This is one of the most fun arcade games I have played in a long time and it's not only demanding, but it also looks good and is a lot of fun.

Basically you have one little black guy with white eyes (the best indicator where you are, just to mention) and you are on the quest to find your little sister in the dark forest. There is only the story mode, and by using chapter select you can choose where to start from once you've done all the levels.

So without further delay, let's try and find your sister.

Since this is an adventure-jump and run-strategy game, there isnt much advice I can give.

Even though this game can be completed in one playthrough, I recommend at least two. The reason is quite simple: you will need one playthrough to get familiar with the game, find all collectibles and not having to worry about the amount of deaths you've accrued. Remembering timings through trial and error is also crucial. This will prevent you from going crazy on your 200th attempt to finally complete the whole game in less than 5 deaths because you died for the fifth time in Chapter 20. Nonetheless, it may happen, but it certainly will reduce the required amount of playthroughs a lot!

Think twice and think fast! Thinking outside the box will take you further than you might believe and doing that fast will save your life often. Take it step-by-step and don't run off too far because you might miss a trap, a switch or something similar. Dying is a big part of the game, so dont be too afraid of it, because otherwise you won't learn anything.

The riddles are quite straight forward: basically you'll never need help anywhere. Just keep in mind that there is, most of the time, just one way to solve things and most of the stuff thats lying around will help you.

Look for somewhat rememberable points in the game which you can refer to if you have to time a jump. Set yourself a time limit, and remember that you may just need to move a box to a certain position. This might sound stupid, but remembering as much as you can on this game will definitely spare you a lot of trouble and head-bashing against hard objects (controllers can take some punishment ^^).

This game only has a story mode. Basically, you have to make it through the game, but there are some collectibles on the way as well. Most will need more than one playthrough, I think 3 should be sufficient. However, since you basically will just need one playthrough, I will point out the collectibles chapter per chapter, along with the right things to do and, most important, when to do them. So, let us start with the story playthrough!

I also have to mention that you will need at least 2 playthroughs here. You can of course go for just one, but I can tell that dying fewer than 5 times is quite hard on the first go. Get familiar with the game on the first run and take your time. Postpone the 5-life-nightmare for another playthrough. Of course I don't take any credit for the videos I provide here, so give the creators credit for these. Gameplay credit goes to ArchTalko for individual achievements and Depunked for complete walkthough on


Chapter 1

As soon as the level starts, go to the left until you reach a dead end with a shiny piece. Pick it up to get your very first achievement. I found a video as well, but it's not mine so I take no credit for it.

Wrong Way

That's not right

Wrong Way
7 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

Now, continue along the path to the right, drop down the tree and across the gap (be careful of the spikes in the gap, they will kill you if you fail).

Chapter 2

As you reach the structure, pull out the cart, climb up to the platform then climb down the rope on the right, go to the left and drop down, then go right and jump over the gap. Continue right. Now you'll need to jump into the boat and float across the water to the other side.

Chapter 3

Once across you will need to pull the boat out of the water towards the right edge and use the boat to climb up to the ledge. Then climb the wall and jump over to the rope and climb all the way up to the top (be careful with the spikes there). At the top continue to the right and soon we will encounter our first bear traps, so look closely on the ground! Pull the first one away so you can jump over both of them and continue right to the carcass hanging on the rope. Drop down and bring the bear trap underneath the carcass then go back up and jump on the rope. The carcass is now gone, so swing the rope to the right and climb up.

Chapter 4

You will come to a log with a gap in between. Jump over the gap onto the log and run as fast as you can back to the left, since it will start to move, causing a big boulder rolling down it. If you're not fast enough it will smash you! Now jump over the boulder and continue right. When you get to the lake, pull the crate left so it is under the rope and jump up to it. Swing and jump up to the branch on the right. Then you can jump up to the branch on the left, walk left and jump up to the next branch, then jump up on the next branch to the right. Jump over the gap to the larger branch and push the log over. Head back to the left and jump up to the rope (which is kind of hidden in the tree). Swing over to the upper left branch and collect the next shiny piece. Which will give you another achievement.

Altitude is Attitude

Exploration off the ground

Altitude is Attitude
4 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

Now carefully get back down and push the crate right against the wooden log as far as you can into the water without drowning, and jump across to the other side of the lake.

Chapter 5

Go to the right until you reach the spider. Now carefully let her stomp 3 times (attacking the ground) and you will hear a bear trap falling down. Go back left and jump over it and push it back to the spider and trick it so that the trap dismembers its legs 3 times. Continue forward until you get caught in the spider's trap. Wiggle your stick and you will eventually fall.

Chapter 6

Now go right and jump across the gap continue right and jump another gap and roll the rock forward. Stop as soon as it gets enough momentum to hit the tree. Move back to the left and watch the tree fall.

Chapter 7

Continue right and you will land on a big rock that starts rolling (you might have to step to the left every once in a while to stay on the rock) as soon as you reach land, jump off and roll down the hill. This will now have loosened the netting and will be free again. You will find another guy and as soon as you reach him, the ground will break down. Hang onto the rope (careful, a bear trap will fall down) and get up to the ledge to the right to end the chapter.

Chapter 8

Now we reach the tree stumps. Jump over the first pair of them and you'll reach a small log that supports one of the stumps. Jump on it to break it and then quickly jump back, otherwise you'll get smashed. Now you will come to a stump that will fall to the right. Time your jump and reach the next one. Now wait for the ball to swing (either jump on the spot or jump on the next log). Make your way across and jump off the slide before you get pierced by the spikes. Continue right until you get to the fake spider leg, wait for it to raise and scare the guy handling it away

Chapter 9

Continue right and jump across the lake and move forward until you see the burning wheel coming at you. Turn around immediately and jump across the lake again. Now head forward, jump over the rock and get into the cave. Climb both ladders and continue on.

Chapter 10

The following trap is a tough one. You will see two bear traps above you and will have to be fast to evade the first one. Go forward slowly and as soon as the trap swings, go a few steps back and the next trap will start swinging once it's passed. Go in the other direction quickly to evade the second one. This may need multiple attempts, but afterwards, climb up the rope and continue right until you reach the log at the water's edge.

Chapter 11

Push the log into the water and jump on. When able to jump on to the little island and again onto another log. You will then come to a log that moves up and down. Now wait for the spider to put its leg on the log using it as a counterweight lifting you up and enabling you to jump up and continue on. You will come to another piece of wood that you will need to push over to allow you to continue by climbing up a ledge. The spider will fall down into a hole and a bit further on you will come to a rock being held back by a stick. Break the stick and run back to just before the ledge and the rock will roll past squishing the spider. Continue right until you come to a pit of spikes. Upon reaching the spike pit, the remains of the spider will fall down. Evade its initial strike, grab the end of the leg and pull it off. Then roll the remains of the spider on the spikes and climb the ledge. Continue and slide down for the next chapter.

Chapter 12

Climb the ladder and jump a few times on the left-hand box until the rope breaks (box that had the crow on it). Push it down and use it to climb the ledge.

Chapter 13

Upon reaching the deep water, jump onto the body and wait for the parasite-infected to drown. Now jump on them to get back on land and grab the body closest to you. Drag it forward a bit then move over and push the body up the slope and use it to drop down and trigger the trap. Continue and slide down the slope.

Chapter 14

Carefully evade the first trap by jumping on the platform in the middle. Evade the second trap by jumping over the middle platform. Jump over the spike pit and you will quickly see some people running after you, backtrack to before the first trap and watch them get squashed by the traps you professionally evaded. Now head back and jump over the pit to end the chapter.

Chapter 15

Climb down the ladder and move left to the cart and pull it as far right as you can. Jump over the cart and climb back up the ladder jump over to the right and hang on the rope (without getting caught in the cog wheels) until it won't move any further. Now quickly climb or jump back down the ladder and climb onto the cart to catch the rope before it reaches its former position. Wait until it is all the way down again and then swing over to the next rope. Wait on the next rope until the locks reach the same height. Now jump over and run underneath the descending weights before they come down. Continue on to the right.

Chapter 16

After this a small glowing parasite will attach itself to your head and move you at its will. It will direct you to the left into the sunlight and makes a turn back to the right and down a slope where you jump over a pit. Continue and jump over the crate, It will turn you around when you reach the sun. Push the crate to just under the monster on the roof and climb up to get the parasite eaten. Continue right to end the chapter.

Chapter 17

Get up to the ledge where the glowing plants hang off, jump a few times until one piece drops and the animal comes out to feed on it. Jump down to the right behind the animal and walk left where the animal will fall into the wheel and it will start running inside moving the wheel. Use the lever above and hold it until the machine is running and it begins to rain. Continue right and down in the hole and move the log into the middle. Climb back up and hang on the chain until the pool is full. Now jump across the log to the other side before the water goes down. Continue on the path and climb up some hanging foliage to move on until you come to a slope that you slide down to end the chapter.

Chapter 18

Grab the box and pull it to the right until it's underneath a large gap that's covered by a metal lid (try to have the box as far left as possible). Now climb up, remove the metal decking to open the gap, get back down and pull the lever there. The water level will now rise rapidly, so quickly climb the ladder and jump on the box that will now rise with the water. Grab the ladder to your left when you a near the top. You will soon find another crate which you will need to move it to the left a little so that you can reach the platform once the water rises high enough (quickly grab on to the ledge and get up as the crate will eventually sink). Now slide down to the right, make a jump to the second story and open the lid there. The water will rise along with a ball. Wait for it to break free and quickly close the lid to trap the ball on this level (it will be in mid-air, so try to be fast!). Roll the ball to the right (give it a few pushes and as soon as it's rolling on its own, leave it be) and climb the ladder and stand on the grate to the right, wait for it to raise with the ball and jump to the next ledge. Here is where we have to pull the lever. Wait for the water in both tanks to reach an equilibrium (a little more in the right tank is more favorable as you also have to make the jump to the ledge), climb up and use the switch on the middle platform to sink the big weight. Now climb the box that will rise up to the next ledge and end the chapter.

Chapter 19

You will again see a bug on a lamp, waiting to attach itself to your head. You need to time it right to move the crate underneath it to the very left, BEFORE it possesses you. Now get possessed, walk left (jump up on the ledge) and make a turn to the back to the right. Grab the ladders and make a way on the lower walkways and pipes. As soon as the second pipe crashes, be quick; jump to the right, you will then automatically walk to the left again, continue back the way you came until you start to move back to the right. Go back to the ladders and jump to the second ladder and WAIT until the pipe rises high enough so that you can make the jump to the right ledge.

Move underneath the ceiling monsters so they can eat the parasite and wait until the pipe you rode up on comes close enough to be grabbed. Pull it to the right, jump over it and shove it in the water. Climb onto it and jump over to the left of the hanging chain (which is kinda hidden by a pole). Wait for the light piece to fall down on the pipe. Go and pick it up for another achievement. I also found a video for those that need one.

It's Stuck

Prepare a dry landing

It's Stuck
3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

Now climb up the ladder and continue on to the right to end the chapter.

Chapter 20

Jump over the gap and you will start to slide down the roof (don't fall down into the pit), jump over to the right and climb up the drain pipe. The drain pipe will break off the wall but don't worry, jump over to the right to finish the chapter.

Chapter 21

Run right until you can see the large "HOTEL" letters before you. You'll need to time your jump right, otherwise you will get electrocuted and die on the 'H'. Jump on the 'O', glide down to the right and grab the rope there. Make your way to the right, deactivate the electricity and get across the letters again. Careful on the 'L' and the arrow sign, since the 'L' will move around and the arrow will fall down. Jump on the ledge in time to end the chapter.

Chapter 22

Run right and you will land on a glass roof (you will see cracks appear on the surface). Make your way across and you will come to a ladder on wheels. Get on to the right side of it and push it left, as soon as it starts to roll down, jump on it and make a jump on the already-cracked glass to shatter it. Slide down and quickly make a jump on to the light and on to the next (it will fall down, so be quick) and off to the fire hose. It will unroll (make sure to stay at its end) until it is finished, you will then safely fall off from it. Run left, touch the wobbly structure and make it crash (don't get smashed) and move on to the right for another parasite ride. Take a left to the light where you will turnaround continue on.

Chapter 23

You will pass an elevator and across some platforms. Now you will come to a button on the floor. Walk over it and move SLOWLY (pulling the analog stick back to the left will do that) forward and wait for the box to drop. Jump on it, then jump across the saw BEFORE it kills you (this will take some practice!) and make your way to the right. Jump up and let the bug get eaten again and head back to the left. Jump across the saw when it touches the end to the right (timing is crucial) and speed back to the see-saw platforms. Make it swing left and right until it reaches the top so you can get back up to the left platform. Grab the next platform and pull back then quickly climb up and run to the left and jump over to the ledge. Continue on to the left.

Chapter 24

Run left past the elevator and pull the box to the middle of the elevator. Use the switch and move up with it. Near the upper platform pull the box to the right and push the switch again. (The elevator will go back down to the bottom) Get the box close to the elevator roof, push the switch once again and climb up to the top of the elevator quickly. Now you can see a rope to the left. Time your jump right to reach it and let the light piece appear. Carefully jump back onto the elevator to the right and ride it back down to get your hard-earned achievement when you pick it up. Another video to make clear what I mean.

Urban Exploration

Involves heavy lifting

Urban Exploration
3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

Go back up the elevator to the crate. Now you'll have to move the crate a little bit to the right and you'll see that there is another seesaw platform. Let the platform sink back to normal, push the button to lower the elevator again. Now quickly grab the bottom elevator platform and pull it to the right to act as a weight to stop the seesaw platform from moving when pushing the box upwards. Continue to push the box until you come to a lever. Pull the lever to lower the rope and move the box underneath it. Now be quick; activate the lever, get on the rope and swing to the right and jump to the ledge.

Chapter 25

You will come to 2 buttons on the floor. Here is the tricky part: as soon as you activate the left button the box will start to drop down AND the circular saw will be activated. Now wait for the box to almost drop, and activate the right button. Quickly get back and push the first box so it is under the second one so it forms a stack. Climb the boxes and jump on the ledge to the right BEFORE the saw kills you.

Note: it might take a few attempts to get the timing down
Now, run to the right and PAST the ladder until you hear you are stepping on water. Keep going and you will need to jump right to continue until you reach the piece of light. You will get another achievement when you pick it up. Also another video for those in need of one.

Alone in the Dark

Beneath the arthropod

Alone in the Dark
3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

Now go back and climb up the ladder for the chapter to end.

Chapter 26

You'll reach an area where a fly is sitting and as soon as you get too close it will fly away. Very SLOWLY get close to it and as soon as it descends quickly jump over and grab one of the legs which will lift you up and eventually drop you on the upper platform.

Chapter 27

After getting dropped continue to the right until you come to a ladder. Climb up and place the box under the next ladder and use it to jump up onto the out of reach ladder and climb up. Move left until you come to a moveable platform puzzle underneath you. First pull the right platform to the right so you are able to climb over it and pull it back to the left as far as it will go. Next jump over the left platform and go push the button to start the tire rolling and then quickly run back to the right and climb back over the left moveable platform and push it all the way to the left so the tire can roll onto it. Once you have the tire on the left platform pull it to the right until the tire rolls onto the right platform. Quickly change to the right platform and push it all the way to the right so the tire can continue on. Then go back down both of the ladders and go back to the left until you get to the tire. Push the tire to the left until you are stopped. Run back to the right; the tire will activate the switch which will allow you to jump over to the platform and quickly push the crate to the left (you might have to wait until the tire rolls back and activates the switch again) so it falls down before the tire rolls off the switch closing the automated gate. Once the crate is at the bottom push it to the right and use it to climb up.

Do not hit the switch yet!

Jump over and climb up and over the big cog to piece of light gaining you another achievement. Again, I have a video for those in need of one:

Climbing the Cog

Don't pull the lever just because you can

Climbing the Cog
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

You now need to climb up the long ladder and go back to the left until you get back to the switch. Now you can hit the switch which starts the cog moving. push the crate onto the cog which will carry it to the other side. Ride the cog up and jump over the upper ledge and pull the other crate back and down onto the cog as well. You should now have both crates next to the cog on the right side. First push the first crate to the right and place it on the rising platform and then pull the second crate close to the button on the floor. When ready quickly pull the crate onto the switch on the floor and jump onto the rising platform. Climb onto the crate and use it to reach the upper ledge.

Note: The next part might take several attempts before you get the timing down.

First jump on to the chain and swing back and forth a few times. Once you think you have enough swinging movement; propel yourself towards the switch and quickly activate it and run back and jump onto the chain when it swings back. Once the chain stops moving jump over the electric floor and down to end the chapter.

Chapter 28

Move the smaller cog into the larger one and watch the room spin around. Stand as far left as you can and wait for the gate to crash down (if you stand too close you'll get squashed). Make your way on top of the cogwheel and jump off to the left. You have now reached a region with a box and two switches. Jump down, deactivate the magnet and move the crate up to the right. Now run back to the switch (the one with the magnet) and try to activate it when the crate is in the middle of the right ledge and the ladder is to the left. Try to jump from it at first to the right to the ledge, then try jumping from the crate to the left, to know that the distance is ok. Go up on the right, push the button and quickly run to the left and use the crate to jump up to the ladder and climb up and through before the door closes.

Note: Do NOT hit the lever until the next crate is in place

Continue left and drag the crate so it is underneath the hanging chain. Now activate the lever and grab the chain (climb up a little bit to avoid the saw) the room will start to spin. Once the room spins you past the first saw wait until the crate is underneath you and fall down on top of it and wait until you are close to the next saw (the crate will go to waste here, so be on your guard) and quickly jump over it and grab the next chain. Jump against the left wall, slide down and finish the chapter.

Chapter 29

Jump over the gap, activate the lever and wait for the box to fall down. Move it to the right so that it's close to the edge and jump to the other side quickly before the rock smashes you or the door shuts (the shutter will crush you as well). Run to the right, over the cog and you will be hit by another worm. Run left, up over the cog, under the light and back over the cog.

Chapter 30

Now the scenery has changed and you will be on a conveyor belt. Time your jump right to prevent getting smashed, make your way over the second one as well and climb one of the crates in time to let the ceiling monsters eat the worm. Now, push one of the crates back so that you can jump back left to the second press again. Run underneath it to the left and you will see a ladder on the upper left. Reach it and follow the way to find another piece of light for another achievement. Video below:


Ride the crates

2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

Pull the lever to change the cogs' rotational directions, pull the lever again to temporarily stop the cogs. Quickly jump to the cog on the right then jump left to reach the ladder, climb it then take the left cog up and end the chapter.

Chapter 31

Grab the ledge to the right, move past the moveable ladder and move the cart underneath the switch you can see up there. Now, go back to the moveable ladder & move it to the right, ride it and jump up to the left and push the button as soon as the movable ladder is back to the left jump over to it. Ride it to the right and you should be able to jump and reach the right upper ledge without any problems (this may need some practice). Activate the lever, drop down on the cart and move with it to the right until you reach a ladder (it's quite dark here). Climb it and stay a little behind the cart on the upper ledge, soon a saw will appear. Jump over it and land safely on the cart again. As soon as you finish the ride on non-electrified ground, jump down, stop the cart and try to give it a little nudge to the left. What you need now is to time the thing right (this is really tough!). Try to get the cart in motion to the left, climb it and jump/climb up the ledge to the right. Now speed to the right (be fast because as soon as the cart touches the wall, the ground you run over will be electrified) and JUMP the last piece. This is tough because the time limit is exceptionally small.

Chapter 32

Now, pull the lever and the world will spin again. Make your way to the end (careful of the rock) wait and jump over and grab the ladder continue on and wait a bit then jump over onto the next ledge. There a crate will fall down. Climb it and jump to the left into the dark (hidden ledge there) and on to the right over the electrified wall. You will find another piece of light for your collection. Another video for you here:

Guided by Sparks

The crate is key

Guided by Sparks
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

Now get back down, move the crate to the left, drop it in the hole and use it to make your way over the electrified floor to end the chapter.

Chapter 33

Jump over the gap and on to the right and IMMEDIATELY to the left again (since the weapon systems will be activated). Now lure the weapon to the left one and let it shoot twice to destroy it. Now move to the right and pass the guns as you go to finish the chapter. We now come to the anti-gravity section which is fairly easy to succeed. Move one of the boxes to the far right and let it slide down. On your way back, use the second crate to jump up the ledge and wait for the box to fall and push it up the ramp. Now move it to the ladder (leave it underneath), jump up, go to the right and let the ladder descend down. Move the crate to the right again, climb the ladder and pull the left crate to the right. Now place it as close as you can to the next ledge. Go down again and move the crate to the right. Quickly get up the ladder, jump on the crate and let it rise with you. Time your jump right and quickly get yourself underneath the gate before it closes again. Continue on to end the chapter.

Chapter 34

Climb underneath the elevator (descend by pulling the stick down to the left of the hole), make a jump to the right and climb the chain down to reach another piece of light. For those who need a video, see below.

Under Ground

Vertical passageway

Under Ground
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

Now, get on the elevator, activate the gun by traveling on the roof and let it shoot the rope. Move the box on the roof of the elevator on the left ledge and jump on the aforementioned gun. Run to the left and juggle the crate using the button over the obstacle to the right until it touches the back of the gun. Jump back and push the crate to the right underneath the ladder (another weapon emplacement) and climb up. Up there, press the gravity panel and move the crates to the right. place One above the left side of the moving platform and place one to the right end. Now time it right to catch the crates on the moving platform in time to reach the higher ledge. Climb down the ladder, enter the next area and the chapter is done.

Chapter 35

The key to this riddle is to make the left block stick to the ceiling and let the right one fall down again. For that, push the magnet and use the second switch to allow the block to raise. As soon as it sticks, deactivate it to let the second block fall down. Climb up to end the chapter.

Chapter 36

Use the second gravity switch up there. Wait for the zip-line machine to rise up and deactivate it BEFORE it touches the left end, fall down and quickly grab the rope. Before it touches the right end, drop off (the spikes will kill you otherwise). Slide down the roof, jump on the switch in the air and upon activating it mid-air, you'll land on the wall in front of you to end the chapter.

Chapter 37

Now hurry upwards and jump when you have the timing of the electric letter right (another button, so don't miss it). Move to the gap, get the timing again, jump off to the right and do the same to the left until you reach the rope to the right. Now descend and land on the 'O' and continue to the right to end the chapter.

Chapter 38

Now jump, press the gravity panel and move the box a little to the right (there is a timer on the gravity panel, so be fast). Get back, use it again and move to the left. Climb the edge, get down to the left and pull out the drawer on the left wall. Land and pick up the light piece to get your last collectible. If you're having trouble, watch the video below to see how it's done.

Going Up

Don't let gravity keep you down

Going Up
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

Go back, push the crate to the right, climb the ceiling again and make it across the saw before the timer reaches the end. Slide down and time your jump right to push the button to be on safe ground again. Land on the gun and time it right to reach the magnet button. Push it and touch the ceiling again. Climb the newly-lowered weight, make it across and land on the ledge on the other side. Down below is another button to be pushed, so time it right again and slide down. Stand next to the circular saw and wait for the right timing to jump off and reach the other side. Chapter done, so on to the last one.

Chapter 39

Now this one is the last, shortest and trickiest chapter. Time your jump so that you nearly reach the circular saw on the ceiling (only seeing, not nearly touching it) and use the momentum to activate the button and break the glass. If you are too slow, you will touch the saw and die (there is no 'too fast' here). If you miss the button, well, you die again. Run forward to the right and ta-da, you finished the game for another fine achievement.

Where Credit is Due

Perseverance has its own reward

Where Credit is Due
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline


Now you should be familiar with the game and most likely will only have one particular achievement left which is making it through the game with less than 5 deaths. Now, I wont lie, this is a really hard achievement and will prevent most people from ever finishing this game. Timing, and knowing when to do what, is crucial for this achievement. Also, don't even THINK of continuing the game if you have died once during chapters 1-10, since you will need every life you've got for the last few chapters, or the nice saws that will kill you quickly (and often!). Restarting from those chapters isn't as bad as restarting from chapter 21 since you are only around 10-15 minutes into the game. This game takes around 60 - 70 minutes to complete, so restarting on 15 isn't that much of a loss. The only tips I can give is to study the traps, don't die out of unawareness and ALWAYS be one step ahead. The best you can do is to know the timings you need like the back of your hands, but that's just too much to ask. Practice makes perfect and believe me, you WILL spend a lot of time on this one!

No Point in Dying

Complete the game in one sitting with five or less deaths

No Point in Dying
4 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

In case you should get stuck and the written guide doesn't help, here is a video guide I found. Again, I take no credit for them.


For this last achievement, I will warn you that you need to have collected all 10 hidden eggs, and have completed the game at least once. Once that is done load up Chapter Select and load Chapter 26 (has a picture of the bug you hold onto to progress further and leg falls off). Also a warning, most of the path to unlocking the achievement is in complete darkness and you will need to rely on sound to progress, so turn up your volume. You also don't have to worry that much if you die, there are quite a bit of checkpoints through the level, so if you die, just keep trying. Also to be 100% honest reading a written guide will be useless as you need to hear what goes on in the game to really know what to do to progress without dying as much, so please follow the video guide below, and you'll get the achievement with ease!


Running off will get you nowhere

2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Congrats, you earned a really tough 1000G.

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