Among the Sleep


Welcome to the TrueAchievements walkthrough for Among the Sleep! This is standard indie-game fair for Xbox One, a fairly easy, rather short, but somewhat enjoyable completion. The game plays like a child's nightmare, or a dark fairy tale, with the lesson being ... well, I'll leave that spolier-free. If you're looking for easy gamerscore, you've come to the right place. While it may take a little over two hours to finish, nearly half of that time will be reading this guide as you go, or watching the included 100% completion video.

There is no need for a hints and tips page. Technically all the achievements are missable save for the game-completion one, but the collectibles are easy to find and will net six of the ten achievements. The remaining three are extremely simple and will come easily. I'll leave you to it with a quick rundown of the controls.

cn_RB grabs ahold of objects. Use this to manipulate doors, drawers, stools, boxes, etc. It also 'selects' items from your inventory, in the few instances where that is necessary.

cn_Y opens your inventory. This will only be used a handful of times in the game.

cn_X picks things up. This will primarily be used to grab the 50 collectible drawings, as well as a few story-related items along the way.

cn_LB throws items you are currently holding with cn_RB. This is only used during the 4th chapter, The Closet.

cn_B makes baby stand up and walk. This lets you move faster, but after a short distance he gets tuckered out and falls to a crawl again. Think of it like sprinting for babies.

That's all you really need to know! You could probably find all the collectibles and 1k the game in 3-4 hours even without a guide, but if you wish to be as expedient as possible with your completion, please continue. toast

100% Walkthrough

Story Walkthrough

The game starts off with you in a high chair, and mommy nearby, working on your birthday cake. You can let this preamble play out if you wish, or you can skip this introductory scene to start the game proper (well, the tutorial proper at any rate) by interacting with the ball on the table in front of you with cn_A.

You’ll gain control of your baby avatar inside his playpen. Turn around and move the ball out from in front of the tube by holding cn_RB to grab it and using the thumb stick to move it. Crawl through the tube and over the boxes to your left using cn_A. Continue up and over the railing to make your escape out into the room. For the rest of the walkthrough, I will use “grab” to refer to using cn_RB to manipulate things.

Turn right immediately and look for a toy bowling ball next to the rocking horse. Grab it and push it through the pins nearby until they all fall down to unlock Strike.


Score a strike in the kid's room

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Turn left and open the treasure chest-like box to find your creepy teddy bear companion. This begins the tutorial of sorts. Follow the bear around the room and follow his instructions. To cover your eyes, just pause the game (menu button), then find your pink elephant behind the afore-mentioned treasure chest. For the music box, pull out the drawer in the dresser using cn_RB and right thumbstick, then interact with the music box. Follow him to the train tracks and start up the train by pushing the button after he finishes reading the book.

Pick up the teddy, then grab the box from in front of the closet and move it. Grab the closet door and open it, then head inside and follow the streaks on the floor through to Narnia… erm, through the closet and back to the doors, where mommy will greet you and put you in bed. Now starts the real game. You’ll wake up in the middle of the night, with the lights out.

Chapter 1 – The House

Once your bed falls over, head out into the hallway. Continue down the hall and turn the corner to the left at the end. You should see a stool in front of you, near the far door. Grab the stool and push it over near the door, then open the door by grabbing it and pushing the door forward. You should see a long hall in front of you leading to a banister on the stairs, and an open door to the laundry room on the right. Go into the laundry room, grab the washing machine plug, and pull it out of the wall. Open the machine and pick up your teddy bear before heading back out into the hall.

Go straight ahead from the laundry door to the far end of the hall to find Drawing #1/50 in the left corner (left of the railing along the stairs). These drawings save immediately, so if you miss any you can reload chapters to find the ones you missed and quit out once you get them. Go down the stairs and turn left at the bottom. Head the end of the hall, into the living room. You should see a TV to the right and a piano to the left. Climb onto the bench and play the piano for Instrument #1/2 toward the Baby Mozart achievement.

Drop down and look behind the piano for Drawing #2/50. Facing the piano, turn around 180 degrees and look in the corner with the lamp directly ahead of you for Drawing #3/50. Turn left 90 degrees when facing this lamp with the piano at your back, and check the far corner (on the other side of the door to the kitchen) for Drawing #4/50. Go into the afore-mentioned doorway into the kitchen, and under the island straight ahead of you in the room’s center for Drawing #5/50. Exit out the other side of the island and turn right. Drag the chair next to the table on your right over to the door on the left in order to reach the handle to open the door.

You should see a pair of boots in front of you. Turn to your right and look in the free-standing closet to your immediate right, just past the door you exited, for Drawing #6/50. Continue past the closet and around the corner to the right, then around a second corner to the left. Lighting will flash outside the window here. Enter the room on your left, just before the window. As you enter, look in the nearest corner to your immediate left for Drawing #7/50. On the far side of the room from where you entered, there is a filing cabinet. Grab its drawers and pull them out (one on the right side, then one higher up on the left side) in order to climb on top of it, where you’ll find Drawing #8/50.

Drop down from the filing cabinet (onto the drawers first, then down) and enter the door next to it. You should be in a long hallway with a shelving unit on the right side, and green wallpaper on the left. At the far end of the hall, in the corner of the shelving unit on your right, you’ll find Drawing #9/50 beside some boots. Use the drawers to climb onto the top of the unit, and extend the uppermost shelf as far out as it will go in order to reach the handle on the door across from it. Open the door and enter. You should now be in a bedroom. In the far-right corner from where you entered is another free-standing closet. Inside, you’ll find Drawing #10/50 and unlock the House Drawings achievement if you found all ten here in the house.

House Drawings

Find all drawings in the house

House Drawings
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

Return to the side nearest the door and use the bedside table’s drawer to climb up it and onto the bed. Interact with the blankets to see mommy’s gone, and duck under the bed to avoid the boogeyman. Head out the door directly across from the bed and follow the streaks on the floor down the hall and through a door on the left. Continuing out into the living room, you’ll see the monster again and need to duck under the table to your left. The monster is easy to avoid, but if you die, the checkpoints are rather forgiving in this game, and there is no achievement for completing anything without dying.

Head out from under the opposite side of the table, to the far-left door from where you entered the room. You should now be in a hallway with a slightly-cracked door to your right. Open the door to reveal what looks like some sort of tiny, trippy movie set, with a silvery-undulating wall on the far side and a large flood lamp on the right. Move into the rippling silver way, and you’ll be told you’re entering a memory. Continue straight ahead and take the pendant from the ‘memory’ mom’s hand. Beyond her, you’ll re-enter the world of color, be told you can use cn_Y to open your inventory, and slide down a pipe ahead of you.

You’ll exit the pipe in a psychedelic dreamlike world, a hub of sorts, where you’ll need to progress forward to a playhouse. Interact with the window in the door to send your teddy through, who will open the door for you. After your teddy examines the furnace-looking device on the left, open your inventory with cn_Y, take out the pendant with cn_RB, and place it inside. Grab the door and close it, then grab the crank wheel on the right and turn it until it locks. Examine the small blue hole at the bottom of the large round portal to the right of the furnace thing, and the teddy will use his tiny arm to open it. This leads to the next chapter, The Caves.

Chapter 2 – The Caves

Right as you land at the start here, grab the Xylophone in front of you, which is musical Instrument #2/2 for the Baby Mozart achievement.

Baby Mozart

Find and play all the instruments

Baby Mozart
3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

Go straight up the path ahead of you and around to the right, through an open fence. Straight ahead, you should see a sort of round platform with a wooden gate on either side. Make sure to pick up Owl #1/6 just at the base of the platform, on the right, before stepping onto it. The platform will turn, allowing you to exit on the far side. Continue down the path ahead of you and you should find Drawing #11/50 to your right in a dark corner, right before reaching a slide. Make sure to grab it before going down, or you’ll have to restart the level to get it.

Take the slide down, and you should see a building in front of you and a teeter-totter (see-saw) to your left. Grab Owl #2/6 just in front of it. Go around the left side of this see-saw and you should see a wooden bench just ahead of you (behind the see-saw if facing from where you first approached). At its base on the left end is Drawing #12/50. Facing the bench as you get this drawing, turn left and follow along the fence. You should pass under or alongside what looks like decrepit monkey bars and see a small wooden shed up ahead on your left. Enter the shed to find Owl #3/6 shining by a fishing pole backdrop. Something creepy happens, but not to worry. Just wait for the door to open.

Exit the shed, and you should see those monkey bars ahead and the fence on the left, in which a gate will open. Go through the gate and turn slightly left up the path to the left of a short slide. At the top of the path, you’ll reach another circular platform, but don’t step onto it. Instead, climb up the rocks to your right a couple of levels, then look down to your left. You should see Drawing #13/50 sitting in the grass behind the circular platform, under a bench. Drop down to get it, then look behind the rear edge of the round platform for Owl #4/6. Pick it up and step onto the platform, which will spin around, allowing you to get back to the path you came up.

At the base of the hill, just as you reach the slide you passed earlier and before you reach the fence, turn left and hug the zone wall underneath the slide. Continue to hug the left side, which will force you to turn left and go up another path. You’ll know you’re on the right one if you see a couple of glowing orange leaves on a short plant up ahead on your left as you go up the slope. Just past this, you should see a box with a rock on top of it. Just behind this box, you should find Drawing #14/50. Up above, you should see a tire swing. Although it looks too high, you can grab it with cn_RB and pull it down, then swing it back and forth to knock the rock off the box. Once the rock falls, open the box to get Owl #5/6.

Facing the box on the side opposite where the lid falls when it opens, turn to your left. You should be facing the path that slopes down, past that plant with the two glowing portions at the top. Go down the path, passing a large stone owl statue on your right. Just ahead on the left, you should see a sort of tent/tee-pee like structure, with Drawing #15/50 inside on the ground. Facing this tent with your back to the path you came down, turn about 45 degrees to your left and look for a small wooden fort-like structure. Go in and grab move the larger box out of your way using cn_RB, revealing a small gap that you can crawl through.

On the other side of the gap, you’re in a semi maze, albeit small. Hug the wall to your right, which will force you to do a nearly 180-degree turn to the right around the end of it a few paces ahead. Once you’ve rounded this wall, you’ll see another large stone owl to the left, although from this vantage (behind it), it may just appear to be a large boulder. Look on the other side of it to see that it is hollow, containing Drawing #16/50. Continue around the back of this owl statue, and as you round the back of it the path you came from will have changed slightly, with a newly-opened hole to the right through which you can drop down.

After dropping down, look to your left as you proceed down the cave/tunnel to find Drawing #17/50 a very short distance from the hole you dropped down through, in a small nook. Continue following the path down until you reach a pit, which you will circle around. On the far side, make sure to walk out onto the plank hanging over the pit to get Owl #6/6. Its light makes it very hard to miss. At the end of the path, you’ll reach a doorway held closed with a wooden board. Just grab the board and lift it out of its holder to ‘unlock’ the door, then grab the door and push it open to exit the tunnel.

After exiting, immediately look to your left behind a bench to find Drawing #18/50. Turn around and cross past the tunnel you exited, heading toward a light in the distance. You will soon reach the area with the slide, and the gate in the fence to your left that leads to the area with the decrepit monkey bars. Go through the gate, and head up the hill to the left to the see-saw from earlier. Go to the lower end of it, and open your inventory. Take the bundle of six Owls you collected and place them on the lower end of the see-saw to hold it down. Now, you can climb onto the see-saw and use it as a ramp to reach the ledge higher up on the structure here.

Follow the platform around the structure and under a couple of gaps, up a level, around and through the structure again, and up once more. At the top of the structure, you’ll find a group of medium-sized owl statues, and Drawing #19/50. From here, cross the long, white bridge to your left to reach another ‘memory’, this one with less of an abrupt shift from color to greyscale. Continue forward and around the corner. Take the music box from memory mom’s hands, which will shift things back to a colorized world again. Straight ahead of you, in the corner on the left, is Drawing #20/50. If you’ve gotten all ten on this level, you’ll unlock Cave Drawings.

Cave Drawings

Find all drawings in the cave

Cave Drawings
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Turn right from this last drawing and cross the rainbow-colored bridge to reach the tunnel back to the dreamlike hub world. Pick up teddy; head back to the playhouse, and insert the music box memory into the furnace thing. Once the door opens, it will lead you to the next chapter, The Forest.

Chapter 3 – The Forest

You’ll start the level in front of a door, which leads into a long hallway that serves no purpose, seemingly. Exiting this hall leads out to the puzzle room. Climb up the chair against the wall to the right and grab the first puzzle piece from behind the frame. Walk over to the large tree stump in the room’s center and interact with the cloth to reveal the puzzle. Take the puzzle piece out of your inventory, and place it into the puzzle to reveal the path to the left, the first of three.

Go down the newly-opened path to the left, and climb into the painting, revealing the first area to explore here. Drop down and head over the arched bridge ahead, then take a right across some rocks in the water, and crawl through a hollow log. Straight ahead you should see a building with a window, and a tree beside it with a drawer sticking out higher up. Pull out the lower drawer that is facing you, and use it to climb up to the next drawer up, and from there to a 3rd drawer at the top. From here, open the window in the building and go through it to drop down to the path on the far side.

Continue ahead along the path, and you should see a tree stump/chair to the right, next to another building. Climb up them and into the building. Go through this narrow upper gap in the building and drop down into the building proper. You should see a fireplace ahead to your left. Cross to the far side of the room, then down the sloped beam in the center, and finally up a ramp that looks like a fallen wall or something to the left from the sloped beam. At the far end of the ramp, climb onto the wooden platform (floor, essentially) to your left, then go through the door on the right. You should see a candle burning just inside this doorway.

There is a round rug in this room, with a mattress beside it. On the mattress, you’ll find Drawing #21/50. Facing the rug from the mattress, you should see a small golden grate in the wall opposite from where you entered the room. Open this grate and crawl through. In this tunnel, you’ll find another golden grate on your left. Just before that, though, is the Puzzle Piece to open the next area, hard to miss if you’re here. Grab that, open the grate, and crawl out back to the great outdoors. Continue straight ahead as you exit the grate, and you’ll come to Drawing #22/50 by a fence in just a few feet.

Just to the left of this drawing, the tree has three drawers you can use to climb up and reach a hollowed tree trunk/slide leading down to the next part. When you land from this slide, walk forward about six or 7 paces and look for a hollow tree trunk to your left to crawl through. As you exit, make a slight right (about 45 degrees), and cross over a floating box in the water . You should see a school desk to the left, and an arched bridge. Cross over that bridge. On the far side, climb up the tree stump and pass through the painting to reach the puzzle room again. Place the puzzle piece you obtained into the puzzle to open the next path, directly opposite the one from which you came.

Go down the new path and through the painting. You’ll land inside a large room, on what looks like perhaps a china cabinet. Look for a candle holder on the far wall with three candles in it. Head toward this, and look to your left as you approach for a chair sitting in a little alcove, with Drawing #23/50 underneath. Turn around 180 degrees and go forward toward the small desk with a single candle on it. Turn left at the desk and move down the hall. A door will open to your right almost immediately. Enter this door, and cross the room under the bed to the far-left corner from where you entered to open another golden grate and climb into an air duct.

Open the gold grate on the far end of the duct and exit out underneath another bed. You’ll see a pair of boots drop down to your left from the bed. Continue to the end of the bed, turn 45 degrees to your left, and look in the far-left corner of the room from where you entered (opposite the bed) for Drawing #24/50. As you turn around, you’ll note it was just boots, no person attached to them. Spooky. Drag the stool across from the boots over to the nearby door and climb up it in order to open the door and continue. Turn right from the door, down the hall, to reach a window for more spookiness.

From the stool by the window, you should be able to open the door to your immediate left (when facing the window). Enter the room and drop down into the crawl space in the middle of the room and look for Drawing #25/50 just left from where you drop down before continuing to the far end of the crawl space/tunnel. You’ll exit out of the tunnel facing a well. Climb onto the bench by the well, and use cn_RB and right stick to grab and turn the crank, raising the barrel up from the well, which will contain the 3rd and final puzzle piece, as well as a small golden wedge-shaped key.

Behind the well, when facing it from the crank, you should see a wooden gate with a tree stump nearby. Head to this gate; climb up the stump; and use the key on the lock to open the gate. Cross the bridge on the far side. From here, land marks will get difficult, because you must avoid the monster by ducking into cover if the screen vibrates and/or you see it/him/her. It’s a small area though, so it shouldn’t be too bad. There is a large piano-looking thing (might be a bathtub?) in this area. With the piano/bathtub thing to your immediate right, turn left and cross over some wooden boards on the ground to see a structure with a single candle burning, and Drawing #26/50 hanging on the wall, under the desk with the candle.

Turn left from that drawing and head back out into the open area, where you should see the piano/bathtub in front of you again. Right near the base of it, what should be the far side from where you are if you just picked up #26, you should find Drawing #27/50 on the ground, near the water. Turn around 180 degrees from #27, and pass by the piano/bathtub thing, continuing forward toward a light in the distance. Progress forward and curve slightly right, and you should see a desk on your right, as well as what looks like curtains hanging off the left side of a pole between two trees.

Pass beneath this, keeping the water on your left, and you should see a lantern hanging on a post at the water’s edge, by a bridge. Cross this bridge to find a couple of moveable planks blocking a hole in the wall near a single candle on the right. Move the planks, and crawl into the hole. As you enter the structure, look for Drawing #28/50 in this room, between some barrels on your left. There’s a single square box in the room. Grab it and move it over near the two barrels to the right of where #28 was in order to climb onto those barrels, from which you can reach a green key hanging on a hook above where the drawing was.

Exit back out through the hole you entered, and cross the bridge. From the far side of the bridge, turn 90 degrees to your right and you should see a light off in the distance. You’ll have to follow the pathway around to the left to get there, and the monster will be patrolling the area. You will likely need to duck into cover once or twice to hide from the monster, but you should eventually reach a gate with a green lock on it. Pull the drawer out on the tree to the left, and use the green key on the lock to open the gate.

Continue forward into the next structure, climb up onto the barrel inside, and open the window. This should drop you back down into the room with the china cabinet-looking thing where you started this area. Climb back through the painting to reach the puzzle room, and place the 3rd piece into the puzzle to open the final path.

Entering the painting for the final path, you’ll a room full of book shelves. The first drawing in this room comes right away, and is hard to describe. Drop down from the window and turn about 45 degrees to your right. Walk forward, and you should pass by a chair on the right, with the bookshelf still on the left and one in front of you. Pass underneath the shelf in front, and you should find Drawing #29/50 right underneath it, toward the left-most end of the shelf (nearest the other shelf unit to your left).

You’ll come out facing the far wall, with another shelf in front of you. Turn left and follow along this wall until you reach another chair sitting to your right. Keeping the chair to your immediate right, and turn left 90 degrees. You should be facing out into the ‘woods’, with the floor giving way to grass/ground. Walk forward, and the screen should vibrate, signaling the monster’s presence. Whenever this happens, duck under the nearest object. In this case, it should occur around the time you are passing by a table/bench on the right.

Once the monster is gone, turn right just past this table/bench thing and hou should come out into a large open area, with a few trees in the middle. You should see a river of sorts in front of you. Turn left and walk along the river, keeping it to your right. At the end, you should see a log/board going across the river. Cross this. Continue straight once you cross the river until you hit the far wall, and turn 90 degrees to your right. Move forward until you see a book on a stand by a door on the left, and go through this door. Cross the room diagonally to the far-right corner and duck underneath the bed. On the other side of the bed, on the floor, you’ll find Drawing #30/50, unlocking Forest Drawings.

Forest Drawings

Find all drawings in the forest

Forest Drawings
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

Wait under the bed for the monster to enter and leave. Pull the chair to the right (when facing out from the bed) away from the wall, then grab and open the vent. Enter the vent, then the silvery memory. Grab the ‘book’ memory from mommy and continue down the tube slide into the dreamy hub world. Enter the house once again; place the book memory into the furnace thing; and turn the crank. Teddy will open the gate once more, leading to the ‘final’ chapter (even though we do the prologue AFTER the game), the The Closet.

Chapter 4 – The Closet

This level can be very confusing. My best advice would be to either follow along with the video, or follow these step-by-step instructions VERY carefully, making sure to note the COLOR of each door I instruct you to open.

From the start, step forward through the door and immediately open the 2nd door to your left (the first one is boarded up). It is a brownish-yellow door with concentric squares patterned on it. You should find Drawing #31/50 inside, on the floor. Step back from this door and turn right, continuing forward (away from where you entered), past some curtains on the right and a purple door on the left. Drop down over the ledge and go straight across from the ledge to another brownish-yellow square patterned door identical to the first one you opened (henceforth known as ‘brown door’). Inside this door, go around the corner and climb up the boxes to the ledge above.

On the upper ledge, open the door around the corner and exit. You should now be facing a desk-looking item with a gold grate on the front, and a small metal L-shaped rod holding the latch closed. Grab the rod and pull it out, which will allow the gate to open and funhouse-style super-long drawer with sheeps on the side to shoot out. Climb onto the long drawer, turn left, and follow it along. You’ll have to climb over a platform sticking out over the drawer midway across. At the far end, drop down to the smaller drawer/ledge on your right. Climb up the ledge. As you’re climbing up, you should notice a small gap in front of you with a soccer ball in it. Crawl into this gap to find Drawing #32/50.

Back out of the gap and continue climbing up. You’ll go up a grandfather clock that’s knocked over, forming a ramp. At the top of this ramp, open the first door to your right, a brown door. Inside, interact with the music box to unlock the Bad Lullaby achievement.

Bad Lullaby

Find the hidden music box

Bad Lullaby
3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

Exit from this closet and turn right (away from the ledge you climbed up). A little ways ahead, there will be a lamp on the right, and you may see the monster. At this lamp, turn left down the next hall. At the end of this hall you should see a painting, and just in front of it, on your right, a purple door slightly above ground level. Open this purple door to find Drawing #33/50 inside. Directly across from the purple door is another one of the brown doors. Open it, enter, and drop down to the floor below. Open the bluish door with the four circles on it on the far side of the room (henceforth known as ‘blue door’) to see the way forward blocked.

Now open the brown door that was on the right side of the room as you entered (your left now, facing back from the blue door). Enter and move forward through the room. You will drop down a short distance twice. From there, make sure to look for Drawing #34/50 on the left side a few feet ahead, before you drop down a 3rd time onto the path to the right. If you reach the lowest level of this closet, and find yourself following dark streaks on the ground and crawling under a low overhang, you missed the drawing. After passing under said overhang, you’ll exit a small opening out onto a larger room, with a large door with bright blue circles and a crescent-moon hole in it on the right.

Look for a yellow tennis ball here. Pick it up with cn_RB, and aim up to a shelf above where a glass bottle rests, holding the glowing blue’moon’ key to fit the afore-mentioned door. While holding cn_RB, tap cn_LB to ‘throw’ the ball at the bottle. You will need to aim higher than you think. Once you knock the bottle down, grab the glowing moon key and use it from your inventory on the door to open it. In the next room, you should see another door with glowing circles on it, this time yellow, with a star-shaped hole. You’ll be returning here. For now, follow the streaks on the floor to the left away from said door. You should be passing a bookshelf to your immediate left when still near the door. The streaks will lead to a closet, but before continuing on, look to your left behind that bookshelf, on the floor, for Drawing #35/50.

Open the closet the streaks led to, and climb up the boxes inside. Turn 90 degrees to your right, and cross the narrow plank to the far ledge. Pull wooden crate in front of you away from the wall, allowing the funhouse-style shelf to proceed through the hole, and return back across the plank, down the boxes, and out the close you recently entered. Turn left when you exit the closet, hugging the left wall around the corner. You should see a dresser in front of you. Pull out its drawers, alternating sides, in order to climb up onto the dresser. From the top, you should be able to climb onto the funhouse-style shelf with the sheep on it that you unblocked on the other side of the wall.

Cross the shelf to the ledge on the far side, and continue to the far left corner to a blue door. Enter the door, and you’ll come out into a room with a brown door on the far side and a purple door to your immediate left. Open the purple door to find Drawing #36/50 inside, then enter the brown door. In here, you’ll see the kitchen scene from the beginning of the game, in a more nightmarish state. Circle around to the far side of the island in the center, and use the drawers to climb onto it. You should see a bowl of apples here, with one or two on the counter. Using the hold-cn_RB and tap-cn_LB mechanic, throw these apples at the glass jar with the glowing yellow star key on the shelf above.

This may take a few attempts, and you may want to try to find an angle more from the side. Throwing them straight-on seems to have issues working, for some reason. Eventually, even if you have to climb down and collect apples (or just reload the checkpoint), you’ll knock the bottle down and collect the key. Exit the kitchen via the door through which you entered. The previous room will have changed, with a new area directly to your left that wasn’t there before. Climb onto the box and onto the table, and drop off the far side. You should see a brown door and purple door in the wall to your left, with a smaller door open just past them, beckoning you onward.

Check inside the purple door first for Drawing #37/50, then enter the brown door (not the smaller one that’s already open). Inside, head around the corner and climb the box to the upper ledge. Continue along the upper area and open the next door. You’ll be opening it from the rear, so it just looks like the walls. Cross the plank onto the platform ahead, and open the see-through closet door on the left. Turn right out the door and follow the streaks in the floor, past the basketball and between the boxes. Just past the boxes, turn left and head down the hall. You should be passing through some stacked boxes/crates with glass bottles on them.

Try to avoid bumping these, because knocking over the glass bottles runs the risk of attracting the monster, not that reloading a checkpoint is a big deal. Just past these crates, around the next corner, you should see an open door slightly above ground level to the right. Inside this door you’ll find Drawing #38/50. Exit this closet and continue around the next corner. You should now see a slightly-open purple door. Duck inside this purple closet to hide, because around this time a monster appearance should be triggered. Exit this closet once the monster leaves and turn left to continue down the hall. You should see a bench/table on the right, and more crates with bottles on them in the middle of the hall. At the far end of this hall, with streaks in front of it, is a brown door. Enter it.

Turn right inside this narrow closet and continue on. Just a few short feet ahead, you should see Drawing #39/50 on the floor to your left. Just after the drawing, exit via the ‘door’ (again, seen from the rear so it looks like a wall). Turn left as you exit and open the see-through door. Follow the path around and drop down through the hole into the room with the gold-circle door. Open the door using the star key. This leads to the silvery ‘memory’ area, where mommy is holding your pink elephant. Climb up the dresser (using its drawers) to the right to get to a ledge above, where you can reach her upraised hand and take your elephant.

Once the world returns to color, drop down and look for a circular purple rug on the floor, with a small square opening in the wall next to it. Enter this, but ignore the streaks on the ground. Go straight ahead to the end and open the blue door on the right to find Drawing #40/50 and unlock Closet Drawings.

Closet Drawings

Find all drawings in the closet

Closet Drawings
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

Exit back into the narrow hall from the blue door and open the brown door on the right. This will lead you to the tube slide, although this time trying to enter it will earn you a short scene with the boogeyman. You’ll wake up in a pitch-black area where a single light shines in the distance. Keep following these lights, which leads to some very disturbing revelations about mommy. We all saw this coming though, right?

Eventually this sequence will trigger a return to the playhouse from the hub world, with blackness all around. Head into the structure and place the pink elephant into the furnace. You know the drill. However, teddy isn’t here now to open the door for you. Use his disembodied arm in your inventory on the small blue opening beneath the circular door to open it. Continue forward, and you’ll be back at your house, with what looks to be packing boxes all around. Is someone moving? Head downstairs and into the kitchen to find mommy. Continue past mommy and out the door from the kitchen, then out the front door… into the light. This ‘completes’ the game (until the prologue), unlocking the geniously-named achievement Completed Among the Sleep.

Completed Among the Sleep

Complete Among the Sleep

Completed Among the Sleep
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Chapter 5 – Prologue

Since when do we do the prologue after a game? I guess you could do it first. At any rate, we’ll play through this for the final 10 drawings to unlock the remaining two achievements. You start the prologue in the snow. Head forward to the light, which is apparently a bunch of stuffed animals around a campfire of sorts. Ice rises up from the ground though, preventing your reunion, and you wake up in your crib, in a frozen home.

Climb out of the crib and onto the purple stool by the window above the nearest stuffed animal in his icy prison. Grab the window and close it. Head over to the closet and open it to find Drawing #41/50. Closing the window partially thawed the room, but to finish warming it you must interact with the music box that was revealed on the floor by your fuzzy friend’s prison when the snow melted. Do that, and take the stuffed owl. Climb up onto the bedside table by the door to reach the handle and open the door. Exit out to the hallway, turning right.

Continue down the hall through the door, and take an immediate right through the next door into a room with a shaded lamp on a table, a rocking horse, and a bed on the far side. Look under the bed for Drawing #42/50. Leaving the room, you should see an after-image of what looks to be mom and dad, or at least a man and a woman, by the door. Continue past them and along the hall. On the left, you should see a stack of books on the floor by a bookshelf. Climb these, onto the shelf, and up onto the higher shelf to find Drawing #43/50.

Drop down from the shelf and head through the nearby door on the left. In this hall, you should see a door ahead, one to the right, and one to the left. Take the left door, where a very long bench sits along the right wall. Continue to the end, past the stairs, and into the next room, the kitchen. Climb the chair by the table and onto the table to close the window, then grab the chair and move it over to the left so you can get up onto the counter. Head to the end of the counter, past your next ice-imprisoned buddy, and out onto the drawer at the end to reach the other window and close it. Now that both are closed, you should be able to open the drawers beneath the counter directly opposite you.

Do that, and climb up onto the far counter. Interact with the radio atop the microwave here to finish thawing the room, and your fuzzy fox friend will drop down to the floor. Drop down yourself and grab him. Exit via the door through which you entered the kitchen, and go straight across to a door to the right of the stairs. Enter this door to find a stairway leading down to the basement. At the bottom of the stairs, you should see another after-image of an adult by a door. Before heading there, look under a chair in the far-right corner for Drawing #44/50.

Enter the door where the after image was, and you’ll be in a longish hallway with a furnace monster at the end. Go through the doorway on the right, into the snowy area. Use the drawers on the dresser to climb up onto it, then up onto the shelf above. Close the nearby window to thaw the snow. Now, you must drag a nearby stool across the furnace-monster hallway, over to where the washing machine is. Up on the wall, directly across from the doorway where the stool is located, is a light switch. Step out into the hall, climb the crate beneath it, and flip that switch to give you a few seconds of monster-free time, in which you can move the stool. It may take two or three rotations of this to get the stool all the way across, into the lighted area by the washing machine.

Once you get the stool across, climb onto it and interact with the radio on top of the washing machine to finish thawing the area and free the pink bear in the laundry basket. Grab it and return through the basement, back up the stairs. At the top, go back into the kitchen and take the doorway to your right as you enter. From this doorway, you should be able to see another door diagonally across the hall to the right. We took this path for monster avoidance. Cross the hall into that room, where you’ll see another after-image of an adult at the table. At the far end, underneath the table on the floor, you’ll find Drawing #45/50. Turn around and face the door you came through, and you should see another door to your left. Exit that door and go diagonally to the right across the hall again, into the next room.

This room looks to be a living room, with a couple of chairs and a table with an orange (perhaps red) cloth on it, as well as a TV showing static on the left. Cross the room in front of the TV and close the window, then pick up the VHS tape on the floor and use it on the VCR, which should thaw the room and reveal your pigtail dolly. Grab her and turn around. With the TV to your right, the door through which you entered should also be to your right with a lamp near it, and another should be slightly to the left, on the adjacent wall from the entry door. Take the door on the left and go straight across through another door, into a hallway.

You should see another after-image of an adult at the door on the left in this hall. Open that door, and turn left inside the room. Open the drawer on the desk and use it to climb up, then open the drawer on the filing cabinet and use it to climb up again. One shelf should do each time. You’ll find Drawing #46/50 on top of the filing cabinet. Drop down onto the desk, then to the floor, and exit the way you came in. Take a right down the hall (going back the way you came), then a left down the next hall. You should be heading toward a window where you can see it snowing outside. A bit before that window (say 10 to 15 feet, give or take, from this perspective) you should see a small set of drawers. Open one and climb up, then climb onto the stack of books on top of them.

From here, climb onto the bookshelf to your right to find Drawing #47/50. Drop down and return to the main room, with the stairs leading up and the doorway that led down to the basement. Go up the stairs here, to the 2nd floor. At the top of the stairs, turn 180 degrees to your left so your doubling back along the railing around the stairs. Follow the hallway around to the end of the railing, and climb onto a small set of drawers, then onto a filing cabinet to the right of it. On top of the filing cabinet, extend the uppermost drawer, and use it to cross over to a high shelf on the wall. Crawl along this shelf and a couple more to reach Drawing #48/50.

Return along the shelves and drop down to the short set of drawers by the railing. Facing out from this, with the railing to your right, look for the very first doorway to your left and enter it. Immediately to the left inside this door, under the furniture and against the wall, is Drawing #49/50. Exit the other door from in this room (not the one you entered) out into another hall. You should see a bicycle to your left. As you progress, a poltergeist will knock over a step ladder in front of you. To the right of this ladder, you should see light peeking through a cracked door. Head inside, climb the small dresser to the right onto the shelves, and climb up onto the filing cabinet next to them.

From the filing cabinet (or one of its uppermost drawers at least), you should see a shelf angling away from you, which you can cross. Do so, and continue across the next piece of furniture with the lamp shining on it, onto a shelf high on the wall. Turn right along the wall, and drop down into a snowy area where you should see one last stuffed animal sitting on the window ledge. Your friend will fall out, so close the window to melt the snow, and open the grate set low in the wall nearby. Crawl through the duct and exit the other side to see one more after-image of two adults. Look underneath the sofa to the left in this room for Drawing #50/50, the final one. Assuming you’ve obtained them all in the Prologue, you’ll unlock Prologue Drawings, as well as Collector if you previously nabbed all 40 in the other chapters.

Prologue Drawings

Find all drawings in the prologue

Prologue Drawings
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable


Find all the drawings in the game

2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

That’s it for the achievements! You can carry on with the prologue if you’re interested in more of the game’s story, but there are no more achievements to be had. Congratulations on your completion, and thanks for using my walkthrough. Peace, love, and gaming~Life

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