Battle Ages

Welcome to Battle Ages walkthrough. It is free-to-play, real time strategy game where you control your settlement and lead it through different ages. It is typical game of its genre, you have to upgrade your buildings and troops, collect resources or steal them from other players. It's quite similar in terms of gameplay to Battle Islands.

This game doesn't have hard achievements but they are time consuming. You won't get quick 1000G, you should expect it to be finished in half of year. Fortunately, you don't have to play it all the time, in fact this game shouldn't take more than 5-10 minutes each day. In total, you should finish the game in about 80-100 hours.

By definition, all achievements are online. There is one achievement where you should find fellow boosters to help each other but it is endgame achievement and you shouldn't worry too much about it until you get to the Renaissance.

Due to nature of this game and fact that it is online RTS, it's not possible to provide every step which should be made to complete each part of the game. This means that this walkthrough should be considered as gathering of all tips and techniques which will help with unlocking every achievement.

Ready for a journey through ages? Fasten your seatbelts and let's get started!

There are few tips which can be used to make yourself more successful:

Always try to destroy defences first. You can use Cavalry as tanks; in the Industrial age they should be replaced by Balloons. Help your Cavalry with Swordsman. If enemy defenders are attacking your troops, put a few more so their priority will be troops, they will help your guys with defence.

Minimax everything. You lose every unit which entered the battlefield, it doesn't matter if he survived or not. Units in pool can be used in next battles. If you see that your enemy has one tower and you can kill it with 10 guys, use 10 guys, not 100.

If your Balloons have one tent left and they have to fly over the whole map, put some ground units and take it out. You have 2 minutes, so use them wisely.

Defender destroyed your troops? Always keep one soldier in your pool. If you see that you won't win that battle, dashboard and quit the game. That battle didn't happen. Now, attack someone weaker.

Always rebuild your army after battle. You will never know if you have enough resources after you log in again. It's always good idea to have army ready to plunder to get your money back.

Always attack guys with resources. They are almost always more needed than trophies.

You will get more resources from attack than from production. However, it doesn't mean that you should neglect your production buildings.

Try to organise your base in a circle or square. You want most of your buildings to cover themselves. You can also leave a small hole in your walls, which will be an entrance from the corridor with traps. This way enemies (with Cavalry) will probably go for easy entrance, which will be deadly for them.

Don't spend gems. At all. Use them only when you have to and you'll get a lot from it. You want to save them, and not use them for rushing those 20 minutes left. Impatient players will always be punished. You'll use those gems for something better in future ages. Gems should be used mainly on boosting tents to rebuild your army faster, especially when you are saving a lot of them for something expensive.

Upgrade your troops. If you want to stay competitive, you want to have troops ready for attack. You won't conquer Medieval castles with Barbarians, will you?

You can get a lot of free gems if you use friend list trick. Every week you will get free gems based on you and your friends' performance. Every victory gets one experience point. If you are at top with two players, you'll get 6 gems. If you have many other players on your friend's list, you will get tons of gems. Build your players database in lower ages, you want to get gems from the very beginning. Add a lot of inactive guys. You can also kick active players out and you'll be at top of leaderboard even with one victory.

You can buy a flag for 1,000,000 but it is not worth it. Do it only if you have completely no idea what to do with resources but it's definitely the least needed thing for your settlement.

Unlike in Battle Islands, traps can be rebuild in the same place with one click. You don't have to memorize every single trap placement so it is better to upgrade them earlier. They are definitely worth it.

In order to divide it logically, I split it into few parts. We'll start with explaining combat, including defensive and offensive units. Then we'll move to economy and at the end all ages and achievements.

Combat system


There are a few thing you should keep in mind while attacking. If you are going for trophies, you should attack people who have more trophies than you. The whole system is based on Elo rating so if you have more trophies than your opponent, you would get less trophies from victory. The minimum value is 1. On the other side, if you have a lot more trophies than your opponent and you are defeated, you can sometimes lose 50 trophies. If you are attacking people with similar (+-50) trophy number as you, expect to get around 20 trophies.

Although there is an achievement for getting 2500 trophies, you shouldn't worry too much about it at the beginning. Collecting trophies may be compared to mountain-climbing. You have to prepare yourself, build bases (in our game they might be compared to upgrading buildings and troops) and prepare reasonable trophy counts to make your final attack. This would be explained later, within the Industrial age section.

As a rule of thumb, the more trophies one has, the more active they are. If you see a person with 2400 trophies, you can expect him to have units in tents, armed traps and little resources. If you have high amount of trophies in your age, you would encounter more people from future ages who will be hard to defeat. So, for obvious reasons, you don't want to stay too long in one age.

If you are at the beginning of a new age or you want to upgrade your buildings or troops, always attack for resources. There is no need to stay at a high trophy number at a lower age. In fact, enemies here are weaker, they can be inactive, have more resources and be easier to defeat with less troops involved. Go for high trophies only if you have to.

You can get two different types of rewards: resources and trophies. The more stars, the more trophies (but keep in mind trophies difference, if it is huge you can get one trophy from both one star and three stars wins). Stars are irrelevant for resources. The only thing that counts is how much money can you steal from production buildings and storage buildings. A small number is also kept in their main building. From the Ancient Age you can join leagues and based on how much trophies you have, you can get small bonus for victory. Intervals are 100 trophies wide, so 1600-1699 is one interval and 1700-1799 is a second interval. The more trophies, the bigger reward. They are quite helpful at the beginning but in later ages you can ignore them as your reward for league will be marginal.


Units can be divided into three different groups (look at their Targets):

  • Land attackers: These are units that can attack only buildings and land troops. Every unit can attack land units but not every unit can be attacked by land units. For example, Balloon can attack Cavalry but Cavalry cannot attack Balloon.
  • Land & Air attackers: Only shooters (Axe throwers, Archers, Grenadiers, etc) have this ability. They can attack land units and they can attack Balloons. They will be very important in Industrial age, before that you may find them useful for their increased range.
  • Support units: They cannot attack other units directly. Those are Accensi and their future upgrades (or in other words, those guys holding explosives) and Healers. You should avoid Accensi, they throw bombs, destroy walls and run away. Their health is limited and you will have more success with two Swordsman than one Accensi. Healers however will make interesting combo with a high number of Swordsmen. They will keep them alive and it is good strategy to increase survivability of your units.

Housing space describes how many units you can build in one tent. For example, if you have 10 housing space left, you can create 10 Swordsman or 2 Cavalry. You can find amount of housing space at left side. The sword describes your attacking space, while the shield describes defending space. So, if you have 15/20 in sword and 0/2 in shield, you can create 5 more Swordsman and 2 more defending guys (for example, Archers).

Primary target, obviously, set priority for attacks. Anything means unit will attack the closest target (walls are excluded, your units will instead attack closest building in a line behind walls). Cavalry and Balloons are for attacking defenses and they are great for clearing enemy resistance. If an attacker destroys every defending building, he will be able to get 3 stars easily. After every defending building is destroyed, those units will attack the closest target. Accensi, as described earlier, attack only walls. Their splash will damage surrounding buildings and units (within one feet distance from explosion).

Thieves will grab coins. They are fast units, great for making suicide attacks aimed at stealing coins and fleeing from battle. You can get a great bonus if you attack someone from a higher age with a smaller trophy number while being in a lower age. For example, when I was upgrading my buildings I was attacked by a guy from the Ancient age. He lost the battle but was able to steal 60,000 resources for me, which would be more than enough for finishing all buildings and troops in his age. He got his gold mine so even if he, technically speaking, lost the battle, he won it at the same time. Be that guy and you will get a great starting bonus.

Range is used by units which hit with ranged weapons. At the beginning, the only unit with more than a 1 foot range will be the Archer (4 feet range). In the Medieval age, thieves will have a 2 feet range. In the Industrial age, Balloons (1,25 feet) and Soldiers (upgraded Swordsman, 3 feet range) will get this ability. Moreover, Archers are the only land unit which can hit over obstacles.

Damage bonus multiplies unit damage while hitting a specified building. Direct means that they will hit for the value specified in the Damage bar. Thieves will cause double damage on coins buildings, Accensi x30 for walls.

Units can be created in tents (shelter, camp, etc). I will also provide a subjective opinion about their performance in attack / defence (low/medium/high). For example, high/medium means that unit is highly efficient in attack and has a medium efficiency in defence.

First unit from left is Barbarian (described in the guide as Swordsman) - high/high - your powerhorse through almost the whole game. These are guys who swing their swords (or other melee weapons). In the Industrial age they become ranged units and get 3 feet range. They are very cheap, take one housing space, have high damage and average hp. They are perfect in flooding the enemy; use them in big groups. In defence they should be used as an additional unit for hitting enemy. They will greatly reduce the number of attackers who will be busy attacking walls or other durable buildings.

Second unit from left is Axe thrower (Archer) - medium/high - their biggest advantage is their possibility to kill Balloons. They will be extremely useful in the Industrial era. In attack, they can shoot over walls so you will save a lot of time while taking out targets on the inside. They shouldn't attack defences on their own, their hp is very low and they will be easily killed by a single tower. In defence, they will shoot enemies from long distance and will be quite safe doing this. They take one housing space so you can have a lot of them for a low cost. This makes them perfect defenders.

Third unit is Chariot (Cavalry) - high/high - this is your tank unit. Extremely durable, fast, with attack similar to Swordsman. They take five housing space. Their main task is to storm the enemy fort, destroying the defences and taking hits while your other units help them destroy everything else. In defence, they should be used as an additional hard to destroy obstacle, so your defences will have a bit more time to reduce the number of attackers. This unit will be unlocked in the Ancient age.

Fourth unit is Accensi - low/low - avoid them. Their usability in attack ends after planting explosives. In defence, they have no walls to destroy, so they are doing completely nothing. You can better use their two housing space. This unit will be unlocked in the Classical age.

Fifth unit is Thief - medium/low - as their name suggest, they are good thieves. Fast, great at suicide attacks aimed at stealing resources, but they shouldn't be used in other ways. In defence, the Swordsman is more durable with higher attack, the Archer has better range. Don't use them here. This unit will be unlocked in Medieval age.

Sixth unit is Healer - high/low - use them only with other units. They will be quite useless for healing Archers but they are great combined with Swordsman. Use them both, otherwise, you'll waste their potential. They take five housing space so they will take majority of place and thus have no one to heal. In defence, use other units because they take too much space that could be used on better units. This unit will be unlocked in Renaissance age.

Seventh unit is Balloon - high/medium - your ultimate world conqueror. Slow, but their usability is gigantic. They can only be hit by Gatling (upgraded towers), Balloon guns and Archers. If you destroy these enemies, they will be safe and will be able to destroy the base on their own. They also ignore walls and even one Balloon can destroy main building within a few seconds. In defence, they are useful if the enemy is attacking with ground troops. If he is attacking with Balloons, they are useless. I like to keep two of them, just in case. In conclusion, the most OP unit available, use it until they nerf it. This unit will be unlocked in the Industrial age.

Another type of units are deployable support (siege) units. You can create them in Henge. At beginning you can create only one support unit but this number will increase up to 4 in Industrial age. They are different than regular troops because, for instance Meteor Strike, hits only once and it obviously won't stay on the battlefield. The only exception is Bugle call, which summons 2-3 Cavalry.

Meteor strike is one time hitter with great damage and fairly low production costs. It's quite decent for damaging enemy Lookouts, especially those, which are ignored by your troops (remember, they attack the closest building).

Plague of locusts is your AoE weapon. Its damage is lower but it will attack within a 3 feet radius and can damage clustered buildings. Great at attacking consolidated defences. Its big con is high training cost, especially at the beginning. It is unlocked in the Ancient age.

Healing is quite obvious. It should be used to heal a pack of your troops which are in the same place. Bear in mind that Healing doesn't move, so if you place it at wrong time, your units will escape its radius and it will become useless. It is unlocked in Medieval age.

Bugle call is your squad of elite troops which may be summoned at every place on the battlefield, including right at the middle of enemy base! These units are Cavalry with priority for defences so forget about trying to rush the main building. Use them either as a distraction or to destroy Balloon guns. It is unlocked in the Industrial age.

Defend yourself!

Easier said than done. Unfortunately, in Battle Ages even the best defence cannot win with a great offense. However, you can win with those medium defences. To do this, you have to remember few things:

Firstly, you won't have enough walls to cover everything. This means that you have to prioritize your buildings. You can of course keep every single building inside a big corral but not only it's not effective. In fact it's the easiest settlement to destroy. Avoid it. Before getting to the Industrial age you can form honeycombs. How to do this?

Every defensive building is surrounded by walls. This way the attacker would have to destroy a wall every single time he wants to attack the next defence building. It's very effective. In the Industrial age you can create square with all defences inside (but keep one cannon outside), behind double walls. Keep your balloon guns protected and hidden, they are a top priority for attackers. You can also form a circle, I created such a settlement myself and it can be very effective. Lean your production buildings a bit forward, so enemy Balloons will have longer route to your defences, it will help you destroy a few more before they become dangerous.

Here is example of circular defence with a bit of honeycombHere is example of circular defence with a bit of honeycomb

The priority for hiding your buildings is Balloon gun - Catapult - Lookout - Shelter - Ballista (and their future upgrades). Traps should obviously be placed in choke points or at vulnerable positions.

Lookouts are your fast hitting towers which can attack both land units and air units. In the Industrial age, they are one of two buildings which are able to destroy Balloons. Their damage is decent and attacking speed makes them a great building against all types of enemies.

Shelters don't attack your enemies directly but they can store few soldiers ready to attack. In lower ages keep your Swordsmen there. Upgrading the Shelter to even numbers will increase your defenders capacity, while odd numbers increases attackers capacity.

Ballistas are your main weapon against Cavalry. They have awesome damage but they are very slow. They are weak against groups of Swordsman as they will kill one and be vulnerable for the next 2 seconds. However, if ignored they can quickly destroy your Cavalry. They have slightly worse range than the Lookout. They are unlocked in the Ancient age.

Catapults are your special weapons against groups of attackers, especially Swordsman and Archers. Their damage doesn't look so great but it is splash damage. That means that every unit within the proximity of the attack will be damaged. Their main disadvantage, apart from terrible speed, is they are unable to attack units that are closer to them. In other words, if one Swordsman gets close to a Catapult, it can destroy it without being attacked. They have a great range so keep them at the middle of your base and let them kill attackers from long range. Catapults are unlocked in the Classical age.

Balloon guns have only one goal, kill Balloons. They can't attack other units. Their range is the same as Catapults but you want to give them time to snipe those air units. They are unlocked in Industrial age.

Spike traps are cheap and they will attack the first unit that runs over them. They have very good damage and you should try to damage Cavalry with them. They have splash damage but the radius is very small and they won't be able to damage many units.

Acid bombs are similar to Catapults, they have large, splash damage. You can even place them behind walls and they will damage units which are on the other side. Their damage is a little lower but they are perfect for taking out Archers and Swordsman. They are unlocked in the Ancient age.

Walls, obviously, help stop enemy. The more durable they are, the more time they give to defenders to kill attackers. Unlike in Battle Islands, buildings don't have their own fortifications (walls) and you have to place them around your crucial buildings or build your own combinations. In every age, you'll get more walls. They are quite expensive but they are worth every coin.


Your best production building is your enemy base. That's a fact and you should not neglect it. If you don't attack him, someone else will do it and you will lose the opportunity to plunder him. However, you should always upgrade your own production buildings, as you need a steady income independent of other people. There are two types of resources:

  • Coins (whenever I use resources in this guide, this is the same as "coins"). You'll get them from production buildings and plundering. You can use them for upgrading troops, buildings, building something new, refilling your tents, traps, and buying troops. You don't want to have too many coins but you'll have to save them a few times.
  • Gems. You can buy them for your hard earned money or get them from weekly competition with friends or as a reward from medals. You can use them for boosting your buildings, buying treaties, rushing upgrades, buying engineers (stone worker) and scientists (shaman) or refilling your coins. In fact you should use them only for premium buildings, boosting tents and buying peace treaties. I'll include information where should you use them while giving tips for achievements.

Last part are your storage buildings. You don't have to upgrade your Barrows immediately but you should always max them as the last building before advancing to the next age. All economy buildings (including scientists and engineers) should be kept outside settlement walls. You want to protect your defences, not your coins.

Stone age

Before starting, you'll have to complete a tutorial. There is nothing complicated, simply complete all steps which are provided by 'story' characters. In fact, that's the end of 'story' mode. After it's done, you have control over your settlement and you can start your expansion. Create a full squad of Barbarians. Every attack at the settlement with only one Lookout (probably abandoned) should take you no more than 9-10 Barbarians. Put them at the closest place to the defending Lookout and let them do their job. This attack should cost you 250 coins so you should try to get at least the same amount from the defender. Your first goal is to get 1200 coins and upgrade your Barbarian. It doesn't look like a big improvement but at this stage, every single point counts. Don't upgrade your Axe thrower; you don't need him right now. Training time of your full 10 person squad is 50 seconds. Stay online and try to get at least 10 wins in a row. It shouldn't be too hard, if you encounter a settlement with 2 Lookouts, retreat with cn_B and confirm with cn_A unless it's worth it (coins). If you want to be super sure you are attacking the worst defenders possible, look at their levels (in top left corner when checking their trophies and coins). You want to attack people with levels 1-3. Doing this will give you your first achievement:

Win Streak

Win 10 consecutive victories against the enemy

Win Streak
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I strongly encourage you to attack people from the same age and try to get a little surplus of resources. The reason behind this is simple, you want to get 250 offensive victories and this will be the fastest in first three ages. If you are bored and want to get resources faster, you have two options:

  • First is attacking people from higher age, stealing their resources and losing the battle. You want to create 4 Axe throwers for this job. They have ranged attacks and outside the tower's range. Barbarians have to come closer and usually they will be too close to be protected from defenders. Your remaining 16 Barbarians should brutally attack something closer to enemy towers, and steal as much as they can until they are wiped. Before attacking, take a look at the defender's layout. If their gold mines aren't protected, go for them. If everything is behind walls, forget about it, you won't make it.
  • Second valid option is campaign. There is of course an achievement for getting 60 stars but you shouldn't worry too much about it. At lower ages rewards are very good, so you should try to complete them. Always go for Lookouts first. There is no time limit, so even one Barbarian can clear this out. Try to get 3 stars in every single mission. Don't do the 10th mission right now, as the last missions from every age are much more difficult and you will have more success doing them when you're on the next age. Recommended army for those missions is 20 Barbarians and 1 Meteor.

There isn't much to say about your base layout. Put your two Lookouts at both sides of your Dolmen (main building) and encircle them with walls. You will lack 2 walls so put those holes close to Dolmen and put traps in them. Put every other building close to your 'base' and it should be enough to stop a few attacks. You need 5000 coins for getting to the next age. Either finish a few campaign missions or attack some rich guys from the next age. Then, upgrade your Dolmen. After it is finished, you'll unlock:

Ancient Age

Advance your settlement to the Ancient Age

Ancient Age
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Future ages

In the Ancient age your next upgrade costs 30,000 coins. Your first step (and it will be repeated in all ages) is upgrading your Shelter(s) and building new ones if possible, then upgrading your Swordsman and building/upgrading new defensive buildings. Ignore production buildings, you don't need them if you are active (if you aren't, they should be upgraded at the beginning). Here you'll have enough walls to make your first, serious defence. Put every defensive building inside but don't make this one big square. Keep it tidy. You can make cells around your Towers to give them a little extra protection. Keep your economy outside but within range of your towers, so they can protect them. Complete the first 19 missions in the campaign for 3 stars. If you are struggling with a mission, leave it for the next age. Attack and plunder everyone; you want to get those offensive wins. After your main building is finished you'll get your next achievement.

Classical Age

Advance your settlement to the Classical Age

Classical Age
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In the Classical age you'll need 400,000 coins for the next upgrade. As always, upgrade your tents and units, create Catapults and put them inside your base. Here you'll probably need to finish one or two missions in the campaign to get your next achievement. Focus on upgrading your buildings and units. In the next age you should have all buildings upgraded. Focus on Swordsman, Archer, Cavalry and Meteor strike. At the end of the Classical age you should be over 250 offensive wins or very close to getting it. You'll get following achievements in Classical.

Run the Gauntlet

Achieve 60 stars in the the campaign

Run the Gauntlet
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For the Win

Achieve 250 offensive victories

For the Win
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Medieval Age

Advance your settlement to the Medieval Age

Medieval Age
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The Medieval age is the time for clearing three achievements related to upgrades. You'll need 1,150,000 coins for the next age. As always, upgrade your troops, tents, buildings and walls. Remember, upgrading walls and traps do not count for the "Grow your Empire" achievement. At the end of this age you'll have 28 buildings (including two engineers and one scientist). If you followed my advice about getting tons of free gems from inactive friends, you should have enough gems to build one (two recommended) more engineer and one more scientist. If you lack gems, you'll get "Field of Dreams" in the next age from regular buildings. While attacking you'll start getting large amount of coins from your enemies for Sticky Fingers but don't worry if you don't get this here. It's almost impossible not to get it eventually in the Renaissance age. In this age you should get following achievements.

Grow Your Empire

Upgrade 100 buildings in your settlement

Grow Your Empire
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Field of Dreams

Build 30 new buildings in your settlement

Field of Dreams
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City of Science

Completed 30 scientific researches

City of Science
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Sticky Fingers

Steal 1000000 coins from the enemy

Sticky Fingers
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Renaissance Age

Advance your settlement to the Renaissance Age

Renaissance Age
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In the Renaissance age you should change a bit your default setup. Your main unit should become Cavalry with 30 Swordsman as support. Defenders start to become a real problem and you want to destroy all defensive buildings as soon as possible. Do all the default steps and start gaining coins. Now it's time to get some fellow boosters to help you with the longest achievement in this game, "Hold the Line." You want to be max +- 200 trophies away from other boosters and have everyone either at the Renaissance or Industrial ages. If you want to get some extra wins (apart from your regular, 'classic' ones), find guys on your enemies page, attack them with one soldier and send them a message. You may get an additional person this way. When boosting this you may go to next age (that's why you are looking for people from the Renaissance and Industrial ages), trophies won't be important. This is so you can rush 2500 trophies in the meantime). In order to make a revenge attack, go to Battle->Reports->Defense and find the attack you are interested in. You will find some information here:

  • Online - your booster is online. This status is active for 10 minutes after they log out.
  • Peaceful - someone else attacked him and he has a peace treaty.
  • Retaliated - you have already attacked him. Now it is his turn.
  • In battle - someone else is attacking him right now.
  • No info - you can attack him. Press cn_X and send your one soldier towards his defensive building.

You should get only one achievement in this age. Don't worry about 250 defensive wins, you'll have more than enough time in the next age. If you are struggling to get enough resources, let your boosters know that you'll be inactive for a month (or finish this achievement before advancing), let them attack you so it's your turn (this way their reports won't disappear), get around 2 million coins and buy yourself 4 weeks of peace. During that time you cannot attack other players or your peace will be gone. Collect resources until you have 6,750,000. After this, advance to next age.

Industrial Age

Advance your settlement to the Industrial Age

Industrial Age
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The Industrial age changes everything. Upgrade/build your tents, build Balloon guns immediately and research Balloon. Recommended setup for attacks is 28 Balloons, 40 Soldiers (Swordsman), 4 Battle cannons (Meteors) or 4 Bugle calls. You should be around 1600 trophies to encounter players with the most resources. When attacking either fall back if the defender has Balloon guns (many people don't have them) or place 2 upgraded Bugle calls at each Balloon gun, which will kill them. Then, get your Balloons and aim them at Gatling guns and Tents. 40 Soldiers are just in case you have to deal with separated buildings or armies of Grenadiers. You should win with half of your Balloons used. You should have 9 Grenadiers and 1 Balloon as defence in two tents and 14 Grenadiers in other two. While getting defensive wins prepare yourself for the final push.

Get around 3 attacks per day with players that have more trophies until you are at 2000-2100. The last phase will be done in one go. Make sure you have your troops upgraded (Balloon!) and buy 4 hour boost for each of your tents and telegraph (50 gems in total). Don't produce Bugle calls; stick to Battle cannon. Attack guys with the highest trophies. If you lose, exit to the Xbox One dashboard (keep your one Soldier). Attack Balloon guns with your siege weapons and use enough of your army to win a battle. You should have your troops rebuilt (apart from siege weapons) in around 8 minutes. 4 hours should be enough to do all of this. After you hit 2500, you'll get:

Moving on Up

Acquire 2500 trophies in battle

Moving on Up
1 guideOnline Game ModeVersusCommunityOnline Skill

The last part is easy but time consuming. In the medals tab you can check how many defensive wins you have. Repeat revenge attacking, and get some wins in the meantime. Log in frequently to cancel your peace treaty so you can attack anyone, and then immediately retreat. After a few more weeks (Maybe longer) you should have your last achievement:

Hold the Line

Achieve 250 defensive victories

Hold the Line
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Congratulations! You have just finished Battle Ages.

Reset bug

Sometimes you may encounter bug where you will find yourself back in Stone age with everything lost. Don't panic and don't do anything! I personally encountered it while being in the Medieval age. Submit a ticket here and include your trophies (they didn't reset), when did you encounter this bug, your level (estimated) and what age were you in. After a few days you'll get a default base in your last age with LOTS of gems and all buildings and troops upgraded. Unfortunately, you'll lose progress for your 250 wins but if you try to level up, you'll have a glitch and achievements for advancing to the next ages won't pop. Wait few days and let them reset it. After it's done, you are free to continue with development of your settlement.

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