Order & Chaos Online (Win 8)

Welcome to the Order & Chaos Online (Win 8) walkthrough. My name is SnipedByAGir1, and I'll be guiding you through GameLoft's MMORPG - AKA World of Warcraft Clone.

This game is quite straightforward achievement wise. Most of the game involves grinding your character from Level 1-60 with a few miscellaneous achievements that will be hard to miss. If you also have the Windows Phone version you will only really need to play through the game on one platform as most of the achievements carry over between the two platforms. I'll let you know in the guide which ones don't. With that being said, let's get started!

Getting Started

When starting Order & Chaos I would highly recommend linking your Facebook account (if you have one) to use for your login. You can stack you level achievements for Order & Chaos between the Win 8 and WP versions. For some reason when I initially created an account for this game, GameLoft lost my account information at some point. It's up to you, but I think the Facebook option is easier for logging in between the two. The game never posts anything to my account either wink.

Order & Chaos Online works on Windows 8 as well as Windows 10. It will play just fine on a tablet, but I much prefer using a mouse and keyboard for playing this game. With the mouse and keyboard you can use the Q, W, E, A, S, D keys to move, space bar to jump and your mouse to click and interact with everything. I find this much easier than the touchscreen controls. I pretty much use the Windows 8 version to play the game and only jump onto the Windows Phone version to play for the miscellaneous achievements.

After choosing which way you are going to log into the game and the server you are going to use, you'll get to choose your race and class. The North American server - Arcadian Forest seems to have a higher population of people to play with vs some of the other servers.


Order & Chaos now has 5 races to choose from. They are split between The Order and The Chaos. With that being said you can choose between Humans, Elves, Orcs, Undead and Mendels. Mendels were added with update 2.0 and start their journey in the Mendel City. There are some small differences with starting stats between the races but they are pretty negligible. You might as well pick the race you really want to play. The starting bonuses don't scale with your level, so once you reach level 10 it won't matter anyway.


Order & Chaos has four classes to pick from. Each class also has two specializations to choose from as well.

Warrior - Your tank/melee based fighter. You can specialize in Battle - 2 handed weapon damage or Guardian - your tanky sword and shield type warrior.

Ranger - Your bow & arrow/assassin type character. You can specialize in Ranged - archery or Assassin - stealthy/high critical dual dagger moves. This is my personal choice for leveling to 60 the fastest.

Monk - Your priest with fists type healer/buffer. You can specialize in Divine - healer/priest line (a lot harder for soloing through the levels) or Military - think with your fists. Honestly if you're just going for the achievements in this game I wouldn't pick Monk. It's probably the slowest of the 4 classes to level to 60.

Mage - Your spell casters. You can specialize in Fire - more single target spell damage or Frost - more crowd control. I wouldn't pick this squishy class either if you are just whipping through for achievements.


Depending on what type of class you choose you will want to focus on building up certain attributes with the gear you use. The game makes is pretty easy to pick the right gear. Warriors use plate, rangers use leather and Mages/Monks use cloth. The weapons in the game are also pretty class specific and you will do fine just upgrading your equipment with the quest rewards you can pick. With that being said here is what each class should focus on:

  • Warrior (Battle) - Stamina & Strength
  • Warrior (Guardian) - Stamina & Armor
  • Ranger (Ranged & Assassin) - Stamina & Agility
  • Monk (Divine) - Wisdom, Stamina & Healing Power
  • Monk (Military) - Wisdom & Spell Power
  • Mage (Fire & Frost) - Wisdom & Spell Power

Their are 5 main character stats in the game. Here's what they mean:

  • Agility – Increase player dodge and critical strike chance, and increase ranged attack power. 1 Agility = .03% Critical Chance, .04% Dodge, 1 Ranged Attack Power (2 Ranged Attack Power, 1 Melee Attack Power for Ranger)
  • Armor – Armor points shows how much damage is absorbed by your armor.
  • Stamina – Increase your hit points regeneration rate and max hit points with 10 per point. (All Classes, Warriors if tanking)
  • Strength – Increase your attack power. 1 Strength = 2 Melee Attack Power (1 Melee Attack Power for Ranger)
  • Wisdom – Increase your mana regeneration rate and max mana points. 1 Wisdom = 15 MP and 2 MP/8s (Mages, Monks)


Most of the achievements in this game are achieved by leveling your character. It's the only reason this game takes such a long time. You can level in Order & Chaos online either by Questing or Grinding. Personally I think the questing method is the way to go. It;s much faster, you get a lot more exp from turning in quests and better gear that's usually suited for your character with each turn in. Grinding involves simply killing monsters that are around your level. It's very boring and you won't get much out of it. The questing in this game is meant to move you from zone to zone. I found by completing all of the quests in an area before moving on to the next I was always at the proper level and always had appropriate gear. I haven't had to grind in this game yet. Even moving to a new area where enemies are 2-3 levels ahead of me I was still able to kill them easily and move on with the quests.

Sometimes you will receive Saintly Blessings from the daily Lottery Chest or the Timed Reward Chest near your Character Icon. These grant you bonus experience points while killing monsters for a certain amount of time. I highly recommend saving these Saintly Blessings for when you get to The Great Desert or Sinskaald Rift zones. Lots of enemies really close together in these zones where the blessing will benefit you the most. In these zones you'll be getting 500+ experience per monster kill with the blessing active. Just makes those last levels go by a little faster.


I highly recommend never buying anything from the real money store in this game. While there are experience boosts and items you can get with runes (you buy Runes with real money) their store is not completely stable. There are lots of threads out there of people saying they bought runes and even though they were charged for them the transaction glitched in game and they never received what they paid for. So buyer beware.

Make sure to save all the cloth, mineral ore and leather that you pick up. You can store it in your storage chest. Given the fact that I'm only going for achievements in this game and I'm not worried about crafting, I've been selling all my materials at the Auction House in Greenmont. Bag and storage chest upgrades start to cost a lot of money pretty quick. Having the cash to buy bag upgrades makes it so that you can head out into the field for longer and finish up more quests without having to return to a town every time you turn around. As well at Level 20 you can buy a riding permit and a mount. This will cost 109 Gold, but makes getting around a lot faster.

Starting off in Order & Chaos Online decide what login credentials you're going to use for the game. Your login should be good for both the Win 8 and WP versions of the game. Once that is done, create you character. It really is up to you to decide what type of character you would like to play. Like I said in the Tips & Tricks section, if you want an easier run to 60 go with either a ranger or a warrior. Your faction does not matter either. Once your good to go click on your character and get into the game.

There are a bunch of zones in Order & Chaos. This is the full world map:

Image 1

Your starting faction determines which zone you start off in.

If you're Order you start off in the Arcadian Forest:

Image 1

If you're Chaos you start off in the Tanned Land:

Image 1

If you're Mendel you start off in the Mendel Village:

Image 1

The game will begin by giving you a quick tutorial on the controls of the game. Make sure you follow everything in the tutorial to learn the controls of the game. Once you're done walking forward, swiping left and right and jumping you'll be tasked with accepting your first quest. Click or tap on the person to accept the quest and follow the in game directions. Quest givers will always be denoted with a scroll over their head like so:

Image 1

A line will be drawn for you showing who you should go talk to next to complete the first quest. Complete this simple mission to earn your first very easy achievement:

After you complete this first mission you will be prompted with more tutorial information. Don't skip the tutorial. It will explain everything in your character's menu selections, from talent information, to equipping gear and so on. Furthermore, the wheel in the bottom right hand corner of your screen is your action wheel. You can drag items from your skill sub-menu onto this wheel to be able to quickly use these skills in battle. If you look to the very right middle of your screen you will also notice an arrow. Clicking on this arrow will bring up another quick access menu. You can use this menu to drag other other useful skills and potions for easy access. I like to use that menu for skills that you can use to buff yourself for a while and healing potions.

Image 1

Always make sure to clear every area of quests. Don't leave to go to another area until you have accepted all the quests that you can from any given area. I like to run around the new towns looking for anyone and everyone who will hand me a quest. It will make leveling up go that much faster. Now that you are done the first tutorial quest you will now be free to go on your way. So check the area and gather up quests. You can then head out and start completing quests. You can check where you need to complete quests by opening your map. You can click on the + icon at the top right of the screen to expand your mini map. Then click on the map to open up the full map. The places that you need to head to for quests will be denoted on the map by an open scroll. When you are finished a quest you can check your map again to see where to turn it in. Places to turn in quests will be denoted by an open scroll with a sword sticking through it on the map. If you want to focus on a specific quest you can click on your character image in the top left corner of the screen to open up your character menu. Click on the Quests sub-menu and you will see all the quests you have in your quest log. From here you can check what is required to accomplish each quest, check the quest so that you can focus on just that one if you wish and even drop it if you don't feel like doing it. If you decide to focus on one quest you will notice a blue arrow on your screen that will guide you to where you need to go. Now that you're ready to quest let's get to it!

While you're in the starting area there is an achievement that you can start working on if you wish. If not this is just as easy to spam when you get to the main hub city of Greenmont (this place reminds me of Stomwind in WoW). There is one achievement that requires you to join a party 5 times. You might get random party invites here and there, but I found they were few and far between. So if you see another player running around you can click on their character to bring up a menu like so:

Image 1

You want to click on the Flag+ Icon to add them to your party. Most people that get a party invite will just randomly accept them. So once they are in your party, you can now leave the party. Go into your character menu by clicking on your character icon in the top left corner of the screen, select the Team sub-menu and click on the icon that has the character walking out the door as seen here:

Image 1

Now rinse and repeat that same process 4 more times and you will earn another achievement:

Now let's head out and quest for a little while in the starter area so that we can earn a few more achievements. Go out and complete 5 quests and make sure that every mob that you kill you double click on them to loot. If you finish off 4 more quests after the tutorial mission and turn them all in you will earn another achievement for completing 5 quests:

Now that you have completed 5 quests you should be at least level 2. When you hit level 2 you will receive an item in your inventory called a Newborn Gift that is class specific. This gift box is guaranteed to contain a blue item. So open this gift box now that you are level 2 and get yourself some good gear for leveling and another achievement:

This is where I am going to make a PSA. Looting an epic level item is probably the hardest achievement to get in this game. However, by opening this gift boxes it is actually quite easy. These gift boxes are available to open at levels 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 37, 45, 55 and 70. Each gift box that you open actually contains the next level gift box. At level 30 the gift box has a guaranteed epic mount called the Eristar Bear Spirit Emblem. This is a mount that is good to use for a limited 3 days time, but the point is that it is an EPIC item. You will easily get the Epic Collector achievement for opening this free gift box in your game. The next time the gift box with grant you with an Epic item is in the level 55 Honor gift box. In this gift box you are guaranteed to get an Epic weapon for you character. Now if you are wanting to pop achievements for both the Windows 8 and Windows Phone version I recommend that you save one of these boxes for your other device. This will get you the Epic Looter achievement very easy for both devices without having to do dungeons or finding epic mounts to trap. So please keep this in mind!! For that matter this easily works for getting Superior Collector on your alternate device as well. These gift boxes always contain blue level gear aside from the 2 epic level ones. So if you need the Superior Collector achievement on your alternate device open your next gift box on the other version.

Now with that firmly cemented in your brain, head back out and do some more quests and keep looting monsters. When you have looted 20 enemies you will earn another achievement:

Now that you have killed more than 20 enemies you most likely have a bunch of junk in your inventory from looting. Head back into a town and find a vendor. Vendors will have green icons over their heads with a symbol denoting their shop type. Weapon vendors will have a sword, armor vendors a shield and food vendors a loaf of bread. Head over to one of these vendors and sell all of your junk items. You can also sell all weapons and armor items that are not an upgrade for your character or not compatible with your class. So sell 5 items at a vendor and earn yourself another easy achievement:

Keep killing enemies and leveling up in the starting area until you hit level 5. Once you hit level 5 you can assign your character a talent point. Click on your character image to bring up your character menu and click on the Talent sub-menu. The game will guide you through the whole process as soon as you hit level 5. A white hand will show up on your screen showing you where to click. You will then click on the Spells menu:

Image 1

You will then click on the Talents menu:

Image 1

From there you can decide on which Talent tree you would like to specialize in. You can only master one talent tree. Pick whichever one you prefer. You will have 2 talent points available to spend right now. So pick your mastery first. For the mage in the picture you can specialize in either Skyfire or Iced Ground. The game will also tell you what the benefits are for each if you click on the icon at the very top. So for this character I was picking Skyfire.

Image 1

Click the + icon to assign your point. Once you click on confirm you will earn an achievement:

With that done, you can now get another achievement out of the way seeing as you are level 5. Once everyday you can partake in the lottery.

Image 1

So once again open your character menu. At the very top left of the screen you will see the Treasure Box with Lottery underneath it. It should be blinking. Click on the icon.

Image 1

You will then be taken to the Lottery screen. 2 of the chests you can spend runes on to open (no point in doing this). We are interested in the free treasure box in the bottom left. Click on the Free! button to be awarded a random item. Sometimes it's crafting materials and other times it's consumable items.

Image 1

Opening this Lottery Treasure Box for the first time will give you an achievement:

You should now finish off all of your quests in the starting areas (Fallen Leaf, Roar Military School or Mendel Village). When you are done with these starting areas all factions will end up heading to the town of Silence in the Arcadian Forest. For the Chaos and Mendel factions you will get to teleport to Silence for free using a Teleport Master. For the Order faction you will have to quest your way to Silence first before being able to access a Teleport Master. A Teleport Master looks like so:

Image 1

Once you use the Teleport Master to get to Silence as a member of the Chaos or Mendel faction you will earn an achievement:

If you would like to earn this as the Order faction you will have to quest your way over from the starting area of Fallen Leaf to Silence by foot. Once in Silence you can find the Teleport Master over by a building that looks like a church. You can teleport to Cliffwatch for 45 Copper if you wish and then pay another 45 Copper to teleport back to Silence if you would like to get this out of the way now. If not you can get this at anytime you feel like using a Teleport Master in the future.

Now that you are in Silence, there are a couple things to take note of before the real grind to level 60 begins. Most of the money that you make should be saved for Bag Upgrades, Storage Box Upgrades and purchasing a mount. I highly suggest purchasing as many bag upgrades as you can as early as you can. Your starting bag really does not hold a lot of items. The first bag upgrade costs 1 Silver. You should definitely invest in this now. It just makes it easier being able to carry more items before you have to return to town. With that being said, most major towns have a big glowing chest with a red chest icon over it. This is your storage box and it looks like this:

Image 1

This Box can be used to store whatever you like. I usually put all crafting materials in there that I have gathered when I return from questing. When I have a full stack of crafting materials I list them at the auction house in Greenmont for some pretty good money. If you would rather use the materials for crafting that's fine, however there are no achievements tied to crafting in this game. I find it is more worthwhile to just sell the materials at the auction house and use the money for storage upgrades and to purchase a mount at level 20. Most crafting materials are dropped by monsters. Human type characters will drop cloths and animal type monsters drop leather materials. While you are running around questing you might also notice larger glowing rocks. These are minerals and ores. To collect them you just need to click on them to collect them. Very easy and these materials can earn you some decent money at the auction house as I've mentioned. You will get a crafting quest in Silence where the game will guide you to pick your crafting skill (you can only have one). If you do decide to craft you might as well pick the craft that will most benefit your class. Leatherworking is for Rangers, Tailoring is for Mages and Monks and Blacksmithing is for Warriors.

Most major towns also have class trainers. You should now find your class trainer and purchase any skill upgrades that are available to you if you haven't already done so. Each trainer will have a green book icon over their head with the corresponding symbol - sword for Warriors, bow for Rangers, staff for Mages and a hammer for Monks. Make sure you check in with them every few levels or so for new skill upgrades. You will also want to click on both masteries in their menus for the different skills. When you buy the skill book you will actually have to use it from your inventory before you receive the upgrade.

Most people quest in Silence from approximately levels 3-8. As per normal, once you are done checking out everything Silence has to offer, make sure you accept all of the quests. Once you are loaded up on more quests we can pretty much get the rest of these miscellaneous achievements out of the way before we grind out our levels.

Do your quests around Silence and once you have killed 40 monsters (you probably already have this) you'll earn another very easy achievement:

For that matter, if you have been looting everything that you can and selling your unwanted gear and trophy items at the merchants you've probably already earned, or are very close to earning 1 Gold Coin and an achievement:

Finally, you've probably killed enough monsters now to loot a good-level or green item and earned yourself another achievement:

If you haven't earned this yet, don't worry about it. You will loot more than your fare share of green level items before you get to level 60.

Sadly, you have now earned most of the achievements in Order & Chaos Online that are not related to leveling your character. Other than Epic Collector, which you will also earn by leveling your character and opening one of your gift boxes. The rest of the achievements in this game are easy enough. It's just a time sync now and making sure that you are heading to the right areas that are appropriate for your level. Finally most of these achievements that you have just earned will not automatically pop if you decide to stack the Windows Phone version of the games. Fortunately all of these achievements that you have just earned are very easy to get by just playing for a little while on the Windows Phone version on your account. Luckily all of your level achievements will autopop when you log into the Windows Phone version of the game if you have already earned them on Windows 8 wink.

Now that your character is through the Tutorial area, done with most of the miscellaneous achievements and questing around the town of Silence, let's focus on that leveling grind. This game gets quite linear here and guides you quite well. As long as you are doing all of the quests in an area you will eventually get a quest that leads you to the next zone. When looking at the game's maps, you will notice that the names of towns/villages are written in blue. There will always be quests available in these areas as long as you are at the appropriate level.

Arcadian Forest (suggested character level 1-12+)

Image 1

Areas to Quest: Silence, Mist Trader Base Camp, Cliffwatch, Aryurumoka Campsite, Windmill Farm

The Arcadian Forest houses the major hub city Greenmont. Here you can find the only auction house in the game.

Greenmont (Main City)

Image 1

Before you end up leaving the Arcadian Forest zone you should check out Greenmont. The Observer's Market is a great place to explore for a bit. The auction house is located here as well as a bunch of vendors. One of the vendors here will sell teleport wings. You can buy some Greenmont Teleport Wings here for when you want to return. Using the teleport wings is cheaper than using the Teleport Masters if you're looking to save some money.

Back in the Arcadian Forest you will start all of your questing in the Silence area after you have finished your various factions Tutorials. From there clear the quests through Mist Trader Base Camp, Cliffwatch and Windmill Farm.

Make sure you open your level gift boxes at 2, 5 and 10 to upgrade your gear.

Questing in this are will get you past level 10 and earn you an achievement:

By the time you have finished off the quests around Windmill Farm you should be at least level 12 if not a bit over. The last quests in this area will lead you on to Tear Coast.

Tear Coast (suggested character level 14-19)

Image 1

Areas to Quest: Bellshoal, Salty Wind, Crystal Tower, Reeves Manor
Dungeon: Knahswahs Prison (Level 18)

Questing in Tear Coast should get you to around level 18 or 19. The Bellshoal area is good for questing from levels 10-14 and Salty Wind from levels 15-17. Reeves Manor and Crystal Tower will have more quests for you.

When you reach level 15 you will earn an achievement:

Also remember to open your gift box at level 15.

This zone features the first dungeon of the game - Knahswahs Prison. Some of the quests that you get in this zone will be for heading into that dungeon. Try to get into a group if you can. You can wait outside of the dungeon there and try to find some people. If you can't find a group for the dungeon don't worry about it. You will not be able to solo this dungeon though so that's not an option either. Just move on. If you decide not to do the dungeon you might as well drop the quests in your quest log that relate to the dungeon to give yourself the space.

If you are not level 19 before leaving this area don't worry about it too much. If you've done all of the quests in the area you should be pretty close. If you can't finish this area off with the Prison then you should have a quest pointing you Northwards to Bordhill in the Swamp of Wyrms.

Swamp of Wyrms (suggested character level 19-29)

Image 1

Areas to Quest: Bordhill, Necromancer's Academy, Glimmermoor, Miskatonia, Wyrgast's Library, Port Verecy
Dungeon: Relic's Key (Level 28)

Questing in this area had me bouncing around quite a lot. Be ready for a lot of running around. Your questing in this area will begin at Bordhill. From here you will head to Necromancer's Academy, Glimmermoor, Miskatonia and Wyrgast's Library. The last area of this zone is Port Verecy. The dungeon in this zone is Relic's Key. Again, do the dungeon if you can, if not just move on and don't worry about it.

Leveling in this area will get you well past 20 and earn you another achievement:

You can open gift boxes in this area at levels 20 and 25.

A Note on Mounts

Upon reaching level 20 you will finally be able to train to ride a mount and get around the maps a little bit faster. Mount trainers can be found in some towns. They have a green book icon with a horseshoe over their head. At level 20 you might want to teleport to Greenmont. Near the teleport master in Greenmont you can find a quest that will lead you to the Stable of Mount Association. If for some reason you can't find the quest, the stable is located near the Hall of Foundry.

Image 1

If you speak with Blandy here you will be able to purchase the riding skill specific to your race. He can also provide all the necessary information you need about mounts in the game. The first level riding skill costs 10 Gold. Make sure that you are purchasing the riding skill that pertains to your race.

Unless you have been selling crafting materials at the auction house in Greenmont you might not have enough money for a mount just yet. Not only does it cost 10 Gold to purchase the riding skill, but if you actually want to be able to purchase a mount to go along with that skill, it's going to cost you another 99 Gold. While Blandy sells the skill, Braund (he just has a horseshoe over his head) sells Normal Race Specific Mounts. There are 5 types of mounts in Order & Chaos and each is specific to a race (Human - Horse, Elf - Deer, Orc - Lion, Undead - Dog, Mendel - Chinchilla). If you happen to have enough money you can now buy your race specific mount from Braund for the extra 99 Gold.

If you don't have enough money, you can also speak to Samir in this area. Samir will provide you with information about trappable mounts and sell you bond stones to actually capture these mounts. You might already have some Bond Stones in your inventory. Bond Stones are used to capture the wandering trappable mounts that roam the wilds. Sometimes when you are questing you will see a mount walking around riderless that can be trapped using these bond stones. Samir sells one bond stone for 5 Gold or a pack of five bond stones for 20 Gold. The thing with bond stones is that they don't always work (they have a low % chance to trap a mount). Also you might catch a mount in the wild, but unless it is specific to your race you won't be able to ride it. You can purchase mounts and mount licenses from Ubiquitous Nick with runes (which you purchase with Real Life money) but it's up to you. It's easy enough to sell some stuff on the Auction House to earn enough money for these things. It's also not a necessity. Don't feel like you have to have a mount to get to level 60. It just makes running between some areas a little faster.

With that all being said, whether you buy a mount or not, finish up leveling in Swamp of Wyrms at Port Verecy. Before you leave this zone you should be level 29 if not close to 30. In Port Verecy you will get a quest from Captain Vookie. This will lead you into the next zone of the game. You should be able to get a free teleport in this area from Port Verecy to Port Eversummer in the Whispering Islands when you are all finished with your questing in the Swamp of Wyrms.

The Whispering Islands (suggested character level 29-39)

Image 1

Areas to Quest: Port Eversummer, Camp of Hemir, Vega Square, Fallen Star Strait, Hall of Reverie, Sea Shore
Dungeon: Eristar Temple (Level 38)

You all know what to do by now. We're starting our questing in this zone at Port Eversummer and we'll be finishing off at the Sea Shore. The Eversummer Port and Camp of Hemir area should easily get you to around level 34.

When you hit level 30 you'll get yourself another achievement:

Also, for hitting level 30 you'll also earn yourself the hardest achievement in the game for opening your level 30 Gift Box. Inside your level 30 gift box you receive a guaranteed epic Eristar Bear Spirit Emblem (Purple Level Item). This is a summonable mount that can be used for 72 hours. But forget all that, it gives you the hardest achievement to get in the game (and it's really not hard), so congrats toast:

When you are done with the Port Eversummer and Camp of Hemir areas head South to Vega Square (PvP area) and Waker Camp. Vega Square has some daily repeatable kill type quests. If you are about done for the day I suggest finishing up your dailies and then logging out in Vega Square so you can repeat the daily quests for more exp the next day. Daily Quests are denoted with Purple Quest Icons over the quest givers. You can then head West over to Fallen Star Strait and Hall of Reverie. In this area you will find the dungeon Young Deity's Realm. Again, I never actually did this dungeon, but they're always good exp if you can actually find a party for it. The last questable area in this zone is at Sea Shore in the very South. When you are done with these quests you will be directed South to the Great Desert.

The Great Desert (suggested character level 39-50+)

Image 1

Areas to Quest: Area near End of Sand, Wind's End, Sdukar, Traveler's Home, Crimson Tower: Antoria
Dungeon: Gate of Sailen (Level 40-45+)

When you start in this area you will be in the End of Sand area. If you head towards the first split in the road there will be a girl outside of the Camp of Sacrathar who will give you a daily quest for killing the humans in the area. The daily quests in the Desert are fantastic for exp. Most of them award 15,000 exp per quest. So while questing in the desert really focus on doing dailies first and then the other regular quests. After you have finished the daily you are going to want to head down the main road going South West from the Camp of Sacrathar. About halfway between the camp and Wind's End will be a nomad camp with a bunch of quests. Do these quests before you are finally directed on to Wind's End.

When you hit level 40 you will earn yourself an achievement:

From Wind's End you will be lead on to Sdukar and Traveler's Home area. Quests in Sdukar will lead you mostly into a big PvP area. If you happen to have a War-Free Band on you, this is a good area to use it in. It will prevent you from being attacked by other players for an hour. When you finish the regular quests in the Sdukar area the quest givers here will start giving out Daily Quests. Again great exp. There are also demons in the PvP area (Burning Horns & Minotaur Invaders) that give fantastic exp. If you happen to have any Saintly Blessing's on you (Grants increased exp for killing monsters) this is a good area to grind if you want to get a few extra levels to make things easier if you are in the low side. Just outside of Sdukar there is also a big dragon called Anataavian who will give you quests. You should eventually be given a quest to go speak to him from a quest giver in Sdukar.

When you are done with the Sdukar area you will head North to Crimson Tower: Antoria. Here there will be tons more regular quests as well as dailies. The smaller pond located directly South of Crimson Tower: Antoria also houses another nomad camp with more regular quests and dailies.

While The Great Desert is recommended for characters levels 39-48, I actually received so much experience from doing quests here that I reached over level 50 before I was done with this area. When you do reach level 50 you will earn another achievement:

Congrats only 1 more achievement left to go in this game. Let's move on to the zone loacted to the South of Sdukar called Sinskaald Rift. Before I moved on to Sinskaald Rift I finished off this area around level 52. It actually made moving on to Sinskaald Rift a little easier as the enemies in the next zone are level 50+.

Sinskaald Rift (suggested character level 50-60+)

Image 1

Areas to Quest: Stranger's Roost, The Suspended City, Farstrider Outpost, Bulrinto Outpost, Monastary of Flame
Dungeon: Platform of Martyr

Welcome to Sinskaald Rift. A zone you can easily earn your last achievement for reaching level 60 in. You start the zone off at Stranger's Roost. This zone has a plethora of regular quests along with numerous daily quests. If you happen to have any Saintly Blessings for experience boosts from killing monsters then this is the zone to use them in. Most quests and dailies here involve killing quite a lot of monsters all in the same area. Great area for the experience boost if you have it. Questing near Stranger's Roost also has quite a large PvP area. If you have a War-Free Band use it in the PvP area here if you don't feel like engaging.

When you finish off your quests in the Stranger's Roost vicinity you will move on to The Suspended City. When you get to this hub city you might want to buy some warp wings from the food vendor for returning back to this city. This zone is a little confusing to run around and if you have a lot of quests ready to turn in it's nice to be able to just warp back to The Suspended City and then use the teleport master to head quickly back to the other hub towns in the zone to turn in your quests.

When you're done turning in your quests at The Suspended City you will be able to get some quests that send you off to Farstrider Outpost. Enemies in this area jump up in level to around 55-57.

You should definitely be able to hit level 55 in this area. If for some reason you were playing this game on your Windows Phone first, this is your second easy chance to get the achievement:

Your level 55 gift box is guaranteed to have an epic weapon inside of it. If you already have this achievement and you do want to stack this game with the Windows Phone version then save this gift box to open on the alternate version of the game. Makes this achievement nice and easy wink! My level 55 Ranger gift box actually had 2 epic weapons inside of it. I saved one of them inside my gift box for looting on the alternate version of the game:

Image 1

When you finish questing in the Farstrider Outpost area you will want to head to the West side of the Zone to finish off getting to level 60. Finishing off the quests in the Bulrinto Outpost and Monastary of Flame area should either get you to 60 or get you quite close. Remember to keep doing dailies! They offer super great experience. Finishing up this area you should earn your last achievement of the game. Level 60:

Congrats on finishing off all of the achievements in Order & Chaos toast!

This game does feature 2 more zones - Under Realm and Eternal Frostland. The level cap was raised to 70 in an update, however none of this is required for achievements.

If for some reason crazy reason you have not received your Epic Collector achievement (maybe you threw away your gift box?? or played everything in this game on Windows Phone??), you will now have to try and group for Legendary Dungeons. All of the dungeons in the previous zones have a "legend" mode for players levels 60-70. You can use Dungeon Finder to try to find a group for the Legendary Dungeons. Go into your Character Menu, select the Team sub-menu, then click on Dungeon. On the right side of this menu there will be what looks like a bull skull inside of a magnifying glass. Click on this to be able to edit what you are looking for. You can choose Random (Legend) or Specific (Legend). Random (Legend) might group you faster. If you choose Specific (Legend) then you choose which Legendary Dungeon you want to group for. Then click Find Group. The menu looks like this:

Image 1

While in the Legendary Dungeon if an epic item does happen to drop you will be given the option to roll on the item or pass. Instead of doing this, run up to the monster's corpse that dropped the item and try to loot it for the epic item. You don't need to actually pick up the epic item. Simply by trying to loot the item from the corpse will award you with the achievement.

Another way to get an Epic Item is buy capturing a Rare mount. Rare mounts spawn in PvP zones. When a Rare Mount spawns you will get a notification on your screen:

Image 1

You will then need to get to that mounts spawn area as quick as you can and try to catch the mount with Bond Stones. I mentioned this earlier but Samir in Greenmont at the Stable of Mount Association sells Bond Stones for 5 Gold a piece or 5 for 20 Gold. You will need to have quite a few of these on you as Bond Stones only give you a 5% chance of actually catching a mount. Since these mounts you are going for are rare you will need to bring a good stack along with you just in case. Capture one of these rare mounts and loot the Bond and you will get your achievement. I've also heard that if you see another person catch one of these Rare Mounts you can run up to the mount and try to loot it as well. It's the same idea as the dungeon drops. You won't be able to actually loot the item, but just trying to will award you with the achievement. Good luck! I really hope you kept those gift boxes though wink.

If you feel like continuing on with Order & Chaos there are 2 more zones that you can visit, however neither of these are needed for achievement purposes. Furthermore, dungeons that are level 60+ will grant a lot of experience points if you are looking to do some more dungeons or if you're just looking to level up some more and hunting for epic items.

Under Realm (suggested character level 58-66+)

Image 1

Eternal Frostland (suggested character level 64-70)

Image 1

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