A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV

Welcome to my walkthrough for A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV. Serving as a prequel to Final Fantasy XV, the action-adventure title was available exclusively for those who pre-ordered a copy of FFXV but as of March 1st, 2017, the game will be free to all. The side-scrolling brawler is easy to get to grips with and the full GamerScore is fairly easy to obtain. You'll be looking at roughly 8-10 hours to nail all of the achievements.

First up, we'll play through the Story Mode on the easiest difficulty. Completing this unlocks the Dream Battles mode. This mode will be much more challenging than the Story but with the practice you'll get during the Story - in which the tutorials will teach you almost all you need to know - you shouldn't find it too difficult.

I've provided plenty of details for each story chapter and dream battles and I'll also provide videos for each chapter and battle too.

The game's really easy to get to grips with and the full GamerScore doesn't take that long to obtain. The Dream Battles may soak up a bit more time than the estimated completion time indicates (6-8 hours), as a couple of the Battles require you to not be hit at all. Most enemies can be taken down within a few hits besides the huge ones but you also have an array of combos, magic and more at your disposal to help you along the way. Here's a few essential pointers:

  • Using the right combos and dodging at the right time will make your playthrough much easier.
  • Do your best to keep combos going without getting hit. This will allow for you to use your magic and fellow fighters more often
  • Use your spells as often as you can. You will be able to fill your magic up often due to the sheer amount that's dropped from specific enemies
  • Enemies will drop food and magic. These replenish your health and magic power, respectively

That's pretty much all you need really. Besides that, try to remember which combos work best for certain enemies as not all enemies will be open to hits at all times. Whenever you are hit, your combo meter will reset meaning you will need to build it up again to use your allies or special attack. Your combo only resets upon being hit. The combo meter doesn't go down over time so you don't need to relentlessly attack to keep the meter up.

Chapter 1

Proceed forward using the LS where you’ll be soon be greeted by your first enemy. At this point, you’ll learn about your basic attacks:

cn_X – Quick Slash

cn_Y – Strong Slash

cn_B – Shield Bash

The blue enemy you first meet are Ronin. These guys are open to any attacks. The Master Ronin must first be hit with cn_Y before you can continue to strike.

Kill the enemies, proceed forward and learn about combos:

cn_Xcn_Xcn_X – Power Slash

cn_Ycn_Ycn_Y – Heavy Strike

cn_Bcn_Bcn_B – Cyclone

When you’re within a few feet of enemies, you’ll see a blue ring around one of them dependant on which direction your facing. Hit one of your attack buttons to teleport to them and attack.

Further on, you’ll learn about the roll-dodge. Simply press cn_A to roll. This will come in handy almost all of the time for dodging slow attacks and quickly re-positioning yourself.

Proceed on to learn about Bomb enemies. These guys explode after a few seconds or a few hits. Quickly get rid of them by hitting cn_B to use your shield on them. This knocks them away or into other enemies.

Kill another wave of enemies to complete the first chapter.

Chapter 2

To start off the chapter you’ll learn how to launch an enemy into the air and then perform Aerial combos. I’d recommend using this all the time. Whenever you break an enemy’s defences, use your combo to launch them into the air and then hammer them some more. Not all enemies can be thrown into the air though.

The Skeleton enemies like to block the third hit of your combo. Stun them with a quick hit of your shield before continuing to strike. The Master Skeletons (in red) will counter your slashes. Give them the shield treatment first before performing a combo.

After you’ve dealt with a decent spawn of different enemies, proceed on to learn about magic. You’ll only have access to Ice to start with (Fire and Lighting come later on). Ice will slow down enemies it hits and deal damage too. Your spell meter consists of three bars. Once you've filled the bar, wait for 5 or more enemies to be on the screen at once. Move around the enemies to circle them together slightly and then run to either the left or right side of the available area. Look back at the enemies, hold cn_RB until your meter goes into the third block, and then unleash your magic. So long as you kill 5 or more, you'll unlock the following achievement:

Group Discount

Kill 5 or more enemies with one spell.

Group Discount
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There will be plenty of opportunities to bag this achievement throughout the rest of the story so don’t be in a rush to do this straight away.

Kill another couple of waves of enemies to finish the chapter.

Chapter 3

Straight way, you’ll be surrounded by Flans. These enemies are great as even though they take a while to kill without the use of magic, they are brilliant for building combos up. With your full magic meter, unleash a fully charged Ice Attack against the Flans to bag yourself the ‘group discount’ achievement with ease. Even you miss 5 or more the first time, there’ll be enough magic to pick up for at least another 3 or 4 fully charged attempts. Start using your magic as often as you can as you will be able to refill the meter very often.

After this wave of enemies are down, you’ll be introduced to your first fighting comrade, Weskham. He will give you an example of his attack partway through the conversation. Once you build your combo up, his logo will light up in the bottom right corner of the screen. Hit cn_B & cn_Y to call him in. At the same time, you’ll also unlock the Armiger ability. You’ll need to reach a combo of 24 without getting hit to use this. As and when you are working towards the Armiger, be sure to call in Weskham (and eventually the other two buddies) before using the Armiger. Once you do, a small image will appear above each character’s logo meaning that they will help make the Armiger more powerful.

Use the Armiger as often as possible. It deals out great damage and can be refilled very easily, especially when Flans spawn. Just spam them with a light attack rather than killing them with magic and build up your Armiger meter super-quick.

After successfully defeating another wave of enemies, you’ll be greeted by an Iron Giant. These guys obviously can’t be thrown into the air and can only take hits after they miss their strike. The yellow marks will signal that they are about to attack. Once this comes up, roll behind it and then strike. You should be able to get about 5-6 hits in. Wait for it to strike and miss and then attack again. Sometimes, you don’t even need to roll. You can just walk behind it as the gameplay will slow down anyway to give you a chance to evade.

Another Iron Giant spawns along with a set of enemies. Take them all out and then proceed to the right to complete the level.

Chapter 4

This chapter introduces you to Garulas. Even though they may seem like friendly animals to begin with, you may as well class them as enemies as they will ‘accidentally’ run into you once startled and you can’t progress further into the level without all of them either being dead or having escaped.

Once this first section is clear, move to the right and prepare to be surrounded by more Garulas and Bombs. The amount of Bombs that spawn here creates the perfect opportunity to detonate 3 of them at once. They will more than likely spawn right next to so just hit one with your shield into another, and so long as three of them blow up at the same time, you’ll unlock the following achievement:

Big Bang

Detonate 3 bombs simultaneously.

Big Bang
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Killer Bees are the next new enemy you will come across once you move forward. These guys are open to all attacks but can attack you from range with their stingers. Each time a stinger gets close, the gameplay will slow down allowing for you to dodge, deflect, destroy or reflect their attack back at them. Hit cn_B to reflect the attack. Doing this successfully 50 times will bag you this achievement:

Return to Sender

Deflect 50 stingers or needles.

Return to Sender
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Progress further on to be introduced to Fire Magic. This works the same as Ice besides it being more effective against Flans that are not red and it fires quicker. It also can set bushes on fire that will damage anyone that touches it.

Defeat another wave of enemies to complete the chapter.

Chapter 5

Another character comes into play at the beginning of this chapter a you and Weskham bump into Cid. Cid can be called upon using cn_X & cn_Y. His attack is good for damaging enemies close to each other in a horizontal direction. Be sure call in both characters before using your Armiger to increase its power.

Defeat the enemies and move forward. Now, you will meet the Midgardsormr’s. These snake-like enemies pop up out of the ground but are slow and easy to evade. You’ll be taught a new combo to stun them (cn_Ycn_Ycn_B). Once stunned, hit them a few more times to finish them off.

After this section, you’ll come across a yellow crystal. You need to defend the crystal from the incoming enemies until you can retrieve it. There’s no mechanic that allows the enemies to steal or sabotage the crystal so you don’t need to pay it any attention just yet. Focus on killing the enemies until the crystal starts to flash constantly. At this point, ditch the enemies and hold cn_X next to the crystal to finish the level.

Chapter 6

To begin this level, Coeurl will introduce themselves. You must defend yourself against these animals using cn_B before striking at them. Keep on progressing through the level and eventually you will come across a four-legged beast. Treat these guys with the same battle technique you used against the Iron Giant. The only main difference here is that these enemies can be hit pretty much at all times. Once it’s been defeated, proceed into the cave ahead.

Chapter 7

In the cave the annoying Cactuar are introduced. These guys will always go to strike you after you hit them once and they also have a ranged attack like the Killer Bees do. Reflecting their attacks will also count towards the ‘Return to Sender’ achievement. Hit them once and then roll out of the way. Trying to pull off combos against them is very difficult to do as they seem to be unhittable for a couple of seconds once you hit them.

After a wave of enemies, proceed forward to see Clarus. He will be the third and final team member to join your group. Once you build up your combos again, call in each team member within one combo string and then unleash the Armiger. Doing so will cause all three members to provide each of their attacks and also unlock the following achievement:


Execute the Bonds of Battle.

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Next up, Goblins. These guys are actually pretty easy to take out as they are fully open to all attacks. Fling them in the air one-by-one and use them to build up combos easier. After all of the Goblins have been dealt with, the Chapter is complete.

Chapter 8

You’ll be granted access to the third and final magic you can use, lighting. This is effective against the blue Flans. Take out the enemies and then proceed forward to another crystal. This time it’s a green one which you need to defend and then access in the same way you did with the yellow one previously. Once you’ve survived for long enough, activate the crystal to call in the ultimate backup.

You’ll have one more mix of enemies to deal with before the level’s complete.

Chapter 9

If you haven't met a Tonberry before, you may not take much notice of the warning that pops up to tell you that their attack is deadly. These guys are slow and don't have much range with the knife attack but upon hitting you, it will kill you instantly. Their ability to slow you down, thanks to their torches, can be quite effective too but you can still avoid their attack with a quick roll away. Once you build up your Armiger bar, save the Tonberry until last or one of the last four enemies if you have your team mates ready to contribute to the special attack, and then unleash the Armiger on the Tonberry. Doing so will unlock this achievement:

Lights Out

Use the Armiger on a tonberry.

Lights Out
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After another couple of waves of enemies, you’ll be introduced to the Malboro. These ugly creatures have a breath attack that upon contact will either reverse your direction or turn you into a frog. During the frog attack, you won’t be able to do any attacks or magic. Kill these enemies quickly as their attacks can be quite annoying. These enemies are fully open to strikes so use them as free combo builders.

After this wave, keep moving forward until the mysterious enemy reveals himself. You can’t attack his face directly. Instead, you must destroy the various tentacles that spawn. This causes the enemy to shake the cave and rocks will drop down. Avoid them and then a set of rocks will fall on the enemies face. At this point, strike it as many times as you can before he tries to bite you.

Do this three times over and then a crystal will appear which the boss will grab. Let him claim it! This unlocks the following achievement:

Bedtime Blunder

Get the alternate story ending.

Bedtime Blunder
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This is technically a failure and you will restart from the beginning of the battle. Get to the same point but instead, destroy the part of the tentacle holding the crystal. Don’t bother using the Arminger against the boss when he’s vulnerable as the damage you can do is limited. It does work very well however for the part when the crystal spawns.

Once you stop the evilness from capturing the crystal, story mode is complete! Dream Battles will now be unlocked and you’ll also pop this achievement:

The End

Complete Story Mode.

The End
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All that’s left from Story Mode is to purposely die 10 times if you haven’t already. A good spot to die 10 times is back at the start of the final chapter. Let the Tonberry knife you for a one-hit kill. Do this 10 times over and the achievement is yours:

Still Awake?

Die 10 times in Story Mode.

Still Awake?
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There are 25 Dream battles, all of which need to be completed by surviving and completing the specific challenge given in each one. You’ll also need to complete one battle in under 1 minute, and one without taking any damage. During the Dream Battles, we’ll also use one of them to unlock the ‘Combo King’ achievement. For some of the trickier challenges or ones that require 'X' amount of enemies to be defeated or stunned, you'll have to keep count yourself when bagging specific types of kills. Once the scoreboard comes up after completing the battle, one of the lines will say "Objective Completed - 'X' amount of points". If it doesn't, you haven't completed the challenge and you will need to retry.

The sheer amount of videos may have caused crashing and slow loading for some users so instead of linking each video after each battle, open up this playlist for all 25 videos in another window or tab to use alongside the text part of the walkthrough.

1 - Warrior of the Night

Complete the battle without the use of magic

Self-explanatory and easy enough to do. Don't forget to call in your buddies for back up and use your Armiger too.

2 - Beasts of the Duscae Wilds

Activate Cid in battle three or more times

In case you’ve forgot, Cid can be activated using cn_X & cn_Y. Use him three times as soon as you can and then proceed to kill the rest of the enemies however you please.

3 - Royal Octopus Army

Defeat three or more enemies using a single Armiger

Another very easy one. Just build up your Armiger with your three characters included and wipe out at least three enemies. Don't forget to call in each of your three buddies at least once before your Armiger is ready. Also, if you're hit before you use your Armiger, whether you've called your friends in or not, it will reset.

4 - Urban Brawl

Complete the battle without the use of companions

This one threw me out of sync a bit as I was so used to automatically calling them in. You’ll be a good enough fighter by now to handle yourself without their assistance plus, you can still use magic.

5 - Melee by Moonlight

Use every magic type and every companion at least once during battle

You need to use each of the three magic types – Fire, Lighting, Ice, and each of your companions at least once. Then, you can proceed to finish off the rest of the enemies however you please.

6 - Justicar’s Judgment

Survive the battle without taking any damage

This is very tough to do. You need to be focused and on point at all times during the entire level as you’ll need the right combos or magic against the right enemies at the right time. One mistake and you’ll be forced to restart. The main issue I had was with projectiles. Trying to evade or reflect these during a combo made it almost impossible to dodge them. Killer Bees were bumped up to the top of my kill list during my many attempts at this as dodging or reflecting their stings was tricky business.

I always kept on the move and out of the enemies way as much as I could unless I knew for sure I could unleash a combo when close enough. I did my best to avoid the little cactuses at all times as they were annoying as hell. For some reason, they seem immune to combos and they ALWAYS go for a hit on you once you hit them.

My technique throughout the battle was to keep moving, abuse the flans for easy combo building, and to be mindful of who and when I called in certain characters. Weshkam (cn_B & cn_Y, I'd pretty much call in whenever for his spread of bullets. Cid (cn_X & cn_Y), is good for a single solid hit. I know he has the horizontal strike in his attack but don't bother trying line up a ton of enemies in a line as it won't be worth the effort and it will be too risky. Use Cid against cactuses or the larger enemies. Clarus (cn_X & cn_A) is brilliant for the larger enemies or cactuses but you've got to be good with the timing on calling him in. He will strike in the same position three times, so if you aim him towards a quick moving enemy, than more than likely one or two of his strikes will go to waste. When you're about to call Cid or Clarus in, try to have your aim (the blue ring that appears around enemies you are walking towards) on the enemy you want to it. You'll notice in the following video that I sometimes quickly turn towards an enemy before calling backup in.

Hopefully this won't happen to you, there's a small glitch that can happen where your Armiger can completely go to waste. When an enemy is dropping in, they are invincible. However, when you activate your Armiger, the game seems to think the enemy that's dropping in is "in play" and assumes that they are the strongest enemy on the field, making all of your characters try to hit them. Of course, it does absolutely nothing but waste all four strikes. If you see an enemy dropping in and your about to activate your Armiger, let them land first and then let loose.

Lastly as you should already know, keep an eye on the crystal. As soon as it is ready to be used, it will glow brighter than it has been doing and a small red-ish colour circle appears around it. At this point, relax, and time it very carefully to go for it as you will need to hold [cn_x] for at least two seconds for it to activate. How I hit the enemy in the video while charging, I honestly could not tell you. The amount of times I failed at this point due to sheer excitement of getting that far, was more than I'd like to admit.

Once you manage to nail the battle successfully without being hit, you'll unlock this achievement:

I Dream of Awesome

Finish a Dream Battle without taking damage.

I Dream of Awesome
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7 - Gaia's Gigas

Perform 10 Aerial Smashes during battle

To hit an enemy into the air, use cn_Xcn_Xcn_Y and then whilst they are in the air, hit the same combo again. You'll know you've done it right when the text pops up saying "Aerial Smash!". The combo won't work against Cactuar, Flans, Malboro, Bombs, or larger enemies. To get the white Skeletons into the air, stun them first with a single tap of cn_B. The red skeletons will need to be hit with cn_B three times (Cyclone combo) before they can be knocked up into the air. The Tonberry can also be knocked into the air but you'll need to perform your combo slower due to his lamp effect that slows you down. Don't forget that his knife will kill you with one hit so if it's too crowded when trying for the combo, roll out of there quickly.

Save your Armiger and reinforcements for when you're certain you've completed the challenge, when things start to get too heavy, or for when there's no enemies on screen that can be hit into the air.

8 - Lightning on the Planes

Dispatch 10 or more enemies with fire

Fairly easy all together with how long it will take until the battle ending crystal is ready to use. I pretty much just played as I normally would but made a little extra effort to make sure I was collecting and using magic when I could. Try not kill enemies when you have magic and instead just do enough damage to kill them with magic. You don't always need three bars of magic before you can use it. I tended to maintain a balance between using magic against a group of enemies and saving enough for the said attack. There's a few patches of dry land, kid of darker looking patches, that you can use to burn with fire too. These will do small amounts of damage to enemies that walk into the fire.

You can use the crystal whenever you're ready to finish the battle.

9 - Global Warming

Perform 10 Aerial Bashes during battle

Pretty much the exact same technique from Gaia's Gigas applies here accept once you hit an enemy into the air, use cn_Xcn_Xcn_B. After the third hit of the combo in the air, you then use cn_Y for a ground smash type of attack or cn_X to launch directly at a nearby enemy. The Goblin type enemies are open to the combos and can be used frequently to rack up the Aerial Bashes. The larger enemies drop in early on in this battle so don't be shy with your Armiger and reinforcements as soon as you can use them.

10 - Tidal Torment

Freeze 20 or more enemies with ice magic over the course of the battle

This is much easier than actually having to kill an enemy with magic! All you need to do, is hit an enemy with any level of Ice. It can be one bar or three, it doesn't matter. The amount of magic dropped during the battle isn't in massive amounts so try not to be too inaccurate or wasteful with it, but there is enough to easily bag the challenge. All enemies (besides Blue Flans) can be frozen, so as soon as you have enough magic, let them have it.

Use the crystal once you're ready to end the battle.

11 - Onslaught

Activate each companion's attack three times during battle

Straight forward and easy but you just need to keep count of how many times you call each companion in. As you'll see in the following video, I didn't do that well with building my combo up but at the same time, in didn't matter too much as I just needed to build up enough to use one companion at a time. If things are getting to heavy, use the lightning magic on enemies stood in the water for extra damage. Don't forget to hit Flans constantly for easy combos also.

12 - Slow Night

Extinguish 5 or more lamps during battle

I wasted my first attempt at this one as I thought simply killing the Tonberries (the enemies that carry lamps) would be enough to complete the challenge. However, this is not what needs to be done. To complete the objective, use Ice Magic against the Tonberries to extinguish their lamps. Once you've done so five times, the objective is complete and you just need to finish the battle as normal. There's not the usual mass amount of enemies to play with though in this battle so don't unleash your companions or Armiger until you've definitely extinguished enough lamps. The whole battle itself will only take you roughly two minutes to complete.

By this point, or probably much earlier on in the Dream Battle playthrough, you should have bagged more than enough kills for the following achievement:

Fallen Army

Defeat 1000 enemies.

Fallen Army
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13 - Slithering Surprise

Shield Stun 5 or more midgardsormrs during battle

In this battle, you'll be able to knock out the Combo King achievement as well as finish the objective too. I used the following solution to keep track of the combos:

I8ITackyticsI8I said:

cn_X - Quick Slash
cn_Y - Strong Slash
cn_B - Shield Bash
cn_A - Roll Dodge
cn_Xcn_Xcn_X - Power Slash
cn_Ycn_Ycn_Y - Heavy Strike
cn_Bcn_Bcn_B - Cyclone
cn_Xcn_Xcn_B - Shield Push
cn_Ycn_Ycn_B - Shield Stun
cn_Xcn_Xcn_Y - Rising Fury
Rising Fury then cn_Xcn_Xcn_Y - Aerial Smash
Rising Fury then cn_Xcn_Xcn_B - Aerial Bash
Rising Fury then cn_Acn_X - Aerial Kick Off 1
Rising Fury then cn_Acn_Y - Aerial Kick Off 2
Rising Fury then cn_Acn_B - Aerial Kick Off 3

Please note that Aerial Slash (Rising Fury then cn_Xcn_Xcn_X - does NOT have text appear on the screen when performed) is displayed in the 'how to play' section but is NOT needed to be performed for this achievement.

This particular battle is great for the combo king as the Snakes are slow an easy to avoid. Don't worry about the Stuns to begin with just work on using each move but remember, if you are hit, you need to start from scratch again.

If you're following the video, here's how my successful attempt went:

1st Snake - cn_X, then cn_Y, then cn_B (three separate moves)

2nd Snake - cn_Xcn_Xcn_X (Power Slash)

3rd Snake - cn_Ycn_Ycn_Y (Heavy Strike)

Goblin - cn_Bcn_Bcn_B (Cyclone)

Next Goblin - I failed what looked to be a Shield Push but then got it on the next attempt - cn_Xcn_Xcn_B

Next Goblin - cn_Ycn_Ycn_B (Shield Stun)

Next Goblin - cn_Xcn_Xcn_Y (Rising Fury). I performed the move and then just let my character drop to the ground without doing an in-air combo, just to make sure the Rising Fury definitely counted by itself.

Next Goblin - cn_Xcn_Xcn_Y (Rising Fury) then cn_Xcn_Xcn_Y (Aerial Smash)

Next Goblin - Failed Rising Fury. Then a good Rising Fury (cn_Xcn_Xcn_Y) into a Aerial Bash (cn_Xcn_Xcn_B)

Last Goblin - Failed Rising Fury

1st Snake - Shield Stun 1/10

2nd Snake - Failed Shield Stun as I left the last hit on cn_B too long after the 2nd part of the combo

3rd Snake - A pointless Rising Fury as Snakes obviously can't be hit into the air

4th Snake - Companion call as there wasn't anymore combos I needed that I could perform against them

1st Blue Ninja - Rising Fury and then Aerial Kick Off 1 [cn_x]cn_A

Snake - Failed Shield Stun

Snake - Two Shield Stuns 3/10

Snake - Shield Stun 4/10

Snake - Pointless Rising Fury again

Snake - Died too quickly due to low health

Blue Ninja - Rising Fury and then Aerial Kick Off 2 cn_Xcn_Y

Blue Ninja - Rising Fury and then Aerial Kick Off 3 cn_Xcn_B

Throw a roll (cn_A) into the mix and that was enough to pop the following achievement:

Combo King

Perform every move in one combo string.

Combo King
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There was plenty of Snakes left to hit with Shield Stuns to finish off the objective an then go on to complete the Battle itself too.

14 - Two By Two; Red and Blue

Complete the battle without the use of companions or magic

Without the use of companions or magic means it all comes down to just you, your sword, and also your Armiger (which doesn't void the challenge). By this point, you'll be skilled and familiar enough with how to fight this specific type of large enemy. The only issue here really is positioning as you'll be fighting two of the big guys at a time and with how slow they move, it's tough to get them apart into an ideal one-on-one situation.

You're going to need to maintain a hit and run style of attack throughout the battle and be fairly responsive when it comes to rolling. The enemy has two types of attacks, one being the slower and heavier strike that slows down gameplay and the other which is a quicker strike and doesn't slow down gameplay. Whenever the game slows down, simply roll or run to the opposite side of the beast when possible and get a few strikes in. Roll away, lure him into trying to heavy strike you again an do the same thing.

The faster strike is harder to dodge and I'm not entirely sure how the beast decides which attack it wants to use. Thankfully, the heavier strike comes more often than the other. Don't forget also that the beast can mostly only be hit after he tries to strike you. Sometimes, when the beast hit me into the air from the quick strike, I'd press cn_X to dive-strike or cn_Y to aerial smash the ground at one or both of the beasts. It would be blocked most times but sometimes you can do a cheeky bit of damage this way too.

Lastly, you can still use your Armiger but its a pain to try and build up due to the amount of hits you need without taking a hit yourself. The battle is still doable without it but if you can build your Armiger up, use it against a beast that has plenty of health left.

15 - Quick Mix

Defeat three or more enemies using a single Armiger

We'll be able to nail the Light Sleeper achievement during this battle as it's a nice, easy and quick battle to complete.

I failed my first attempt at the one minute achievement as I spent to long trying to take down the skeletons who will spoil your potential three hit combo unless you stun them first. In my second and successful attempt, I quickly destroyed enough enemies to build up three bars worth of magic so I could use Electric magic against the skeletons and make quick work of them.

Right from the start of the battle, you'll need to move fast. My technique was to simply destroy everyone and call in my companions at least once each before using my Armiger as quickly as possible. Once you've killed three enemies with the Armiger, you should only have a few enemies left to clean up and you'll be well under the one minute mark. Achievement unlocked:

Light Sleeper

Finish a Dream Battle in under 1 minute.

Light Sleeper
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16 - Blades and Bones

Survive the battle without taking any damage

This is much easier than the other Dream Battle that has the same requirement as there's no annoying Killer Bees or Cactuses to deal with this time round. All of the enemies are pretty much close-quarter fighters and mainly a mix of ninjas and a few of the gas-deploying octopus type enemies. Use Lightning Magic to shock the skeletons if you're struggling to take them out normally. Unleash your companions and Armiger as often as you can and you should be able to make very light work of everyone in this battle.

17 - Steel, Born of Fire

Dispatch 15 or more ronins with bomb detonations

This objective is a pain! You must use the enemy bombs within the battle against the ronin. Hit the bombs with cn_B to send them flying into the ronin. The bombs only do a small amount of damage so you need to do your best at chipping away at least just over half of each ronins health. The only issues here are that the bombs will explode after a few seconds when you get to close to them. You can hit them with a single strike to knock them away, this also makes them deal more damage once they explode against the ronin. Also, once you blow up all bombs on screen, you need to kill more ronin to make another set of enemies spawn.

You have to be very patient as you wont always bag as many kills as you want when hitting the bombs. Once you've run out of bombs, carefully kill one ronin at a time until more bombs spawn. Get on the side of the bomb you need to be in order to push them towards ronin and hit the bomb towards your nearly-dead enemies. You can use lightning against the ronin as they stand in the water to severely reduce their health too. Just be careful not to kill the bombs when doing this.

All in all, this challenge is pretty tough to complete and it will take practice and a few attempts to complete.

18 - No Ribbon For You

Complete the battle without suffering any status effects

The Malboro will cause status effects if you let their gas attack hit you and bombs may cause you to burn. I played the entire battle like I wasn't allowed to take damage and made Malboro's and bomb's my highest priority for killing.

19 - Big Game Hunting

Dispatch 3 or more garulas

The garulas are the huge boar looking enemies that run at you when startled. They're really tough to take out with just standard attacks and it doesn't help that they run away. Its best to build up your Armiger with at least two companions called in before use. You've got to fight confidently against the Coeurl to start with. Use lightning to stun them and then unleash combos on them. At the same time, you need to dodge the Killer Bee projectiles too! Again, lighting is a great magic to use and you can also use your companions to help ahead of using the Armiger, but make sure to save your Armiger for when the garulas spawn.

Once the garulas spawn, hit your Armiger! This should cause your companions to kill one each. If you don't have your Armiger built up, use lighting to stun them or ice to slow them down while they try to escape. Then you can unleash combos as fast as you can before they run off the screen.

20 - Bigger They Are...

Complete the battle without the use of companions

This fight is similar to "Two by Two; Red and Blue", except you'll be fighting Flans and the huge four-legged beast as well as the Iron Titans. It's not as bad as it may seem as the Flans actually help out here with building up your Armiger and refilling magic.

Lighting will help out greatly gain as there's an area of water you can use to deal extra damage against enemies. Keep moving and building up combos. Use your Armiger against the bigger enemies an obviously don't call in your backup.

21 - Stomp Bothering Me

Dispatch 6 or more garulas

The same technique as #19 applies here although in the video I struggled to build up a combo to use my Armiger. Thankfully, it actually serves as a good example to showcase the alternative techniques to take out the garulas. I kept taking hits at bad times and losing my combo. I had to take advantage of lighting to slow down the garulas and kill them as quickly as I could. The little cactuses and killer bees will be troublesome thanks to the way the cactuses are and the projectiles from the killer bees. If you're not doing well enough to build up a full three-companion Armiger, then just use whatever you have once the garulas spawn.

22 - Flantastic

Complete the battle without the use of magic

This is a super-easy one considering its one of the last battles. All of the enemies are just Flans in this battle. It's not worth using the Armiger during the fight as it's unproductive. Instead, just constantly spam cn_X and unleash combo after combo on the Flans. Call in your companions whenever you can too to help speed up the kills.

23 - Bashteroids

Complete the battle in less than 2 minutes

Another easy one. Use the bombs to wipe out enemies quicker and build up your companions and Armiger through easy combo building. There will be plenty of easy enemies to kill and an Iron Giant will spawn as one of the last enemies. By the time it does spawn, you should have plenty of magic and the ability to call in companions and more than likely you'll have your Armiger to use as well.

24 - Deflection Year

Complete the battle without the use of magic or companions

This battle is full of Killer Bees, Flans, Cactuses, Tonberries and a few Malboros. Just play patiently throughout the battle and save the your Armiger primarily for the Cactuses if you can, although it may auto aim at the Tonberries instead. The battle is easy but takes time without magic and companions. Be patient, keep moving, and maintain the hit and run style against the cactuses.

25 - King of Pain

Stun 20 or more enemies with lightning

This is not as easy as the objective would lead you to believe as the magic is not as easy as it usually is to come by. Pick up the magic as and when you can and try to bunch two or three enemies together before stunning them with lighting. It doesn't matter how many bars you use each one will count towards the objective.

Don't over do it with companions and your Armiger as sometimes they will automatically aim for the tentacles. This will cause the level to proceed normally as it did during the story mode. You nee to hit the tentacles or use your Armiger when you feel like you're making good progress on the objective.

All enemies are open to being stunned although I didn't bother intentionally trying to hit the boss or its tentacles. Once you have racked up 20 stuns, proceed through the rest of the battle as normal and make sure you stop the boss from claiming the crystal at the end.

Once you've completed the battle, your last achievement will unlock:

Sweet Dreams

Complete all Dream Battle Special Challenges.

Sweet Dreams
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