Start the game by pressing start. Read and accept the Privacy Policy which will activate your online pass. A few button clicks later you'll be at the main menu. Bulletstorm has three game modes: Campaign, Echoes and Multiplayer (Anarchy).

Campaign comes with 5 difficulty levels: Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard and Very Hard. To complete the campaign you have to navigate the Prologue and Acts 1-7. The campaign comes with 35 achievements and 600 Gamerscore. Most achievements are story-related and can not be missed. The difficulty achievements are stackable. You can finish the campaign in one playthrough, and then revisit some levels to mop up some of the missed achievements.

Echoes Mode requires you to play through several levels within a certain time limit while meeting a quota of skill points. Choosing the right weapons and making those skillshots is key for this. Echoes Mode comes with 10 achievements for 170 Gamerscore.

Anarchy Mode is similar to Horde in Gears of War. You have to beat up to 20 waves of enemies. Killing will gain you skill points. Your final goal will be to achieve level 30. Anarchy Mode comes with 11 achievements for 230 Gamerscore.

1) Get to know the levels. This makes it easier to decide on which weapon to upgrade and whether or not to buy ammunition or charges. The game awards your quick reflexes in observing critical events. Be ready for those. 500 skillpoints is a nice reward just for holding LT. Collectibles yield credits. Kill them if you see a Newsbot or an Electroflies swarm. Drink or shoot the bottles of Nom.

2) Go for the skillshots. New skillshots give you five times more credits.

Some skillshots are stackable. Some examples: Killing enemies which are on fire adds afterburner points. Killing enemies affected by puffball gas adds antidote points. Killing enemies after drinking nom juice adds intoxicated points. Killing enemies while affected by puffball gas yourself adds toxic love points.

Some skillshots have a multiplier equal to the number of enemies affected. The charged shots of Peacemaker Carbine, Boneduster, Penetrator and Flail Gun can decimate long lines of enemies.

3) Your credits are limited. Do not try to buy and upgrade every weapon in the game. You don't get enough credits to do this. This also means you have to think about how much you want to upgrade your weapon. If you only ever use two charges then you don't want to upgrade your charge magazine fully. If you rarely use the primary fire then you shouldn't upgrade the magazine capacity.

To help in upgrade decisions I have included my choices below.

Weapon hints and tips.

1. Upgrade your Peacemaker Carbine (PMC). Try to get 2 or 3 charges before you meet the first miniboss at the train-entrance in Act 1 - Chapter 2.

2. Upgrade your Leash. Using your leash does not cost ammo. Use the charged leash for crowds of enemies or to stun bosses.

3. Do not upgrade the Screamer. I never buy ammo for this weapon and certainly no upgrades during the campaign. This weapon can be very convenient during echoes, however. This weapon sets enemies on fire and killing them will give you more skillshot-points.

4. Only upgrade the Flail Gun magazine. I find this weapon very useful, but I found little use for the charged shots during the campaign.

5. Only upgrade the Boneduster charges. Basically I only used this weapon in Act 6 - Chapter 2 to protect the elevator from the critters. Sometimes I use the charged shot to take out an Electroflies swarm. You only have to hit one fly to exterminate the entire swarm.

6. Fully upgrade the Headhunter. This was my favorite weapon. You can never have enough ammo and charges for this gun!

7. Do not upgrade the Bouncer. This is my least favorite weapon and almost never use it.

8. Only upgrade the Penetrator magazine. I found little use for the secondary fire. Upgrading costs more then the possible skillshot rewards because you get this weapon rather late in the game.

The above text is my personal preference. There are other schools of thought you might want to consider. Below are the tips of my co-editor Zombie Deej.

~ Arguably the cheapest weapon to maintain
~ Primary fire boasts incredible stopping power - Aim for the face.
~ Charged shots can ignite/destroy groups of enemies in any formation.
~ This weapon is your savings account! While using it, you gather PMC ammunition and proper use* makes every bullet a profit.
~ Love the Penetrator? Charged Screamer shots are just as (maybe more) effective!
~ Great against Minibosses - possibly the cheapest method of disposing of them.
~ From Act 5 onwards, stop buying/using primary ammunition, carry it charged as a sidearm rocket launcher.

~Ignite groups with Charged shots, finish with Primary Screamer/PMC rounds.

Crouching. Pressing down on the cn_LS will activate crouching. Default setting for "crouch on toggle" is OFF. Change that to ON. Otherwise you have to hold the crouch button, aim the gun and press the fire button simultaneously. While this is not impossible it does add some difficulty. To access the controls press start during gameplay and go to the controls menu item.

Running. Hold down cn_A to run.

Sliding. Double-tap cn_A for sliding. Sliding is often the quickest. You can slide horizontally, downwards and upwards. On some ramps it is not possible to slide. If you slide into kickable objects or enemies then they will be kicked.

Action. For pressing buttons and such. Simply press cn_X.

Aiming. By holding cn_LT you can aim your gun.

Shooting. Like in many other games this is done by pressing cn_RT

Charging. Your weapon that is. Pressing cn_RB will charge your weapon.

Pause. Press cn_start to pause the game.

Leash. Press cn_LB to use the leash.

Kicking. Pressing cn_B will make your character kick. As mentioned before also double tapping cn_A will do a kick action.

Skillshot Database. Database is accessed by pressing the cn_back button.

Skipping. Cutscenes can be skipped sometimes by pressing the cn_back button.

Before you start the campaign you have to decide on which difficulty to play. For this version of the game, I would recommend playing through on Easy for your first playthrough. Then, play through the campaign on Very Hard. Most difficulties come with an achievement. These achievements are stackable so only 2 playthroughs are needed.

While playing the game keep the collectible achievements in mind. There are several collectible achievements related to the skillshots you can make. Kill with skill and keep an eye on the in-game database to monitor your progress. These will be listed approximately below, as it is difficult to determine when you will reach each milestone, especially if you play Echoes mode first.

There are two collectible achievements related to the Electrofly swarms. To make things easier I have added a numbering in the walkthrough. Every swarm will be numbered with (S...). In addition you can check "Chapter Select" from the main menu to see how many swarms you exterminated in any chapter.

There are two collectible achievements related to the Newsbots. To make things easier I have added a numbering in the walkthrough. Every Newsbot will be numbered with (N...). In addition you can check "Chapter Select" from the main menu to see how many swarms you malfunctioned in any chapter.


Chapter 1: On the Road to Hell

We start off aboard a spaceship. Interrogating a bounty hunter is a nice start to the game. It gives us the opportunity to learn some controls like looking, aiming, shooting and kicking. Once the bounty hunter is disposed of we make our way to the bridge of the spaceship, and we learn the controls for walking, running and action. Next we get a spacefight with a cruiser. Even if we don't fire the guns the cruiser will go down. Tells you how crappy it was built. Unfortunately our own vessel will also go down.

Flashback to a couple of years earlier during an assassination. During this we can test our kicking and shooting skills on the security guards. Since this is a flashback there is not much we can do about the outcome.

Not sure if the headshots during the flashback count towards the pointless achievement. However, if you make headshots as of this point then you will get this achievement:

  • Pointless

    Execute at least 10 Headshots before you find the first DropKit

    4 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Back on the spaceship we find out about Ishi's condition. We have to accompany him to the medstation. There we get our assignment of finding power cells. We can acquire those from the escape capsules from the cruiser.

We leave the ship, and while doing so we have to repel some boarders. Again we can use our kicking skill to save ammo. While leaving the ship we can practice the sliding. Outside we have to take care of some enemies. Two of those have guns and this would be the first time we have to shoot. Try to go for headshots. Next we get a cutscene of a final echo elite. After the cutscene he doesn't need his leash anymore, so grab it. Our mate gets the power cells and we make our way back into the ship. Needless to say there will be some enemies to practice our Leash skills.

Back inside the spaceship we meet no more resistance. The doc is going to take care of Ishi. We will have to wait outside the medbay. The story will only progress if we look inside the medbay through the window. More boarders, inside medbay, outside medbay. [rhyme]Kicking them into the electrical wiring. Is very satisfying.[/rhyme] Take care of the enemies and we get the final cutscene for this chapter.


Chapter 1: Just Like the Old Days

Outside we learn about environmental hazards, Ishi calls them volatile components. The red barrels are explosive and can be detonated in a variety of ways. Shooting the barrels and kicking them into enemies is what the game teaches us. We cross a skeletal bridge despite the pain. We approach a closed gate. In front of the gate is a dropkit. By now you should have gotten the Pointless achievement. We use the leash on the dropkit to get an achievement.

  • Patched Up

    Receive a software update for your Leash

    Patched Up
    3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Enemies approach from the other side of the gate. Shoot the red barrels behind them to take several out. Leash the others into the gate for some voodoo doll skillpoints. You should get enough points to buy something from the dropkit. I usually save my points until I have enough to upgrade the PMC and buy some charges for it.

We move through the cave and get some more attackers. Kicking them into the cacti and leashing them into the metalwork yields us some more points. Then we can take some enemies out by kicking two red barrels at them. The barricaded enemies can be taken out by shooting the barrels suspended above them. The enemies on top of the wall get the same treatment. The gate opens and we can practice some more skillshots: bullet kick, bullet slide, headshot and graffiti.

Once we clear the yard we climb the stairs to go to the other side of the facility. Beware the critical event showing the exit and the four more enemies until we reach the elevator.

Chapter 2: Last Train from Explosion Town

Slide down the ramp to surprise the birthday bear who is polluting the water. Three more enemies until the next door. Enter the chopper hangar and ready for a critical event. Take out two choppers by using the leash (saves ammo). Then there are four enemies on the walkway above. Pulling them through the walkway will produce a voodoo doll. Make sure to kill the last one while there is a crate between you and the hangar door. A chopper will enter and trigger a critical event. If you're not in cover then you will be shot during the critical event. Having cover will ensure you get the full 500 points for the event. Take out the chopper by using the leash. Shooting the pilot before he hits the ground will give you the parashooter killshot. Outside the hangar is a dropkit. I use this one to upgrade my PMC and get three charges in it.

Down the ramp and find out your enemies are afraid of heights, most of them have vertigo. When you approach the elevator another chopper will appear. There is a niche behind the elevator with an ammopack. The niche also gives you nice cover while you take your time to take out the chopper. We ride the elevator downwards and find out about Ishi's funny side (murderholes). Kill one enemy and let the others run away. This gives us more ingredients for our pancake recipe. Take out all the enemies inside the shack. When we leave the shack we see some enemies on the other side of a gap. By shooting their red barrels we take them all out and produce some flak to take down the chopper.

Cross the gap and go through the shack, up the ramp and leash the turret gunner. He has vertigo as do his two friends. Take the turret and take down the FIVE choppers. Ishi takes down the barricades and we get to kill two more enemies. Press the button and take out the next four enemies. While we wait for the elevator to go down we can take out some more enemies. When we're down we can make another pancake and shock another three enemies. Ishi's dinnertime is a critical event.

Ishi overloads the facility and we leave the generator room. We cross a gap and can leash an enemy out of harm's way. Unfortunately he overshoots us and finds out about his vertigo. Next we have the train station with lots of opportunity for skillshots. There are barrels in the air, electrical wiring and no railing to prevent from falling off the platform. Once we have cleared the platform the first miniboss makes his entrance, time to use those charged shots. When the miniboss is down pick up his turret. A last wave of enemies tries to reach the train so use the minigun full throttle and it's amazing how many headshots you can get with this weapon. For fun shoot some of the suspended barrels. You'll soon see a cutscene and start the train.

Our train is a go and nobody stops the Cole train. First we get chased by about 5 or 6 cars but luckily the game gives us infinite ammo for the minigun. After we have taken the cars out move towards the front of the train. On the left side of the train there are some benches. Crouch behind those benches and take out the pursuing train car. This is where you find out how easy it is to have crouch on click set to ON. When the train car is dealt with the choppers will appear. Leash or shoot every single one of them without leaving cover. Next up is a banshee which will fire two ground-torpedoes. Target and shoot those torpedoes. You will have to leave cover for this but luckily torpedoes don't shoot back. Run back to cover and face forward. Shoot the red tanks along the railroad while ignoring the remaining choppers. The second traincar appearing is a critical event. Deal with the traincar and we discover another critical event when the grindwheel comes back. Ishi tries to use the brakes which is another critical event.

Chapter 3: Whatever It Is, It's Pissed

We leave the train and find another dropkit. At this point I was able to fully upgrade the PMC. I also bought some new charges. Follow the path and take out the new enemies. They are to quick to be leashed. Shoot them and then leash them. We let ourselves be shot before we kill them to add blind fire to our database. One of the new enemies hands us his Screamer. Kicking some enemies in the river below will provide fishfood. Around here you should have unlocked:

  • Wannabe

    Perform 10 different Single Player Skillshots

    1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Then we get another critical event when we see the damaged chopper land on a rock. Start walking into the cave.

Inside the cave we immediately spot the exit with a critical event. Onwards we see a critical event, a terrible dead body once we cross a chasm. While falling down we see some giant eggs. Only way out of this is through the eggs. After we kick about five eggs we see the road splits up. No matter which way we pursue it will always be a dead end. Then we have to backtrack and take the other route. If we're unsure about whether we can clear the other route quick enough then we can kick two eggs in one route. Then two eggs in the other route. Continue this until we find out we're at a dead end. Keep running before the baddy catches up to us. Outside the cave we find the damaged chopper we saw earlier. Ishi can fix it quickly and off we fly. While flying we can shoot the train we left earlier. The train lands on the neck of the Hekaton.


Chapter 1: Damsel in Distress

Our chopper crashed and we have to leg it. Along the way we find another dropkit. Down the road we go until we end up at a crashed monorail. Beyond the monorail we find a stick with a skull which is another critical event. We take a left at the skull to find four more enemies. What are they doing here at this high place when they all have vertigo? Down we go to the town.

We have one enemy who is slow enough to leash across the pond, try to leash him into the glowing blue flies for a skillshot. The others we have to take down with kicking and then leashing. The fish in that pond get a four-course dinner. Over the pond is our first Electrofly swarm (S1). Exterminating one fly gives us points. Doing the entire swarm yields 500 skill points for being such a good exterminator. When we leave the pond we run into our first Newsbot (N1) to destroy. Next we find a plaza with some enemies, so try to make the most of the hot-dog cart. Discovering the Retro-disco is a critical event. Before we enter the disco make sure to have some charged shots for the upcoming boss battle. When we enter the disco you'll see two bottles on your right. You can either drink or destroy them. Once you make your choice, restart and do the opposite. After 20 restarts, you'll have unlocked:

  • Straight Edge

    Destroy at least 20 bottles of Nom Juice in the Single Player Campaign

    Straight Edge
    5 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

  • Space Pirate

    Drink at least 20 bottles of Nom Juice in the Single Player Campaign

    Space Pirate
    4 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

20 restarts later we find ourselves with a decision to make. To drink or not to drink? Shooting the bottles yields 400 skillpoints. Drinking them yields 200 skill points and the opportunity to add intoxicated to our skillshots. After killing the boss and his two minions the exit of the disco opens and new enemies enter. Simply leash all of them into the electrical pole. With little effort this will give us an achievement.

  • Disco Inferno

    Kill all enemies without leaving the dance floor in the city outskirts

    Disco Inferno
    3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

We leave the disco and see some enemies on the wall opposite the disco. Explode their red barrels by shooting between the two cacti. One or two might survive. Leash them into a cactus. The door to the yard opens and three more enemies come in, use the fastfood cart wisely. Once we exit the yard we turn left to see another Electrofly swarm (S2) waiting to be exterminated.

On we go to a closed door, we operate the lever. Replenish our charged shots and ammo. Down the stairs and round a few corners then take out the enemies in this room. Operate the lever to get access to a court. A container with 4 enemies is lowered. When they are disposed of we are introduced to new enemies. They wear explosive corsets and use flailguns. One of them will drop a flailgun for us to pick up. Onto the next building. Ishi will open the door for us. Inside is another Newsbot (N2) for easy points. Once we're outside again we find a dropkit. We use this one to unlock the re-arming of the flailgun. I immediately upgraded the ammo capacity and bought full ammo. Through the ruined building and we hear somebody shout. Before we kick in the door go to the wall left of the kickable door, from this location we can take out the enemies beyond that door.

On the roof there are four enemies who we can leash into the fans giving us the sucker skillshot. To the right of the roof there are two enemies on a balcony. On the other side of the roof there is a heavy gunner. Take that gunner out by shooting the barrels behind him. To the right of the heavy gunner there are two enemies on another balcony. Down the stairs inside the building. At the second set of stairs there are three enemies rushing towards us. Kick them into the electrical wiring above the stairs. Outside above the dropkit is another swarm of Electrofly (S3). Turn the corner and discovering the escape capsule is a critical event.

Up the stairs, through the building and we find our damsel in distress. On we go after the short scene. The next enemies give us opportunity to test the flail gun. Sadist, grenade gag, smart mine and other fun killshots, the hardest deal with slicing an enemy in half by wrapping a charged shot around a pole or pillar. Inside the building and up a ladder we see an enemy coming to us via a vine. Our turn to travel the vine comes up, unfortunately there is an enemy waiting on the other side. No doubt he wants to give us the same treatment we just gave his friend. We kick him into the rebar and go down the ladder. Once outside we have a unique opportunity. There is a Newsbot (N3) AND an Electrofly swarm (S4). If you time it right you can explode the Newsbot near the swarm and kill two enemies simultaneously.. At this point I could use the dropkit to upgrade my leash with the Thumper.

On to the next building,in there is a hot dog cart which I use to block the enemies trying to rush us. A few flails later the building is clear and we can go outside. Outside we can lower a bridge and get rushed by some explosive enemies. Then we see the damsel again and she is on the other side of a bridge. She sabotages that bridge which is a critical event. Now we have to find another route. Finding that other route is another critical event. Ishi shoots the orb and we leash it. Next we have to take out some enemies and a miniboss. Now that you have some better firepower, see which skillshots you need to perform on the miniboss and practice them. Shooting his exposed ass, leashing his head, kicking his head, and decapitating him with a headshot are amongst them. When they are dealt with there are about 8 enemies coming out of the monster dome. When you face the monster dome you can see an Electrofly swarm (S5) near the top right of the entrance. Entering the terror dome concludes this chapter.

Chapter 2: Worst Family Fun Vacation Ever

Inside the Terrordome please take some time to admire the pictures on the wall, they are like those 3D-picture cards. Use the dropkit to purchase the Boneduster, I only bought some ammo for this gun because it starts out with 4 bullets out of 20.

Discovering the missing mechaton is a critical event. Take out the nearby Newsbot (N4) and jump down into the miniature city. Proceed to kill any resistance you meet, then open the gate right before the appearance of the mission monster robot. His appearance is a critical event which we handle by pressing cn_X. Follow the underground corridor. Turn left at the end and use the leash to open the door before going up the ladder.

The next bunch of enemies we can use to test Boneduster, splatterpunk and legless are some fun skillshots. Go over the railing and some enemies come rushing down the stairs. Onwards and we are again face to face with the monster robot. Finding out his controller isn't working properly is a critical event which we can resolve by pressing RT. Now we are in control. Bash the door, shoot the two targets and bash the exit door. Now we can have some fun with the robot's guns. Be sure to get the full throttle skillshot while we stay safely in cover. At this location it is also easy to get the mass extinction skillshot. Around here you may unlock:

  • Somebody

    Perform 25% of the Single Player Skillshots

    1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Once all enemies are down you have to wait a few seconds for the next critical event. You see the bus ... now shove it. Moving onwards take out the enemies on the viaduct-like wall. Three choppers will appear which you have to prioritize. Once they and the wall are down a vehicle will appear and park right in front of your new robot-friend. Seems to me they behave like a sitting duck, parking right in front of the giant robot.

Once the vehicle is shot you can jump down and do some more shooting on the enemy to your left. Then run to the building on the right. There is a hole in the wall which allows you entrance to the building. From this safe spot you can proceed to eliminate any and all resistance. Beware of enemies on balconies, enemies in choppers and enemies on the floor. Once you clear the plaza and move on some enemies will appear on the right. Quickly foot it back to your hiding spot once you kill them, since one more enemy on a balcony and a critical event occurs. Turn your robot around and take out the cowards attacking your back. Prioritize the two choppers, then the rocket launchers. Another critical event when more enemies appear on the balconies. This time your robot will actually destroy the balconies and you will be prompted to bash the exit gate. When your robot exits the gate he falls into a pit which is a critical event. Now we find out the true name of our robot friend is "Waggleton P. Tallylicker". You will unlock:

Walk around the pit and descend to end this chapter.


Chapter 1: One Sniper Means a Dozen

Rush through these caves, there will be one critical event while down here. Exit the caves by means of a waterslide. Once outside there is a very nice panorama of a giant dam and beautiful colorful nature. People should build a resort here.

Proceed until you find a dropkit, behind the rock with the dropkit there is an Electrofly swarm (S6). Exterminate the swarm before proceeding to the elevator. Go up with the elevator and be ready to meet some new enemies who are too quick to be leashed or kicked. Lucky for us they are not too quick to avoid a sliding. Leave the house and there are some more of these enemies. Once they are dealt with it is time to meet even more new enemies. Discovering them is a critical event. Also these enemies are too quick for kicking or leashing. These enemies have sniper rifles called Headhunters. Luckily there is a sniper rifle ready for us to use as well. Once the enemy on the balustrade are taken care of we can give some attention to the Newsbot (N5) near the waterfront.

Ishi has opened another door for us. We move through the building to find a dropkit near the exit. At this point I fully upgraded the ammo magazine of the Headhunter. I didn't buy ammo because there is an ammo pack nearby. Outside the house we immediately find out there are more snipers. After we take care of three snipers we can proceed to the tower in the water. When we reach this tower we find out about the other snipers across the water. Take them out and proceed to the second tower. Some enemies appear on the walkway to the shore and more enemies attack from inside the building. All of them turn out to be hotshots or fishfood. Inside the house we find out they were guarding ... a Newsbot (N6). The second house is clear and we can safely navigate it to the dropkit at the exit that Ishi opens.

Another harbor area with lots of opportunity for skillshots. Once we clear the peer there are some enemies in a house with a rather low roof. Time to give the thumper a try and procure the flyswatter skillshot. Around here I got:

  • Big Cheese

    Perform 50% of the Single Player Skillshots

    Big Cheese
    1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Next Ishi will open a door through which one lonely enemy enters the picture. After we waste him Ishi informs us there is no time to lose, but we won't be hastened by him! At the end of the peer there is an Electrofly swarm (S7). To save ammo kick a red barrel towards the swarm and explode it. Time to follow Ishi inside the building and towards the elevator. At the bottom floor when we exit the elevator there is a dropkit. I upgrade the charge shot of my Headhunter.

The next bunch of enemies are a joy to take down. Not only is there a Newsbot (N7) which we can use to take them down, there is also an Electrofly swarm (S8). I used my flailgun and kicked one of them into the swarm. Go through the gory kitchen and into another elevator, going a few floors up to end the chapter.

Chapter 2: A Dam Fine Mess

Trapped! Shoot enemies on the balustrade one level above. After some time a wall will blow and three more enemies enter the building. Shoot them and go outside. Go down to the bridge and lower it, some more enemies show up on the other side of the bridge. This is a nice opportunity for floater skillshot; With a charged Headhunter shot you can target one of the enemies on the first floor, then guide that enemy into the Electrofly swarm (S9) on the right side of the building. Proceed to the first floor of the next building. Ishi informs us there is not much time left, so we follow him quickly. Pull the lever, leap the barricade, kick the next barricade, descend the stairs, pull yet another lever and be ready for the upcoming critical event.

Take out the four enemies on your walkway and use the elevator to go down. Time to toast some enemies in those blast furnaces. If things heat up a little bit you might consider using the thumper. Finally we get to meet and greet Trishka.

Trishka is very helpful. She starts with opening a couple of doors for us and giving us some gang info. We follow her and end up outside the building. It looks a bit like a warzone. Let's start with taking out the sniper in front of us and confiscating his Headhunter ammo. To our right there is a Newsbot (N8) hiding behind the corner. Some enemies will try to charge us but they didn't count on that exploding Newsbot. On to clear the plaza of gang related activities. Behind the crashed burning ship in the middle there is a Newsbot (N9). Before we leave the plaza we have to take care of the Electrofly swarm (S10) to the left of the exit. This will pop:

  • Insecticide

    Destroy 50% of the Electroflies in the Single Player Campaign

    4 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

We enter the building and navigate the corridor to another outside location. We descend the stair while taking care of our enemies. Lucky for us they all suffer from vertigo. Once we're down the stairs we can proceed to the elevator. Inside the elevator is a Newsbot (N10) on it's side. Poor thing can't move anymore. We have to put it out of it's misery before using the elevator.

Another corridor to navigate and we end up at the giant generator wheels. Once we are past the first wheel our way is blocked. We use the leash on the magnetodynamic generator to have a makeshift bridge. While we're so close to the wheel we have a nice opportunity for the grinder skillshot, so leash or kick nearby enemies into the gears. All the water also gives an opportunity for the floater and fishfood skillshots. We proceed until our route is blocked again, but we know how to handle this. We use the leash on the magnetodynamic generator and again Trishka disagrees with the wisdom of our decision. Now DO NOT rush down the stairs. Sometimes Trishka isn't following because she is occupied by an enemy who is way ahead of us. Take him out and make sure she is following us. Assuming she is following us we can proceed to kill the enemies on the other side of the waterwheel. Keep killing until the platform starts to buckle. Now watch Trishka as she is performing a critical event then follow her downwards. Once we are down on the raft there will be four choppers giving us chase. This chapter ends with the giant wave coming at us.


Chapter 1: The Only Way Through

The giant wave hit us, we're washed up, and apparently the whole affair was rather shitty. We leave the river and go up the stairs. We move along the street until we're at a chasm and with our usual flair we make a little bridge. At this point Trishka says "It is crazy how stupid you are".

We proceed along the street and get to play with these plants that have big, balloon-like seeds. Kicking the seeds towards our enemies opens up possibilities for several skillshots such as leak and nominated. Moving further along we reach a bridge where we can have a sniper fight. We cross the bridge and turn left, the building ahead is blocked by a car. Ishi tears the door off, and we can crouch into building. Inside a Newsbot (N11) awaits us. We use our leash to make a path through the building and we end up on another street. Turn left and keep an eye out for the Electrofly swarm (S11) on your left. There is a critical event showing an enemy being eaten by a plant. One shot with our leash takes care of the plant. Then we give the door to the left of the plant the same treatment. We enter the monorail cart and go through it. On the other side we use the cables to cross the giant gap. On the other side awaits another firefight with four enemies. After the fight there is a cutscene.

We proceed down the street where Trishka gives us a riddle. Solving the riddle involves the giant globe near the top of the street, leash it down to get:

We enter the newly created entrance, to our left there is a tent and inside the tent is a Newsbot (N12). Outside the tent is a dropkit. There is a boss fight coming up, so you might want to prepare now. Next we enter the building opposite of the tent, leaving it through the window. In this area three enemies will show up. When we're done we round the corner to meet some more enemies to play with. Up the stairs we see a big building with a large field in front of it, approaching the the door will spawn the miniboss. His entrance will be a critical event so be ready. I normally like to kick some of the red balls in front of the door before I make him spawn. After killing the miniboss we see a dark corridor, enter to close this chapter.

Chapter 2: Maneaters Prefer Tight Spots

We navigate the corridor and operate the lever to open the door. Ishi notices a bulb with a strange biological composition. He shoots it, and we get to see a critical event. Trishka calls it psychotropic disassociates, we call it an anti-peace pipe. We go through one room and enter another room. This room has another of those bulbs so it's time to introduce our enemies to the anti-peace pipe. Killing the affected enemies generates the antidote skillshot. Next it is time for Ishi to take point. He opens the door for us, and before we know it we hear him scream. We rush up the stairs and see Ishi being eaten by a gigantic plant. Naturally this is a critical event. Once he is absorbed the plant retracts into the ground, and we can enter the area. After some discussion we follow the botanist girl in pursuit of Ishi.

In this chapter there will be a lot of flytraps and Nom parasites. Try to get this achievement:

Once we leave the building there are three enemies near a hotdog cart. After those enemies we can find an Electrofly swarm (S12) above a planter. Then we descend the stairs while taking out the enemies. Keep an eye out for the Electrofly swarm (S13) on the left of the stairs. Try to take the enemies out while shooting the bulbs and don't forget to feed the plants with the red bulbs because it gives them bad indigestion. Feeding an enemy to the plants is not a bad idea either. At some point you will reach a semicircular area, to the left of that area there is a Newsbot (N13). Proceeding from this area we end up in another semicircular area with another Newsbot (N14) and:

Suddenly we hear a helicopter approaching. It is an enemy helicopter and it is kind enough to blast an opening to the next area. Use the Headhunter to fire off a charged shot at the helicopter gunner, getting the bullet close to the gunner before detonating it to unlock:

  • Chop-Chopper

    Kill the enemy inside the airborne helicopter in the park

    8 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

We start clearing the newly unlocked area and suddenly we see the helicopter being pulled down by three plants. Once we progress into this area a miniboss will appear. Once he is taken care of four plantmen will appear on the opposite side of the pond, which means they are fishfood. Move on to the next area where a large staircase awaits. Ears open for the Newsbot (N15) on the left of the stairs . Midway up the stairs is a nice opportunity for lots of skillpoints. and there is an Electrofly swarm (S14) with some enemies nearby. I usually use a charged Headhunter shot. I lift the victim into the air near the swarm and let him retire early together with his friends and the swarm.

On top of the stairs we can enter the building. The first room has a large, round planter with only three maneating plants in this room and two more plants when we leave this room. Almost all plants drop flail guns. It is like the game is trying to tell us something. After the last two plants we turn right to find an Electrofly swarm (S15). In the next area we get a real bossfight, and the opportunity to get an achievement. The uprising of the hypermutated flytrap is a critical event. Use charged flail gun shots to hit the large bulbs at the bottom until they're destroyed. Stick to the outside of the arena, avoiding being sucked up too close to the plant. Keep unloading your flails on the glowing weak points until the plant is destroyed for:

Chapter 3: Itchin' to Crumble

We follow Trishka to the entrance of the Cliffside Hotel. To the right of the entrance is an Electrofly swarm (S16). We enter the hotel, go through two large rooms, one corridor, and we exit the hotel through the side. There we see some skulls which is a critical event. We enter the hotel again through another hole in the wall. Before we take the slide downwards have a look in the room to our left, there is a Newsbot (N16) in there. Sliding down is a lot of fun. Once down we wait for Ishi to join us. Ishi will take a part of the wall out and this enables us to proceed. In the next room are two enemies, and the one opportunity for the Ding Dong skillshot. We climb the barricade and go down the ramp. At the bottom one enemy will turn the corner. In front of us is a wall with a lot of naked rebar, here we can add quite some voodoo dolls to our collections. In the next area is a turretgunner and a plantman, after we take these two out it is time to proceed to the horizontal elevator. At the elevator we can tenderize the enemies by pressing the button. This clears the elevator shaft, and we can go through it, next there is a small ramp we descend. We turn left and fall through some doors. Down there we see a Newsbot (N17). We go to the end of this hallway and round the corner. Midway through the next hallway there is some electrical wiring which we want to slide under.

Four enemies in the next room, so crouch and make your way out. Once we leave this crawlway we have to kick an obstacle before we can take out the next three rooms with enemies. After these three rooms we get a large, open area with lots of enemies. Most of them suffer from vertigo, our exit is again a chute downwards, then we have to navigate a corridor. This corridor ends at a glass pane which we have to cross. Building supports are buckling, but we still have time to take out the enemies we encounter. This is quite shocking for the enemies we encounter in a bathroom. Next we have to take out some enemies in a large, open area. This area is followed by an upward ramp which takes us to an area for a boss fight. The boss goes down quickly, and we enter the building behind him, then kick through some walls, and now the building is really starting to crumble. We have to navigate the building quickly while making sure to kill every enemy along the way. Run for the horizontal elevator and hit the button, if you killed all the enemies and you are in the elevator this achievement should pop up:

Because the elevator is too slow we have to shoot some canisters. Shooting these canisters is a critical event resolved by pressing cn_RT. This will launch the elevator into another building.


Chapter 1: Crash Resistant

While moving to the exit of the building we encounter a Newsbot (N18). We exit the building and move into the elevator. Outside the elevator we turn left, and take out the enemies on the bridge. On the other side of the bridge is a helicopter who dropped off a miniboss. Once we clear the bridge and monorail station Trishka is instructed to activate the monorail. Go down the stairs, and turn left before we crouch and go through the plants. Not only will we find an Electrofly swarm (S17) and a Newsbot (N19) there, this is also an excellent area to take down the enemies. After all they are not smart enough to reach you. First there will be three choppers. With the sniper rifle we can get the Skyjack and Flak skillshot. There is some sound coming from the sewers which is a critical event. Next we take out the rest of the enemies.

Once these enemies are taken care of we return to the monorail. SURPRISE! Some enemies approach from the other side (The side we originally came from). They bring a miniboss along. After taking care of these enemies we can finally board the monorail. During the ride we get two critical events. One of a helicopter being boarded by burnouts. Another of burnouts boarding our monorail car. They can't enter our monorail but they can damage our transport cable.

Is it me or are these chapters getting shorter?

Chapter 2: How Do We Solve That?

After we crash we end up in a garden. Burnouts enter the garden, and we have to maximize the effect of the environment. There are some volatile objects in the garden and also some cacti. These enemies are easy to group up and kill with a weapon like the Bouncer for multiple skillshots. An even more difficult fight is coming up shortly. The door to the building opens and in the hall we find a dropkit and a Newsbot (N20). To the right of the hall there is a door which leads to another door with a swarm of Electroflies (S18) inside. I like to get the bouncer and use it to exterminate the Electroflies. To the left of the hall is a lever which should open the door. Unfortunately the door is broken, and it won't open normally. Now we have to time our slide through the door, start sliding when the door hits the floor and you should be fine. Inside the room we have to take care of several burnouts ad the next wave of burnouts makes for an exciting fight.

Some noise from the outside sounds like a helicopter. Could it be the cavalry? No, not quite. The door gets blown, and we can exit the building. Another wave of burnouts is charging us, but with lots of room to maneuver this shouldn't be a problem. There is a hot dog cart out here, so we can give the burnouts a sausagefest. Do try to give one of the burnouts an assplosion by only shooting their ass cyst. You should have gotten or are close to 75% skillshots by now, unlocking:

  • Celebrity

    Perform 75% of the Single Player Skillshots

    2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Now it is time to move on to the area with the downed helicopter. Another wave of burnouts bothers us. Take them out, and their leader, the Meta-Burnout, appears. His appearance is a critical event. Shoot him, and when he is stunned kick him. Kicking him will knock him back into the propeller of the helicopter after a few attempts. This pops:

  • Minced Meat

    Take out the Mall's biggest customer

    Minced Meat
    2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Mincing Meta-Burnout is a bit too much for the helicopter's propeller. With the propeller gone we can move past the helicopter. Down the stairs we get another critical event. Finally we enter the building and activate the elevator. Another chapter is finished.

Chapter 3: I See We're All a Bit Upset

For the first time in this game Trishka makes a friendly request. We are only too happy to oblige and remove the elevator door. Turn left, and use the vine only to experience some laboured hostility. While navigating another corridor we get some explanation about the workings of the leashes. Following this explanation we get another critical event which shows another building crumbling. Next we have to descend a stairwell with three enemies who trigger a critical event. When we leave the stairwell we get to fight a trio of enemies. Their defeat starts a cutscene which shows us how Ishi is going his own way. No enemies in the second stairwell, but instead there is a gap which we try to cross. Unfortunately the beam we use is giving way and we fall down into the sewers.

In the sewers Trishka wants us to follow her, but we tell her right away that we don't do follow so well. In these sewers we meet one burnout enemy. After this enemy we descend a corridor and find a disgusting scene brought to us by a critical event. A kickable door is at the end of the sewers. Beyond that door is a circular room. After a brief waiting period we get to see a comical scene of a mutant getting pounded by pipes and falling into the acid pit. This scene is introduced by a critical event. Following the scene we can generate an exit with our leash. The exit leads to a corridor and a crawlway leading us out of the sewers into a lobby.

This lobby has three plantmen and a Newsbot (N21). Outside the lobby is a hotel garden with plenty of cacti. After clearing the garden a miniboss makes his appearance with a critical event. In front of the next building are two enemies. Once they are dead some more enemies will rush out of the building. At last we can enter the building. Disappointingly there is only a dropkit and a Newsbot (N22) inside this building. Let us operate the lever and leave this place.

Outside we get to see another critical event of a crumbling building. Seems like the crumbling buildings are getting closer. I wonder why? Trishka considers the four burnouts to be a bigger problem. Now we can leash the bus to make a bridge. Crossing the bridge awards us with a critical event showing what seems like a giant tail. We can advance a bit further into the street. Naturally there are more burnouts to take care of, and again we get a critical event showing the giant tail. Another area with more burnouts, to leave this area we have to move a car. At last we get to see the owner of the giant tail. It is a goddamn Hekaton. The game provides us with a cutscene of us running from the Hekaton into an elevator. The elevator takes us to the roof and we get a cutscene of the fight on the roof. To properly defend the general we will have to use the helicopter. The first area is quite hectic. Once we make it through those first moment the rest of the ride is much easier. During the helicopter ride there are several critical events. While riding the helicopter you may notice a number of red barrels scattered around, you'll need to hit them all for an achievement. The below video shows you the locations of the barrels:

  • Red Barrels

    Explode all the red barrels on the rooftop while in a helicopter

    Red Barrels
    2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

After the helicopter ride we get two cutscenes which serve to reunite with Ishi, separate from Trishka and meet General Serrano.


Chapter 1: Daddy'll Get You Out

To start off we have to follow the general downstairs. While going downstairs make sure to get the Newsbot (N23). During the pursuit we are introduced to the radiation which we can use for the outburst skillshot. Our first fight is in a corridor of which the left side is lined with radiation and all these enemies can be irradiated. Once the corridor is clear Ishi will kick open the door at the end of the corridor. Time for a bossfight, and this miniboss drops a minigun, which we can use to clear the next room of most enemies. This would be too easy and there is another miniboss on the other side of the room. For the first time we meet a boss with a Penetrator.

The next room has quite a few enemies, but with slow and careful progress this is not hard at all. Following this room we can slide down one floor. Here we have to clear a corridor which is lined with radiation on both sides. These fights are getting easier? Another boss shows up after we clear the corridor. In the corridor behind this boss we get a critical event showing some enemies running at us. Their explosive corsets make it a rather easy battle. Again we follow the general downstairs. At the bottom of the stairs is another Newsbot (N24).

Now there is a corridor with radiation leaking through the roof. The general will keep us safe and guide us safely out of the scary place. He will wait for us at the kickable door which gives access to the lobby. We clear the lobby and find out we have to take the elevator down. From the elevator two minibosses will emerge. In preparation I like to stack all the red balls in front of the elevator. We take the elevator down and the general keeps on talking. He explains about the workers, the convicts and eventually the radiation. After a short walk we have to leash a cargo elevator in place, this elevator takes us into the next chapter.

Chapter 2: Bad Trouble a Knockin'

During the ride down the general explains more about the convicts and gamma radiation. We kick the door open and operate a lever. Now we have access to a platform. The platform buckles, and we are presented with another kickable door, and kicking this door will make the platform fall down even further. Now we really are in deep shit, possibly even worse. No matter, we have to chase Ishi as quickly as possible. Once we're outside the green goo we get harassed by burnouts. Once they're all dead the general opens the gate. While proceeding across a bridge we get a critical event introducing creepy crawly enemies. We kick a door and are separated from Ishi and the general. After a critical event and fighting some burnouts--I would recommend the Penetrator for this--we are reunited with Ishi and the general. To maximize our skillpoints we have to try and line up as many enemies as possible.

The general opens another gate. After entering this gate and going to the left we can see a Newsbot (N25) on a balustrade. By following the general we end up at a door with a lever. Because we are so bad at covering our corners we get separated from the general. After some instructions from the general we can leash a cart towards us which triggers a cutscene. Following the cutscene we can kick another door, and descend a couple of ramps. But, before you kick that door go to the right and find the Electrofly swarm (S19). At the bottom floor we can see the burnouts trying to reach the general. Before they can do so they are shot down by enemy snipers. Instead of thanking them we will have to shoot them. This can only be done with the Headhunter, if we don't have the Headhunter equipped then we should do so by using the dropkit. After this fight along the way the general starts talking about the innocent civilians we possibly killed. Next we arrive at a lever that operates an elevator. Once down we proceed to another lever-operated door. From here we go to a damaged bridge. On this bridge we get to use our leash thrice. The final part of the bridge is lost, and we have to use a cable to reach the other side. Before we reach this side we get another critical event showing the critters again. This critical event can be concluded by use of RT. After a little way we get another critical event showing the critters.

We approach an operable lift with a dropkit nearby. I would recommend switching to the Boneduster at this point. The charged shot of the Boneduster will take out a whole wave of critters. Get the mounted minigun and approach the lift. A critical event shows the intention of the critters. Spray them with the minigun. When the minigun runs out of power we will have to use our normal weapons to take the critters out. We have to follow the general once the lift reaches it's destination. He leads us to a couple of kickable doors. Now we are outside and we can see the crashed cruiser. Needless to say the general is upset about what we did to his ship. We use a cable to repel down to end this chapter.

Chapter 3: Ponderin' Them Bodies

While we follow the general he keeps talking about the lives lost due to our actions. To enter the cruiser, Ulysses, we have to navigate a house which is full of burnouts. At some point Ishi notices the house is under terrible duress. The general has some peptalk for Ishi about him being in the lead and setting the pace. Shortly after this we end up at a kickable piece which we can use to make a pancake out of a couple of burnouts. As we continue we will have to use our leash to make another passage. We all know what is going to happen when Ishi says "we're almost there". Indeed another wave of burnouts shows up. This wave is the last wave we see in this house because we have reached the entrance to the Ulysses.

Inside the Ulysses the general opens the airlock. The next door we encounter is broken. it keeps sliding open and closed at too high a rate. With our leash we can get a crate to block the door and give us access to the area beyond the broken door. In this area the general runs to a wall and opens a shaft. On the other end of the shaft the general gets ambushed by a single burnout. After some more bitching the general opens a hatch which leads into a corridor. Ishi notices flammable gas in the air. Translation: we can not use guns in the next room. No worries though. We had plenty of practice with kicking and our leash. There are at least 9 burnouts in this room. The ceiling of this room is quite low so we can have maximum result from the thumper.

Now we have to navigate a route with charged obstacles. Climbing charged obstacles will kill us. We can temporarily disable the charge by leashing a lever in the center of the room. Connecting a burnout with a charged obstacle will yield the rare skillshot called "Forced". After we have navigated the charged obstacles we enter an empty, square room. In this room I always suspect an ambush. The general opens the door and we enter another corridor. Get ready for a boss fight with a meta-burnout. This one we have to push back into electrical wiring. Once he is in the electrical wiring we have to use the leash to finish him off for:

  • Grilled Meat

    Prepare a big meal using an improvised electric stove

    Grilled Meat
    1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Next we have to crouch under a door into a room with about 6-8 burnouts. One final corridor and we arrive at the room with the DNA-bomb. it takes three critical events to deactivate the bomb and pop:

Once we arm the bomb the general takes his leave with another critical event. We have to leave the bomb chamber. This we do by leashing a panel from the wall and climbing into the duct. After navigating the duct we arrive in a room where a critical event shows us the exit is sealed. A door to our left opens and the general thinks it's funny to show us a nice easy 200 foot fall. Ishi opens another panel which gives access to another duct. Now we seem to arrive in the bomb chamber we left from. Ishi notices the starting bomb chamber wasn't on fire, unlike this bomb chamber. The knocking on the door warns you for an upcoming critical even. Reunited with Trishka we can exit this chapter.


Chapter 1: That Thing is Leaving Without Us

We follow Trishka through a corridor with three climbable obstacles then turn left and exit the ship. We go through two kickable obstacles, and do a little climbing. Next Trishka has to kick an obstacle. Up a little ramp and down a bigger ramp to end up at an elevator. At the bottom level of the elevator we have to turn right and arrive at an outdoor area. A couple of enemies run at us, but they are shot down by other enemies before they can reach us. There is too much gunfire to simply run out of the building. Instead we use our leash to yank four enemies towards us. Now we can have a look outside to get a grasp of the situation. On the other side of the yard is a set of stairs with two enemies at elevated locations to the left and right of the stairs. We just have to rush them and take them out.

Upstairs we turn right and see a kickable obstacle. This gives access to some stairs leading downwards, at the bottom of these stairs another gang war is going on. The enemies on the left are impatient, and charge the enemies on the right. The enemies on the right are fortified in a building with a low roof. Smart thing to do is wait for the decimation of the enemies on the left. Thump the enemies on the right and take out any leftovers. We move to the left of the building to find the entrance to another building. Inside this building we find a dropkit, a climbable barricade and we can already hear the Newsbot on the other side of the barricade (N26). We take out the Newsbot, and follow the corridor which leads to a kickable door. Outside we turn right immediately to find a set of stairs and an Electrofly swarm (S20). Proceeding down the stairs and moving onwards triggers a wave of enemies. Four plantmen backed up by two guys with Screamers. Once we take care of this bunch we proceed over a climbable pillar and discover a set of stairs leading down. As soon as we get over the climbable pillar we discover enemies at the bottom of the stairs. One of them is a miniboss. Because we are still on top of the stairs we can easily take them out with our Headhunter. Behind the miniboss is another set of stairs with a couple more enemies. These enemies are behind small, concrete barriers. Behind those enemies we find half the stairs blocked by a crashed monorail car. Plenty enough room for us to get through. At the bottom of these stairs we turn left and can clearly see a dropkit. U-turn to the right at the dropkit, and we can walk through another crashed monorail car. U-turn to the left at the end of the monorail car. We see a small ramp, and it is obvious there is a gun battle going on behind that ramp. One enemy rushes our way but he is taken down by enemy fire. Distance is our friend here, and we can easily clear the area.

To the right of the area we can see some defunct escalators. As soon as we approach those several enemies rush down to the barricades on the left escalator. Some enemies on the right escalator have less protection and are quite close to a red bubble. In addition there are some enemies behind barricades at the top of the escalators. The appearance of all these enemies is a critical event. Upon clearing the escalators Trishka suggests to web out. Trishka and Ishi jump down, and we stay up top to provide covering fire against the two enemies rushing them. Upon finishing them we get ambushed through the door on our left. One thump works wonders here. Through the newly opened door we turn left and see a dropkit at the end of the corridor. Turn left at the dropkit and proceed to the end of the next corridor. Turn left again and see a spaceport waiting area getting manned by enemies. Inside the room the enemies emerged from we can find a Newsbot (N27). We leave this waiting area to proceed to the next area. As soon as we enter the small corridor we see two enemies running for the chairs hoping to barricade themselves there. Hopeless because we got the power of the leash on our side. To the left of those two are several enemies and a miniboss with a penetrator. Once this is taken care of we have to help out Ishi and Trishka on the floor below us. They are ambushed by two normal enemies and two minibosses. Easy points! The large metal door opens, and when we approach it reveals some more points ... err, I mean enemies. These enemies are especially easy if we menage to shoot the two with explosive corsets while they are among friends. Down this waiting area, down the stairs and we join up with Trishka and Ishi.

The next room will have a selection of minibosses. So stock up fully at the dropkit before proceeding. Where to go is a bit tricky to see. But the exit is near where Trishka is standing. Jump down from the couch, and we are immediately greeted by a miniboss and a critical event. I like to ignore the critical event and rush up the stairs to clear the balustrade of all smaller enemies. Then I stay up there in the right-most corner. One miniboss will follow us up there. The other miniboss stays downstairs. When these two are taken care of some new bosses appear. One of them has a penetrator. After this Ishi will tell us "All clear". We can proceed into the baggage hold. No enemies in the baggage hold, so we rush through it and slide into the duct at the end. Inside the duct is one kickable panel. At the end of the duct we drop down, and when we turn left we see an Electrofly swarm (S21). This should earn you:

  • Pest Control

    Destroy all Electroflies in the Single Player Campaign

    Pest Control
    4 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

To the right we see a dropkit and the way onward. When we move onward we get a critical event showing a spaceship breaking orbit and making a landing approach. The timer starts and we have two minutes to reach the ship. Rush to the landing zone but make sure to kill every enemy along the way. I like to spam the Penetrator and several thumps while running. When done right you get this achievement:

When running towards the ship we get caught in the explosion of a car. Our vision turns blurry, and we can see people running up the ramp of the ship. Once we regain control we have to run and slide towards that ramp. Don't worry if we see the ramp closing. Because we can re-open it with our leash. There is even an achievement for doing so:

Chapter 2: I Don't Hold You Accountable

This is it. The final chapter. This chapter is quite long so be prepared.

Good news, no more minibosses. Bad news, we get to fight heavy echo troopers.

The main gravity reducers are active, and we are airborne. Trishka opens the first door, immediately the troopers in there are ordered to open fire. These troopers are tougher then we're used to, but they still respond poorly to environmental hazards. If you see one charging his PMC, hit him with your own charged shot first for a skillshot. In this first room our leash and the loose electrical wiring are our friends. When we dispatch the enemies in this room the general finds out we stowed away on his ship. He is quite pleased, as he gets to watch his troopers do some fighting with us.

In the next corridor there is some rebar we can use to pull the troopers in the next room into. After dispatching about four of the troopers we enter the room to find it empty. Halfway into the room is a climbable barricade. We turn left, and get the opportunity to eject some troopers who were hiding in the cargo hold. Luckily, the general agrees it was okay to take them out. In the next room we find out about Trishka's sour codes. She knows another way, and we help her climb some crates to reach a duct. Goofy Ishi figures we should proceed and forces the door open. Apparently Seranno figured out what Trishka is up to. We proceed to an elevator, and go up. Up here we see what Trishka is capable of on her own. We proceed to the next elevator, and go down. At the bottom we get a critical event showing how Trishka dispatches an echo heavy trooper. We are, however, not quick enough to catch up to her. We take out the one trooper remaining, and turn left towards the loading bay. Inside the loading bay are more enemies, and the opportunity to get another ejectulated skillshot. If you obtained all the others over the course of the campaign, you should get:

  • Golden Idol

    Perform every Single Player Skillshot in the game

    Golden Idol
    7 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

After dispatching the enemies in the loading bay the door on the other side opens revealing more troopers and a mounted minigun. Use this minigun to clear the corridor ahead and some enemies in the next room. Clear the rest of the room, and proceed up the stairs towards the two mounted miniguns. Up here we can quite comfortably take out the reinforcements. At some points they will try to flank us to the right, but there is only three of them which shouldn't be a problem. More reinforcements downstairs which we can take out at our leisure. Ishi's timing is perfect; he opens the door the moment we dispatch the last trooper.

We get a cutscene showing us Trishka beat us to the general. After some debate the general takes control of Ishi. We have to fend off Ishi's attack and subsequently get to watch Ishi's attack on General Seranno. This triggers a number of critical events which involve crawling to our weapon and finally fighting the general ourselves. We check up on Trishka, and the general is so sick of it that he ejects us and Trishka off the ship, followed by some echo heavy troopers of course.

Four echo heavy troopers find us immediately. After dispatching them we find a dropkit just outside our starting area. All those critical events gave us plenty of points to spend on ammo. Next we get a critical event showing us the Ulysses, and making us realize we have to shut down the DNA bomb. A plan is formulated involving the escape capsules and getting off the planet. Since this will be our last bit of the chapter I suggest ignoring all critical events and purely focus on combat. While taking out the echo heavy troopers we have to navigate some ramps. Beware of a little hut with a Newsbot (N28) at the beginning of the final ramp. This final bot will get you:

At the top of the final ramp we turn left and at the end of this corridor we turn left again. We keep taking out enemies while we run for the escape pod. I used the thump several times because the enemies are in small groups and the ceiling is low. While running try to kill everybody to get this achievement:

After the credits we find out that Ishi is alive and God is dead. This will unlock:

Now, go through and finish up your weapon skillshots if you missed any. Once you do, proceed onto Very Hard difficulty and follow the above walkthrough to navigate through with the aid of experience on your side. Finishing Very Hard unlocks:

We can now move on to the other modes!

Echoes Mode has 30 levels, these levels are small parts taken from the campaign. Depending on your performance you are awarded with up to three stars. These stars are not only meant to rate your performance; they are also required to unlock more levels. If you have any issues with the total star achievements, there are 30 'Ultimate Echo' missions that you may complete for some extra stars.

For completing 3 different echoes, you are rewarded:

Every level has to be finished within a certain time limit. If you beat this time limit you get additional skillpoints. You get 20 times the number of seconds.

To score three stars on a level you have to meet a quota of skill points. Choosing the right weapons and making those skillshots is key for this. Because of the x5 multiplier every new skillshot awards it really pays to make a lot of different skillshots. If you manage to make 25 different skillshots in one round then you get this achievement:

On the other side of the achievement-spectrum we have this achievement:

  • Old School

    Finish an Echo round without executing a single Skillshot

    Old School
    6 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

If you fail a level then it is useful to map your skillshots. Figure out which shots you want to make at what time. An easier way to do this is to check on YouTube to see how other players handled the level.

In this table you can see the amount of stars required to unlock all 30 echoes and their score requirements:

Stars to unlockNAME1 star score2 star score3 star scoretarget time
00The Desert2,0003,0004,0004 minutes
01The Hideout2,0004,5007,0006 minutes
01The Club3,0006,0009,0007 minutes
05Rooftops3,0004,5008,0006 minutes
07Waterways3,0006,0009,0005 minutes
09The Marina3,0005,0007,0005 minutes
11The Power Plant4,0007,00010,0006 minutes
11Promenade3,0005,5008,0005 minutes
13Forbidden Zone2,5004,5006,5005 minutes
15The Orangery4,0005,0006,0002 minutes
15The Park3,5005,0007,5006 minutes
18Collapsed Building2,5005,0008,5006 minutes
18Collapsed Building 22,0004,0006,0003 minutes
20Monorail3,0006,0009,0007 minutes
22The Mall4,0006,5009,0006 minutes
25Downtown1,5003,0006,0004 minutes
28The Storm3,0005,5008,0007 minutes
28Lobby2,5005,5007,0004 minutes
30Tunnels7,0008,50011,0003.5 minutes
33Way to the Ulysses4,0006,0008,0004 minutes
33Dreadnought4,0006,0008,0004 minutes
36Gang Territory2,5006,50010,0006 minutes
36Spaceport4,0007,00010,0005 minutes
38Wrath of Tor4,0007,00010,0004.5 minutes
41Cargo Drop4,0006,5008,0003 minutes
41Jumpship4,0006,5009,0005 minutes
41Guns of Stygia2,5006,50010,0006 minutes
41Crash Site2,5006,50010,0006 minutes
41Monorail Factory2,0003,0004,0004 minutes
41Mean Street2,0003,0004,0004 minutes

By scoring 1 star on all base game Echoes you can get this achievement:

  • Shooting Star

    Get at least 1 star on each of the first 14 Echoes

    Shooting Star
    2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

If you managed to get the above achievement then you must also have this:

By scoring 3 stars on any 10 levels you can get this achievement:

For scoring 3 stars on 20 levels you get this achievement:

  • Supernova

    Get 3 stars on each of the first 14 Echoes

    1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

While playing Echoes mode your total score will keep rising. There are two achievements related to your total score.

There are 30 levels and you would have to average approximately 4,167 SP per level for this achievement:

  • Bounty Hunter

    Have a total of at least 75,000 points in Echoes Mode's total high score

    Bounty Hunter
    2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

There are 20 levels and you would have to average 8,333 SP per level for this achievement:

  • Hoarder

    Have a total of at least 150,000 points in Echoes Mode's total high score

    2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

There are a few achievements related to how many points you score in an echo round:

  • Enforcer

    Get at least 15,000 points in one Echo round

    4 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

There are also a few map-sypecific Echoes mode achievements:

At the end of the Echo 'Guns of Stygia' you will kill a turret gunner. Pick up the turret and proceed to the next area. DON'T ZIPLINE. You must now kill every enemy in this area as fast as possible. If you kill all enemies before any die to the map's explosions, you'll get this achievement:

  • Last Blood

    At the end of Guns of Stygia, kill all the enemies on the walkways before the explosions do

    Last Blood
    3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

At the end of 'Crash Site' there will be a helicopter crashing from the sky and a few burnouts climbing up the ledge in your path. Use the Penetrator to shoot a burnout towards the helicopter. If you do not get it first try, then try thumping the enemies before shooting them on your second run through. Once you kill a burnout with the helicopter, you will unlock:

  • Hell Razor

    Kill a Burnout using the helicopter that arrives in Crash Site

    Hell Razor
    2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

(Equip the Boneduster and keep your charges) On the echo 'Monorail Factory', you will eventually have to jump over a ledge before reaching garage doors that open letting enemies out. Kill all enemies in the area after you drop down, then proceed to the elevator. Now, on the elevator, use your charge shots to kill the enemies on each side of the elevator. Once you manage to kill all enemies in the area before the elevator and while on the elevator, you will unlock:

  • Up-Lifting

    On Monorail Factory, kill all enemies whilst riding the lift

    4 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

After you slide under a car at the end 'Mean Street' there will be enemies overlooking the area you are in. Now kill, kill as fast as you can. An easy way to do it is to thump the enemies and kill them in the air with the Boneduster's charge shots. Once you manage to murder all snipers before the countdown goes reaches zero, you will get:

  • Fast Track

    On Mean Street, kill all the snipers on the rooftop before the DNA bomb explodes

    Fast Track
    5 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Anarchy Mode is the multiplayer part of Bulletstorm. In Anarchy Mode you have to defeat 20 waves of enemies. During every single wave your team has to reach a score limit in order to progress to the next wave. Failing to do so will restart the current wave. Reaching this limit is easy on the first waves. Later waves get harder and require teamwork. Good teamwork can be achieved by communication and strategy.

Why teamwork? You get more points for your kills if multiple team members kill the same enemy.

Which strategy? There are two basic strategies: splitting up and staying together. Most people prefer the splitting up strategy.

Staying together is good because the enemies will gang up on you and you can get some nice multipliers. There are two disadvantages: first disadvantage is when you're fighting snipers. They stay at a distance and don't gang up. Second disadvantage is the possibility of a group kill by some boss.

Splitting up is good because you can watch out for each other. There are no real disadvantages to this strategy.

Why communication? If you want to get a lot of team kills then the other team members have to be aware of what you're doing. Then they know whether they should leash your current enemy or maybe wait a bit.

Example of a team kill: Shoot an enemy with the flailgun. Kick the enemy into the air. Let a team member know you prepared an enemy. Your team member can leash the enemy into a hazard. Of course some hazards are better then others. A tornado or car press will yield more points then electrical wiring or a cactus.

While playing anarchy mode you will eventually encounter a miniboss. Kill him and this achievement is yours:

Choose the map Dead Rock. Have one player standing one either side of the tornado (should be one up top and one down low). Practice having one player kicking enemies into the air and having the other grab him with the leash and pull that enemy through the tornado. Repeat over and over again. For many more points, have both players buy the flail gun. Shoot flails around the enemies before you kick them. You will need to do this in Round 20 and reach 40,000 points in just that one round. If you are down to 1 enemy and can't get enough points, then let him kill you and try again. Once you get 40,000 points in a single round, you will unlock:

  • Anarchy Master

    Achieve a score of at least 50,000 as a team in Anarchy mode

    Anarchy Master
    8 guidesOnline Game ModeCooperativeExternal Content

Depending on your performance during a wave of anarchy you get awarded experience points. If you gather enough points to reach level 65 then this achievement is yours:

  • Final Echo

    Achieve level 65 in Anarchy mode

    Final Echo
    6 guidesOnline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperativeLevelExternal Content

During a wave there will be some enemies who have a green aura and the text of a skillshot above their head. This is a team challenge. You want to perform the skillshot with the team. Perform 200 of these team challenges for this achievement:

  • Team Player

    Complete 200 team challenges in your career in Anarchy mode

    Team Player
    2 guidesOnline Game ModeCooperativeCumulative +External Content

While playing anarchy there are some map-specific skillshots to make. Perform all of these skillshots to get this achievement:

Grand Central:

Make A Wish - Kick enemy into fountain in center
Meatspin - Kick enemy into rotating door to left of spawn
Flattery - Kick enemy into any elevator shafts surrounding the rotating door
Midnight Express - Kick enemy into the passing train

Dead Rock:

Nom Nom Nom - Kick enemy into the T-Rex skull
Not in Kansas - Kick enemy into tornado in center


Blood Fountain - Kick enemy into any of the green liquid that leads to turbine in middle
Royal Flush - Kick enemy into green liquid coming form pipes


Man Crush - Kick enemy into big car smasher at the bottom
Fish Chow - Kick enemy into waterfall and have them flow down to bottom


Blood Bath - Kick enemy into turbine one ceiling in center.

Power Plant:

Ground Chuck - Kick enemy into big grinder in center

Now there are also some map-specific Anarchy mode achievements:

Select the map 'Villa' and head over to the big bell. Wait until 5 enemies are gathered around it near you and grab the bell with your leash. Once all 5 enemies die, then you will unlock:

  • Bell End

    Kill 5 enemies at the same time using "Dung" in the Villa map

    Bell End
    2 guidesOnline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperativeExternal Content

Now, on the map 'Sewers', you must kill 5 enemies in a single round by drowning them while aflame. There is an area with 2 valves across from a tiny, fenced-off water area. These valves start up a flamethrower. Play until you reach wave 3 because shotgun guys survive being on fire longer and don't get kicked as far. Now use the flamethrower to light the shotgun guys on fire and attempt to kick or slide them into the water. If you reach the last guy without earning the achievement, then let him kill you and try again. Once you kill 5 in this style that round, you will earn:

  • Extinguisher

    In the Sewer map Kill 5 enemies in 1 wave by setting them on fire then extinguishing them

    3 guidesOnline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperativeExternal Content

Now, select the map 'Hotel Elysium'. You must keep the hotdog cart from exploding until wave 5. Now you must kill the boss in that wave by kicking the hotdog cart into him. Once he achieves death by wiener, you will unlock:

  • Heart Attack

    Kill a Boss using the Hot Dog cart in the Hotel Elysium map

    Heart Attack
    3 guidesOnline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperativeExternal Content

Enter the map 'Mini City' and use your skillpoints from the first round or two to unlock the thumper. Now, look up in the sky for the helicopters flying around. You must go underneath one of their paths and thump an enemy up into the air. Then, the helicopter has to hit and kill the enemy. Once you successfully kill an enemy with a helicopter, you will get:

  • Barber

    Kill an enemy by thumping them into a helicopter in the Mini City map

    2 guidesOnline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperativeExternal Content

Now, on the first wave on the map 'Ulysses', you must kill all enemies by knocking them into the two teleporters in the middle of the map. It doesn't matter if you pull them in with the leach, kick them in, or slide them in, but every single enemy must die to the teleporters. There is a short recharge on the teleporter after you kick someone in, so watch out for accidentally knocking someone into the pit and killing them without the teleporters on accident. It can be a little frustrating, but once you murder the whole wave with the teleporter, then you will unlock:

  • Beat 'em down

    Kill every enemy in a wave using only the Teleportation in the Ulysses map

    Beat 'em down
    5 guidesOnline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperativeExternal Content

Choose the map 'Rock Quarry'. You must earn the skillshots Golden Shower, Man Crush, Blood Bath, Man Toast, and Railed in a single round. Golden shower requres you to leash one of the lava buckets over and kill an enemy by pouring it on his head. You earn Man Crush by kicking an enemy off the map into the metal crushers to the right of spawn. Blood Bath requires kicking an enemy into one of the industrial fans. Man Toast is for kicking enemy into the fiery furnaces. Finally, Railed is for killing an enemy by kicking or pulling a mine cart into them. Once you get the last skillshot in wave 1, you will unlock:

  • Environmentalist

    In the Rock Quarry map kill an enemy using a Mine Cart, Oven, Fan, Smasher and Lava Cart in one wave

    1 guideOnline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperativeExternal Content

Congratulations on completing Bulletstorm!

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