X to drop it (special items like story-related items cannot be dropped, but they typically weigh 0 to avoid issues related to their presence).

Once you are done getting familiar with the game menus, follow the guards near a gate; they will proceed onwards and leave you behind a locked door! Worry not though: some rats will break a wall, thus allowing you to proceed into another area. To fight the rats press X or RT to enter "combat mode", and then use RT to attack and LT to defend. There is no need to defend against Rats of course, so just defeat them with a swing of your new sword.

In the next area you will find the first chests of the game. If you stick to the East side you will find a skeleton on the ground: loot it to get 6x Lockpick and another Torch (ignore the rest of the stuff). Near the skeleton there is a locked chest. You can use one of the lockpicks to open it, though the lock-picking is quite tricky to learn and understand at first. The basic idea when you are prompted with the screen of lockpicking is to move the lockpick to the left/right in correspondence with the gold tumblers that are lowered, and then move LS_Up to push them up. As you do so, the tumblers will stand still on the top (aligned with the tumblers in position) for a few instants; press A to "stick" them in this position. Once all the golden tumblers are in position the lock will open. In these first easy locks there is only one tumbler to reset in position, but later things will get much more complicated, and the tumblers will also not stand still in position that easily. This will cause much labor with the lockpicks, to the point you will probably want to just use the automatic lockpick function (press X and the game will randomly try to open the lock for you) that, even though it will probably break several lockpicks every time, at least guarantees you to open the lock sooner or later without too much effort. Note that you break a lockpick every time you fail to stick a tumbler in position, even if you do it manually.

The chest near the skeleton, once open, contains 10 Gold and a Sapphire. On the West side of the room there is another chest to loot for some extra Gold. On the East side, South of the previous chest, you can also find a barrel with some more Lockpicks.

Continue Southeast towards a door; before it and on the left there is a dead shaman: loot the body to find a potion, your first two "scrolls" (Books, as the game calls them) "Chameleon" and "Flash Bolt", the Iron Key and 3x Lockpick. Thanks to the Iron Key you'll be able to go through the door Southeast without having to break through it with a lockpick. As for the "scrolls", or Books, they are "usable" spells. In other words, if you have a certain scroll you'll be able to cast the spell imbued within that scroll (Chameleon and Flash Bolt, in these first examples) even if you don't own those spells (so you wouldn't be able to cast them on your own). The scrolls, however, will be consumed upon using them.

Imperial Substructure

Make a few steps forward as you enter and loot a chest on the right side to find 5x Lockpick, 3x Torch, a potion and some "apparel" pieces of equipment (Rusty Iron Cuirass and Rusty Iron Greaves). You can also find a bunch of Arrows and a Bow, if you like to play the game as an archer (it will require a lot of patience and practice to create your own Robin Hood though; for simple gameplay it's better to stick with the swords and a few spells).

As you go on the game suggests that you start casting some spells. You can do so by pressing RB. In particular, you will cast the spell that you see displayed in the bottom-left part of your screen. You can change the selected spell in your spells menu (third section of the journal), but there is an even easier way. As a matter of fact, while navigating the journal you can associate equipment/spells to the "Hotkey", a sort of shortcut to some items of your inventory (up to eight items). What you need to do is to select a spell (or a piece of equipment, or even potions) and then press and hold Y; the "wheel" of the Hotkeys will prompt, and you'll be able to associate the selected item to one of the eight spots on the wheel by pressing D-Pad in the direction where you want to assign that item. Once it's done, close the journal and use the D-Pad (while playing the game, "out" of the journal screen) to quickly select/equip/use the item that you associated with a certain spot of the Hotkey wheel. For instance, you could put the Healing spell "Heal Minor Wounds" on the left-most spot of the Hotkey wheel, and the "Flare" spell on the right-most spot of the Hotkey wheel -- if you need to quickly select Flare in combat then you will press D-Pad_Right, while if you need to quickly select Heal Minor Wounds you will press D-Pad_Left.

After messing around with this other feature of Oblivion, keep following the tunnels to reach another room. Here you can open another chest to grab a couple of more potions and 2x Lockpick. Follow another small tunnel to reach the next room. Before going downstairs you may want to go on the left to find, on the ground "inside" a broken wall (it's quite hidden, but it's there), a locked chest. This is not only hidden, but also very well secured for the second area of the game, since it's a lock with three tumblers to set in position (it's "Average" level of difficulty). If you want to attempt opening it, save the game first, so you can reload and get your Lockpicks back in case you fail. It's worth trying to open this chest not only for the rewards inside, but also to start taking a look at how things work when they are more complicated. In this case you want to try pushing up the three tumblers repeatedly until they remain on the top for a longer period than usual (most of the time they will just fall down again though), and then stick them in position one by one by pressing A when you have a chance. This process requires more timing and reflexes as it progressively gets harder with more advanced locks. The worst part is probably that if you fail to stick a tumbler in position then all the tumblers will be reset, so you need to succeed with all of them in a row. The bounty is not very exctiting (20 Gold, 3x Lockpick, 2x Torch), so don't worry if you can't do it.

In the middle of this same room you can also find a bunch of stuff on the ground. It varies from food to pieces of equipment, and there are even some skulls and bones to pick up! Of course all the garbage should be left where it is, but you may want to grab the helmet and shield, other than the "Iron Warhammer" weapon. Further on still in this room you can find another open chest with a Rusty Iron War Axe and some Gold inside.

Continue through more tunnels. On the left as you continue there is a very small sack that you can open to find a potion and 3x Lockpick. Further on you can find a hidden barrel inside a broken wall, but it only contains 4x Ale.

Keep going on and at one point you will clearly see a skeleton on the ground and a chest on the right. Loot everything you can find, including the small red "Flawed Ruby" on the ground. Keep going on a bit further and you will find the door to the next area.

Natural Caverns

By this point you should have understood what we meant in the previous pages when we said that this game is HUGE. The amount of items found in every area is enormous, and collecting everything is as time consuming - and pointless, I may add - as it would be to list everything in a walkthrough. Therefore from now on only the most important things of each area will be pointed out: particularly strong enemies, chests with important items, and things like that. We're not going to keep track of all of the remaining smaller things that you can find, since that kind of deep and detailed search can only be left up to the players who want to play in that way.

Go on through the tunnels and rooms, fighting some Goblins (if you can, use sneak mode as the game suggests; if you hit while in sneak mode you will deal much more damage). At one point there will be a pile of logs; if you hit them they will roll and kill the goblins at the bottom of a ramp. Continue in the next room and defeat two more Goblins; proceed to the East side to find two more enemies. Make sure to loot the bodies of these last goblins; one of them in particular (the Goblin Witch) drops the valuable Goblin Shaman Staff. Proceed further on to continue to the next area.

Imperial Subterrane

Follow the passage to reunite with some old (well, five-minutes old) acquaintance of yours. After a fight (your allies will get rid of the enemies for you, but feel free to help them) a dialogue with one of these characters will automatically trigger. Pick the options that you feel most comfortable with; either way you'll be prompted with the "Birthsign selection". Scroll down the list and choose the one you prefer. If you can't choose one, The Atronach might be a good choice if you plan to either "cheat" your way through the game by exploiting a few glitches (especially the item duplication glitch) or if you actually plan to get the most out of this game by maxing out the stats and keeping a lot of good effects on (including, potentially, an immunity against magical attacks).

Some other good choices are The Mage (good Magicka boosts), The Thief (nice attributes boost which are particularly handy to max-out the attributes, if you plan to ever do so), The Lord (excellent healing spell for a playthrough where you don't want to work too hard for the best effects), and lastly The Shadow (its Invisible-effect spell can be a good alternative if you don't plan to exploit glitches and you are not committed enough to get the 100% Chameleon effect legit). There is much to customize and the picture will be more complete once you get to choose your class, which will happen soon. As anticipated earlier, you can change these choices before exiting the last portion of this first dungeon, so don't worry if you change your mind in the near future.

After more dialogues with the NPCs you will get a free Torch. Follow the story events, there is little to do but continue on the only possible path, defeating some other enemies as they spawn. At one point you will also enter a room that, on the Northwest side, has a locked door. This door requires a special key that you don't have now, so don't bother with it and keep following your comrades into the next area. Note that if you wander off too far away from them they will stop proceeding, so try to stay close to the group. When they unlock the correspondent door, continue to the next area.

The Sanctum

Continue with the story as it comes natural. You will receive the quest item Amulet of Kings (in theory it's a piece of equipment, but practically you can't equip it), as well as the Baurus' Key, which will allow you to exit this area. Moreover, it's time to choose your Class, the last of the steps to finally create your character. As for the previous choices, you can check the page of this walkthrough dedicated to this subject to find some info that should help you make your decision.

You may want to create a custom class instead of those available (which are not bad on their own). If you plan to make a quick level up early on to exploit the glitches to be done with the game, you should create a custom class like this:
- Specialization: Combat
- Favored Attributes: Strength and Intelligence
- Major Skills: Acrobatics, Athletics, Blade, Hand to Hand, Illusion, Security, Speechcraft

On the contrary, if you are planning a more "legit" playthrough and you think your goal will be to max-out the attributes, then go with:
- Specialization: not very important, but Magic is a slightly better choice
- Favored Attributes: Endurance and Luck
- Major Skills: Alchemy, Alteration, Hand to Hand, Sneak, Speechcraft. Last, pick Light Armor and Armorer if you plan to equip Heavy Armors in the game (trust me, it makes sense); otherwise (if you prefer using Light Armors) pick Heavy Armor and Acrobatics

Many other combinations are possible, and they may work even better for you than this set-up. I can't stress it enough: there is a lot of way to get the best results, or simply the results that you want, and this game offers a ton of choices for everyone's tastes. If you don't have a particular "taste" then follow these suggestions, depending on your approach at the game (speedrunner who does't mind exploiting glitches, average player, "pro" who wants the best on the long term even knowing that the 1,250 G are within your grasp if you remain at level 1 with the original stats). Otherwise learn as much as you can about the character leveling and make your own character creation as a consequence of what you know you want to do.

Phew, let's continue now, through the passage that opened where an enemy came from earlier, to reach a locked door -- use the Baurus' Key on it to unlock it and reach the last area of this place.


Proceed through the tunnels and bridges, up and down the stairs and through some gates. At one point you will finally reach the very last gate between you and freedom. Approach this gate and press A near it. Now a four-choice dialogue box will open, allowing you to:
- Edit Race (also name, gender and physical appearance)
- Edit Birthsign
- Edit Class
- Finished - Exit Sewers

Make sure to save the game on a couple of new slots (press Start to find the Save option). It's a good idea to have a backup of the game here, since if you want to start new playthroughs in the future you have a ready-to-go character just before exiting the Sewers, which still has the power to change all his general traits but doesn't have to go through the first areas of the game again.

After double-checking everything, and after saving some back-up data, pick the last option to exit the sewers. You will unlock:

Escaped the Imperial Sewers

Escaped the Imperial Sewers, Main Quest Beginning

Escaped the Imperial Sewers
3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Preparing for the adventure

There is a whole new world to explore now that you are outside of the Imperial Sewers. Your next story-related task is to deliver the Amulet of Kings to someone near Chorrol, a small town located somewhere West (and a bit North) of the Imperial City. The fact that you've been committed this task doesn't mean that you're bound to complete it now though. On the contrary, you can proceed with all the optional things this game has to offer without progressing one bit towards the main quest. This includes starting (and completing, why not) the quest-lines of the guilds, the Arena fights, or even the secondary quests that are not related to the achievements. However, keep in mind that your allies, unlike your enemies, do NOT level up with you in the game. Therefore if you over-do the optional things in the game (and in particular if you over-level; staying lower than level 20 is ok, but don't go over that point in any case) you may find yourself in the embarassing situation where your enemies are stronger, you are maybe as strong as your enemies, but your allies can't keep up with the opponents. This problem can typically be bypassed by lowering the difficulty in the Gameplay options of course, but completing the main storyline is a good thing to do before progressing too much with the optionals.

Note that you can fast-travel to the locations already "found" on your map (those that have an icon): open your journal and check the zoomed-out map (the one which displays your position on the world map, not the actual dungeons around you); navigate with RS and move the cursor on the icon of any location that is displayed on the map. The "Travel" button will prompt on the right; press A to fast-travel there. Note that fast-travelling is not possible if there are enemies around you, which is probably the case as soon as you exited the Imperial Sewers.

Without wandering off too much, a good preparation for the upcoming journey is necessary if you don't want to fall behind. Depending on how you feel about playing the game, you may or may not want to make some "legit" and/or "glitch-exploiting" preparations.

General preparations

Regarding the "legit" preparations, you can get some good free equipment to get started: a weapon, a couple of armor sets, and a useful helm with handy passive abilities. Moreover you may want to start grinding some level-ups before proceeding with the quests. In particular, if your goal is to create an "ultimate" character with maxed out stats, you should probably level up at least to level 5-6 before progressing any further with the adventure, so that you don't waste the level-ups of some passive skills such as Athletics, Acrobatics or simply Blade and Light/Heavy Armor (see the Character Creation and Leveling for more info).

Umbra Sword and Heavy Armor set

One important thing that you want to do is getting one of the best weapons of the game (yep, already), the Umbra sword, so you can use it to ravage across the lands of Cyrodiil more easily than ever. Fast-travel to the Imperial City Waterfront (the South-west most of the icons around Imperial City), and then proceed directly Southwest from it. You'll need to swim in the water; make sure to have the camera towards the sky, so you don't drown (not a problem if you are an Argonian since they can breathe underwater). You are looking for some small ruins called Vindasel, located just West of a bridge:


Enter inside and save the game, just to be safe. Vindasel is a very small dungeon with a rather powerful enemy (a humanoid) that you will find in the last room. This enemy, Umbra, will not be aggressive against you, but of course will react when you will try to kill her to get her precious sword. She also has a good armor set, but the armor's quality depends on your level and won't be as good as it can be if you attempt this at level one (it starts being the "good" set if you are at level 15 or higher; lower than 15 will get you a good, but not "that" good, armor set).

Killing Umbra to get the sword is also part of one of the optional quests of the game, but that quest is not important right now. What matters is killing Umbra and then looting her body to get the goods available, especially the main reason why you are here: the Umbra sword. Beware that Umbra is a rather strong opponent, so save the game before battling her (or be ready to lower the difficulty if necessary!). She is particularly weak against magic attacks, so abuse your spells to keep some distance from her and deal more damage. When you defeat her you may also notice a message on the top of the screen saying that "your killing has been observed": this actually means that the Dark Brotherhood will send you an invitation, and in particular a NPC will come and talk to you in the middle of the night if you go to sleep in some bed. It's only one of the many ways of getting an invitation, and we will discuss the topic of this brotherhood in its specific page.

The Umbra sword is an excellent weapon other than a quest item; as such it doesn't have any weight, which is an additional bonus. It's also very powerful and, if that wasn't enough, it has the ability of capturing the souls ("Soul Trap" effect) of the killed enemies to trap them into the "Soul Gems" (see General hints and tips). This will prove particularly useful if later you will decide to get the 100% Chameleon status, since trapping at least five Grand Souls is necessary to achieve such results the legit way. Make sure to loot her body completely before exiting back outside, so you can get a full gear of good-quality Heavy Armor: Umbra's Ebony Boots, Umbra's Ebony Cuirass, Umbra's Ebony Gauntlets, Umbra's Ebony Greaves, Umbra's Ebony Helmet, Umbra's Ebony Shield.

Light Armor set

Another thing you may want to do, if you prefer to get a good starting Light Armor instead of the Heavy Armor of Umbra's (which, regardless of the level you pick it up, is still a good set for a starter, except that it will make you move incredibly slow if you still haven't leveled up the Heavy Armor skill), is to loot another optional dungeon to get a set of Light Armor. Note that you probably can't carry both the sets right now, since all the pieces of equipment would probably weigh too much for you at this point of the game. So you should probably stick with Umbra's armor if you want to use Heavy Armors, or alternatively leave Umbra's armor in Vindasel (you can always come and get it in the future if you want) and go get the "Brusef" armor set in the Amelion Tomb.

Open you map and search all the way South and also a bit East of Imperial City to find Leyawiin, another small city. Reach the "North East Gate" of the city, and then head North of it. Before long you should find another small ruins, located just a bit above and to the left left of the "L" letter of the "Leyawiin" word on the map:

Amelion Tomb

Once you find it, locate the wooden door embedded in a rock wall and enter inside the dungeon. Here is a map with the important items that we are here for.

Inside the first area ("Amelion Tomb"), continue until there will be a fork (South, which leads to another split, or West). Go West first; an earthquake will trigger and some rocks will fall from the ceiling, blocking the way. Just before the blocked path where the rock fell, look on the ground to find a pair of shiny gauntles: grab them, they are the Brusef Amelion's Gauntles.

Then take the path South. At the next fork (Southwest or Southeast) take the path more on the West first, and follow it to find a sarcophagus. You can open it (it's an Average-lock container, but doesn't have anything particularly important), but the interesting stuff is hidden behind it: look carefully and you will see the Brusef Amelion's Boots on the ground.

Now take the other path (more East), go all the way South as far as you can, and then proceed all the way East when you can't go South anymore. In the Southeastern-most point you will find, also on the ground, the Brusef Amelion's Shield. Then continue North to find a door to the second and last area of this dungeon, the Sarcophagus Chamber.

Reach the main room (North) in the Sarcophagus Chamber; defeat the ghost floating around the place and search the Northeast corner of the room with the coffins to find, on the ground as always, the Brusef Amelion's Greaves. Lastly, still in this room, check the lower of the tombs to find Brusef Amelion's Cuirass and Brusef Amelion's Sword (the sword is a nice unique piece, but it still doesn't hold a candle against the Umbra). Note that the Cuirass and Sword are two items related to one of the Fighters Guild quests ("Amelion's Debt"), so you may want to get at least them now to save a trip later. After looting everything, take the door North of the room with the last items to reach a secondary zone of the Amelion Tomb zone.

In this last secret zone you will find a chest near a rock and some plants. It's rather well hidden, but behind the plants and the rock you can find the last piece of this collection: the Brusef Amelion's Helmet. This is all -- fall in the hole in the ground to return to the main area of the Amelion Tomb, and then exit outside again.

Fin Gleam

One last thing you want to get is a helmet which has two very useful "passive abilities" when you equip it: Water Breathing (gives unlimited time to stay underwater) and Night Eye (very useful in dark dungeons; no need for a Torch if you have this); it also has a third ability (Detect Life - 20 Feet) which is not bad at all. The helmet is the Fin Gleam, and it's found underwater somewhere West of Anvil. More precisely, West of Anvil (the West-most city on the map) you can see a small island. Then, West of this island, on the game map you can read "Abecean Sea". The Fin Gleam is located underwater just a bit West of the island, near the first bigger rock which is West of the island (you can detect the rocks better if you check the first map of the journal, the zoomed-in one) and next to a skeleton:

Fin Gleam

Optional - Exploiting glitches

If you decided to exploit the glitches to make your playthrough easier, then you can start with the first exploits now (check the page dedicated to this topic for more info).

In particular, you can travel to the Imperial City Market District (it's the Northeast section of Imperial City) and visit the shop called Edgar's Discount Spells. Inside the shop you can find four "Book" (scrolls) items called "Minor Heal Other" which you can use for the duplication glitch. Beware that as soon as you exit the shop some guards will arrest you -- be ready to drop the looted items on the ground and decide to go to jail and pay your fee. Then go back to where you dropped the stolen scrolls, pick them up again and start duplicating objects. Here is a video that shows the whole process.

With the duplication glitch you can then duplicate a bunch of items that sell for a good price, like the Sapphires or even the Goblin Shaman Staff, so you can get a lot of Gold (actually 10,000 is going to be more than enough). With the Gold acquired, visit the shop "The Gilded Carafe" and purchase the Strong Potion of Healing and Strong Potion of Sorcery (one of each is enough); duplicate these items (about 100x of each) and set them both in your two of your "Hotkeys" buttons.

You also want to level up your Major Skills (Speechcraft is the easiest of all) until you make a total of ten level-ups across all of them, so you can go to an inn (such as "The Merchant Inn" of the Market District) and rest in your bed to level up and, consequently, exploit the level-up glitch (here is a video about this other process). You want to reach level 15; not more, not less.

If you wonder about the 100% Chameleon effect, you first need to progress a bit before getting your hands on the first Ascendent Sigil Stone.

When you are done with the preparations and decide it's time to continue with the story, reach the city of Chorrol to continue with the main quest.

# Deliver the Amulet

Make sure that the currently Active Quest is "Deliver the Amulet" (you can check the current quest in the third portion of the fourth tab of your journal, the one after the maps); if it's not, scroll to the Current Quests tab and press A on "Deliver the Amulet" to activate it. Once it's done, fast-travel where the game has put a handy red icon for you, that is to say to the Weynon Priory.

Weynon Priory

Help yourself with the "local" map (the zoomed-in one) to find the exact spot where the red marker is. It will be a house: enter inside.

Weynon House

You'll be welcomed by Brother Piner. Say that you're looking for Jauffre; depending on the time of the day he will tell you where he can be found. Note that in this house, like in every house or shop of the game, the chests are not there to be grabbed by you! The original owners simply put their items in there, but getting them equals stealing, which means making the NPCs hostile, angry, even at the point of becoming violent and summoning guards to hunt you down. Therefore try to avoid unnecessary fights and don't steal, especially not from some poor monks now that you have some golden shiny armors.

Once you find Jauffre, speak with him and deliver the Amulet of Kings to continue with the story. Pick whatever option you want in the following dialogues, since it will just lead to different answers and info but essentially the story will proceed the same way. At one point you will receive a "quest" message, and another bunch of options will become available: if you want pick them all to gather even more information, otherwise simply press B to end the conversation. You will complete the story quest "Deliver the Amulet" and automatically start the next one, "Find the Heir".

# Find the Heir - Part I/II

Weynon Priory

Exit Weynon House and return outside. Open the world map to take a look at the next destination: it's Kvatch, a place located far Southwest of Chorrol. Thankfully there is an already discovered place near the spot, named just "Kvatch". You can fast-travel there if you want, but there is something else that you may want to do here first.

If you head behind (just a bit Northeast of) Weynon House you can find some stables. Here there are some horses, and you can get one of them for free. Simply press A near a horse to ride it; press A again to dismount. Note that while riding horses you won't accumulate experience to level up the Athletics skill, which is a very good thing if you are aiming for a controlled level up to maximize your stats. Moreover, the horses can fast-travel with you: if you ride a horse and then select a new destination the horse will spawn alongside with you. Horses are, of course, a faster way to move across the lands, and they work best if you follow the tracked paths on the ground instead of going in the wild forest. They are by no means necessary, but it doesn't hurt to speed up a bit!

In any case, fast-travel, or ride, to Kvatch to proceed. If you have troubles locating the exact spot, from Chorrol go all the way South to find Skingrad, and from Skingrad go almost directly West (just an inch South too) to find Kvatch.


As you arrive at the bottom of the hill of Kvatch a NPC will run towards you to tell you about the recent events of this place. Make your way to the top to find some soldiers. In particular, Savlian Matius will talk to you when you approach him (actually he will approach you). Ask the usual questions to learn more about the story events and start another story-related quest ("Breaking the Siege of Kvatch"), then quit the conversation menu when you are satisfied.

# Breaking the Siege of Kvatch

At this point you have to proceed through the dimensional gate to the world of Oblivion. No, not the game: the hell.

Oblivion Gate of Kvatch

There are many Oblivion Gates scattered throughout the land of Cyrodiil for you to enter and attempt to close. The farther you proceed into the game, the more gates will start appearing. You will recognize when you are close to one by the red tinge coloring the area, and you will encounter Daedra in the area as well. We encourage you to find and close as many of these gates as you can, or want to do. You can not only gain a lot of levels by doing so, but you can find many types of rare loot, equipment, weapons, and alchemy ingredients in the Plane of Oblivion, including Daedric weapons and armor which are some of the best in the game. Not to mention totally badass looking. We will not be covering any of the other gates in this walkthrough, with the exception of the Oblivion Gate of Kvatch, The Great Gate and the Gate at Bruma, which are the only three necessary to complete the main quest line. Please don't let that stop you from exploring these unique and dangerous realms on your own.

Plane of Oblivion

This area is a very large land with lots of hazards (lava, for instance, but even landslides with huge rocks falling from everywhere and plants attacking you on sight) and enemies. It's a good idea to defeat the enemies you find on the way, since the more you leave behind the worse it gets to defeat them all if they manage to corner you. They also can use ranged attacks (cast spells) against you, so running past them isn't really an option.

Your destination is far North of the plane. You can't take the long bridge in the middle of this place to cross to the other side of the lava, since the gates on the bridge are closed right now. Therefore, take the path on the West side of the bridge to find a way through the many dangers of this place. You will eventually find a very large set of three towers, one of which (the middle one) is particularly big. Approach its door (South side) to enter.

The Blood Feast (level 1)

The in-game map isn't very clear in this place, because it has multiple levels one above another. Moreover, the "red marker" on your map will always point at the middle of The Blood Feast area, even though to proceed you need to pass through other areas as well. The best thing to do is ignoring the red marker in this case.

It's not hard to find the way through though, since your ultimate destination is the top of the tower: if you find a staircase going up, take it; if you find one that goes down that's the way you came from.

On the left of the entrance there are two "Magicka Essence" fountains; examine them to recover some Magicka and spawn a few enemies. Now open the in-game map and locate the two "Rending Halls" exits. They are the two that are outside the circular boundaries of this place. Take either exit, since they both lead to the same place.

Rending Halls

Follow some hallways to reach a larger area with some enemies. Defeat them and examine the red "Blood Fountain" to recover some energies. Then go through either of the two doors of this larger room to return to the Blood Feast, but this time to the upper level.

The Blood Feast (level 2)

On your left and right there are some ramps that lead upwards to the next floor. Go up to find two more doors: once again it doesn't matter which one you choose, since they take you to the same place.

Corridors of Dark Salvation

There are several doors that you will see if you open the map. Two of them are where you come from; the other two near them are currently unavailable from your side of the room (they can be accessed from Southeast). Go through a hallway and defeat some enemies. You will find a locked door if you try to proceed North (also if you try to take the path that goes Southwest). The only thing you can do is exiting West through the only open door.

Plane of Oblivion

You'll find yourself on a high suspended bridge. Cross the bridge to reach the Southeast tower.

Reapers Sprawl

This place is a multi-level spiral ramp. Don't go downwards: it's a dead end. On the contrary, follow the voice of someone calling you from upstairs to find a man trapped in a cage. Near him there is an enemy: defeat this enemy and loot his body to find the Sigil Keep Key. Thanks to this key you'll be able to open the two doors of the previous area.

Before backtracking there, speak with the man in the cage, so he officially tells you that your destination is the top of the central tower. Return from where you came, crossing the bridge back to the main tower.

Corridors of Dark Salvation

Now that you have the key you can open the doors Southwest and North. The doors Southwest allow you to reach the two doors that take you to a balcony of the area The Blood Feast (level 3) where there are two "pods" that contain some items to pick up (some Gold and common scrolls). Feel free to ignore this path and simply go through the door North. Beware the spike-traps as you continue: they are displayed as tiny lines on either side of the corridor on your map, and you must hurry past them if you don't want to get stabbed/killed.

Shortly past the first spiked trap there is a door which takes you to The Blood Feast (level 4). This is where you want to go, but you can also detour further on to find another door to the Plane of Oblivion. It's not necessary, but if you detour there you will reach the Southwest tower. It's a place called "Meat Harbor", very similar to the tower Southeast, which has a spiral ramp that takes you to a couple of pod-chests that contain common stuff. Other than this, it's nothing worth the disturb, so you can simply proceed through the "correct" door on your right as you find it.

The Blood Feast (level 4 and above)

Ascend with the ramp to the upper level. Defeat a wizard enemy if you want, and then step on the red platform. Press A to activate it and use it as a teleporter for the upper levels.

After teleporting, loot a pod-chest on the left and continue up more ramps on the right, defeating more enemies as you go. At one point you will reach the upper level available from here. Here there are two doors that you will open with the Sigil Keep Key; both lead to the Sigillum Sanguis (Latin for "seal of blood") area.

Sigillum Sanguis

Almost there! Follow the only possible path, stopping by a Blood Fountain as you go, to reach the middle of this area. There are two Magicka Essence fountains here to use if you want. Then take either stairs to go up and defeat more enemies on your way to the desired top of the tower. Here you will find the first Sigil Stone of the game. Save the game now!

When you "activate" a Sigil Stone you will receive a Sigil Stone which can be imbued with all sort of different power (read: associated with different spell effects). The Sigil Stones can be used to enchant pieces of equipment with the effect of the spells. The most notorious case is the Chameleon effect, which can be added to your equipment so that you become invisible when you wear the enchanted robes, but this applies to other effects too (increasing attributes, giving other particular powers, etc.). The Sigil Stone will be more powerful if you are at higher level, and its effect caps (reaches the highest quality) if you are at level 17 or above. There will be more Sigil Stones available in the future, and there are other ways to enchant your equipment anyway (though the Sigil Stones *are* the most effective way, not to mention that they are the easiest too).

Note that to get 100% Chameleon effect it's enough to be at level 13 of higher, since at that point you get the "Ascendent Sigil Stones" (which, if the effect associated to them is Chameleon, are worth +25% Chameleon effect on your equipment); at level 17 you would get the best ones, the "Trascendent Sigil Stones" (which would give +30% Chameleon Effect), but it doesn't make getting 100% Chameleon easier (you need four pieces of equipment with +25% to get a total of 100% Chameleon, and you still need four pieces of equipment with +30% to get a total of 100% Chameleon; technically speaking you get +120% Chameleon with four +30% effects, but anything over 100% works just like 100% anyway).

After saving the game, interact with the Sigil Stone to receive a Sigil Stone. If you don't get the stone that you want (assuming you want a particular stone in the first place), open the menu and reload the save before touching the Sigil Stone: the chances are reset and you'll be able to try again to get the one you want.

Note that the enchanting effect of a Sigil Stone is the second thing you read when you select it (the first line is the effect it has when used; the second line is its enchanting effect). There are many nice effects that you can check out other than the popular Chameleon, including the Spell Absorption effect (which if you are an Atronach means getting quickly close to immunity against spells, which will be absorbed most of the time as recovered Magicka) and many others. If you don't know about it yet, check the "100% Chameleon" section of the "Exploitable Glitches and 100% Chameleon" section to find more info about enchanting items and how to proceed now that you have the Sigil Stone (Ascendent Sigil Stone in your case since you should be at level 15 or at least level 13 as suggested earlier).

After some fireworks you will find yourself back in Cyrodiil, on the top of the Kvatch hill, with a fresh new achievement added to your tag, and a new achievement unlocked:

Closed an Oblivion Gate

Closed an Oblivion Gate, Main Quest

Closed an Oblivion Gate
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Kvatch Hill

Once you arrive back on the now Oblivion-Gate-less hill of Kvatch, head back over and speak with Savlian Matius and inform him of your success. He will suggest that you launch an immediate counter-attack on the city (you don't have to do it right away if you don't want to). When you're ready for the attack, speak with him again and tell him.


Enter the city gates with Savlian and his men, and clear out the Daedra infesting the southern plaza. When you've killed everything you will receive a quest-update message. Report back to Savlian to decide what to do next. Follow Savlian into the chapel where the survivors have taken shelter to complete the "Break the Siege of Kvatch" quest.

If you want, speak to Savlian again once you are inside to receive the quest "The Battle for Castle Kvatch", but don't set out for the castle just yet. In fact, you don't need to complete this quest in order to progress the main story line. For this reason we won't deal with it, but feel free to complete it on your own for a more complete gaming experience.

# Find the Heir - Part II/II


Set your active quest to "Find the Heir" and locate Martin. He may still be inside the chapel, or he may have gone back outside with the other survivors. Once you locate him, convince him that he needs to come with you back to Weynon Priory. Fast travel there (Martin will also fast-travel with you), or otherwise make your way back to Weynon Proiry on foot.

Weynon Priory

Once you've returned to the Priory, you'll find it under attack by the Mythic Dawn -- this will start the Weynon Priory quest.

Quest Index (Part II):

- Weynon Priory
- The Path of Dawn
- Dagon Shrine
- Spies
- Blood of the Daedra
- Bruma Gate
- Blood of the Divines
- Miscarcand
- Defense of Bruma
- Great Gate
- Paradise
- Light the Dragonfires

# Weynon Priory

Head up the path and help defend the Priory, killing any Mythic Dawn members as you go.

Set your active quest to "Weynon Priory" and head into the church to find Jauffre. Help him to defeat the Mythic Dawn in there, and be sure to keep Martin alive. Talk to Jauffre afterward and then follow him over to the Priory house to check on the Amulet of Kings.

Weynon House

Head upstairs and speak with Jauffre to find that the Amulet of Kings has been stolen! Inform Jauffre that you have found Martin and brought him back. Jauffre suggests that, in order to protect Martin, you should take him to Cloud Ruler Temple near Bruma. Leave the Priory and fast travel to the temple (from Bruma follow the road North and slightly West to find Cloud Ruler Temple).

Cloud Ruler Temple

Upon reaching Cloud Ruler Temple, wait before the main gate to be greeted by one of the Blades, Cyrus; let him introduce the place and then follow him upstairs to the temple. Listen to Martin give a lame speech, then have a nice talk with him about magic and stuff, so you complete the current quest and start a new one.

# The Path of Dawn

Speak with Jauffre next and join the Blades if you want. Ask him about the Amulet of Kings to update the quest "The Path of Dawn". He'll suggest that you go see Baurus to find out if he's discovered anything new. Have a look around Cloud Ruler Temple if you want, then leave for the Imperial City.

Imperial City - Elven Gardens District

Fast travel to the Elven Gardens District of the Imperial City. Locate "Luther Broad's Boarding House" (it's a tavern located near where the two streets cross) and enter inside.

Find Baurus sitting at the bar and speak with him. He'll tell you to have a seat, so do that, then follow his instructions. Once you've killed the Mythic Dawn agent in the Basement, search his body and grab the book called Mythic Dawn Commentaries 1, then speak to Baurus.

Leave the boarding house and make your way to the Arcane University, Southeast in the Imperial City.

Imperial City - The Arcane University

Follow the markers around to locate Tar-Meena (she's an Argonian; she may be in the Mystic Archives or in the main tower), and speak with her about the Mythic Dawn. At the end of the conversation, she'll give you the university's copy of Mythic Dawn Commentaries 2. She will inform you that there are also two other volumes that you need to locate in order to be able to find the Mythic Dawn cult. She suggests that you might try visiting Phintias at the First Edition book store in the Market District.

Imperial City - Market District

Head over to the Market District in Imperial City and enter First Edition (it's one of the houses Southeast). Inside, speak to Phintias and ask him about the "Mysterium Xarxes". He'll tell you that he doesn't have any leads on volume 4, but he does have a copy of volume 3. Sadly, the book is reserved for another customer (Gwinas) and Phintias will not sell it to you for any price.

You have several options available at this point, but the easiest (and cheapest) way to obtain the book is to simply wait until Gwinas shows up at First Edition. Let him purchase the book and then speak to him afterward. If you don't want to wait real time, you can "wait" in the shop and then speak with Phintias about Commentaries, Volume Three -- he'll tell you that Gwinas has taken the book (while you were waiting), and a red marker will show on the map, leading you to where Gwinas is (in Talos Plaza District, inside the inn).

Wherever you find Gwinas, tell him that the you want the book and that he shouldn't play fool with you; then reveal him that the Mythic Dawn assassinated the Emperor and he will give you the Mythic Dawn Commentaries 3. Before exiting the conversation with Gwinas make sure to ask him about volume four too, so he tells you that you can only get the fourth book directly from a cult member. He happens to have a meeting set up with a cult member, and he will give you a Note to Gwinas detailing the location where they were to meet.

Imperial City - Elven Gardens District

Now return to the Elven Gardens District and head back to Luther Broad's to have a chat with Baurus. Tell him about the meeting, then follow him to The Elven Garden Sewers entrance and go in.

Imperial Sewers

Follow Baurus for quite a long distance through the sewers to eventually reach the door to the Sunken Sewers area. Talk to Buarus and let him handle the meeting.

Wait in cover until a quest message tells you that the "Sponsor" has the book, and kill the Mythic Dawn members that show up to search their bodies. Grab Mythic Dawn Commentaries 4 from Raven Camoran and talk to Baurus again. Baurus will ditch you and head for Cloud Ruler Temple, so you're on your own again.

Also grab the Sunken Sewer Key from Raven Camoran's body, and go North up some stairs and through a tunnel to use the key on a locked door that will take you immediately outside the sewers, to Talos Plaza District Sewers. From there, pull a wheel-lever to open a gate and follow the path upstairs to exit in Dynari Amnis' House basement, and then lock-pick the door of the basement to enter the house and exit back to Imperial City. Of course you can also simply backtrack the way you came, though this other route is quicker.

Imperial City - The Arcane University

Return once more to the Arcane University and speak with Tar-Meena. Ask her about the books and she tells you that she'll give it some thought and you should check back tomorrow. She also suggest that you read the books yourself. Doing so will give you a skill boost in four different schools of magic (Conjuration, Destruction, Illusion, Mysticism).

You can go somewhere and sleep, go do something else, or simply press the Back button and "wait" for 24 hours. Afterward, speak to Tar-Meena again to find out that "the first word of every paragraph" is the key, and be told to come back again tomorrow. Puzzle this out for yourself, or speak to Tar-Meena again in another 24 hours to find out that the first letter of every paragraph is actually the key. Give her volumes 3 & 4 to receive the message "Green Emperor Way Where Tower Touches Midday Sun", meaning the Imperial Palace Gardens at noon.

Imperial City - Imperial Palace

Go to the Imperial Palace and locate the Tomb of Prince Camarril just South of the Western exit of this place (the one which leads to Talos Plaza District). You need to face the West side (front) of the tomb and wait until 12PM. At that time, a map of Cyrodil will light up in red on the side of the tomb and give you the location of the Mythic Dawn Shrine. You will also unlock the following achievement:

Located the Shrine of Dagon

Located the Shrine of Dagon, Main Quest

Located the Shrine of Dagon
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# Dagon Shrine

The destination of your new quest is called Lake Arrius Caverns, and it is located directly Northwest of Cheydinhal (the city East of Imperial City). Set "Dagon Shrine" as your active quest, then fast-travel to Cheydinhal and mount your trusty steed to head North to Lake Arrius Caverns -- sheathe your weapons and enter the cave.

Lake Arrius Caverns

Speak to the Mythic Dawn member just inside and he'll open the door to the shrine for you. Pass through and speak with Harrow. I recommend that you choose to hand over your possessions here and put on the initiate's robe (You'll get your stuff back later). If you decline, you'll have to fight your way through the entire place.

Follow Harrow for some distance through the passages of the Shrine Antechamber to reach the Dagon Shrine.

Dagon Shrine

In here, listen to Mankar Camoran give his speech before teleporting out of there with the Amulet of Kings. You'll now need to get your hands on the Mysterium Xarxes (the book on the altar); if you speak with Harrow, he'll tell you that you are not allowed to leave the shrine until the initiation is complete.

Head up the stairs onto the altar area and another Mythic Dawn member will tell you that you need to sacrifice the poor soul lying on the altar. You can choose to do so, or not. You can also say that you will perform the sacrifice, then attack the Mythic Dawn members instead. There is a silver dagger located on the table up here next to the book. It's worth noting that if you obtained the Sword of Umbra earlier, it will still be in your inventory since it is a quest item, although your armor will not. If you choose to fight the Mythic Dawn, the Sword of Umbra should even up the odds nicely. Whatever you choose to do, don't forget to grab the Mysterium Xarxes off the table before leaving. If you choose to perform the sacrifice you will get your things back when you leave the cavern. If you choose to fight, then loot Harrow's body to get your stuff back. Choosing to fight will also result in you having to fight your way out of here, so be aware.

Shrine Living Quarters

In order to leave you'll need to make your way through the Shrine Living Quarters area. It's a rather big place with a lot of enemies, but you won't have problems finding the way if you follow the red markers. Exit back to the Lake Arrius Caverns area when you find a door to it.

Lake Arrius Caverns

You are in the Southwest part of this area. Wchen you come to a rocky wall turn around and look for a "turn handle" on the wall on your right (so, facing the rock wall blocking your path, the handle is on the left). The handle not far from the rock wall, and once you operate it the way will be open to return to the main area and exit outside.

Once you're out of the cavern, fast-travel to the Cloud Ruler Temple (it's North of Bruma, if you forgot).

Cloud Ruler Temple

Head through the gate and have a short chat with Jauffre, then enter the temple.

# Spies

Locate Martin and speak with him. Hand over the Mysterium Xarxes -- Martin will give you the next quest called "Spies" and ask you to go talk to Jauffre. Hunt down Jauffre again to see what's up with the Spies. Seems there are spies around the Bruma area and Jauffre wants them dead.

Find Captain Steffan somewhere in Cloud Ruler Temple and ask him about "Spies" to find out they like to hang around near the runestones.

Cyrodiil - The Jerall Mountains

Follow your compass marker to the runestones and "wait" until around 6PM. Kill Jearl, the Mythic Dawn spy, when he shows up and loot both the Basement Key and Jearl's Key from her newly dead body. While you're here, put a custom marker on your map (open the world map, then press X to put a blue custom marker where you are), since you'll need to return in this place soon.

Bruma Castle/Bruma

Head to Bruma Castle and look up Captain Burd to have another talk. He's usually up in the castle's Grand Hall or in the Barracks.

After the chat with Captain Burd, head into town and go to Jearl's house (Southwest in the city). Use one of your keys to get in. Search the floor of the house for a trap door near the carpet, and use your other key to unlock it and go down to the Basement. Read the Jearl's Orders, a sort of scroll placed on the table in the Basement, and return to Cloud Ruler Temple (to exit the basement look for a trap door on the ceiling).

Cloud Ruler Temple

Hand over the orders to Jauffre and he'll send you off to find the second spy. At this point you will have no compass marker, and no clues in your quest log. What to do? Simple, use a walkthrough. Go back to the runestones where you killed Jearl and wait there at night (2AM should do it) until Saveri Faram shows up. Murderlize her and return to Jauffre once more.

After your talk with Jauffre, go find Martin. Once you find him, ask him what he's discovered and he'll tell you that he can open a portal to reach Mankar Camoran, but he needs a "Deadric Artifact" to complete the ritual -- this will start the Blood of the Daedra quest.

# Blood of the Daedra

Martin suggests that you go read the book "Modern Heretics" for information on where you can find a Daedric Shrine.

Modern Heretics is located in the main entry hall of the temple, sitting on the table where you first talked to Martin after arriving here. You'll also receive a new quest called "Blood of the Daedra". The gist of this quest is that you need to find a Daedric Artifact and return it to Martin. The book will tell you where you can go about getting one.

It should be noted here that there are actually 15 Daedric Artifacts in the game, and turning in any one of them will satisfy the conditions of the quest. The reason I mention this here is that, well, some artifacts are better than others. The artifact mentioned by the book Modern Heretics is the "Azura's Star", which is actually quite a nice item, and you may wish to keep it. You may or may not have already found a few Daedric Shrines in your travels. They are scattered all across the map of Cyrodiil, mostly in wilderness areas, and will usually have a few worshippers present at them. If you decide to keep the Azura's Star after finding it (it's a very valuable item since it's basically a Grand Soul Gem which can be used countless times; see General hints and tips for more info), simply locate one of the other shrines and complete the quest required by the Daedra to obtain it. You can then turn in that artifact to Martin instead.

In this page we will cover the quest to get the Azura's Star, but you can find the quests for the Skeleton Key and Wabbajack (two other Daedric Artifacts which will work just as well) in the General hints and tips. In particular, the Wabbajack is pretty much junk which you can sacrifice for Martin's requests without any particular regret.

For the Azura's Star artifact, leave this place and go to Azura's Shrine, located in the middle of the mountains above Lake Arrius (on the world map you can read the words "County Cheydinhal" above the lake; the shrine is above the "nt" letters of "County Cheydinhal").

Getting a Daedric Artifact - Azura's Star

The "Azura" quest described below is not exactly story-related: if you already have a Daedra Artifact you can give it to Martin and proceed with the main story right away.

Before heading to Azura's Shrine, you might want to make sure that you have some Glow Dust in your inventory, since you'll need it for the next quest. You can find a couple of Will-o-the-Wisps outside of Swampy Cave near Harlun's Watch, a short distance South of Cheydinhal; defeat them to obtain this ingredient. Alternatively, you can simply purchase it in the alchemy shops such as "The Main Ingredient", a shop of Imperial City - Market District (it's the South-most building of the district) or "The Gilded Carafe" (same district as The Main Ingredient, but it's Northwest).

Azura's Shrine

Once you have the Glow Dust, go to the shrine and speak with a priest named Mels Maryon to start the "Azura" quest. He may not want to talk to you at first; in this case use Persuasion to raise his disposition to around 60, then talk to him again. He'll tell you that you need to address the shrine at either dawn or dusk, and have an offering of Glow Dust. "Wait" until the appropriate time (from 5AM to 7AM and from 5PM to 7PM) and activate the shrine. After speaking with the Daedra, you'll be given the details for the quest "Azura". Azura would like you to travel to nearby Gutted Mine and slay five of her followers who have been infected with vampirism.

Gutted Mine

Gutted Mine is just a short distance Southwest of the Azura's Shrine. You may have discovered it on your way here, so just fast travel back there (if that's not the case, make your way up the mountain following the red marker).

Enter the mine and search its various passages to find the Afflicted Brethren and put them out of there bloodsucking misery. While you're here, loot their corpses for some nice equipment and some Vampire Dust, a rare alchemy ingredient. The cave is quite small, so you shouldn't have any trouble (when you find a rock-wall blocking the way, look on its left to find a rope to pull to remove it). Return to the shrine when you're done.

Azura's Shrine

Once you've returned, address the shrine again and the Daedra will reward you with the Azura's Star. Return to Cloud Ruler Temple.

Cloud Ruler Temple

Speak to Martin when you get back and turn in the Daedric Artifact you chose to sacrifice. He'll ask you to speak with Jauffre, and he'll unlock this achievement for you:

Delivered Daedric Artifact

Delivered Daedric Artifact, Main Quest

Delivered Daedric Artifact
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# Bruma Gate

Talk to Jauffre to find out that an Oblivion Gate has opened near Bruma, and invasion is imminent. You'll receive the quest "Bruma Gate", and be asked to go and see Captain Burd.

Leave the temple and fast-travel to the Wildeye Stables (East of Bruma). From there, head South to find Captain Burd near the Oblivion Gate outside the walls of Bruma on the East side. Speak to him, listen to another lame speech (or speak with him again to shut him up), then head into the gate.

Oblivion Gate of Bruma

Note: There are many places to explore, both in the Plane of Oblivion and inside The Fury Spike tower. We will be providing you here with the most direct route to closing the Oblivion Gate, but please feel free to explore.

Plane of Oblivion

When you emerge from the gate, you will be able to see the Sigil Tower off to your left (the entrance is Southwest), but to reach it you must go all the way around it. As you go, don't worry if your comrades fall behind (Burd loves taking baths in the lava), since they'll respawn next to you when you enter a new area.

Head East initially and work your way around North and eventually back West to head through a large gate. Take care to avoid the attacking plants, the large spikes that shoot up from the ground, and the spiked columns that shoot fireballs at you. Through the first gate, circle around a ways and head South through the next large gate. Continue South a short distance and turn back East to enter the tower.

The Fury Spike

This tower is set up much the same as the first tower you entered in Kvatch. Kill the enemies in the initial room and head through one of the two doors leading out of here. Captain Burd's men are most likely dead by this time, but you should still have Captain Burd with you as he can pretty well take care of himself (and he can't die, since he's a "special" character who can only be knocked down at most).

The Rending Halls

Proceed up the ramp to the room with a Blood Fountain. Dispose of any enemies here, use the fountain if you need to, then go through the East door to the Citadel Hall. If you go through the North door, you'll reenter The Fury Spike and you can loot some containers, use a mana fountain, and return here.

Citadel Hall

Head up the ramp then turn and proceed down the hallway. Go up a small ramp at the end to find doors to the left and right. Take either one back to The Fury Spike.

The Fury Spike, level 3

Proceed up the only ramp here and go through the door at the top to the Corridors of Dark Salvation.

Corridors of Dark Salvation

Head down the hallway and take either ramp up to the next level. Kill the enemies in the room, loot the container, use the fountains, then head up the next ramp. Kill the enemies you find in this room, then take the short hallway in the center of the room and go through the door back to The Fury Spike.

The Fury Spike, level 5

Take either ramp up and kill the Sigil Keeper at the top, then loot the Sigil Key from his corpse. Use the key on the door at the top to enter the Sigillum Sanguis.

Sigillum Sanguis

Head up the ramp to where the Blood Fountain is and enter the central chamber. Proceed up the next two ramps and kill the enemies you find. If you are again trying to get a particular Sigil Stone for your enchantments, you may want to save your game here.

When you're ready, grab the Sigil Stone to close the Oblivion Gate and be transported back to just outside the walls of Bruma.

Cyrodiil - Outside Bruma

Speak with Burd just outside to continue. Then return to Cloud Ruler Temple.

Cloud Ruler Temple

Speak to Jauffre when you return to complete your quest. You'll then receive two quests. The first quest is "Allies for Bruma", and it's optional. Jauffre wants you to speak to the rulers of the other cities, as well as the Imperial Council, and seek military aid to help defend Bruma. You can complete this quest, or not, as it is optional to the main storyline quest. Note that if you do complete this quest you will have a much easier time in the final battle at Bruma. For every city that you convince to send aid, you will have more troops on your side to help fend of the invasion from the Plane of Oblivion. For those of you doing a speed-run, be aware that this is a VERY long quest. Also note that you can only partially complete this quest if you want, i.e. only get aid from some of the cities.

The second quest is "Blood of the Divines" and is not optional, so go talk to Martin.

# Blood of the Divines

Talk to Martin and find out that he now needs divine blood for his ritual, so...go talk to Jauffre again. Jauffre tells you to go to Sancre Tor to retrieve the "Armor of Tiber Septim", the first Emperor who later became a god. Jauffre will give you the Sancre Tor Key, which will allow you to enter the catacombs. For a map reference, Sancre Tor is some distance North, and slightly East, of Chorrol. It's closer to reach it from there, so go fast-travel to Chorrol and make your way there.

Sancre Tor

Sancre Tor

When you reach Sancre Tor, enter the ruined fort and use the key that Jauffre gave you to pass through the door in there. Note that you will be encountering spectral enemies in this dungeon, so you will need to be equipped with an enchanted weapon. Initially, you will not have a compass marker when you enter the catacombs which are large, but also very linear (when you reach a gate you have to pull a lever on the ground on its right to raise it).

Proceed all the way around this place to reach Northern-most room on the upper floor. Here you will find a skeleton ("Undead Blade"): kill it, so that the Ghost of Rielus is spawned from its broken bones. Speak with the ghost to get a quest-update message (the red marker on your compass is back at this point), and from this room go Southeast until you reach the Entry Hall.

Entry Hall

The two red markers point Northwest and East to the "Hall of Judgement" and "Prison" areas respectively.


Kill the skeleton of Warden Kastav and loot him for the Warden Kastav's Key. Use it to unlock the small door he's guarding and head East until the passage is blocked.

Work your way South through the area of prison cells until you descend some stairs to the East and then North to find the skeleton of an Undead Blade. Kill the skeleton to release the Ghost of Valdemar then backtrack to exit this area back to the Entry Hall. From the Entry Hall circle around to the Northwest door and go through to the Hall of Judgement.

Hall of Judgement

Follow the passages Southwest to reach the door to the Catacombs and go through.


Kill the skeleton of the Undead Blade just inside the door to release the Ghost of Alain, the return through the door to the Hall of Judgement.

Hall of Judgement

Follow your last remaining compass marker through the twisting, turning, ghost-infested passages to a large room at the end. Kill the final skeleton of the Undead Blade and release the Ghost of Casnar, the last one. Backtrack out this place to the Entry Hall (the compass may get stuck on the last Ghost; ignore it and make your way back on your own).

Entry Hall

Go downstairs in the Entry hall and pass through the door to the Tomb of the Reman Emperors (not a typo).

Tomb of the Reman Emperors

Wait for the four ghosts to arrive and complete the dispelling of the curse (a quest message will confirm that the way is clear), then head down the partially collapsed passage and score the Armor of Tiber Septim. Try to loot Tiber sarcophagus if you want, only to get a disappointing text box. Head back to the entrance and go outside. Put the beatdown on the pissed off skeletons that have showed up, then leave this place and return to Cloud Ruler Temple.

Cloud Ruler Temple

Upon returning, speak with Martin, who now has so many books that he's had to add a second table to his desk. Hand over the Armor of Tiber Septim and receive another quest called "Miscarcand". The final component that Martin needs for the ritual is a "Great Welkynd Stone", and the only place to get one is in the Ayleid ruins at Miscarcand.

# Miscarcand

For a map reference, Miscarcand is located just North of the road connecting Skingrad and Kvatch, equidistant between the two cities. Fast travel to either city, then get on your horse and ride.


Proceed South and then West into the ruin. Ignore the room below you (on the North side), and when you reach a fork (North, West or South) take the path South. Go all the way South and you will reach another bridge above a room (the room is mostly on the East side this time); the bridge ends with a closed gate that you can't open.

Therefore jump off the bridge to the room below you, and then make your way to the West side of this room (through a hallway and up some stairs) to find a large light-blue-lit button on the wall (it's on the East wall near the Northeast corner of a small square-shaped room). Push it, then go North up more stairs to return at the previous fork (you come from West).

Ignore the path North again (it leads to an empty room) and go South again: now the previous gate is open and you can continue to the next area.

Miscarcanda - Sel Vanua

Proceed into the next room and follow the hallway on the opposite wall (Southeast). Follow the balcony over the sunken room below you (don't jump down) all the way North and cross the bridge to the East when you can't go North anymore.

After the bridge, go East another bit and then follow the way South through an area of tombs, then continue West in a hallway. Once you reach the hallway South of a large room (the last sunken one you came across), look for a button on the wall on your left (South side) and press it.

Exit the hallway in the large sunken part of the room full of strange columns. Head North until you see the six Welkynd Stones on pedestals (they shine of a bright blue color). Take them if you want, then head North through the door with the tree on it.

Miscarcanda - Morimath

Follow the hallway to a T-intersection and turn left (North). Proceed along and cross the bridge to the platform. Grab the Great Welkynd Stone and kill the King of Miscarand, a lich, that appears when you take the stone. Loot him for the Miscarcand Key then enter the room he came out of (all the way North).

Step on a platform on the ground to open a secret passage leading West, follow it, and then use your new key for a shortcut out of here -- return to Cloud Ruler Temple.

Cloud Ruler Temple

When you get back speak with Martin, who has a snazzy new suit of armor, and hand over the Great Welkynd Stone to complete your current quest.

# Defense of Bruma

Martin will give you a new quest called "Defense of Bruma", and inform you that there is yet one more item he needs for the ritual. A Great Sigil Stone. From a Great Gate. Just peachy, Martin. Anyway, he sends you off to have a word with the Countess of Bruma, who is certain to be displeased with your message.

Castle Bruma

Travel to Castle Bruma and enter. Head straight through to the Throne room and speak with Countess Narina Carvain. If she's not sitting on her throne, wait until "business hours" and she'll show up. Talk to her about Battle Plans, then tell her Martin is waiting at the temple.

Follow her shapely behind over there (if you want to speed things up you can get there on your own and wait a couple of in-game hours so she spawns inside. The Chapel is very large and you can find it by looking at the city without even checking the map). Inside the Chapel, speak to her again and decide whether you want to get more allies or begin the battle.

Once you choose to begin the battle, leave the temple and follow Martin out of the city gates.

Cyrodiil - The Jerall Mountains

Follow your compass marker to an Oblivion Gate and you'll get a text box telling you that once there are three gates open, then the Mythic Dawn will open the Great Gate. The Bruma guard forces will already be at the battle site, along with any other allies that you may have gathered. Listen to Martin give a less lame speech (if he's not there you can wait a few in-game hours as usual, so he spawns when you recover), then protect him until all three gates have opened.

You will see the gates appearing in the area, and a message in the upper-left corner of the screen will inform you of that too. Keep defeating more enemies after the third gate has opened, and before long the Great Gate will open too (a quest-message pop-up will inform you when it's time, though it's already hard to miss it considering its size) -- approach it and enter the Plane of Oblivion.

# Great Gate

The first thing that you need to know is that you are now on a 15 minute timer. Save your game right now, because you must get the Great Sigil Stone and close the gate within 15 minutes. I suggest that you avoid engaging in combat wherever possible and focus on getting to the sigil stone.

A gigantic gate in front of you will open as you enter. There are two ways to reach your destination: one is by following the red marker to enter a small tower on the East side ("World Breaker Guard"), from where you can follow the way across some bridges to reach "The Smoke and Scorch" caverns (this place is located Northwest; in particular, the entrance is Northwest of the enormous Daedric Siege Engine which is slowly walking in the lava).

The other and shorter way is by heading towards the entrance of the caverns directly from the entrance. In particular, North of the great gate that opened as you entered there is a large river of lava. If you stick to the left side you'll be able to step on some non-lava land which allows you to reach the area without particular problems (you may have to jump or step for a moment in the lava in one point, but the rest of the path is safe). For reference, the entrance to the caverns is a bit Southwest of where you can see a lot of grey smoke in the air.

One way or another, reach the caverns and get inside.

The Smoke and Scorch

Drop through the hole in the floor in front of you and make your way through this short cave to a door back to World Breaker Guard.

World Breaker Guard

Take the spiky elevator ("Corpse Masher") up to the next level. Head up the ramp and ignore the first door that you come to. Continue up the long ramp to the top. Locate the Gate Control lever and flip it.

Go back down the ramp to the door you passed earlier and go through.

Plane of Oblivion

You are now on the main bridge, and the gates on it will open as you come out. Head down the long bridge and enter the door on the left (North) into the large tower in the middle of the bridge.

World Breaker (bottom floor)

Once inside, head through the door on the opposite side of the room (North).

Valuts of End Times

Head up the ramp and into the room at the top. Ignore the passages West and North and go through the passage South to find a door.

World Breaker (upper floors)

Head up a couple of circular ramps and kill the Sigil Keeper on the upper ramp. Loot the Sigil Key from his corpse and open either of the two doors at the top. Go through.

Sigillum Sanguis

Head up the ramp and enter the central chamber. Run up the next couple of ramps and grab the Great Sigil Stone to close the gate. You should make it within 5 minutes if you took the shortcut earlier and skipped the fights; you should still have some time left even if you fought the enemies and took the long way around. Either way, you will exit The Great Gate automatically, and then you will also unlock this achievement:

Destroyed the Great Gate

Destroyed the Great Gate, Main Quest

Destroyed the Great Gate
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Give the soldiers a hand mopping up any remaining enemies, then speak with Martin to complete the current quest. He'll take the sigil stone and let you know that he'll have the ritual ready for you back at Cloud Ruler Temple whenever you want.

# Paradise

The next quest will start, and Martin will inform you that once you go through the next destination you can't come back until you're done, so take everything you want to bring along with you. When you are ready, fast-travel to the Cloud Ruler Temple.

Cloud Ruler Temple

Back in the Great Hall, speak to Martin (if he hasn't returned yet, wait for a few hours as usual) and tell him you're ready to go. He'll perform the ritual and open the gate, so approach it and step on through to Paradise.


Follow the helpfully placed sidewalk along for a ways. When you come to a fork in the path, take the path going downhill. Eventually you will come to a T-intersection, where you will be approached by Kathutet. Ask him some questions, then murder him. Be sure to loot his crappy armor, the Bands of the Chosen (they are wristband types of items). You'll need it later.

Head right (East) at the intersection, cross the bridge, and enter the door at the end of the path.

The Flooded Grotto

Proceed through this linear cave to the rune-carved door at the end. Equip the Bands of the Chosen and head through it.

The Forbidden Grotto

Don't bother trying to unequip the Bands of the Chosen, you can't yet. Head a little way into the cave, defeat a couple of enemies, and continue to be approached by Eldamil. He'll tell you that no one wearing the Bands of the Chosen can ever leave Paradise. He'll offer to help you remove them, so accept to continue.

Play along with Eldamil's little scheme (enter the open cage; don't attack the enemy approaching you!), then exit the cage on the far side of the gap (East) and continue on. At the fork head North through the tunnel and then West. Kill Orthe and loot the Orthe's Key. You might notice that poor Eldamil has been killed. Don't worry, he'll turn up again in a bit.

Backtrack to the previous fork and head South. Cross over the stone bridge and go through the rune-carved door to another area with this name.

The Forbidden Grotto (second area)

Head a little way in and meet up with the apparently ressurected Eldamil, who will now remove your Bands of the Chosen. Let him come with you if you want. Follow the only possible path through this cave (sometimes it may look like there is a fork, but there are only short dead ends with some lava) and exit through the rune-carved door at the end.


Follow the sidewalk to a T-intersection and take a right. Enter the courtyard area and have a pleasant chat with Ruma Camoran, then follow her through the door of the building ahead.

Carac Agaialor

Head up to the throne area and listen to Mankar Camoran run his mouth for a while, then do what you do best and kill him. Don't worry about the rest of his clan in here. Focus on killing Mankar and the fight will be over. When he's dead, you'll be transported back to Cloud Ruler Temple with the Amulet of Kings in your grubby little paws (you may also loot the Amulet from his body if you are fast enough, but it doesn't matter since you'll get it automatically anyway).

Cloud Ruler Temple

Speak with Martin and hand over the amulet to complete the current quest and get the next one.

# Light the Dragonfires

Imperial City

Go to the Imperial Palace District and head into the Elder Council Chambers. Inside, talk to High Chancellor Ocato. The happy moment will be interrupted by some breaking news. You have to take Martin to the "Temple of the One" so that he can light the Dragon Fires.

Leave the counsel chambers with Martin in tow. After proceeding for a while toward the temple (go counterclockwise), you get a big surprise (literally). Seek out Martin and see what needs to be done. Martin wants to go to the temple anyway, so run past the source of your "problem" and enter the Temple of the One. Talk to Martin once your inside.

Watch the cutscenes. Afterward, you'll be approached by Chancellor Ocato -- tell him the news and you will unlock the final main quest line achievement:

Champion of Cyrodiil

Completed the Main Questline

Champion of Cyrodiil
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If you ask High Chancellor Ocato about "Champion of Cyrodiil", he'll tell you that he's having a special suit of armor made for you (this starts a sort of quest called "Imperial Dragon Armor"). Next, ask him about Imperial Dragon Armor. You can pick up your new armor after two weeks of in-game time in the Imperial Legion Armory in the Prison District to pick up your new armor.

Congratulations on completing the main storyline quests for The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion!


The Arena quest line is, well, just what it sounds like. The Imperial City holds gladiatorial contests of arms in which you can choose to participate. There are several achievements tied to this quest line, and it is fairly quick and easy to complete since it only consists of a series of fights unlike the other four main quest lines. Similarly to the Fighters Guild and Mages Guild, the Arena faction provides "good"-sided quests which earn you Fame points and not Infamy.

Since the questlines "Thieves Guild" and "Dark Brotherhood" both deal with a lot of law-breaking business, including breaking the rules of some other Guilds, it's advisable to complete a full quest line at the time, and it's not a bad idea to leave the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood for last.

The Arena

Rules of Combat

1) During Arena matches, you must wear the armor provided by the Arena master. The exception to this rule is the Grand Champion match.

2) You may wear any helmets, shields, rings, or amulets you possess.

3) You may not loot the corpses of fallen opponents, except for the Grand Champion match.

4) You may only fight matches between 9AM and 9PM.

5) Anything goes. You may use any weapon or spell. You may use potions, scrolls, poisons, sneak attacks, or any other means to defeat your opponent.

6) If you remove your Arena armor during a match, you will be disqualified for that match. If you are disqualified a second time, you will be expelled from the Arena permanently. If you are expelled, there is no way to get back in and you will need to reload a saved game if you wish to complete the quest line.

7) After every match, you may use the Basin of Renewal to heal yourself.

The Blue Team

Fast travel, or otherwise make your way, to the Arena district in the East central part of the Imperial City. Go to the door there and enter the Bloodworks. Find Owyn inside and speak with him. Tell him you wish to be a combatant, and then choose which raiment you'd like for your matches (Light or Heavy). Upon doing so, you'll unlock:

Pit Dog, Arena

Joined the Arena in the Imperial City

Pit Dog, Arena
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Combat Matches

Owyn will automatically assign you to the Blue Team. When you are ready for your first match, put on your new raiment, speak to Owyn, and choose Ready For A Match. Remember, you must wear the raiment issued to you. Note that if you don't feel like repairing your raiment, you can get spares from the cabinets in the Bloodworks.

Opponents in the Arena are leveled to coincide with your progress thus far in the game, except for the Grand Champion match which we will get to later. Once you tell Owyn that you're ready to fight, the gate to the Red Room will open for you. Note that the Basin of Renewal is located in this room. You may use it after a match to heal yourself if needed.

Proceed past the basin, head up the bloodstained stairs, and go through the door at the top. In the next also bloodstained corridor, head down to the closed gate and listen to the announcer tell the crowd about the upcoming match. Unfortunately, there is no way to skip this announcement, and you must listen to it before each and every match.

When the announcement is finished, the gate will lower and both you and your opponent will enter the Arena with the gate closing behind you. You cannot exit the Arena until one of you is dead, or unless you remove your raiment (which will result in you being disqualified). Proceed to brutalize them in whatever manner you wish, then help them to stop living. Remember that you cannot loot the bodies of defeated opponents, nor can you pick up any weapons or equipment that they may drop. An interesting note here is that the "no looting" policy applies to your AI opponents as well. If your combat skill has reached journeyman rank, you will have the ability to disarm your opponent forcing him to fight hand-to-hand for the duration of the match since he cannot pick up any weapons, even his own. Return through the now open gate to the Red Room, then go speak to Owyn.

Getting Paid

Owyn will pay you for each match that you win. This can be a good source of income for lower level players since the opponents are leveled, but the pay is not. You will start out receiving 50 Gold per match. The amount you receive per match will increase as you increase in rank and top out at 500 Gold per match. If you're the gambling sort, you can speak to Hundolin outside the door to the Bloodworks and bet on matches. For the enterprising thieves among you, it's worth noting that the chest next to Hundolin contains 500 Gold, and will replenish after a time if you manage to steal it.

Getting Promoted

There are nine ranks ranging from Pit Dog all the way up to Grand Champion. For every three matches that you win, you will earn a rank promotion from Owyn. Your opponents will vary from humans, elves and orcs, to monsters and wild beasts. The matches you will face as you advance are listed below, followed by the achievement you will unlock by speaking to Owyn after winning the third match:

Pit Dog

- A female Bosmer armed with sword and shield

- A male Imperial with mace/longsword and shield

- An Argonian with a bow

Brawler, Arena

Reached Brawler rank in the Arena

Brawler, Arena
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- A Nord battlemage with axe and shield; can cast frost spells and heal himself

- Two female Bosmer; one with a claymore, one with a bow

- A male Khajiit with a battleaxe; can heal himself

Bloodletter, Arena

Reached Bloodletter rank in the Arena

Bloodletter, Arena
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- A male Redguard with a mace/longsword and shield

- A female Breton with a shortsword and shield

- A male Dunmer with a longsword and/or bow; resistant to fire

Myrmidon, Arena

Reached Myrmidon rank in the Arena

Myrmidon, Arena
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- A male Bosmer with an enchanted dagger

- A female Altmer with a longsword and shield

- A male Orc with a battleaxe

Warrior, Arena

Reached Warrior rank in the Arena

Warrior, Arena
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- A female Nord with a longsword/mace and shield

- A female Altmer battlemage with a longsword; variety of offensive spells

- A female Orc with a warhammer

Gladiator, Arena

Reached Gladiator rank in the Arena

Gladiator, Arena
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- Three Argonian prisoners; one with a longsword, two unarmed

- A female Khajiit with a longsword and shield

- A male Breton with a longsword

Hero, Arena

Reached Hero rank in the Arena

Hero, Arena
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The Championships

After attaining Hero rank, you will enter into the championship rounds of the Arena. The next two matches will be normal Arena matches, and the third match will pit you against the Yellow Team Champion and two other Yellow Team fighters at the same time. You will have the assistance of Porkchop, the Blue Team Boar. Try to avoid hitting Porkchop during the match or he will turn hostile and attack you. After winning this match you will become Blue Team Champion and will be eligible to take on the Grand Champion. The Yellow Team Champion will be a leveled opponent, so no worries there. We'll talk about the Grand Champion in more detail in a bit.


- A male Imperial former Blade with an Akaviri Katana and shield

- A male Altmer mage with a shortsword and enchanted shield; variety of resistances

- Yellow Team Champion with axe and shield, two Dunmer; one mage, one with a bow

Champion, Arena

Reached Champion rank in the Arena

Champion, Arena
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You're now ready to face the Grand Champion, Agronak gro-Malog, also known as the Gray Prince. You may have already spoken to him in the Bloodworks. Agronak is set at level 10, regardless of what level you are. If you are already well beyond level ten, you can defeat him easily. If not, you may have a more difficult time.

It's worth noting that there is an easy, and sort of cheap, way to beat the Grand Champion. Before fighting him, you can speak with him and accept a side quest called "Origins of the Gray Prince". If you complete this side quest, then come back and reveal his origins to him, he will not put up any resistance in the Arena. Literally, he will just stand there and let you kill him. He'll even ask you to do it.
Also, if you followed the suggestions in the Story Walkthrough and obtained the Sword and armor set of Umbra's, you can defeat the Gray Prince no matter what level you are. Using Umbra's equipment I easily won this fight as a level 3 battlemage.

However you choose to go about it, go talk to Ysabel Andronicus when you are ready to fight the Grand Champion. Ysabel will send you off to talk to the Gray Prince, so go see Agronak and tell him you wish to challenge him. He'll agree and send you back to Ysabel. Ask her about the rules, because they are a bit different now. You are now allowed to wear any armor you choose, so you can ditch your crappy Arena raiment. You can also loot your opponents from this point forward. In fact, Ysabel asks you to grab Agronak's Raiment of Valor and bring it to her, if you win. You'll also get to pick a title for yourself that will become known throughout Cyrodiil. There are two gender-specific titles and ten generic ones to choose from.

Grand Champion

- Agronak gro-Malog with a longsword and shield; wears the Raiment of Valor.

Grand Champion, Arena

Completed the Arena Questline

Grand Champion, Arena
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Being the Grand Champion

Once you've attained the rank of Grand Champion, you can still continue to fight in the Arena on a weekly basis. Once a week you can come speak with Ysabel and choose to fight a Grand Champion match in the Arena. You'll fight creatures and animals from here on out, and you can choose to fight one, two, or three opponents. Opponents in Grand Champion matches will be leveled. These matches can earn you quite a lot of money, and later on you will be able to fight rare creatures such as Minotaurs, giving you a chance to loot some rare alchemical ingredients.

As Grand Champion, you'll be able to wear any armor and weapons of your choosing. Becoming Grand Champion will also give you quite a large boost to your Fame (+10). Oh, and one other thing. Sometime after reaching Grand Champion rank, you will be approached by an Adoring Fan. He will beg you to let him accompany you on your adventures and offer a variety of services such as carrying your equipment, rubbing your feet, etc. None of which actually happen, by the way. Take him along if you want, but he's pretty annoying and the only way to get rid of him after taking him on is to kill him. Killing him will count as a murder, so depending on your play style, make your choice accordingly. It may also be possible to cause him to be killed by taking him to someplace infested with lots of dangerous monsters. At any rate, congratulations Grand Champion of Cyrodiil.


The Fighters Guild quest line is a series of quests separate from the main storyline quest, and there are several achievements tied to it. For this reason, and since the main storyline quests can be completed independently of the Guild quests, we have included these achievements in a dedicated section of the walkthrough. You can find the walkthrough for each of the four Guild quest lines (five with the Arena) in their respective sections. You may complete these quest one after another, or you may spread them out throughout your game, it makes no difference.

Since the questlines "Thieves Guild" and "Dark Brotherhood" both deal with a lot of law-breaking business, including breaking the rules of some other Guilds, it's advisable to complete a full quest line at a time, and it's not a bad idea to leave the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood for last.

If you want to find a specific quest in this page, use the CTRL+F search function of your browser to type in the name of the quest preceeded by a " # " marker (like "# The Desolate Mine"). Here is the index of the quests:

- The Desolate Mine
- A Rat Problem
- The Unfortunate Shopkeeper
- Unfinished Business
- Den of Thieves
- Amelion’s Debt
- The Master’s Son
- More Unfinished Business
- Azani Blackheart
- The Fugitives
- The Wandering Scholar
- Trolls of Forsaken Mine
- The Stone of St. Alessia
- The Noble’s Daughter
- Mystery at Harlun’s Watch
- Information Gathering
- Infiltration
- The Hist

Fighters Guild

The Rules

Once you have joined the Fighters Guild, there are a few rules of conduct that will apply to you:

- Do not steal from other Guild members
- Do not kill other Guild members
- Do not assault other Guild members

Violating any of these rules can result in you being expelled from the Guild. If you get expelled, there are a couple of ways for you to get back in their good graces and rejoin the guild:

- Collect 20x Bear Pelts and give them to Vilena Donton in Chorrol
- Collect 20x Minotaur Horns and give them to Vilena Donton in Chorrol

If you are expelled from the Guild three times, you might as well reload a save because you won't be able to get back in.

Joining the Fighters Guild

In order to be eligible to join the Fighters Guild, there are a couple of conditions that must be met:

- You cannot have a bounty on your head
- Your Infamy must be under 100. Failing that, your Fame must be over 100


In Chorrol, head straight North to the other side of town to locate the Fighters Guild chapter house. Once inside you'll need to speak to a woman named Vilena Donton, because the Fighters Guild is an equal opportunity employer. She can normally be found upstairs in her room on the third floor. If she's not there, just wander the house and grounds until you locate her. Speak with her about whatever you like, then ask about joining the Fighters Guild. Once you accept the invitation to join, you'll unlock the following achievement:

Associate, Fighters Guild

Joined the Fighters Guild

Associate, Fighters Guild
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If you ask Vilena about advancement within the Fighters Guild, she'll basically tell you that you'll get promoted when you deserve it. Read this as, complete quests for the Fighters Guild. To accomplish this worthy goal, Vilena will helpfully let you know that she has absolutely nothing for you to do. She'll ask you to go speak with either Azzan in Anvil, or Burz gro-Khash in Cheydinhal, who are the leaders of those respective Fighters Guild chapters. You need to complete the tasks assigned by both the characters, and it doesn't matter which one you choose first. We'll start with Cheydinhal, for no particular reason.

# The Desolate Mine


Either fast travel, or giddy-up your pony to Cheydinhal and go to the Fighters Guild chapter house. For a map reference, Cheydinhal is directly East and a slight bit North of the Imperial City. Once you've entered the city gates, follow the street East, then South to a large building on the right with red banners hanging out front, and go on in. Locate Burz gro-Khash and speak with him.

Ask him about "Contracts" and he'll give you a job to deliver a weapon shipment to a mine in the vicinity. He'll also give you a variety of weapons to take with you (don't worry, they don't weigh anything). Leave the chapter house and Cheydinhal, and set "The Desolate Mine" as your active quest. Mount your noble, or humble steed and follow your compass marker to the mine. It's just a short distance Northwest of Cheydinhal.

Desolate Mine

Enter the mine and have a chat with Rienna straight ahead, then distribute the goodies you brought. You can distribute the weapons however you choose, but if you give the correct weapon to the correct person they will perform better in the coming battle. Take your cue from how they tell you they want to kill the goblins. Speak to Rienna again and then follow them as they dash off in a bloodthirsty rage.

If you take on this mission at a fairly low level, you can pretty well count on your companions to do the heavy lifting, but give them a hand nevertheless. Once the mine is clear of goblins, Rienna will speak to you once more and you are free to leave. Loot the bodies and chests if you want, and check the veins of gold and silver in the walls to get some nuggets that you can sell.


Head back to Cheydinhal and return to the Fighters Guild to inform Burz gro-Khash of your glorious victory. Select "Contract" to let him know you've completed your task, then ask him about "Advancement" to unlock this achievement:

Apprentice, Fighters Guild

Reached Apprentice rank in the Fighters Guild

Apprentice, Fighters Guild
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# A Rat Problem


Next we'll travel to Anvil and complete the other contract mentioned by Vilena. Do not skip this quest as you need to complete all contracts to unlock the related achievements. For a map reference, look on your world map and follow the road Southwest from the Imperial City passing through Skingrad, then through Kvatch, and finally to Anvil on the coast of Cyrodil.

Head into town and seek out the Fighters Guild. When you enter the gate, it's the building straight ahead across the plaza with the familiar red banners outside. You may start noticing by now that the Porters in the chapter houses follow you around kind of like that old butler guy in Lara Croft's mansion. Weird.

Anyway, locate Azzan and ask him about "Contracts", then ask him about "Rats" to receive the quest. Leave the chapter house, set your active quest to "A Rat Problem" if you haven't already, and make your way to the pest-infested dwelling of Arvena Thelas (it's North/Northwest in the city).

Arvena Thelas House and Anvil

Enter the house and have a nice talk with the hapless Arvena to quickly realize that something is awry. Locate the basement door, go downstairs, and take care of the problem. The rats will not attack you, so kill them or don't, but Arvena will be much happier if you spare their miserable lives.

Return to Arvena and speak with her again. Leave the house and track down the hunter, Pinarus Inventius. Ask him where the local mountain lion population resides and then follow him there. Return to Arvena and speak with her to find out there's yet another mountain lion in the basement, so kill it.

Speak to Arvena again, and then stake out her neighbor Quill-Weave. Go to Arvena's back yard and hide somewhere. Use the Back button to "wait" as many hours as you need until it's 8:00 pm. When Quill-Weave shows up, confront her about her unneighborly behavior. Report back to Arvena and keep Quill-Weave's secret, or not.

Return to Azzan at the Fighters Guild and inform him of your success to complete the quest.

# The Unfortunate Shopkeeper

As you continue to speak with Azzan he will give you another contract to assist a shopkeeper named Norbert Lelles.

Set your active quest to "The Unfortunate Shopkeeper" and head on over to Lelles Quality Merchandise. To get there, follow your compass out the gate to the Anvil Docks. Check the sign next to the store to see that Norbert didn't pay much attention during spelling lessons. Anyway, speak to this fine merchant, then wait inside his store until just before midnight.

Inflict fatal violence on the burglars, then go next door to the Flowing Bowl and speak with Lelles again. Return to the Fighters Guild once more and find Azzan to report that your contract is complete. Ask him about the usual "Advancement" to unlock the following achievement:

Journeyman, Fighters Guild

Reached Journeyman rank in the Fighters Guild

Journeyman, Fighters Guild
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Speak to Azzan once more and ask about the next Contracts. He'll tell you that your old friend Vilena Donton in Chorrol has need of your services. Get on your horse and ride. Or fast travel. Whatever.

# Unfinished Business


Back in Chorrol, go to the Fighters Guild and speak with Vilena. She still doesn't really want to talk to you, and she'll send you to see Modryn Oreyn. Talk to Modryn to acquire the next quest, "Unfinished Business". Set it as your active quest and head out for Skingrad. For a map reference, it's the first town Southwest of the Imperial City.


Go to the West Weald Inn just near the West Gate of the city and enter. Find the stunted Maglir inside and ask him what the hell his problem is. Assume Maglir's responsibilities and leave both the bar and the city. Head some distance Northwest of Skingrad to find Fallen Rock Cave.

Fallen Rock Cave

Enter the cave and search for the Brenus Astis' Journal. You'll encounter a few skeletons and giant rats here, but nothing unusual. The cave is not large, so make your way down to a flooded area in the lower reaches of the cave and grab the book from next to a chest. It's sitting on a rock shelf cut into the wall. Leave this place.


Head back and talk to Maglir at the inn. Tell him you're going to tattle, or not, then leave.


Head back to Chorrol, return to the Fighters Guild, and speak with Modryn Oreyn. Tell the truth, or give Maglir credit, then ask Modryn about more Duties. He'll ask you to check on some drunk and rowdy members of the Guild in Leyawiin. For a map reference, follow the road South from the Imperial City to Bravil, then continue South and East to the coast.


Head to the Five Claws Lodge and speak to Vantus Prelius, one of the troublemakers. Turns out they're broke, angry, and out of work, and you need to find them some. Speak to Witseidutsei (that's her stripper name), the bartender, and ask about work. She'll refer you to Margarte. If she won't talk to you, try raising her disposition using your persuasion skills. Alternately, just go see Margarte in the house catty-corner across the street.

Speak with her and ask about "Fighters Guild Jobs". Margarte is willing to contract with the Fighters Guild to supply her with Ogre Teeth and Minotaur Horns for her alchemy experiments (yeah, sure, alchemy experiments...riiight), but only if you bring her five Ectoplasm first. You can buy the ectoplasm from an alchemist if you like, or you can head over to the Great Chapel of Zenithar just down the street. In the Undercroft of the chapel, you'll find five conveniently located Wraiths ripe to kill for some ectoplasm harvesting. Either way, return to Margarte and hand over the ghostly goo, then head over to the Five Claws Lodge and let Vantus and his boys know that they're back in business. Head back to Chorrol.


Return to the Fighters Guild in Chorrol and inform Modryn of your success. Ask him about Advancement to unlock the following achievement:

Swordsman, Fighters Guild

Reached Swordsman rank in the Fighters Guild

Swordsman, Fighters Guild
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Ask Modryn for more work and he'll tell you to report to Azzan back in Anvil.

# Den of Thieves


Ask Azzan about Thieves to receive the quest "Den of Thieves", so activate it. You're diminutive buddy Maglir will be joining you for this one. Ask random people around town about the "Thieves" topic until someone refers you to Newheim the Portly. You may need to use your persuasion skills to raise their disposition before they start to give you concrete information.

Once you have a lead, locate Newheim and talk to him about Thieves and Heirlooms. Head out to Hrota Cave some distance Northwest of Anvil.

Hrota Cave

This is a small cave that you can't possibly get lost in. All the thieves will be marked on the map so just enter the cave, kill the thieves, and return to Azzan to report and complete the quest.


Ask about Contracts to be sent back to Burz gro-Khash in Cheydinhal.

# Amelion's Debt


Talk to Burz to receive the quest "Amelion's Debt". Burz helpfully marks your new destination on your map, so go there.

Water's Edge

Water's Edge is a huge distance South of Cheydinhal. In fact, it's just North of Leyawiin, so fast travel to Leyawiin and take the road going directly North. Find Bienne Amelion and speak with her. She'll ask you to retrieve some items from the family tomb.

At this point you can choose to either pay Biene 1,000 Gold, or return the sword and armor to her. If you pay her, you can retrieve the armor and keep it. Either way, swim across the river and head South.

Amelion's Tomb

The tomb is rather large, but your compass marker will lead you directly to the Brusef Amelion's Sword and Brusef Amelion's Cuirass. The rest of this very nice set of Light Armor is scattered around the tomb as well. If you need help finding it, check this image to find the set more easily.

Water's Edge

Note that in case you already got these items and lost the sword and cuirass for some reason, you can still complete the quest by paying choosing the other option (pay 1,000 Gold). Return the items to Biene in the Water's Edge area, or keep them if you chose to pay her, then return to Burz gro-Khash.


Speak with Burz to turn in your contract, then ask him about Advancement to unlock:

Protector, Fighters Guild

Reached Protector rank in the Fighters Guild

Protector, Fighters Guild
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Ask him about more Contracts and he'll send you off to Chorrol to talk to Modryn Oreyn.

# The Master's Son


Ask Modryn about your Duties to receive the quest "The Master's Son". You are to accompany Vilena's son, Viranus, on a mission to find a missing Guild member. Pay a visit to Vilena Donton's house and take Viranus in tow, then head straight North of Chorrol to locate Nonwyll Cavern.

Nonwyll Cavern

The cavern is infested with trolls and ogres, so try to make sure that Viranus doesn't die (don't worry though, he can't really die; he just gets knocked unconscious for a short while). This is made more difficult by the fact that he goes charging off by himself at every opportunity.

Anyway, do your best and follow your compass to the mortal remains of Galtus Previa. Leave the cavern and return to Modryn.

# More Unfinished Business


Turn in your contract to Modryn to complete the previous quest, then ask for another one to receive the quest "More Unfinished Business". Set it to active and head for Bravil.


For a map reference, follow the road Southeast from the Imperial city and it's on the coast of Niben Bay. Ask around town until you find out that the little runt hangs out at The Lonely Suitor Lodge.

Reach the place and speak with Maglir inside. If you ratted him out earlier, you'll need to return to Modryn for the details of the quest. If not, Maglir will tell you about it. Either way, go to the Mages Guild and find Aryarie to see what she needs, What she needs is ten units of Imp Gall and, if you ask nicely, she'll helpfully suggest you might find some in Robbers Glen Cave -- go there.

Robbers Glen Cave

Leave Bravil and follow the road Northwest to locate the cave. Aryarie is as good as her word and the cave is indeed infested with imps, so all you really need to do here is go in and kill imps until you've collected 10x Imp Gall from their tiny little dead bodies. There's also some pretty decent loot in the many chests scattered around this cave, so check around. Go back to Bravil.


Return to the Mages Guild and hand over the imp juice. Aryarie will be pleased and reward you with a nice magical ring. Go back to Chorrol.


Turn in your contract with Modryn and ask him about Advancement to unlock this achievement:

Defender, Fighters Guild

Reached Defender rank in the Fighters Guild

Defender, Fighters Guild
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# Azani Blackheart

Ask about more duties and Modryn will tell you to come see him later, at night time. Locate Modryn's surprisingly derelict shack (Modryn Oreyn's House is somewhere Southwest in the city) and wait until it's dark, then go on in and have a chat to start the next quest. Afterward, it's time to head back to Leyawiin.


Go to the Fighters Guild, grab Modryn, and leave the city by the Northeast gate. Cross the river and take the road going Northeast to reach Arpenia.


As with all Ayelied ruins, beware of traps in this dungeon. Explore a bit until Modryn tells you that Azani Blackheart is not here. Follow his slow ass to Atatar.


Search these large ruins to find Azani Blackheart (he's marked on your compass). Kill him when you find him, then take his Blackheart's Ring and give it to Modryn. To save yourself a trip back to Chorrol, ask him about your next "Advancement" before exiting the conversation to unlock the following achievement:

Warder, Fighters Guild

Reached Warder rank in the Fighters Guild

Warder, Fighters Guild
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Then ask him about Duties. He'll send you to talk to either Azzan or Burz gro-Khash. We'll go talk to Burz first, so leave this place and head for Cheydinhal.

# The Fugitives


Talk to Burz gro-Khash to receive the quest "The Fugitives". Go to Bravil.


Talk to the locals until you find out that there are four fugitives hiding out in Bloodmayne Cave -- locate the place with your map and head there.

Bloodmayne Cave

This is a fairly large cave, but there's pretty much only one way to go, so go that way and track down all four of the fugitives. Kill all of them in some brutal fashion and return to Burz.


Turn in your contract to Burz to complete the current quest. Then go to Anvil for the other assignment.

# The Wandering Scholar


Talk to Azzan to receive the quest "The Wandering Scholar". You'll be assigned to protect a scholar researching a Daedric Shrine in Brittlerock Cave, your next destination.

Brittlerock Cave

To locate Brittlerock Cave, go to Kvatch and travel Northeast for some distance. Enter the cave and make a save here, just to be safe, and then adventure through the cave and kill all the enemies of the main area (ignore the "Bitterlock Lower Passages", there is no need to defeat the enemies there) before speaking with Elante.

Once there is no more danger, speak to Elante just inside by the entrance, then follow the crazy nutbird as she wanders aimlessly around the cave before eventually reaching the Daedric shrine. Things should be easier if you followed the advice and killed the enemies before speaking with her, since you basically can't fail if there are no enemies anymore.

In case she dies, reload your save and try again, so you can get your full reward when you complete the quest. The only enemies in here are stunted scamps, so you shouldn't have too hard of a time anyway. After reaching the shrine, speak with Elante and she will give you a nice item and tell you that you can go. Return to Azzan.


Turn in your contract to Azzan, and then ask him about Advancement to unlock:

Guardian, Fighters Guild

Reached Guardian rank in the Fighters Guild

Guardian, Fighters Guild
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Ask him about contracts and he'll send you back to Chorrol.

# Trolls of Forsaken Mine


Speak with Modryn to acquire the quest "Trolls of Forsaken Mine" and go there. The Forsaken Mine is located right on the South side of Leyawiin, practically right outside the city gates. You need to go there and find Viranus Donton and the rest of the Guild members who were sent to clear out the trolls.

Forsaken Mine

Enter the mine and follow your compass through the tunnels, checking the many bodies as you go to see if any of them are Viranus. Enter the lower passages of the mine and continue the search, fighting off trolls as you go. Trolls are especially susceptible to fire-based attacks, by the way.

Enter a large chamber to find Viranus' beaten and bloodied corpse lying in the middle. Grab the Bloodied Journal from his corpse to find out that the Blackwood company was behind this massacre. Return to Chorrol.


Go talk to Modryn and turn over the Bloodied Journal. Go to Anvil.


Go talk to Azzan and the first thing you'll get is a demotion. The second thing you'll get is a quest called "The Stone of St. Alessia". You need to go to Bruma for this one. For a map reference, follow the road directly North from the Imperial City to reach the city.

# The Stone of St. Alessia


When you arrive in Bruma, head into the ridiculously gigantic Chapel of Talos and speak to Cirroc. He wants you to recover the recently stolen Stone of St. Alessia from some bandits last seen heading East, so go that way.

Head a short ways out of town to find K'Sharr standing alone in the snow. Speak with him to discover that the robbers were robbed, and some ogres now have the Stone. He'll tell you that the ogres went to Sedor, and even mark it on your map for you. Murder K'Sharr if you want, then head quite some distance east to Sedor.


Enter the ruins and work your way around East and then back West to hit the button to open the gate barring your way. Jump down and proceed. Enter the next room and grab the Stone of St. Alessia off the pedestal there. Return to Cirroc.


Hand the Stone over to Cirroc and he'll give you his thanks, and some free potions. Return to Azzan.


Talk to Azzan to get your reward. Ask him about more work and he'll send you off to see Burz gro-Khash. Go to Cheydinhal.

# The Noble's Daughter


Speak with Burz to acquire the quest "The Noble's Daughter". He wants you to go see Lord Rugdumph (yes, really) at his estate. Apparently he has a missing daughter. To find the estate, head directly North from Cheydinhal.

Lord Rugdumph's Estate

When you arrive, go inside and speak with the master of the house and ask about the missing Lady Rogbut (charmed, I'm sure). Leave the house and follow your compass a short distance East. Slay the ogres menacing the lovely Lady Rogbut and escort her back home. Speak once more to Lord Rugdumph and he'll give you a crappy and pointlessly enchanted sword, and send you on your way. Return to Burz.


Turn in your contract to Burz and ask him for some more work. He''ll give you a quest called "Mystery at Harlun's Watch. It's located directly South of Cheydinhal a short distance. Go there.

# Mystery at Harlun's Watch

Harlun's Watch

When you get to town, seek out Drarana Thelis and speak with her. She'll tell you about people disappearing in the nearby swamp. Head Southeast to find it.

Swampy Cave

When you get there, you'll discover Swampy Cave and a couple of will-o-the-wisps. Kill them and head into the cave. Just inside, take the right fork and follow it until you find the bodies of the villagers.

Search the cave and avenge the poor villagers by slaying all of the trolls in here. There are quite a few of them so search everywhere. Once you've gotten all of them, you'll get a quest message telling you you're done. Go back to Harlun's Watch.

Harlun's Watch

Find Drarana again and tell her about the unsavory fate of the missing villagers. She'll give you the crazy eyeball and a nice magical item. Return to Cheydinhal.


Talk to Burz and turn in your contract. Ask him about Advancement and you'll get your old rank back. Ask him about Advancement again and you'll unlock:

Champion, Fighters Guild

Reached Champion rank in the Fighters Guild

Champion, Fighters Guild
3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

He tells you on the sly that you should go back and see Modryn Oreyn in Chorrol. Do that.

# Information Gathering


Return to Chorrol and go to Modryn's dilapidated shack. Speak with him to find out that he's been expelled from the Guild, but he needs your help. Ask about the "Blackwood Company" to acquire the quest "Information Gathering", then head out for Glademist Cave to commence your kidnapping scheme. Follow the road Northeast from Chorrol to locate it.

Glademist Cave

Enter the cave and begin your search. Follow your compass through the cave, killing Blackwood guards as you go, until you locate Ajum-Kajin in a room at the back of the cave. Speak with him and he'll agree to go with you.

Trek back out of the cave and Ajum will follow along behind you. Once you've exited the cave, feel free to fast travel back to Chorrol. Ajum-Kajin will fast travel with you.


Escort Ajum-Kajin back to Modryn's shack. Speak with Modryn to see what information he wants, then speak to Ajum-Kajin and tell him to sit down. You now have two options available.

You can use the Pesuade skill to get answers from him, but to do so you must raise his disposition above 90. Alternately, you can beat the fire out of him with your fists. Do not use a weapon on him! Either way, you'll be able to ask Ajum-Kajin two questions before he offs himself.

Speak with Modryn again to complete the quest and receive a magical item. Ask Modryn about "Duties" to acquire the next quest, "Infiltration". Go to Leyawiin.

# Infiltration


Once in Leyawiin, locate the Blackwood Company headquarters (somewhere South/Southwest in city) and enter.

Speak with Jeetum-Ze and convince him that you really, really want to join the Blackwood Company. Follow him to the training room and listen to his speech. He'll give you a bottle of Hist Sap, so go into your inventory and drink it.

Momentarily, you will automatically be transported to the village. Kill all of the Goblins running around. Enter all of the houses and kill all of the goblins you find in each of them. When all of them are dead, you will automatically be transported again and awake in Modryn's house. Modryn is concerned about the villagers of Water's Edge and wants you to go check on them, so do that.

Water's Edge

Return to the village to discover the disturbing truth. (Dude! Even the sheep?) Speak with Marcel Amelion, the lone survivor, for a large dose of guilt. Return to Chorrol.


Go to Modryn's house and speak with him to complete this quest. Ask him about Duties to receive the final quest, "The Hist". Go back to Leyawiin.

# The Hist

Leyawiin - Blackwood Company

Go to the Blackwood Company headquarters and head inside. When you enter, you will be attacked so defend yourself, and while you're at it kill everyone. Search Ja'Fazir's body for Jeetum-Ze's Room Key.

Go to the second floor and use your key, then kill Jeetum-Ze. Search his body for Ri'Zakar's Room Key and take it. Head up the stairs to the third floor and use your new key to enter Ri'Zakar's room and kill him, too. Loot the Blackwood Co. Basement Key from his cooling corpse and head all the way back downstairs.

Enter the Basement and kill the Blackwood members in here. Search around the basement to find a table with 2x Loose Pipe on it and pick them up. Next activate the two sap pumps on either side of the tree and you'll use the pipes to destroy the machines. Exit the basement and you'll run into your stunted ex-buddy Maglir. Kill the little runt. Leave the headquarters and return to Chorrol.


Go to Modryn's house and tell him you bitch-slapped the Blackwoods and teabagged their corpses. He'll give you a very nice, although ridiculously stupid looking, magical helmet (Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw) and tell you to go see Vilena Donton.

Go and find Vilena, who is not at all pleased to see you. Tell her about the Blackwood Company and either hog all the glory, or share some with Modryn. Ask her about Advancement and she'll take away your rank again. Then she'll say, "Nah, just kidding!" and make you Guild Master, unlocking the following achievement:

Master, Fighters Guild

Completed the Fighters Guild Questline

Master, Fighters Guild
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

Go back to Modryn Oreyn and hire him as your second-in-command, then give him whatever orders you want. He'll give you a key to the Master's Chest.

Being the Master

Even though this quest line is now complete, you can still interact with the Fighters Guild, as well as obtain other benefits, throughout the rest of the game. First of all, you can give Modryn three types of orders for the month, and you can change them monthly by revisiting him. The types of orders you may give are as follows:

1) Focus on recruitment

2) Focus on contracts

3) Focus on both equally

In addition, you can visit the Fighters Guild in Chorrol once per month to collect your share of the contracts and any nice items the Guild may stumble across during the month. The Master's Chest is located on the third floor of the chapter house in the Master's office. Make sure to have the key in your inventory when you come to collect your goodies. Look behind the desk and between the two glass display cases. As always, you are still welcome to make use of all the Fighters Guild chapter houses in every town, as well.


The Mages Guild quest line is a series of quests separate from the main storyline quest, and there are several achievements tied to it. For this reason, and since the main storyline quests can be completed independently of the Guild quests, we have included these achievements in a dedicated section of the walkthrough. You can find the walkthrough for each of the four Guild quest lines (five with the Arena) in their respective sections. You may complete these quest one after another, or you may spread them out throughout your game, it makes no difference.

Since the questlines "Thieves Guild" and "Dark Brotherhood" both deal with a lot of law-breaking business, including breaking the rules of some other Guilds, it's advisable to complete a full quest line at a time, and it's not a bad idea to leave the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood for last.

If you want to find a specific quest in this page, use the CTRL+F search function of your browser to type in the name of the quest preceeded by a " # " marker (like "# Cheydinhal Recommendation"). Here is the index of the quests:

- Cheydinhal Recommendation
- Bravil Recommendation
- Leyawiin Recommendation
- Bruma Recommendation
- Chorrol Recommendation (officially known as "Fingers of the Mountain")
- Skingrad Recommendation
- Anvil Recommendation
- A Mage's Staff
- Ulterior Motives
- Vahtacen's Secret
- Necromancer's Moon
- Liberation or Apprehension?
- Information at a Price
- A Plot Revealed
- Necromancer's Amulet
- The Bloodworm Helm
- Ambush
- Confront the King

Mages Guild

The Rules

In order to remain in the Mages Guild you must observe these rules:

- Never steal from or kill another member of the guild
- Never steal from the guild's stocks

The items found in the Mage Guild's quarters are usually interesting and/or valuable, but you'll have to hold yourself and never lift anything.

After being expelled you can join the guild again: ask Raminus Polus (the Arch-Mage found in the Imperial City - Arcane University) and he will tell you to collect:

- 20x Dragon's Tongues or 20x Redwort Flowers if you committed a theft
- 20x Daedra Hearts or 20x Vampire Dust if you committed a murder

If you are expelled again you can get a third chance, but this time you will need to collect:

- 20x Dragon's Tongue and 20x Redwort Flowers for a theft
- 20x Daedra Hearts and 20x Vampire Dust for a murder

There won't a fourth chance if you fail to respect the rules for the third time, which will cause your permanent banishment from the guild.

Joining the Mages Guild

The only pre-requirement to join the Mages Guild is to not have a bounty on your head. If you do, speak with a guard and decide to pay your fee to clean your "crime history".

Once you have this requirement fulfilled, visit one of the seven Mages Guilds (we'll see where they are soon) and ask to join. You'll be told to collect a "recommendation" from each of the seven Mages Guilds of Cyrodiil. It doesn't matter in which order you get them, as long as you get them all. Let's see them one by one.

# Cheydinhal Recommendation

Cheydinhal Mages Guild

Cheydinhal is the city East of Imperial City. Fast-travel to the West Gate, and proceed South from the gate hugging the West city wall. The second building that you will see on your left (East) is the Cheydinhal Mages Guild -- get inside during day time (10AM).

Speak with Falcar and tell him that you're there to "Join the Mages Guild". Confirm your interest in the business and he will give you the Mages Guild Key and the Mages Guild Charter (a random book). You will become an Associate of the guild, and therefore you will unlock:

Associate, Mages Guild

Joined the Mages Guild

Associate, Mages Guild
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

You will also notice that there are red markers put in correspondence with all the seven Mages Guilds from where you will need a recommendation. Speak with Falcar again and ask about his Recommendation to officially start the quest.

Wait until it's night time (2AM will work) and speak with Deetsan, the Argonian female that is always in the Cheydinhal Mages Guild. Tell her about the Recommendation to receive the Buoyancy spell and the Well Key; this will work as long as Falcar is not in the room (he leaves at night, so you should be fine if you do this at 2AM).

Make sure that you have at least 150 Weight available. If that's not the case, drop the heaviest items you have on the ground in the guild -- you'll pick them up again later. Once you are light enough, exit the guild's building.

Cheydinhal and Mages Guild Well

Locate the well on the rear of the Mages Guild quarters and enter inside this underwater place. If you have it, make sure to equip the Fin Gleam; alternatively you can cast the Buoyancy spell to get the Water Breathing effect.

Inside the well you will find a man floating in the water on the right (Vidkun). Loot his body to find the Ring of Burden item, which has a weight of 150. Grab it and return outside.

Cheydinhal Mages Guild

Return in the guild's place and speak with Deetsan. She will update you with some news; when she's done talking pick the "Recommendation" option to continue. Feel free to drop the Ring of Burden (she tells you that you can throw it away at this point if you ask her about it) and get back the stuff that you might have had to drop to get some extra weight available.

Still in the guild, locate the door to the basement and go downstairs. In the Basement follow the green marker to enter Falcar's room and find a drawer locked with an "Average" lock. Lock-pick the drawer and get the Black Soul Gems inside (there is two of them, but one is enough). After taking these items (they don't count as a theft, you won't be expelled of course) go give them to Deetsan to finally receive the recommendation from this guild.

# Bravil Recommendation


Bravil is the city South of Imperial City. The Bravil Mages Guild is on the West side of the city (set the "Join the Mages Guild" quest as your current quest to add a red marker in correspondence of the place).

Inside the guild quarters, speak with Kud-Ei (another Argonian) and say that you're ready for the job. Continue the conversation and ask about these topics: Ardaline, Varon Vamori, Mage's Staff. This will officially start the quest and earn you a Beguile (spell scroll, nothing special).

Set the quest as your active quest, so that Varon Vamori's position gets marked with the usual icon. He may very well be in the guild quarters, but he can also be elsewhere. Either way, locate him, raise his "disposition" above 70, then ask him about Ardaline and then about the Mage's Staff -- you will receive a quest-update message.

Return to Kud-Ei and tell her about Varon Vamori. She will give you 3x Beguile scrolls and send you to get the staff.

Imperial City - Talos Plaza District

Fast-travel to this location and follow the marker to find Soris Arenim's House. Get inside and then break into the Basement of the house (an Average lock protects it). Next, locate some drawers in the Basement and open them (there is a Hard lock to open before getting access to it) (the furniture you're looking for is next to the central column of the basement) to find the Mages Staff. Alternatively you can also raise Soris' disposition and pay him 200 Gold to get the staff without having to lockpick. Either way, once you have the Mages Staff you can return to Bravil.


Hand over the staff to Kud-Ei (speak with her about this topic) and you will complete this quest, getting the recommendation from this Mages Guild. She also gifts you a spell, "Captivate".

# Leyawiin Recommendation

Leyawiin Mages Guild

Leyawiin is the city South of Bravil. Enter the Mages Guild in day time (10AM) and find Dagail; she might be upstairs, so follow the markers around the place. Agree to help her find her amulet to officially start this quest.

Now you have to find Agata, who is probably on a different level of the house. This might get tricky, because it's not unusual that Agata stands downstairs exactly below where Dagail is, so the green marker seems to point towards Dagail when you actually have to head for Agata. Anyway, find this lady (Agata) and speak with her about the "Seer's Stone".

Of the many other mages in the guild's building, now all marked with green markers, you want to speak with a guy named Kalthar -- ask about the Seer's Stone. Then report what he said to Agata (speak about the usual Seer's Stone). Lastly, speak once again with Dagail to get a real lead: Fort Blueblood. Go outside of Leyawiin and reach the fort, now marked on your map.

Fort Blueblood

Reach the area and enter inside the fort through its old wooden door. Once inside, head East and then Southeast past a "guard" (Marauder) to reach a larger room with another guard. Go Northeast from the large room to find another large room with a guard; go Northwest from here to reach a door to the next area of this place.

Fort Blueblood Halls

Sneak past/kill some more guardians and follow the hallways to a large room. In this room you start on the upper floor; remain on the upper floor and cross a bridge. Past the bridge take the path leading Southwest to find a door which needs a key to open. Kill the Marauder Warlord (an Orc) or simply steal his Fort Blueblood Key, so you can go through the door Southwest.

You will reach a room with a few bodies on the ground and some Trolls (enemies) guarding the coffins. Head for the one indicated with the green marker (Manduin's Coffin) and open it to find Manduin's Amulet inside.

Backtrack outside and someone will try to stop you. Pick whatever choice in the dialogue with this NPC, and then defeat the traitor. At this point you can exit Fort Blueblood and return to Dagail. Note that you can take a shortcut to exit: after backtracking in the room where you got the Fort Blueblood Key you can take the path Northwest (following the red marker) to head through a door (which you open with the Fort Blueblood Key) to return to the first area of this dungeon (behind a gate that you can raise by pulling a lever on the ground) just next to the exit.

Leyawiin Mages Guild

Report the situation and give the Manduin's Amulet to Dagail (tell her about the Seer's Stone) to complete the quest.

Before leaving the place, find Alves Uvenim (she is usually downstairs in the Mages Guild quarters), a lady who sells a bunch of alchemy stuff and spells. You may already have a "dispel" spell, but in case you don't then make sure to get the cheap (about 60 Gold) "Dispel Other" from her now, since you'll need a spell with this effect for the next recommendation quest.

This spell requires you to have Mysticism at level 25 to be casted: if that's not your case, purchase also the "Minor Life Detection" spell from her. Then "equip" the Minor Life Detection spell and spam it repeately to raise your Mysticism skill. Also remember that you can use spells more quickly if you enter "combat mode" (press X to draw your weapon) and hold the Block button (LT) while tapping RB to cast spells. It shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes to reach Mysticism level 25, so you become an "Apprentice" of Mysticism and therefore you are able to use "Dispel Other".

# Bruma Recommendation

Bruma Mages Guild

Bruma is the city North of Imperial City. The Bruma Mages Guild is the building immediately Southeast of the North Gate, so fast-travel to Bruma North Gate and go down the stairs to find the building and get inside when it's day time (10AM).

Speak with Jeanne Frasoric, the lady behind the counter, and ask her about the "Recommendation" as usual. Then ask her about J'skar, so the quest can officially start.

Equip the Fin Gleam if you have it, or simply use some Detect Life kind of spell to check if there is an invisible person somewhere on this floor. If you don't know this, the forms of life around you are "detected" with some purple fog. If you see some purple fog but you can't see a person where the color is, then it means that there must be an invisible form of life in that point. As a matter of fact, the target of this quest is a guy under a 100% Chameleon effect.

You probably won't find him on the main floor though -- take either set of stairs to go down in the "Living Quarters" of the guild's building and search through the four rooms to locate J'skar (the invisible guy). Once you find him, cast a "dispel" type of spell on him, such as your recent purchase "Dispel Other", and speak with J'skar, who will now be visible.

Now report the situation to Jeanne Frasoric (tell her about J'skar) to complete this simple quest.

# Chorrol Reecommendation


Chorrol is the city West of Imperial City. Enter the Mages Guild quarters in day time (10AM) and speak with Teekeeus inside (he's probably upstairs in the Mages Guild Library), asking him for the Recommendation. Then ask him about Earana, so the "Fingers of the Mountain" starts. Despite its name, this is in fact the "Chorrol Recommendation" quest, only that for some reason they decided to name it after the item of interest for this quest instead of simply "Chorrol Recommendation".

Your target, Earana, is located somewhere in town; she will probably be just outside the Mages Guild quarters, but she might also be in a building called "The Grey Mare". The marker on your map (if you make this your current quest) will lead you to her regardless of where she is. Once you find her, tell her that you are interested in helping her (second option).

After the conversation, return inside the Mages Guild building and report the situation to Teekeeus (tell him about "Fingers of the Mountain") -- he will now send you to the Cloud Top area, in the middle of the mountains Northwest of Chorrol. Get there by horse or on foot.

Cloud Top

Once you reach the area you will find some ruins of a shrine or something. On the ground there is a burned corpse; search it to find the Fingers of the Mountain item. Grab it and return to Chorrol.


There are two ways to end the quest, but in fact the best thing to do is simply to return the book to Teekeeus (the other option is to hand it over to Earana, but the first option is better since it gives more Fame points. Moreover you'd still have to speak with Teekeeus to get the recommendation and complete the quest, so it's easier if you just go to him right away). Once you complete the Fingers of the Mountain quest the recommendation is yours.

To properly complete the quest you must do something else though. Go outside and find Earana. Tell her that you gave the book to Teekeeus, and when she asks say that you won't help her (you can also help her, but saying "no" speeds things up). This will start and complete the "Fingers of the Mountain - Part II" quest. This extra step is not part of the "Fingers of the Mountain" quest, but if you don't do this then there will be still a marker in correspondence of Teekeeus when your current quest is "Join the Mages Guild". So yea, just complete the "Part II" too.

# Skingard Recommendation

Skingrad Mages Guild

Skingrad is the city Southwest of Imperial City. Enter the Mages Guild quarters in day time (10AM) and speak with Adrienne Berene about the Recommendation.

Speak with the other mages in the building, in particular with Sulinus Vassinus, a humanoid (ask about Erthor), and then with Druja (ask her about the Bleak Flats Cave). Now speak with Adrienne Beren again, this time about the Bleak Flats Cave -- she tells you to go there.

Before doing so (the location is added on your map with the usual red marker), speak with Druja again and access her shop: among the other spells she sells is the Snowball spell (Frost Damage effect). You will need a frost-damage spell for one of your future quests of the Mages Guild, so make sure to get this cheap one now if you don't already have a similar spell.

Bleak Flats Cave

Enter inside the cave after finding the place. Make sure to kill all the Deranged Zombies that you can find; there is a total of seven of them. Help yourself with the Fin Gleam or simply the "life detect" types of spells to find them more easily. You will find the last of them shortly before finding Erthor.

When you do find Erthor, speak with him. He asks you to eliminate the monsters so he can leave with you. If you already did so, simply exit the cave. Otherwise turn around and defeat the enemies until the last falls. Then speak back to Erthor and tell him whatever you want (there is no need to escort him, you can simply tell him to find his own way back).

Note that sometimes if you eliminate all the enemies he will still ask you to eliminate them; if this happens, exit the cave and return inside to find another Deranged Zombie next the entrance -- defeat this respawn and you should be done with it. Also make sure to pull a lever near a rock wall North of Erthor's position, since it's a handy shortcut to the exit. Return to Skingrad after making sure that he will leave the cave.

Skingrad Mages Guild

Report the situation to Adrienne Berene. In case Erthor hasn't returned yet, wait 24 hours and then speak with Adrienne Berene again; ask her about the Recommendation to complete the quest.

# Anvil Recommendation

Anvil Mages Guild

Anvil is the West-most city of all. Speak with Carahil inside the guild quarters and ask her about the Recommendation as usual. When she asks your opinion, choose "Go on" to officially start the quest. You'll be redirected to the Brina Cross Inn, located North of Anvil.

Brina Cross Inn

Find the place and get inside. Speak with Arielle Jurard and she will tell you to rent a room in this inn. Speak with Cristophe Marane, the innkeeper; choose the "Bed" option and say whatever you want about your occupation. Speak with him again and pick the "Bed" option again; confirm your interest to rent a room for the night (it costs 10 Gold) and go where he tells you to go.

As you head for your room you will be asked a question from "Caminalda"; tell her that you are not a merchant and continue to your room (find the room with a door which isn't locked). Approach the bed and sleep for 24 hours (less is enough actually, but anyway). When you wake up Arielle Jurard will be in the room with you; speak with her again and she will tell you to spend the night at the inn.

Do so (sleep again) and a quest message will tell you to follow the Gold Road towards Kvatch. Exit the inn.

Cyrodiil - The Gold Road

Go where the green marker is, following the "Gold Road", and Caminalda will come and attack you. Kill her without killing the other NPC that will also attack her (they are on your side). Once she is dead, return to Anvil.

Anvil Mages Guild

Speak with Carahil in day time (10AM) and make your report about the "Rogue Mage" to complete the quest and get the recommendation.

Exit the guild's quarter and wait a few seconds; a quest message will inform you to find Raminus Polus in Imperial City if you got all the seven recommendations.

Join the Mages Guild

Imperial City - The Arcane University

Once you have all the seven Mages Guilds recommendations, fast-travel to Imperial City - Arcane University (it's Southeast of the city). Get inside the main tower (Arch-Mage's Lobby) of the district in day time (10AM) to find Raminus Polus, a humanoid; he's the current Arch-Mage. Now that you got the recommendations, tell him about the "Recommendation" and he will welcome you to the Mages Guild. You will receive the Robe of the Apprentice and you will also unlock:

Apprentice, Mages Guild

Reached Apprentice rank in the Mages Guild

Apprentice, Mages Guild
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

Hard-earned, but yours at last. Now let's proceed with the rest of the "real" Mages Guild quests.

# A Mage's Staff

Speak with Raminus Polus about the "Tasks" topic, and then ask him about the Mage's Staff to start this quest. The first thing to do is to get some wood to make your staff: exit the Arch-Mage's Lobby and reach the Wellspring Cave, East of Imperial City.

Wellspring Cave

Reach the place and enter inside. A quest message suggests to ask a couple of NPCs for more info on what to do. Proceed onwards a bit and investigate the body on the ground (Zahrasha) to pop-up another quest message. Note that there will probably be a "Necromancer" next to Zahrasha -- kill him, he's not on your side (Necromancers are the main enemies of the Mages Guild, so kill them whenever you see one). Make sure to get the Wellspring Cave Key from Zahrasha's body.

Adventure further through the cave to reach a larger area; more Necromancer will be in your way, and you can defeat them all. In the larger cave area there is also some water; should you fall in the water, the only way to get back on the land is through a "sharp-C-shaped" underwater passage on the West side of the room.

Anyway, follow the passage Southwest past a small bridge above the water to reach a door which needs the Wellspring Cave Key to open -- go through it.

Cyrodiil - Waterfront

As soon as you exit outside you will find more Necromancers. One of them will come and tell you that they are going to kill you; show them that they got the subject and object inverted. After defeating the three Necromancers outside you will get another quest message; examine the other body on the ground (it was next to where you were "welcomed" as soon as you got out of the cave) to find that it's Eletta, the other NPC you were looking for.

At this point you can open a small coffin placed on a stone table between two flames to find the Unfinished Staff inside. Get it, then fast-travel to The Arcane University to make your report to Raminus Polus.

The Arcane University

Raminus Polus is still in the Arch-Mage's Lobby (day-time only). Speak with him about the Necromancers to update the quest.

Exit the Arch-Mage's Lobby and find the Chironasium (one of the other buildings in the University complex). Speak with Delmar inside the Chironasium and tell him about the Mage's Staff. He will ask you how you want to customize your staff. It doesn't really matter what you do, though some choices are better. You'll be asked to choose one among the nine possible effects:
- Destruction: Fire Damage, Frost Damage, Shock Damage
- Illusion: Charm, Paralyze, Silence
- Mysticism: Soul Trap, Telekinesis, Dispel

Telekinesis can be a fun choice. More practical choices (if you plan to use a staff in the first place) are Paralyze and Silence. Paralyze is probably the best of all, at least in theory, since it can "stop" the enemies with a single touch. On the other hand, Silence can be equally useful against all the mage enemies that you will find in the next quests of the Mages Guild. Of course feel free to choose whatever you prefer, since it's just a custom item that you make now, but all the effects associated to your staff are also available via spells anyway. Note that the effects will be stronger if your level is higher, and in particular they max-out if your character is at level 15.

Once you've made your choice, wait 24 hours and speak with Delmar again about the Mage's Staff, thus completing the quest. You can get your [Custom] Staff (the name depends on your choice) from the Cupboard behind him.

Now return to Raminus Polus and speak with him about your Advancement: he will promote you to to the rank of Journeyman, and you will unlock:

Journeyman, Mages Guild

Reached Journeyman rank in the Mages Guild

Journeyman, Mages Guild
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# Ulterior Motives

Speak with Raminus Polus about the next Tasks to receive this new quest; exit the Arch-Mage's Lobby to continue.

Castle Skingrad

Fast-travel to Castle Skingrad (it's the city Southwest of Imperial City). Go through Castle Skingrad Courtyard and enter the County Hall from here.

Inside the County Hall, speak with Mercator Hosidus. He will tell you to wait a day: wait for 24 hours and then speak with him again (actually he will seek you). To have a meeting with the Count you must reach a place a bit West of Skingrad: exit back to the Courtyard and fast-travel to the Grateful Pass Stables of Skingrad.


Head West from the stables, following the markers on your map/compass to reach the meeting place. Wait until it's night time (2AM) and Mercator Hosidus will arrive, bringing some friends of his, too. Defeat all the Necromancers (and also Mercator Hosidus), but be careful not to damage Janus Hassildor who will come and help you in the fight.

Speak with Janus Hassildor after the fight; pick the "Go on" options when they are available if you don't want to ask him about the other optional things too. He will then tell you to return to Raminus Polus and make report.

The Arcane University

Speak with Raminus Polus (same place, same day/night schedule) and tell him about Janus Hassildor. Pick all the options available in the dialogue to continue the conversation and complete the quest.

Speak with Raminus Polus about your next Advancement now -- he will promote you to the rank of Evoker, giving you the Spelldrinker Amulet, and you will unlock:

Evoker, Mages Guild

Reached Evoker rank in the Mages Guild

Evoker, Mages Guild
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# Vahtacen's Secret

Ask Raminus Polus about your next Task to start this quest.

From the Arch-Mage's Lobby, locate a warp device on the ground and activate it (press A) to use it as a teleporter to the upper floor. On the upper floor (Arch-Mage's Tower Council Chambers) you will find Irlav Jarol. Note that he may also be in the Arch-Mage's Lobby, so follow the marker as usual to determine where to go to find him. Either way, speak with him to receive the Vahtacen Key and progress with the quest. Then exit the tower and head for Vahtacen, a place rather far East of Imperial City (it's easier to reach the city of Cheydinhal and go South from there to get to the place).

Note that you will need a Frost Spell to continue in this quest; if you don't have a spell with this effect, make sure to go get one (for instance the Snowball spell can be bought from Druja, one of the members of the Skingrad Mages Guild; she's found in the guild quarters) before you leave.


Enter inside the cave once you find it. Once inside, go on and take a turn left (Southeast) at a fork. Follow the hallways to find Skaleel in a large room; pick whatever option you want at her first question, and then choose the "Pillar" option at the next question.

Follow the other passage (Northwest of the room with Skaleel) and follow more hallways to find a guy named Denel. Speak with him about the Pillars too, so the quest gets updated again. At this point you are supposed to investigate the tablets near the pillars and ask Skaleel/Denel about some "translation help" to know which spells you should cast at the pillars in the last room (the one beyond Denel). The solution of the puzzle is to cast the spells on the large pillar in the middle of the room past Denel in this order (beware that you'll be damaged if you make a mistake; save before trying, just to be safe):

- "Av Molag Anyammis": Fire Damage (Flare)*
- "Av Mafre Nagaia": Frost Damage
- "Magicka Loria": Damage Magicka (Sever Magicka)*
- "Magicka Sila": Fortify Magicka (Elevate Magicka)*

*You can find a scroll for three of these effects (written in parenthesis in the above list) in the chest next to Denel's desk; the only exception is Frost Damage, but hopefully you followed the advice of getting a Frost-Damage spell from some place before coming here. Note that the "Sever Magicka" scroll is an "On Touch" kind of spell, so you must be next to the column when you cast it.

Once the puzzle is solved the pillar will be completely dismantled and you'll be able to reach a door leading to the Vahtacen Lorsel.

Vahtacen Lorsel

Go Southeast and follow the only possible way. When you reach a larger room be careful: in the middle of it there is a spiked platform that will damage you if you step on it (there are some holes in the floor in correspondence of this platform).

Continue Northwest as far as you can. When the hallway apparently ends there is a platform on the floor: "activate" it (press A on it), so you become able to go further Northwest into another large room. In this second large room there is another trap-platform in the middle of the room: beware of it, since it will try to smash you in the spikes attached to the ceiling.

Proceed through more hallways until you reach another very large room. Ignore the green marker in the middle of it (it's up a platform where you can't go) and proceed further Southeast up some stairs. Upstairs you will find a "button" that you can push; it's placed inside one of the pillars. Once you find it, push it -- a couple of staircases will spawn in the middle of the room, giving you access to the green-marked "thing" on the central platform. Go up the platform in the middle of the room and look for another "push-block" button on the pillars around it; push it too, so that the item on the platform "turns" into the Ancient Elven Helm. Grab this item, then head back to Skaleel in the previous area.


Speak with Skaleel to continue the quest. Then exit Vahtacen for good.

The Arcane University

Return to Irlav Jarol in the main tower of the Arcane University to make report on what you just found and complete the quest.

# Necromancer's Moon

Speak with Raminus Polus, and pick whatever options you like to answer his questions and start the next quest. Before going after your duty, ask him about the next Advancement, so you get promoted to the rank of Conjurer (you are also gifted the Robe of the Conjurer) and you unlock:

Conjurer, Mages Guild

Reached Conjurer rank in the Mages Guild

Conjurer, Mages Guild
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The Arcane University - Mystic Archive

Exit the Arch-Mage's Lobby and follow the red marker to find the Mystic Archives, another building of the University complex. Get inside and speak with Tar-Meena; pick all the options available to advance with the quest.

Still in the Mystic Archives, find the Necromancer's Moon (a book) on a small wooden table; read it and take it (press X as you read it) to continue with the quest.

Return to the Arch-Mage's Lobby to speak with Raminus Polus about the Necromancer's Moon. Still in the Arch-Mage's Lobby, find Bothiel and speak with him about the Shade of the Revenant to get a "Hastily Scrawled Note". Speak with Raminus Polus once again about the Shade of the Revenant to progress. Now that you have a target, exit the tower and fast-travel to Vahtacen, which is probably the closest location (just a bit West of it) to the Dark Fissure, which is where you have to go.

Dark Fissure

Reaching this place is a bit annoying since it's up a high mountain, but if you search for it you'll be able to find an unmapped trail that takes you all the way up there. When you arrive you will notice that the green marker points at an altar outside. Unless you are really lucky though, you probably won't see anyone coming.

Therefore enter inside the Dark Fissure cave. Once inside, kill the first guy you find on the left (Worm Anchorite) and loot his body to get the Handwritten Note item -- read it if you want, then exit outside the cave. As you exit, a quest message will prompt, telling you that you should make your report to Raminus Polus at the Arcane University. Do so.

The Arcane University

Tell Raminus Polus about the Necromancers to complete this quest.

Speak with him about the next Advancement, so he promotes you to the rank of Magician and you unlock:

Magician, Mages Guild

Reached Magician rank in the Mages Guild

Magician, Mages Guild
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# Liberation or Apprehension?

Ask Raminus about your next Task to start this quest. He tells you that you should find someone else from the next quests, and the guy is Hannibal Traven, another Arch-Mage who is found in the "Council Chambers" area (upstairs from the Arch-Mage's Lobby; use the teleporter thing on the ground to reach him). Ask Hannibal about your Tasks and accept to continue with this quest. He doesn't really start off with the right foot, since your first quest from him will take place in an isolated shrine called Nenyond Twyll, rather far away from the main cities -- follow the red marker to get there.

Nenyond Twyll

Get inside the place. You'll be greeted (sort of) by Fithragaer; tell him you've been sent here, then follow him through the rooms and hallways. His careless rush will cause him to step on a trap (spikes on the ceiling) that will kill him, but that's not a big problem since you have a handy red marker leading the way better than any NPC could possibly do.

Avoid the trap that he fell for and follow the only possible way to continue. There will be some Necromancers ahead, but no more traps. Continue until you find a door to another area of this dungeon.

Nenyond Twyll Riellesel

Make a few steps in this area and Mariette Rielle will come and talk to you. Continue in the next room after hearing what she has to say (then take her life if you want). You'll find yourself in a large room with a lot of water on either side. In order to continue you have to press a push-block button on the Northwest side of the room (outside the water), just left of the door where you should go through to follow the green marker.

Pushing the button will lower a gate, allowing you to continue and find Mucianus Alias. Defeat him, then return in the room with a lot of water: instead of backtracking the way you came, follow the red marker to find a shortcut on the West side.

After returning in the previous area of Nenyond Twyll, go up a couple of stairs and stand on a block on the floor to lower some more walls that will allow you to reach the exit in no time.

The Arcane University

Make your report to Hannibal Traven, telling him about Mucianus Alias, to complete the quest.

Then find Raminus Polus and ask him for your next Advancement, so he promotes you to the rank of Warlock and you unlock:

Warlock, Mages Guild

Reached Warlock rank in the Mages Guild

Warlock, Mages Guild
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# Information at a Price

Go back to Hannibal Traven and ask him about your next Tasks. He tells you to head for Castle Skingrad -- do so.

Castle Skingrad

Wait for day time (10AM) and go through the Courtyard to reach the County Hall. Inside speak with the Argonian marked with a green marker (Hal-Liurz). Wait for some hours a couple of times, so she first goes calling Janus Hassildor and then he spawns at your second awakening. You can also simply wait real time anyway; waiting twice in a row will only speed things up a bit.

Once Janus Hassildor appears, ask him about the "Information" he has for you to be told where to go: the Bloodcrust Cavern. Exit the castle and travel to the Bloodcrust Cavern, just Southeast of Skingrad.

Bloodcrust Cavern

Enter inside the cavern once you find it. In the cave there will be many "Bloodcrust Vampires": defeat them all and make sure to get the Vampire Dust from one of their bodies. A quest message will inform you when the last vampire has been defeated.

Exit the cavern and return to Skingrad - West Gate to deal with the Vampire Hunters.


From the West Gate proceed East to find one of the Vampire Hunters marked on your map: it's Eridor. When he asks, say that you don't live there, and then tell him that you have information for him. Tell him that the vampires are all dead, and show him the Vampire Dust you collected to convince him.

Note that you could have also killed all the Vampire Hunters; convincing Eridor to stop his hunting is simply a faster way of completing the quest.

Skingrad Castle

Fast-travel to the castle and speak with Hal-Liurz who will inform Janus Hassildor to come and speak with you. Again, you can wait for a few hours twice in a row so the count is immediately spawned next to you. Once you can speak with him, tell him about the Bloodcrust Cavern and the Vampire Hunters. Then choose the "Information" topic to progress with the quest. This is all -- exit the county hall and fast-travel to The Arcane University.

The Arcane University

Make your report to Hannibal Traven (tell him about Mannimarco) to complete the quest.

# A Plot Revealed

Wait for 48 hours (24+24), then speak with Hannibal Traven again to receive your next task. Exit the tower to fast-travel to Bruma - West Gate (city North of Imperial City), where the quest will take place.

Bruma Mages Guild

Reach the Mages Guild quarters. You'll be asked to look for survivors. The only one will be found in a room upstairs, but due to the "accidents" that happened to the building you must go through the basement and exit from the other door of the basement to end up in the half of the room where the stairs are.

Kill some of the ghosts floating around the place, then head upstairs and defeat Camilla Lollia. In the same room as she is (upstairs) there is also J'skar, who will un-Chameleon himself after dispatching the enemy in the room. Tell J'skar about the King of Worms to receive a quest-update message. Backtrack through the basement to return outside, then fast-travel to The Arcane University.

The Arcane University

Tell Hannibal Traven about J'skar to complete the quest.

Go speak with Raminus Polus to receive your next promotion to the rank of Wizard (he also gives you the Wizard's Fury spell, a multi-elemental Destruction spell for a Destruction level of 50+), so you unlock:

Wizard, Mages Guild

Reached Wizard rank in the Mages Guild

Wizard, Mages Guild
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# Necromancer's Amulet

Speak with Hannibal Traven about the Necromancer's Amulet to start this quest, then exit outside, fast-travel to Chorrol and make your way up the mountains of Cyrodiil Southwest of the city to reach Fort Ontus. Again, there is no trail leading to the place, but you shouldn't have too many problems this time since the mountains are not particularly steep.

Fort Ontus

Enter the fort ruins from the West, and then find the door to get inside. Inside the fort there will be some mages; they are not Necromancers, so don't attack them!

Continue always West, crossing a bridge when necessary. After the bridge take the South-most of the paths leading West, so you find a door leading to the Fort Ontus Understreets.

Fort Ontus Understreets

Your target is in this area. If you want, simply force one of the two Hard-locked gates to reach her; otherwise go around the hallways to the West side and pull a lever on the ground to raise a gate. Either way, speak with Caranya and ask her about the Necromancer's Amulet. She won't reveal herself to be particularly friendly, so change your plans and kill her to loot the Necromancer's Amulet from her dead body.

Make your way out of the Fort the way you came. As you can imagine, the other mages of the place will be hostile, so feel free to attack them to defend yourself. Once you're out of the Fort, fast-travel back to The Arcane University.

The Arcane University

Report the situation to Hannibal Traven, as usual, to complete the quest.

# The Bloodworm Helm

Speak with Hannibal Traven about the Bloodworm Helm to start this other quest. Exit outside and fast-travel to whatever location you have discovered next to your next destination, Fort Teleman. Unfortunately this is another of those places lost in the middle of nowhere, so you may have to make your way there all the way from Leyawiin.

Fort Teleman

When you finally arrive, locate the door to enter inside. Inside the fort there will be some Necromancers that you can/should defeat on your way to the main target. Go North and follow the way down and up some stairs when necessary. You will find a door after another one-way-only hallway.

Fort Teleman Order of the Black Rose

There is quite some confusion in this place, with Necromancers fighting against other random monsters. Go South to reach a larger area; ignore the path leading West and take the path through a broken wall that goes East first and then South. Make your way through a few more elemental Atronachs and you will eventually reach the body of Irlav Jarol. Loot his body to find and get the Bloodworm Helm, possibly after taking care of the enemy (Dremora Kynmarcher) nearby, just to be safe.

After retrieving the precious helm, make your way outside the Fort and fast-travel to The Arcane University. Note that there is a typical shortcut-exit that you can take to save some time (follow the red markers).

The Arcane University

Give Hannibal Traven the Bloodworm Helm to complete the quest.

Find Raminus Polus (in the Arch-Mage's Lobby, as usual) and ask him for the next "Advancement" to be promoted to the rank of Master-Wizard, so you unlock:

Master-Wizard, Mages Guild

Reached Master-Wizard rank in the Mages Guild

Master-Wizard, Mages Guild
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# Ambush

Return to Hannibal Traven once again to ask for your next Tasks. Ask him some questions if you want, then choose the "Go on" option to start the quest. Exit and fast-travel to the Bloodcrust Cavern outside of Skingrad, since it's rather close to your next destination (Silorn).


As you approach the area you will come across Thalfin (green-marked guy). Speak with him and he will lead you to Silorn (like you really needed him to find the ruins in front of you...). After some more dialogues he will ask you to strategically place him and his men so they can defend the area from the enemies. If you want you can mess around with this sort of tactic minigame a bit, but you can also just tell each of them to occupy a random position.

In any case, after taking their position some enemies will spawn. Kill all the Necromancers, with or without the assistance of the other three NPCs. The enemies will spawn, two by two after some intervals, from the West. Once you kill the non-random Necromancer named Falcar, loot his body to find the Colossal Black Soul Gem stone. Get it, then fast-travel to The Arcane University.

The Arcane University

Tell Hannibal Traven about your discovery of the Black Soul Gem to hand it over and complete the quest.

# Confront the King

Speak with Hannibal Traven again about the Tasks to start this last quest. Among the quest information you may read that you've been promoted to the rank of Arch-Mage, but you won't unlock the correspondent achievement until you complete this quest and speak with Raminus Polus. Exit outside the tower and fast-travel to Bruma, and then move on to the mountains on the West side to reach the Echo Cave, your destination.

Echo Cave

Before you can enter, Bolor Savel will tell you that you have to kill him if you want to get his key and enter the cave. Well, since he asked so nicely...

Once you have the Echo Cave Key get inside the cave. As you can imagine the cave is full of Necromancers, so be ready to fight your way through it. It's a long walk, but there is only one way to go, so keep walking and killing Necromancers until you find the door to the Echo Passages.

Echo Passages

This other part of the cave is also linear until before the end, where you will find a path leading South towards a trap-door (ignore this path) while the red marker is on the West side and will take you to the last area of this dungeon.

Echo Necromancer's Chamber

Go straight North through some doors and past a bridge to find Mannimarco, your target. Pick whatever option you like when prompted a choice, since you'll have to kill him either way. He's particularly weak against spells, so it's probably a good idea to use them instead of melee attacks. Grab the Staff of Worms from his dead body maybe, it's a rather nice unique piece (it's not necessary to complete the quest, so nevermind if you miss it).

Follow the red markers to make your way outside the cave, and then return to The Arcane University.

The Arcane University

Speak with Raminus Polus to update him on the current situation. He will "officially" promote you to the rank of Arch-Mage (he also gives you the Arch-Mage's Hood and Arch-Mage's Robe). Quit the dialogue menu with Raminus Polus to unlock:

Arch-Mage, Mages Guild

Completed the Mages Guild Questline

Arch-Mage, Mages Guild
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Being the Arch-Mage

Now that you are the Arch-Mage you are also above the rules, and stealing/killing other members will not result in your expulsion (you do however have to pay a fine).

If you talk with Raminus Polus about the "Ingredient Collection" you will start a very short quest that gives you access to a chest in the Lustratorium that duplicates your Alchemy ingredients for free once a week. Not very useful due to the limited use you can make of it, but it can be really interesting if you want to get more units of the more important items.

You can also speak with the newbies of the guild and tell them to follow you around to help you. They won't do much, but hey it's better than nothing.

Lastly, you have access to all the rooms of the main tower of The Arcane University, including your private quarters at the top of it.


The Thieves Guild quest line is a series of quests separate from the main storyline quest, and there are several achievements tied to it. For this reason, and since the main storyline quests can be completed independently of the Guild quests, we have included these achievements in a dedicated section of the walkthrough. You can find the walkthrough for each of the four Guild quest lines (five with the Arena) in their respective sections. You may complete these quest one after another, or you may spread them out throughout your game, it makes no difference.

Since the quest-lines "Thieves Guild" and "Dark Brotherhood" both deal with a lot of law-breaking business, including breaking the rules of some other Guilds, it's advisable to complete a full quest line at the time, and it's not a bad idea to leave the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood for last.

If you want to find a specific quest in this page, use the CTRL+F search function of your browser to type in the name of the quest preceeded by a " # " marker (like "# May the Best Thief Win"). Here is the index of the quests:

- May the Best Thief Win
- Untaxing the Poor
- The Elven Maiden
- Ahdarji's Heirloom
- Misdirection
- Lost Histories
- Taking Care of Lex
- Turning a Blind Eye
- Arrow of Extrication
- Boots of Springheel Jak
- The Ultimate Heist

Thieves Guild

The Rules

Like every other guild, the Thieves Guild has its own set of rules that you must follow from the moment you join if you don't want to be expelled. You must:
- Never steal from another member of the guild
- Never steal from the beggars
- Never kill characters during the thieves guild missions; animals/monsters can be killed

In case you violate these rules you will need to pay a certain amount of Gold (up to 1,000 Gold) to join again. The only way to be expelled permanently is by failing the last part of the last quest, "The Ultimate Heist", which happens if you get involved in some fights on your way out of the place where you will go.

Joining the Thieves Guild

Imperial City Waterfront

There are several ways to join the thieves guild. The fastest and easiest is by doing these two simple steps:

1. Read one of the many "Wanted Posters" attached here and there at the walls of Imperial City. One can be easily found if you fast-travel to the Imperial City Waterfront and you turn around to find it on the side of the arch that leads outside the docks.
2. Still in the Imperial City Waterfront area, advance with the time until midnight. Then reach one of the backyards of the houses to find three people gathered together (the backyard has a sort of "code name" for the members of the guild: it's the "Garden of Dareloth", just in case you hear this name). The backyard you want is on the back of the house named "Methredhel's House". It's one of the shacks found on the West side, outside the port area of the Imperial City District.

The three people you will find in the backyard are Amusei (an Argonian), Methredhel herself, and lastly Armand Christophe. Speak with Armand Cristophe and a dialogue box will prompt; pick the first option, the one about Gray Fox. If he says something like "I don't trust you" then you have to persuade him first. To do this, scroll with the D-Pad_Down to select the first "box" at the bottom-left of the screen, which is just the Persuade command. Now use your speechcraft skills - or, more simply, your Gold - to become trustworthy to this character. If you want to do it the easy way, keep pressing Y to "Bribe" him; this will cost you some Gold, which may or may not be a problem for you (probably not, but still).

After convincing him to talk about Gray Fox, another option will appear among the dialogue choices: "Join the Thieves Guild". Pick this one to officially start the first quest of this quest-line.

At this point you can also speak with Armand again, and he will start selling you Lockpicks for 5 Gold each. They are not exactly cheap, but hey better than nothing. Lockpicks are very largely used in all the quests of the Thieves Guild (you wouldn't guess right?), so make sure to never be out of supplies. Alternatively, you can get the Skeleton Key by completing a side mission (check the General hints and tips for more info) which becomes available when you are at least at level 10.

# May the Best Thief Win

Imperial City - Temple District

The first quest of the Thieves Guild requires you to compete against two other thieves-wannabes to retrieve a diary. You are supposed to ask around the beggars to know where this item is hidden, but I'll save you the trouble: fast-travel to Imperial City - Temple District (Southwest quarter of the city), and head East to find Amantius Allectus' House. The house entrance is as far East as you can go; you should also notice Methredhel running towards the place before you can get there.

Force the lock of the door (Average lock) to get inside. You should find Methredhel inside, who is sneaking to search the precious diary. She will slowly head for the spot where the diary is hidden: it's hidden in the desk on the right side of the room. Should she manage to get it before you do, you can reload the last auto-save, which should be the one as soon as you entered the house. Alternatively you can steal the diary back from her (it will be placed in a chest in her house): it's not a violation of the rules of the guild since you are not a member yet.

Either way, once you have Amantius Allectus' Diary you can exit the house and fast-travel back to the Waterfront. Then meet with Armand Cristophe again at night in the backyard of Methredhel's house to deliver the item and complete this first quest (choose the last option, "Thieves Guild Test", to deliver the item). Note that if you fail to win the contest you'll be given another chance with an optional mission where you need to steal a sword, without other thieves trying to do so before you. Either way when you join you will unlock:

Pickpocket, Thieves Guild

Joined the Thieves Guild

Pickpocket, Thieves Guild
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You also get some Infamy points by completing this quest; you will get Infamy points basically after every quest of this quest-line.

Imperial City - Waterfront

At this point you are prompted the three rules to follow. They are at the top of the page, so if you need a reminder you know where to read.

More options will become available after listening to the rules. Pick "Thieves Guild Jobs" to unlock another option which is "Pay off my fines and bounty". This option is a handy tool to remove the bounty on your head, by paying half the fine you would pay if the guards got you and while also keeping all the stolen goods. It's usually a good idea to "clean" your crime history with this option, though it still costs you Gold of course.

Next, pick the "Thieves Guild special jobs" option. Armand will tell you how things work here at the Thieves Guild: first you must steal something on your own; then you must sell the stolen item to a dealer of stolen goods (called "fence"). The dealer in this case lives in Bruma, in his own house located in the South portion of the city: it's Ongar. For the next thieves guild quest you need to earn only 50 Gold via reselling stolen goods, but for last of the quests of this quest-line you must sell Ongar stolen items for a total value of at least 1,000 Gold. I suggest doing all the stealing now, so you can avoid the trouble of having to make multiple trips up and down the cities in the future.

Earning 1,000 Gold with Stolen Goods

Imperial City - Market District and Red Diamond Jewelry

Fast-travel to the Market District, and locate the shop called "Red Diamond Jewelry". It's one of those more on the East side. Pickpocket the Bit and Bridle Key from the shopkeeper and then wait until it's night time and the shop closes. At night, enter inside with the key and loot all you can. You want to loot items that are worth at least around 1,500 Gold total for now (more is better of course). If you can't pickpocket the key, then you can also break into the shop at night, though this will require more effort due to the "Very Hard" locks to force. Stealing the key isn't a problem with the 100% Chameleon effect anyway.

You can get the Jeweled Necklace (200 Gold), Silver Necklace (50 Gold), Jade Ruby Ring (80 Gold) and 2x Gold Emerald Ring (160 Gold each) in the case on the counter; there are also less valuable items in the case (2x Brass Topaz Ring (30 Gold each) and Brass Pearl Ring (20 Gold)) but you can leave them there. Moreover, there are 2x Jeweled Necklace (200 Gold) in the display case near the entrance.

In the other cases upstairs (all locked with Very Hard locks, sadly) the items are not *that* valuable. They are mostly "copper" or "bronze" kind of things, none of which reaches the value of 100 Gold. They do stack on the long run though, so try and get them if you don't have problems with lockpicking.

If you get inside the basement of the shop (Hard lock to force to get inside) you can find a Gold Amulet (150 Gold) on a box on the right.

After looting the three Jeweled Necklaces, the two Gold Emerald Rings, the Jade Ruby Ring, the Silver Necklace and maybe also the Gold Amulet you already have about 1,500 Gold-worth of stolen goods. Since you typically sell stuff for a third (or so) of their original value, this means that you are about half-way through the fence necessary to unlock all the thieves guild missions.

Before stealing anything else, visit Bruma.


Reach the Southwest part of the city to find Ongar's House; it's a rather small shack. Enter inside and speak with Ongar (if he's not there try to wait till the hours in the morning, like 10AM). The fence system works like a regular shop, so select the second box in the bottom-left corner of the screen to sell your goods. He can also sell you his stuff, and among the most interesting items there are 100x Lockpicks (6 Gold each). After 72 in-game hours (you can simply wait three days of course, one by one) this stock will be regenerated, so he is a very good source of Lockpicks, if not the best in the entire game.

Sell him all the looted bounty you don't want, in particular all the jewelry taken from Red Diamond Jewelry in Imperial City. Note that the robbed bounty will appear in your inventory (as well as in the selling menu) with a red hand mark on the icon of the item.
You should be at about 500 fenced Gold (you can check the amount when you check Ongar's "shop"; the amount will appear for a few instants in the upper-left part of the screen). Now fast-travel to Anvil for the remaining 500.


Fast-travel to Anvil Dock Gate; Anvil is the West-most of the cities on your map.

The house closest to where you spawn when you fast-travel to the Dock Gate is Jesan Sextius' House. The owner of this place sleeps until 6AM in the morning, so try to get inside before that time of the day (this is not an issue anymore if you have 100% Chameleon effect on). Go upstairs in his house and break in his room (Average lock). On the right of his room you will find, on a drawer, a silver helmet called Witchhunter Helmet.

Now fast-travel to Bruma again and sell your latest bounty. At this point you should have more than 1,000 Gold from reselling stolen goods, which means you're ready for all the next quests of the thieves guild.

# Untaxing the Poor

Imperial City

Return to Imperial City - Waterfront and meet Armand at night time in the usual backyard. Now that you've earned 50+ Gold from selling stolen goods if you pick the "special jobs" option he will assign you a job. Ask extra questions if you want, and then pick "Sure. I'll do it." to start this quest. Note that the red markers won't help much in this case, especially if you don't ask info around the beggars and proceed just towards the main goal.

Go in the Imperial City - Temple District area, and from here go Southeast to find the entrance to the South Watch Tower.

South Watch Tower

Beware that this place will be full of guards most of the day. If you want to play it sneaky, then you must time your movements carefully according to the day time, taking advantage of the guards shifts that occur between 9AM/PM and 11AM/PM. 100% Chameleon will make this all much easier, as always.

The tower is made of four levels. The first level is a safe area, and you can stay here. To access the second and third level you need to climb up a couple of ladders (more like a bunch of poles attached to the wall actually). To reach the top, the fourth and last level, you need to force an Average lock before taking the last ladder up.

Once you reach the upper area you will be in Lex's room. Immediately on your right there will be a desk with a Hard lock to force. Once you succeed opening it you will find the Waterfront Tax Records inside, along with some other stuff (Gold too, but not much anyway). After getting the item that you came here for, go back down the ladders to exit the tower. Note that when you backtrack you won't see a ladder or a hole in the ground, but a sort of trap door on the floor which you must take to climb back down.

Imperial City

Return to the Waterfront area and deliver the item to Armand. By completing this quest you will be promoted to the rank of Footpad and unlock:

Footpad, Thieves Guild

Reached Footpad rank in the Thieves Guild

Footpad, Thieves Guild
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# The Elven Maiden

To start this quest you need to speak to Armand as usual after earning at least 100 Gold from reselling stolen goods. It's a good idea to clean-up your crime records while you're here with him (ask him to "Pay off my fines and bounty"), since you'll need to speak with a soldier in this mission and he will try to arrest you if you're not "clean".

When the quest is active, fast-travel to Cheydinhal - East Gate; Cheydinhal is the city East of Imperial City.


From the East Gate you are not far from the Great Chapel, a large religious building also located somewhere on the East/Southeast side of the city. You are supposed to ask one of the two beggars (green icons on the map) walking up and down the street to know more about this mission; for 15 Gold they will tell you to head for the chapel.

The Great Chapel of Arkay

Go downstairs (the stairs are opposite the altar, near the three entrances) to find three doors. One is directly in front of you, an Average-locked door which leads to the Chapel Hall. Ignore it, and instead force one of the two doors on either side. They are both Hard-locked doors which will lead you to your destination.

Chapel Undercroft

There is a very aggressive guard walking in the rooms of this area. If she spots you, she will attack on sight, so try to stay hidden. Go left to find Llathasa's Tomb. Don't open the coffin! If you do, a ghost will spawn in the hallways, increasing the trouble you have to go through. Instead, just grab the Llathasa's Bust, placed on the same alcove where the coffin is (it's near a candle and some flowers).

After getting the bust, head outside and fast-travel to Imperial City - Waterfront.

Imperial City - Waterfront

Approach the usual meeting place to find out that there are too many guards around here; a box message will suggest you to ask the other thieves to know more info about Armand. If you stand near Methredhel's house in day time she will automatically come to you; alternatively you can wait for her in her own house. Either way, ask her where Armand is and keep asking questions until you're told what to do.

You are asked to place the stolen bust in Myvryna Arano's House. This house is located just North of Methredhel's, and it should also have a red marker pointing it out. Break inside (Hard lock) and examine the Myvryna's Cupboard near the right wall as you enter. You will automatically place the bust inside.

Exit outside to find a young knight asking questions just North of Myvryna's house. He is Hieroymus Lex. Beware that if you speak with him and you recently committed crimes he will try to arrest you like every other guard. Once you are clear, speak with him and tell him about the "Bust of Llathasa Indarys", and more specifically that the bust has been stolen by Myvryna and he can find it in her cupboard. He won't believe you by default of course, so you must raise his disposition over 70 first. As usual, you can simply bribe him with some Gold if you don't want to spend time raising his disposition the long way with your speechcraft skills.

Follow Lex in Myvryna's house for some dialogues, then exit back outside. Let Lex go about doing his job, and head for the backyard of Methredhel's house. Wait until night time, so Armand shows up. Speak with him to complete the current quest, thus getting promoted to the rank of Bandit (also 100 Gold as reward), which will earn you this achievement:

Bandit, Thieves Guild

Reached Bandit rank in the Thieves Guild

Bandit, Thieves Guild
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Armand doesn't have any more quests for you, but the thieves quest-line is far from over. The next "Doyen" (quest-givers for the Thieves Guild) will be found in Bravil.

# Ahdarji's Heirloom


Bravil is the city directly South of Imperial City. Fast-travel there, and then follow the red marker to locate S'krivva's House. Wait until it's day time (10AM will do it) and enter inside. Note that the door of the house should be open if she is available to talk business; otherwise it will be a Hard lock, and if you break inside she will tell you to leave and return when the door is already open.

Once you finally manage to contact her and speak to her about the guild, pick the usual "Thieves Guild special jobs" option to receive the new quest; before being able to do so you must have earned 200 Gold by selling stolen goods with the fence system. Once the quest is active, exit outside and fast-travel to Leyawiin - North Gate, the city South of Bravil.


You can speak with the usual beggars to gather information about your new target. In this case you are after Ahdarji, who's house is located on the East side of the city. In particular, if you go East you will find two small "lakes"; Ahdarji's House is between the Northern and the Southern lake. You can find her in the house at 5PM.

Speak with Ahdarji about her stolen ring, so you progress with the quest. Exit back outside and speak with the beggars if you want. Then head for the castle.

Leyawiin - Castle

Enter the castle. From the County Hall, go a bit East and then South to find the door that leads to the Dungeon.

In the Dungeon you can speak with the Leyawiin Jailor and tell him about Amusei. Pay him 20 Gold and he will open a Hard-locked door for you, so you can go speak with Amusei. You could have also sneaked behind the guard (through the hallways behind him) and then forced the lock, but 20 units of Gold are not worth the trouble.

Speak with Amusei behind his cell, and ask him about the Ahdarji's Ring. A three-choice dialogue box will prompt; choose to bribe Amusei with a lockpick, so he tells you all you need to know to progress. Oddly enough, you may actually open the Very Hard lock of his cell but he won't get out of there and he will still ask for a lockpick. Just a curiosity; let's move on and return in the County Hall.

In day time, speak with the maid standing before the thrones; she is Hlidara Mothril, and if you convice/bribe her until she has a disposition above 70 then when you ask her about the ring she will tell you that the countess doesn't wear her ring at night.

Wait until it's night (about 2AM will do it). If you have 100% Chameleon you might as well go upstairs to find the door to the Lords' Manor Private Quarters. Otherwise from the County Hall go all the way East and then South to find the door to the Basement. Proceed in the Basement all the way South. At one point you will reach a wall, but if you open your map you will notice that there are some more hallways further South. Search one of the open barrels near the South wall, so you find a lever inside it. Pull it, so a secret passage opens. Follow it all the way to another door: unlock its Average-lock to enter the Secret Room.

In the Secret Room you can follow another tunnel to the next Average-locked door: force the lock to access the Lords' Manor Private Quarters, your ultimate destination.

In this new area follow the passages and pull a lever when necessary to continue. Force a Very Easy lock and you will reach a larger lit room. Watch out for the guard patrolling this area and go all the way North through more locked doors until you reach the room where the countess sleeps. On the right side of the bed, in a corner of the room, there is a small box; it has a Hard lock, and contains the Ahdarji's Ring, the item you came here for, as long as the countess is sleeping (and, therefore, has removed it). Note that the countess has also the key to the box, so you may pickpocket her to get the key and then use it on the lock of the box. I wouldn't advise it though, she may wake up and ruin everything.

After getting the ring backtrack the way you came and exit the castle.


Wait until day time (10AM), reach Ahdarji's House (go West from the entrance of the castle; it's the house between the two lakes) and deliver the ring. When she asks, tell her that Amusei tried to sell the ring, so she is happier than she would be if you chose the other option, and therefore will reward you with 200 Gold instead of 100 Gold. Then tell her that you've recovered the ring and hand it over to complete the quest and get your reward.


Return to Bravil and go speak with S'Krivva in her usual house. Tell her about your deeds and the stolen ring, so she rewards you with 400 Gold and promotes you to the rank of Prowler. You will also unlock:

Prowler, Thieves Guild

Reached Prowler rank in the Thieves Guild

Prowler, Thieves Guild
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# Misdirection

Speak with S'Krivva again and ask for the next special jobs; this time you need to have earned a total of 300 Gold by reselling stolen goods. It's a good idea to clean-up your crime records while you're here, since you'll need to speak with a soldier in this mission. When you're ready, warp to Imperial City - Talos Plaza District (it's the Western quarter).

Imperial City - Talos Plaza District

In Talos Plaza District you want to reach the Dynari Amnis' House. It's the house located just North of the circular square in the middle of the district.

Enter inside Dynari's place to find Methredhel. Speak with her and choose the last option to know news about the Waterfront. After the conversation, exit outside and warp to The Arcane University (where the red marker has been moved).

Imperial City - The Arcane University

Wait until it's night time (2AM will do it) and get inside the Arch-Mage's Lobby (the tower in the middle of the area). From here, step on the magic platform on the ground to move up to the Arch-Mage's Tower Council Chambers, and then take another warp to the Arch-Mage's Quarters.

In this last room you want to steal the shiny Hromir's Icestaff, which will be located on a drawer in front of the bed. Then approach the Archmage's Night Stand on the left of the bed; try to "open" it to actually put a note inside it. Note that if you do the things the other way around (first the note and then the staff) the game will tell you to put a note in the stand again, but you actually don't have to: simply exit outside and report your success to Methredhel in Dynari's house (tell her about the Icestaff).

Imperial City - Waterfront and Talos Plaza District

Return to the Waterfront area, in day time (10AM). You want to eavesdrop Lex's conversation. You can find Lex where you found him the last time, that is to say North of Methredhel's House. After some scenes Lex will go away, dropping the Note from Reminus Polus on the ground; read it if you want, then report the situation once again to Methredhel in Dynari's house -- talk to her about Lex to continue.

Exit the house to return to Talos Plaza District. Go South towards the next red marker which will lead you to Ontu Vanin's House.

Break into the Hard-locked house, and then force the Average-lock of the room upstairs to access Ontus Vanin's Private Quarters. In this room follow the green marker to locate the Ontus Vanin's Chest on the ground, and interact with it to place the Icestaff inside. Note that it's possible to loot this very chest and get the Icestaff again, but if you do so you won't be able to complete the quest (you can always put it in the box again, don't worry). Should you be eager for this nice weapon, it will be available for looting in the Arch-Mage's Quarter after completing the quest.


When it's all done, return to Bravil and speak with S'krivva (tell her about Lex) to complete the quest, get your reward (300 Gold) and promotion to the rank of Cat Burglar to unlock this achievement:

Cat Burglar, Thieves Guild

Reached Cat Burglar rank in the Thieves Guild

Cat Burglar, Thieves Guild
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# Lost Histories

For the next quest you need to have earned at least 400 Gold from reselling stolen goods. Speak with S'krivva when you have fulfilled the requirement and accept the next "special job". Fast-travel to Castle Skingrad (it's the city Southwest of Imperial City).

Castle Skingrad

After arriving via fast-travel, turn around and go through the large door to access the Courtyard of the castle. From the courtyard, locate the door that takes you to the County Hall and enter inside.

In the County Hall you want to go upstairs to find the door that leads to the Dining Hall. Force a Hard-lock to get in the Dining Hall, and from the Dining Hall locate the stairs that go down towards another locked door (Easy level this time) that leads to the Wine Cellars.

In the Wine Cellars you want to approach the middle wooden tank, and check on its right to find a "suspicious" candle. Pull the suspicious candle to activate a mechanism that will open a secret passage through the tank itself -- save the game (it's important!) and go through it to continue.

You'll find yourself in front of the "Pale Lady", an enemy that you are allowed to defeat (she must be considered like an animal or something since you don't get punished if you kill her). Beware that this enemy will try to inflict the Porphiric Hemophilia disease, which is a dangerous status ailment: if you don't heal it within three days you will become a Vampire, and healing the Vampire status is not a five-minutes task! Should you get affected by the disease, hurry up completing this quest and immediately head for one of the chapels/wayshrines to heal your condition.

Anyway, once you have defeated the Pale Lady examine the dead body on the ground to update your quest. Then speak with the Argonian in the cell on the right, and talk to him about the Lost Histories of Tamriel. Open the door of his cell for him (Average level) and make your way back to the Courtyard (simply backtrack; Amusei will respawn next to you if you enter a new area, so hurry up and don't bother fighting or sneaking).

When you are in the Courtyard again, follow the red marker to exit outside to The West Weald. From here cross the bridge and go all the way towards the green marker to meet up with Amusei again. Speak with him and ask him about the Lost Histories of Tamriel again. After getting to know where the desired tome is, warp to Skingrad - East Gate.


From the East Gate simply follow the red marker to find the book on the ground. Press A to examine it, then press X to actually take it. You can now warp back to Bravil.


Deliver the book to S'krivva to get your reward (400 Gold).

# Taking Care of Lex

Speak with her again once you have fenced over 500 Gold to start the next quest. It's a good idea to clean-up your crime records while you're here, since you'll need to speak with a soldier in this mission. Fast-travel to Castle Anvil (it's the port city far West) when you are ready.

Castle Anvil

After arriving via fast-travel, locate the door to enter the Anvil Castle area. Once you are inside the main hall, go right into the "Smithy" area. In here speak with Orrin, who's been waiting for you, and follow him around the place to find a secret passage. It's not a bad idea (unless you are protected by 100% Chameleon) to wait until night (2AM) before continuing. Either way, go through the passage and continue upstairs to find an Average-locked door that leads to the Private Quarters.

Enter the Private Quarters and go up more stairs. When the path apparently ends, find and activate the "movable pillar" on the left to open another secret passage. Go left after the passage and open a Hard-locked door. Inside the next room you may find a woman, Dairihill, if it's still too early in the day. With or without her around, force the Average-lock Dairihill's Desk to find the List of Candidates key item. Grab it and exit the castle.


Warp to Anvil Main Gate (the North one). Ask the beggars around the city to know where to find a forger. They will tell you to look for a man around the Mage's Guild. Wait until day time (10AM) and follow the next marker on the map to find the man you want. His name is "A Stranger", and he should be found in the abandoned house just West of Anvil Mages Guild. Anyway, speak with him and tell him to "Forge this letter" to hand it over to him. Rest for 24 hours (even right in front of him), make sure you have 500 Gold to give away, and then speak with him again to ask for the "Forged letter" -- he will give you the Forged List of Candidates key item in exchange for his fee (-500 Gold).

Imperial City - Prison District

Warp to Imperial City - Prison District, where the red marker is. Follow the red marker to locate the Very-Hard-locked door to the Imperial Legion Offices and break inside. Once inside, check the desk to find a brownish Imperial Legion Seal (it's at the bottom of the picture near the wall); examine it to upgrade your last quest item to the Sealed Forged List of Candidates.

Castle Anvil

Fast-travel back to Castle Anvil. Wait until it's day time (10AM) and follow the red marker to the main hall (Anvil Castle area) to find Countess Millona Umbranox. Tell her about the "New Guardian Captain" topic, then exit outside the castle and warp back to Imperial City - Waterfront.

Imperial City - Waterfront

Wait until it's around 7PM and Lex will appear in The Bloated Float Tavern Deck, one of the buildings near the docks. Enter inside and speak with him; tell him about the "New Guard Captain" news. Then warp back to Bravil to complete this quest where it started.


Speak with S'krivva to receive your reward (1,000 Gold) and be promoted to the rank of Shadowfoot. You will also unlock:

Shadowfoot, Thieves Guild

Reached Shadowfoot rank in the Thieves Guild

Shadowfoot, Thieves Guild
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# Turning a Blind Eye

Exit outside the house. The last four quests of this quest-line will not be given by a "Doyen", but you need to wait until you get contacted by other members of the guild. This can happen basically anywhere, provided you have fenced enough money (600 Gold for the next quest).

You can simply wait outside S'krivva's house for 24 hours; when you wake up it should be a matter of seconds before Methredhel arrives, assigning you the new job. Fast-travel to Bruma - East Gate (the city North of Imperial City) to continue.


Reach the Southeast part of the city to find the Helvius Cecia's House (it's the Southeastern-most of all); 1AM will be a good time to find the owner of the house just outside of it. Speak with him if you want, and then enter inside the house. Once inside, go downstairs to find a certain popular character. Start a conversation with him and pick the obvious options to receive the details of this quest.

Among the lines of the conversation, this quest-giver will also tell you that the rule about not killing anybody on the job will not be valid for the upcoming quest. Therefore feel free to slay the enemies if you find it necessary to continue (I doubt you'll need it anyway). For an extra courtesy, the quest-giver has also added the icon of the next destination on your map -- exit the house and use the world map to find, directly East of Bruma, the Temple of the Ancestor Moths. Unfortunately you can't simply fast-travel there, and therefore you'll need to get to that place on foot or, better, on the back of a horse (steal one from the stables West of Bruma). Don't follow the red marker, since it's pointing towards Castle Anvil, where you don't have to go.

Temple of the Ancestor Moths

Once you're finally here, wait until it's about 1PM and break into the Average-lock "Monk's Quarter" (a small shack). Here you will find Brother Holger; bribe or persuade him until his disposition is 80 or higher. Then ask him about the Savilla's Stone and get to know more about the catacombs too. He will lead you towards the Ancestor Moth Crypt (a place where you could have entered too on your own actually, it had a Hard lock to break though). From the crypt there is only one door ahead, and it leads to The Temple of the Ancestor Moths (building).

The Temple of the Ancestor Moths

As explained earlier, in this place you can kill the monks without consequences of any kind (well, other than turning them hostile, which happens anyway if they notice you: they might be blind, but not deaf). You can pickpocket the first monk you find to get the Catacomb Key. Then proceed through the many hallways (a Torch will be useful here; as you probably expect these people didn't bother too much with the lights...). There is just one way to go though, so it shouldn't be hard to continue to find the door to the next area (force an Average lock to continue).

Catacombs of The Temple of The Moth

Follow the path and break through a Hard lock to the next area.

The Caverns of The Moth

In this area there will be some traps here and there, so open your eyes and be ready to dodge the dangers. At the first fork (Northeast or Southeast) go Southeast to reach a room with several ropes that hang from the ceiling. Pull them all until you find the one that will lower a rock wall (it's the one Southwest) that allows you to continue through more hallways.

At the next fork (Northwest or Southwest) take the path Northwest, since Southwest will take you back to the first fork. Keep going on and there will be another fork; again Northwest or Southwest. Keep going Northwest and you will find a ghost on your way (Faded Wraith); past it there is a Hard-locked door to open to proceed.

Shrine of The Moth

Go on to enter an open cave. In the middle of this area you will find a strange red crystal that periodically "attacks" the nearby zone (it doesn't do much damage, don't worry), a monk, and also the circular Savilla Stone on a small altar of some kind. Grab the Savilla Stone and head Northeast to find a passage that will take you to a room with a ladder on the East corner -- use the ladder to exit right away.

Temple of the Ancestor Moth

Fast-travel to Bruma to deliver the item acquired.


Go to the basement of Helvius Cecia's House to find your quest-giver; hand over the Savilla Stone to complete this quest and receive your reward (500 Gold). Exit outside the house, fast-travel to Imperial City (any district) and wait 24 hours.

# Arrow of Extrication

Imperial City/Chorrol

If you have fenced over 700 Gold you should be contacted by Amusei after waiting for 24 hours in the city (wait for longer if necessary). After the call, warp to Chorrol - North Gate (it's West and a bit North of Imperial City). The house you want is the Southwestern-most of all: it's Malintus Ancrus' House.

Get inside the house to find Gray Fox; proceed with the usual dialogues to start the quest.

Bravil/Castle Bravil

Fast-travel to Bravil (South of Imperial City) and the beggars some info if you want. Then fast-travel to Castle Bravil and enter inside the Great Hall of the castle (the entrance is far to the East side of Bravil).

Inside the castle, go upstairs and find the Average-locked door to the Lord Manor's North Wing. Inside the North Wing area, go left (North) to find an Average-locked wooden door -- force it to enter Fathis Aren's rooms. A quest message will prompt now, telling you to locate the arrow of extinction -- force the two chests on the left as you enter (Average locks for both) to find...nothing. Actually there might be two very good items in the second chest (Glass Sword and Ebony Cruissar), though they are quite heavy and you may not be able to carry them outside with you (they may even not be here in the first place). Anyway, another quest message will prompt after checking both the chests, telling you to look for another secret room.

The secret passage is directly in front of where you entered this room: activate one of the two pillars (the right one) to reveal it and proceed through another Hard-locked door.

Bravil Wizard's Grotto

This place is quite huge and can get rather complicated and frustrating with all the locked doors, passages and monsters, so try not to get lost. Defeat a Daedra enemy in front of you. There will be two gates: ignore the one leading West and lockpick the one that takes you North (Hard lock).

Save the game, just to be safe. At the next fork take either path and go East into the water. If you stick to the North side you can get out of the water to continue on the land, past an Easy-lock door, but this path leads only to an optional area with a few enemies and some items to collect.

To proceed you need to find a secret passage underwater; I would advise saving the game again here. Here is a video showing the way, in case you need a visual reference. Anyway, from the area with a lot of water you want to find a passage that goes to the bottom of the pit. It's a really, really long way to the bottom, but there are actually two paths that you could take. One leads all the way to the bottom of this place and, from there, to a door that takes you outside to the world map (you end up in the middle of the ocean). This is not the way to go, and you must have some very high attributes or simply a Water Breathing effect on in order to survive such a long swim underwater.

The path that you have to take is different. You don't have to go all the way to the bottom, but you must stop quite earlier. In particular, when you descend you will see some lights and fishes. The last of the fishes is on a rock just about where the deepest beam of light ends. From the position of this fish, make sure you are facing North, and go about a couple of meters above the position of the fish. At this point you should see a passage, a cave, right in front of you (that is to say, the passage leads North). Follow this passage and you will end up on the land again.

From the land continue towards the East, going East or North whenever possible to eventually find a Hard-locked door.

Bravil Wizard's Liar

Follow the hallways and go through yet another two Hard-locked gates. Take all the East turns you can and you will finally reach the Hard-locked door to Fathis Aren's Tower.

Fathis Aren's Tower

Save the game again. In this area you must get the arrow of the quest and a key, the Aren's Tower Key, which can be looted from Fathis Aren but also simply obtained from the same chest as the arrow, in his laboratory. If you are a member of the Mages Guild you don't want to get caught stealing, and neither you want to kill him: if you do either of these two things you will get expelled from the guild. On the other hand you should be able to speak with Fathis Aren if you are a member of the Mages Guild, thus raising his disposition towards you as much as you can (go all the way to the max) to be able to take the key from his chest without him bothering you. None of this is a problem if you have the usual 100% Chameleon cover, since you can steal safely from the chest.

Go up the staircase to the third level of this place (second from the top), admiring and/or defeating the elemental Atronachs on the way. On the third level you will find a room with Fathis Aren, who is working in his laboratory. The chest with the items you want is beyond and to the left of his desk. Once you have the Aren's Tower Key and the Key-Shaped Arrowhead (Misc. item), reach the bottom of this place and use the key to open the door Southwest.


You'll finally be back in the open world. Fast-travel to Chorrol (which is West of Imperial City; you are South of Imperial City now) and deliver the bounty to Gray Fox, who is still in the same house (Southwest in Chorrol) as he was when he ordered the arrowhead. For your trouble you will be rewarded with 500 Gold, the promotion to the Master Thief rank, and you will therefore unlock:

Master Thief, Thieves Guild

Reached Master Thief rank in the Thieves Guild

Master Thief, Thieves Guild
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# Boots of Springheel Jak

Imperial City/Cheydinhal

After fencing 800 Gold, wait 24 hours in Imperial City and you should be contacted by Amusei again. After receiving Gray Fox's message, fast-travel to Cheydinhal - East Gate (it's the city East of Imperial City).

In Cheydinhal, reach Ganredhel's House (follow the red marker; it's on the East side) to find Gray Fox inside. As usual, accept the mission to continue. Return to Imperial City - Talos Plaza District.

Imperial City - Talos Plaza District

Ask the beggars for indications if you want, then reach Jakben Imbel's House; it's the one immediately Southeast of the statue in the middle of the area. Break through the Hard-locked door to enter inside. For a clear opening you should try to do so at about 11PM of Morndas/Middas/Fredas (the in-game names of the "days"), but feel free to break in whenever you want, especially if you have the 100% Chameleon cover.

Jakben Imbel's House

Once you are inside the house, go upstairs and enter the Private Quarters. You'll find yourself in a small hallway with three doors; two on your left are locked, while another one in front of you is not. Go through the non-locked door to enter a room with some stairs on the right. Go up these stairs and check the ceiling to find a trap-door (Hard-locked) -- go through it.

Now you are in the small "study" of Jakben's. Open the Hard-locked desk on the left and grab the Imbel Genealogy inside. Exit the study via the trap door on the ground.

To continue you need to wait until Jakben is available to speak with you (day time should do it). Ask him about the Springheel Jak's tomb, and he will give you the Imbel Family Crypt Key without even trying to fight for it. Once you have the item, exit the Private Quarters (return downstairs).

On the first floor of the house, follow the red marker to the door on the East side. It's Average-locked and leads to the Basement. From the Basement follow the way through another Average-locked door and then enter the Catacombs with the key you just retrieved from the owner of the house.


Proceed East through a Hard-locked door to find a ghost and a "Vampire Patriarch". Beware the attacks of the latter, he is like the Pale Lady of one of the earlier quests. Continue through the next Hard-locked door to access the coffin marked on your map/compass -- examine it and a quest message will tell you that the boots are not there. At least you found a diary though: grab the Diary of Springheel Jak from the coffin. As soon as you quit the inventory menu another "vampire" enemy will attack you from behind; be ready to fight back and loot his body to find some valuable items, including the quest item Boots of Springheel Jak.


Exit the Catacombs and return to Cheydinhal (city East of Imperial City) to report your success to Gray Fox (still in Ganredhel's House, on the East of the city). Get your reward (500 Gold) and exit the house.

# The Ultimate Heist

After fencing 1,000 Gold, wait for 24 hours in Imperial City - Waterfront and Amusei will come and contact you for the next, last job of the Thieves Guild. Make sure to save the game, since this quest can be failed if you get caught at the end of it, and this will result in your permanent expulsion from the guild.

Imperial City - Elven Gardens District

Fast-travel to the Northwestern district of Imperial City, and head Northeast to find the Othrelos' House. Enter inside to find The Gray Fox; speak with him to start the quest. You will also receive the Imperial Sewer Key, the Arrow of Extrication and Boots of Springheel Jak, which you will need to advance in this quest. In this quest you can kill people without having to pay consequences. As you can imagine, since you are going to need the arrow you will also need a bow, so find yourself a bow somewhere in the city (some bows can also be retrieved in the next area that we're going to visit, so feel free to get one as you work on this quest).

Imperial City Palace

Reach the "Palace" area and get inside the Elder Council Chambers. Needless to say, this place is crowded by guards that will patrol the area non-stop. Once inside, go clockwise to the left side to find the Average-locked door to the basement.

In the Palace Basement reach the green-marked "Glass of Time"; activate it when you are nearby, and then backtrack outside.

Imperial City - Arboretum

Reach the Arboretum area and follow the green marker to find a small grate, the passage to the underground tunnel that you need.

The South East Tunnel

Go through the hallways and rooms, opening an Average-locked door when necessary. At one point there will be a closed gate; in order to open it you must find a wheel-lever on the opposite side of the room. Continue further on, and in the next room ignore the East passage and continue West/Northwest to find the door to the next area.

Beneath the Bloodworks

You can go either West or East; go East into the next room. Before going North you may want to get the Potion of Cure Disease from the table (another one can be found in a chest nearby) (it has nothing to do with the quest, but it's a somehow useful item). Then go North on a bridge and fall on its right (East) to reach the lower level. Go through a gate further East and continue past another bridge. You will reach a small room that has another wheel-lever on the North wall. Operate the wheel-lever and go West on the nearby bridge; now jump down to the lower floor and go North.

On the ground you will find a skeleton before a gate (which is open if you activated the second lever a moment ago); this "Skeleton Hero" wields a Steel Bow, so kill it and loot the bow if you don't have one. Go through more tunnels to reach a larger rectangular area.

In this area you need to go West through another tunnel, but there is a closed gate there. On the Southwest wall of this area there is a wheel-lever, and another one is found in the small room to the North -- operate them both and the passage West will open, allowing you to reach the green-marked trap-door (beware the Vampire Monk on the way!), located past a door that you will open with the Imperial Sewer Key.

The Palace Sewers

Cross the bridge Northwest and follow the way Northwest, ignoring the passages going Northeast. When you reach a larger circular room, drop to the lower level and continue Northeast through a tunnel; follow the path to reach the door to the "Old Way".

The Old Way

From where you enter, go West and immediately South when you can, so you reach the red-marked door.

In the next area you want to jump down on the West side to the lower floor. From where you land, go Northwest to find a passage through a broken wall. Follow the passage to reach the red-marked door.

The Lost Catacombs

Proceed North and West, then follow the path all the way North and then East (there are two passages going East, but they both lead to the same area). At one point there will be a tunnel in a broken wall to the South, follow it, and then follow another tunnel to go East. As you follow this last tunnel there will be a fork (North/South): go South and then East again. Continue on the only possible way from here, and go North to reach a larger area (there are two passages going North; either is ok).

Further North there will be two more passages leading North: you can take either of them again, just make sure to follow the turns that lead towards East/Northeast whenever possible.

At one point you will reach a much larger room. Go a bit East and you will find, on the North side, some broken stairs. They are very high, so you'll need a high Acrobatic value to be able to get up there. If you don't have said value by default, temporarily equip the Boots of Springheel Jak to boost your Acrobatics and be able to get on the upper level. Here (on the upper level) go East (right) from the stairs to find a light-blue-lit button to press; do so. A second light-blue-lit button is found on the opposite (South) side of the room, also on the upper level. Push them both, then jump back on the lower level and go all the way East to find the door to the next area.

Halls of Epochs (2)

Go East; as you continue there will be another skeleton with a bow that you can loot if you still need to get one. Equip the bow afterwards, and go East up some stairs. A quest message will inform you that this is where you should use the Arrow of Extrication -- indeed this is the place. On the East side there is a large statue, the "Keyhole Pillar", which is the red-marked target. From this statue turn around 180° and you will see two red "things" on a bridge on the other side of the room, with a small platform between them; the platform is where you want to stand to fire the arrow.

However, you can't reach that spot due to some huge walls blocking your way. If you open your in-game map you will notice that there is a smaller room on the South side of this place; reach it. Immediately past the gate between the main room and this small room, on the left (East) you will see another light-blue-lit "Push Block" in the wall. There is also a chest with a bow at its bottom, but anyway. Push the block into the wall and jump down to the lower level (South). Now there will be an open passage Southeast, leading to yet another room which takes you to another door. Go through the door South, so you reach another area.

Halls of Epochs (2)

This other area is also called "Halls of Epochs", but it's smaller than the previous one. Go North through some hallways to find a room that has another light-blue-lit button on the wall; in particular, it's on the West-most wall of all. There are also chests with interesting items in this place, so take a look if you have time to spare.

Push the button, then backtrack to the previous Halls of Epochs area.

Halls of Epochs (1)

The walls have been lowered, so you can head towards the two red lights and stand on the platform between them. Save the game, just to be safe.

As you stand on this platform the previous statue (the "Keyhole Pillar") will rotate, thus revealing a hole in its structure. Your Arrow of Extrication has to go through that very hole. Keep in mind that the game has some basic physics to calculate, so the arrow won't go straight where you're aiming, but it will also descend a bit if you aim for a distant target like the keyhole you want. Therefore make sure to adjust your aim (i.e. aim a bit higher than your goal) to shoot the arrow in the correct spot. Should you fail, go get the arrow and try again; it can be a bit tricky to find it with all this darkness, so you might prefer to simply reload the game. Here is a picture of a shot (with the Steel Bow, for what matters) that will hit the target. With words, you should aim so that the circle of your "target" icon is just above the hands of the statue (which are above its head).

You can also practice with normal arrows, if you have them, to see if they hit the target (if you see some dust it means that the arrows have hit the statue, so you need to change aim). Then when you find the correct position do it "for real" with the Arrow of Extrication. In case you don't know this, to choose the arrow to shoot you must select it in the inventory. Also, if the game tells you that you can't shoot the Arrow of Extrication because it's a quest item, double-check that you are on the correct platform and enter "aim mode" with the bow (hold RT so you prepare to fire); at this point, while you are about to fire, open the inventory and select the arrow.

A quest message will confirm your success, and a new passage will open. Go through it to access the next area.

Imperial Guards Quarters

Go West to reach the outer hallway and go through the red-marked door to reach the library.

Elder Scrolls Library

Break into the library itself by forcing the Hard-locked door leading to it. You are about to reach the moment where you may fail the quest, so it's not a bad idea to make another back-up save now before proceeding.

Go counterclockwise to find a priest sitting on a chair. Before him and on the right side there is a lever on the wall; pull it to "activate switch" and open a door. The door is located beyond the gate in front of the monk, but to reach it you must go the other way around (counterclockwise). Do so and then enter the library itself.

Inside you will find some stairs going upwards (ignore them) and a round table in the middle of the room. Approach the chair near the table and press A to sit; a quest message will inform you to wait here -- do so and you'll be brought the Elder Scroll. Press A to read it (if you can understand what's written on it...) and then press X (while reading it) to take it.

Press A go get up from the chair, then go upstairs to find a Hard-locked door leading West -- force the lock to go through it, then proceed counterclockwise in the new hallways to reach the red-marked door to the Moth Priest's Quarters (Average lock).

Moth Priest's Quarters

Follow the red marker to find the next Hard-locked door.

Imperial Battlemage's Chambers

Go through a Hard-locked door first, and then force through either of the two Very-Hard-locked door to reach the green marker. The marker is in correspondence with a loose grate on the ground -- examine it to exit this place.

The Old Way

As soon as the area loads, open your inventory and equip the Boots of Springheel Jak (the last quest message suggested to equip them), so you won't take damage from the fall (well, not too much damage at least). Unfortunately the boots will break from the fall, but you don't really need them anymore. Go right (East) to continue backtracking.

Imperial Palace Sewers/Beneath the Bloodworks

Backtrack the way you came to reach the Beneath the Bloodworks area. In here, locate the red-marked door, which is where you have to go (you go through the door from South to North, not from East to West). To reach it you need to go all the way South and then around a few rooms to reach the passages on the Southeast side, which will take you on the upper floor again.

The Market Sewers and Imperial City

There is a fork here; go West and operate a wheel-lever on the left of a gate leading North. Then go up some stairs to find a Very-Hard-locked door, which will ultimately take you in one of the shops of Imperial City. Exit the shop (you have to go through an Average-locked door) to return outside, at last.

Fast-travel to the Elven Gardens District of Imperial City, and return to Othrelo's House. Speak with Gray Fox inside the house to receive a special ring (quest item) of some sort.

Now fast-travel to Castle Anvil (West-most city on the map).

Castle Anvil

Enter Anvil Castle (the main hall, so to speak) in day time (10AM) to find Countess Millona Umbranox. Talk to her about "The Stranger's Ring". Surprise!

After some scenes you will receive your reward (Gray Cowl of Nocturnal, a headgear, the Guildmaster's Key, and also Infamy +10), you'll be promoted to the rank of Guildmaster and you will unlock:

Guildmaster, Thieves Guild

Completed the Thieves Guild Questline

Guildmaster, Thieves Guild
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Being the Gray Fox

Note that the Gray Cowl of Nocturnal is a special item that will give you a permanent (for as long as you wear the hood, that is) 500-Gold bounty (I mean that's the price you have to pay if the guards catch you) and 100 Infamy points. If you perform "bad" actions they will be attributed to Gray Fox, so if you remove the Gray Cowl of Nocturnal you won't be subject to arrest for those actions since they don't know that you were behind that mask.


The Dark Brotherhood quest line is a series of quests separate from the main storyline quest, and there are several achievements tied to it. For this reason, and since the main storyline quests can be completed independently of the Guild quests, we have included these achievements in a dedicated section of the walkthrough. You can find the walkthrough for each of the four Guild quest lines (five with the Arena) in their respective sections. You may complete these quest one after another, or you may spread them out throughout your game, it makes no difference.

Since the questlines "Thieves Guild" and "Dark Brotherhood" both deal with a lot of law-breaking business, including breaking the rules of some other Guilds, it's advisable to complete a full quest line at the time, and it's not a bad idea to leave the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood for last.

If you want to find a specific quest in this page, use the CTRL+F search function of your browser to type in the name of the quest preceeded by a " # " marker (like "# A Knife in the Dark"). Here is the index of the quests:

- A Knife in the Dark
- A Watery Grave
- Accidents Happen
- Scheduled for Execution
- The Assassinated Man
- The Lonely Wanderer
- Bad Medicine
- Whodunit?
- Permanent Retirement
- The Purification
- Affairs of a Wizard
- Next of Kin
- Broken Vows
- Final Justice
- A Matter of Honor
- The Coldest Sleep
- A Kiss Before Dying
- Following a Lead
- Honor Thy Mother

Dark Brotherhood

The Rules

Like every other guild, the Dark Brotherhood has some basic rules that you must follow from the moment you join if you don't want to be expelled. You must:

- Never steal from a member of the Dark Brotherhood
- Never kill a member of the Dark Brotherhood

After being expelled you can join the Dark Brotherhood again by defeating a sort of mini-boss called "Wrath of Sithis" which will attack you when you go to sleep. You can violate the rules a second time and you will face a more powerful version of the same boss, again after going to sleep. If you violate the rules a third time you will face the strongest version of the boss the next time you sleep, but you won't get in the Dark Brotherhood again since your expulsion is permanent.

The rules stop being valid during and after the quest "The Purification".

Joining the Dark Brotherhood

To join the Dark Brotherhood you need to kill someone (a NPC; monsters/animals don't count) and go to bed in any place for at least one hour. Beds can be found in the inns of every city (for instance the Merchants Inn in Imperial City - Market District), and it shouldn't be hard to find somebody to kill. Remember of course that killing is a crime, and as such you'll be subject to arrest if the guards see/catch you.

In any case, once you have killed someone for the first time you will read a message (upper-left corner of the screen) saying that "someone" has noticed your evil deeds. After that, the first time you go to sleep you will be awakened by a certain Lucien Lachance, a member of the Dark Brotherhood. He won't introduce himself directly as such, so you'll have to ask questions (any option you want during the conversation is ok) to know more information about him and the brotherhood. After a few more questions he will already assign you your first target, Rufio, and you'll be gifted the Blade of Woe (nothing special).

# A Knife in the Dark

Inn of Ill Omen

Rufio is located in the Inn of Ill Omen, a location South of Imperial City that will be marked on your in-game map if you set this quest as your main quest. It's easier to reach it from the stables of Bravil (the city South of Imperial City), so fast-travel to the Bay Roan Stables and hop to the destiantion on the back of a "loaned" horse.

Once you are inside the inn you want to find a trap-door on the ground. It's located just on the left as you enter. Go through it to reach the "Private Quarters" of the inn, where you will find Rufio. Don't speak with him, since he will try to escape if you do. On the contrary, show no mercy and kill him while he's asleep.

A quest message will inform you that you should find a "safe" location to sleep, so Lucien can come visit you again. Ironically you can sleep in Rufio's own room, with his dead body still inside, and that would be a "safe enough" place for the game. Anyway, sleep in one place or another and Lucien will congratulate you for your success, thus introducing you to the Dark Brotherhood officially. You will unlock:

Murderer, Dark Brotherhood

Join the Dark Brotherhood

Murderer, Dark Brotherhood
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You can ask him more info, including the info about the "Tenets" (the five golden rules of the brotherhood). The two important ones are just Tenet 4 and Tenet 5 (never steal from/kill a member of the Dark Brotherhood), since the others are theoretical etiquettes rather than rules that you can violate. In case you wonder about the Tenet that says that you shouldn't disobey the orders of Sithis, know that this "rule" doesn't mean that you are prohibited to refuse a quest (you are always asked if you want to start the next assassination mission or not; refusing won't get you expelled and you can talk to the quest-givers later to accept the quest another time).

Ask Lucien any other question on the topics you may want to know.

Once you are satisfied, exit whatever place you are in and fast-travel to Cheydinhal - East Gate (it's the city located East of Imperial City).


Follow the red marker on your map/compass to find a boarded-up door of an abandoned house. Force the lock of the house (it's an Easy lock) to get inside.

Abandoned House

Go in the Basement (the only door available) and go through the dark hallways to reach a red door. Examine it and you'll be asked a question. In order to get through, pick the second option ("Sanguine, my Brother") to enter the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary.

Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary

Ocheeva will welcome you as you continue in this area. She will gift you the Shrouded Armor and Shrouded Hood, thus officially completing this first quest. You also gain Infamy +1 from the completion of this quest, and the same "reward" will be given after completing most of the other quests of the Dark Brotherhood.

# A Watery Grave

The "Welcome to the Family" quest will start automatically during your conversation with Ocheeva, but it's a very short quest that will end once you go speak with Vicente Valtieri (actually all the main quests of the Dark Brotherhood are for some reason spaced-out with these mini-quests). Follow the green marker to find a trap-door on the floor of a room, so you can find him. Ask him about a "Contract" and decide to accept the contract he offers you, so you can complete the "Welcome to the Family" quest and start the next "real" quest for the brotherhood (A Watery Grave).

Use the ladder on the wall to exit Vicente's room, then exit East of the main hall of the Brotherhood Sanctuary (the exit is East for now; the red marker may lead you to a ladder, but you still don't have the key to open the door above it) and fast-travel to Imperial City - Waterfront.

Imperial City - Waterfront

It's a good idea to wait until night time (2AM for instance) to make things slightly smoother, though it's not necessary. Get on the ship Northwest (it's marked with the red icon as usual) and enter inside the Captain's Cabin. Here you will find your target, Gaston Tussaus.

The rest of the crew will knock at the door if they hear some noise, so be quick when killing your target and make your escape. Then fast-travel to Cheydinhal.


Report your success to Vicente to complete this first assignment and receive your reward (Black Band).

# Accidents Happen

The next mini-quest will immediately start ("Blood of the Damned"), but you only need to speak with Vicente and ask him about the "Contract" to complete it and start the next "real" quest. Once you have the details of the mission, exit outside and fast-travel to Bruma - East Gate (it's the city North of Imperial City).


To do things properly you should wait until it's evening (about 9PM), then reach Baenlin's House, marked as usual on your map. Ignore the front door and get in through the Basement at the back of the house (a Hard lock protects it), so you enter the house from there (you need to force an Average lock to enter the house). Then, once you are inside the house, quietly sneak upstairs and then, upstairs, go right to find a "Crawlspace Door" (a hole in the wall). Sabotage the animal head's ties from this space, so that your target gets killed on his chair downstairs because of the head that will fall on him. Then exit the house without fighting his bodyguard and you will achieve the best result for this mission.

Nothing prevents you from openly breaking into the house (Easy lock at the door, by the way) and slaughtering him and the bodyguard of course, though you won't receive the full reward in this case. It doesn't matter as far as the achievement is concerned, so just play the way you feel like.


Report the completed murder to Vicente to get your reward for the completed quest (the knife Sufferthorn and some Gold). You will also be promoted to the rank of Slayer, thus unlocking:

Slayer, Dark Brotherhood

Reached Slayer rank in the Dark Brotherhood

Slayer, Dark Brotherhood
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# Scheduled for Execution

As usual, a mini-quest will trigger ("No Rest for the Wicked"), and you will complete it as soon as you accept the next Contract from Vicente, thus starting the next "real" quest. You will also receive the Imperial City Sewers Key, an item necessary to proceed in this quest. Exit outside the Sanctuary and fast-travel to the Imperial Prison Sewer (Northeast of Imperial City), the exact same location where you exited the first dungeon.

Imperial City Sewers

Get back inside with the key you just received. The sewers are a bit different from what you may remember. Go Southwest and take the path Northwest at a fork, so you reach a door leading to the next area.

Continue through the only possible way, opening a Hard-locked gate when necessary to continue to the next door.

In the third area go through a tunnel to reach a larger rectangular area. From here ignore the path Northeast and follow the red marker to the South to access a ladder -- the door above the ladder has an Average lock that you need to force to continue.

The Sanctum

Here in the sanctum there will be some guards, so watch out. You can outrun them, sneak past them, or simply kill them all, but killing them will not allow you to get the full reward from this mission. You may recognize this area and remember where to go to backtrack to the jail -- you've been here in the beginning of the game after all. In any case, go Southeast to a larger room and then follow the red marker Northeast to find the next door.

Imperial Subterrane

Once again there is only one way to go, so you shouldn't have problems figuring the paths to take to reach the Imperial Prison.

Imperial Prison

A guard will start talking with your target here. Wait until the guard leaves (note that sometimes the guard won't leave, for some reason; there's nothing to do, he's just going to stay there forever) and then go kill Valen Dreth in his cell. You can kill him without opening the cell door (if you have good spells just cast them from outside), which is a good idea since he will try to outrun you if you open the door to get inside to kill him in melee range. The door of his cell can be lock-picked (Hard difficulty) but there is a more handy key for his cell on the table on the left.

Either way, take his life and exit upstairs to The Bastion (the key to open the door to the outside, the Imperial Prison Key, is on the same table as the cell's key). From The Bastion you can lock-pick a Very-Hard-locked door to exit outside to the Prison District.


Fast-travel to the usual Sanctuary to report the quest to Vicente. He will award you (Scales of Pitiless Justice and some Gold) and the next mini-quest will start.

# The Assassinated Man

Talk to Vicente about the next Contract to end the mini-quest ("To Serve Sithis") and start the next job for the brotherhood. You'll be gifted the Languorwine Blade and the Languorwine Antidote, two items necessary for this quest. Exit the Sanctuary and fast-travel to Chorrol - South Gate (it's the city West of Imperial City).


Break into Francois Motierre's House (there is a Hard lock at the main door; force it). He will welcome you and explain to you his plan regardless of how you react to his welcome. Equip the Languorwine Blade and wait a few seconds: someone will talk from outside the house. You need to wait until he enters inside, then quickly use the Languorwine Blade to "kill" Francois Motierre in front of Hides-His-Heart and then escape out of Chorrol without killing him. Note that being 100% Chameleon won't prevent the plan from working (you are supposed to be seen while slashing the target, but not literally -- as long as Francois dies in front of Hides-His-Heart you'll be fine).

Exit the house and exit the city walls of Chorrol to receive a quest-update message. Now wait 24 hours, so a new red marker appears on your map. Locate it and reach it: it's the Chapel Undercroft, where Francois has been buried. Find his body and interact with it to automatically use the Languorwine Antidote, thus "reviving" him. Talk to him afterwards (it may take a few seconds before he can react) and a fight against the zombies that will spawn afterwards (you only have to fight one which spawns behind you; the other two can be avoided). Make sure that Francois doesn't die, otherwise you will fail the quest without a chance to try again!

Exit the chapel and accompany (i.e. walk without leaving him behind) Francois towards the house named "The Grey Mare". The quest will update once you are both inside, and your part will be done.


Return to the Sanctuary to report your successful quest to Vicente. You will receive your reward (the amulet Cruelty's Heart and the Sanctuary Well Key) and be promoted to the Eliminator rank. You will also unlock:

Eliminator, Dark Brotherhood

Reached Eliminator rank in the Dark Brotherhood

Eliminator, Dark Brotherhood
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Thanks to the Sanctuary Well Key you can now use the shortcut to the Sanctuary: it's a ladder that takes you to the well outside (on the back) of the house without having to go through the other hallways.

Save the game.

# The Lonely Wanderer

Find Vicente again and speak with him to start the "Darkness Eternal" quest, which is unrelated to the Dark Brotherhood quest. This time he will ask you if you want to become a Vampire (!!), so DON'T accept his offer (if you lazily skip the dialogues you may accidentally think that he has asked if you want to accept another contract), unless of course that's your plan (probably not the case, considering the disadvantages of being a Vampire).

For the next assignments you must speak with Ocheeva; do so, thus completing the mini-quest "My Brother's Keeper" to start the next job.

If you want you can speak with the other members of the brotherhood to know more about your target. Otherwise simply head for his location: Imperial City - Talos Plaza District.

Imperial City - Elven Gardens District

To get the full reward for this mission you must avoid your deeds being seen by someone else. In theory you are supposed to ask around for more hints (follow the in-game markers and instructions if you want to do so), but you can go straight for the target if you're in a hurry.

With or without the in-game clues, wait until it's 1PM and reach Lorkmir's House (it's one of the houses on the West side; the entrance is by the main street of the district). Break into the house by forcing the Hard lock at the door, and you will find Faelian inside. Kill him, then exit outside and return to Cheydinhal to speak with Ocheeva and get your reward.


Ocheeva will reward you for completing the quest (the Shadowhunt bow and some Gold) as you inform her.

# Bad Medicine

Speak with Ocheeva again to end the mini-quest that triggered when you reported the previous one ("Enter the Eliminator"), thus starting the next guild assignment. You'll be given the Roderick's Poison, necessary to complete this quest. You also need to remain undetected while replacing the poison for the medicine of the next victim if you want to get the full reward.

Fast-travel to the Horse Whisperer Stables of Anvil (the West-most city on the map), since it's the closest stable to your next location. Get a horse from there and ride North to Fort Sutch, your destination.

Fort Sutch

From the outside, find a door to enter the Fort Sutch (inside a building) area. In addition to Roderick there are several guards patrolling the whole place, so getting to his cabinet (far Northeast) while remaining undetected might not be a simple task. From where you enter, force a Hard-locked gate in front of you and follow a tunnel to another Average-locked gate. You will now reach a larger room; head Northwest and follow the way to reach the Medical Cabinet. Examine it and steal Roderick's Medicine. Then press LT to change tab (so your items are now displayed) and put Roderick's Poison in the cabinet (it's a Misc. item, not a regular potion).

Now make your way out of this place; you probably have enough time to pull a lever to raise a gate to go Southwest before the exit instead of taking the first tunnel that you originally used to reach the large area in the middle of this place. Take either path according to where one of the patrolling guards is, and you should manage to escape the place safely and undetected. Of course having the 100% Chameleon cover will help a lot here. In any case, the special reward won't be anything *that* good (just a coat with some Personality/Speechcraft boost), so nevermind if you fail the optional requirement (staying undetected).


Return here to speak with Ocheeva for the usual completion of the quest and associated reward (the vest The Deceiver's Finery and some Gold).

# Whodunit?

Speak with Ocheeva about the next contract to complete the mini-quest "The Night Mother's Child" and proceed with the next mission. After receiving the details, fast-travel to Skingrad - East Gate (it's the city Southwest of Imperial City).

For this assignment you must kill everyone in a mansion party without being detected. As you approach the mansion you'll be given the Summitmist Manor Key, thanks to which you can get inside. You may want to save as soon as you arrive, so in case you fail being stealthy you can try again.

Once you enter you'll be asked a question before being able to go anywhere; pick the second option (the first is obviously not the best way to remain undetected) and then you'll be able to free-roam. The guests will move around the house continuously, giving you opportunities to kill them more or less while you are alone with them. All the guests will die without a chance to fight back, so it should be no problem to avoid unnecessary trouble. On the other hand, for some reason they will know if you kill someone near their position, even if you are alone with your victim in their room and nobody else could possibly see you (they probably can hear the noise of your sword cutting through the flesh or something).

Completing the mission while remaining undetected is quite fun to do, but by no means necessary to continue with the achievements. The special reward is a small permanent attributes boost (+2 to Acrobatics, Blade, Marksman, Security and Sneak).


Like the rest of the time, report your success to Ocheeva to complete the quest and get your reward (the attributes boost Night Mother's Blessing and some Gold).

# Permanent Retirement

Speak with Ocheeva about the next contract to end the mini-quest "The Assassin's Gambit" and start the next official quest. Pick whatever option when she asks; you will receive the Rose of Sithis, a special arrow that you may want to use to perform the assassination the way you're supposed to. Fast-travel to Leyawiin - North East Gate (it's the city South of Bravil, which is the city South of Imperial City) to continue.


Wait until it's 5PM, so that Adamus Phillida (your target) goes taking a bath at the local "pool", without his armor. Use your bow to strike a fatal shot with the Rose of Sithis (if you hit the target he will instantly die, despite the large amount of health that he would have if you fought him in any other way).

You may already return to Ocheeva to complete the quest, but if you want the optional reward you must do something else first. In particular, loot the body to get the Finger of Adamus Phillida (Misc. item) and all the keys he carries.

Imperial City - Prison District

Fast-travel to the Imperial City - Prison area and wait until it's 2AM. Sneak inside Imperial Legion Offices (green-marked door) (Very Hard lock, though you can use one of the keys found on Adamus' body to open it directly) and open the desk in front of the entrance to put the Finger of Adamus Phillida inside (you can put it the same way as you put the poison in the medial cabinet of one of your previous victims: press LT to change the "get" tab for the "put" tab, then select the finger to drop it there).


When it's all done, return to Ocheeva to complete the quest and get your reward (500 Gold if you did the optional tasks, some Gold by default). You will also be promoted to the rank of Assassin, and therefore you will unlock:

Assassin, Dark Brotherhood

Reached Assassin rank in the Dark Brotherhood

Assassin, Dark Brotherhood
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

# The Purification

Speak with Ocheeva again to advance with the mini-quest "Of Secret And Shadow". You will also receive the "Orders From Lucien Lachance" -- check this item (it's a "Books" item) to receive a quest-update message that will tell you where to go to receive the next assignment.

Fort Farragut

Exit the Sanctuary and head a bit East of Cheyadinhal to find Fort Farragut. Instead of entering inside through the main door marked on the map (which is Southeast of the fort), look around the Northwest side of the fort to find a big tree with a trap-door inside. If you take the main door you'll have to make your way through the many tunnels, gates (two are on your way; they must be opened with a lever found just before them on the ground) and some hazards to find Lucien. If you use the trap-door you'll find yourself in Lucien's room right away.

Speak with him to receive the next quest and two items: Poisoned Apple and Summon Rufio's Ghost (the latter is a scroll). These items are not necessary to complete the task he has assigned you.


Return to the sanctuary and complete your task, eliminating all the targets marked on your map/compass (pretty much everyone except a guy); obviously the Tenats are not valid anymore at this point. One of the targets (Telaendril) may not be in the Sanctuary. If that's the case, locate him on the world map or simply wait several days, and more precisely until it's "Middas" , to find him in the Sanctuary.

When it's all done, return to Fort Farragut to get your reward (the horse "Shadowmere"). You will also be promoted again, thus unlocking another achievement:

Silencer, Dark Brotherhood

Reached Silencer rank in the Dark Brotherhood

Silencer, Dark Brotherhood
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

Shadowmere can be found just outside the main entrance of the fort. It's a great horse, (the fastest in the game) by the way, and it can't die. This fact brings up a unique exploit. You can attack Shadowmere yourself until it is knocked unconscious. When Shadowmere is unconscious, you can select it as if you were going to loot the corpse, but instead you can change tabs and store items inside Shadowmere just as if it were a chest or other container. You can put as many items as you wish in there, and when you want to retrieve them, just knock Shadowmere unconscious again, thus using your horse as a mobile storage chest.

# Affairs of a Wizard

The mini-quest "The Dead Drop" leads you to Hero Hill, a location Southeast of Cheydinhal that you need to discover. Get there on the back of Shadowmere and follow the green marker to find a "Hollowed-Out Rock". Examine it to find the instructions to the next assignment, the Dead Drop Orders #1 -- get the orders to start the next quest.

The location of this quest is, sadly, quite far from the cities of the game that are available by default. It's somewhere on the far East side of the map, and Leyawiin is probably the closest (or, better, least far) point from where you can depart to reach your destination. Remember that you can take your horse with you if you fast-travel while riding one -- fast-travel to Leyawiin (or whatever is the location you've found closest to Leafrot Cave) and hop all the way to the target area.

While you make your way there, try to stay on the tracked path (which goes North from the stables), so you pass by some new locations and add them to your map. In particular, you should easily pass by a certain "Arpenia" location since it's very close to the road. Not far from it, just East of the "e" of the word "The" of "The Nibenay Valley" (they are words written on your map), there is The Drunken Dragon Inn, a location you want to discover while you're here since it will be the area where one of your next targets lies.

Leafrot Cave

Get inside the cave (the door to enter is a bit hidden among some rocks, but it's there). Shortly inside the cave you will find a book on a table; read and take it (The Path of Transcendence). A quest message will prompt, telling you to proceed further into the cave -- follow the red marker to locate the nearby door to the next area to visit.

Leafrot Hollow

You'll find your target, Celedaen, here. Simply defeat him and then exit the cave.


To complete this quest and start the next one you want to fast-travel to Chorrol - North Gate (it's the city West of Imperial City) and then follow the green marker to find a large tree in the middle of a square. Hidden in some bushes, on the ground near the tree, is an old sack -- open it to find your reward (500 Gold) and the Dead Drop Orders #2, the item necessary to complete the current and start the next quest.

# Next of Kin


Fast-travel to Bruma - North Gate (city North of Imperial City) and go West from there to reach the next target area, Applewatch.

When you arrive to the farm, speak with Perennia Draconis and ask her about her children. She will give you a paper with the location of her children (which will therefore appear on the map) and 100 Gold (!!). Express your gratitude by putting an end to her life.

Imperial City - Talos Plaza District

Fast-travel here and wait until it's day time (10AM to the late afternoon) to find Matthias Draconis in the Umbacano Manor. Get inside and break in the Basement (there is an Average lock to force) to kill him.


Fast-travel to Leyawiin (South of Bravil, which is South of Imperial City) and wait until it's night time (2AM). At this point of the day you should find Caelia Draconis patrolling up and down the empty streets of Leyawiin -- strike her down.

The Drunken Dragon Inn

Next, reach The Drunken Dragon Inn, which you hopefully discovered in your earlier journeys (otherwise make your way to the point indicated on the map) to kill Andreas Draconis.

Muck Valley Cavern

Lastly, fast-travel to the Black Waterside Stables of Cheydinhal (East of Imperial City) and proceed South from the stables to reach this last location. Inside you will find Sybilla Draconis, the last of your victims for this quest.

Castle Skingrad

Fast-travel to Castle Skingrad (it's the city Southwest of Imperial City) and enter the Courtyard. Examine the stone well marked with the green marker to find the 500 Gold reward of your current quest and Dead Drop Orders #3 to start the next one.

# Broken Vows


After starting the quest, fast-travel to Bruma - East Gate (it's North of Imperial City). Reach the nearby J'Ghasta's House, wait until it's night (2AM) and break the Easy lock of the front door to enter inside. Go downstairs and check behind the stairs (Northwest corner of the lower floor) to find a bunch of folded cloths -- they are covering a trap-door that will take you to the Secret Training Room. Go in the secret room to find your target and make your kill.

Old Bridge

Fast-travel to Imperial City - Waterfront and swim South to the Old Bridge. Alternatively, if you found it earlier, you can go to Vindasel and proceed East of it to get to the Old Bridge more easily. Either way, under the bridge you will find a "Rotten Box" -- open it to grab your reward (500 Gold) and the next Dead Drop Orders #4.

# Final Justice

Flooded Mine

Fast-travel to Bay Roan Stables, the stables of Bravil (city South of Imperial City), and go North from there to reach your destination, the Flooded Mine. Enter inside; this place is mostly flooded, but thankfully there are many zones where the water doesn't reach the ceiling, thus allowing you to recover your breath.

Go East and then North. When you reach a fork, take any of the paths, since they all lead to the target which might be moving somewhere here. You will probably find Shaleez (your next victim) more easily if you take the Eastern of the passages that go North.

Fort Redman

Once the lizard is dead you can exit outside and fast-travel to whatever location is closest to Fort Redman, a small area located North of Leyawiin; The Drunken Dragon Inn is a good location where to start riding your speedy horse if there is nothing closer available.

Once you reach the Fort, follow the green marker to find a wooden coffin; open it to find your reward (500 Gold, Infamy +1) and Dead Drop Order #5. You also find Alval Uvani's Schedule (this is your next target).

# A Matter of Honor

Unlike the other targets, Alvan Uvani moves a lot between different locations depending on the current day of the week. Since there is nothing special to say about him or the places where he goes, simply open your journal, select the "map and quest" (fourth) tab with RT/LT, scroll through your quests to find this one and press A to display on your map the point where he is at the moment when you are playing. Fast-travel to wherever he is and kill him.

Imperial City - Market District

Fast-travel here to find a Hollowed-Out Tree Stump; inside is your last quest's reward (500 Gold) and Dead Drop Orders #6.

# The Coldest Sleep

Gnoll Mountain

Fast-travel to the Wildeye Stables of Bruma (city North of Imperial City) and make your way to Gnoll Mountain. Once you are here your target, Havilstein Hoar-Blood, will be sitting on a chair, unless it's night time (2AM), in which case he'll be sleeping. Give him a honorable death.


The next location to visit is Nornal, just a few miles South of the Muck Valley Cavern that you visited earlier in this questline. Your reward (500 Gold) is inside Nornal (the entrance is down some spirall stairs). Apparently it seems that the chest with the reward is just left of the entrance, but as a matter of fact you need to reach it from elsewhere.

In particular, from the entrance go Northeast, then follow the "U turn" 180° backwards and continue Southwest. Instead of proceeding Southeast towards a larger square-shaped room full of crabs and rats, go Northwest to find a passage underwater that will take you to the sunken chest containing the goods (it's after an Average-locked gate). Of course there is also Dead Drop Orders #7 to go along with the reward.

# A Kiss Before Dying


Fast-travel to Bravil (South of Imperial City) and wait until it's night time. Ungolin, your next victim, should show up anytime soon, patrolling the area with his bow. Follow him around the streets (the green marker on the map/compass helps as usual) and land your kill.

Surprise! After some dialogues (pick whatever options you want by the way) your current quest will end, thus starting the next assignment.

# Following a Lead


Fast-travel to Anvil Main Gate (it's the West-most city) and reach the green-marked barrel near the city wall (within the walls of the city, not outside). Enter Sneak mode and wait near the barrel. After about a minute or so someone (Enilroth) will come and put something inside the barrel. Speak with him and pick whatever option to continue the conversation and know your next destination. If you are curious, open the barrel to find Dead Drop Orders #8 inside; your next "fake" target would have been a certain Arquen, whom you'll have the pleasure to meet at the end of this quest.

Anvil Lighthouse

Fast-travel to the nearby Anvil Lighthouse and enter inside the Ulfgar Fog-Eye's House. In one of the next areas you will find Ulfgar; speak with him if you come across him before reaching to the top of the lighthouse.

Inside the house, locate the door leading to the "Anvil Lighthouse" area and go through it to enter the Lighthouse itself. Go up the spiral stairs of the lighthouse and go through another door to reach the Anvil Lighthouse Tower area. From there take a ladder up to The Gold Coast (outside). If you haven't found Ulfgar by now, turn around and go downstairs -- he will probably be there at this point.

Once you find him, get the Lighthouse Cellar Key from him (pickpocket it; you can't kill him to loot his body). Exit the house and follow the green marker to find the nearby Anvil Lighthouse Cellar door; use the key to get inside.

Anvil Lighthouse Cellar

Inside the cellar make your way through some slain creatures (looks like the traitor knows what he likes, uh?) and locate a wooden door (Average-locked) -- go through it to find the reason why you're here: it's the Traitor's Diary (on a very small table near a chair).

Applewatch Farmhouse

Read and take the diary with you, then fast-travel to Applewatch (the farm West of Bruma). Enter inside the farmhouse and some dialogues will trigger. You will receive some rewards (Black Hand Hood and Black Hand Robe) and you'll be promoted to the rank of Speaker, thus also unlocking:

Speaker, Dark Brotherhood

Reached Speaker rank in the Dark Brotherhood

Speaker, Dark Brotherhood
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

# Honor Thy Mother

Wait until it's night (2AM) and speak with Arquen about the "Night Mother". This will complete the "Following the Lead" quest and start the next one.

After some scenes and dialogues, follow the other members of the brotherhood through a trap-door into a crypt.

Crypt Of The Night Mother

After some more scenes, obey the orders and kill the mad guy in the room. Then speak with the "ghost" lady in the room to complete this quest. You will also unlock:

Listener, Dark Brotherhood

Completed the Dark Brotherhood Questline

Listener, Dark Brotherhood
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

At this point the Dark Brotherhood quest has no more achievements to offer. Pick whatever option to continue, so you officially get your promotion to Listener. Continue the conversation with the ghost lady until you are sent back to the Sanctuary. Now you can speak with Arquen to know about some optional stuff on the Dark Brotherhood and your theoretical duties as leader of the brotherhood. Nothing of her speech interests your gamerscore though, so feel free to ignore everything she says and leave the Sanctuary for good.

Being the Listener

Once you have acquired the rank of Listener, you may go to the Sanctuary at any time and have one of the Dark Brotherhood Murderers follow you as a henchman. There is also a female merchant at the Sanctuary who has a very low mercantile skill and will now have a very high disposition toward you, making her a great place to sell things. She will also buy stolen items, as well. You can also buy Poisoned Apples from M'raaj-Dar which bypass all poison resistances. Finally, you can return once per week to complete a Dark Brotherhood assignment for 200 Gold.


The Shivering Isles is a piece of DLC content for The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion. I'm almost tempted to call it an expansion, rather than an add-on. With over 40 hours of content, it could easily be considered a full retail game on its own. For those of you wishing to speed-run through the DLC, it will take you about 8 to 10 hours to complete the main quest line and nab all the acheivements. To access the DLC content, first download it and then start up your regular TES: Oblivion game with the character that you want to play. You can play The Shivering Isles with an existing character of any level and at any point of your main-game playthrough (as long as you are out of the Imperial Sewers, the first dungeon).

After 24 hours of in-game time (sometimes it may take up to 72 in-game hours; you can use the "Wait" command if you want) you will get a pop-up telling you that "A strange door has appeared in Niben Bay...", etc., etc. You can now access the DLC through this door. For a map reference of where to locate the door, look in the water of the Niben Bay down in the South of Cyrodiil, directly East of the city of Leyawiin. You can swim out to the island containing the door, or ride your horse and let the horse do the swimming.

Although there are many, many side quest available in the Shivering Isles, in this walkthrough we will focus on the main storyline quests only, leaving it to you to seek out and complete the optional ones.

During the course of the main quest (during the "Ritual of Accession") you'll have to make a choice. This choice is the only one in the entire game which has an impact on the achievements. The choice you make will determine which quest will trigger afterwards, and an achievement will be unlocked for completing each of them. Therefore the two achievements related to those quests ("Ritual of Mania" and "Ritual of Dementia") are missable: Duke Mania, Shivering Isles and Duke Dementia, Shivering Isles. To avoid a second playthrough, make sure to create a back-up save before making your choice, so you can complete one quest first to get one achievement, and then reload the previous save to complete the other quest too and get the other achievement as well. The rest of the achievements after these two are not subject to your choices, and therefore are not missable.

If you want to find a specific quest in this page, use the CTRL+F search function of your browser to type in the name of the quest preceeded by a " # " marker (like "# Through the Fringe of Madness"). Here is the index of the quests:

- Through the Fringe of Madness
- A Better Mousetrap
- Understanding Madness
- The Cold Flame of Agnon
- Ritual of Accession (Ritual of Mania/Ritual of Dementia)*
- Retaking the Fringe
- Rebuilding the Gatekeeper
- The Helpless Army
- Symbols of Office
- The Roots of Madness
- The End of Order

*You can choose either of these quests to continue. Each quest will earn you an achievement once completed, so make a back-up save before starting either of these quests.

The Shivering Isles

What's Different from Cyrodiil?

Mania and Dementia

Mania and Dementia are the two factions that rule the realm of The Shivering Isles, with ultimate rule being held by Lord Sheogorath. Sheogorath is a Daedra Prince who is completely and totally batshit insane. He's also completely and totally hilarious. At any rate, you will be asked at various points throughout the main quest line (and during several side quests) to make decisions that side with either Mania or Dementia. It doesn't matter what you pick, and you don't even need to be consistent in your choices if you don't want to. You can side with Mania one time, and with Dementia the next, without affecting the story line. The only effect your decision has is on what reward you'll receive.

New Stuff

You will find many new and unusual items, weapons, armors, potions, and ingredients in the Shivering Isles. There are new materials for forging equipment and many unique items of clothing and jewelry, as well. Not to mention loads and loads of new enemies to fight. Go to faraway lands, meet new and interesting people...and kill them. The Shivering Isles holds all this, and more. Also, no horses. That's right, prepare to do a lot of running. There are no horses in the Shivering Isles.

The Island

Once you find it, reach the island where this DLC takes place. There isn't much to do here -- talk to a couple of people, kill the crazy guy, speak with the guard, then head through the glowing portal.

The Fringe

Have a seat at the table in front of you and speak with Haskill. Ask a few questions, then tell him you wish to enter and you'll unlock this achievement:

Tourist, Shivering Isles

Entered the Shivering Isles

Tourist, Shivering Isles
3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

# Through the Fringe of Madness

You'll enter the Shivering Isles and receive a quest called "Through the Fringe of Madness", so set it as your active quest. Head down the hill and follow the road until you reach the town of Passwall.


Follow your compass through town and up some stairs to watch the "Gatekeeper" wipe out a party of adventurers. Don't try to kill the Gatekeeper yet, because you can't. Find Shelden, the Mayor of Passwall and speak with him. He'll tell you to go talk to Jared Ice-Veins. Find Jared and agree to help him, then follow him to your destination.

Gardens of Flesh and Bone

Pick the lock on the gate, then enter and kill the skeletons so Jared can safely enter. Speak to him after he gathers some bones from the dead Gatekeeper and he'll tell you to meet him in a few hours. Head back to Passwall and "wait" for about 6 hours.


Equip the bone arrows that Jared gave you and head back to the Gatekeeper. Use your new arrows to put him down for good, then loot his corpse for the Key to Mania and the Key to Dementia. Note that you can also complete the quest "Relmyna's Tears" given by Nanette Don in Passwall in order to defeat the Gatekeeper. You can even complete both of them if you like.

Head past the dead Gatekeeper and enter one of the two doors there, one to Mania and one to Dementia. They both actually lead to the same place, so pick whichever one you want. Choosing Mania will give you a frenzy spell, while choosing Dementia will give you a demoralize spell. After exiting the door, head far, far to the Northeast to the Jester's Spine Mountains and go to the city of Crucible.


Once inside the city, make your way through the streets and then up a hugely long and steep flight of stairs. Enter the door there to the Palace Grounds. Go down the path, take a right, and head up into Sheogorath's Palace. Approach the throne and speak with Sheogorath. He'll give you several things, including a new quest called "A Better Mousetrap", an instruction book, and the Attenuator of Judgement. He'll also unlock this achievement for you:

Aspirant, Shivering Isles

Reached Aspirant Rank in the Court of Madness

Aspirant, Shivering Isles
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Speak to Haskill, then head out for Xedilian.

# A Better Mousetrap


Head a short distance into the dungeon and you'll encounter a group of Grummites. Kill them and search the body of the shaman for a crystal staff. Take the staff and you will have found the first Focus Crystal. Head to the marker on your map and place the crystal in the Judgement Nexus. Continue on until you encounter a second shaman. Kill him, loot the crystal, and place it in the Nexus.

Continue on into the Halls of Judgement. Head through these passages to the third shaman and repeat the process. Proceed on until you reach a large columned hall. Approach the large crystal formation at the end and activate it to use the Attenuator of Judgement on it. Turn right and use the teleport pad right next to it.

When you reappear, you'll have a talk with Kiliban Nyrandil. From here, simply follow his instructions and observe the adventurers as they proceed through the dungeon. Amuse yourself however you wish. If you choose "Raise the dead" in the last challenge room, the orc Gommock will be killed. This will result in you being awarded his sword, Duskfang/Dawnfang, a unique weapon which is quite a nice sword indeed.

On your way out you will encounter three Knights of Order. Kill them and be sure to loot their bodies for the Heart of Order they contain. Don't sell these as you will have need of them later. Speak to Kiliban about the Knights of Order and you'll unlock the following achievement:

Citizen, Shivering Isles

Reached Citizen Rank in the Court of Madness

Citizen, Shivering Isles
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Return to Crucible and go talk to Sheogorath. Tell him about the Knights, then try out your new spell. He'll give you a new quest called "Understanding Madness" and ask you to go see the Duke of Mania and the Duchess of Dementia.

# Understanding Madness


Head into the House of Dementia and speak with Syl. Accept her quest and go talk to Herdir in the torture chamber. Note that there are many ways to complete this quest and the method listed is only one of them.

Head out to the palace grounds and track down Anya Herrick and have Herdir torture her. She'll give up the name of Ma'zaddha, so go to town and find him. He won't confess anything without evidence so talk to people in town until someone tells you that Ma'zaddha meets late at night with Captain Nelrene.

Find Ma'zaddha at night and wait until he heads off for the meeting. Follow him and eavesdrop, making sure that they don't see you. Confront Ma'zaddha after the meeting and tell him to get you names.

Meet him at his house at midnight the next day. You'll find Ma'zaddha's been murdered, so grab the Cabinet Key from his body and go upstairs. Use the key to unlock the cabinet and take the note and the Nelrene's short sword. Return to the House of Dementia and confront Nelrene with the evidence. She'll give up Muurine, so go back to town and find her. Confront Muurine and get her confession, then return to the House of Dementia.

Speak to Syl and tattle on Muurine, then head to the torture chamber. After the execution, Syl will not kill you and also give you a nice magical item. Set your active quest back to "Understanding Madness" and go to the House of Mania.

Head into the Halcyon Conservatory and speak with Thadon. He wants you to retrieve the Chalice of Reversal. Speak to Wide-Eye right next to him and she'll tell you to go to Dunroot Burrow to find it.

Dunroot Burrow

For a map reference, follow the road from Bliss North and then East on Overlook Road. Kill the Elytra Hatchling outside the burrow and loot the Felldew from it. Eat the Felldew to enter the burrow. Make your way through and be sure to harvest Felldew from any of the Elytra you kill. When you enter withdrawal, consume some more.

When you reach the door to Kelp Fen, go through. Pass through this area and enter the Drone Tunnels. Head through here and enter the Bramble Halls. Pass through here and enter the door to the Sanctum of Decadence. Search this building and grab the Chalice of Reversal. Leave by the other exit for a shortcut out of here, then return to Crucible.


Head back to the House of Mania and hand over the chalice to Thadon. Upon doing so you'll unlock:

Madman, Shivering Isles

Reached Madman Rank in the Court of Madness

Madman, Shivering Isles
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Go back and speak with Sheogorath for a new quest, "The Cold Flame of Agnon". Off to Cylarne.

# The Cold Flame of Agnon


For a map reference, Cylarne is located in the very Northwest of the Shivering Isles on the Isle of Flame, oddly enough. You may start to notice around this time that you are running into some of those large crystal formations, or obelisks, and you may also notice that they infinitely spawn Knights of Order who then merrily proceed to try and kill you. There is a way to stop this.

Go to the formation and find the mage there. Kill him, or rather knock him unconscious. While he's out, quickly place three Hearts of Order in the crystal formation to stop the Knights of Order coming through it. Anyway, cross the bridge to the Isle of Flame and enter Cylarne. Have a talk with both Vika and Chuna, then decide who to join up with. It doesn't make any difference. For this walkthrough, we'll be joining up with Chuna.

Head through the gate and speak with Aurmazl Kaneh. Choose to help with the battle and join the assault on the Mazken. Fight your way through to the Altar of Despair and kill the Dark Seducer Commander, then mop up any remaining Mazken forces. Talk to Kaneh afterward about relighting the Flame of Agnon. Head back out to the courtyard and step into the Flame of Agnon, then return to Crucible now that you are quite literally on fire.


Head to the Sacellum Arden-Sul and enter. Make a choice here to light the Flame on the Mania side, or the Dementia side; it doesn't matter which. If you choose to light it for Mania, you will receive the Raiment of Arden-Sul. If you choose Dementia, you'll receive the Raiment of Intrigue. Whichever you choose, step into the bowl-shaped depression behind the gate the priest opens to light the Flame and unlock this achievement:

Honored Madman, Shivering Isles

Reached Honored Madman Rank in the Court of Madness

Honored Madman, Shivering Isles
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

# Ritual of Accession

Speak with Sheogorath before leaving the temple. He'll give you a new quest called "Ritual of Accession". Speak to each priest to learn what the ritual requires.

***Make a backup save file of your game now!***

To get both of the next two achievements in the same playthrough, you must make a backup save before speaking with Sheogorath again (he gives you two choices that will change the next events), otherwise you will have to play through the DLC again to choose the option you discard now. It doesn't matter which choice you decide to pick first, but for the walkthrough we will start with "Mania".

# Ritual of Mania

Talk to Sheogorath and choose to become the Duke/Duchess of Mania. Go back to the palace and ask around until someone directs you to Wide-Eye. Go to the House of Mania and speak with her. You may need to raise her disposition first, but she'll eventually spill her guts.

Wait in the Palace grounds until noon and follow her to the Greenmote Silo. Descend the ladder after she opens it to enter the underground passages. You must make your way through this area without being detected. If you are, then reload. Reach the chamber at the end and grab two doses of Greenmote. You must sneak back out without being detected as well. Go back to the House of Mania during the afternoon and sneak into the kitchen. Put one dose of Greenmote into Thadon's Food, and one dose into Thadon's Wine. It's one of the many wine bottles on the shelf next to the food. Sneak back out and go to the dining area and wait until 8PM. Watch Thadon die, then snag a sample of his drug-tainted blood. Return to the Sacellum Arden-Sul and place Thason's blood in the bowl on the altar. After the cutscene, speak to Sheogorath again to unlock:

Duke Mania, Shivering Isles

Reached Duke of Mania Rank in the Court of Madness

Duke Mania, Shivering Isles
3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

# Ritual of Dementia

***Now reload your backup save***

Speak to Sheogorath and choose to become the Duke/Duchess of Dementia. Go back to the palace and talk to people until someone directs you to Kithlan, Syl's steward, and Anya Herrick, her Courtier. Find each of them and raise their disposition as high as possible, then speak with them.

Kithlan will give you a key to the private wing of the palace. Anya will offer to help distract the guards. Give Anya a few minutes, then use your key to enter the private wing. Enter Syl's bedroom only to find a body double. Follow Kithlan back out the door to the garden area. Take a left and manipulate the statue against the wall to open a secret passage.

Begin fighting your way through these trap-filled passages in pursuit of the runaway Syl. When you reach the chamber at the end, you can, um, kill Syl. Take her heart and return to the Secullum Arden-Sul. Place Syl's heart in the bowl on the altar and watch the cutscenes. Afterward, speak with Sheogorath again to unlock:

Duke Dementia, Shivering Isles

Reached Duke of Dementia Rank in the Court of Madness

Duke Dementia, Shivering Isles
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You'll now have a new quest called "Retaking the Fringe". Seems Order has overrun the place, so let's go check it out. Fast travel back to the Gates of madness and head through the door to return to the Fringe.

# Retaking the Fringe


Make sure you have three Hearts of Order in your inventory before starting this quest (they are looted from the Knights of Order enemies). Head down the path to Passwall and defeat the Knights of Order there, then speak with Grakendo Udico about what's going on. Decide who you want to be in charge of the troops.

When you've made any preparations you want, speak to her again and tell her you're ready for battle. Fend off the invaders, then speak to Udico again. Follow your compass marker to the ruins and lay waste to the defenders. Locate the door to the underground passages and head on through.


Fight your way through the passages and enter the door to the Fane. Pass through here and go through the door to the Great Chamber. You'll meet Mayor Shelden just inside so take him with you, or don't. Head down into the chamber and knock out the Order mage. Quickly put three Hearts of Order into the Obelisk to overload it. Beat a hasty retreat out of this place and enter the Felles.

Use the button up the stairs to open the door at the end of this area and exit through the next door to the Fales. Quickly run through this area and beware of the falling rocks. They will kill you. Exit the door at the end back to the Fringe. Head back to Passwall and speak with Udico, then return to Crucible.

# Rebuilding the Gatekeeper


Return to the Palace and speak with Sheogorath. He'll give you a new quest called "Rebuilding the Gatekeeper", which should be fairly self-explanatory. Go to Xaselm.


For a map reference, it's just a short distance Northeast of the Gates of Madness. Make your way through this large but linear area and enter the door to the Experiment Chambers. Descend deep into this area of the dungeon, then go through a hole in a collapsed wall in the room at the end. Head down the tunnel and take a right, then go through the door to the Sanctum of Vivisection. Lovely.

A short ways in you'll come across Relmyna Verenim. Just follow the sound of screaming. Speak with her and tell her that a new Gatekeeper is required. Choosing respectful dialogue options will make her much more cooperative. She'll send you off to the Garden of Flesh and Bone to gather the needed ingredients. She'll also give you a key to get in. Head through the door opposite for a shortcut back out of this place. Head back to the Fringe.

Garden of Flesh and Bone

Make your way to the Garden of Flesh and Bone and use your new key to gain access. Enter this quite large dungeon and track down the four required items: Blood Liqueur, Osseous Marrow, Dermis Membrane, and Essence of Breath. For the Essence of Breath, follow the direction the green fog is blowing. Once you have everything, return to Relmyna.


Fast travel to Xaselm Secret Entrance so you don't have to go through the whole place again. Speak to Relmyna and hand over the goods, then go down the hall to the body parts room. Choose the required parts and return to Relmyna. Now follow her crazy ass yet once more back to the Fringe. Feel free to fast travel. When you arrive, speak to Relmyna and tell her to get on with it, then place the body parts and other ingredients into the cistern when she tells you to. After the ritual, return to Sheogorath. Head back to the palace and talk to Sheogorath to unlock this achievement:

Regent, Shivering Isles

Reached Regent Rank in the Court of Madness

Regent, Shivering Isles
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# The Helpless Army

He'll give you a new quest called "The Helpless Army". Talk to the messenger for some details. You need to go to Brellach and help them against the forces of Order. If you are the Duke of Mania at this point, you'll be sent to a different city, but you'll be doing the same thing. So go.

Brellach - Hall of Honor

When you arrive, speak to Issmi out front to get a handle on the situation, then head inside. Follow the linear path through this area, slaying Knights of Order as you go. Head through the door at the end to the Hall of Reverence.

Brellach - Hall of Reverance

Fight your way through this short linear area. When you reach the end and see the locked gate to your right, head up the stairs on the left and press the button on the wall. Head through the now open gate. In the next room, head up the stairs to find Staada trapped in a crystalline cage of some sort. Speak with her to find out that you need to "ring the chime" to shatter the cage.

Head to the opposite side of the room and activate the large circular red chime hanging on the wall to ring it and break the cage open. Now go back and have a chat with Staada. Proceed on from the room with the cage and go through the door to the Hall of Devotion.

Brellach - Hall of Devotion

Ring another chime to clear the way and move on. Head straight through this area and go through the door to the Font of Rebirth.

Brellach - Font of Rebirth

Fight your way through this also linear area, pressing buttons to open doors as needed. When you enter the chamber at the end, you'll get a message telling you that the font has been covered by Order crystals and you need to find a way to remove them. What you need to do is ring the four chimes on the raised platforms in the four corners of the room, but you need to have all four chimes ringing at once.

It's best to first dispatch all the enemies in the room, then quickly run from one chime to the next and ring them; the order doesn't matter. After the font is restored, go and find Staada. Speak with her and she'll be so pleased that she'll give you a spell to summon golden warriors as well as a sexy suit of armor. She'll also unlock this achievement for you:

Defender, Shivering Isles

Reached Defender of the Realm Rank in the Court of Madness

Defender, Shivering Isles
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Follow your compass marker and press the buttons by the closed gates to take a shortcut out of this place, then fast travel back to Crucible and head for the palace. Speak to Sheogorath and watch what happens, then talk to Haskill. You'll receive a new quest, "Symbols of Office", to remake the Staff of Sheogorath.

# Symbols of Office

Head out for Knifepoint Hollow which, for a map reference, is some distance Northwest of Bliss. As an aside, if you climb high to the top of the mountain above Knifepoint Hollow, you can find Sheogorath's favorite execution spot, and a humorous Execution Decree on one of the bodies. Anyway, enter Knifepoint Hollow through the door in the base of the large tree by the water.

Knifepoint Hollow

Upon entering, turn left and proceed a short ways then left again through a metal door. Go straight ahead through another metal door to reach your goal. (What a relief after Dunroot Burrow, right?) Speak to Dyus and ask him about the Staff of Sheogorath. He'll say that he needs two items in order to construct it. Ask him about both items now so that you don't have to come back in between. Now leave this place the same way you entered and go to the Howling Halls. For a map reference, it's almost directly South of Crucible a short distance.

The Howling Halls - Narthex

Enter through the door and kill the apostle you find a short way in, then loot him for the Howling Chamber Key. Head into the next room and kill the two apostles, then go up the stairs to the dais and loot the money and jewels from the basket on the small altar. Head through the next door to the Congregation Chambers.

The Howling Halls - Congregation Chambers

In the next room, don't kill the apostle - at least not yet. Talk to him first and then accept his plan, or don't. If you don't accept, just continue to fight your way through the rest of the dungeon. If you do accept, then put on the apostle robes he gives you and set out to acquire three apostle daggers. The easiest way to get the three daggers is to go back and pick up the weapons dropped by the three apostles you just killed. Failing that, you can either pickpocket them or find them lying around on tables and such in the apostles quarters.

Either way, return the daggers to Ra'kheran. Follow him as he runs off to pass out the daggers to his co-conspirators, then follow them some more as they make a mad dash to murder Caesar...I mean Ciirta. (Et tu, Ra'kheran?) Head through the door to the Antechamber.

The Howling Halls - Antechamber

After entering, watch them kill Ciirta or give them a hand if you want. In fact, kill everyone if you want. When Ciirta is dead, loot her cooling corpse for her Eye, and take her Key as well. You can use the key to open the Hard-locked chest at the foot of her bed (nothing special other than about 100 septims). More interestingly, there is an agility-boosting ring in a small jewelry box on a table at the side of the room. Leave this place the way you came in and go to Milchar. For a map reference, Milchar is located midway between Dunroot Burrow and Cylarne.

Milchar - Nexus

Enter the door in the base of the tree and proceed down the passage. Enter the door directly ahead to the Grove of Reflection.

Milchar - Grove of Reflection

Turn right and drop through the hole in the floor. If you push the button on the wall next to the stone door ahead, you'll get a message saying "An unseen force holds it fast". Just remember where it is, because that's how we get out of here later. Take the other hallway and head into the grove. Approach the stone column in the water and a doppleganger of yourself will appear and attack you. This can be a challenging battle, since the doppleganger will have the same equipment and abilities that you do.

After defeating...yourself, approach the tree and take a root from it. Make sure to pick up the unique sword, Shadowrend, dropped by your doppleganger before leaving. Go back and push the button by the door you were at earlier and leave this place. Return to Knifepoint Hollow.

Knifepoint Hollow

Talk to Dyus and turn over the items to him. Ask him to create the staff and, once you have it, return to Crucible.


Return to the palace and enter the throne room. Go behind Sheogorath's throne to the Font of Madness and activate to place the staff in it, only to find doesn't work. Nothing is ever easy. Go talk to Haskill to complete this quest and receive another called "The Roots of Madness".

# The Roots of Madness

Head around to the rear of the throne room and enter the door in the back of the tree to the Fountainhead.

The Fountainhead

When you enter this area, do NOT kill the tame Gnarls that are wandering the passages; you will need their help later. You can kill the Germinal Gnarls, but not the Gnarl Cultivators. As a general rule, do not attack a Gnarl that does not attack you first. If they do not attack you, then just leave them alone. You'll notice that you now have two compass markers; one for the Fountain of Mania, and one for the Fountain of Dementia.

Choose whichever you like; for this walkthrough we will head to the East marker first. Keep heading east until you reach a room with a pool in it. Kill the Order mage there to cleanse this pool. Head East again and go through the door to Pool of Dementia.

The Fouontainhead - Pool of Dementia

Proceed toward the Northwest until you reach a door blocked by Order crystals that you can't open. Wait there for a Gnarl Cultivator to come along and open the door for you. It should only take a minute or two. Continue following the green marker to another blocked door and wait for a cultivator to open it. Go through and proceed to the Pool of Dementia. Kill all of the Order mages in here to cleanse the pool. Instead of backtracking, follow your remaining red marker to a door leading back to the Fountainhead just a short distance ahead.

The Fountainhead

Drop through the hole in the floor just ahead and follow the passages West. Keep heading straight West and wait by the blocked door for a cultivator to open it for you. Continue through it to a smaller pool and kill the Order mage here to cleanse it. Proceed a short distance West and go through the door to Pool of Mania.

The Fountainhead - Pool of Mania

Keep following your green marker toward the pool. At one point it will seem that you are right where you're supposed to be but there is nothing there. Go to the lower area of this room and look for a passage that will circle around and take you to where you need to be. Kill all of the Order mages in here, then kill Thadon as well, to cleanse the pool. Thadon has a couple of decent magical items that you can loot, as well a a House of Mania Key (which you obviously don't need if you chose to become the Duke of Mania). Follow your marker a short distance to a door back to the Fountainhead. Drop through the hole in the floor, backtrack your way out of here, and return to the throne room.


Go back to the Font of Madness behind the throne and activate it to empower the staff. You'll immediately be approached by a messenger, so see what she wants. This will complete your quest and activate the final quest of the main storyline.

# The End of Order

Before speaking with Autkendo Jansa, try to make sure that you have six Hearts of Order in your inventory. If you do not, you'll have to gather them as you go from the Knights of Order that are about to attack the palace.

Approach the group of guards and speak with Autkendo Jansa, the Captain of the Guard. When you're done talking, head outside to the Palace Grounds for the final battle. Two obelisks will appear on the grounds and, as usual, they will infinitely spawn Knights of Order until you do something about it. Approach each one, knock out the mage, then quickly insert three Hearts of Order to overload each of them. As previously stated, if you don't have six Hearts of Order you will have to kill and loot Knights until you do.

Once both obelisks have been shut down, Jyggalag will appear in the middle of the area, causing an explosion that will kill any of your remaining forces, leaving you to face him alone. Quickly switch weapons to the Staff of Sheogorath and fire it at him to inflict its effects, then switch to your most powerful weapon (the Sword of Umbra, for instance) and go to town on him. When he goes down for the count, sit back and watch the cutscenes. When it's done, you'll unlock the final achievement of the DLC:

Madgod, Shivering Isles

Stopped the Greymarch

Madgod, Shivering Isles
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

To finish things off, head back inside and speak to Haskill.

It's Good To Be the King

Haskill will inform you that you now have a number of benefits available to you. You can now have one of the Golden Saints or Dark Seducers accompany you as a henchman. You will also receive a spell called Protection of Sheogorath that will, if you cast it upon yourself, immediately transport you back to the castle if your health gets dangerously low. A couple of amusing, but not really helpful, abilities are that you can now change the weather at will, and you can summon entertainment to the throne room by talking to Haskill. Finally, you will find Sheogorath's Regalia lying on the floor in front of the throne, tailored to whether you are playing as a male or female character. It nothing outstanding, but whatever. Sadly, all of these benefits only work while you are in the Shivering Isles. If you return to Cyrodiil, which you can now do, they will no longer function. However, returning again to the Shivering Isles will reactivate these abilities, as you can now travel between the two locations at will using the Strange Door on the island in Niben Bay.

You will also periodically be able to take on missions, or have them taken care of, by speaking to Haskill and asking him about "Defend the Realm". Anyway, that's it for the Shivering Isles. Congratulations on completing this DLC and the game, and thanks for using TrueAchievements walkthroughs!

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