Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition


Hello and welcome to the TrueAchievements walkthrough for Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition! This is a metroidvania/platformer where you play the part of the titular character, Ori, a forest spirit torn asunder from the Spirit Tree at the game's outset by a powerful storm. As you try to save the forest of Nibel, you will grow from a weak spirit capable of merely jumping, to one bestowed with powers of dashing, bashing, floating, stomping, and generally flying about the environs in a blur of precision and prowess.

While enemies do impede your progress at times, Ori's primary focus is on the platforming elements. To that end, the enemies usually serve more as additional assets for platforming than they do as foes to conquer. Watching the best speedrunners play Ori, you get a sense that the game is sometimes best played as a pacifist. Things start off slowly, but as soon as you unlock the Double Jump and Bash abilities, the world opens up and the traversal options grow many-fold.

The Definitive Edition brings with it a host of changes to the original. First and foremost, a new area is included, Black Root Burrows. This area is split into two distinct sections, which will award the two new abilities: Dash and Light Burst. Dash will make zipping around the map much faster (along with warping between Spirit Wells), and Light Burst functions as both a weapon and a tool. Try tossing a light burst grenade upward in a short trajectory by holding cn_LB to aim it, then bash off of your own projectile with cn_Y. Commence trick-jumping, folks.

Another addition to the game is the difficulty modes. The original was a single difficulty, but the Definitive Edition has four modes: Easy, Normal (akin to the original), Hard, and One Life. One Life mode provides the ultimate test, as it restarts you back at the very beginning of the game if you die. You can save your game and return to it later, but said save file is reset to the beginning when you die. Both Hard mode and One Life mode have achievements tied to their completion, and One Life is not for the feint of heart.

As I mentioned, fast travel has been added as well. Step onto a Spirit Well (now called Spirit Portals, of course!) and hit cn_Y to warp to any other Spirit Well you have unlocked by saving at it. Finally, Moon Studios addressed complaints of missables by making every single area of the game able to be revisited after completion. Even after the credits roll, you can load your save at Mt Horu and venture back out into the game to mop up missed collectibles. If there were any nagging complaints about the original, the Definitive Edition seems to have addressed them all.

One last added bonus: anyone that purchases the Definitive Edition who did not already own the original will get both. That's two achievement lists for a total of 2,250 gamerscore for $20. If you already own the original, this new edition will only cost you a mere $5. I may be an Ori fanatic, but you can't say that's not a bargain!

Ori 2


1. Use your charge flame. A lot of folks I've talked to have neglected this ability for dealing with enemies, which only makes it harder on you.

2. If you're struggling with a section trying to kill everything, consider just bashing through/past them and carrying on. You don't have to kill everything.

3. Upgrade the spirit link tree early as this will greatly increase your survivability. Get Triple Jump (2nd to last upgrade on the top tree) as early as you can.

4. When you are bashing off of an enemy or projectile, don't just release the bash right away. You can hold cn_Y for a few seconds before it will release on its own, so use that time to get your bearings and aim your bash for maximum effect (or safety).

This walkthrough is going to assume you're splitting your plan of attack into three separate playthroughs. While you could combine your 100% clear run with Hard mode for greater surviveability, it isn't advised. The skill tree takes 54 points to max out on Easy/Normal, but 75 points to max out on Hard mode. It would be a waste of time going for 100% completion on Hard mode, because you won't have enough points to max out the skill tree, and would either have to grind enemy kills to get them (which would take forever) or do a separate run on Easy/Normal to get the achievement for maxing the skill tree. That said, for maximum efficiency your playthroughs should be:

Playthrough 1 - Elite and Supersonic on Easy difficulty - Just rush through the game as fast as you can. Don't upgrade anything on the skill tree. Once you finish the game and unlock Elite and Supersonic, reload your game-clear save and explore the map for 100% map completion, all Life/Energy/Ability cells, and unlocking all upgrades on the ability tree.

Playthrough 2 - Hard mode playthrough - Focus on upgrading the top skill tree until you get triple jump. This one also regenerates your life when you create spirit links, which is essential on Hard. Any extra points should go into the bottom skill tree, with only one point in the middle for the Spirit Magnet ability. Don't worry about 100% map completion, just grab as many Life/Energy/Ability cells as you can without going out of your way too much.

Playthrough 3 - One Life mode (Unhinged and Immortal) - As mentioned in this achievement's solution, you CAN 'cheese' it if you wish. Just play offline until you've made solid progress, then reconnect to Xbox Live. Close the game and relaunch it. Load your file and create a soul link just to be safe. You want to make sure your local data syncs/overwrites Xbox Live's stored file. Return to playing offline, and if you wind up dying while offline, delete your local save data. NOTE: MAKE SURE TO DELETE THE RESERVED SPACE AS WELL. While this isn't 100% confirmed, it is possible that the reserved space has a 'cache' of sorts denoting whether you've died on one life mode. Better to be safe than sorry. If you die offline and delete your local save, just reconnect to live to re-sync the save from the last time you updated it. I will say that doing this achievement "legit" is very satisfying, and would recommend to anyone to do so, but that may just be my love of this game showing.

Follow along with the maps below, barring the Ability Cells which I haven't placed on the maps in order to reduce clutter. You'll get most, if not all, of the Ability Cells anyway while exploring for the secrets, life & energy cells, etc.

Once all of this is done, you should have unlocked the vast majority of the game's achievements, apart from 100% exploration (unless you did that on your Easy save before doing Hard & One Life). I have placed a few RED CIRCLES on a couple of the maps to denote places that are commonly missed for 100% map exploration. When going for that, make sure you grab every single Spirit Energy orb, as these count toward map completion now (they didn't in the original Ori). Any achievements you're missing at this point can be mopped up after finishing 100% exploration. For those interested in a rough path to 100% map completion on a single playthrough without a ton of backtracking, it looks roughly like this:

  • Prior to Ginso Tree - Collect Secret Areas #1-8, Map Stones #1-3, Health Cells #1-4, Energy Cells #1-6, Ability Cells #1-2.
  • During Ginso Tree - Collect Secret Areas #9-12, Energy Cell #7. Don't forget to use the Spirit Well so you can come back for 100% exploration.
  • After Ginso Tree, before Black Root Burrows - Get Stomp, Secret Areas #13-18, Map Stone #4, Health Cells #5-9.
  • Black Root Burrows - Get Dash & Light Burst, Secret Areas #19-21, Map Stone #5, Health Cell #10.
  • After Black Root, before Misty Woods - Secret Areas #22-23, Energy Cells #8-10, several ability cells.
  • Misty Woods - Unfortunately I can't create a map for this as it's misted out in-game. Secret Areas #24-27 are here, as well as an Ability Cell (Good Eye achievement).
  • Between Misty Woods and Forlorn Ruins - Map Stones #6-7 (fragment #7 is used inside Forlorn Ruins), Secret Areas #28-29.
  • Forlorn Ruins - Map Stone #7, Secret Areas #30-32, Health Cell #11. Don't forget to save at the Spirit Well so you can return for 100% exploration.
  • Sorrow Pass - Map Stone #8, Secret Areas #33-38, Health Cell #12, Energy Cell #11. Save at the Spirit Well.
  • After Sorrow Pass, before Mt Horu - Secret Area #39, Energy Cells #12-14. Don't forget to save at the Spirit Well east of Mt Horu if you didn't access it earlier-on while exploring.
  • Mt Horu - Map Stone #9, Secret Areas #40-45, Energy Cell #15. The final Spirit Well (#12) is here as well.


Legend: Yellow stars are secret areas. Energy Cells are denoted by blue numbered E's. Health Cells are green numbered H's. Map Fragments/Stones are white numbered M's (two for each one, the fragment and the stone itself). The red circles are around easily missed locations for 100% map exploration.







100% Collectibles Guide

Story Walkthrough

Note: I will mention spending ability points at several locations in this first playthrough. However, for maximum efficiency and to limit your completion to three playthroughs, you will want to play your first run on Easy and refrain from spending ANY ability points on upgrades to unlock the Elite achievement. After you've completed the game and unlocked Elite, you can go back for 100% exploration, collectibles, and maxing all branches of the skill tree. Keep that in mind any time you see me mentioning buying upgrades.

Sunken Glades

At the end of the Prologue, you’ll unlock The Journey Begins.

From the start, head left and down onto the first long log. Before dropping through, go to the left end for Secret Area #1/45. This should unlock So Many Secrets.

Drop through the log and down to the ground below. Continue left across the purple water to reach your first Energy Cell #1/15. The game will ask you to create a soul link. Do it and continue to the left. Dodge the ram enemy so it breaks the wall, giving you your first bits of Spirit Light (experience, apart from the orb in the first secret area, anyway). Further to the left you’ll reach an area with a log sloping upward to the left, where you’ll get Sein (your companion/weapon). As soon as you get it, go down the log, passing under the jumping enemies.

Turn back underneath the log to reach Secret Area #2/45. The orb here should max your experience and grant you your first ability point, as well as releasing a blast of energy that *should* kill the two jumping enemies, provided you run to the right as you ‘level up’. Kill the third enemy to the right, and continue up the slope. Stop at your spirit link and use that first ability point you gained to purchase the Spirit Magnet upgrade, which will also unlock Choices Choices.

Continue back the way you came, but before taking the bounce pad up, blast through the purple spikes to the right to reveal Spirit Well #1/12. This is also the location where you can access the new area, Black Root Burrows, although you need wall-climb at a minimum to get up to it, and stomp to fully explore it. So we’ll return later. Save at the spirit well so that you can use it as a fast-travel point, then take the bounce pad up to the branch above. Continue climbing up to the left across the hanging platforms. Just past the first small blob enemy that shoot spikes up in the air (we’ll call these Pink Jellies from now on), drop down and pull the rock out to get the Keystone.

Go up over the top of the tree to the left (where another Pink Jelly is), and across two hanging platforms to get a 2nd Keystone, then open the door below. Just beyond this door, before going over the hill, jump to the fungus-like ledge above to the right. Deal with the enemies up here, and jump across the fungus platforms to the upper-left ledge to find Health Cell #1/12. Drop back down and continue left. When you reach a wooden log, drop down through it and follow the path to the left. Don’t drop down through the 2nd log just yet. Continue left and you’ll reach another fungus platform with a Pink Jelly on it. Drop down here, and go all the way down to the bottom of this shaft (past a couple more Pink Jellies).

At the far left end of this lower area, you’ll get the Wall Jump ability from a spirit tree. Jump up the wall to the left of this tree to find Energy Cell #2/15. Return to the right and climb back up the shaft to where you first dropped under the first of the three Pink Jellies. By now you should have another ability point, so create a soul link and buy Quick Flame. Refer back to the hints and tips page for specifics on which upgrades are best early-on. Go left from the top of the shaft, passing a jumper enemy and reaching an area with a pushable rock and another jumper, as well as three spinning spike obstacles up above. Deal with the jumper, but before going up, go under the far-left ledge down below for Secret Area #3/45.

Use the rock to climb up, and either push the rock above all the way across, or just run right into the spikes on the right side, then quickly jump up and over them while you’re invincible. This must be done very quickly, so I advise using the rock if you’re new to Ori. You’ll get a Keystone here, then continue right to a lever. Hit the lever and jump across to a small ledge on the right with Map Stone Fragment #1/9. Drop down and head back to the right, past the Pink Jelly (the shaft you went down for wall jump), and drop down through the next log you come across to reach Map Stone #1/9 as well as another Keystone. Place the fragment in the Map Stone and grab the Keystone. You’ll unlock Marking The Way for the map stone.

Climb back up and open the door to the left with the keystones to continue. To the left, you’ll have to move upward through several log tiers with wall turrets shooting pinkish-purple energy shots. There are Keystones to the right and left on the 2nd and 3rd levels. You’ll see an Ability Cell above the left one, but you can’t get it yet. Go up one more level from the 2nd keystone and that ability cell to find Secret Area #4/45 to the right. You’ll see a door inside that requires four Energy to open, which you don’t have yet, but at least register the secret area while you’re here. Continue upward through this area, getting a 3rd and 4th Keystone from the right and left sides, before opening the door at the top with the four Keystones you’ve collected. Go right from the door to meet the Spirit Tree and unlock The Ancient Being. This is also Spirit Well #2/12, so save at it.

Continue to the right and you’ll reach a spot where you’ll have to trick a jumper into breaking through the floor for you. You’ll get the Charge Flame ability from the tree below, and use that to bust through a wall to the right. Go all the way to the right after breaking that wall, and you’ll see a lever to the right of a hanging log above, with a large spikey enemy above it. These ones don’t shoot spikes, and come in medium and large varieties. The large ones break down into medium ones, and the medium ones continue to break down a couple more times. We’ll call them Blobs from now on. Standing at the lever, hold cn_X to ready a charge flame. Jump up toward the ceiling and release it, making sure you’re not touching the ceiling or the wall when it releases. You should hit the large Blob above, and get credit for several ‘kills’ as it breaks up, netting both Flying Fury and Deadly Detonation.

  • Flying Fury

    Kill 3 enemies without touching the ground

    Flying Fury
    2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerBuggy -

Hit the lever, and go left then up using the hanging logs above. You should drop down where that large Blob was (now many smaller blobs). Continue right from it and use another charge flame to bust open the path ahead. On the other side, climb up the wall above. You should see a hanging spider, a door to your left you can’t open, and a large web-covered rock hanging to the right. If all went well, you have one blue energy circle left, so climb up the web-covered rock and go to the upper-right corner to use charge flame, breaking open the wall so that you can reach Health Cell #2/12 inside (down below the spikes to the right). Climb back out of the area with the health cell, and go across the small hanging rock above the web-covered one to get some more energy, then use your charge flame to break the attach point above the web-covered rock to drop it below.

Fall down on the rock after you release it, and go left at the bottom to get Secret Area #5/45 and Energy Cell #3/15. From there, go right several screens, past multiple spiders and across some dangerous purple water with wooden posts sticking out. Once you reach the bounce pads, bounce to the right over the purple spike area (the desctructible ones), then up to right onto a ledge with a Pink Jelly on the wall. Directly to your left is Secret Area #6/45. It also has a wooden post inside that you need the Stomp ability to hammer down for more collectibles later on. On the other side of this tree, above and to your left, you should see Map Stone Fragment #2/9.

You can bounce over the top of the tree using the bounce pads, then drop through the fungus on the left side to get to it. Map Stone #2/9 is just to the right on the level below the ledge you were standing on, when Secret Area #6 was to the left. There’s a red enemy patrolling there, which we will call Frogs from now on no matter their color. They are VERY dangerous this early on while you only have a few health, so be careful. The room with Map Stone #2/9 is also where a VERY hard speed running trick takes place, where you have to jump off the ledge on the left and catch the ledge above, so that you can go to the right and reach Moon Grotto early. Don’t bother with that though, unless you want to try for world-record speedrun times.

NOTE: From this point forward, if you only have ONE ability point to spend, SAVE IT. There’s a specific spot I will mention shortly where you will use it. So if you have one now, keep it. If you don’t, kill enough enemies (Blobs in particular) to get one.

Once you’ve gotten that secret and map stone, continue up to the right. You’ll pass another large Blob and see several more spinning spike obstacles to the right. Push the boulder in that tunnel to the right to find Spirit Well #3/12. Save at it to unlock it for fast travel, then push the boulder back through the spike obstacles, and use it to climb to the ledge above. You’ll meet Gumo to the right, and see the Ginso Tree (currently closed for business). Get Back Here will unlock here.

Follow Gumo to the right and down, then go left up the ledge, past two enemies that hide in holes in the ground. We’ll call these Ground Worms. You’ll pass another large Blob to the left, and drop down to see another short scene of Gumo running away. There’s a log directly to your left with a weak spot on it. Stand on it so the Ground Worm above launches a projectile at you, and dodge out of the way so it breaks the log. You can obtain Deadly Dodge here quite easily. Under the broken log is another Ground Worm hole. Stand on it until the one above launches another projectile, then quickly run to the right or left, far enough that the Ground Worm in the hole you were on comes out. If you’re quick, it will come out just in time to be killed by the projectile. Repeat this four more times for Deadly Dodge. This usually comes naturally while playing, but it’s easy to get it out of the way here.

  • Deadly Dodge

    Trick 5 enemies into killing another enemy

    Deadly Dodge
    1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

Continue left, using the Ground Worms to break open the subsequent weak spots and eventually the door to the far left. Through this door, you can save yourself a lot of trouble avoiding some lasers, both now and when coming back through, by despawning them. Hopefully you saved that ability point I mentioned. To do this trick, first create a soul link just past the door that the Ground Worm busted open for you. Go to the left until you trigger another short scene with Gumo running away, and some purple lasers will spawn. Quit out and reload your save.

Wait for your soul link to refresh, then go left until you’re CLOSE to where you triggered that scene (likely just to the left of being directly under the blue crystal on the ceiling). Create a soul link close to the scene trigger spot, then trigger the scene. IMMEDIATELY tap cn_B to access the ability tree and put the one ability point you were saving into any of the three branches. As soon as you’ve done that, quit out to the main menu and reload the save. If done right, you’ll see Gumo running away, but the purple lasers won’t spawn. From here on out, they’ll never be here when you pass back through, allowing you to explore for 100% map completion without worrying about those pesky lasers. There are lots of tricks like this that abuse the save/quit system, including off-screen play, but this is the easiest and most beneficial one for casual players.


The purple laser room marks the start of Moon Grotto. Drop down to the bottom of the room (avoiding lasers if you didn’t despawn them), and exit to the right. You’ll be in a vertical shaft of sorts. This ‘shaft’ and a second one coming soon form the bulk of Moon Grotto, each having offshoots to the left and right that must be explored for collectibles and map completion. Entering this first shaft, you’ll see a Pink Jelly to the right. Deal with it, and drop down through two sloped logs, one at a time. You should get another short scene of Gumo running away, and a pink exploding enemy will be on the ceiling to your left. We’ll call these Detonators. Go up the slope to the right to find Spirit Well #4/12 and save at it. Come back down to where the Detonator is, and you should see a Pink Jelly on the ledge to the left. Deal with them and jump over there.

In this room, you’ll see lots of the destructible purple spikes on the walls. A Ram enemy will be below to your left, with two Stompers in the ceiling above it. Create a soul link, then drop down in front of the ram. Jump over it as it charges, preferably so it hits the wall and gets dazed (to give you time to set up). Play bull-fighter with it, luring it to charge it you. Just before it charges, run to the left wall so you pass under the Stomper. If timed right, the Stomper will crush the Ram, and you’ll unlock Self Destruction and Crushing Blow.

Climb up the ledge to the left, being VERY careful of the 2nd Stomper just over the ledge. Continue to the left a couple of screens, past another Stomper above a pit, to a room with a Jumper and a hanging log. Jump across the hanging log to reach Secret Area #7/45 to the left of it, then return the way you came. Once you pass the Stomper above the pit and re-enter the room with the two Stompers and the Ram, instead of going across the bottom, go up to the right. There’s another Stomper on the ledge above, so be careful. Once it drops, jump onto its side and wall-jump against it to ride it up to the top of the room to reach Energy Cell #4/15. Go back out into the main shaft and drop down a couple more levels. You should see a door to your left that requires two energy to open, so open it but don’t go in as we can’t clear that room very easily just yet.

Go right across the wood beam and Gumo will pull a lever, sending you plummeting down another long shaft. This is the 2nd of the two ‘main shafts’ I was referring to as forming the bulk of Moon Grotto. At the bottom, you’ll see Map Stone #3. Jump over the spikes and exit to the right to reach a room with large horizontal stone columns opening and closing. Drop down to the lower-left corner to get Map Stone Fragment #3, and return to the stone to place it. Go back to the moving stone columns room, dropping down to the right this time. Deal with the Frog enemy and continue to the right. You’ll have to deal with a leaping Ground Worm to get a Keystone. Return back to the moving stone room, exiting to the upper-right side to reach another room with moving stones, this time vertical.

There is a Spirit Energy orb in the lower-center in this room. Make sure you grab it for 100% map completion, as you have no reason to return to this room later. The same goes for all of these Spirit Energy Orbs you come across; always try to grab them on the first pass if you can. Exit the moving stones to the right to reach a room with a Jumper and a Spider. Deal with them, grab the Keystone on the lower-left side of the room, and exit via the door to the right. Go all the way to the right and down, past a Pink Jelly and a Jumper to reach, at long last, a tree with the Double Jump ability. This is when the game’s platforming really starts to open up, and soon you’ll have Bash and will be flying about with ease.

Return left and up to the room with the Spider and Jumper, and use your new Double Jump ability to climb up the ledges to the left, past where the Jumper came down. Continue left at the top, past a Blob, and drop down through the wood beam to grab Energy Cell #5/15. Drop down to the left to reach the first room with the moving stone pillars (the horizontal ones) and exit left to the room with Map Stone #3. Use Double Jump and Wall Jump to go up the wall on the right side of the room and across the two hanging wood poles to the left. To the left you’ll see a Spider. Drop down beneath it, but before going to the left to continue, go under the moving stone pillars to the right. Drop down into the gap in the center to avoid being crushed.

Just past these, go right over the stone wall. Kill the Spider and push the movable stone block to the right, off the ledge. Return to where you first entered, just past the crushing stone pillars. Go down to the left to find Ability Cell #1/33. It’s slightly tricky to get, as you have to slide down the left wall then double-jump across the spikes below to reach it, but it’s not bad. Open the door to the right (requires four energy circles to open), and push the stone off the ledge so it blocks the purple laser. Drop down beside the stone (staying on this ledge) and jump over to the right where the movable stone block landed. Push it off the ledge to the left and it will block another laser.

Drop down to the bottom level and jump across the platforms to the left, between the spikes, avoiding the projectiles being fired. Wall-jump up the gap above to reach a lever, which will shut off the lasers above. Return to the moveable stone and push it to the right, so it drops down where projectiles are firing from the right-hand wall. Continue pushing it to the right, and it will redirect them upward, breaking open a weak ceiling above to allow you to reach a Spirit Energy orb and Energy Cell #6/15.

Backtrack all the way back to the other side of the crushing pillars. You should be back beneath a Spider hanging above. Go into the room on your left. Rather than jumping across the water, jump up to the wall above you. Use your Wall Jump and Double Jump to reach the upper-right corner, where a Spirit Orb is. Jump off to the left from this orb and use Double Jump to reach the upper, near wall to the left. Slide off of it, and as you fall off use Double Jump once more to catch the lower, further left wall. Use Wall Jump to make your way up this small shaft to reach Health Cell #3/12. Make your way to the left and up, through a spike-lined room. You’ll see another scene of Gumo running away here. At the top, you’ll cross to the right and need to use Double Jump to cross several moving stone pillars.

Use Wall Jump to ride them up, then once they are at the top of their movement (closest to the ceiling), drop off and double-jump across to the next. Just past the final one, you’ll see a blue glowing dome up above. This little corner does not register for 100% map exploration unless you jump up into it, so make sure to use Wall Jump off the moving stone pillar to your left to get up there before continuing on. Hit the lever after Gumo runs to open a shortcut for later, then chase him to the right and up a long shaft with falling boulders. At the very top of the shaft, before going left to ‘rescue’ Gumo from the rock, jump into the upper-right corner for Secret Area #8/45. Go left and ‘save’ Gumo to unlock Let’s Be Friends.

Follow Gumo to the left, back into the main shaft (the one with Map Stone #3 at the bottom), making sure to drop down through the small wood beam into a recessed spot with a blue crystal. This spot is easily missed for 100% map exploration. If you wish, you can jump off the ledge and fall down against the left wall of this shaft to reach a ledge midway down with Ability Cell #2/33 on it. You’ll see a map stone to the left behind a large barrier, which you can’t reach from here. Technically you CAN get to that by returning to Sunken Glade and accessing Blackroot Burrows, but you can’t 100% clear it without Stomp, so we’ll wait. Once you get the Ability Cell, do a long jump to the right across the shaft, waiting as long as you can to hit your double jump, just as you’re starting to fall. You should be able to reach the right wall, then climb your way back up that wall and double-jump around the wood ledge above.

If you happen to fall to the bottom, just climb back up the long way. It’s worth it for the extra ability point this early-on. Make your way back up the shaft. Once you’ve gotten back to the first main shaft, the one with Spirit Well #4 in it, look for the room that you opened the two-energy door to access. This room has Health Cell #4/12 in it. There is purple water at the bottom until you clear the Ginso Tree, and it’s much easier to reach the Health Cell by using Bash to climb up via the Pink Jellis on the left side of the room, so you may want to return later. However, you CAN get this Health Cell via judicious use of Double Jump on very specific parts of the right-side wall. To see this in action, check out the collectibles video starting at 07:13. Once you’ve gotten that Health Cell, use Spirit Well #4 in the main shaft to teleport to Spirit Well #3 (Thornfelt Swamp). Exit to the left and up, past the spinning spike obstacles, to reach the Ginso Tree. Upon entering, you’ll unlock Rotten Inside.


Ginso Tree map (just the lower area with the secrets):

The Ginso Tree is more or less a straight vertical climb. The key things to remember here are as follows: get EVERY spirit energy orb, including the ones during the escape, and make sure to get the four secret areas and the spirit well. Also, make sure you explore the corners of each room, and take both paths near the beginning (where secret areas 10,11, and 12 are), because they are alternate paths to the same location, and you can miss 100% map completion if you don’t take both paths.

From the start, climb to the top of the first room and get Secret Area #9/45 on the top-right before exiting to the top-left. The next room will have a bunch of orange spikey enemies crawling around hanging platforms. The top-right corner of this room is Secret Area #10/45. There are two exits on the top-left side. Take the lower of the two exits into another room, and jump up into Secret Area #11/45 in the top-center of that room, making sure to get the spirit energy orb inside the secret area. Return the way you came, and just to the right of the tunnel when you come out (Secret Area #10 should be directly to your right), you can jump up into Secret Area #12/45, which will also give you access to a blue energy crystal and the upper of the two exits to the left. Take that exit, which will warp you up to another room.

There is a Spider on the upper-left of this room. Kill it, but before taking the top-left exit, drop down to the lower-left side of the room for full map exploration. Wall-jump back up and exit via the top-left tunnel. You’ll come out to the right of another tunnel, and going through it will begin a series of three tunnel entrances and exits, where you’ll have to jump mid-air and realign yourself for the next tunnel to avoid spikes all around you. Upon completing that, you’ll exit out into another room with tunnels on all sides, and a turret in the ceiling firing projectiles down. There’s a shortcut way to do this room, but for the sake of ease and 100% map exploration, just push the movable redirecting block in the middle of the room over to the right, under the projectiles.

It will break open a wall to the left, then push it into the tunnel on the right so it falls back onto the center platform. Once it’s back in place, jump up to the top-left corner of the room and push that moveable block down and to the right, under the projectiles. This should redirect a projectile through a tunnel, into the other block on the center platform, and to the left to open the tunnel/path forward. You’ll exit into a room with a Ground Worm. Deal with it and the door to the right will open. You’ll exit into a room with two Keystones on the right side, and tunnels on the top/bottom. Before getting the Keystones, jump into the nearest tunnel, which spits you out directly above. Just let yourself keep falling through these two tunnels, and doubl- jump each time you exit the top. After 5 double-jumps without touching the ground, you’ll unlock Airborne.

  • Airborne

    Double Jump 5 times consecutively without touching the ground

    1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Jump over to the right and get the lower Keystone as you fall into the lower-right tunnel, then double-jump out of the top tunnel to get the higher one, falling into the lower tunnel again to exit the top and land back on the center platform. Jump into the bottom tunnel to the left, and double-jump as you exit to reach the way forward on the top-left of the room. The next room has lots of spikes, and you’ll have to jump down to the left, exiting the upper-center tunnel to fall onto a breakable floor to the left. Grab that Keystone and use the bounce pad on the ground to jump up through the top-left tunnel to nab the other Keystone. Open the door to the right to continue forward, where you will find a small Spirit Tree with the best ability in the game, Bash. This is the single-most versatile and amazing ability in any platformer or metroidvania I have every played in my 30 years of gaming.

The next couple of rooms are pretty straight-forward. Use Bash on the Jumper in the very next room to get up to the left. Use Bash, Wall Jump, and Double Jump to make your way upward, making sure to redirect projectiles with Bash to open any breakable walls where Spirit Energy orbs reside for 100% map completion. A couple rooms up, you’ll encounter some Ground Worms. Before continuing up, go to the left of the upper worm, and redirect its projectile to break open the far-left floor. Drop down and go through the tunnel to get Energy Cell #7/15. Continue upward and you’ll soon face a large pinkish ball of energy, a sort of mini-boss. Just wall-jump up on the left side of the room and keep jumping against the wall to stay up, using Bash to redirect the enemy’s projectiles back at it. After a few projectile hits, it will die, dropping some hanging lights from the ceiling and opening the door to the right.

Go to the right first to save at Spirit Well #5/12, then bash off the lights in the mini-boss room to reach the heart of the tree, corrupted and fouled, in need of cleansing in order to restore the waters of the forest. There are rooms to the left and right. Tackle the left room first. Use Bash off the enemies and projectiles to make your way to the top of the room, making sure to grab the two spirit energy orbs in the room for map completion. Bash a projectile from the top-left spider so it breaks open the door in the upper-right of the room and exit that way, using your Spirit Flame to destroy the corruption there. Drop back down below the heart and go to the right room.

This room has a turret on the lower-right firing projectiles. You can either redirect a projectile through each of the redirection pipes in the room until it reaches the top-left, or just Bash it directly to the top-left of the room from where they are firing. The latter is a speedrun strat and takes some practice, but it’s not super hard. Once you get a projectile to the top-left corner to break open that exit, take it and destroy the last of the corruption, then drop back down in front of the heart again. Pressing cn_X in front of the cleansed heart will release the purifying waters of the forest. Great right?

Well, sort of. Problem is, we’re still here with the flood waters approaching! You’ll need to Bash, Double Jump, and Wall Jump your way up through simply one of the most amazing escape sequences ever created in any platformer. When the escape starts, you’ll unlock Run For Your Life. At its conclusion, you’ll unlock A Close Call. Don't sweat it if you miss a Spirit Energy orb on the way up. Just warp back via the spirit well to 100% clear the tree.

100% Collectibles Guide


After the harrowing escape from the rising waters, Gumo seems to have saved us, and we awaken on the beach… of a sort. We’re in Thornfelt Swamp now, and will soon have the Stomp ability and go exploring. First thing’s first, we’re going to open a shortcut. Dive into the water and swim to the upper-left exit. On the far left here, use Charge Flame to bust open the ceiling, allowing the waters above to flood the room. If you’ve been following along, this should be the 5th shortcut you’ve opened with Charge Flame, netting you the A New Path achievement.

  • A New Path

    Break open 5 shortcuts using the Charge Flame

    A New Path
    Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

Return to the main lake room and swim down. There are five more branches to explore here: middle-left, bottom-left, top-right, middle-right, and bottom-right. The top-right and middle-left underwater branches don’t lead to anything special. The middle-right one is full of spikes, and nets you credit for Secret Area #13/45, as well as a Spirit Energy orb. The bottom-left one has a Keystone, as does the bottom-right. Make sure to go all the way to the right, past the second set of crushing rocks, to get Map Stone Fragment #4/9 from the bottom-right branch as well. Swim back up to the top, but before exiting to the right, put the fragment into Map Stone #4/9 on the left. This will get you the achievement for half of the map stones, even though 4/9 isn’t technically 50%. If you’re struggling to deal with the Ram enemy near it, just come back shortly, once you have the Stomp ability.

Through the exit to the right, you’ll have to jump across some hanging logs and use Bash on a Ground Worm’s projectile to get up through a vertical spike-lined shaft. Use Wall Jump off the left wall, and Bash off the hanging light, to get over the spikes to the right and reach a small Spirit Tree, where you will gain the Stomp ability. You can test it on the breakable ground to the right. From here, there is a Ground Worm up to your right. You can bash off his projectile to the right for the normal path, but you need to come back later with Charge Jump to fully explore, so use Bash off the projectile to fly up to the left the way you came in. You’ll fall onto the spikes above, but should have enough health to jump up off of them and bash off the hanging light to get far enough left, allowing you to drop back down the spike-lined shaft and save some time.

Go left across the lake, placing the map stone if you still haven’t and dealing with the Ram. Before using Stomp on the floor to the left to continue, climb up the tree just left of the map stone to find Secret Area #14/45, as well as Ability Cell #3/33. Return to the map stone and Stomp your way down through the floor to the left. Continue left from the bottom and you’ll pass through the room where you drained the water, breaking open another floor to continue. Just left of this, you’ll pass a Frog enemy and see a weak wooden beam on the floor. Stomp this to break through, revealing Secret Area #15/45. Directly above this is a well-hidden Spirit Energy orb near the ceiling of the room with the Frog. A carefully-placed bash off the left Spider’s projectile combined with double jumping can net that orb now, or you can return later with other abilities to get it easier. You can also use Bash to reflect the left two Spiders’ projectiles back at them to net the Deadly Deflection achievement easily here.

MOON GROTTO (2nd visit)

Past the two Spiders, you’ll be back in the main shaft of the Moon Grotto. Drop down a couple levels, and explore the branch on the right side, directly beneath the spirit well, to find Health Cell #5/12. We didn’t come here on the first visit, because you need Bash to get to that health cell. If you didn’t get Health Cell #2/12 from the branch down to the left (through the door that requires two energy to open), do so now. You’ll need to go down there to fully explore that room anyway, as there is a Spirit Energy orb down in the water that you couldn’t get back when it was purple/dangerous. Go back up and into the branch on the left, directly across from the one with Health Cell #5. This one should look familiar, as you got an Energy Cell here on the first visit. You should see the Ram enemy below, and the Stompers to the left.

Go all the way to the left across this area, past the three Stompers and the Jumper enemy. You should be in the room where you got a secret area before. Drop down into the water and open the door to the right to get Ability Cell #4/33. If you want to refill your energy at the spirit well in the main shaft and come back, you can open the door to the left as well, but we’ll return here later. At this point you should have about 95% on Moon Grotto’s exploration, give or take. Return to the top of Moon Grotto, and exit through the purple laser room to the right to reach Thornfelt Swamp again. We’re going to do some brief exploration to grab more collectibles before carrying on to Black Root Burrows.



Our next major stop is Black Root Burrows, but now that you have several of the key abilities, it’s time to do some map exploration to clean up some things prior to moving on with the main path. This isn’t the most EFFICIENT path, mind you. It’s better to come back for some of these after you’ve obtained Light Burst and Charge Jump, specifically the stuff in Thornfelt Swamp. But in the interests of matching as closely to the 100% Collectibles video as possible (although there are a few MINOR difference in this text guide), and of telling you the earliest possible time to obtain upgrades to make the rest of the main path easier, I’m including some of this here. From the exit at the top of Moon Grotto, if you go right, you’ll be back in Thornfelt Swamp, in the room with the Ground Worms.

Up until now, I’ve given detailed step-by-step instructions. However, there is quite a lot of map exploration that you can do at this point, and talking you through it step-by-step would take pages and pages, and would likely lead to exhaustion on both our parts. Instead, I’m going to list below all of the items you should be able to collect prior to advancing to Black Root Burrows, as well as a handy set of maps below showing all of their locations. I have them numbered on the maps according to the numbers they are in my 100% collectibles video, aka the earliest you can obtain them. I take a much different, more efficient path, in the 100% walkthrough video, as I go to Black Root Burrows before getting many of these. Use the maps on the Tips/Roadmap/Maps page for everything but the ability cells here. The ability cells are included in the 100% collectibles video if you're struggling to find them. If you didn’t 100%-clear Ginso Tree yet, do that now as well. During this section, you should collect the following:

Ability Cells #5-7

Secret Areas #16-18

Health Cells #6-9

Spirit Well #6 (up near Mt. Horu)

While exploring here, when you run across one of the large Blob enemies, use Bash and aim directly upward off of it. As soon as you release cn_Y to do the bash, press and hold it again so that you can activate another bash on the way down, as you reach the enemy again. Keep doing this until you’ve bashed upward off of it 10 times without touching the ground, and you’ll unlock Bash Master.

  • Bash Master

    Bash off enemies 10 times in a row without touching the ground

    Bash Master
    1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player


Continue to the right after the scene to enter Black Root Burrows. This first area is very dark. I would recommend saving as soon as you enter, and explore a bit to get a feel for where the spikes and drop-offs are. It’s very difficult to describe where to go here, so I’ll just say that from the start, you essentially want to hug the left wall and keep dropping down/going to the left. Look for the glowing, floating platforms that you can land on as you go down/left, and try to jump to them. Walking will usually end up in falling onto spikes, or worse. You will soon reach a room with two floating, glowing vertical beams. Jump across these to the left to get to the Light Burst orb and pick it up with cn_RT. This is similar to the mechanic in Misty Woods, where you’re carrying an orb, negating your ability to double-jump, bash, etc.

Once you pick up the orb, go left and up, then make your way through the floating, glowing platform section. This section is very straight forward, as there is only one path you can really take, since you can’t double-jump or anything. You’ll have to dodge some Spider projectiles as you make your way across the floating platforms. If you’ve been following along you should have plenty of energy and an upgraded Charge Flame, making short work of the Spider enemies. Once you make your way back to the main room, you’ll have to go across the bottom, lighting torches that raise the platforms beneath the spikes below. A turret will be firing from your left as you do this, but for the most part you’ll be beneath its projectiles, except while standing on the first and last pillars.

To the far right, you’ll use bounce pads to jump up through three green lasers. Be patient here, and wait until just when the lasers are about to stop before jumping onto the bounce pad each time, especially the last one, which you have to anticipate a little, as its “off” time is very short. Once you pass these, make your way up the floating platforms to the top-right corner to light another torch, opening the way forward. In the next room, you’ll go up more floating platforms and will be moving to the right, beneath a green laser. You’ll note that the light from your orb will make barriers appear above, stopping the laser. Jump off the moving platform onto a stationary one that is only visible when it the orb’s light. Put the orb down here with cn_RT so that it keeps the barrier in front of the laser, and jump up to the upper-right corner to hit a lever, raising a statue below.

Drop down to the statue and the orb will follow you, so pick it up and place it in the statue to light the area, revealing a small Spirit Tree to the right where you’ll earn one of the two new abilities: Dash. Hitting cn_RB will make you dart along the ground, and once the top ability tree upgrade is obtained, it will allow you to dash in the air as well. From the tree, go to the right and use the new Dash ability to zip past a long line of Stompers to find Map Stone Fragment #5. Return to the tree and drop down through the newly-opened shaft just left of it.

Just at the bottom of this shaft is a small lever that opens a door way down and to the right, which you have to dash through the tiers below to reach in time. This leads to the Map Stone for the fragment above, as well as a Spirit Well, Health Cell, and the boulder chase for an achievement. But before we do that, we’re going to 100% explore the area below, since we have Stomp. So ignore that lever and go to the bottom tier of this shaft, using Stomp to break through the floor below. You’ll reach Lost Grove, a new area, although it is included within Black Root Burrows on the map screen.


Continue down to the bottom of the shaft, using Dash to get past the shortly-timed green laser. At the bottom, you’ll see a Pink Jelly to the right and a Jumper below you. Go to the left from the Jumper, and you’ll need to dash through a narrow gap quickly, in between laser bursts. Drop down after the laser fires, dash twice, and jump out to avoid instant death. Keep going left and the next room will have a spinning obstacle with four green instant-death lasers coming out of it. Dash across the bottom between lasers, then use the bounce pad to make it up the left-hand side. Make sure you bounce up just behind a laser so that the next one coming around doesn’t nail you midway up. At the top-left corner of the room, you’re relatively safe, so take a breath.

If you have the Air Dash upgrade on the top tree already, this next part is simple. If not, you’ll have to double-jump across to the right, above the spinning wheel of death, in between two of its laser arms. Dashing across is much easier, which is why Air Dash is awesome to have by now. Once you make it to the right, past the death wheel, use Bash off the Bird enemy to make it to the ledge above to your left. Continue to the left and drop down through the floor to reach another small Spirit Tree, where you will gain a very handy new ability, Light Burst, used via cn_LB. This ability is necessary to light torches scattered around the map, which open paths necessary for 100% map completion. You can also toss one of its projectiles up, then jump and bash off your own projectile, a handy trick for reaching some of the harder-to-reach areas.

From the tree, jump up the wall to the left and onto the hanging platform. Toss a Light Burst projectile to the torch on the left, which lowers a hanging log to the right. Jump over to the log, and toss another projectile up to the torch above to the right, lowering another platform. Jump onto this one, dealing with the Pink Jelly above, and toss a final projectile over the spikes up to your right, lighting a 3rd torch to open the exit door, as well as netting you the Explosive Lobb achievement.

Go to the right, back out into the room with the Bird, and bash off of it to get to the upper area again. Kill the bird, bash off a projectile from the Ground Worm to the left to get onto the upper hanging platform, and kill the Pink Jelly above you. Toss a Light Burst projectile or two to the upper-right to hit a torch there, opening a barrier to the right so you can get Ability Cell #8/33. Drop down below the hanging platform, and double-jump + air-dash to the right to reach a Spirit Energy orb in a small alcove below, easy to miss. Drop all the way down to the bottom of the room, and dash back through the narrow gap with the green laser to return to the main shaft with the Jumper enemy that you came from before getting Light Burst.

Go right past the Jumper, across some spikes, to the ledge. Before dropping down, hold cn_LB and aim your projectile for a short toss upward. Jump and bash off the projectile to reach the ledge above for Ability Cell #9/33. Drop down through the shaft to land on a wooden beam. Before dropping through, go to the right. You’ll have to time your dash and jumps to get past another green laser. Halfway through the laser’s path, jump up into the area above to find a Pink Jelly and a Spirit Energy orb inside Secret Area #19/45. Continue to the end, past the laser, to a room with a bounce pad on the far-right. By now, with all the ability cells you’ve obtained, you should have Air Dash. Jump and air-dash over, bouncing off the pad to air-dash back to the left, to the upper-left ledge for Ability Cell #10/33. If you don’t have Air Dash, you can accomplish this via judicious use of your own Light Burst projectiles and the Bash ability.

Return to the left, past the laser and back to the log. Drop through and kill the Frog to your immediate left. Toss Light Burst projectiles in an arc to the left, up over the spikes, so they kill the other Frog beyond the door, which will open the door, allowing you to get Ability Cell #11/33. By now, if you just put one upgrade in the middle tree and three in the bottom tree, you should easily have enough to reach Triple Jump in the top tree. If you’re going for Elite on Easy difficulty this first run of, then you won’t have any of these. I’m just pointing this out for those spending their ability points and doing an extra playthrough later. Go right from here and drop down to the room below to find a Blog and two Frogs. Deal with them, and stand on the pressure plat to the left so you can toss a Light Burst projectile over the left wall. Once you hit the torch, the path to the right will open.

Carry on to the right, killing the two Birds and two Pink Jellies in the next room to open another door. In the next room, toss a Light Burst projectile to the torch on the top-left to open the barrier in the floor, and drop down to the room below, where you’ll pass several Ground Worms and reach a pool of water at the bottom. Exit the room to the right. If you’re here this early, you won’t have Charge Jump, so toss a Light Burst projectile up and Bash off of it to get over the spiky barrier in the next room. Bash off the hanging light and go all the way to the right. You should be standing on a pressure switch, shutting off a green laser above. There are two options here. You can toss a Light Burst projectile so that it bounces off the two bounce pads while you’re standing on the pressure plate, landing on the breakable barrier to the left.

If you prefer, you can just Bash straight up off the hanging light on the left and tap cn_LB while holding up in mid-air to break that same barrier from below. Either way, you do need to go stand on that pressure plate for 100% map completion. Once you get up through the barrier above the hanging light, use another projectile to bash off of to reach the upper-right corner of the room, and activate the lever there, opening the barrier on the left side. Grab Ability Cell #12/33 sitting right out in the open there, and toss another projectile upward. Bash off of it to the upper-right wall above the ability cell to find Secret Area #20/45. Go left from the secret area and drop through the floor beneath the Pink Jelly enemies to hit another lever, opening the barrier on the left side of the room with the pond we just left a bit ago. Climb out from this lever and stand on the pressure plate to the right. Once the barrier to your left is open, dash through it with cn_RB to return to the pond.

Swim down into the water and to the bottom-right to reveal Secret Area #21/45. Follow this secret path all the way to the right to reach a tiny hidden room with Ability Cell #13/33. Swim back to the left into the main pond, continue left through the barrier you opened with the lever earlier. After a short scene with more of the game’s lore, climb over the wall to your left to get another Spirit Energy orb and reach Spirit Well #7/12. You’ll also unlock the Out of Darkness achievement here.

To save some time climbing back up out of this area, warp back to the spirit well in Sunken Glades. Re-enter Black Root Burrows to the right upon exiting. In the first room with the floating platforms, grab a Spirit Energy orb from the ceiling, and use the floating platforms to go down and left to reach Ability Cell #14/33 on the middle-left area of the floating platforms. Return all the way to the right where you got Dash from the tree. Before dropping down through the shaft, toss a Light Burst projectile upward, just to the left of the Stompers. Bash off of it to reach the upper-right corner of the room for a Spirit Energy orb. This spot is easily missed for 100% map completion.

Now drop down through the shaft, and hit the small lever at the bottom, before the multi-tiered part. Dash your way down through the tears and climb up through the barrier to the right before it closes. You should see a blue crystal above you, and a large boulder in the ceiling up to your right. Run down the slope to the right and the boulder will drop down behind you. Jump over the wall midway down the slope and dash under the Stompers as they fall. At the end, climb up the wall behind the Jumper so that the boulder doesn’t crush you, and you’ll unlock Raider Run.

  • Raider Run

    Escape the Boulder in Black Root Burrows

    Raider Run
    1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Use Stomp to crush the boulder so you can get the Spirit Energy orb, and to hammer the post above into the ground to open a barrier above. Jump across the hanging platform above to get Health Cell #10/12. Save at Spirit Well #8/12 to your left, and make sure to drop over the wall to the left for map completion. Go back up to where the spirit well and health cell were, and make your way to the upper-right corner to (finally) place the fragment into Map Stone #5/9. You could have done this earlier, which is why the Spirit Well here is #7 in the video and the one in Lost Grove is #8, instead of the way I have them numbered here.



Our next major stop is Misty Woods. Once again, rather than spend pages and pages typing out a step-by-step, I figure you should know the world well enough to maneuver around and simply follow the annotated maps below to nab the rest of the collectibles available to you at this point in time. You have most of the game’s key abilities now, so just follow along with the maps below (carousel style) and nab these collectibles before advancing to Misty Woods. Make sure to fully explore each area while you’re there, especially watching out for the torches you can ignite using the Light Burst ability to open pathways previously blocked by barriers. If you haven’t 100%-cleared Moon Grotto yet, do that now as well. Use the maps on the Tips/Roadmap/Maps page for everything but the ability cells here. The ability cells are included in the 100% collectibles video if you're struggling to find them. During this section, you should collect the following:

Ability Cells #15-21

Secret Areas #22-23

Energy Cells #8-10

Spirit Well #9

You will unlock Seasoned Explorer upon entering the 23rd Secret Area.


Upon entering Misty Woods, go all the way to your left, past a Ram, a Bird, and several Pink Jellies. Make sure to grab the Spirit Energy orbs along the way. When you reach a bounce pad at the far left, bounce up and us Bash to launch off of the Ground Worms’ projectiles to go up and to the left, holding cn_RT to float on your parachute feather between bashes. Continue to the far left and drop down to find the first Keystone to the left, which will change your surroundings. Go right from here, and jump over the Bird to float down through a spike-lined area. You’ll land on the ground to the right of a Pink Jelly with another Keystone to its left. By now, if following this guide, you have both Triple Jump and Light Burst, either of which can be used to make it up over the branch above the Keystone. You’ll find a hidden area (not a secret area) with Ability Cell #22/33 and unlock the Good Eye achievement.

  • Good Eye

    Find the lost corridor in the Misty Woods

    Good Eye
    2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

Return to the Pink Jelly, grab the Keystone, and continue to the right past two Frogs as things change again. You’ll see a short scene showing the altar below, and need to turn back to the left, as things have changed once more. Pass the two Frogs and a Pink Jelly to see a Ground Worm in the ceiling above. Make sure to bash off one of its projectiles to get the Spirit Energy orb in the upper-left corner for map completion. As you float down through the spikes below it, float over to the right into an alcove to reveal Secret Area #24/45, as well as another Spirit Energy orb. Continue to float down through the spike-lined area, past several more Ground Worms, to land on the ground below with a Frog and Jumper to your left. You can technically do a shortcut here using the Frog’s projectiles, but don’t.

Bash the Frog and Jumper off into the spikes, then launch upward through the hanging lights. Go straight up to the upper-right corner first, for Secret Area #25/45. Continue up through the pathway to the left, bashing off the Pink Jellies rather than climbing the walls so that their shots don’t hit you. Around the left-hand side and down, you’ll reach a small Spirit Tree and get the Wall Climb ability. This allows you to hold cn_RT and latch onto walls, rather than having to repeatedly wall-jump off of them to prevent falling. Go right from the tree, and use your new Wall Climb ability to platform up through the disappearing white platforms. Alternatively, you can toss a Light Burst projectile and bash off of it up to the right, but it isn’t much of a time saver.

Continue right past the Frog and up the next shaft, then right past a Jumper and across more white disappearing platforms to reach the 3rd Keystone of the area. This shifts things once again, so return to the left and down the shaft to find a new area to your right. These lasers are slightly tricky. When you jump while standing on a flat surface, they will change position, but will remain where they are if you use your double/triple jump in mid-air. So make sure the first laser is to your right, and jump toward it. It will change position, forming a platform to land on. Jump toward the next laser and it will disappear, allowing you to land on the ground in the middle. Jump toward the next laser and it will turn to a platform to land on.

This next bit is what kills people. The next laser is already gone, so instead of jumping off your current platform (which would shift it back into a laser in front of you, instant death), just drop off the right side of the platform, then double-jump in mid-air to make it across to the next platform without making the laser reappear in front of you. Continue right up some more vanishing white platforms, past a Jumper, Spider, and Pink Jelly. As you float down through the spike-line area past the Pink Jelly, you’ll pass by a Bird enemy with a hanging light directly beneath it. Fall down to the left of that, but float to the right into an alcove one level below the bird with another hanging light in it. This isn’t a secret area, but it does contain a Spirit Energy orb necessary for 100% map completion.

Bash off the hanging light to the left to float on down through this area and reach a ledge below with two hanging lights to the right. Bash off of them up into Secret Area #26/45 directly upward in the middle of the two of them. Note that this secret area did not increase the tracker % as far as I noticed across multiple gamertags, but better safe than sorry. Drop down, bash off the hanging lights to the right, and off the Ground Worm’s projectile to reach the upper-right corner for the 4th and final Keystone of Misty Woods. Drop back down and bash off the lights to reach the left ledge where you arrived. Another Ground Worm above you will be lobbing projectiles down, so bash upward off one, float with cn_RT until another is fired, and bash up again to continue.

Go upward through the spike-obstacle shaft, right, and up again to reach a Jumer with a Ground Worm up to the right, lobbing projectiles down at you. Bash off the enemy, a projectile, or one of your own to reach that ledge with the Ground Worm. From the rightmost side of this ledge, either bash off the Jumper enemy up here or one of your Light Burst projectiles to reach the ledge across the gap to your right. You should see a barrier to the right blocking a small tunnel, which is opened by lighting a torch above the Ground Worm to the left, but it isn’t necessary for map completion or any secrets. Directly above the spot you landed on to the left of this barrier, however, is Secret Area #27/45, the final one in Misty Woods.

Once you’ve registered this secret, you should be able to jump across from the top of it (the upper ledge above where you landed, above the barrier) to reach the upper-left ledge above that Ground Worm you just passed. You should see a Spider and two Jumpers here, though one Jumper may have suicided over the ledge already. Continue left and kill the two Leaping Worms to open the door to the orb. Upon picking it up, everything will shift, and you will be almost back to the beginning of Misty Woods. Go right from where you pick up the orb, past several Pink Jellies while dodging projectiles from a turret, until you reach the statue (the Shrouded Lantern) to place the orb in and restore/cleanse Misty Woods (lift the haze). This grants you the Gumon Seal, the key to Forlorn Ruins (our next major stop). You’ll also unlock Obtaining Clarity here.

100% Collectibles Guide

Between Misty Woods & Forlorn Ruins

After exiting Misty Woods, drop all the way to the bottom of the Valley of the Wind. In the lower-left corner, you'll find a bunch of Frog enemies as well as a Ram enemy. The bottom-left corner here houses Secret Area #28/45 as well as Map Stone Fragment #6/9. Go directly right from here to the next screen, where you'll be on a ledge with a lever above several Bird enemies. Hit the the lever, then jump/glide across to the right, bashing off the Birds if necessary to stay close to the ceiling. The upper-right here contains Secret Area #29/45 as well as Ability Cell #23/33. Exit this room to the bottom-left to reach the pathway down to Forlorn Ruins.

In the first part of the pathway, you'll see one of the green rolling/exploding enemies (we'll refer to these as Exploders). Launch the first one to the right to break a wall revealing Map Stone Fragment #7/9. Drop down to the left of where the Exploder spawns, and lure it down so you can break open the pathway to the right. Before going down, look up to your left to see an alcove with a torch inside. Stand on the hanging platform and toss a Light Burst projectile in to light the torch, which opens a barrier down below for Ability Cell #24/33.

Drop off the hanging platform and lure one more Exploder down to you. Run down the slop to the right, and use bash to launch the exploder to the breakable wall up to your right, revealing Map Stone #6/9. You should have two fragments, so place one here and hold onto the other for the stone inside Forlorn Ruins. Continue down the path, making sure to grab Ability Cell #24 to the left on your way down (if you used Light Burst to open the barrier by it). Continue on down to the bottom of this area and head left to reach Forlorn Ruins.

Forlorn Ruins

Forlorn Ruins map:

From the start, toss a Light Burst projectile straight up, and jump up to bash off of it to reach Secret Area #30/45 up above you. Go left to get another orb like you did in Black Root Borrows and Misty Woods. This one will protect you from certain (but not all) deadly walls in this dungeon, as well as allowing you to walk up them, on ceilings, etc. Continue on, and when you reach a room with a hanging Spider enemy for the first time, make sure to check the upper-left corner of it for Secret Area #31/45. Just after this, you'll have to go to the left. In the very next room, you'll see a Keystone above you. Rather than taking the 'hard' route by coming back across the ceiling above, you can use a Light Burst projectile tossed upward to bash off of it and reach the Keystone easily.

Continue on and you'll have to navigate a small jumping/gravity puzzle to get another Keystone to the left of a floating block. In the room above, make sure to save at Spirit Well #10/12. Map Stone #7/9 is directly right from here, but you'll fall down onto it momentarily so don't worry about trying to get it now. Just follow the path upward and to the right, passing through several more gravity/jumping puzzles to get the 3rd and 4th Keystones, and you'll drop down onto that Map Stone. Place Fragment #7 into it, then head right and open the door with the four Keystones you've collected.

After passing through this door, you'll go down and place the orb into a pedestal, beginning a short scene. From here, you can reach the exit from the dungeon up to the left, but before that, go to the far upper-right corner (past the two rotating beams of fiery death). Use Stomp to pound the wooden post into the ground to the right of said beams of death to open the way to the upper-right. Continue right and down, past two more death beams, to reach Secret Area #32/45 and Health Cell #11/12 in the bottom-left corner past them.

Make your way back up and to the left, then up to the exit of the dungeon. Press cn_X to listen to Sein and restore the Winds of Nibel, launching you into another escape sequence. Once it's over, you'll unlock Solid Ground before beginning another short escape sequence.

Escape Kuro in this 2nd short sequence, and you'll unlock Fight To Live Another Day.

Sorrow Pass

Sorrow Pass map:

Head straight up from Forlorn Ruins, up the Valley of the Wind (you can ride the air currents now holding cn_RT), to Sorrow Pass. Make sure to stop off and save at Spirit Well #9 in the Valley of the Wind if you missed it before going to Misty Woods earlier. On your way up the first spike-lined shaft as you're entering Sorrow Pass from the valley, look for Secret Area #33/45 to your left, with Ability Cell #25/33 inside it. When you come up into Sorrow Pass proper, go to the right past the first Frog enemy you see to reach large kidney-shaped area of the map.

You'll need to bash off of Bird enemies and falling boulders to make your way up around to the upper area here. Alternatively, you can return here later once you have the Charge Jump ability, entering from the top and floating your way down to the bottom half for 100% map completion. Either way, make sure to get Map Stone Fragment #8/9 and place it in the stone (both are in this area).

Back in the main area, look for an alcove in the ceiling near a pink exploding enemy to find Secret Area #34/45 as well as a Keystone. Go to the bottom-left corner of this area, past two lava jets (insta-kill type), to find a Frog enemy to the right of a breakable ceiling. This is technically a shortcut, but it's an easy one. Just get to the left of the frog, beneath the breakable ceiling, and use Bash do deflect one of its bullets up into the ceiling to open the way forward.

Go up through the opening and to the left, looking for another alcove in the ceiling where you'll get Secret Area #35/45 and find a lever to hit, which opens the barrier to Ability Cell #26/33 up above. As you go up toward that ability cell, look for a hanging torch above some spikes in the horizontal portion. Hitting it with Light Burst will open the barrier to the left in the narrow vertical passage. It's necessary to clear that area for 100% map exploration. You can do it now by bashing upward off one of your Light Burst projectiles, or come back later with Charge Jump. Grab Ability Cell #26 and continue upward.

At the top of the next vertical shaft, where you grab several Keystones and a boulder on your way up through lava jets, look in the upper-left corner for Secret Area #36/45 and Energy Cell #11/15. This spot is an excellent place to get Juggle Master. Just keep bashing downward off the boulder as it sits against the ceiling, riding the wind currents. Hold cn_RT to float back up the current, and bash downward off it again. Rinse and repeat without touching the ground until Juggle Master unlocks.

  • Juggle Master

    Juggle a rock 5 times without it hitting the ground

    Juggle Master
    1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Continue on and you'll wind up back in the main shaft, breaking open the floor to release the winds to the higher area. Floating up into that higher area, you'll be in a room with spikes all around you. Float carefully to the right end of the room to grab two more Keystones. Float back to the left, and you'll have to grab a Keystone in a narrow gap.

Just past two vertical spike walls hanging down from the ceiling, look for a gap in the spikes on the ceiling and float up into it to find Secret Area #37/45 as well as the final Keystone. Float on to the left to reach a door requiring four keystones to open, with a Frog past it. Go to the far left here to receive your final ability of the game, Charge Jump. Use it to continue exploring the path upward, where you'll find Secret Area #38/45 just above a Frog enemy, with Ability Cell #27/33 inside of it. Don't forget to save at Spirit Well #11/12 as you pass by it on the upper-right side.

At the end of this area, you'll break open the floor once more to release the winds upward, and ride them up to the very tip-top of Sorrow Pass. Here, you'll get the Element of Warmth and unlock Top of the World.

Return all the way down to the first main room of Sorrow Pass. Just to the left of where you found Secret Area #34, look for a wall you can break open. You can either bash the nearby exploding pink enemy into it, or just hang off the nearby ledge and use Charge Jump to blast through. Blast through the ceiling inside to obtain Health Cell #12/12 and unlock Master Guardian. Don't forget to explore down to the left from that final Health Cell, where there's another 4-Keystone door, for 100% map completion before leaving the area.

Final Exploration Before Mt Horu

At this point, you have all of your abilities and should have no trouble exploring the remaining parts of the map, so do so now. If you've followed along with this, you should only need to pick up Secret Area #39, Energy Cells #12-14, and Ability Cells #28-33 while cleaning up the remainder of the map. Make sure to keep an eye out for torches that you can light using Light Burst to finish off the map exploration, as these are easily overlooked. Before entering Mt Horu, you should have 100% in all areas, 8/9 Map Stones, 11/12 Spirit Wells, 12/12 Health Cells, 14/15 Energy Cells, and 39/45 Secret Areas. Of course, you can always backtrack after game-completion in this version, so there's no worry of missing anything if you prefer to carry on to Mt Horu and come back later. See the Overworld Maps A&B on the maps page to assist with exploring the overworld.

Mt Horu map:

Upon entering Mt Horu, you'll unlock Into the Fire.

Mt Horu consists of a main area, with a total of eight branches (four on either side) that you must explore to shut off the lava flows, starting with the top and working your way down. That said, use your Charge Jump, Bash, and feather to make your way vertically to the top of the center area. Go into the top-right branch first. We'll be alternating between the Right and Left branches as we work our way down to the bottom of the main area. In the top-right room, you'll first have to make your way past two rapidly-falling platforms with insta-kill spikes on their underside.

Make sure to grab the Spirit Energy orb between these two platforms, then check inside the wall to the left, underneath the 2nd one, for Secret Area #40/45 and Map Stone Fragment #9. Continue to the end of this room. After dropping the boulder to disrupt the lava flow, use Charge Jump to launch up into the ceiling to the right of it for Secret Area #41/45 and Energy Cell #15/15. This last Energy Cell will unlock Powerhouse.

Return the way you came back into the main area, and into the top-left branch. This branch will require you to use a lever on the left side of the room to manipulate horizontally-moving platforms to block lava geysers just long enough for you to slip past them to the upper-left corner of the room. Hammer the post into the ground there to disrupt the lava flow again and exit back out into the main area.

You'll need to float down between the large orange energy-ball enemies in the main shaft here to reach the next branches. Before dropping all the way down, make sure to float into an alcove to the left, just below the first energy-ball enemy here. You'll find Secret Area #42/45 here, as well as Map Stone #9/9 to place the final fragment you obtained in the top-right branch, and unlock World At Your Feet.

Float on down through the shaft, and take the next branch to the right. There are no secret areas in here, just a gamut of orange energy balls whose projectiles you must bash off to reach the upper-right corner. From there, you'll need to float back down to the left, using Bash to deflect their projectiles at them in sequence, destroying all of the enemies on your way down. You must destroy all of them to unlock the door to the lower-left, so it's best to start with the upper-right one and destroy them in turn as you float down to the left.

Exit here and head straight across to the left branch on this level. This room consists of a simple lava-jet puzzle, where you must use the jet to destroy the ground on the lower-right, and push the boulder into that lava pit to distrupt the flow. Alternatively, you can push the boulder over to the destructible ground, and CAREFULLY bash to the left of it, inching your way toward it, until you break the ground without falling into the lava yourself.

Exit the room and drop down to the next left-side branch directly beneath you. You'll have to make your way left while the platforms are knocked out from under you, then bash your way up through a vertical shaft using enemy projectiles. From there, it's a race to the left before the lava jets destroy the platforms, and up again to reach the upper ledge where you'll drop a boulder to disrupt the lava flow again. Once that's done, you'll have to float back down. Make sure to stay as low as you can while floating over the slope of lava, and release cn_RT to drop fast IMMEDIATELY after passing the end of it, before the lava jets swing down and kill you. At the bottom, bash off the enemy projectile and/or the pink exploding enemies to make it back to the right and exit.

Go straight across the center to the right-side branch on this level. Once again, there are no secret areas in this branch. There is, however, a rather tricking Spirit Energy orb in the upper-right corner of the room. When moving a boulder up through a multi-tiered portion so that it blocks the lava flowing from above, you'll have to place said boulder on the very top platform. The only way to get the orb to the left is to bash THROUGH the boulder, aiming diagonally up and to the left, so that you don't knock the boulder out from under the lava. Do the same thing in reverse, bashing diagonally up and to the right, to get back to the other side of it. Continue left underneath the boulder and pass a big Blob enemy to reach the spot where you disrupt the lava flow.

Exit that branch and go into the final right-side branch, on the bottom-right of the main area. This branch has Secret Areas #43 & 44 in it. Progress through the room until you disrupt the lava flow. From this upper corner where you're standing after disrupting the lava, jump across the gap to your left to the upper-left corner from where you are to reach Secret Area #43/45. From here, drop all the way down to the bottom of the room, to a room/alcove beneath the platform where you entered this branch, to find Secret Area #44/45.

Exit the final right-side branch and head to the far left to enter the final branch there. There are no secret areas here, but this is a two-part room. First, you'll need to bash across hanging lights to make your way to the far-left side of the room. Hammer the post into the ground here to start a lava flow, then quickly make your way back to the right, across the hanging lights, to where you entered. After the lava subsides, go down to the lower level in this room and across to the left again, past a spinning lava geyser (one-hit kill). Hammer the post into the ground here as well, then cross back to the right (either under or over that spinning lava geyser, depending on how you're comfortable) and exit.

Now that all the branches have been cleared, return to the right side of the main area and drop down to the bottom to find a couple of the Exploder enemies, as well as Spirit Well #12/12. Save at it to unlock Safe and Sound.

Return to the left side of the main area and drop down to the bottom. Kill the jumping Ground Worm here to open the door at the bottom and drop through. To the left, there's a door that leads to the final escape. Before going there, go to the right side of this very bottom area and look in the upper-right ceiling for Secret Area #45/45. Assuming you've gotten the previous 44, you'll unlock No Stone Unturned.

Head to the left and face Kuro one last time for the final escape. You should unlock Rekindle when it starts, but sometimes the unlock is delayed until after the chase. After the escape is over, you'll unlock Love and The Journey Ends.

Assuming you took my advice and didn't spend any skill points during your first playthrough on Easy difficulty, you'll unlock Elite here. If you finished in under 3 hours, you'll get Supersonic as well. If not, just get Supersonic during your Hard mode playthrough.

  • Elite

    Complete the whole game without using an Ability Point

    Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerStackableMissable

Once you've completed the game, reload your save and mop up any remaining map exploration. Now that you've (presumably) unlocked Elite, you can go ahead and use all those handy ability points to max out the tree. If you've collected all the smaller Spirit Energy orbs around the map, which are necessary for 100% map completion, and collected all 33 Ability Cells, you should have more than enough to unlock every upgrade on the entire tree. This will net you Choices Choices for the first one spent, as well as the other four upgrade achievements.

  • Soul Master

    Earn all Efficiency Skills in the Ability Tree

    Soul Master
    1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerShop

  • Phenom

    Earn all skills in the Ability Tree

    3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerShop

Once you reach 100% map completion in all areas, including nabbing any of those pesky Spirit Energy orbs (several are easy to overlook in Mt Horu), you'll unlock Master of the Forest. Don't forget to check the places I marked with red circles on the maps if you're stuck at 99% in an area. Here's a 2.5 hour speedrun that would net Master of the Forest and Supersonic both in one go, for those that may desire a step by step in video form.

Hard Mode Playthrough

Run back through the game on Hard mode. If you missed Supersonic on your first run, you can easily get that here now that you're familiar with things. You'll unlock Formidable for defeating Hard mode.

  • Formidable

    Complete the game on Hard Difficulty

    1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain StorylineDifficulty SpecificStackable

One Life Playthrough

Completing One Life mode will unlock both Immortal and Unhinged. This mode resets you back to the beginning if you die, but can be cheesed by playing offline and only reconnecting to live to resync your save after you've made progress. If you die while playing offline, delete both your player data file AND THE RESERVED SPACE to ensure the achievement unlocks. While this seems to have been finnicky for some folks, it has been confirmed to work. I tested it myself with my wife's WifeExpectancy gamertag.

  • Immortal

    Complete whole game without dying

    1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerStackableMissable

  • Unhinged

    Complete the game on One Life Difficulty

    2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain StorylineDifficulty SpecificStackable


The following achievements are all obtainable numerous places. You'll likely have unlocked most (if not all) of them after finishing your three playthroughs. For any you haven't, you can grind them out wherever you wish. For the Charge Jump (hold cn_LT, hit cn_A) and Charge Dash (hold cn_LT, hit cn_RB) achievements, you don't have to kill five enemies at once. One at a time is fine.

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