Dragon Age II

So this is a walkthrough for Dragon Age 2. DA2 is split into 3 acts, each with its own collection of missable achievements to pick up, and a few that span all 3 acts. As a result it is quite a minefield for people who go in with no walkthrough. This guide is designed to get you all achievements in as little effort as possible. Our path to 100% will look like this...

1. Assuming you can import a DA:O save, your first playthrough will be your only full playthrough. We will get the vast majority of the achievements during this playthrough, and also finish one of the DLC packs (if you have it) while we play through. 30-40 hours will be spent here.

2. We start a new game playing as a Rogue to acquire a rival. More on this on page 2. 30 minutes (or less) are spent here.

3. We start a new game playing as a Mage until we get to Kirkwall to get the achievement for all three classes. 10-15 minutes are spent here.

4. A partial playthrough from the end of act 2 through a few quests in act 3 to take the other side in the Mage/Templar debate for an achievement. 1-3 hours are spent here.

5. Assuming you have the DLC, you'll finish the last two DLC packs in the post-game, which isn't really post-game at all, heh. 8-10 hours are spent here.

If you don't have an Origins save to import, number 4 will be another full playthrough.


Alright, so as a general outline our party will be two tanks and a selection of rogue/mage characters depending on things like achievements and available party members. You always want two tanks because they can learn the taunt skill to take enemies' attention away from your rogues/mages and (rather obviously) tank bosses. In my opinion your ideal party is two warriors, a rogue, and a mage and I do my best to maintain this setup when possible. You can do just fine with two mages or two rogues though, I just think a rogue/mage combo synergize really well.

The game goes over basic controls in the prologue, so I won't cover them here. There are three separate classes, and every character that is a certain class (like Warrior) will have the same 4-5 skill trees. Each character has their own special skill tree aside from class-specific ones except for Hawke, who gets 3 specializations he/she can choose from instead. I'll list what I used for attributes/skills.


I play Hawke as a fighter. Tankier than everyone but Fenris, but can still do good damage. Attributes split between strength and constitution. Every level up you get 3 attribute points, I would go 2 in strength and 1 in constitution.

Warmonger tree – Get everything. Taunt allows you to divert enemy aggression from mages/rogues. Pommel Strike stuns making it great for stunning bosses or canceling enemy attacks or spells. Tremor is basically AoE damage and a knockback, perfect for groups. Bravery is a sustained skill that increases your stats for every enemy nearby. All great stuff.

Two-Handed tree – Spend the rest of your points here. You'll get passive abilities that increase your attack range and critical chance, two AoE attacks and Scythe, which has great single target damage.

For Hawke I chose the Reaver and Berserker specializations, I didn't really like either. However, the Reaver tree has Devour, which drains life from an enemy and heals you, and Blood Frenzy, which increases your damage the more you are hurt. The rest of Reaver and all of Berserk aren't worth it though. Templar is better, but a lot of it is rendered obsolete when mages get Dispel Magic very quickly and in most battles it isn't even necessary. Templar is mostly just canceling magic.


Fenris is the tank. He won't do as much damage as everyone else but can hold enemies' attention long enough for everyone else to kill them. 1 strength and 2 constitution for him. However, you'll eventually reach a point where he doesn't have the strength to wear the weapons you are getting, at this point you can put 2 in strength every level up if you like.

Warmonger tree – Get everything. Taunt allows you to divert enemy aggression from mages/rogues. Pommel Strike stuns making it great for stunning bosses or canceling enemy attacks or spells. Tremor is basically AoE damage and a knockback, perfect for groups. Bravery is a sustained skill that increases your stats for every enemy nearby. All great stuff.

For Fenris, his special tree is mostly just a bunch of passive defense abilities, and he gets a sustained skill that adds to his defense. Since he is intended to be the tank, I'd get everything in this tree except Spirit Pulse. I'd skill it after Warmonger but before Two-Handed.

Two-Handed tree – Spend the rest of your points here. You'll get passive abilities that increase your attack range and critical chance, two AoE attacks and Scythe, which has great single target damage.


I rarely use Aveline, but when I do I build her the same way as Fenris. You'll only need to use her a couple time during this walkthrough, and never for long.

Warmonger tree – Get everything. Taunt allows you to divert enemy aggression from mages/rogues. Pommel Strike stuns making it great for stunning bosses or canceling enemy attacks or spells. Tremor is basically AoE damage and a knockback, perfect for groups. Bravery is a sustained skill that increases your stats for every enemy nearby. All great stuff.

For Aveline her special tree is basically the same premise as Fenris, a load of defensive stuff. As with Fenris, take it after Warmonger but before Two-Handed


Isabela is a Rogue, and as a result has different trees from the Warriors. Rogues have a special interaction with the cunning attribute; at certain numbers (every 10 points) they can unlock chests with better locks. You get experience for unlocking chests, so it is nice to have, but to unlock every chest you'll need to dump a lot of points into cunning. 30 is enough for most chests, dump the rest in dexterity. Played right you aren't taking much damage, so constitution isn't really necessary.

Dual Weapon tree – Has a bunch of damage abilities, take them all. Backstab can be used to disappear for a quick second, which is sometimes enough to get enemies to stop attacking you. The rest are straight DPS.

Subterfuge tree – This tree has two skills that help you get enemy attention off of you, and some passives that serve the same purpose. You are built for damage, so you can't really afford to take enemy attacks. Rogues also do more damage from behind, so having enemies attacking someone else increases your damage greatly. This tree combined with Warriors that can taunt and such make it very easy to go crazy with the Rogue's attacks.


Varric is also a Rogue, but he is different in that he wields a bow, not daggers. So his setup is a bit different. Since you'll be using him alongside Isabela for a lot of the game you could go straight dexterity with him and just give Isabela cunning (she'll be in your party 99% of the game anyway) for chests. Either way he should be sitting back hitting enemies with his crossbow, he shouldn't need constitution either.

Varric has two unique trees, Bianca and Marksmen. Max both, but take the sustained ability Speed from the Specialist tree. Giving him Speed and Bianca's Song from Marksmen and Well-Oiled along with the Haste ability from a mage gives him obnoxious attack speed, and great damage as a result. Other trees are less important. Since he isn't melee he doesn't need evasion abilities as bad, and being ranged means it is harder to maneuver around people to backstab them. Don't bother.


Anders is a mage. Mages get off easy when it comes to attributes, Magic increases their damage, Willpower gives them more mana. Honestly I never put a point in Willpower and never felt like I was gimping myself, I just put everything into Magic.

You'll want Winter's Blast and Cone of Cold from the Elemental tree, and Heal, Heroic Aura, and Haste from the Creation tree. You'll also want Dispel Magic from the Spirit tree.

Anders special tree is made up of two sustained skills. Panacea gives you better healing ability, but removes your ability to use offensive spells. Vengeance provides very strong offense, but makes him weaker and he can't be healed. Panacea gives passive healing regeneration to everyone and provides a way to revive dead people AND allows you to heal everyone with one spell. I take it, but don't depend on it. It's a last resort when things are going downhill fast. You can use Panacea and then turn it off and use offensive spells, but the cooldown isn't short, so it has to be used intelligently if you use it at all.

After you have everything above, you can drop the points in whatever.


Merril doesn't have any of the Creation tree and she doesn't have Dispel Magic. In my opinion all other mages are better as a result. Put her points in Elemental and Primal when you have to use her and dump her attribute points in magic.


Same as Anders, dump everything into magic and get Heal, Heroic Aura, and Haste from Creation. Dispel Magic from Spirit. Fist of the Maker from her special Force Mage tree isn't bad. Make sure she has Cone of Cold and Winter's Blast. Put the rest wherever you want.


Dragon Age 2 has quite a few missable achievements, so there's a lot of things you'll need to keep in mind while you play. The walkthrough details them as they come, but I'll give a quick overview here as well.

Importing a Dragon Age Origins save

If you have an Origins save (you can actually import one as early as just having finished your character's origin story, it doesn't need to be a finished game save) then you can follow this walkthrough with no problems and get the Epic achievement. If not I'm afraid you are in for two playthroughs. Since you can import a save so early, buying DA:O or renting it for a day will save you quite a bit of time, do it if at all possible. Most origin stories can be done in an hour or less.


For the first act we will be using very specific party members, this is because there is an achievement for having one person at max friendship, and four. The intent is to get this out of the way as fast as possible for two reasons. The first is that this gives you a bit of freedom with your party for 99% of act 2, and all of act 3. The second is in case you mess up. Obviously the best case scenario is reloading a save, but just in case you can't, there is plenty of friendship points to get in act 2/3 so you can still get the achievement. You'll have to deviate from the walkthrough though, so avoid this at all costs. If you follow this walkthrough getting the achievement for 4 will be one of the first things you do in act 2.

There is also an achievement for having max rivalry with one person. In truth, you could get this in your first playthrough, but doing so would require a fancy balancing act. Say you want friendship with person #1, and rivalry with person #2. A decision gets you rivalry with person #2, but also #1. Now you have a problem. The walkthrough is built around a party where very few of these conflicts exist, so getting 4 friends is as painless as possible. After finishing the game we start up a new game and play with a sibling that starts at 50% rivalry and then get the achievement in less than 30 minutes. It is much easier than trying to play a balancing act throughout act 1 to make sure friends stay friends and rivals stay rivals, I can assure you. I originally tried writing this walkthrough doing exactly that, it was quite a minefield.


You can make potions, runes and poisons with ingredients found all over the place. The crafting system is a bit unique in that you need X amount of certain ingredients to make something, but they aren't used up when you create the item. Your only obstacle in creating as much as you want is having the money. You'll need to collect every ingredient in the game for an achievement. The vast majority are found in the overworld and in towns and dungeons, though a few are earned by cutting down powerful enemies. The walkthrough details these items when they appear, and pictures are included to make finding them easier.

I've read that you can get the free Black Emporium DLC and buy the ingredients you miss and still get the achievement, but this doesn't seem to work for everyone. As a result you should not depend on the BE, simply make sure you pick everything up when the walkthrough mentions them. The walkthrough details how much of each ingredient you should have before you end each act, make sure your count matches up.


As with most Bioware games, there is an achievement for romancing someone. The person this walkthrough romances is Isabela. Besides being very attractive, her presence is required for a few ingredients in act 3, and as a result required for an achievement. Most party members have a crisis event where they can leave permanently, and Isabela is no exception. I'm not going to spoil it, all I'm going to tell you is that romancing her 100% guarantees she doesn't leave, which is why this walkthrough does it. It seems merely getting 50% friendship is supposed to do it, but I've seen a lot of reports from people that don't have her show up even with it. Better safe than sorry, I say.


Assuming you didn't play Origins, the Mages and Templar are two sides in a sort of conflict. I'm not going into details to avoid spoilers, but just know they don't see eye to eye. You are presented with multiple events in the game where you can choose to side with either the Mages or the Templar. There is an achievement for siding with each 5 times, and there aren't enough decisions to get both in one playthrough. Your partial playthrough will involve getting the achievement you didn't get it. The walkthrough is structured so your partial playthrough only involves starting from the very end of act 2, and going a few quests into act 3.

Note that if you cannot import a DA:O save you should ignore the partial playthrough and simply choose the options for the faction you didn't do on the first playthrough. If you have to go down this path, use the wiki to pick options for the other side: http://dragonage.wikia.com/wiki/Mage_Hunter_and_Arcane_Defen...

The guide gets the mage achievement (Arcane Defender) in the first playthrough, so you'll need to pick the Templar choices if you have to do a second playthrough and followed the guide.


There are four other achievements that span the entire game. These are for the History of the Chantry books, secret messages, armor upgrades and potion recipes. There are four History of the Chantry books. The walkthrough details where they are with pictures, simply make sure you read the books when they are mentioned. There are 4 secret messages in every act, and you need to read at least 3 in each act for the achievement. Every companion can get armor upgrades, and getting all of them nets you an achievement. They are gathered from chests or bought from shops. You need to craft 1 of every item in one of the three item types for an achievement, and potions is the smallest list, so this walkthrough makes the potions. The walkthrough details where the recipes are, make sure to get them when specified. Note that you won't be able to make all the potions until late in act 3, when you'll have all the ingredients.

All the other missables are specific to a certain act or area, and are detailed in the walkthrough when the time comes. I wrote this walkthrough while doing the US version, then proofread it and used it for the JP version. I got every achievement when the walkthrough indicated, so I'm rather confident that if you follow this walkthrough to the letter, you will have no problems at all, despite all the missables.

NOTE : In order to get an achievement at the end of act 1, make sure no one in your party dies. You CAN do this in the other acts, but why not do it in the easiest one?

When you choose new game pick Warrior (gender irrelevant) and you'll be thrown into a tutorial battle. The controls are explained so just keep fighting things until you get more talking, an achievement will unlock.

Tale Within a Tale in Dragon Age II
Hear the beginnings of your own legend.
  • Unlocked by 74,430 tracked gamers (100% - TA Ratio = 1.00) 74,685

You'll eventually be asked to customize your character, choose Dragon Age Origins events and then choose import save, and then pick your save, assuming you have one. If not you are in for 2 playthroughs. When you hit start game you'll be prompted to choose your difficulty, change it to casual (or not, if you want to make it harder on yourself). Afterward you'll be thrown into the first area. Progress forward into the first real fight, once you kill everything you'll level up. This walkthrough won't mention where to put attributes or skill points, page 2 has a breakdown on what to choose for which character. Loot the two bodies nearby and then continue forward. Kill the dudes after the scene, and then when you approach the two humans, choose “Just keep him back” in the conversation. Continue forward killing things and looting the bodies and such, you'll see sparkles above anything you can loot.

Right before going up a big ramp you should hit level 3. Choose your attributes and then look at the skill tree. If you look at the skills, there are big icons, and some of those have small icons next to them. These small icons are upgrades for the skills the big icons represent. For now, choose Pommel Blow's upgrade in the Warmonger tree. You'll get an achievement.

Talented in Dragon Age II
Upgrade a spell or talent.
  • Unlocked by 61,882 tracked gamers (83% - TA Ratio = 1.09) 74,685

The upgrade will let us get another achievement eventually. Before you go up the ramp you should find some stuff to loot including a book. This book gives a codex entry, of which we need 100 for an achievement. Keep an eye out for them, but it won't be hard to get 100 naturally (in my case I had it before the end of act 1, so missing some is not a big deal at all). Go up the ramp and continue to the next section. Scenes. Afterward kill everything. If you are having trouble, pommel strike will disable the ogre so use it every time it is off cooldown. Continue forward until more scenes, eventually you'll be given the option to choose someone's fate, choose "It's up to you" in the top left of the seventh dialog option. (top right, top right, top right, top right, top right, top right, top left). All kinds of scenes.

Next you'll be in a town, go forward and talk to the guard. Go behind him and up the stairs, follow the path to a fork and turn right. Talk to the guy for scenes, just answer nicely (top right) until there is no top right option, then choose bottom left. A fight breaks out, kill everything and keep choosing top right. When you have options to ask the mercenaries and thieves, choose middle right to end the conversation. You have two options here and both lead to an achievement, so make a save here. Now go to the southern golden marker and talk to Meeran. Agree to help and then go south to the next golden marker. Talk to Friedrich. Choose to “Forget it” (bottom right) and then cut everyone down. Return to Meeran. Achievement.

Mercenary in Dragon Age II
Mercenary12 (10)
Ally with a certain group of mercenaries.
  • Unlocked by 49,422 tracked gamers (66% - TA Ratio = 1.22) 74,685

Reload the save. Go north and talk to Athenril (the northernmost golden marker of the two) and talk to her, and then agree to help. Go southeast to Cavril. Choose "Athenril sent me" (bottom left) and then "Aveline?" (top left). Afterward loot the chest and go back to Athenril and talk to her. Achievement.

Nefarious in Dragon Age II
Nefarious12 (10)
Ally with a certain group of smugglers.
  • Unlocked by 53,773 tracked gamers (72% - TA Ratio = 1.17) 74,685

Now go talk to Gamlen (south of you). Scenes and an achievement.

Immigrant in Dragon Age II
Become a resident of Kirkwall.
  • Unlocked by 66,692 tracked gamers (89% - TA Ratio = 1.05) 74,685

Scenes and stuff. After the scene our goal should be clear, we need 50 sovereigns (gold, basically) for the Deep Roads expedition. You'll accumulate about 100 in act 1 so you've got some to spend but I'd suggest holding off on any purchases aside from healing potions and such until you have at least 50, just to be safe. If you spend too much you won't have 50 and you will screw yourself out of achievement. As an aside you'll get a letter from a person named Dougal at some point in the act, and he will offer you 50 sovereigns, DO NOT TAKE HIS OFFER, as it will void an achievement. There's another reminder later in the walkthrough, but keep that mind.

Afterward press the back button to pull up the map. One of the exclamation points (northwest corner of the map) is a guy named Worthy, go to him and talk to him. After the conversation you'll have an achievement.

Craftsman in Dragon Age II
Acquire your first crafting recipe.
  • Unlocked by 65,584 tracked gamers (88% - TA Ratio = 1.06) 74,685

Leave town via the exit nearby and press RT to get an achievement.

Darkness Falls in Dragon Age II
Toggle the map from day to night.
  • Unlocked by 64,625 tracked gamers (87% - TA Ratio = 1.07) 74,685

Press RT again and go to Sundermount for another achievement.

Explorer in Dragon Age II
Leave Kirkwall to explore the outlying regions.
  • Unlocked by 63,279 tracked gamers (85% - TA Ratio = 1.08) 74,685

Leave Sundermount and press LT twice to turn it back into day and go back inside the town. Southwest of you is the chantry (if you open the map and use the analog stick you can highlight different things and see the names, the far west icon is the chantry). If you have the Exiled Prince DLC the first quest in the DLC can be done now. It cannot be done in future acts, and the 2 quests that come after it (in acts 2 and 3) require this first quest to be done, and it earns us an achievement as well. If you have the DLC do it now. Refer to the DLC page for more information on this mission, though it's pretty straight forward. You'll get a scene for it as soon as you approach the chantry.

Chantry Act 1

The DLC mission ends inside the chantry, if you aren't doing the DLC, enter the chantry now. Once inside go forward and then turn right and go up the stairs, then take two more rights to find a History of the Chantry Chapter 1 (1/4) book on the desk, read it.

Lowtown Act 1

Now go to Lowtown and talk to Lady Elegant, south of where you start for a potion recipe. Now go to the Hanged Man. It's straight east of where you enter, down some stairs and then up some stairs, then straight ahead. Go to the upper left corner where Varric will suddenly have a golden quest marker, talk to him. In the second dialog choice choose "Problem solved" (middle right). Exit and go to Lirene's Fereldan Imports, northwest of the Hanged Man. Talk to Lirene inside and at the third dialog choice choose "I mean him no harm" (top right). Exit and go toward the Lowtown exit, you'll be approached by some people, pick "We're on the same side” (bottom left). You will see a long path on the east side of the map, right below it is the path you want. Follow it and keep an eye out for the Spindleweed (1/6) on the right. Now go to the northeast corner of the map, then in the small eastern alcove of this area you'll find a Secret Message (1/3 for Act 1). Now exit Lowtown and go to the newly appeared Darktown.

Darktown Act 1

You'll actually see the golden marker we need to go to just east of you, but first we need to get two things. Go all the way south then down the stairs to your left. To your right will be Deathroot (1/6). From here, go north until you pass by Danzig, he has a staff and he's sitting in the middle of the path, hard to miss. A bit behind him and to your left is The Remains of Sister Plinth, take it. Now backtrack and go to the gold marker. Open the door. Pick "You want us to fight Templar?" in the fourth dialog choice (mid right). Before we leave, go to the southwest exit and you'll find a guy named Tomwise nearby, talk to him for a bomb recipe. Now go to Hightown at night and go to the golden marker by the chantry. Say yes and then once inside go to the golden marker. Talk to the guy, kill things. In the next conversation choose "Do as he asks" in the second dialog choice (top right). After the dialog you'll unlock an achievement.

Full House in Dragon Age II
Full House11 (10)
Recruit four party members.
  • Unlocked by 61,700 tracked gamers (83% - TA Ratio = 1.09) 74,685

Now go to the Hanged Man (note you can go to it directly on the map since we went there already). You'll get a scene, then talk to the girl from the scene, she'll be at the counter. Then agree to help. Now go to Hightown at night.

Go to the golden marker, you may be attacked by random thugs when you get close, they have nothing to do with the quest. WHEN YOU TALK TO THE WOMAN YOU WILL BE ATTACKED, DO NOT LOOT THEIR BODIES UNTIL SHE EXPLICITLY TELLS YOU TO OR YOU WILL RUN THE RISK OF MAKING THE QUEST IMPOSSIBLE TO COMPLETE, FORCING YOU TO RELOAD SAVES. Once she does, loot the body and then follow her (note you can freely loot enemies again). Once inside, just pick top right and then kill everything. Now go to Gamlen's house in Lowtown during the day. It is north and a bit east of the Hanged Man entrance. Inside you'll get a scene. Talk to yo momma. Then talk to Bethany. Now go in the room to her right. You'll find a chest here which could contain a variety of things based on all kinds of stuff, like DLC packs, having a Mass Effect 2 save, doing some crap on Bioware's social site, etc. If there is anything, take it and use it if it's better than what you have. If you have Legacy and/or Mark of the Assassin DLCs installed, you'll notice a statue for each of them. The enemies we have to fight are a bit strong for a level 5, even on casual, so we aren't going to do them quite yet. In my opinion they are very easy post game, which is when I suggest doing them. Behind Gamlen will be a desk you can use, it'll have letters. Read them both, they unlock quests.

For now go back to Darktown. Straight east of where you enter, a bit below Ander's clinic, is our objective (it has a gold marker). An arrow points to the chest you need for the quest which is great because it makes it easy to loot every other room until you progress the quest. Do so, killing everything as you wander through the rooms. One thing, make sure you pick up the Portrait of Your Mother in the little room between the two to the far east, you'll need it for an achievement. 2 rooms west of where you start (the room that is perfectly square) has a poison trap and strong enemies. If necessary take manual control of each character (use LB/RB) to get them out of the room, though on casual it doesn't do much damage. When you approach the door to the vault you'll get an achievement.

Friend in Dragon Age II
Friend29 (25)
Earn the friendship of one of your party members.
  • Unlocked by 56,474 tracked gamers (76% - TA Ratio = 1.14) 74,685

Now enter the door and go to the golden marker and open the chest, you'll get an achievement.

A Friend in Need in Dragon Age II
Upgrade the armor of one of your party members.
  • Unlocked by 61,447 tracked gamers (82% - TA Ratio = 1.10) 74,685

Tell Bethany you'll return now. After some scenes, an achievement.

Birthright in Dragon Age II
Birthright16 (15)
Discover your family's legacy.
  • Unlocked by 61,553 tracked gamers (82% - TA Ratio = 1.09) 74,685

Talk to Bethany and be nice then talk to her again. You'll give her the picture and you will get an achievement for giving her a gift.

Gift Giver in Dragon Age II
Give a gift to one of your party members.
  • Unlocked by 57,815 tracked gamers (77% - TA Ratio = 1.13) 74,685

Now that Bethany is max friendship she is no longer needed. The next quest gets us the fourth person we need so keep her for now, though. Go to Lowtown at night. Go to Anso (straight east of where you enter) and talk to him. Choose "This better be worth it" (middle right) in the second dialog choice. Now go the abandoned house in the northeast corner of the map. Go inside, kill the dudes, loot the chest at the gold marker, leave. Go west up the stairs for a scene. In the fourth dialog choice say "You tricked me!" (top left) and then say "If the pay is right" (bottom right) and finally "Make it worth my time" (middle right). Now leave and go to Hightown at night. Go to the gold marker and then when prompted to arrange your party take Anders in place of Bethany. Explore everywhere and go into the northeastern most room last. There are tons of enemies here and the rage demons can wreck Anders and your other party members, so concentrate on them when they show up. After killing everything in the northeastern corner loot bodies and you should find a key on one of them. The key opens the door near the center of the map. If you backtrack toward the entrance you'll enter a room with stairs going up, do so and open the center door. An arcane horror will spawn behind you, kill it immediately and then wipe out the rest. Answer "I'm well aware" in the first choice (bottom right). Now choose investigate and then "Why is Danarius after you?" (top left) and then "Can you pay him back?" (top right).

Reenter the mansion and then talk to Fenris. At the third dialog choice choose "I've thought about it" (top right). In the fifth choice, investigate and choose "How long since you escaped?" (bottom left) and then "You've been alone", "are you sure" (both top left) and then "Good plan" (top right). Top right in the sixth, then middle right in the seventh (top right results in starting a romance, we don't want to). Go back to Gamlen's house and read the two letters. Go to the Hanged Man and talk to Varric. Choose "Maker! That's big" and then "So does insomnia" (middle right both). Now talk to Isabela and say "Always willing to help" (top right) and put her back in your party if she isn't already (you should be using Fenris, Isabela, and Varric now). Now go to Martin (southwest corner of the Hanged Man) and talk to him. Top right for all three choices. Now go to the Docks during the day. Go to the first gold marker, talk to the guy. Then go to the second, talk to the guy, top right both times. Go to the third gold marker, and then choose "Time to die" (bottom right).

Kill everything and go inside the door. Your objective is a chest to the far west. I'd suggest controlling Isabela or Varric here if either has 20 cunning or more, so they can disable the traps. There's one at the bottom of the stairs, one in front of the big chest to the west, and one in the northwestern most room. Kill everything and loot the big chest to the west and then leave. Return to Martin in the Hanged Man. Answer "Woodrow’s warehouse" (top right). Now go to Hightown during the day.

Bone Pit Act 1

In the Northwest corner of Hightown is a guy named Hubert, talk to him and say you'll help. Then go to the Bone Pit (world map). Near the start as you progress you'll see a skeleton on the left, it's the Remains of the Outlaw "Bearded Beast" related to a fetch quest, get it. Follow the path and then when you can go north to the golden marker, instead keep going east and then south to find some Elfroot (1/9). To your left if you are facing the Elfroot is a small envelope, read it for another Secret Message (2/3 for Act 1). Around this time I had looted 50 objects, netting me an achievement.

Treasure Hunter in Dragon Age II
Open 50 chests.
  • Unlocked by 57,942 tracked gamers (78% - TA Ratio = 1.13) 74,685

Bone Pit Mine Act 1

Of course we have many more hours to go, so you won't have any troubles earning this if you didn't get it yet. Now go to the golden marker and go inside. You'll be greeted with some new enemies...this fight can be tough, even on casual. If you've been going down the skill tree I suggested you'll have a skill called taunt. Use it to keep the enemies attacking Hawke as they can and will take out Isabella or Varric easily. Spam other skills (pommel blow on the dragon is a good idea, for example). After killing everything in this room in the north (that same sliver of land) is Refined Lyrium (1/9). Only one way to go (south of where you entered). You'll fight another big group, and then a group of smaller dragonlings. After killing them go up the stairs and turn right to find a Deep Mushroom (1/9). From the mushroom go down the stairs and you'll find a sack with Eustice's Pommel, this is involved in a quest so make sure to get it. Continue forward and you'll run into a guy, talk to him and then keep going. Outside you'll find a mature dragon. He can and will kill somebody with ease even on casual. Start attacking him and watch his movements. If he attacks anyone but you, taunt it immediately and tank him. Continue attacking him (using pommel blow when possible) and keep watching him. The taunt will wear off before you can use it again, if he attacks anyone but Fenris then immediately take control of them and move them away, Isabela and Varric will get steamrolled quickly. When you can taunt again, do so. Repeat the pattern until it dies. You probably haven't used any healing potions, so you should have plenty lying around in case you need it.

Go back to Hubert and report success. Make sure you accept his offer to split the mines in the second dialog choice by choosing "As long as I'm paid up front" (middle right). Remove Isabela from your party and replace her with anyone (I used Bethany). Now go to Lowtown and talk to Jansen. He is a golden marker straight east of where you enter. Talk to them and say "How about a raise?" (middle right) in the second dialog choice. Return to Hubert and answer "You get what you paid for" (middle right). Put Isabela back in your party. In Hightown day again, talk to Athenril (southeast corner of map) and agree to help. Now go to the Docks at night, go straight forward to help the kid. Afterward answer top right both times. Go back to Athenril and choose "The goods were stolen".

Now go to Magistrate Vanard, he is a gold marker near the stairs that lead to the chantry, a bit to the south. Agree to help and then go to the Abandoned Passage on the world map. Go forward and you'll run into some guards, in the conversation choose "He's a monster" (bottom right) in the second dialog choice when it comes up and then agree to help. Now go to the gold marker and go inside. Go straight and take the left, then take the next right into a big room. Beware, a lot of enemies spawn here. Keep an eye out for the arcane horror, if left alone he will casts spells that wreck you even on casual, so concentrate on him as soon as he pops up. Keep an eye on the health bars of all your allies and move/heal them as necessary. Be especially careful of enemies dropping down mid fight near your weak party members. From here go south and then east, and you'll come across a woman. Top right throughout. Continue ahead to find a person and have another scene. Bottom right, top right, bottom right, and then bottom right one last time in the conversation tree.

Sudnermount Ambush Site Act 1

Now go to Hightown and talk to the magistrate again. Go to viscounts keep (southern edge of map). You'll notice 2 gold markers, the one northwest of the bottom one is the person who wants the Pommel, so you might as well talk to them. Then talk to Aveline. Now go to the world map and go to the Sundermount Ambush Site. You are forced to have Aveline in your party, keep Varric and Isabela, remove Fenris. You'll want to go all the way south, and it will turn west and then north, around the time the path turns north you'll see some Elfroot (2/9) on the left side. Keep going north and then west to the gold marker. Assuming you have the elfroot, leave. Go back to Viscount Keep and open the door at the gold marker, then go to the board (a wooden pole by the wall that is cut in two) and examine it. Now go to Lowtown at night. Go to the gold marker and kill everything, then answer middle right. Return to Viscount Keep and go to the gold marker to finish this quest.

Now go to Hightown during the day, near where you enter (northwest corner) will be a help wanted poster on a column in front of Worthy with a gold marker, read it. Ghysbain will turn into a gold marker; he is a bit south of the poster. Talk to him, top right to start, then pick investigate and then "Don't you want her back?" (middle left) and finally "And you wonder why she's gone" (middle right). Now answer "You're vile. I won't help you" (bottom right). You still get the quest and Isabela gets some friendship, win/win. Now go to the Blooming Rose, southeastern corner of the map. Go inside and talk to Jethann at the gold marker. Afterward get the Stone Toe from the crate behind him. Now go to Darktown and go inside the tunnel at the gold marker. Go to the gold marker and kill the dudes. In the conversation answer top right and then middle right. Leave and go to Lowtown at night. Go to the Dark Foundry in the south part of the map (has a marker). Kill everything and then loot the body the marker indicates. Leave and put Fenris in your party in place of Aveline. A new area called The Gallows has appeared in Kirkwall, go there.

You'll have a conversation with Fenris, answer "The circle is necessary" (bottom right). Talk to Emeric afterward. Now go to the northernmost area and there will be a little alcove to the east with a Secret Message (3/3 in Act 1) in it, read it. Now go back to Ghysbain in Hightown and say "It doesn't matter" (bottom right). Macha will be by the chantry, near where the magistrate was (she has a marker) talk to her to start the next quest. Now go to The Gallows. Talk to the people at the marker and then go to Wilmod's camp. Go to the marker and kill everything here, then leave. Replace Varric with Bethany. Go to Hightown at night and go to the blooming rose. Talk to Viveka and answer top right, middle right, top right. Go to the gold marker (not Jethann, for whatever reason the marker never goes away) you want Iduna. Talk to her and in the fourth dialog choose "Help me sister!". Then choose "No mercy for you". Now go to Darktown at night. Enter The Sanctuary.

Sanctuary Act 1

Go forward and fight the enemies, then look for some Deathroot (2/6) on the right. Continue following the path until you reach a conversation, then you'll have to fight. Before you talk to the guy from the scene check the sack to your left if you are facing him for a Grimoire of the Apprentice, then talk to him. Top right and then "I do believe you" (bottom right) in the second choice. Put Varric in your party and then return to The Gallows. Talk to the commander. Top right, then "There has to be a better way" (top right). Now choose "You can't take any chances" (bottom right). Go to the Docks, then return to The Gallows. Choose "I support the Templar".

Sundermount Act 1

Now go to Sundermount. From where you start go west until you reach a fork, take the half circle on your left and get the Elfroot (3/9) on the left on the way. Continue forward for some scenes. Afterward, to the girl from the scene's right, or your left if you are facing her is a shop, and behind that shop is a crate with a Map of Occupied Kirkwall, get it. Facing north of where the keeper is, take the path on the right to find a new friend. Continue on until you get a scene with an elf. Afterward there will be a big stone nearby, standing on edge. Behind it is an Elfroot (4/9). Continue along the path to a cave, enter. Note you'll see a deep mushroom on the map, you cannot get it until you go through the cave though.

Sundermount Caverns Act 1

Continue forward until you reach a campfire, to the left is some Silverite (1/6). Head to the gold marker but before going outside, go straight north into the little alcove to find a crate with the The Seal of House Talwain. Now go outside and investigate the barrier. Choose the bottom right option in the dialog. Straight ahead and a bit to the right after you go through the barrier is a Deep Mushroom (2/9). Now go up to the altar (golden marker). Enemies will attack. An arcane horror will spawn and then teleport behind you, kill it first. Use Pommel Blow to stun it, otherwise it has some painful magic spells it uses. After the fight go to the altar. Scenes and stuff. Note you can keep going up the path to kill some enemies and get some loot, then go back to the cave entrance and leave. Scenes. Answer "I don't think so" in the second dialog choice. Now go inside the house (face icon on mini-map, right by you) and talk to Merril, bottom right in the second dialog choice “You're welcome”. Now put Merril in your party and get the Chain Lightning ability and it's upgrade. Go into Lowtown at night and find a gang. Use pommel blow to stun one enemy and then use chain lightning on that enemy to complete a cross-class combo. You'll unlock an achievement for doing one.

Tag Team in Dragon Age II
Use teamwork to perform a cross-class combo.
  • Unlocked by 49,983 tracked gamers (67% - TA Ratio = 1.22) 74,685

We aren't too far from the end of act 1 so before we get too close let's clean up. First let's take care of the fetch quests.

Viscounts Keep Act 1

Go to viscounts keep. In the westernmost room is a Bottled Scar 5:34 Exalted, get it. On the way you'll get a scene, just accept the quest.

Go to gallows and give the map you have to Record Keeper Teryn.

Go to the Docks and give the body of Bearded Beast to Arintal (if coming from The Gallows he's right by you).

Go to Lowtown, give the paragon's toe to the New Surfacer and the grimoire to Bonswald and give the bottled scar to elven vintner.

Go to the chantry and give the remains of the sister to Brother Plinth. While we are here, go to the northernmost part of the chantry, you'll find Locks of the Golden Fool here, pick it up.

Hanged Man Act 1

Go to the Hanged Man. In the room under Varric's (his is a face on the mini-map) is a Shawl of Dalesdottir, take it.

Go to Hightown, and give the seal to Sareth, and the Shawl to Mais.

Go to Darktown, give the locks to the Elven Radicalist.

Disused Passage Act 1

There are a few more but we'll do them in a minute. Next go to the Docks at night, straight west of where you start is the entrance to the disused passage, go inside. From where you start go east, then south and follow the path to a small room with the Remains of the Outlaw Half-Braid Silsam in it, take it. North from here are two rectangular rooms next to each other, in the northern one is some Deathroot (3/6).

Dead Man's Pass Act 1

Go to Sundermount and you'll be ambushed. Take the path on right if you are facing the two paths and then kill the monsters. After the conversation go a bit behind the dwarf to find some Embrium (1/6) by a bunch of trees. From there go south to a dead end with a Caste Treatise and House Accounting at the end by the cave entrance (though you can't go in), pick it up. Leave. Go to Sundermount and give Eb Silsam the body you picked up. Go to Hightown and give the Tradtionalist Envoy the Treatise.

Now we are going to do the gang side quests. Basically, you just run around Lowtown/Hightown/Docks at night and kill all the gangs you meet. When you've gone through the town, leave (by going to a different place) and do it again. After you've killed enough you'll get a paper that tells you where the leader is, kill them. Then go to the Hanged Man and talk to A Friend to turn it in. For some reason, turning each of the three quests one by one gives you better rewards. Note that A Friend is two rooms below Varric's and doesn't have a quest marker.

Guardsman Pretenders roam the streets of Hightown. Their base is the barracks. The main guy here is quite tanky, I'd try to kill everything else before attacking him.

Redwater roam the Docks. Their base is in the warehouse. There are traps in here and the main guy is a wizard, don't let him cast anything.

Sharps roam Lowtown. The leader is in the hovel, simply go in and kill him.

Wounded Coast Act 1

Now go to Wounded Coast. At the first fork go right, then right at the next one. On the left will be some Spindleweed (2/6). Go back to the second fork and go the other way. Some Elfroot (5/9) will be on the right. Go back to the first fork and go south, and take a left to find some Glitterdust (1/6) at the dead end. Take the other path now and follow it straight west until you reach some Elfroot (6/9). From the Elfroot, head north and at the fork take the right path, talk to the guy and answer top right. Continue forward to the Tal-Vashoth Cavern and go inside. As a side note, you should be hitting level 10 right around now, unlocking an achievement. Though if you don't have the DLC you may not be there quite yet.

Dedicated in Dragon Age II
Dedicated18 (15)
Reach Level 10.
  • Unlocked by 53,177 tracked gamers (71% - TA Ratio = 1.18) 74,685

Tal Vashoth Cavern Act 1

Go into the cave and follow the path. After a couple fights you'll reach a room with 4 separate exits. If you take the northeast exit and take the path going north at the fork, you'll reach some raw Lyrium (2/9). If you take the southeast path you'll reach some Silverite (2/6). Take the southwest path to continue with the story. It'll end with a rather big fight. Make sure that once the mage shows up you cut him down ASAP. After the fight continue south to leave. Now go to the Docks and the marker. Isabela will leave when you get close, it's alright. In the first dialog choice choose top right, then "What about it Fenris?" (top left). Next pick "I was promised future profits" (middle right). Put Isabela back in your party and go to Lowtown at night. Go to the marker, top right choice, go to the marker again. Now go to the next marker and go inside. In the conversation answer "This will be trouble" (bottom right) in the second dialog choice. Go to the marker. Inside this cave simply follow the path to the exit. Note that there are a ton of traps here, so keep an eye out to disarm them for a bunch of experience.

Vimmark Mountain pass Act 1

Once you get to the mountain pass, you'll get a scene. Top right all the way through. After the fight, look to the west for a small dead-end to find some Silverite (3/6). Leave and go back to Lowtown at night and go to the marker. In the conversation choose "I don't care. Just pay me" (middle right) in the second dialog choice. Go to The Gallows and talk to Solivitus. Also buy the Restoration Potion Recipe from him. Now go to Sundermount, to the camp. Talk to Master Ilen here and choose "I'm looking for ironback" (middle right). Now go to the Ironwood Clearing. Wander around and kill everything then gather the item at the marker. Now return to Solivitus. Go to Merril's house and talk to her. After the conversation go to Lowtown during the day and talk to Arianni. Now go to The Gallows and talk to Thrask. Answer "Feynriel is a menace" (bottom right) when the option comes up. Go to Lowtown at night and go to the marker.

Slaver Caverns Act 1

Make sure Fenris is in your party and go to the Docks at night and go to the marker. Inside kill everything and pick up the letter from the abomination. Go to Darktown at night. Go to the marker and talk to Danzig. Choose "Fenris..." (top left) and then "No" (top right). Kill everything and loot Danzig for a map. Now go to the Wounded Coast. Go to the marker southwest of where you start (slaver caverns). Just inside to the left will be some Spindleweed (3/6). Continue forward, after the first fight in the big room, go up the stairs to the east and follow the path to a Deep Mushroom (3/9) on the right in a dead end room. Now go to the marker. Choose "Varric, help me out" (top left) and then "After we kill you" (bottom right). Kill him and then in the conversation answer top right until "Go to the circle" (bottom right) is an option. Loot what you like and then leave. Remove Varric from your party and go to The Gallows. Talk to Thrask.

Varric and Fenris should both be at max friendship now. Isabela is fairly close, but sadly we won't be able to max her friendship before act 2. Isabela has the least amount of friendship possible out of all characters, and this is an unfortunate consequence. Once we do her companion quests at the start of act 2 to help romance her, we will have it though. For the next quest remove Fenris from the party. Aveline is also a warrior, so she makes a good replacement. Go to Wounded Coast and head to the marker. After the conversation you'll be fighting a ton of people, 3 waves. Keep an eye on everyone's health. No mages or anything so it's not too hard. Afterward you'll be in Viscount Keep. Answer "This is clearly not my affair" (top left) and you are done. You should be close to getting 100 sovereigns unless you spent a lot, earning you this...

Mogul in Dragon Age II
Mogul32 (25)
Have 100 or more sovereigns in your purse.
  • Unlocked by 44,147 tracked gamers (59% - TA Ratio = 1.29) 74,685

Rumaway's Cavern Act 1

Bear in mind we are still in act 1, so you shouldn't have any problem reaching 100 if you haven't already. Talk to Arianni in Lowtown to turn in a quest, then go to Gamlen's house and read the letter (you can put Fenris back in your party now). Now go to Wounded Coast Approach. Head to the marker and talk to Thrask, agree to help and go inside the Runaway's Cavern. Go to the marker and kill the enemies to talk to Alain. Top right all the way. West of him is a dead end with raw Lyrium (3/9), make sure to get it. Go to the next marker to find another fight. There are multiple mages here, just make sure you kill Decimus first and then go after the other mages and archers. In the ensuing conversation answer top right in the first two dialog choices and then "I'll convince him you're dead" (middle right). Now head to the entrance and leave. In the conversation answer "Varric, this is your thing" and then say "I killed them". You should be hitting level 11 by now, which means you can max out your two handed skill tree. Oddly enough, it didn't unlock when I maxed my two-handed weapon tree. Oh well. I told you put all of Aveline's skill points into weapon and shield, and at level 11 she will have the tree filled, earning you this if you were unlucky like me.

Weapon Master in Dragon Age II
Master a weapon style.
  • Unlocked by 46,019 tracked gamers (62% - TA Ratio = 1.27) 74,685

If you used someone other than Aveline, whatever tree you were working on for Varric and Isabela (and possibly Fenris) should be able to be maxed at level 12. Two things to do. Go to the Wounded Coast, southernmost part of the map (where you did the Unbidden Rescue quest and fought eleventybillion mercs). There will be a crate with some Redblossom Special, get it. Now take it to Dalian in Darktown. Now, we have nothing left to do but go into the Deep Roads now, which is the beginning of the end of act 1. So, let's make sure we have everything. As a side note real quick : you may get a letter called "A friend in low places" this is a quest that leads to you having someone else pay the 50 sovereigns to get into the deep roads, blocking you from an achievement. Don't read the letter, don't talk to the guy.

Resources : Go to Gamlen's house and activate the "order X" options. There should be three, and each one will show you a certain set of your resources. You should have..

3 Deep Mushroom

3 Deathroot

1 glitterdust

3 lyrium

3 silverite

6 elfroot

3 spindleweed

1 embrium

If you are perhaps using another list to cross reference, this count is missing 2 deep mushroom, 2 lyrium, and 1 silverite other lists might have for act 1. The 5 missing ingredients are in the deep roads, so don't panic, we just haven't gotten there yet!

If you look under the codex, you should have "The History of the Chantry, Chapter 1". If not it's in the chantry, take a right once inside, go up the steps, and take two rights to find it by a desk.

The Apparel shop in Lowtown sells an upgrade for Varric, assuming you have enough money. This vendor also sells a backpack upgrade (gives 10 extra slots) and so does the Robes shop in Hightown. If you have the money, purchase them all. If you'd like you can also pick up health potions from the various shops but 15 or so should be more than enough.

Alright, if you have everything it is time to go. Because of SPOILERS, we need to take Bethany and Anders along for the Deep Roads expedition. This actually works just fine, because they can both heal and the boss we face in the Deep Roads will likely be your first real challenge. You also need to bring Varric, so your party is more or less forced to be Varric/Anders/Bethany. As for abilities, I would suggest getting Heroic Aura and Haste from the Creation tree on at least one of the mages (and getting the upgrades), and Heal on both (I got Haste for both too, but that's your choice). Other than that you can get whatever you want, I just sent them both down the Elemental tree. Go to Hightown and talk to Bertrand. Top right all the way through. You'll get this during the conversation.

Financier in Dragon Age II
Financier12 (10)
Become a partner in a Deep Roads expedition.
  • Unlocked by 48,305 tracked gamers (65% - TA Ratio = 1.24) 74,685

Talk to him again to get things going. Keep answering top right all the way through as usual. When you regain control, ensure the mage with Heroic Aura has it on. Now follow the path to your first fight, after killing them go down the first stairs and U-turn to your right to find a Deep Mushroom (4/9). The barrage of spells from the mages and your obnoxious attack speed thanks to haste should make this pretty breezy, but keep an eye on everyone. All three are squishy, so if you see anyone attacking them, stop whatever you are doing and help them. Keep going forward. In the second fight an Emissary will be in the back, which is basically a mage. Make sure to cut it down first. Continue forward to find a third fight and another mage. After this fight go south down the stairs and you'll find some Silverite (4/6) on the right. If you go toward the small room to the east you'll also encounter spiders. Try and keep everyone to the south and have yourself toward the north of this pit, a very big spider will come down and you don't want it on top of your mages. Continue forward to the fourth fight, you'll find a Deep Mushroom (5/9) to your left when you enter the room with the enemies.

Deep Roads Act 1 Part 2

Going forward you will find a dwarf. After the conversation, look behind you for some raw Lyrium (4/9). Continue forward into the next area, you'll have two more battles. During the second you'll be in a room with light shining down on the floor, to the left is some raw Lyrium (5/9).

In the next room will be an ogre. As long as he is attacking you and no one else you are fine, everyone will tear him up. Keep going forward and you will eventually encounter a dragon in a big room. Ensure it only attacks you (use taunt if necessary) and keep going to town on him. You can tank him easily and both mages can heal you, so you shouldn't have problems with it. The only hiccup might come from the dragonlings that spawn mid battle, but my allies were able to deal with them on their own until I killed the dragon, then I mopped up. If you aren't so lucky, stop attacking the dragon and help them out, but only if taunt is up, so you can get the dragon to focus you again afterward. If it isn't up, switch to whoever might die and use a health potion. Continue forward for a scene, and an achievement.

Delver of the Deep in Dragon Age II
Explore the Deep Roads.
  • Unlocked by 52,130 tracked gamers (70% - TA Ratio = 1.19) 74,685

Primeval Ruins Act 1

After the scenes follow the path until you end up in a fight. Note the golem nearby will activate mid fight, so make sure your allies aren't sitting by it or you'll regret it. After the fight before going down the next set of stairs get the Orichalcum (1/6) near the stairs. Go down the stairs and go in the door. Follow the path until after the scene. Go in the dead end room on the left. Manually move everyone into the actual room, then focus fire the golem. A bunch of shades will spawn outside the room and if you don't move your party in they will get stuck in the hallway with the shades (and the AI handles this in a very awful way). Around now you'll be getting the achievement for 100 codex entries.

Knowledgeable in Dragon Age II
Unlock 100 codex entries.
  • Unlocked by 52,910 tracked gamers (71% - TA Ratio = 1.18) 74,685

If not keep in mind this is act 1, it's likely impossible NOT to get 100 at this point unless you are purposely avoiding things so if you don't get it now I wouldn't worry. From here continue forward, killing enemies as you go, until you get a scene. Top right in the first two dialog choices and then "We refuse" (bottom right). Continue forward killing dudes until the next scene. Boss time. The Rock Wraith can teleport so moving everyone away from him will be a pain, but do so anyway, the AI will make Hawke attack the Wraith. Keep using taunt and keeping his attention on Hawke until he teleports to the middle of the arena, he will start emitting waves of energy that damage you. If you move your characters behind pillars they won't take damage. After this he will fall apart for a while and you can go crazy on him. In my case, I had him almost dead by the time he reformed, at which point he used the wave attack again and then I killed him after. Assuming both mages have heal you MIGHT need to use a health potion to heal the 3rd squishy, but otherwise it should be a quick fight. You'll get this achievement.

Stone Cold in Dragon Age II
Defeated the rock wraith on your expedition into the Deep Roads. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 51,520 tracked gamers (69% - TA Ratio = 1.20) 74,685

After the scene loot the treasures (loot the wraith if you didn't although all he gave me was 43 silver) and then leave. You'll get a lot of scenes. Top right all the way through the conversation. During all the scenes you'll get an achievement.

Unstoppable in Dragon Age II
Complete a full year in Kirkwall without any party member being knocked unconscious.
  • Unlocked by 20,817 tracked gamers (28% - TA Ratio = 1.89) 74,685

This is the end of act 1. On to act 2!

Special note for this act before we begin: assuming you follow this walkthrough you won't have any issues, but if you don't you may come across Evil Tomes before the guide gets to that quest. These are involved in a quest and MUST be destroyed in order to finish the quest (at least, to finish it with the outcome we need for an achievement). So if you do wander off the walkthrough's path (not that I recommend it) make sure you destroy any you happen across.

After all the scenes you regain control go to the Hanged Man. Talk to Isabela, and choose "Are you sure?" (middle right). An achievement will pop while Isabela is talking.

Great Minds Think Alike in Dragon Age II
Earn the friendship or rivalry of four party members.
  • Unlocked by 33,970 tracked gamers (45% - TA Ratio = 1.47) 74,685

For the second option choose "I'll do it for a kiss" (bottom left?) for another achievement.

Flirtatious in Dragon Age II
Flirt with one of your party members to begin a romance.
  • Unlocked by 46,112 tracked gamers (62% - TA Ratio = 1.27) 74,685

So, now we have the 4 friends achievement. Your party from now on is your own to choose, with a couple caveats. As I mentioned early on, romancing Isabela ensures she sticks around for quests we need later, so for this walkthrough I'm keeping her in the party, and the only dialog options I will tell you to choose are ones that avoid her getting rivalry/allow romancing her (unless choices are needed for quests and stuff). Note if you have the Exiled Prince DLC you need to max friendship/rivalry with Sebastian, so I will point out those choices. A few companions (like Anders) need a certain amount of friendship/rivalry to do things, so being friendly with everyone would be nice, but not strictly necessary. If you gave Anders Heroic Aura and Haste I'd take him, along with Fenris for the other two party members. If you have the DLC, go to the chantry and starts the second quest, it'll end with you having him in your party. Be sure to read its section on the DLC page to make sure you do everything correctly.

In Hightown, go to the marker that denotes Hawk's Estate. Inside you'll find an enchanted apparatus next to Sandal. Use it and attach a rune to something, either a weapon or armor. If you have no runes, shops in Lowtown and Hightown have them. You'll get this once you leave the enchantment menu.

Enchanter in Dragon Age II
Enchant an item.
  • Unlocked by 50,077 tracked gamers (67% - TA Ratio = 1.21) 74,685

The mage shop next to Solivitus in the gallows has a backpack upgrade and an armor upgrade for Anders. In the docks, in the far west area is a merchant who sells an armor upgrade for Fenris and Varric. The Apparel shop in Lowtown has an upgrade for Isabela and finally, Anders has an armor upgrade in Lirene's Fereldan Imports in Lowtown. Once you have all that go to the Hanged Man again and talk to Isabela.

Pick top right and then "Just all right" (middle right) and then top right again. Return to the Hawke estate. You should get a scene with Isabela. Choose top right and then "There's excitement right here" (bottom left) followed by "Come with me" (top right). After the scene choose top right and then "Why not?" (top right). Top right again. Now investigate and pick all three options. The bottom left one presents a chance to flirt again "You're afraid of being loved" (top right). After this Isabela's outfit should change. There is a bug that might stop it from happening, though. From here go to the shop Robes from Jean Luc and buy Isabela's armor upgrade, if her outfit didn't change previously, it should now. If it does, it means you've successfully started a romance with Isabela, although the achievement doesn't unlock for a while.

Holding Caves Act 2

Now go to Fenris' mansion. Answer top right, top right, "You're my friend" (top right). Immediately talk to him again. Top right all the way through. Afterward switch Isabela out for Aveline, and then go to some place on the world map, you'll be ambushed. Answer "He's not a slave!" (top right). After killing them, choose "We go after them" (top right). Leave and replace Isabela and enter the Holding Caves...which don't look much like caves...at the start take the path on the right, you'll find Embrium (2/6) on your left. Continue forward and kill everything, then go down the path that leads to the entrance (not the one on the right you took, the one that would have been the left path) to find Glitterdust (2/6). Now go to the abandoned slaver den.

On your way to the marker you will encounter a woman being attacked, save her. Answer "I'm sorry" (top right). Answer "Come work for me" (middle right) and then "I will pay her" (top right). Go to the room west of her to find an armor upgrade for Fenris in a chest. Now continue to the marker. Kill Hadriana. The easiest way to do this is to kill everything she spawns before attacking her, as she is quite durable. You'll get ripped limb from limb if you try to kill her while everything she summons is attacking you. Afterward pick "It's up to you Fenris" (top left). Then choose top right both times.

Darktown Act 2

Go to your estate for a scene, top right all the way through. Go to Ander's clinic, talk to him, top right all the way through. When you exit you'll notice some Deathroot (4/6) on the ground to your left after going down some stairs, before you go up the stairs. In the southwest corner of the map near the exit is a Secret Message (1/3 for Act 2), get it now.

Lowtown Act 2

Go to Lowtown during the day. If you look at the map, in the southern part of the map, you'll see a shop (if you highlight the icon, it is merely called "armor"). Southeast of it (not the path that leads to an exit) is a path with a Spindleweed (4/6) at the end.

Chantry Act 2

Go to the chantry. Go to where the history of Kirkwall was in act 1 (go forward, right up the stairs, then two more rights) and read the book on the table by the fireplace for a Secret Message (2/3 for Act 2). Also, go to where Sebastian and the Grand Cleric were for the Repentance quest and read the History of the Chantry Chapter 2 (2/4) nearby (if you don't have the DLC it's in the middle of the building on a raised platform.

Go to the docks. Go up the stairs on the left and enter the Quanari Compound. Go up the stairs then U-turn left and you'll see a Secret Message (3/3 for Act 2) on the ground. Now go to the gallows. Talk to Solivitus and pick up the quest of his for this act. Use the shop next to him and buy the Life Ward Potion. Now go to Lowtown at night. Next to the entrance to Gamlen's house is some debris with the Rock Skin Potion Recipe. Now go to Merril's house at night, exit and choose Lowtown at night. You should be in the alienage. Go to the stairs and then look to the right, should be a sack with a book called "A Slave's Life”. Go to Fenris' mansion and talk to him. Pick top right, then middle right. Now go to Viscount Keep and talk to Aveline. Top right both times. Now go to the Hanged Man and talk to Varric, top right both times.

Now go to the chantry. Instead of right, go forward and then left up the stairs, then left again to find an evil tome on a desk. Choose to destroy it (top right) in the dialog that appears when you use it with A. Kill what spawns. Go to Viscount Keep. Go straight until you reach the room with the throne, immediately turn left and this book will be on a bench. Destroy it and kill everything. Around now you should be hitting level 14, which means you can use your last specialization point to unlock an achievement.

Specialized in Dragon Age II
Learn two class specializations.
  • Unlocked by 44,555 tracked gamers (60% - TA Ratio = 1.29) 74,685

If you don't have the DLC you should be a little into level 13 by now.

Bone Pit Act 2

Now go to the Bone Pit. On the right not too far in will be some Deathroot (5/6). Go south and then all the way east, and go north at the fork. Go straight north into an area with Glitterdust (3/6). From here backtrack to the second fork and follow the path to a Cave, enter.

Bone Pit Mine Act 2

On the left will be some Lyrium (6/9), and behind it in a little alcove is another evil tome, destroy it and kill everything. Leave. Now go to the Wounded Coast.

Wounded Coast Act 2

Go left and follow the path (taking the right path at the fork) until you fight raiders, past them on the left will be some Elfroot (7/9). Keep following the path until the next fork, go south. Right before you run into some soldiers some Embrium (3/6) will be on the left. Since we are here, walk up to the soldiers and talk to them. Top right all the way through and then kill everything. Fell Orden is a mage, so make sure to focus him down first; the rest are just typical peons. Make sure to loot Fell Orden, he has an item for a fetch quest, Swatch of the Jackyard. Now backtrack to the three way fork, and go left (west). Go north at the next fork, then continue following it north until you reach a northwest/northeast fork and go northeast. In the northeast section of this area is a Harlot's Blush Flower we need for a quest. West of the flower in a dead end is a shop, the guys sells a staff called “cold-blooded”. While the price is obnoxious if you can't find any staves with cold damage this is an alternative. It's not a bad staff, it just costs so much, but we will worry about it later on, we don't need it until act 3 anyway. For now return to the entrance, go right at the first fork, left at the next, and then right at the next one to find Embrium (4/6). Continue following this path to an area with the Dank Cave.

Dank Cave Act 2 NEW

In here follow the path to a big room, right as you enter some Lyrium (7/9) is on the right. At the other end of the room is another evil tome, destroy it and kill everything.

Now go to Sundermount. Go to the camp and then west to the exit, you'll find a new cave nearby, enter it. At the first fork go north and be warned that in the next room, past the golem, you'll face a golem, rage demon, and revnant at the same time when you search the body by the east door. Ensure Fenris and Hawke are taunting or otherwise distracting the big three and concentrate on killing them first. An alternative is pulling your party back so they all funnel into the hallway and facing them that way. Exit east and you'll come across Gerralt's body, pick it up for a fetch quest. I'd suggest saving before going in the next room. Inside you'll face 5-6 waves of enemies, with rage demons, desire demons, revnants and other miscellaneous undead. Pulling back to the hallway is a good idea here, but you can stand and fight them if you'd like. In between waves your health may not refill, so keep an eye on everyone's health. Afterward destroy the Evil Tome and then leave through the eastern exit.

This next area is fairly dangerous, so it would not be a bad idea to stock up on healing potions, most shops sell them. I would also suggest having Anders in your party if he isn't already. If you have the skill points, panacea and aid allies in the vengeance tree are great skills to have. When you are ready go to Darktown. The Evil Pits will be just ahead on the left (gold marker) go inside. Follow the path to the marker; I'd save before going in. Go in, read the book (yes you can read this one) and then the fight begins. Xebenkeck is the boss here and you should concentrate on her first, as she can heal everyone else. In truth, she isn't particularly sturdy, but some powerful undead spawn with her and can tear you apart. If you find you are getting overwhelmed turn your attention to the smaller enemies and after you've killed some of them start attacking Xebenkeck again. After she is dead all that is left is the demons she spawned, moving back into a hallway may be ideal. Between Anders' healing and health potions it shouldn't be hard to win the fight without anyone going down, but remember we already have the achievement so there's no loss in someone going down, as uncaring as that seems. You'll get an achievement when you've killed everything.

Exorcist in Dragon Age II
Exorcist50 (25)
Deal with an undying terror.
  • Unlocked by 18,450 tracked gamers (25% - TA Ratio = 2.00) 74,685

Now go to the gallows and talk to Emeric and accept the quest. While we are here turn in the flower we got to Solivitus. Now go to Hightown at night. Go to the DuPuis estate (south of where you enter). You can pretty much only go east, so do so and reach the marker. Top right for first two dialog choices and then bottom right. Kill everything and then chase him (marker shows you where he is). After following him 3 or so times, the marker will disappear. His body will be nearby, loot it and leave. Go back to the gallows and talk to Moira. Now leave and go to the blind alley at night. Go forward and kill everything that spawns. Quite a few enemies show up, so keep an eye on your back line to make sure reinforcements don't overrun them. After you've killed them you'll get a scene and you'll be done. Let's turn some stuff in. Go to Viscount Keep and turn in Raiders in the Cliffs. Go to the docks and give the ship spotter the swatch. Go to Lowtown and give the gerralt body to gerralt. Now go to your estate and read the letter, then go to Hightown and talk to Hubert. Top right all the way through, then you'll be somewhere else and fighting, kill everything. Afterward go to Darktown at night and you'll get a scene. Afterward south and a bit east is the marker for the next objective. Enter and then follow the path to the end, kill everything and then leave. Return to Hubert.

Bone Pit Mine Act 2

Now go to the Bone Pit and talk to Jansen. After the scene check the sack nearby (a bit north of Jansen) for a Sixth Finger if you didn't get it already, then go in the mines. You'll immediately run into a bunch of spiders, kill them all. Up the stairs in front of the entrance and a bit to the right is some Lyrium (8/9), get it. Then you can leave. Talk to Jansen to end the quest. He has another one but sadly we have to go to somewhere else (like your estate) and then return for the quest to appear. After talking to him go to the new marker and go inside. Either north or east will take you to the room, once there you'll find an arcane horror and a revnant. By now you know the drill, wipe them both out and then kill everything else. Leave, turn in the quest, go to the estate, come back and talk to Jansen. Now go to Lowtown and talk to the smith. Pick top right and then middle right. We actually don't need to go back to Jansen to finish this quest so we are done with the quest line.

Now go to the docks. Go to the Quanari compound and talk to the Arishok. Put Isabela back in your party. Now go to Darktown. Go to the marker east of you and talk to the merchant. East and then south you'll find Smuggler's Cut, go inside. You should unlock an achievement now, for visiting ten caves.

Spelunker in Dragon Age II
Spelunker32 (25)
Visit 10 caves in Kirkwall and the surrounding area.
  • Unlocked by 44,726 tracked gamers (60% - TA Ratio = 1.28) 74,685

Smuggler's Cut Act 2

Follow the path (keep going north basically) until you go up some stairs and find a lone archer. Kill him and then in the next room with some more enemies will be some Silverite (5/6). A bit forward, just past some stairs will be a chest with a ship for Isabela in it. Make sure to get it, ladies love gifts. Instead of going up those stairs instead go south. Keep going south and you'll find a Deep Mushroom (6/9) on the left right before an alcove with a chest. Now go to the marker. Outside, kill everything and then top right all the way through. Now go to the "side alley" on the town map. After the scene you'll be in the middle of a poison cloud, yay! Straight ahead should be a steel latch on the ground, grab it and use it on the gas barrel nearby. Enemies will attack, and after they are all dead one should have another steel latch, take it and close another gas barrel. Repeat until all barrels are closed, then you'll have to fight a few more waves and you'll be done. Return to the docks and talk to the Arishok again. Top right all the way through as usual. Now go to Viscount Keep and talk to the viscount.

DO NOT TALK TO BRAN. Immediately return to the Arishok. Top right all the way through. Put Isabela back in your party and replace Anders with Sebastian if you haven't already, there's some friendship to be had in this next quest (keep Anders if you don't have the DLC). Now go to Bran in Viscount Keep and talk to him. Next go to the Hanged Man at night. Since we are here, might as well give Isabela the ship. Talk to her and choose "The best thing is below deck" (bottom left). Then talk to Orwald nearby. Top right, kill everything, top right. Now head over to the Chantry. After the scene (top right of course) go up the stairs in the back and talk to Elthina. Choose investigate and then "Someone used your seal" (top left). Now remove Sebastian from your party (there is a horn before the entrance) and then talk to him near the Elthina. Top right for both choices. Put Sebastian back in your party. Now go to Varnells' Refuge. Go forward until you get a scene. At the end of it choose "Varnell and the others die" (top right). You will fight an incredible number of enemies here, keep an eye on everyone and be sure to kill Varnell quickly. Don't be afraid to use health potions either. After the fight answer "Do not hide it. he'll know" (bottom right). Now go back to the Arishok in the docks. Top right throughout, and you'll have yourself an achievement.

A Worthy Rival in Dragon Age II
Earn the respect of an important adversary.
  • Unlocked by 18,957 tracked gamers (25% - TA Ratio = 1.98) 74,685

Chase after Mom Act 2 NEW

Now go to your estate. Top right through the scene then go to Lowtown at night. Not far from the entrance on the right will be an urchin, talk to him. Pick "Coin" (top right). Follow the trail of blood (or just go to the foundry) and enter. Follow the blood to a trap door, enter it. Follow the path and keep an eye out, in the first narrow passage some Orichalcum (2/6) will be in front of you on the left. Continue forward. After the conversation you'll face 4-5 waves of enemies, no revnants or golems or anything, so it's not too hard. After killing everything top right in the scenes, in the scene with Gamlen answer top right twice and then "Magic's not to blame" (bottom right). Assuming you've done everything right up until now, the next scene should have Isabela showing up to cheer you up (top right in the dialog). Check your letters. You'll have one from the viscount asking you to come visit about a quest. This quest starts the beginning of the end of act 2, and as a result you should avoid it until I mention it, we still have quite a bit to do before we can move on.

Now we have a few side quests to mop up, but mostly just companion quests and then we can move on to act 3. If you want to keep max friendship with Varric you'll want Anders AND Sebastian in your party, but it is no longer necessary. Go to the Hanged Man and talk to Varric. He will mention your romance with Isabela, just answer top right through everything. Afterward talk to him again. Top right again. Leave and go to Hightown at night now. With Varric in your party go to the estate south of the Chantry (marker) and enter. In this first scene you just control Varric, simply mash A and kill everything until you get a scene. Afterward, your target is the room in the middle with stairs. Note that when you enter you'll face an immense amount of enemies. Backing everyone up to one of the other rooms so you can get them to clog up at the doors will be very helpful here. After killing everything go toward the door at the top of the stairs for a scene. South of the room with the marker is a chest with an armor upgrade for Varric, make sure to get it, and then go in the door with the marker. The person you are after will disappear and enemies will come from behind. You need to find said person immediately and concentrate him. Once he dies the next scene occurs regardless of whether you've killed everything else, so focus on him. Note that when he disappears, he will reappear and stab somebody in the back doing a ton damage. When he does disappear, make sure everyone has plenty of health. Once he is dead answer top right in the first two dialog choices and then "Let him go" (bottom left) and then "He doesn't need to die" (top right). This will result in Sebastian getting maxed friendship, giving you an achievement if you have the DLC.

Loyalty of the Prince in Dragon Age II
Earn either a friendship or rivalry with Sebastian.
  • Unlocked by 11,217 tracked gamers (58% - TA Ratio = 1.83) 19,320

Vaterral Hunting Ground Act 2

Go to the Hanged Man and talk to Varric. After that we are done with Varric's, on to Merril's. Go to her house and talk to her. Top right all the way through. Then go to Sundermount. You'll be asked to pick your party, Merril is required. Even though Merril is a mage she doesn't have heal, so bring Anders along and Fenris. Go to the camp, there is a chest in the southern part with a Dalish ingredient we need for Herblists Tasks, take it, then talk to the keeper. Top right all the way through. The monster she mentions we have to slay is a boss monster with an achievement attached to it. Go down the left path (not up the mountain) and follow the path all the way to a cave and go inside the Vaterral Hunting Ground. Inside go north, you'll come across a body you can loot and some spiders will attack, make sure to loot the body for the stuff, it involves a quest. At the fork, go south instead of west and follow the path to the second body, loot it. Continue forward until you are attacked by spiders again. Instead of continuing after they are dead, look for some Orichalcum (3/6) near the ledge, to the left of the door.

Go through the nearby door and you'll find some Glitterdust (4/6) on the left as you go ahead. Go down the next stairs and then on the right will be the third body. Continue ahead, pick the top right options in the dialog, and go to the marker. Boss time. He looks intimidating but it's not that bad. At the start rush it, you want him to concentrate on either you or Fenris. Try to stay on the opposite side of the Vaterral that Fenris is, so you don't both get hit by his attacks. Go to town on him until spiders appear. Stop attacking the Vaterral and concentrate on the spiders so they don't overrun Anders/Merril (while you do this, ensure Fenris is still attacking the Vaterral). As long as you concentrate on the small spiders and Fenris keeps the Vaterral busy, this is a pretty straight forward fight. There is one caveat, sometimes the Vaterral will jump away and then land on Anders or Merril. When this happens take manual control of them and move them away, then ensure Fenris has the Vaterral's attention again, and then switch to Hawke and keep attacking smaller spiders. It shouldn't take long for you to kill it and get an achievement.

That Thing Has Legs in Dragon Age II
Slay a varterral.
  • Unlocked by 46,015 tracked gamers (62% - TA Ratio = 1.27) 74,685

Go back as if you are heading toward the entrance, and then up the first set of stairs will be a Deep Mushroom (7/9). Now leave. On the way out will be two groups of undead. The second has an arcane horror, the rest is just rabble. BEFORE heading to the keeper, remove Fenris from your party. Now talk to the keeper. First answer "The keeper is right" (bottom right) and then "Fine, take it" (top right).

Sudnermount Act 2

Sudnermount Passage Act 2

While we are here let's get the rest of the ingredients, but first reassemble your party, Merril is no longer necessary. Go back to the Hunting Ground entrance and go into the alcove to the west to find some Elfroot (8/9). Now take the right path up the mountain, you'll come across some Glitterdust (5/6) on the way. Enter the Sundermount Passage. In the first room you'll fight some spiders; in the little dead end to the west is some Silverite (6/6). After the next spider fight you'll go into a room with some Orichalcum (4/6). It's in the little dead end to the north. You'll find another Orichalcum (5/6) up the stairs in the same room, in the back. Now exit the cave to the graveyard. Turn right and you'll find the Mighty Offense Potion recipe. Now continue forward and you'll find enemies. The mage should be killed first. Later on an arcane horror will spawn, make sure to kill it when it spawns. Afterward loot the mage for a fetch quest item. Continue up the mountain until you find the Embrium (5/6) on the right.

Disused Passage Act 2 NEW

You can continue up the mountain to the top to find a mature dragon. There is a body here that MIGHT have a knife related to a quest. Apparently the knife can also spawn on the way to the mountain or in a sack in the mountain or it might not appear at all. If you can't find it then don't worry about it. Go to Hightown and give sister Phylias the sixth finger. Go The Gallows and give Azure Jamos his eye, and talk to Solivitus to finish Herbalists Tasks. Go to the docks at night and enter the disused passage. Go to where you found the body in act 1 and get a Seal in the crate (if you don't remember, go east and then south and into the small room to the north and loot the crate). Go to where the deathroot was previously to find a hat(again if you don't remember, go straight north from the dead end passage and enter the second rectangular room to find a Waxler's Hat in the sack). The seal belongs to Bolund in Hightown, the hat goes to Waxler (surprise!) in the Hanged Man (he only showed up at night though). As an aside if you were able to get the ream-rot knife it goes Faj in Lowtown.

Gallows Dungeon Act 2 Part 1

Gallows Dungeon Act 2 Part 2

Now go to Ander's Clinic and talk to Anders. Top right all the way through and then go south to the marker. If you want to avoid Fenris losing a bit of friendship, remove him, but it doesn't matter. Go inside. Go forward and at the fork go left, then left again to find some Spindleweed (5/6). Continue forward, in the first fight one of the enemies should have Pantaloons you can loot from them, do so. At the fork, go left. When you reach the big room with spiders, a Deep Mushroom (8/9) will be in the little alcove to the north. From here continue to the marker. Top right in the dialog, kill everything. In the next scene answer top right and then "Don't hurt her!" (bottom left). Make sure you loot Sir Alrik. Now head toward the exit BUT BEFORE you leave, turn right and follow the path, and then right at the fork to find a Secret Message (4/3 for Act 2, it's an extra for insurance). South of the room with the Secret Message is a crate with an armor upgrade for Anders, snag it. Now leave. Head to Ander's Clinic and talk to him, top right all the way through. Talk to Anders again afterward and answer all top right in the dialog. Now go to Hightown and give the pantaloons to Bulf. The gallows dungeon had the last ingredients for the act, so let's check and make sure we have everything. You should have...

8 Deep Mushroom

5 Deathroot

5 Glitterdust

8 Lyrium

6 Silverite

5 Orichalcum

8 Elfroot

5 Spindleweed

5 Embrium

Now go to the Viscounts Keep. Talk to Aveline. Top right all the way through. Talk to her again and agree to help. Go to Donnic nearby and talk to him, then return to Aveline and talk to her again, top right all the way. Now talk to Donnic one last time, then go to the Hanged Man at night. Talk to Donnic. In the scene after with Aveline, answer top right both times. Now go to the wounded Coast. The marker to the west is a signal fire. Go up to it, kill what spawns, light the fire. Do it for all three fires. After the third answer top right in the conversation and then go to Viscount Keep. Continue talking to Aveline as long as she has a marker over her head and answer top right (should be four times, but it might only be 3). That's about it for companion quests, and if you are following the guide you should have all the secondary and fetch quests done too. One last thing before we move on, and that's gangs. You'll remember from act 1 that each area of Kirkwall had a gang. Run through each area at night killing things until you get a note, then go to the hideout and wipe out everything in the building.

Hightown - Invisible Sisters - Suspicious house, east of the chantry

Docks - Undercut - Run Down Alley, easternmost point of docks

Lowtown - Dog Lords - Decrepit Alley - In the market area in the western part of Lowtown

Alright, now to do Following the Qun. You have a side quest called "Night Terrors". It is the 4th of 7 decisions we can make between the Templar and mages, so we want to do it as late in act 2 as possible so we don't have to redo as much when we reload the save for the Mage Hunter achievement. Read the letter in your estate if you haven't then go talk to the viscount in Viscount Keep. Now go to the docks. You'll be ambushed by thugs, kill them all and then leave. Talk to Arishok and answer top right all the way. Go to the chantry at night after putting Isabela back in your party. Know that after this scene, the History of the Chantry Chapter 3 (3/4) book will be on a pedestal to the left. You'll have a split second to pick it up before the battle starts and it becomes harder to pick up. If you fail to do so before fighting starts, go up next to it, put it in the middle of the screen, and then hold LT to bring up the quick wheel. Now let go and mash A, you should read it. Keep trying until you do. Once you have it kill everything and then answer top right through all the scenes.

Go to your estate. Choose top right in the first choice. In the second, YOU MUST CHOOSE TO HELP ISABELA FIRST. Otherwise, she is gone from your party forever and you are screwed out of multiple achievements. Afterward form your party and go to Lowtown at night. Go to the marker and kill the enemies. In the conversation answer top right twice and then say "We'll get the relic for you" (bottom right). Now go into the foundry nearby. After the scene note Isabela is gone, you'll just have 3 party members. Kill everything. Once everything is dead go into the room in the northwest corner (not the one with the marker!) and check the crate on the right for the Lambswool upgrade for Isabela. You can now go to the marker to exit. Loot the body nearby to find a letter from Isabela. For now she is gone from the party, so replace her with someone else. Honestly none of the choices are too appealing, I took Merril along.

Alright, time for Night Terrors. We've sided with the Templar twice and the mages once, so we are going down the mage path here. Make sure to save here so you can reload it after you finish your first playthrough to choose the templar side. Go to Lowtown and talk to Arianni. Answer top right through everything until you enter the fade. Go forward and you'll have a scene, choose "I don't work with demons" (top left). You'll have two markers, go to the west one and go in the door. Go to the marker, then answer top right all the way through. Kill everything and then go through the other door and go to the marker. Top right all the way through, then return to the center and talk to Fenyriel. Top right all the way through yet again.

Now is the time to finally end act 2. Scroll up a bit and double check your ingredients for the supplier achievement. Make sure you have 3 chapters of the chantry history in the codex. You should have 5 potion recipes. Stock up on potions, as many as possible. If you want that cold blooded staff now is the time. The battles in this quest are harder than the typical. When you are ready, go to the Quanari compound in the docks and enter. At the Arishok conversation answer "I'll find it" (middle right). Then top right, followed by "We're not here to argue" (middle right) and then "Why not leave the city" (middle right). You'll gain a bit of rivalry with Aveline if you don't use her in your party at the party selection screen. It's up to you if you care (I didn't). From the start head north and then west toward the marker, on the way you'll kill some enemies and get a scene, just answer top right as usual. Then head to the marker.

In the next area you'll fight some dudes, kill them all and do the usual during the conversation. Then continue forward until you come across a woman crying. On the right will be a body with the last potion recipe. You won't get the achievement but don't worry, it's for MAKING all the potions. We'll get this in Act 3. Go west to the next fight and afterward you'll get an achievement.

Friends in High Places in Dragon Age II
Meet the four most powerful people in Kirkwall.
  • Unlocked by 45,551 tracked gamers (61% - TA Ratio = 1.27) 74,685

Top right all through the conversation. Kill everything, then you'll be in the keep. Wipe out everything again. Answer top right and then you'll have to kill a few things. Then answer top right, followed by "You can't have her" (bottom right). IF YOU DO NOT REPLY WITH THIS ISABELA IS GONE PERMANENTLY. Now choose bottom right "I won't duel". You'll now be fighting the Arishok and a bunch of Qunari. Aim to kill all the Quanari first. The mage behind Arishok is the first target. Once you've wiped all of them out, dealing with the Arishok is fairly easy. Keep an eye on everyone's health and go to town on him. When he starts spinning, back off. It will do a lot of damage and tends to knock you away which makes it easy for him to keep hitting you with it. Other than that, just keeping stabbing him until he dies and keep an eye on everyone's health, without his guards he's a chump. Achievement will unlock.

King of the Hill in Dragon Age II
Defeated the Arishok. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 44,051 tracked gamers (59% - TA Ratio = 1.29) 74,685

This is the end of act 2, on to act 3!

After a bunch of scenes you'll have a scene with Orsino talking. In this choose top right for the first dialog choice and then "Orsino is right". After the scenes go to the chantry. Go up the stairs on the left, take a left, and look for the History of the Chantry Chapter 4 (4/4) book on some crates ahead of you. Achievement.

Chantry Historian in Dragon Age II
Find all four chapters of "The History of the Chantry," by Brother Genitivi.
  • Unlocked by 13,625 tracked gamers (18% - TA Ratio = 2.33) 74,685

As an aside, in the playthrough I did without DLC I was level 19 when act 3 started, so even if you don't have it, level 20 is very easily attainable. Go to the hanged man and talk to Isabela (in my second playthrough dialog wouldn't start, I left the hanged man and went back at night and she would start the proper dialog, try this if you have problems). Talk to her, top right all the way. Now go to your estate, Isabela will be at the writing desk. Top right all the way again. Now go to the blooming rose in Hightown. Go to the marker and answer middle right in the scene, then open the door and answer top right all the way. Use the horn in this room to add a fourth party member. Now go outside, you'll see some sparkles, this signifies the trail Isabela left. Follow it to the northwestern exit of hightown. Go to lowtown and follow her path to an exit, use it and go to the docks. Then follow the trail to Castillon's landing and enter.

Castillon's Landing Act 3

Walk forward and you'll get a scene. After it kill everyone. Use the typical party and then loot Castillon's body for a key. Go into the room in the northwest corner of the area for an Ambrosia (1/1). Now go to the marker and open the chest. When you leave the room Castillon will show up. Again, top right all the way. Then leave. Go to the hanged man and talk to Isabela. After answering top right three times your top right option should be "What took you so long?" and the icon should be a heart. This means we are still on track for romancing her. Now that we have Ambrosia, we can make all the potions, do so for an achievement.

Master Craftsman in Dragon Age II
Craft all of the items from a single crafting tree.
  • Unlocked by 12,943 tracked gamers (17% - TA Ratio = 2.39) 74,685

One of those potions is an Elixir of Heroism, and you can only make it once. The reason being is that it increases everyone's level by one. Use it now. This pushed me over level 20 and put me pretty close to 21. If it does the same for you, you'll get this achievement.

Legendary in Dragon Age II
Legendary68 (50)
Reach Level 20.
  • Unlocked by 40,540 tracked gamers (54% - TA Ratio = 1.35) 74,685

However if you don't have the DLC you might be short. If so it's alright, we have quite a bit to do in act 3, so you should have no problems hitting level 20 before the end. There's also some quests I don't do in my walkthrough that you can do if you find yourself short that I will detail before the point of no return in act 3, so don't worry about it yet.

Darktown Act 3

Now head to Ander's clinic and talk to him, top right in both choices. Go somewhere else and go back to Ander's clinic, talk to him for a quest. Afterward go to the marker, but before you go down the stairs that lead to it, look to the right for some Deathroot (6/6). Now go into the sewers.

Sewers Act 3

Nothing too complicated here, there are 5 markers, go to each and harvest the stuff. On the way to the southernmost one in that small room, before you go up the stairs leading to it, is a Secret Message (1/3 for Act 3) on the left in a little alcove in the corner. The enemies aren't too hard, it's just rabble but there are some mages among them so make sure to kill them first. The 2 northernmost ones have quite a few enemies in the battle, make sure to keep an eye on everyone's health. Once you have all 5 deposits and the secret message you can leave.

Lowtown Act 3

Go to lowtown, in the very southernmost area of the town is some Spindleweed (6/6) in the dead end. Now go to the Wounded Coast.

Wounded Coast Act 3

At the start go left at the fork, then at this fork go left to find a Scroll, pick it up. Now return to the second fork and follow the path, keeping an eye on the left as you'll pass by the last Elfroot (9/9). Continue straight, past two side paths, and then take the third (going north). Right about now you'll come across a rather large amount of enemies, most of which will be undead. At the end a mage named Medan will spawn and he is very strong. To make the fight easier, make sure that you use a skill that stuns whenever you see him casting. Hawke can use Pommel Blow, Tremor, and Mighty Blow to do it herself. Fenris will have the same skills, mages can try freezing him, etc. Once he is dead continue following this path when it twists north, and then go left at the fork. Right before the exit you'll see some Embrium (6/6) on the left. Go to the Bone Pit now.

Drakestone Mines Act 3

Go straight east from where you start to the marker and enter the mines. Go straight east from the entrance and then north at the fork to find the last Deep Mushroom (9/9). Same deal as the sewers, go to the 5 markers and harvest everything. Once you have it all and the deep mushroom leave and go to Ander's clinic. Top right through the conversation, then go to hightown. Go to the chantry and then after the scene go up to Elthina and talk to her for a scene, then go to Ander's clinic and talk to him. Now go to Merril's House and talk to her.

Templar Hall Act 3

Now go to your estate and read all your letters. Now go to the gallows, and go to the marker and enter. Go the marker for a scene. Talk to Elsa nearby. Pick the top right, middle right, and bottom right options and then "That's enough" (bottom left). Leave this room and go east and then in the door to the north. In here will be a chest and a Secret Message (2/3 for Act 3) in the torch. If you are facing the door it is the torch on the right.

Now go to lowtown and visit Gamlen's house. Read the crumpled note on the desk near him and then talk to him. Now go to the alienage near Merril's house and talk to Nyssa. Now go into Merril's house and then leave, and choose lowtown at night. Now go forward for a scene. Afterward kill everything, focus on Huon first as his magic hurts. Now go to darktown. Go south to the marker and talk to the kids. Then go south to the other marker and talk to Meke. Afterwards kill him and loot Mekel's body. Now go to the sewer passage north of you and enter. Follow the path until you get a scene, kill everything after, then top right all the way through. Now leave and go to hightown, and go to the marker in the south part of the map, and enter the mansion. After the scenes go to the hanged man during the day. Talk to Emile and then answer top right 2 times and then "I could let you go" (bottom right). Return to the gallows and report to Meredith.

Now go the your estate and read all your letters. Go back to Gamlen's house. Talk to Gamlen and then examine the hammer on the wall. Now exit his house and go to Vhenadahl and press A on it. Now go to the docks at night. Go to the Fish Guttery at the marker and enter. Go forward and then west down some stairs. At the end you'll find a crate you can loot and a Secret Message (3/3 for Act 3), earning you an achievement.

Archeologist in Dragon Age II
Archeologist117 (50)
During each year in Kirkwall, discover 3 secret messages from the Band of Three.
  • Unlocked by 13,690 tracked gamers (18% - TA Ratio = 2.33) 74,685

Backtrack a bit and go up the stairs on the left and then u-turn to find a crate, looting it starts a scene. Now move everyone out of the poison and kill everything. After you've wiped everything out and gotten the message you can leave. Read your letters, then go to Merril's house and talk to her. Afterward go to the world map and go to the "sink". Go south and then at the fork go left, once you reach the big room you'll get a scene. Kill everything after it and then after the scene leave. Now to follow up on Merril's quest. Now would be a good time to stock up on potions if you don't have many.

Sudnermount Act 3

Go to Sundermount. Go toward the camp and take the little half circle to the south to find a scroll in the middle, read it. Take the right path that leads up to the mountain. Before the cave you'll find a lone arcane horror. A ton of shades will spawn in a few moments, so kill the arcane horror ASAP. You can find the next scroll on this same clearing, in the northeast corner. Continue to the caverns.

Sudnermount Caverns Act 3

Once you enter the caverns, go forward a bit and then look to the left to find the last Lyrium (9/9). Continue forward until you get to the room with the exit. In the northwest corner is the last Orichalcum (6/6). Now exit to the graveyard.

A bit past the graveyard is the three enemies that pertain to the scroll. Together, the three of them are incredibly obnoxious. If you want to make this easier, tell your party to hold position (hold LT and then choose hold position (top right) and then inch forward until one of them sees you (you'll go into battle stance) then run back to your party. You'll find the last two to be revnants that are incredibly durable. Spamming Pommel Blow and other disables will make things go a lot smoother (pommel blow seems to stun 95% of the time and the CD is low, so use it every time it is off cooldown). If you intend to take on all 3, Byrom is weak so kill him first, then concentrate on the revnants one at a time. It would be beneficial to have Hawke taunt one, and Fenris taunt the other. Neither will last long being attacked by both. Once they are all dead follow the path up until you reach a fork, with a dead end in the south. The last Glitterdust (6/6) is there. Continue up the mountain to Pride's End and enter.

Go toward the marker and by the statue you will see a Felandaris (1/1). Take it. There is one last ingredient for the achievement but sadly it is guarded by what is arguably the hardest boss of the game, main/side quest or otherwise, so we want to get everything else done first before we attempt it. Now examine the statue. After the scene you'll be fighting the demon. He looks intimidating but he isn't that bad. During the fight random ghosts will spawn, make sure you kill them. Keep Fenris on the demon and use taunt to keep him attacking Fenris. Take Isabela around the back and go crazy with everything you have, and have Merril casting everything she has. Hawke should be behind the demon with Isabela attacking as well, unless there are ghosts around in which case you should be attacking them. If Fenris dies or needs to heal or whatever, you can taunt the demon with Hawke and do whatever you need to do. Just bear in mind Hawke wasn't built as a tank, so Hawke can't hold the demon's attention for long. After it's dead you'll have a scene and then you'll have to fight the demon again but it has 1/4 health, so it's not hard. After killing it and getting the felandris leave. You'll have to fight a bunch of elves. Target the warrior right in front of you first.

Note that when you "travel down the mountain" you'll face everyone in the camp, and there are a lot of strong enemies. Concentrate on the named ones first (you'll know who they are when you see them...) and kill the vanilla enemies last. Both Hawke and Fenris should have AoE attacks and disables like Tremor, you'll want to spam these as much as possible (use stamina potions so you can spam them) as the 2nd and 3rd waves can be a bit overwhelming. After everyone is dead you can leave. After killing everything go to Ander's clinic. We'll be facing the final boss of the scrolls quest line and he is no pushover, prepare accordingly. I would suggest replacing Isabela with Varric here. Straight south of the clinic, before you go down the stairs to the right of the stairs is the lair.

Going forward will start the fight. He isn't all that durable (no more than the revnants you just killed) but he has three attacks that are quite strong and he summons enemies throughout the fight. The first thing to note is that when he glows green any melee attacks will cause damage to the attacker. The second is a circle of blue light he will summon. After a few seconds it will start doing damage and pulling in anyone who is inside it. If anyone but Fenris is caught they will almost certainly die. The last is a green circle that centers on the demon itself. This damages characters inside it. This is pretty much the one and only time dispel magic is good to have, but it's VERY useful. When the boss turns on the green armor, or the green circle at his feet, simply use dispel magic to negate either one, or both.

Three waves of enemies will spawn during this battle when Hybris reaches certain health levels. Once they spawn they should become top priority, but ensure Fenris keeps Hybris busy. After he is dead you'll get an achievement.

Control Varric and blitz him at the start. Eventually enemies will spawn. Use Varric to pick these enemies off while everyone else concentrates on Hybris. Varric should be able to kill the weaker demons in 1-2 hits and the rage demons in about 5. If you find this impossible, control Hawke instead and use him/her to destroy the spawning enemies. If you dispel the green magic when Hybris uses it Fenris should have no problems tanking Hybris himself, so you can do it with little problem. Three waves of enemies will spawn during this battle when Hybris reaches certain health levels. Once they spawn they should become top priority, but ensure Fenris keeps Hybris busy. After he is dead you'll get an achievement.

Demon Slayer in Dragon Age II
Find and kill an ancient personification of pride.
  • Unlocked by 21,431 tracked gamers (29% - TA Ratio = 1.86) 74,685

Now head to hightown and talk to Hubert in the usual spot (in my second playthrough he wasn't there...not sure why, but if he isn't that it's no big deal, just move on with the next step). You'll want a bunch of potions for this, and you'll want a staff that does cold damage if you can get your hands on one. This boss fight is the hardest fight in the game in my opinion, so prepare accordingly. I'd also suggest removing Isabela and putting Merril in her place. Make sure both Anders and Merril have cone of cold and winter's grasp. If you have a staff that does cold damage you'll want elemental weapons on one of them and have it activated. Hawke and Fenris should have any defensive sustained abilities activated, and put any active defensive abilities in the quick slots for use. Again, you can use Isabela (did it for the second playthrough) but Merril is likely the best choice because cold damage is the most effective against the dragon. When you are ready head to the Bone Pit.

Head to the gold marker to start the fight. There are two phases, the first of which is fighting the dragon by itself. Nothing too fancy here, just keep Anders/Merril away from the dragon and hit him with everything you have. Try and keep Fenris/Hawke on opposite sides of the dragon so he isn't always hitting both. Once he flies onto the hill nearby, the real fun begins. The dragon will shoot fireballs at you while he summons a ton of enemies. During this phase you have to spam AoE abilities to kill the dragons quickly or you will be overrun and killed. Everything you have, chain lightning, tempest, cone of cold, etc. Once you've killed everything the dragon will jump back down and the cycle repeats (note that he may not jump down, if this is the case hit him with some mage attacks until he does). During the summon enemies phase, it's important to make sure Hawke and Fenris are attacking enemies that are after Anders/Merril or they will quickly die. Once you've killed him you'll get this achievement.

Dragon Slayer in Dragon Age II
Slay a high dragon.
  • Unlocked by 38,643 tracked gamers (52% - TA Ratio = 1.38) 74,685

And once you loot it's body (it'll be in the opposite corner of where you came in regardless of where you killed it) you'll have the Dragon's Blood (1/1) earning you this achievement.

Supplier in Dragon Age II
Supplier75 (25)
Find every variety of crafting resources.
  • Unlocked by 8,210 tracked gamers (11% - TA Ratio = 3.01) 74,685

You'll also have Fenris' last armor upgrade, getting you yet another achievement.

I Got Your Back in Dragon Age II
Completely upgrade the armor of one of your party members.
  • Unlocked by 27,980 tracked gamers (37% - TA Ratio = 1.63) 74,685

An item you pick up from the dragon starts the last herbalists task quest, go to Solivitus in the gallows to turn it in. You should have a quest called Best Served Cold by now, if not read a letter from First Enchanter Orsino at your estate. Then go to the Templar Hall in the gallows and talk to Orsino. Afterward go to hightown at night. Go to the marker and kill everything. Then loot the bodies, one will have a note. Now go to the docks at night. Enter the warehouse at the marker and then go through the door ahead of you for a scene. Wipe everything out. There is an enemy called an enchanter that is a pretty strong mage, take him out first, then the chump mages, and then the rest. In the northwest corner in the room there is a crate with an armor upgrade for Anders. Now go to the wounded coast. Go to the marker. On the way you'll be attacked and then you'll have a scene. Continue to the marker, answer top right all the way through.

This fight is a bit of a pain. Grace should be your first target. After you kill her she'll become a demon, kill the demon as quickly as possible. A bunch of mages, archers, and fighters will be spawning and you need the demon dead before you deal with everything else. Once you've killed everything answer top right all the way through. Return to Orsino in the gallows. You'll unlock an achievement.

Arcane Defender in Dragon Age II
Sided with the mages five times. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 37,472 tracked gamers (50% - TA Ratio = 1.40) 74,685

In your estate will be a new letter. Reading it will start the beginning of the end of the game. If you want to level up more, do more quests, buy stuff, or whatever, now is the time to do it. With no DLC I was a bit short of 22 at this point, so unless you skipped a bunch of stuff you should be level 20. If not, there's one or two things you can do. You can scout around the world map areas and look for enemy groups to kill, and there are gang quests in this act too you can do for experience.

Once you are ready read your letters. Go to the gallows. Top right until you have the chance to pick a side, side with Meredith, the templars. From here on out only one thing matters as far as achievements go, and I'll let you know when that is. I get the feeling your DA2 save will import into the announced Dragon Age Inquisition game, so I'd make choices you can live with in the future if you ever intend to play it.

After the scenes move forward a bit to get another scene, answer top right and a certain someone will rejoin. If you aren't using a mage she's a good one to use. Move on to the next marker, killing stuff as you go. The enemies are pretty strong but you'll generally have help, so it isn't very hard. Once you reach the marker move on the docks. This next part is quite a pain. A pride demon will be nearby and a ton of shades will spawn. What you'll want to do is cast haste and use Isabela to kill the blood mage straight ahead ASAP, and then use Tremor/Mighty Blow/etc to deal with the shades. For some reason Bethany got the pride demon's attention and it went after her (but couldn't kill her...) leaving me and Fenris to deal with the shades (Isabela just gets rolled over here, not a lot you can do). You may not be as lucky, which is why you need to chew through the shades as quickly as possible so you can properly deal with the demon. Once the shades are down kill the pride demon. For the pride demon, he can be frozen, so have Bethany aim her spells at him. Go to the marker to reach the next area. During the scenes answer top right in the only dialog. After the scenes you'll be able to talk to people. Talk to Isabela, top right answers, achievement.

Romantic in Dragon Age II
Romantic38 (25)
Complete a romance with one of your party members.
  • Unlocked by 32,560 tracked gamers (44% - TA Ratio = 1.51) 74,685

Talk to Meredith when you are done and tell her you are ready. This next part is quite tricky. Basically, you want to keep everyone where you spawn. Inch Fenris forward until the mages start attacking him, and then use Bethany to kill them all without advancing toward them. Some shades and abominations will approach, just move Bethany far enough back that they go near Fenris, Isabela and Hawke so they will attack the enemies. Once everything is cleared out advancing forward will cause some more shades to spawn. Once you kill everything you'll get a scene.

Head toward the top of the map where the exit is. On the way you'll find sandal and his shop. If nothing else buy all the health potions he has. Continue to the exit. The next fight is a boss battle. At the start it's 4v1. Use Bethany's ice spells in an attempt to freeze it, otherwise just throw everything you have at it. Once it dies, it will spawn a smaller boss. When you do enough damage to it, it'll spawn a bunch of enemies. Kill these to make the boss come back, repeat the process. Note that the later waves have things like arcane horrors, make sure to kill these first. In this second phase when he is smaller, make sure you pommel blow him as soon as he appears and the have Fenris use taunt, then use everything you have to weaken him. Once you have done this phase 3 times he will go back to his first form. Have Fenris taunt him and go to town with everything you have. Go back the way you came, you'll find Sandal. Do anything you want, this is the very last fight of the game.

Go past Sandal to fight the final boss. You will fight her 4v1 at first. Have Fenris taunt her, and then use everything you have. After you've taken ¼ of her health she will jump away and the statues will start attacking. The first wave is just one big statue, have Fenris taunt and then tear it down. The boss will return, lower her to ½. Atfter you kill a few statues she will return to the battlefield, but statues keep coming. At this point some companions and such that you have high friendship with will join as well and it becomes complete chaos. You can try to kill the statues before focusing on the boss again but there will be ton. I would suggest having everyone attack the boss and finish her quickly. After you've killed the boss an achievement will unlock.

Conqueror in Dragon Age II
Conqueror20 (15)
Defeated Meredith, knight-commander of Kirkwall's templars. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 41,111 tracked gamers (55% - TA Ratio = 1.34) 74,685

After some scenes you'll get another achievement.

Crowning Glory in Dragon Age II
Seize the throne.
  • Unlocked by 18,443 tracked gamers (25% - TA Ratio = 2.00) 74,685

After some more scenes two more will unlock.

Champion of Kirkwall in Dragon Age II
Complete Dragon Age II.
  • Unlocked by 41,109 tracked gamers (55% - TA Ratio = 1.34) 74,685

Epic in Dragon Age II
Epic79 (50)
Complete Dragon Age II twice, or complete it once with a save imported from Dragon Age Origins.
  • Unlocked by 29,635 tracked gamers (40% - TA Ratio = 1.58) 74,685

Now the credits roll. Congrats, you've finished the story. There are some things to clean up, and if you have the DLC you have two DLC packs left.

For now start a new game, select a mage. Progress through the tutorial and get to Kirkwall. Help Athenril in order to become a resident. Once you have Varric and such go to Gamlen's house. Watch the scene, talk to your mom, then talk to Carver. Now go to darktown and go to the marker. Enter, this is the same area as the Birthright quest from your first playthrough. Make sure to get Torius' Documents in the chest your mother's portrait was (of the three eastern rooms, the one with the documents is in the middle of them all, the small room). Finish the quest and then go to the gallows. Talk to Tobrius a bit northwest of where you enter. Return to Gamlen's house and talk to Carver, answer bottom right every time. Talk to him again and do the same.

Now check your letters and read them all. Now go to hightown during the day and talk to Athenril, accept her quest. Now go to the hanged man and talk to Varric. After that go to your house and read the letter. Now go to lowtown at night and go to the marker. Talk to Anso and accept the quest. Go to lowtown during the day. Go to Lirene's and enter, talk to her, then leave. Walk forward for a scene, say “Back off!” (bottom right). Now go to Darktown and enter Ander's clinic, talk to him and answer top right all the way through.

Now go to Sundermount. Go to the marker, then to the next one. Climb up the mountain until you reach the barrier, when Merril gets rid of it say “It did help us” (top right). You'll unlock an achievement.

Rival in Dragon Age II
Rival53 (25)
Earn the rivalry of one of your party members.
  • Unlocked by 16,550 tracked gamers (22% - TA Ratio = 2.12) 74,685

Now save just to be safe. Start a new game and create a rogue. Go through the game until you reach Kirkwall (as soon as you get off the ship), and then you'll get this achievement.

Mass Exodus in Dragon Age II
Reach Kirkwall with each character class. Multiple playthroughs required.
  • Unlocked by 23,860 tracked gamers (32% - TA Ratio = 1.76) 74,685

Now we will do our partial playthrough where we side with the templars instead to finish the main game. Reload the save you made right before doing Night Terrors. Talk to Arianni and answer top right until you are in the fade. When talking Torpor, choose “I don't work with demons” (top left). Go to either door, and then in the scenes answer middle right until the kid leaves, then top right and kill the demon, Repeat for the other door. When both are done, go back to the middle and answer “As you wish” (top right). Now proceed with the Demands of the Qun quest. Go to the docks, kill the Arishok etc. In the opening scene of act 3, where Orsino is giving a speech and Meredith intervenes, side with Meredith. (bottom right second choice). Read your letters at the estate, then go to the gallows and talk to Meredith. Then talk to Elsa and pick all three options on the right and then leave.

Go to darktown and talk to Walter at the marker, then go to the sewers at the marker and enter. Follow the path to the end, kill Evelina and then leave and go to lowtown. Talk to Nyssa. Leave and go back to the same area at night. Kill everything and then go to hightown at night. Go to the marker and enter. Afterward go to the hanged man during the day. Talk to Emile. Top right twice, then “Turn yourself in” (top right) followed by “That's not a good idea” (bottom left). You should unlock an achievement.

Mage Hunter in Dragon Age II
Sided with the templars five times. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 10,120 tracked gamers (14% - TA Ratio = 2.71) 74,685

That's the end of the main game. On to the DLC!

The Exiled Prince DLC

The Exiled Prince DLC is different from the other two DLC packs. Instead of a set of missions you embark on when you start the DLC each act has a quest you must finish to continue with the DLC questline. Also note that in Act 2 Sebastian becomes a possible companion and getting him to max loyalty or rivalry is required for an achievement. Do Repentance (the act 2 quest) to get him in your party and then follow the act 2 walkthrough like usual in order to get max friendship for him, earning you this achievement.

Loyalty of the Prince in Dragon Age II
Earn either a friendship or rivalry with Sebastian.
  • Unlocked by 11,217 tracked gamers (58% - TA Ratio = 1.83) 19,320

Duty is the act 1 DLC quest. Go to the chantry at any time before going on the Deep Roads Expedition to start it.

When you approach the "board" outside the chantry you'll get scenes. Read the chanter's board they were arguing at and press A to take the quest (Duty). Exit town and press RT to make it night, then enter the docks. You'll likely be attacked when you enter, kill everything. To your west is the golden marker. Go there and kill everything. Exit and press RT to bring up the world map or whatever you want to call it and enter Wounded Coast. At the fork go right, and at the next fork go right again. Kill everything and leave. Now go to Sundermount. Go forward and you'll see the last group nearby. Kill them all and go inside the chantry. Talk to Sebastian for some conversation and an achievement.

Retribution in Dragon Age II
Deal with the mercenaries that killed the Vael family. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 17,902 tracked gamers (93% - TA Ratio = 1.45) 19,320

Repentance is the act 2 DLC quest. Again, go to the chantry to start it and enter.

Go forward and talk to Sebastian up the stairs. Now exit and go to the Harimann Estate to the south. Enter and go to the marker, the game forces you to go to certain places in the estate to see certain scenes. After a couple scenes you'll finally reach the marker. In the room with the marker is a dead body, loot it for the longbow, we will need it later. Kill the enemies and go into the next area. From here go to the marker. On the way you'll encounter two revnants and one arcane horror, they should be focused down and killed before anything else. Once you reach the marker you'll get a scene. Answer top right and then "I wouldn’t betray my friends" (top right) in the second dialog choice and then "that's a good point" (top right) in the third dialog choice. Now kill everything and leave using the nearby exit. A scene will occur, choose "you were all victims" (top right). Return to the chantry now and talk to Sebastian. Top right for the first choice, then "that's a good question" (top right) and then top right again. Achievement.

Avenged in Dragon Age II
Avenged38 (25)
Confront the culprit behind the Vael family's murder.
  • Unlocked by 15,994 tracked gamers (83% - TA Ratio = 1.53) 19,320

Talk to Sebastian again and answer top right, you'll get an achievement for giving him the bow you picked up.

Memento in Dragon Age II
Memento39 (25)
Give Sebastian a family heirloom.
  • Unlocked by 15,976 tracked gamers (83% - TA Ratio = 1.54) 19,320

Faith is the act 3 DLC quest. Go to the chantry yet again and talk to Sebastian.

Top right as usual, then put Sebastian in your party and head to Viscount Keep at night. You'll have to enter Hightown and walk there though. Once inside go to the marker (Sebastian will need to unlock the door) and then you'll have a fight. Focus the mages and rage demons first. Afterward you'll have a conversation. Now head back to the chantry and talk to Elthina. You'll get an achievement afterward.

Cloak and Dagger in Dragon Age II
Meet secretly with the agent of the Divine
  • Unlocked by 15,511 tracked gamers (80% - TA Ratio = 1.56) 19,320


Now for the Legacy DLC. Make sure Bethany is in your party and you don't take her out. Approach the Legacy statue in your mansion (if you are post game, it is one of the few places you can go heh) and activate it to start the Legacy DLC. Follow the path all the way until you get caged in with a bronto, kill everything. Go up the ramp to the north and then down the ramp to the left and open the chest for the key. Continue southeast, open the gate, and then go to the exit. Go straight forward and kill everything, then go south down the ramps and follow the path to a dead end, to find an alcove on the left, enter it and check the old box for the key. Continue east after going up the ramps. Follow the path to the exit and go inside.

From here, just head to the marker. When you get there you get a boss fight. The first order of business is going up the ramp in the back and killing all the archers. Then kill the dwarf, and finally the bronto. Assuming your party is in decent shape after you kill the archers it shouldn't be too hard to finish the fight. Keep everyone away from the middle of the bottom area, there is a blade trap there. After killing everything go to the marker and enter. Go forward and you'll fight some new enemies. Kill them and in the back of the room is a prison with a shade. To your right and left will be some devices on the wall that glow red, use them both, then touch the red spot on the prison wall to release the shades. Cut it down. Continue forward to the marker and activate the seal. You'll fight a pride demon here, taunt it with Fenris and then go to town. After you kill it you can choose an elemental damage to add to your new sword.

After that keep going toward the marker, you'll find a new enemy. If you are attacking his shield you do no damage so you need to be to his side or behind him. Taunt him with Fenris and cut him down, then keep going until you reach the exit. In the next area go forward, you'll run across another red switch, hit it, go past the prison, you'll be attacked. Kill everything and go into the next room to find more enemies. Kill them and then hit the second switch, then backtrack to the prison and kill everything. Go back to the big room you fought the second group in and go north one room, then east to find a codex and a Dumar relic. Continue forward and you'll reach another prison, the first red switch is on the right.

Go into the next room and look left to find the second one. Wipe out the enemies in the prison. That's the last prison, continue forward. Fight through to the marker to find the second seal. Another pride demon spawns; this one has a special trick though. When it disappears it will reappear with 2 clones. The 2 clones have smaller health bars, so the real one is easily found. I didn't have much trouble concentrating on the real one but defeating the clones first would probably make it much easier. Continue to the marker and go down. In the next area follow the enemies you see in front of you and kill them. Once you kill the first one you'll get an achievement.

Deep Roads Safari in Dragon Age II
Kill a genlock, genlock alpha, hurlock alpha, bronto, and deepstalker in the Vimmark Mountains.
  • Unlocked by 13,723 tracked gamers (100% - TA Ratio = 1.52) 13,734


In the southern dead end of this area is a journal page, read it. Continue forward until you find a rather challenging fight. You'll have a hurlock alpha and the guy with the obnoxious shield at the same time, along with a bunch of vanilla enemies. You'll need Fenris to keep the two big guys busy with taunt while everyone else wails on them, and then have your rogue concentrate on the smaller enemies that spawn. Don't be afraid to spam health potions and use Bethany's heal and such to keep everyone alive. After the fight the building in the east part of this area has the second journal page. Go south to the next big area, and then south again to find Dumat's altar. Press A on it and then defile it (top right). Kill everything and continue. Go east to the next big area and kill everything. To the south is the last journal page. From here go northeast but before you exit turn right and then follow the dead end to a body, finishing the last side quest of the DLC. You'll get an achievement.

Tower Sweeper in Dragon Age II
Complete every side quest in the Vimmark Mountains prison tower.
  • Unlocked by 11,738 tracked gamers (85% - TA Ratio = 1.65) 13,734

Continue to the marker for the last seal. This demon also makes clones of itself but their health bar is just as long. After taking enough damage clones disappear, if it's the real one all the clones disappear. After killing it you'll pick a third upgrade to the sword and then get an achievement.

Family Legacy in Dragon Age II
Apply three effects to Hawke's Key.
  • Unlocked by 13,687 tracked gamers (100% - TA Ratio = 1.52) 13,734

Continue forward. In the scene that occurs keep answering top right until “you're right Janeka” pops up and choose it (bottom right). Now go south and then east to the marker. Hit the torch that isn't by the barrier to open it. Now continue east and then south and finally east. Hit the torch here to continue south. When you reach a fairly big room there will be an orange torch on the right, hit and then go west. Continue to a boss fight of sorts. The 3 golems turn invulnerability barriers on and off as each other's HP goes down. Just wail on whichever golem doesn't have a barrier up until they all die. Then go south to the exit.

Go forward and then when you get a scene answer “Fine Larius I'll help you” (top right). Then activate the four altars and prepare for the final boss. At the start simply wail on him until he asks Dumat for power. At this point you can't hit him, and the 4 altars you just activated will have to be used again to make him come back down so you can hurt him. When he goes to the middle he will start shooting two jets of flame that will circle the room, so not only do you have to kill the enemies, you have to hit the altars AND keep your party out of the fire. The best way to do this is to enter an alcove with an altar, hit it, wait for the fire to pass (it will hit you, but do pitiful damage) and then move on to the next one. If you are in the building the flames will decimate your party, so this is the safest way to do it, even if it is slower.

Once you've hit all four he will come back down. Attack him again until he disappears. This time he creates rocks you have to move around on top of the fire jets. Same strategy. After he goes to the middle a third time he summons icicles that will fall on you and electricity will arc between the rocks, but both of those do little damage. Cut him down again and you'll get an achievement.

Conductor in Dragon Age II
Conductor46 (30)
Defeat an ancient evil in the Vimmark Mountains.
  • Unlocked by 13,310 tracked gamers (97% - TA Ratio = 1.54) 13,734

Now talk to Larius. After the scene with him you'll get another achievement.

Family Outing in Dragon Age II
Complete the main quest in the Vimmark Mountains with Bethany or Carver in the party.
  • Unlocked by 11,585 tracked gamers (84% - TA Ratio = 1.66) 13,734

This DLC pack is finished.

Mark of the Assassin DLC

Use the statue. After the scenes you'll have a fight, after the fight, you'll have scenes, after the scenes, an achievement.

A New Day in Dragon Age II
A New Day24 (15)
Meet Tallis in Hightown.
  • Unlocked by 11,644 tracked gamers (100% - TA Ratio = 1.59) 11,653


(sorry for the awful picture, the capture box I was using to take pictures decided to stop working when I started on the DLC...)

Pick up the letter off the body and leave. A bunch of scenes, then talk to Gabriel. There is a shop left of the door if you need it. Now exit southwest. From here go north up the steps, and take a right to find some dragons. After killing them all you'll be able to loot one of the bodies for a small scene. Now go south (what would have been left at the fork) keep going straight south until you reach a clearing with blood, examine it. Now keep going south until it turns north, then go east in the clearing. After the first group of hunters but before the second group should be a path to the north, go to the dead end and check the andraste's wrath for a cutscene. Now continue east to the next area. Go east and then north at the fork and follow the path to some wyvern poop, examine it.

Now return to the entrance and go south to find some ghasts, afterward check the west side of the area for a halla body. Return to where the poop was and continue going north until you reach the baiting spot. Examine and say “Use everything at once” bottom left). An Alpha Wyvern will spawn. Nothing too hard about this fight, just taunt him with Fenris and go crazy. You'll get an achievement for killing him.

Chasing the Game in Dragon Age II
Lure and kill an alpha wyvern near Chateau Haine.
  • Unlocked by 9,411 tracked gamers (81% - TA Ratio = 1.76) 11,653

Afterward go back to the Chateau (where you start after the ambush) and choose to end the hunt. After the scenes you need to talk to a guard, there is one on the northern side of the middle area, shaped like a square, talk to him. Now talk to the elf servant on the southwestern edge of the fountain to the west. Now we want to talk to Lord Cyril, who is in between the fountain and the square area that had the guard. After the scene open the door and go inside. Choose “but not you?” (bottom left).

Now go to the door north of the fountain and go inside for a scene. In the dialog choose “I agree” (top right). Go up to Tallis and then turn left to see the first guard. Press X and then move the cursor in front of the guard and to his right. When he goes to the rock go forward and then left. Go forward a bit and in the shadows should be a marker, go to it and you'll cloak. Some guards will pass by while talking. Once they pass by keep going forward and Tallis will appear to show you where to go. A guard nearby will get a marker, go up behind him and press Y to knock him out then take his key.

Go up the stairs and open the door, then Tallis should appear, follow her. Go up the stairs near her and go forward, you'll see three guards. One will be at the railing (won't move), one will be in front of the stairs down (won't move) and one will be moving around near them. You want to wait until the one that moves around moves up to the railing, and then right, then knock out the guy watching the stairs and the guy at the railing and go down the stairs and through the door. Go forward and through the next door, then through the door in this room as well. To the west is a locked door we need to get through, to the south is a room with the key. There's a square passage around it that has two guards circling around the room. Knock them out or evade them and take the key, then go to the locked door I mentioned. Go through it and follow the path until you are back outside. Knock out the guard at the top of the stairs. 2 more guards will be on your left, wait for them to face away and then go to the door (it is locked). Hide behind the plant and wait for them to pass again and hug the right wall to reach the guard, knock him out. Knock out the guard by the table and take his key. Now you need to go in the door. In my case the two guards in the middle got split up so one of them was always facing me, this happens if they catch you. Just keep getting caught until they are lined up again if this happens. Continue forward until you get a scene. Move Hawke onto one of the floor switches and then Tallis on the other.

Now go up the stairs to your left/right and have Tallis stand on the switches on one side, and Hawke on the switches on the other side. Move them forward one by one until you are both in the back, then knock the statues over. Now return to the middle of the room and the path to some switches near the door should be open, have Tallis/Hawke stand on different ones, then open the door for an achievement.

Blackjack Subtle in Dragon Age II
Evade vault security in Chateau Haine.
  • Unlocked by 10,913 tracked gamers (94% - TA Ratio = 1.64) 11,653

Scenes and stuff. After everything you'll want to go into the vaults (east of where you start) instead of going to the marker. In front of you will be a “black apparatus” and a white one. When you activate one the character that used it has a symbol appear above their head, the color tells you what they have. So have one character activate the white one, and someone else uses the black one. To the apparatus' left are two doors, you'll see they have white symbols under them, meaning you can open them if you have the white symbol. Go through the right white door and then have someone take the orange, and open the orange door nearby. There is a black door in this room as well, use it and have someone take the blue. Through the orange door should be a blue door on the right, open it and kill the enemy inside. For some reason you lose your colors...get white and yellow back and then go back to the first room and go south until you see fire.

You'll see tiles on the floor. Some of them you need to flip up, and some need to stay as they are. X = flipped O = not flipped

North Puzzle




West Puzzle




East Puzzle




Once you've finished all three puzzles you'll get an achievement.

The Take in Dragon Age II
The Take55 (30)
Disarm the fire traps in Chateau Haine's vaults.
  • Unlocked by 8,708 tracked gamers (75% - TA Ratio = 1.83) 11,653

From the chest in the traps go south for some scenes, kill everything. Afterward go into the door to the dungeons, it is to the right of the door you enter, not far into the room. Go straight ahead and enter the crack in the wall. From here, go east. About the path turns south you'll get a scene and a fight. The fight isn't too hard; just make sure you kill the mages first. After the fight continue south until you get more scenes. You have two exits, one where Tallis leaves and one where she doesn't, which you choose is irrelevant. Follow the path northeast until you can go straight east and then do so. Continue until you reach a fork. A marker will appear on a talvashoth officer, you need to chase him down and kill him. Once you do backtrack to the marker and enter.

Scenes and stuff. In the beginning simply attack the main boss (you know who) while staying out of the acid on the ground (use the move to position button to move allies out of it) Eventually the wyvern will take the field, taunt it and go crazy. Note that when one of your allies gets hit by the green arrow, the wyvern will focus them and you can't do much about it. However, you can take advantage of this by taking control of the character that gets hit and running in circles around the wyvern, it seems to get confused and has trouble hitting you. Once you do enough damage the main boss gets on the wyvern. From here it's a pretty standard fight, just use everything you have, taunt with Fenris, and when someone gets hit with the green slime, take control of them and run around. The boss will occasionally jump on the stone wall and then shoot explosives. There are lights on the ground that show where the explosions will happen so you can attempt to dodge them. After killing them you'll get a bunch of scenes, and then finally this achievement.

Mark of the Assassin in Dragon Age II
Defeat Duke Prosper, with or without Tallis. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 10,930 tracked gamers (94% - TA Ratio = 1.64) 11,653

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