Dungeon of the Endless

The first time I played Dungeon of the Endless, I put in over 150 hours, largely because I didn't know what I was doing when I started. I looked all over the web trying to find information on the game and found some here and there, but I still operated in the dark for a long while. So, hopefully, this walkthrough will save some people a bit of frustration.

I will be walking you through different pods in the game, showing you the most efficient way to get your achievements. I'll warn you though; you're in for a long haul with this one, so I hope you like this game. Even knowing the best way to do things, it takes a long time to grind out the achievement of opening 10,000 doors, so settle in and enjoy the ride.

Since everything in this game is generated randomly, a few of the achievements may pop at different times for you than they do for me in the walkthrough. I'm replaying the game so that I can give you as accurate an estimate as I can, but the randomness will affect a few things.

Finally, this game crashes from time to time. It's much, much better than when I first started playing the game. It crashed on a regular basis early on (usually on Floor 10 or 12, so I wanted to throw a controller through the TV), not so much now, so I'm assuming it's been patched even though I never received an update notification. It can still crash, however, so try not to get discouraged if it does. The worst crash I experienced was on the 17th floor of the Drill Pod. Just think of these partial games as adding to your door count.

Another thing to know before you get started is that the online play for this game is terrible. Not only will you find it difficult to find someone with which to play, but the online play is still quite buggy, getting out of sync and kicking players or crashing. Hopefully, this will be patched soon, but it hasn't been yet.

I will go into great detail in the earlier pods to ensure that you get down the basics of how to play with less detail later.

1) The Escape Pod

2) The Infirmary Pod

3) The Armory Pod

4) Endless Day

5) The Library Pod

6) The Refreezerator Pod

7) The Sanitary Pod

8) Some backtracking and clean-up

9) The Drill Pod

10) Online

Now, let's have some fun!

The tutorial doesn't give one a lot of details. For quite a long time, for example, I had no idea what Wit was for. So this section will provide advice to make the game less frustrating.

Everything in the game is measured in doors. In the upper left-hand corner, you'll see symbols for Industry (red), Science (blue), and Food (green). Each of those icons has a number under it, and the number represents how much of that resource one will receive when a door is opened. A small amount of each resource is earned automatically. To obtain more, build modules for the resource needed.

Industry pays for building; Science pays for research, and Food pays for leveling up, healing, and recruiting characters.


Whenever an artifact is discovered, it can be used to research new modules. Research is paid for with Science, and each item researched requires three doors to complete. If an artifact is broken before the research is complete, the research is lost. If the last door is opened, the research will be completed regardless of the number of doors used. An artifact is the only module that will work in a dark room; you can use an artifact without lighting the room it's in.

Research is how one obtains and upgrades modules, so it's important that research be done as quickly as possible. I normally don't build modules on the first floor because there aren't that many doors; I generally start on the second floor - Science, Industry, Food in that order. Early on, you only need enough food to level up a character to learn Operate and heal.

One other small thing to watch for is "two-fers." Occasionally, items will show up on the artifact menu that skip levels. For example, Food Generator II to IV for 100 Science lets you skip the evolution from II to III, which costs 65 Science and thus saves you a nice bit of the resource. You get two levels for the price of one, so keep an eye out for them to save a bit of Science as you go.

Setting Up Modules

Each room will have different configurations of module slots. Only one Major Module can be put in one room in the big slot with a blue cross on it. All of the other slots will hold Minor Modules (which are all the other sections in the build menu), and this number can vary greatly by room.

Set Ups

Three things to get in the habit of setting up are fall-back rooms, operators, and gauntlets. These will protect your modules, your characters, and your crystal.

Fall-Back Rooms - Normally, I set up a fall-back room a couple of rooms out from the crystal. You will have a major module here, a character, guns, and a support module such as a Dust Generator, which can raise character defense by up to 84%. The guns one chooses to use is a matter of taste, but a great set up when you only have three minor module slots are a KIP Cannon, a Smoking Gun, and a Tear Gas. If you have more slots, I like to throw in another Smoking Gun/KIP Cannon and/or a Neurostun. Your fall-back room is a choke point where your explorer can run back to for protection against a swarm of enemies.

Operators - Operate is a skill that allows major modules to be milked for more resources. This is where Wit comes into play. A character that has the skill Operate will stand in a room with a module; as long as he or she is standing with that module, half of his or her Wit will be added to the number of resources received. For example, let's say the default Industry amount is 8. You have built a Level 4 Industry Generator, which gives you 6 more, so you're now up to 14 Industry per door. Now you put an operator with a Wit of 20 on that module; that will add 10 more for a total of 24 Industry per door opened. Operators are outstanding! I normally have two or three Operators going at any one time. Concentrate on the resource you need. Early on, you might have two Operators on Science and one on Industry. Later, you'll have more on Food as you need to level up characters. Lots of characters can learn Operate. Josh has the highest Wit, but he doesn't have much else. Good operators are Opbot, Max, Rakya, Warden Momish, Kreyang. You'll want to level them up until they know Operate as early as you can.

Gauntlets - This is just what I call it, but a gauntlet is a series of rooms set up with guns that monsters have to run through. It's possible to survive with just fall-back rooms, but these don't always hold up if a huge wave of enemies come through, so I like to set up a series of rooms to force the monsters through so that by the time they hit the fall-back room, they're pretty beaten up. Gauntlet rooms are good places for cheaper weapons like Prisoner Prods with Teslas and Neurostuns thrown in here and there. Teslas are murder on crystalline enemies of all kinds, so scattering them across several rooms can really do some damage to hordes before they get to your characters or your crystal.

These three things are very important to having a much easier time getting through a dungeon, so use them!

Farming Dust

The little golden suns one finds are called Dust. Ten Dust are enough to light up one room in a dungeon. At lower levels, Dust can be found simply by opening doors. At higher levels, this becomes less and less frequent, so farming Dust becomes important. There are two ways to do this: killing monsters and operating a shop. I've already given you advice on setting up for kills. Monsters can drop Dust when they die; just make sure to frequently check rooms and go pick it up. To encourage Dust farming from monsters, set up everything as mentioned above then leave a couple dark rooms at the end of a gauntlet (monsters only spawn in the dark) so that enemies will spawn, hit your gauntlet, and die, hopefully dropping Dust as they do.

The second way to farm is to build a Shop, find a Merchant, and put an Operator on the Shop. The Wit ratio on Dust is much lower than other resources: 10% of the operator's Wit instead of 50%. The most I've ever had was +5 (in the Library), so always use whichever character has the highest Wit to operate the Shop. At very high levels, like Floor 11 or 12 where Dust is a precious commodity, I will often set up a Shop first so that if I find a Merchant, he will automatically be teleported to the shop before he can be killed. I add a Mechanical Pal and an Operator. The norm is +2 or +3 Dust per door opened, which can be a true lifesaver.

Another way to maximize Dust is to use someone with the Pilfer skill (Max can upgrade Pilfer to +3). When a door is opened that gives Dust, Pilfer adds to that number +1 (more for someone like Max). Whomever in your party has this skill is the one who needs to be opening doors. You also want to take advantage of Dust Factories. For 30 Industry, a Dust Factory can be unlocked. It will either give a random amount of Dust or it will destroy all the module slots in the room. While this is a bummer, it doesn't happen that often. Unless you're really running low on Industry, use the Dust Factories.

Manipulate Lighted Rooms

With the Right Trigger, you can turn the light on and off in rooms provided you have enough Dust. Enemies will only spawn in dark rooms, so you can control where the enemies come from this way. Enemies also will not spawn in a room with one of your heroes inside, so you can use that to your advantage in a pinch, but I wouldn't leave someone alone in a dark room at higher levels for long unless you're prepared to lose that character. The biggest thing to remember here is that all rooms lit when you remove the crystal will stay lit. Let me say that again. Any room lit up when the crystal is removed will stay lit. So, when you're ready to make a run for the exit, light a path to the exit, lighting up as many side doors along the way as you can. It's much better for enemies to be behind you, probably running through all of your guns, than standing between you and the exit.


The Save option in this game is simply for taking a break. If you get a Game Over or the game crashes, your save will disappear, so it can't be used to re-load and try things again. It's strictly for stopping when you're tired.

Special Attacks

As your heroes level up, they will learn new skills. Many of them are passive (they happen automatically), but each character will also have two special attacks that are manual; you will use one of the directional buttons on the keypad to activate it. There are several different ones, and it's not really the purpose of this faq to get into all of that. Just be aware that special attacks can be really useful (Elise's Shrapnelizer 3, for example, can shred a room of enemies instantly), so take the time to look them over for each character as you learn them. A couple of characters have a taunt skill that can be really helpful in keeping hordes off of modules or weaker characters, and Chef Namor even has one that attacks all enemies ON THE FLOOR, which is a big deal. He and Esseb Tarosh have a skill that increases Dust, too. Special attacks can't be used when you have multiple people under your control, so make sure to use your bumpers to choose whichever character has the attack that you want to activate. After activating a special attack, it will take X number of doors to recharge it, or it can be refilled instantly by using Science to "Rest your hero" on the Stats page.

Emergency Generators

Unlike anything else in the build menu, the price of Emergency Generators isn't constant (starting price is 70 Industry). The more you build, the more expensive they become, and they can eat up your Industry very rapidly, so use these only in true emergencies. An Emergency Generator built in a lit room will give you back that room's light to use in the next room. They can be used in any room with a Major Module slot. They can sometimes be really helpful, but don't let them run you out of Industry. I rarely use them, but they can sometimes really help if you have enough Industry to use them.

Item Exploit

The game has one bug that works to the player's advantage. Sometimes, when you sell to a Merchant, the item you're selling will receive half the selling price but won't leave your inventory. You can sell the item as quickly and as often as you can hit the A button. This doesn't happen often, but when it does, exploit it. If it's Food, max out all of your characters and get some extra. Whichever resource it is, get a bunch of it; that's one resource you won't have to worry about for the rest of that dungeon.

When the ship crashes, you will only have one option as to which pod to choose, and that's The Escape Pod. On the menu page, press cn_X to choose Too Easy then pick two heroes to take with you. I recommend Max and Deena, two well-rounded characters. They're good starters. Actually, Max is probably my favorite character because he has such great skills; I use him a lot. He's the only character that starts with the skill Endless Expert, which adds +2 Science for every door opened. As this is our first time through the game, this first section will be very detailed so that you know exactly how everything works. After that, I'll just point out particulars for other achievements.

Before we begin, remember that all the floors are randomly generated, so I can only give you general advice; I can't give you specific step-by-instructions, but by the time we're done with the Escape Pod, you should have a good feel for how the game works. Everything is random - the floor layout, the characters that you meet, how many merchants there are, etc. One thing to keep in mind is to be patient. Each time a door opens, monsters can spawn. If you run through and rapidly open several doors in succession, you could spawn a ton of monsters and get yourself slaughtered. Open one door then wait to see if monsters spawn. If no, move on. If yes, deal with them before you open the next door. You should expect about three hours on this first pod, but we should net about a dozen achievements along the way. We're going to get a few of the annoying ones out of the way first.

With that in mind, don't hit the Pause button EVER in this first time through. If you need to pause, use the Select button and leave the game on a menu page. There's an achievement for winning a game while never pausing, so avoid that Pause button.

We will also be opening all of the doors on this playthrough to nab that achievement. Later, this isn't strictly necessary.

After you've selected your two heroes, hit the start button. Here we go!

Escape Pod

External image


You'll be in a room with the crystal. The crystal is your only source of power. If it's destroyed, it's Game Over. As you collect Dust, you can light up more rooms. Once you've finished a floor, you will carry your crystal to the Exit (i.e. the elevator) and escape to the next floor. You must complete twelve floors to get out.

You can cycle through your characters with either bumper; to control everyone at once, hit both bumpers at the same time, so hit both bumpers then use the cn_LS to choose the door. Press cn_A to open it. If there are enemies in the room, your characters will fight them automatically. Once the fight is over, hit cn_RT to light the room. You will see your dust count in the upper left-hand corner. Every ten dust lights another room. You will also see your other three resources: Industry, Science, and Food. Hit cn_Y for the build menu. Build two Prisoner Prods in this first room then use a bumper to choose Max alone to continue through the next door, leaving Deena behind to guard the crystal. Have Max go through the next door. If monsters are present, run back to Deena and your guns. Once the enemies are dead, light the next room and put down two more Prisoner Prods. Do this one more time so that you have three rooms in a row with guns. This way, when Max falls back to Deena's room, he's leading enemies through this gauntlet of guns. This is a basic survival technique for the game; you will use it all the time, so get in the habit of putting strings of rooms together with guns so that the enemies are beaten up before they reach your characters or your crystal.

I don't build major modules on the first floor because there aren't many doors, so concentrate on protecting yourself and the crystal. If you meet a Merchant, you can buy and sell from him; he will trade in one of your four resources. Choose wisely. You don't want to run yourself short of resources.

External image

You'll find chests on every floor that contain items with which to equip your characters. Only use the Merchant if he has something that really helps a character a good bit. He's most helpful for selling items you don't need for extra resources. Everything in your backpack will carry over to the next floor, but if you have overflow in your inventory, it will be lost on the elevator ride, so sell off those extras. All resources except for Dust also carry over to the next floor, so use lower, less difficult floors to build up your stock of resources.

If you find an Artifact, interact with it using cn_X and choose something to Research.

External image

It's very important that you research as much as you can right from the beginning. Once an item has been researched, it can then be built. We'll be going for two research achievements this time around. It takes three doors to complete researching something, so as soon as something is complete, research something else. You should focus initially on generator upgrades for your three resources then on weapons. In order of importance, you should research the following:

Industry/Science/Food Generator II, III, and IV

Smoking Gun

Tear Gas

Tesla Module

KIP Cannon

Prisoner Prod (upgrade)


Dust Generator

Mechanical Pal


Tactics Hub

LAN Module

Everything else can be done whenever. As you see the above show up on the Artifact list, create/upgrade. Since we have to make everything this one time, you can pick something else if these aren't available. Choosing to research something will reset the whole list. This is more efficient than wasting Science to reset the choices.

Move through the floor opening all of the doors with Max, falling back through your gun rooms to keep him safe. If your heroes are getting hurt, heal by hitting Up on the directional pad. Healing uses Food, so keep some in reserve. Food is also used to recruit new heroes (you can have a total of four in your party), so don't let yourself run out. You should receive a message when you've opened the last door, but you can also check the Floor Map with cn_LT. Unopened doors will show up in red. Once all the doors are open, you want to make a path of lit rooms from the crystal to the elevator. When the crystal is removed, these rooms will stay lit up; monsters won't spawn in lit rooms, and your guns will keep working. Head back to your crystal and have Max pick it up. Now hit both bumpers so that he and Deena are moving together and go room by room to the Exit. Don't leave Max behind, or he could easily become monster food. Let him catch up to Deena in each room along the way until you get to the elevator. You probably won't have enough dust to light up your whole path on this floor, so heal your people as needed. When you get to the exit and receive the green signal that all of your heroes are in the room, use cn_RT to exit the floor.


You'll notice that now there are doors going off in different directions around the crystal.

External image

Pick a door and have both heroes go through it together (both bumpers), kill monsters, and start setting up guns like before.

This time, however, we're going to put down one of each Major Module, as well - one Industry, one Science, and one Food. Only one Major Module can be put in a room, so it will take you three rooms for this. Put these down in the first three rooms that have slots for them (the big blue cross) so that you can take advantage of as many doors as possible. Continue as you did on the first floor.

I meet my first hero on this floor - Warden Momish (remember, these are random, so you may meet someone else or no one at all). Now I can Recruit.

External image

I recruit him for 34 food and send him back to guard the first module room. I move Deena out to the third room since she's stronger. Move through rooms opening doors (patiently, remember) and setting guns as needed. At this point in the game, Prisoner Prods are all you need. They're very cheap but effective at lower levels. You now want to teach one character Operate. Below is a list of all the characters that can learn this ability and at what level it becomes available to each:

Max - Level 4

Warden Momish - Level 4

Opbot - Level 3

Deena - Level 4

Elise - Level 4

Rakya - Level 3

Golby - Level 4

Josh - Level 3

Hakensha - Level 4

Kreyang - Level 4

If you've recruited any of the above, level him or her up until Operate is available (it will be a gear in the Skills list). Level characters in the Stats screen. After that, we'll focus on leveling up Max. Max can use Operate, as well, but we will have other things for him to do. I use Momish because he has the highest Wit stat of all my characters. I send him to stand by one of my resource modules (I chose Science). You will now see a gear on his picture. Operate is working. After I open another door, the resources received from that module will go up by 50% of his Wit stat. This is a huge help as you progress in the game. If your operator is moved at any time, the count will re-start with the next door. As you progress to higher floors, you should always have two or three operators going (unless you have an emergency that requires your heroes elsewhere).

As you're setting up gauntlets in different directions, leave a dark room or two at the end of each path so that monsters will be forced through all of your guns (gauge how many Prisoner Prods you need based on how many enemies you're seeing). This is a great way to farm extra Dust since monsters can drop it when they die. Try not to leave too many dark rooms because your guns become less effective when they're overrun. Have Max go back and pick up Dust periodically as you go so that you can light more rooms along the way. Keep an eye on the whole floor by using cn_LS.

When the combined totals of your Industry, Science, and Food reach 300, you will receive an achievement:

Waste Not Want Not

Stock 300 cumulated FIS.

Waste Not Want Not
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissableCumulative -

You should collect enough dust on this floor to light your path all the way to the Exit, which makes the trip much less nerve-wracking. Light rooms in such a way that enemies are kept as far away from you as possible. Try to have all the dark rooms behind you so that the monsters must try to catch you instead of you walking into them.

After opening all the doors, have your fastest character pick up the crystal and head to the Exit.

Reminder - Don't forget to research, research, research.


This time, the door I first choose to go through from the crystal only has four rooms behind it, so I'm going to light them all up so that I don't have to worry about that side at all. I set up Major Modules in all four rooms as soon as they're lit, set my operator, and move on to the next area of the floor. You should have one each of each Major Module plus an extra Industry for building, so that would be one Food, one Science (with operator), and two Industry. I leave Momish operating, put Deena in the crystal room to protect the crystal, then open the next door leading off the crystal. One crystal enemy gets by me and hits my crystal, which costs Dust, but as it received only one hit, there's no harm done. There's an achievement for getting through the whole dungeon without your crystal getting touched, but as this is your first time through, we'll worry about that one later.

I now find and recruit Opbot, giving me a full party of four heroes, so we have our next achievement:

HR Boss

Own 4 heroes in the team for the first time.

HR Boss
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

This is a good time to remind you to practice manipulating your bumpers to move among your characters. You can hit both bumpers at any time to heal all of your characters at once; you don't have to be in the same place. Just don't forget to change it back or you'll have your operators moving when you didn't intend to.

Opbot already knows Operate, so I send him back to my Food module. Set up a gauntlet in this new area and leave your other character in the room (full of guns) closest to the crystal. For me, this is Deena. She will guard the crystal, and Max will have his fall-back room. Since the whole other side is lit up, I don't have to worry about it at all.

I'm starting to see lots of crystalline enemies, so I'm now adding Tesla modules into my gun rooms (one every room or two); Teslas are murder on anything made of crystal. I've also run into my first Stele. These crystals add a random stat boost (or loss). They add a bit of randomness to the floor, and that's about it. They will disappear after a set number of doors are opened, leaving behind a Major Module slot.

I also run into my first Dust Factory. Dust Factories are wonderful. For 30 Industry, you have a chance of receiving extra sun. Don't let the message put you off. "Death" means that the factory will explode and take all of the module slots in the room with it. This is a real bummer when it happens, but it doesn't happen often, so it's worth the risk (at least for me). I spend 30 Industry and receive +27 dust in return. I then run into a Merchant that deals in Dust. Since we're not going for the "don't lose dust" achievement right now, I go ahead and trade 24 Dust for an accessory that raises Wit for one of my operators as well as a weapon for Opbot. The light in several of your rooms will shut down when you do this, so light them back up before you continue. Just be sure not to run yourself too short.

Open all the doors, pick up the crystal, and head to the Exit. Since we now have a full complement of characters, let's get the next achievement. Once you reach the Exit, have all four of your characters stand there and defend it. If you have enough rooms lit up and plenty of guns about, you shouldn't have any trouble at all. Just stand there and stay alive until the achievement pops:

Elevator Song

After bringing the crystal to the exit, defend the elevator room for a full minute.

Elevator Song
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

Don't you love it when it's easy? Now exit the floor.

Reminder - Don't hit the pause button!


Have all four of your characters rush whichever door you choose then start setting up your gauntlets/generators. I meet another hero here, Gork, but I'm happy with my party, so I choose to ignore him. For the first time, I open a door and trigger an electromagnetic pulse. This will disable everything in a couple of random rooms, so look around the floor and see which of your rooms is down. You may need to build an extra gun room to protect something. This downtime is a bother but will disappear after a few doors. Open all the doors and exit the floor.


As soon as I reach this floor, I receive a new achievement:

Team Builder

Unlock a hero for the first time.

Team Builder
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

I picked up Warden Momish on the second floor. It requires three floors to permanently unlock a character. Since he's survived the three floors, he's now a permanent hero in my starting roster, and we net an achievement.

Since I'm now up to almost 400 Food, I'm going to level Max up a bit (we're going for a maxed out character). At Level 5, Max will learn Pilfer (it looks like a magnifying glass in his skills list). This skill collects extra Dust. Whenever Max enters a room that gives Dust, Max will get one extra. So you will see +8, for example, then a +1 over Max's head. At Level 7, he learns Repair (a monkey wrench in the Skills list), which lets him repair any damaged modules (except Artifacts), which is a lovely skill when your guns are taking a beating. Any module that has a blue health bar above it has taken damage, so let Max fix them as needed. I build two Food modules and put both of my operators on them then build one of each for Industry and Science. I use the Food I have to level Max up to Level 7.

We're now going to start branching out into other weaponry since the monsters only get tougher and more numerous from here. You can play around with the weapons available and see what you like best. These are just my personal favorites:

Smoking Guns - machine guns with a very long range (my favorite)

KIP Cannons - a laser-type weapon that does damage based on how much Science you have stocked; can hit really hard

Neurostuns - greatly reduce the speed of enemies, keeping them in your gun rooms longer, especially great in long rooms

Tear Gas - greatly reduces enemy defense, making all of your guns hit twice as hard

Dust Generators - upgraded to IV, these can raise hero defense by 84%, so they're great in a fall-back room on a tough floor

Most recommendations I read when I started the game said to put down KIP Cannons and Tear Gas, adding a Neurostun when there's a slot for it, which works nicely, but I like to add Smoking Guns, as well, along with Teslas so that I have a variety of attacks. Just like Teslas eat up crystalline enemies, others are more susceptible to Smoking Guns. If I have three minor module slots in a room, I will put a Tear Gas, a KIP Cannon, and a Smoking Gun. If I have an extra slot, I'll add another Smoking Gun. If I have my main gun rooms set up but think I need more protection, I'll add an extra room full of Prisoner Prods with a Neurostun. Just experiment until you find what works for you.

After opening all doors, head to the Exit.

Reminder - Research, research, research!


I have 500+ Food now, so I'm going to give Max two more levels; he should now be Level 9. I'm also giving Deena three levels because she's falling behind. She can also use Operate at Level 4, so she can guard a module, too. She's more important as a defensive character, however, so don't lose sight of that. Use items to boost stats as much as you can, especially when you can up the Wit stat on your operators.

Just a few doors later, I run into Mizi Kurtz. Now I must decide whether to recruit a new hero to unlock or keep those I have. Though I just spent some Food on Deena, I don't have a lot invested in her, so I remove all of her equipment and go to the Stat screen to Dismiss her. Mizi is a stronger fighter, so we'll recruit her.

By now, you know to have at least three resource generators going on every floor with operators on what you need the most, putting down gauntlets, opening all doors, so I won't keep repeating it.


I'm back to 500+ Food, so Max gets two more levels. He is now at Level 11, and Pilfer has upgraded, so now I get +2 Dust.

I run into three more heroes, but I'm happy with my operators and Mizi is not yet unlocked, so I ignore them all.


I now have 850 Food (aren't Operators great?!), so it's two more levels for Max (Level 13). On Floor 8, I receive my first Alert. An Alert indicates a large stationary monster. If you don't have to go through this room, you can ignore it if you wish, but you won't auto-heal again until it's dead, so I send Max to kill it; he's pretty strong now, but be prepared to heal him. Open all doors and exit.


I've just unlocked Mizi as a permanent character, so I can let her go now if I find someone new to recruit. I have just over 1000 Food, so I'm giving Max those last two levels, and we have another achievement!

Maxed Out

Level up a hero to level 15 for the first time.

Maxed Out
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

Now that this achievement is out of the way, in your next playthrough, you can level up you heroes more evenly.

You're probably starting to notice that we have more monsters and less Dust now, so we're going to learn a new way to collect Dust. If you find a Merchant, build a Shop in a well-defended area. Add a Mechanical Pal then put an Operator on the Shop. It will now generate Dust. It works differently than other modules. Instead of half the operator's Wit, it will receive 10%. The Mechanical Pal adds one more, so it will probably be +2 or +3, but you will receive this for every door opened as long as the Merchant is in the shop, which can really save your bacon on the upper floors. You should also be beefing up your gun rooms. At this point, you'll have guns in most of the lit rooms, so keep on generating those resources. I've built so much on this floor that I receive another achievement:

Too Much Is Not Enough

Build 50 modules in a single floor.

Too Much Is Not Enough
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

You'll also be finding Cryo Capsules by now. You trade 20 industry to open these. In return, you will receive some Food (usually 20-25), nothing, or a hero will appear that can be recruited. In the last room, I dismiss Mizi and recruit a new hero.

With the help of the shop, I light every room between the crystal and the Exit.

Reminder - Don't use pause and keep researching!


I again have almost 1000 Food, so I bring my other three characters up to Level 6. Keep plenty of food on hand in case you run into a swarm and need to heal. On this floor, we see the image of a rhino coming out of an enemy spawn. These enemies are a royal pain because they break open doors. They can open multiple doors in a row if you don't find and kill them, which can lead to disaster by triggering multiple monster spawns. You also receive no resources for the doors opened by this monster, so find it and kill it if it's in an area of unopened doors. If it's in an area where it can't destroy doors, let your gauntlets take it out like normal.

On this floor, I build a Shop before finding a Merchant. This is taking a chance since there might not be a Merchant on this floor, but with the increasing number of enemies, the Merchant could easily die before I get a Shop built for him, so it's worth a try for me. As it turns out, there's no Merchant on the floor, but I pick up plenty of Dust from monsters to get to the Exit.


For me, this floor starts out with four doors off the crystal. Bleh. If you notice your resources in the top left corner, you'll notice that we can only light up one room. Bleh again. I start with a Shop again, and this time, I find a Merchant after the eleventh door, so my plan works great! Keep a close eye on your characters' health as there are a ton of enemies here.

I've been diligent with my researching all the way through, so I unlock another achievement:

Rocket Scientist

Research all the modules (lvl 4).

Rocket Scientist
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

At this point, the floors are getting really tough. In addition to whatever resources you need, you should also build at least one LAN module, which will raise the defense of all of your modules by 200%, and one Tactical Hud, which will raise the attack of all of your characters by 26%. You should have guns in every lit room now. Keep a constant eye on character health and keep doing what you've been doing.

I recruit a new character on this floor. We don't have three floors left, but if the new hero survives until we finish the game, she'll become permanent.

Open all the doors and Exit.


Last floor!

Shop first, Industry, Tactical Hud, LAN Module. Guns in every room. Open every door.

And get that crystal to the Exit! You've done it!

You will now hear that lovely ping sound of an achievement being unlocked -- five times!

Real Heroes Don't Pause

Never use pause in a winning game.

Real Heroes Don't Pause
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

What's Behind Every Door?

Open each door in each floor in a winning game.

What's Behind Every Door?
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

Science Fair Winner

Research all the modules (lvl 1) in a winning game.

Science Fair Winner
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

Everybody Goes Home

Never have a hero killed in a winning game.

Everybody Goes Home
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

Basic Training

Win a game with the Escape Pod.

Basic Training
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

You will also unlock the Infirmary, Armory, Library, and Drill Pods.

If you missed any of these along the way, you'll have plenty of opportunities to get them in another playthrough. You now know what to do.

Now that we're back on the main menu page, you'll notice that everything and everyone is set back to original levels. You start from scratch on every playthrough. Since unlocking several characters in the first pod, I now have eleven heroes to choose from. One of the achievements is to win a game with every hero, so let's see how you know that.

If you scroll onto a hero's picture, his or her stats will come up. Here's what everything in that box means:

Yellow bar = Health

Grey bar = Speed

Orange bar = Strength

Purple bar = Wit

You also have three icons across the bottom:

Door with an arrow through it = Number of times hero has been in your party

Skull - Number of times hero has died

Pair of Wings - Number of times hero has won

As you play and re-play pods, you'll want to use at least a hero or two that hasn't won before to work toward that achievement.

Another achievement we'll work on this time requires that you win the game with one character from each of the groups on the ship: Guards, prisoners, and natives. Whom you start with isn't as important as whom you finish with. Before you get to Floor 12, make sure you have one person from each category in your party. I have them broken down below:

KenOpbotLady Joleri
Warden MomishTroeKreyang
Chef NamorGolgy

One other achievement we'll be working toward over multiple games is finishing our album. You should have received several messages in the Escape Pod that you had a new entry in your album. Most of your entries will be filled in this way - meeting new characters, encountering new monsters, finishing new pods, etc. There are ten, however, that you must arrange yourself, and all of them are conversations in the elevator with certain characters.

External image

Some characters have history with one another or something in common that instigates a conversation. These conversations will last over several floors riding the elevator. You'll know the conversation is done when the characters both start shining. Actually, they look like they're standing in shining lines of light; I can't really explain, but you'll know it when you see it. Each character involved gets a stat boost of some kind at the end of the conversation that lasts for the remainder of the dungeon. You'll want to pair up heroes along the way to get these conversations done.

Here's the list:

1. Sarah and Gork

2. Warden Momish and Deena

3. Elise and Rakya

4. Ken and Opbot

5. Ken and Chef Namor

6. Skroig and Golgy

7. Hikensha and Mizi

8. Hikensha, Kreyang, and Max

9. Max, Josh, Troe, and Warden Momish

10. Troe, Skroig, and Lady Joleri

It doesn't matter in what order you do these as long as you get them all. You might want to keep a list of them as you go; I haven't found any way in the game to track that.

External image

For this playthrough, DO NOT take both Sara and Gork; it can mess up our guard, prisoner, native achievement. You can use one or the other but not both.

So, let's begin the next pod.

Infirmary Pod

External image

On the menu page, set the difficulty to Too Easy ("Easy" isn't easy at all!), use the right bumper to choose Infirmary Pod, then choose your characters. I'm starting with Momish (guard) and Mizi (native). I've used Momish before but didn't finish the game with him, so he will be my main operator while Mizi will take Max's job. I'll need to pick up a criminal before I reach the dungeon now.

Since you don't auto-heal at the end of battles in the Infirmary Pod, this is a good place to work on the healing achievement.


Without Max's +2 on Science, we're only getting +3 per door, so go ahead and build a Science Generator first thing. Work on leveling up Momish to Level 4 for Operate, but don't run yourself short on food here because you don't auto-heal. Lots of the items here are potions. These work just like equipment, but the stat boosts are a double-edged sword. One stat will go up while another goes down, usually pretty significantly. I still use them for Wit, but I use regular equipment when I can find it.


Put down one of each module, level Momish up for Operate, and put him on the Food module to re-stock what you used on him. You don't have to research everything now, so focus on upgrading your resource generators and whatever weapons you need. You don't have to open every door either, but it's a good idea to do so on the easier floors in order to stock up on resources.

Since we're working on the healing achievement, heal every chance you get. You have to use 1000 Food in healing before the end of the game.


I find a Cleverex and give it to Momish to raise his Wit. I also find Ken, who hasn't been unlocked yet, so I recruit him.


Keep an operator on Food on every floor unless you run really low on Science. I find Opbot on this floor. I've already finished a game with him, but he's a good operator and has a scene with Ken on the elevator, so I take him along. He's also the criminal we need for one of our achievements.


Keep both Ken and Opbot at least until they finish their conversation in the elevator. Ken unlocks on this floor, so he can be replaced should I need to replace him. Prisoner Prods have been fine until now, but I start adding Teslas.

I find Elise on this floor. She's a guard, too, so I let Momish go so that I can unlock her. Her Wit isn't as high as Momish's, but she has two accessory slots, so I can increase her Wit with items. I level her up to learn Operate. I also level Ken up to Level 5 so that he learns Repair. He's faster, so he's opening doors now while Mizi guards the fall-ball position.


Using Prisoner Prods, Smoking Guns, and Teslas now. I'm also still putting up one of each Major Module with two operators going.

Don't forget to heal, heal, heal and keep doing research.


And....the game crashed.

If you have a save, it will be lost, as well. Good news is that Ken is still unlocked, so any doors I've opened should count,too. Back to the beginning.

I restart with Ken and Opbot and finish their conversation on Floor 5. I can mark them off the list.

Fast-forward back to Floor 7

Current party: Ken, Opbot, Momish, Kreyang (guard, prisoner, native)

Resources: 561 Industry, 389 Science, 719 Food

I level everyone up to Level 5; Ken can Repair and everyone else can Operate.

Reminder - Keep healing!


Keep building and laying guns like usual. I put up two Science and make a final push on Research. Up to this point, I have opened every door and have a good supply of Industry and Food. I’ve been healing my door opener a lot, but since each heal uses only five or six Food, it seems to be going slowly. We’re going to help the achievement along. Since I have almost 700 Food, I leave a couple of rooms on the path to the exit dark (you can leave the exit and the room before it dark or rooms that lead into the path). I stop in a dark room very near the exit and wait for enemies to attack me. Make sure you have control of all of your characters then sit and heal them all as they fight. In a very short time, I’ve used 350 Food healing and receive:

Medpack Addict

Spend 1 000 Food by healing heroes in a single game.

Medpack Addict
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

Do not try this if you’re low on food and don’t try it with more than one or two dark rooms. You don’t want to get so swarmed that you start losing characters.


I haven’t Researched everything, but I’ve maxed out everything that I use, so I’m putting more energy into Industry and Food now. I build two Food (operated), one Industry (operated), and one Science (unoperated). I also build a LAN Module.

We don’t want to abandon Science completely. If you use a lot of special attacks, you can refill those attacks instantly with Science (use Rest Hero on the stats screen), so always keep at least a little Science on hand. I’m not going to bother operating them anymore, but I’ll still build one now and again.

On this floor, I’m up to 600 Industry and 800 Food, so when I find the Exit, I decide to go on to the next floor. Since the doors I haven’t opened will open on their own as soon as I take the crystal, I’ll manipulate which rooms are lit and put down a couple of room of guns and a neurostun to slow down enemies coming in behind me then head to the Exit.


I find a Merchant in the very first room, so I set up a Shop with a Mechanical Pal, a Dust Generator, Tear Gas, and KIPs and leave my best operator. I also put up one of each resource generator with operators on Food and Industry plus a LAN Module. I lose my Science since no one is around it and elect not to build back. I find the Exit very soon on this floor, so I open just enough doors to completely light my path to the Exit and move on.


I still have the same party: Ken (guard), Opbot (prisoner), Kreyang (native), and Momish (guard), so I’m good for the achievement we’re working on. If you’re missing one of them, try to fix that as soon as possible.

I’m going to start with a Shop and a ton of guns.

I meet Rakya (prisoner) and let her take Opbot’s place since I’ve already finished a game with him.

For the first time in the game, I hit an item bug. This is the only nice bug in the game. Every once in a while, when you sell an item to a Merchant, he’ll give you half the selling price and the item won’t leave your inventory. When this happens, exploit it. It won’t affect your game at all (it won’t crash). It will only be one item. This particular Merchant deals in Food, so I sell my Prisoner Uniform until I have 3,000 Food, level all of my characters up to Level 12, then sell for 3,000 more. This is enough to get all four of my characters up to Level 15. Now, I stock up on 2,000 Food and I’m on my way.

I find the Exit halfway through the floor, so I stay only long enough to light a safe path and I exit.


I have four doors leading off the crystal. Yuck.

Shop first then resources and as many guns as you can build. Major Module slots will be scarce. I find an Artifact that I don’t need, so I destroy it to create a place for my Shop. There’s very little Dust here because I don’t have enough light to set up my gauntlets. Keep your guns repaired and your people healed. Set up a Tactical Hud and Lan Module when you can.

Make it to the Exit.

You'll unlock:

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Escape the dungeon with a Guard, a Prisoner and a Native as your team.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

Graduated Med School

Win a game with the Infirmary Pod.

Graduated Med School
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMultiple Playthroughs Required

I finished with four new heroes, and I now have thirteen heroes unlocked.

Armory Pod

For me, the Armory Pod is the most difficult in the game. With this pod, you’ll start with four heroes, and they will be stronger than usual, but you will have no Industry generator, no offensive weapon builds, and no new heroes to recruit, so you have to play smart and quite differently than we have thus far.

For future reference, the Armory Pod is great for conversations involving more than two people. You can choose whomever you need, continue until the conversation is finished, then save and quit. You can then start a new game.

Okay, let’s get started.

Make sure you choose Too Easy. For my party, I choose Max, Gork, Mizi, and Deena.

I’m taking Max for his skills. The others are strong, and I haven’t finished a game with them yet.

This will be a good time to work on the achievement that requires us to not lose any Dust, so for this dungeon, before you open any door right off the crystal, always bring all four of your characters back to the crystal. Use both bumpers to make them all move at the same time and run through the door of your choice all at once (i.e. rush the door). After you’ve finished an area, bring all four back to the crystal (yes, even operators), then rush the next door leading off the crystal. Once it’s safe, you can send your operators back where they were. Be sure everyone is in the crystal room before you choose to open a door. Heroes can move at such different speeds that half of your people might not make it in time if you choose the door first rather than the room.

Our goal here is to never have the crystal touched (it can’t be hurt when being carried). Also, we don’t want to buy anything from merchants that deal in Dust. The game interprets spending Dust as damage to the crystal, so don’t buy anything with Dust!

We will also open all doors on every floor, at least until the floors start getting tough, so that we can build up as much Industry as possible.

This pod is all about lighting as many rooms as possible (so fewer enemies spawn) and building choke points to protect your characters and your crystal.


When you begin, the only thing available to build is Food +3, so we won’t bother building anything on this floor. You will have several weapons in inventory, so equip your party. Let Max open doors while the other three stand in the room just outside the crystal. Dump your extra gear with a Merchant if you get a chance (preferably for Industry) and Exit the floor after all doors are open.


I build one Food Module and continue on. Once I’ve safely opened all the doors off the crystal (always have enough Dust available to immediately light up at least one room in every direction off the crystal), I send Gork and Deena back to guard the Food Module and leave Mizi to guard the first room on the opposite side of the crystal so that the crystal is guarded from both directions.

Research: Science generator, dust generator, tear gas, and viral injector.

I put down no guns on this floor. With no Industry modules, we must use our resources carefully.


Rush a door with all four players. Set up a Science module if you have it with a dust generator, tear gas, and viral injector. Level Max up to Level 4 and leave him to Operate the module. Let Deena open doors for now. Leave everyone else with Max. When Deena runs into enemies, let her run back to the others.

Research: Food upgrade, pepper spray, suppressive firebot, upgraded tear gas


Start the same as Floor 3: Science (operated), dust generator, tear gas, viral injector; Deena opens doors.

When you have enough Food, Level Deena up to Level 4 and set her up on a Food generator with Max still on Science – same defensive set-up on both. Mizi opens doors.

Try to open all the doors on one side before moving to another door off the crystal. With luck, you’ll find a small area that you can completely light up. Then you can leave one operator there alone and then build your defensive set-up on the other side with the other operator, Gork for killing, and Mizi to open doors.

I open all the doors on this floor to make the most out of the building I’ve done.


Food and Science with operators. Build your choke points. Don’t let the crystal get touched.

Choke point: neurostun, dust generator, tear gas, viral injector. If only three minor module slots, leave out the neurostun


Rush the door. I find a merchant first thing, so I build a Shop. I also level up all of my characters to Level 5. Max now has Pilfer, so he’s back as my door opener. I will put up my choke points, one Food, and one Science.


Food (operated) then in next room, a choke point. I level up all of my people to Level 6.


Food (operated), choke point, best weapons on all characters. Found a Merchant, so I build a Shop.

Level everyone up to Level 7.


I’ve been very frugal with my industry so far. I put up one Science and two Food (operated) with choke points.

I find the Exit fairly soon on this floor. I probably should open more doors, but I’m getting swamped, so I open all the doors on just the one side, light up what I can, and make a run for it. I almost lost Max, so keep your finger on the heal button. Exit.


Rush the door. Dust factory! Whoo!

Two Food (operated) and one Science. I find a Merchant, but he deals in Dust, so I move on. Don't buy anything with Dust!

Choke point: Dust generator, neurostun, bio transference, viral injector, and tear gas

I had to open all the doors on this floors to find the Exit. I have almost 700 Food, so I raise all characters to Level 8.


Two Food (both operated). My operators keep having to leave their positions to protect the crystal, and I only have six lit rooms, so I make a run for it when I find the Exit. I used 400 Food healing my party and lost Mizi. I should have built more on this floor.


Build as much destructive and defensive stuff as you can. Put up Food to build up in case you have to run for it. Build a Shop while you look for a Merchant. DO NOT lose a character trying to save artifacts or modules. Let them go down. It’s the last floor and you need these people alive!

I have two foods, a Shop, a LAN Module. Max goes around to Repair everything from time to time. I find the Exit after Door 29 and a Merchant after Door 30.

I have only two doors off the path to the Exit unlit and 500 Food, so I make a run for it. It’s not too far. Gah, I hate this pod! But we made it!

Guns 'n Glory

Win a game with the Armory Pod.

Guns 'n Glory
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMultiple Playthroughs Required

Dust Hoarder

Never lose Dust in a winning game.

Dust Hoarder
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

Unlocked Refreezerator Pod

What a relief for that to be over. We’re going a slightly different direction now. We’re going to play Endless Day. This achievement must be obtained on 1/21, which means you have two ways to go about it. You can wait until January 21st, or you can re-set the time on your Xbox One. We're going with the second method.

To change the date, unhook your One from the internet then do a hard re-set (hold the power button down for ten seconds). You should now be able to go into Settings and change the date. I don't know that the year matters, but I chose 1/21/2017.

You will have a new character available, Esseb Tarosh, who has some pretty nice skills. You'll see him on the [new] bottom row. If you keep him alive for three floors and/or finish the game with him, he will become permanently unlocked like your others. This is a totally optional character; he doesn't count for the achievement to win a game with every character. I don't think it matters which pod you use, but I stuck with the Escape Pod on Too Easy.

One thing to be aware of - the description of this achievement is a bit deceiving. You don't have to just "play" on 1/21; you must win a game, so play this pod just like you did the very first one to receive

Endless Day

Play during the Endless Day (01/21) and get this achievement.

Endless Day
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerTime/Date

Library Pod

External image

The Library Pod is the easiest of the pods with the possible exception of the Escape Pod. Your heroes will have no weapons, but they will all be smarter, so your operators can really pile up the resources. If you haven’t got the Research-related achievements yet, this is a great place to pick them up.

Since this is an easier pod and Sara is hard to keep alive, I’m going to use her here. I choose Gork, too, so that we can get their conversation. This will take seven floors, so keep them both in your party/alive until the conversation is complete. If you come across the item Aftershave, Sara can equip it to avoid so much damage.


You will have two items in inventory that will let you Repair and Operate immediately. Give Repair to Sara and Operate to Gork

I build one Science (operated by Gork) and two KIP Cannons in the first room. Research as much as you can; try to get prisoner prod early since it’s such a cheap weapon. Sara will be your door opener for now because she’s so fast.


I build one Science with two KIP Cannons. In the next room, one Industry (operated by Gork), a KIP and two Teslas.

I find and recruit Max and level him up to Operate.


One of each resource generator with operators on two.


Start the regular drill now – gauntlets, operators, and fall-backs. Don’t forget to pick up dust and repair your modules.


Start adding Shops as you find Merchants.


I have now researched everything, so I won’t need much Science from now on.


Regular drill plus Shop, LAN, Tactical HUD.


Build a Shop first. Josh has such high Wit here, that he will produce +5 Dust per door operating a shop with a Mechanical Pal.


Shop first again. This is a particularly bad floor with few Major Module slots, but I manage it.


Win a game with the Library Pod.

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMultiple Playthroughs Required

So far, we've finished five playthroughs (plus a bit more if you've had any crashes). So, let's assess where we are. Here on TA, if you go to the game and then compare with a friend, it will tell you how many hours you have in the game, the achievements you have and haven't done, and how many doors you've opened. After five playthroughs, I have right at 18 hours, 19 achievements, and 1400 doors. The eighteen hours is slow because I was taking notes along the way; still, you should have a good idea now of just how long opening the 10,000 doors is going to take.

Refreezerator Pod

External image

With this pod, you can only use one hero, and that hero can't heal. Food now is used to re-spawn your hero if he or she dies. I use Hikensha for this one. She has a great skill set for this challenge. She has Repair, Nyctophilia, War Face, and Sacrifice. Nyctophilia ups her speed in dark rooms while it increases the chance of Dust drops from monsters.

Choose Too Easy.


Level hero up to Level 3 immediately. On this floor, I build a three-room gauntlet, using a total of seven prisoner prods. That's all I build on the first floor. Fall back to your guns to fight. By the end of the floor, I level her up two more levels to get Endless Expert (Science +2).


Build one of each resource generator; I use only prisoner prods on this floor to save industry.

Don't forget the technique of letting her lead enemies back and forth between gun rooms to lessen damage to her.


I build two Industry and two Food. I give Hikensha two more levels to Level 7. She now has the active skill Sacrifice, which is a great offensive skill.


I have 270 Food, so I get Hikensha to Level 9; she can now repair her pods. I start adding Teslas and Neurostuns in with my prisoner prods now.


I have 300+ Food, so I level her to Level 11. Two Food, Two Industry, One Science. Let her go around and repair and pick up Dust.


Back to 300+ Food, so I level her again to Level 12. I build one of each resource generator and plenty of guns to protect her.


I have 400+ Food, so I level her up to Level 14. She now gets +3 Science per door.


I'm able to max out her level now, so she's at Level 15, which upgrades Sacrifice. Build one of each generator and your gauntlets.

FLOORS 9 and 10

Two Industry, two Science, and gauntlets. I build no more Food after this point, but if you're worried about how much Food you have, throw one in.

FLOORS 11 and 12

Build a Shop first with a Mechanical Pal. You won't have an operator here, but if you find a Merchant, it will still give you +1 Dust per door, which helps. I build two Industry and a LAN. Go around and pick up Dust and repair modules.

I was remarkably lucky on the last floor. I found several items in chests then a Merchant that dealt in Dust, so I sold off all that extra stuff and was able to light several more rooms.

Out of the Cold

Win a game with the Refreezerator Pod.

Out of the Cold
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMultiple Playthroughs Required

Sanitary Pod

External image

The Sanitary Pod is "Hard Mode," but don't be intimidated by that. It is a little more difficult in that you will have fewer module slots and fewer heroes to recruit along the way, but you know how to play this game now. Use choke points to build gun stations, build your gauntlets, and use the lower floors to stockpile resources. Don't run your food so low with leveling that you run short for healing. I played on Too Easy and started with Max and Hikensha. Recruit whomever you find along the way because you won't meet many heroes.

Mr Cleaner

Win a game with the Sanitary Pod.

Mr Cleaner
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMultiple Playthroughs Required

Now we're going to do a bit of backtracking. Go back to the Escape Pod, choose Too Easy, then hit the Start button without choosing any heroes. Your game will then begin with two random heroes. I came up with Elise and Skroig, which is fine. If you don't like the heroes you get, abandon the game and start again. The thing to remember here is DO NOT RECRUIT ANY OTHER HEROES. You've already finished the game with one character, so two won't be a problem at all, even if they're random. Once you're done, you'll get

Members Only

Win a game with the Escape Pod without recruiting additional heroes.

Members Only
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

Go through and check to see which heroes have not yet been in a winning game then play different pods until you've won a game with every hero:

Champions' League

Win a game with each hero.

Champions' League
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMultiple Playthroughs RequiredTime Consuming

Continue playing different pods while you work on character conversations. Somewhere along the way, you should get


Kill each type of mob 50 times.

Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +Multiple Playthroughs RequiredTime Consuming

Drill Pod

I'm not going to fib - the Drill Pod is a pain, but I still found it less difficult than the Armory Pod. You just have to play smart. You know how to play, so I'm not going to break it down floor by floor. Think of it in thirds.


Conserve and stockpile resources. Start out with two each of Science and Industry and one Food. Once you've finished all the Research you need, switch to two each of Industry and Food.


Research should be done now. Keep building Industry and Food and focus on leveling up your party.

FLOORS 17-23

Your party should be strong by now, and you should have good stockpiles of your resources. Your focus now should be on operated Shops, LAN Modules, and Tactical Huds. Throw in generators as needed. The LAN Modules and Tactical Huds will keep you alive. If they go down, build them back.

As soon as you reach the 24th floor, you should get two achievements:

Endless Mining

Reach the 24th floor with the Drill Pod.

Endless Mining
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMultiple Playthroughs Required

Yearbook Editor

Complete the Album.

Yearbook Editor
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectableMultiple Playthroughs RequiredTime Consuming

Yearbook Editor is received for completing your album, and the Drill Pod is the last entry.

That only leaves three achievements.

I Could Quit If I Wanted To

Open 10 000 doors.

I Could Quit If I Wanted To
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +Multiple Playthroughs RequiredTime Consuming

The 10,000 doors is self-explanatory. If you haven't fired Dexterous yet, shuffle around different pods while you're working on the doors. The Drill Pod does not have to be included.

That leaves only the two online achievements, and these could be problematic, primarily because online mode in this game is dead. I'm not quite sure why no one plays this online, especially as it's a fairly new title for the One, but you will most likely need to set up a session here on TA to get these unless you have a friend that has the game. Give yourself about three hours in a session. That's a fair time estimate.

The online multiplayer doesn't play as easily as single player. All resources are split between the players. I played with only one other person (you can get the achievement with 2-4 players), so instead of 8 Industry, we each received 4. I'm assuming that if there were four of us, we would each have received 2. In the multiplayer menu, players can give resources to each other, even heroes, but not items. Nothing found on the floors is shared, so if one person is opening all the doors, he or she will receive all of the items and resources found along the way unless making an effort to bypass chests and leave some for the other player(s). The easiest way around this is probably to take turns. If two people are playing, they can open doors every other floor so that it's a fair divide of found items. Merchants are the same way. If a Merchant has five items, that's not five available per player. If Player 1 buys the machine gun you wanted, that's too bad; there was only the one. Also, if only two people are playing, each will have to recruit an AI hero along the way if four heroes are desired, but then one must level up and keep healed both characters out of your half-resources, so it's very easy to constantly be running short, so doubling up when you can on building generators might be a good idea.

After completing the first floor, one will receive

Onward and Upward

Complete the first floor for the first time in a multiplayer game.

Onward and Upward
Online Game ModeCooperative

After completing an entire pod online, you'll get that last elusive achievement:

The Other Great Escape

Win a multiplayer game.

The Other Great Escape
Online Game ModeCooperative

This is the only achievement I have not yet won. I've been attempting it with a friend from TA, but thus far, every attempt has ended in the game getting out of sync, kicking one of us, or crashing. There may be connection issues involved, but I'm getting much the same vibe as when I first started the game. I got into the habit of holding my breath to see if it was going to let me go on to the next floor or crash, so I'm thinking Amplitude hasn't dealt with the online bugs yet like they have with the solo play.

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And there you have it! Congratulations on finishing Dungeon of the Endless!

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