Gears of War 4

Welcome back Gearheads for more Sera action. This is the 5th Gears game but the first of original Gears content for the Xbox One. The game is set 25 years after the events of Gears 3 and you'll be playing as Marcus Fenix's son, JD.

I've divided this walkthrough into 4 main achievement segments: Campaign, Versus, Horde, and Seriously 4.0. As with any Gears game the Seriously achievement is a time consuming one, but luckily Seriously 4.0 is not nearly as bad as 3.0. But don't fret, as there are plenty more of other time consuming achievements requiring several campaign playthroughs, many many horde runs, a multiplayer grind of many days, and keeping an eye out for special events throughout the year. If your goal is a full completion you're easily looking at several hundred hours. If you're reading this today and just starting the game the good news is you've got a leg up on someone that started the game at launch as some of the grindy achievements were not retroactive. The bad news is some of the bugs that made the game easier have been fixed.

Gears of War 4 introduces micro-transactions to buy packs of cards for cosmetic skins, bounties for exp and money, and horde class skills necessary for completion. These are purchased using in game currency called credits, which you earn via online play. Horde mode can be an efficient way to farm credits via so called "speed runs" using efficient maps and particular strategies to breeze through on the highest difficulty, which is now beyond Insane, called Inconceivable. You can pay real money to buy packs to accelerate things, although it would be of minimal help in the long run. If you would like to accelerate the completion progress you can opt for the season pass. The Gears of War 4 season pass unlike previous Gears titles, is not required for the completion of the game. It only allows you access to 24 additional post-launch maps in creating a custom game and gives over 20 card packs. It also provides credit boosts when playing on the 24 maps that you now have "ownership" of. I wouldn't recommend paying $50 for it as it can sometimes be found on Ebay for ~$20. Only one person needs the season pass to allow access to the maps, so just let them be the host if you don't want the season pass.

Here let's briefly talk about what's new and different in Gears 4.

Campaign tips

As with all Gears games the typical four difficulties apply: Casual, Normal, Hardcore, and Insane, but Gears 4 has actually introduced a 5th difficulty: Inconceivable. Unlike previous titles you don't have to beat the campaign first to unlock Insane difficulty, but you will have to complete Insane first to unlock Inconceivable. DLC has also introduced an Ironman mode, which means you only have one life, and requires it be completed on a minimum difficulty of Hardcore and also in co-op mode. One playthrough requires that you hold on to your Lancer for most of the game, while another requires you do not use either a Lancer or Gnasher. If you're a Gears God it is theoretically possible to do only two playthroughs if you combined your Insane campaign with Ironman and never touched the Lancer/Gnasher, but this could prove very frustrating. The campaign is on the shorter side of the Gears series akin to Judgment, so you can blitz through it in less than 6 hours of co-op mode if your partner is playing on casual difficulty.

Depending on how many playthroughs you would like to do and how adventurous you feel you can jump right into Insane difficulty, although if this is your first foray into the Gears franchise I would recommend Normal. Insane/Inconceivable difficulties do not have a DBNO(down but not out) feature, which allows you to be revived by the AI or friends. So on these harder difficulties once you sustain enough damage, you're reloading the checkpoint. You can make the game slightly easier on yourself by having a partner play on Casual while you play on the desired difficulty level, although they will obviously not get the same difficulty achievements as you. You can even attempt to play the Casual controller yourself and hide your main controller's character somewhere but certain points of the game will require human hands on both.

The game does have collectibles and situational achievements, some can be accomplished in Horde mode so if you're playing on a low difficulty in the campaign consider them here.
Two main tips:

-Use cover! The cn_A button is your friend and the game will punish you if you try to fight out in the open.
-Active reload! Hit cn_RB to start a reload and then again on the tiny hashmark to get a small damage/rate of fire boost. It's better to be late than early as you can still get a quicker reload, just without the damage/rate of fire boost.

There is an easter egg available in Act 3-2 that can make the game A LOT easier but only available on Insane difficulty and above.

Experience, cards, credits, and scrap

In Gears 4, the campaign will not net you any experience or credits, only versus and horde modes. There are 4 main types of packs and 4 rarities of cards.

Rarity: Green(common), Blue(rare), Purple(epic), and Gold(legendary) cards

Horde (400 credits): Horde skills, horde bounties, and customization cards
Versus (400 credits): Versus bounties and customization cards
Operation (800 credits): Increased odds of purple/gold cards
Elite (2000 credits): Even higher likelihood of purple/gold cards, customizable cards only

As you play versus and horde matches you have the option to set a bounty, ie. a goal to accomplish during the match for additional experience or credits(and you'll need plenty of both). As you level up you will receive credits, as you re-up (hit 100 and reset your rank in the War Journal) you will also receive bonus packs. Seriously 4.0 requires 10 re-ups while the Classy achievement requires maxing out an entire class of horde skills. My personal experience was that experience come faster than credits and I was able to finish S4.0 well before Classy, but luck may play a big role. The bottom line is always equip your best available bounty whether it's experience or credits.

The customization cards are character skins, weapon skins, and emblems. You will be scrapping most of these in favor of crafting your horde skills, if you want to complete this game as quick as possible. Scrap is a form of currency generated by destroying cards you've acquired, which can be used to create other cards. However, it costs significantly more to create a card in comparison to what is gained from scrapping it.

Common: +5 scrap -40 create
Rare: +20 scrap -100 create
Epic: +150 scrap -600 create
Legendary: +600 scrap -2400 create

Horde basics, etiquette, and strategy

The basic Horde principles from Gears of War 2 and 3 apply in that it's 50 waves of enemies that progressively get more powerful in number as well as abilities, with a boss wave every 10 waves. Waves 11-20 enemy health is doubled, Waves 21-30 enemy health & accuracy is doubled, Waves 31-40 enemy health, accuracy, and now damage is doubled, and Waves 41-50 all three attributes are 2.5x higher than normal. But the first fundamental change is that you HAVE to complete the waves consecutively in order to receive credit for the 50-wave achievements and bounties. You cannot play 1-25 one night and continue 26-50 the next so before you start a game be aware this can sometimes mean a very long time commitment. A "speed run" can complete 50 waves in an hour but if you're just starting out or don't have higher level players to carry you 50 waves can take over 2 hours.

The second change is that instead of simply giving you money upon death as enemies did in Gears 3, they drop energy instead that needs to be collected and subsequently deposited in the fabricator. Here as you'll learn during the campaign you can purchase weapons, fortifications, and power-ups.

Similar to Gears: Judgment there is a class based system: soldier, heavy, sniper, engineer, and scout. All classes start at level 1 and need to be leveled up, but the experience here is different than that of your account. Whereas your player account earns exp based on your individual performance with ribbons, game types, win bonuses, and bounties, the only thing that matters for class exp is completing horde waves. The harder the difficulty and higher the wave the more experience gained. But there are also very significant bonuses to completing consecutive waves. If you're failing waves throughout a run it's a good indicator the difficulty level is too high for your skill level, card level, or class levels(or all three).

The higher your class level the more class-specific skill cards you can equip. You start with 1 and unlock additional slots at levels 3, 5, 7, and 10. A good system to ensure you don't get in over your head is to play casual/normal under level 3, normal/hardcore until 5, and don't touch insane/inconceivable until 7. This is just a rule of thumb that of course depends on your skill level, the level of your class cards, and your teammates. It doesn't matter if you're the best Gears player in the world, a level 1 class with level 1 skills is a charity case on harder difficulties. The backbone members of a horde team will be the scout and engineer. Without each of these the difficulty level of horde jumps exponentially because they possess critical abilities and skills.

The scout's primary goal is to fetch the money. Scouts carry a unique passive ability that any energy picked up DURING combat is doubled. If you pick up energy after the wave is cleared it is not doubled, so as the wave starts getting low it's incumbent on you to be out there collecting the energy and your team to cease fire to give you an opportunity to collect all of it. The first scout skill that you select with your cards will be 'Deposit Bonus' that applies a 10-60% bonus on any money you deposit into the fabricator. It's generally a good idea not to bother playing scout until your deposit bonus is at least 50%. If you see people committing suicide at the beginning of the match, it's because soldiers and heavies will blow themselves up before the first wave so that you can collect their 1000 starting money and get a little extra dough. So if you're not the scout, don't pick up the energy! The only exception to this is if you're standing next to energy and the next wave is about to start and the scout will not be able to grab it in time, feel free to ensure it doesn't disappear.

The engineer starts with a repair tool instead of a pistol and as you can imagine, fixes things. The engineer is very poor in combat and does not have any combat enhancing cards as all of their cards revolve around making cheaper and improved fortifications. The engineer usually has a plan for what is being built and next, so just like the scout handles the money, the engineer handles the building and layout of fortifications. The fabricator has 4 levels and energy needs to be spent in order to level it up. Being a good engineer doesn't mean repairing everything in sight. You will sometimes deliberately move fortifications you don't need to be destroyed on purpose to accelerate the rate it takes you to progress to level 4.

Barriers: They slow down the bad guys. The most efficient fence is the level 2 barb wire fence as it slows enemies down enough, but is very cheap to repair. As you progress to the blue and red laser fences, these can be very expensive to fix and are a marginal improvement so it's better to have a pair of level 2 fences back to back than a single laser fence. A smart engineer also keeps a few level 2 fences tucked away hidden before you make the upgrade to level 3 to replace possible destroyed barbed wire fences in the later rounds when your only option is an expensive level 4 laser fence.

Decoys: A waste of money at levels 1-2, but can take a savage beating at level 4 and immensely helpful to have one or two for bosses.

Shock sentries: They stun bad guys. By themselves not effective, but paired with sentries and turrets at choke points they can be a solid compliment.

Sentries: With the right engineer cards they become the bread and butter for harder difficulties. Generally deployed in groups of 3 or more.

Turrets: At launch the main way to get through Insane runs and despite numerous nerfs, they are still a great way for an engineer or a low level player to be combat effective. It deals massive amounts of damage at level 4, but turrets are very expensive so be protective of them and don't let them be destroyed on boss waves!

Weapons Lockers: Place weapons into the locker for not only safe keeping but because ammo is slowly recharged in it over time. Each level of the fabricator increase the amount of weapons that can be stored. These are especially helpful if ammo is scarce or to stockpile dropped weapons such as Salvos for boss waves. Just make sure you don't expend all the ammo in dropped weapons otherwise they disappear instead of being eligible for recharge.

When you die you drop whatever energy you were carrying. Destroyed fortifications also drop 25% on of the money spent to purchase them. This is especially important to let your scout grab this as it's a more efficient way to level your fabricator up. They can't double these credits, but they can increase the deposit by 60% effectively increasing the credit refund rate to 40%. If your scout dies don't pick up their treasure trove of money and if you do, just blow yourself up or die so they can pick it up again, just don't deposit it.

Mark targets! This is important for the sniper and heavy as both have incredibly valuable skills that increase damage on marked targets. Sniper's called shot works for the entire squad while heavy is only for themselves. You'll also collect more experience for military intelligence ribbons.

When you die you can be revived by someone grabbing your COG tags and running to the fabricator. The first one is free, but the cost does go up for each successive revive(per wave) so don't spend 1500 energy to revive someone when there are only 3 enemies left.

Every 4 waves a loot challenge will appear to execute, headshot, turret kill, etc. If completed the entire team gets money and a pair of airdrop boxes appears near the fabricator with grenades, weapons, or ammo refill. Save them for boss waves or high 40s waves. If you open a crate up and it's a bunch of weapons drop them off at a weapons locker for later use. If your team needs the money deposit it, otherwise sit on it until you die and the scout will pick it up.

Every map has at least 2 ammo boxes. Coordinate with your team who gets them and when. Consider taking turns: 2 guys on odd rounds, the other 2 on even rounds. Don't grab one because you need 30 rounds in your Lancer when your heavy's Boomshot is empty. Heavies and soldiers will also kill themselves quite frequently for full ammo on respawn, just be aware you'll be back to starting weapons so place them in a locker before you harakari yourself.

Fortifications can be moved and often should be if a boss is about to rampage over your very expensive fortifications. Make sure you hit cn_Y instead of cn_X as people have made very expensive upgrades in the middle of combat.

Be aware of your positioning. There is no friendly fire but running in front of a Heavy using a Boomshot or Salvo will result in them blowing themselves up. So don't do it and if you do it by accident, pick them up.

So let's get our feet wet in the campaign. As there are co-op achievements and to be as efficient as possible, bring a friend. You can make the attempt slightly easier on yourself by having your friend play on Casual difficulty to breeze through the content, but they obviously won't get the same difficulty achievements as you unless you have them quit and rejoin every chapter, which can become tedious but worth it for Inconceivable. You can actually play both controllers for most of it(one Insane/one Casual) but there will be parts that will require the assistance of another human set of hands to get through. As per usual the game does have collectibles to collect, so I'll describe their whereabouts. I'll try to keep the walkthrough spoiler free, with the exception of offering advice on any sections that could prove frustrating. If you find yourself dying frequently, ask yourself if you're simply trying to move quickly. Unlike other shooter games Gears does not have any portions with infinite spawns requiring you to move forward. So be patient, stay in cover, wait until your health recovers before firing again. The game requires the following to be done in campaign:

-Hardcore, Insane, Inconceivable runs (The difficulties stack but Inconceivable needs to be unlocked by Insane)
-Ironman run (No deaths, Hardcore or above)
-Ironman coop (As above just with someone else)
-Holding on to your Lancer throughout the entire campaign
-Not using Lancer or Gnasher the entire campaign

There is an achievement for Inconceivable solo, but as of April 2018 there are ways to get it done via coop, check the solutions for a more detailed and updated write up. My recommended path for Gears franchise veterans is 3 playthroughs:

-Insane carrying Lancer throughout
-Hardcore Coop Ironman no Lancer/Gnasher

I don't recommend anyone do an Ironman run on a difficulty higher than Hardcore otherwise you run the risk of breaking a controller/TV. I also don't recommend Insane if you haven't played any of the other Gears games on Insane as it could be a frustrating experience for a newcomer.

The campaign has 50 collectibles, 10 of which are COG tags. During coop play if one person collects it, both people receive credit. If you already have it, it will not appear for you, but will be visible for the person that needs it. You can see how many you've collected in a particular chapter on the pause screen. So let's begin.


For Gears veterans, active reloading is just like breathing and will happen for you automatically, but for new players you should always attempt an active reload with a weapon. Hit cn_RB to reload and then again on the small hashmarks for a quicker and boosted damage/fire rate reload. If you fail it will take longer to reload so there's a risk/reward element and some weapons are easier than others. Your goal is to become very proficient at this. After 25 successes, this will unlock:

Zen and the Art of Reloading in Gears of War 4
Perform 25 perfect active reloads
  • Unlocked by 150,002 tracked gamers (86% - TA Ratio = 1.07) 173,559

The first collectible is after you lob a grenade into the bunker. Walk into the bunker on your right and you'll find the UIR Security Report on the desk 1/50. Immediately after this walk back outside towards the direction you came, on your left behind the concrete block next to a Czech hedgehog is a fallen soldier, collect the COG tag 2/50. Proceed inside and fight your way through the facility, keep an eye out for red barrels to explode to help your progress. After the machine gun nest portion, inside the main facility look to your right for a red and white poster 3/50. Use cn_RB to cool down turrets as needed before they overheat, or hold it down when it does.

Fast forward to E-Day, once the Corpser emerges look to your left for a guard booth. Inside is a stack of newspapers 4/50. Proceed across the street, grab the HoD from the white van and then go around the corner towards the House of Sovereigns, behind the pillar you'll see another fallen soldier's COG tag, 5/50. Hang back and use the Hammer on the approaching enemies and don't forget the Mulcher by the fountain.

Collector in Gears of War 4
Recover 5 Campaign collectibles
  • Unlocked by 130,671 tracked gamers (75% - TA Ratio = 1.15) 173,559

Welcome to Anvil Gate, there's 2 collectibles before going up the ladder. The first is behind the burning Armadillo, a COG tag on the left by the door, 6/50. The other is on a desk to the right of the ladders. 7/50.

Completing the prologue with friend in tow for:

And We're Back in Gears of War 4
Story Progression (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 158,200 tracked gamers (91% - TA Ratio = 1.04) 173,559

And Both of Us Are Back in Gears of War 4
Complete the Prologue in Co-op (any difficulty)
  • Unlocked by 58,789 tracked gamers (35% - TA Ratio = 1.72) 166,066

Act I Chapter 1 - The Raid

Now welcome to the present and the 1st part of Act I. After knocking down the fence but before you approach the crane, look to your right behind some boxes to find the manifest hidden away, 8/50. While working your way through the complex look for a red robot, do not drop down yet but instead go left to find the pamphlet on a blue box along the end wall, 9/50.

During this first section you will learn two new mechanics in Gears 4, yank as well as shank. The game will teach you this on an unsuspecting DeeBee(named after its creator hint hint). To yank simply take cover in front of an enemy by hitting cn_A, press cn_LSu to lean forward, and hit cn_X to grab them. If you are playing co-op have the 2nd controller do this and while the enemy is freshly yanked they are momentarily stunned, at which point you move close to them and hit cn_Y to execute them with your knife. If you fail due to timing you can either reload the checkpoint or continue on, but while there will be other opportunities for this this is the easiest it will ever be. On success:

Whoomp, There It Is! in Gears of War 4
Knife execute an enemy that was yanked over cover by another player
  • Unlocked by 31,596 tracked gamers (18% - TA Ratio = 2.34) 173,559

You can reload the checkpoint 9 more times and yank/shank yourself to easily unlock:

Now That's a Knife! in Gears of War 4
Kill 10 enemies with combat knife after yanking or kicking
  • Unlocked by 62,224 tracked gamers (36% - TA Ratio = 1.66) 173,559

After exiting the courtyard area where the squad talks about Kait's training, enter the building to the right of the gate. In the far back room of the building is the collectible poster laying on a bookshelf, 10/50. Next collectible is in the maternity ward on a coffee table between two green chairs underneath a poster, a pamphlet 11/50. Once outside again after taking out the first wave of DBs in front of the fabricator building, walk down the street and go up the first staircase you see on your left. You’ll see the poster hanging to the right of the door, 12/50.

Enjoy your ridiculous easy gamerscore as you progress through the game, the rest of these are found at the bottom because who cares.

Two Chapters in Gears of War 4
Complete two Campaign Chapters (any difficulty)
  • Unlocked by 149,010 tracked gamers (90% - TA Ratio = 1.07) 166,066

Act 1 Chapter 2 - In and Out

When you're in the room with the fabricator, go to the control panels on the left side of the room. The schematics are on a computer with a glowing green monitor, 13/50.

The fabricator allows you to spend money to purchase weapons or repurchase the existing weapon you have for more ammo.

Act 1 Chapter 3 - New Friends

Here you're introduced to a new enemy, the DR1. Their Overkill is a beefed up Gnasher and when they take sufficient damage they'll suicide charge so engage at a distance. Once you have a chance to stop shooting DBs in the courtyard, run around to the slightly elevated patio to the left of where you entered the courtyard. Another pamphlet next to a stone bench, 14/50. Later on you'll meet Deadeyes which carry EMBARs, a 3 shot sniper rifle without a zoom. Hold down cn_RT to charge it, aim for the head, and release to fire. If you don't have a shot just continue holding the trigger and eventually it'll dissipate, then repeat.

Raiding is what Outsiders Do in Gears of War 4
Story Progression (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 141,874 tracked gamers (82% - TA Ratio = 1.10) 173,559

Act 1 Chapter 4 - A Few Snags

Place the fabricator in front of town hall instead of under the balcony and you can collect the collectibles before the horde waves begin.

A poster to the left and outside of the Town Hall entrance, on a pillar. 15/50
A book opposite the Town Hall, walk up the steps to the barn entrance and you'll find the book on the ground next to the barrel and apples. 16/50
Now turn around and if you're facing the Town Hall, to the left is a set of tall crops with a yellow banner above. Behind this area is a workshop up a short set of stairs, with the collectible on the floor next to the wood and chair. 17/50

We need to hold out for 3 waves, so spend fabricator power to build sentries for the sides. As you defend the base you will encounter flying enemies known as Guardians. They come in 2 varieties: Trishot and Salvo. Our goal here (depending on difficulty) is after killing the first is to rip out its weapon and use it to kill one of the 2 in the next wave to unlock:

Stop Hitting Yourself in Gears of War 4
Kill a Guardian with a Guardian weapon
  • Unlocked by 76,474 tracked gamers (44% - TA Ratio = 1.50) 173,559

If you don't get this here as with all of the situational achievements there will be plenty of opportunities later in Horde mode(which you'll be playing a lot of) or just chapter select on Casual after you complete the game.

When it Leads to War in Gears of War 4
Story Progression (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 135,954 tracked gamers (78% - TA Ratio = 1.12) 173,559

Come And Knock on My Door in Gears of War 4
Complete one Act in Co-op Campaign (any difficulty)
  • Unlocked by 65,919 tracked gamers (38% - TA Ratio = 1.62) 173,559

Act 2 Chapter 1 - The Prodigal Son

Before you enter the house, enter the lit gate to the right. After the cut-scene, walk back toward the gate and you'll be able to pick up the flower next to it. 18/50
After your first firefight, walk towards the stone shed. You'll find the ball tucked away in the dark corner behind the shed. WOOOOOOOO 19/50
When you enter the manor, you have to go up the stairs to the right. Instead, go to the far left corner, past the wall lamp, and you'll find a letter on the right in the proceeding room. 20/50

Pack Rat in Gears of War 4
Pack Rat12 (10)
Recover 10 Campaign collectibles
  • Unlocked by 112,593 tracked gamers (65% - TA Ratio = 1.24) 173,559

Act 2 Chapter 2 - Geared up

You're reunited with an old friend, so unless you're doing the no Lancer/Gnasher playthrough HOLD ON TO IT! This is a custom Lancer, different from the Lancers enemies will use later on. You need to carry this exact Lancer throughout the entire game from this point on. It's okay to momentarily drop it if you need to pick up a gun with ammo, just make sure you grab it again before you progress.

After you clear out the DBs, walk into the dark room to the left of the armory. You'll find the photo on the floor in front of the fireplace, 21/50.
In the basement you'll find the map plans on a workbench on the left side of the room. You can grab it before the underground escape path is revealed. 22/50.
After the barrel shed incident, walk around on the left and to a pallet of wooden crates. You'll see the bottle of wine between the pallet and the giant wine cask. 23/50

Welcome Home in Gears of War 4
Story Progression (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 129,880 tracked gamers (75% - TA Ratio = 1.15) 173,559

Act 2 Chapter 3 - Plan B

Here you're tasked with splitting up and there's a collectible on each choice. For now we'll choose the left path for a easy opportunity to earn another situational achievement. Destroy the orange and yellow barriers holding back the debris to earn environmental kills. Destroy the very first one, get your kills and reload until:

Gone With The Windflare in Gears of War 4
Kill 15 enemies using the environment during a windflare
  • Unlocked by 57,274 tracked gamers (33% - TA Ratio = 1.74) 173,559

But regardless of your choice once you make it to the end you can backtrack and find both collectibles. On the left path, after the gate has been opened for you from the other team, proceed onward and next to the rows of red drums is a truck. In the back is a magazine. 24/50
On the right path, at the very beginning of the path walk across the bridge and toward the wooden shed behind the stone wall. You'll see the figure on the ground next to the tractor. 25/50

Act 2 Chapter 4 - The Great Escape

This part can be frustrating on your Hardcore Ironman run as the Kestrel pays more attention to the first bike(player one). You can make it easier on yourself by having the first controller be the casual player and the second controller be the higher difficulty. This is almost impossible(although you're welcome to try) to complete on solo co-op, so you'll need a friend to help.

Jinn's Overreaction in Gears of War 4
Story Progression (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 125,742 tracked gamers (72% - TA Ratio = 1.17) 173,559

And if you're on coop:
Becoming Brothers in Gears of War 4
Complete two Campaign Acts in Co-op (any difficulty)
  • Unlocked by 41,521 tracked gamers (25% - TA Ratio = 2.04) 166,066

Act 3 Chapter 1 - Almost Midnight

This isn't much of a chapter as it's just walking around. This is crucial for your Inconceivable "solo" completion in order for the achievement to pop as you will have to complete one chapter on your own. Walk down the long road with the broken down cars and view of the fort. At the end of the road is an archway on the right side, go to the left and look into the dark bushes to find the bracelet. 26/50
After you enter the fort and start exploring the dark and dusty corridors and JD steps in the pod, walk down the hallway and you'll see the book on a desk right by the window. 27/50

Act 3 Chapter 2 - Night Terrors

Now this chapter is very important depending on the difficulty that you're running as it contains an Easter egg that only appears if both players are on Insane or Inconceivable difficulties. It will make the boss fights trivial in comparison to your Hardcore run. I'll describe it to you but encourage you to watch the video.

The first collectible is a little bit into the chapter, before you lift the debris to go through the doorway turn left. On a table next to some firewood is a pile of papers. 28/50
Inside this building you'll also notice cn_Y snot on the ceiling with a weapon flashing inside. Shot the snot so the weapon drops, then turn to your right and do it again. Reload checkpoint, repeat, reload checkpoint, repeat:

But You Can't Pick Your Family in Gears of War 4
Find 5 weapons in snot bubbles
  • Unlocked by 43,986 tracked gamers (25% - TA Ratio = 1.98) 173,559

As you kick open the red door to exit this building you'll be prompted to give chase, but instead go right to recover the COG tag. 29/50
After a double wooden door, you'll meet Rio de Janeiro's finest(the statue). Turn left under an archway and find the map on the bench. 30/50

In the church, after the E-hole and corridor of drones you enter an open area with a pod suspended by snot across the way. A Juvie will howl giving you time to drop the pod on him. Reload as needed for:

Look out! Uh… Never Mind in Gears of War 4
Kill 25 enemies by dropping pods on them
  • Unlocked by 11,461 tracked gamers (7% - TA Ratio = 3.88) 173,559

Insane/Inconceivable difficulty only(Both players need to be on this difficulty. In fact it makes sense for your casual partner to leave and temporarily come back on Insane so you can get the "golden gun"). In the cemetery portion, you'll be outside and open an iron gate, there are 4 gravestones that need to be activated(shot) in a certain order MA-R-I-A and also before the last enemy is killed. After you blow up the first E-hole, look to your left for MA. Proceed forward and take out the sniper on your left, followed by the next 2 E-holes, move up to where the sniper was and you should see the R in front of you on your left. The I is actually the middle of 3 tombstones when you look towards the back right corner. The A is in the back left corner of the graveyard(still from your sniper position). Watch this video for a demonstration better than words can describe:

Memento Mori is a one-shot kill weapon on anything(Goldeneye forever). You can't zoom in with it and you can't pick up more ammo for it, so 18 shots is it. You're going to want to save some 11 shots for bosses:

3-6: 1 shot snatcher
4-1: 2 shots snatchers
4-3: 1 shot carrier
4-4: 2 shots carrier, snatcher
4-5: 1 shot swarmak
5-2: 4 shots

This leaves you some flexibility on when you want to use the remaining 7 bullets on Scions/Pouncers or give yourself some wiggle room(recommended) in the event you miss as the bosses don't exactly stand still for you.

After the cemetery you're introduced to the pouncer, which isn't all that special except for the fact that he's got an achievement tied to his disposal. If you get it by accident, great, but don't waste time as there's a really easy opportunity later on. If you're inclined to try you need to soften them up a little bit and then shoot them as they are midair pouncing onto you in their soft underbelly with the gnasher or chainsaw(much easier in my opinion). If you're doing this on anything other than casual, it could require some patience. Their tail glows when they're about to shoot their quills and don't let them jump on to you otherwise be prepared to mash cn_B.

Pounsus Interruptus in Gears of War 4
Kill a Pouncer mid-pounce with Shotgun or Chainsaw
  • Unlocked by 57,758 tracked gamers (33% - TA Ratio = 1.73) 173,559

As If Snatchers Weren't Bad Enough in Gears of War 4
Story Progression (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 121,351 tracked gamers (70% - TA Ratio = 1.19) 173,559

Act 3 Chapter 3 - At the Doorstep

After your ride instead of going through the red door to the outside, go over the collapsed pillar and up the stairs to find the collectible by the trash. 31/50
After a firefight outside you'll see three flagpoles waving in the wind on the right. Go down the stairs on your left into a building(with a hanging lamp in front of it) and look for the poster on the wall. 32/50
Before you enter the museum(you'll be shot by a turret), look for a log on your left. Next to this log is some stairs, the collectible is inside. 33/50

Now welcome to arguably one of the hardest parts of the campaign on Insane+. Work your way into the museum, use the turret/boomshot to fend off the drones, but once you get down to the last one or two drones it's time to head out. The easiest way to survive the onslaught is to actually go back outside the way you came to front of the museum, before the collectible log. This allows you to handle the Juvie onslaught from one direction instead of multiple and you can funnel them into a narrow choke point.

One Hell of an Exhibit in Gears of War 4
Story Progression (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 118,878 tracked gamers (68% - TA Ratio = 1.20) 173,559

The last collectible is once you enter the keep, you'll see a bunch of rubbish covered in sheets. In the far corner is a dead soldier under an archway. Vault over the boxes for his COG tag. 34/50

Act 3 Chapter 4 - Do Not Go Gentle

At some point you will drop down into a hole in the floor and notice a Buzzkill on the table. Turn right and walk up the stairs for a COG tag. 35/50

This presents us a golden opportunity for another situational achievement. Grab the buzzkill, give yourself some room to fire, and lay into the oncoming Juvies. If you don't get it here, come back on casual with chapter select after you've completed the game.

Triple Play in Gears of War 4
Kill 3 enemies with a single Buzzkill shot
  • Unlocked by 50,651 tracked gamers (29% - TA Ratio = 1.84) 173,559

After you use the chain to enter the next catacombs room, you'll be in an area with swarm pods and ornate artifacts. On a table opposite the exit you'll find the collectible in between some decorative pots. 36/50

Once you enter a circular room with the king statue, be prepared for another fun time if you're playing on Insane+ as this room can also be difficult. You've got to deal with a pouncer, waves of Juvies, and another pouncer. This is where having your partner on Casual can be a big help, but feel free to use a Memento Mori shot on the second pouncer if you're trying to deal with it and Juvies at the same time.

Warriors, Kings….Wizards. in Gears of War 4
Story Progression (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 115,778 tracked gamers (67% - TA Ratio = 1.22) 173,559

Act 3 Chapter 5 - Elevator to Hell

In this chapter you'll be introduced to the Dropshot. Hold cn_LT to aim, then cn_RT to fire and cn_RT again to drop the projectile. There is an achievement for 3 perfectly timed headshots, but if you don't get it during the rest of the campaign the easiest way is in a private versus match. But of course, feel free to reload it if you really want it right now.

Drop the Beat…down. in Gears of War 4
Get 3 Dropshot headshots
  • Unlocked by 34,659 tracked gamers (20% - TA Ratio = 2.23) 173,559

Only one collectible here, found in the middle of the ore lift(elevator). Look for a small restroom with the collectible on the toilet. 37/50
Once you have access to the fabricator, build a fence for the entrance, build sentries on both sides of the fabricator, and hide behind it. Piece of cake.

Looks Like an Elevator to Hell in Gears of War 4
Story Progression (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 112,736 tracked gamers (65% - TA Ratio = 1.24) 173,559

Act 3 Chapter 6 - Origins

Important note here if you're on your Ironman run you may want to complete this entire chapter in one sitting. If you have to save there are known issues with invincible bosses.

The first collectible here is almost impossible to miss as it's huge and in your way. It's yellow and on your left. 38/50
The second collectible is after a firefight with a pouncer in a small room. After opening metal double doors you come across a weapons stockpile, it's hidden between some crates in a corner. 39/50

Shortly after this you get to enjoy some GTA driving. Don't bother stomping, just plow over as many as you can. If it doesn't pop here you've got another opportunity next chapter and rest assured you'll be back in other playthroughs.

Killdozer in Gears of War 4
Run over 15 enemies with the Loader
  • Unlocked by 94,204 tracked gamers (54% - TA Ratio = 1.35) 173,559

In this act you'll fight a snatcher for the first time and with it comes another situational achievement. Snatchers will ingest downed players and slowly digest them if you don't free them in time. So after it eats someone fire away at its underbelly to free your squadmates. If you don't get this done here, you will have another opportunity in Act 4 and many many opportunities in Horde mode. If you're on Insane, this is when you use your Memento Mori.

I Live. I Die. I Live Again! in Gears of War 4
Rescue someone from inside a Snatcher
  • Unlocked by 117,721 tracked gamers (68% - TA Ratio = 1.21) 173,559

If no matter what you do the Snatcher won't release people and you keep failing, it's a possibility you've been bugged. Check this thread for how to fix it:

Snatcher Glitch Campaign

You Smell Bad in Gears of War 4
Story Progression (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 111,049 tracked gamers (64% - TA Ratio = 1.24) 173,559

Act 4 Chapter 1 - Get Out

The only collectible is at the beginning of the chapter, once you leave the rock area look for a big C on the wall on your right. Across from this, on your left, next to a mine cart is the collectible on the ground. 40/50

And You Said We Couldn't Fly in Gears of War 4
Story Progression (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 108,962 tracked gamers (63% - TA Ratio = 1.26) 173,559

Act 4 Chapter 2 - No Detours

A little into the chapter as you're walking down the path, you'll pass a big red gear on your right and then a smaller one on your left. The COG tag is by the dead soldier on your left. 41/50

The windflare part here only needs to be completed by one person, so if you've got a friend on lower difficulty or if you're just plain bad at it have them do it.

Act 4 Chapter 3 - Knock Knock

After climbing some ladders you'll be in front of the Tollen Dam. On your left will be a control room with a switch on the second floor. The collectible is on the first floor on the ground near some blue barrels. 42/50

The carrier is a walking tank. Wait for it to open its chest to damage it(explosives work very well) but also shoot the projectiles before they launch your way. Or just use your Memento Mori and cackle maniacally.

Act 4 Chapter 4 - Powerless

Still Not Ironic in Gears of War 4
Story Progression (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 105,711 tracked gamers (61% - TA Ratio = 1.28) 173,559

The collectibles are found towards the end of the chapter. After running across the turbines you'll open a big double door and head inside. You'll see some crushed doors with a body hanging over a window on your left. Go into this room for the COG tag. 43/50
The second one is after a firefight in the gears room. It's at the end of the hallway before the red door with 13E on the wall. Turn the corner and it's tucked away behind wooden boxes. 44/50

Act 4 Chapter 5 - Storm Warning

Use the siege beast to take out the turret. Fire the shots up and right to account for the wind.
The bad news here is that the windflare portion needs to be completed by both players if you're on coop so there's no opportunity to cheese this one.

Once you're indoors after the windflare the first collectible(COG tag) is in the room on your right. 45/50
The next collectible is after you blow the generator coils. Look for sandbags on your right to vault over and find the collectible on the ground next to a dead body. 46/50

The next portion if you've got Memento Mori, you know what you need to do to collect your achievement. Otherwise you have to hit switches to open up the generators, overload the coils, and then destroy the blisters. A good hiding spot with a great vantage point is up the stairs all the way on the left. Just keep an eye for Juvies that try to join you.

Broadcast This! in Gears of War 4
Story Progression (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 102,668 tracked gamers (59% - TA Ratio = 1.29) 173,559

Act 5 Chapter 1 - Convergence

The beginning presents you with 2 pouncers and is an ideal spot for the pouncer achievement. Make life easier on yourself and just chapter select it on casual if you haven't gotten it already.

Pounsus Interruptus in Gears of War 4
Kill a Pouncer mid-pounce with Shotgun or Chainsaw
  • Unlocked by 57,758 tracked gamers (33% - TA Ratio = 1.73) 173,559

Immediately after the versus battle firefight in the courtyard subsides, walk down the steps and look for the red brick building on your right. Walk down this alley all the way to the back for the last COG tag. 47/50
Remember the Fallen in Gears of War 4
Recover all COG Tags in Campaign
  • Unlocked by 24,298 tracked gamers (14% - TA Ratio = 2.67) 173,559

Inside the Centaur factory walk to the control room in the back right on the first floor. 48/50

Act 5 Chapter 2 - Killing Time

It's time for more Horde. Buy as many sentries as you can afford for the sides and use the turret(Casual player if available). If you've got some shots left in Memento Mori now is the time to use them all up, but save at least 4 for 2 snatchers followed by 2 carriers.
If you've been the one purchasing all the fortifications from the fabricator you have received this by now:

Gold Digger in Gears of War 4
Spend 100,000 power in the Fabricator (across all sessions)
  • Unlocked by 114,110 tracked gamers (66% - TA Ratio = 1.23) 173,559

If you haven't, don't worry you'll get it in Horde.

The second to last collectible is found after this section after you drop down a wooden plank, run under the archway and hang a right. It's on the tool bench. 49/50

Long Enough We'll Need This in Gears of War 4
Story Progression (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 100,800 tracked gamers (58% - TA Ratio = 1.31) 173,559

If you've held on to the Custom Lancer I mentioned earlier, you'll also pop:
The Sound Of Silence in Gears of War 4
Carry your inheritance until your uncle makes you a better offer
  • Unlocked by 46,173 tracked gamers (27% - TA Ratio = 1.93) 173,559

Act 5 Chapter 3 - Gate Crashers

Say it with me now, WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

As fun as this part is you're not invincible, but you do have infinite ammo. Hang back, take your time, and consistently call in air strikes with cn_LB once you're able to.

Betty's My Kind of Girl in Gears of War 4
Story Progression (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 100,388 tracked gamers (58% - TA Ratio = 1.31) 173,559

Act 5 Chapter 4 - Release

The key to this part is getting your timing down by dodging left and right using cn_A, otherwise you're going to have a bad time. Shoot the tentacles, staple them down, and airstrike them shut.

Not Going to Stop Us, Right? in Gears of War 4
Story Progression (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 100,398 tracked gamers (58% - TA Ratio = 1.31) 173,559

Enjoy the cinematic and ooh look, the final collectible! 50/50

Ready for More in Gears of War 4
Complete all Campaign Acts (any difficulty)
  • Unlocked by 98,724 tracked gamers (57% - TA Ratio = 1.32) 173,559

Completist in Gears of War 4
Completist41 (15)
Recover all Campaign collectibles
  • Unlocked by 23,160 tracked gamers (13% - TA Ratio = 2.73) 173,559

As well as the stackable difficulties:

Learned the Hard Way in Gears of War 4
Complete all Campaign Acts on Hardcore or Insane difficulty
  • Unlocked by 40,464 tracked gamers (23% - TA Ratio = 2.06) 173,559

The Night is Dark and Full of Terrors in Gears of War 4
Complete all Campaign Acts on Insane difficulty
  • Unlocked by 14,038 tracked gamers (8% - TA Ratio = 3.51) 173,559

And if you played on co-op:
Brothers Till The End in Gears of War 4
Complete all Campaign Acts in Co-op (any difficulty)
  • Unlocked by 37,570 tracked gamers (22% - TA Ratio = 2.15) 173,559

After you've unlocked Insane, give Inconceivable a go:

Inconceivable! in Gears of War 4
Complete all Campaign Acts on Inconceivable difficulty
  • Unlocked by 3,560 tracked gamers (6% - TA Ratio = 6.99) 55,656

As mentioned earlier a coop run for this is okay as long as you complete a chapter solo, so load up an Inconceivable game on 3-1:
Momma Said I Can't Die in Gears of War 4
Beat the campaign on Inconceivable solo
  • Unlocked by 3,223 tracked gamers (8% - TA Ratio = 7.35) 42,465

Now that you're familiar with the campaign give Hardcore Ironman a shot with a friend:
Pumping Iron in Gears of War 4
Pumping Iron440 (50)
Complete all Campaign Acts on Ironman (Hardcore, Insane, or Inconceivable difficulty)
  • Unlocked by 2,247 tracked gamers (4% - TA Ratio = 8.79) 55,656

Legends of Sera in Gears of War 4
Complete all Campaign Acts on Ironman in Co-op on Hardcore or higher difficulty
  • Unlocked by 2,084 tracked gamers (4% - TA Ratio = 9.13) 55,656

And ensure one of your runs you didn't kill anyone with a Lancer or Gnasher:

Pick Me Up in Gears of War 4
Pick Me Up360 (50)
Complete Campaign on Hardcore or higher without ever killing an enemy with a Lancer or Gnasher
  • Unlocked by 3,365 tracked gamers (8% - TA Ratio = 7.19) 42,465

And the really stupid free gamerscore update:

Three Chapters in Gears of War 4
Complete three Campaign Chapters (any difficulty)
  • Unlocked by 144,484 tracked gamers (87% - TA Ratio = 1.09) 166,066

Four Chapters in Gears of War 4
Complete four Campaign Chapters (any difficulty)
  • Unlocked by 141,316 tracked gamers (85% - TA Ratio = 1.10) 166,066

Five Chapters in Gears of War 4
Complete five Campaign Chapters (any difficulty)
  • Unlocked by 135,520 tracked gamers (82% - TA Ratio = 1.13) 166,066

Six Chapters in Gears of War 4
Complete six Campaign Chapters (any difficulty)
  • Unlocked by 131,058 tracked gamers (79% - TA Ratio = 1.15) 166,066

Seven Chapters in Gears of War 4
Complete seven Campaign Chapters (any difficulty)
  • Unlocked by 127,970 tracked gamers (77% - TA Ratio = 1.16) 166,066

Eight Chapters in Gears of War 4
Complete eight Campaign Chapters (any difficulty)
  • Unlocked by 125,994 tracked gamers (76% - TA Ratio = 1.17) 166,066

Twelve Chapters in Gears of War 4
Complete twelve Campaign Chapters (any difficulty)
  • Unlocked by 117,776 tracked gamers (71% - TA Ratio = 1.21) 166,066

Twenty Chapters in Gears of War 4
Complete twenty Campaign Chapters (any difficulty)
  • Unlocked by 102,457 tracked gamers (62% - TA Ratio = 1.30) 166,066

Gears 4 multiplayer isn't too different from previous iterations except there's a few new/renamed game modes. Unfortunately, just like Horde this will be a bit of a grind as we will need 100 hours played and 5000 kills. So if you loved it in Gears 2 then rejoice for it's back:

Veteran Gear in Gears of War 4
Veteran Gear180 (50)
Play 100 hours of Versus Multiplayer
  • Unlocked by 13,322 tracked gamers (31% - TA Ratio = 3.60) 42,465

The good news is you may actually notice the progress for this increase faster than the amount of time you've actually played. That's because the game rounds up time spent in rounds so completing very quick games can accelerate your progress. And then there's Seriously 0.5, but killing bots counts towards this.

Slaying It in Gears of War 4
Slaying It545 (100)
Get 5000 kills in Public Versus matches from March 2018 onwards.
  • Unlocked by 5,840 tracked gamers (14% - TA Ratio = 5.45) 41,697

Now before you play your first game get out a sheet of paper or spreadsheet as you will need to keep track of maps played on. You need to play a match on all 24 of the following post-launch maps. Also view the Seriously 4.0 section to keep an eye out for mode-specific ribbons before you start slaying it. Vote for the maps you need in between games.

Avalanche - Boltok, Overkill, Dropshot(after avalanche), Longshot, Torque(after avalanche), Trishot, Buzzkill
Blood Drive - Boltok, Longshot, Torque Bow, Buzzkill
Canals - Boltok, Longshot, Torque
Checkout - Boltok, Retro, EMBAR, Longshot, Mulcher
Clocktower - Boltok, Boomshot, Dropshot, Longshot
Dawn - Boltok, Markza, Dropshot, Torque
Diner - Retro, EMBAR, Longshot
Drydock - Boltok, Longshot, Torque, Trishot
Forge Blitz - Boltok, Markza, Boomshot, Dropshot, Longshot, Torque
Fuel Depot - Boltok, Retro, Boomshot, Longshot
Glory - Boltok, Boomshot, Dropshot
Harbor Haze - Markza, Boomshot(after haze), Torque
Hotel - Boltok, Boomshot, Dropshot, EMBAR, Torque
Impact Dark - Boltok, Overkill, Dropshot,
Lift Apex - Boltok, Boomshot, Dropshot, EMBAR, Longshot
Mercy - Boltok, Torque, Trishot, Mulcher
Old Town - Boltok, Markza, Overkill, Boomshot, Dropshot, Longshot, Torque
Raven Down
Reclaimed Windflare - Boltok, Retro, EMBAR, Longshot, Trishot, Buzzkill
Rustlung - Salvo(after 5 mins)
Security - Boltok, Markza, Retro, Overkill, Trishot, Buzzkill
Speyer - Longshot, Salvo
The Slab - Boltok, Boomshot, Dropshot
War Machine - Longshot, Torque

Tour De Force in Gears of War 4
Finish a Versus match on all 24 post-launch maps (Public only)
  • Unlocked by 10,275 tracked gamers (24% - TA Ratio = 4.11) 42,465

I've listed the weapons that can be found on the map because you will need 50 kills with each weapon. The Lancer and Gnasher will be no problem so there's not much need to keep track of those. Snub, Enforcer, and Hammerburst will also be easy completions as you can select these weapons in your loadout before the game starts. Heavy weapons are bolded as they aren't found in Arms Race so they may take you longest of all, especially the Salvo as it is only available on two maps, so make them a priority. If you're playing Core ranked mode games then the Hammerburst is actually a pickup weapon and not available in the starting loadout. The list below shows the map each gun can be found on, although you can make decent progress on them all in the Arms Race game mode.

The in game tracker does show progress towards Master at Arms, so if you don't notice an increase after a few kills then you've got your 50 necessary kills. Unfortunately, the war journal doesn't separate kills by multiplayer only, so it shows us all kills from the campaign as well. Therefore I highly recommend the website for tracking purposes.

Avalanche, Blood Drive, Canals, Checkout, Clocktower, Dam, Dawn, Drydock, Forge, Forge Blitz, Fuel Depot, Glory, Gridlock, Harbor, Hotel, Impact Dark, Lift, Lift Apex, Mercy, Old Town, Reclaimed, Reclaimed Windflare, Security, The Slab
Markza Mk. 1
Dawn, Fallout, Forge Blitz, Harbor Haze, Old Town, Relic, Security
Retro Lancer
Checkout, Dam, Diner, Forge, Fuel Depot, Reclaimed, Reclaimed Windflare, Security
Avalanche, Forge, Impact Dark, Lift, Old Town, Security
Clocktower, Dam, Forge, Forge Blitz, Foundation, Fuel Depot, Gridlock, Glory, Harbor Haze (after fog), Hotel, Lift, Lift Apex, Old Town, The Slab
Avalanche (after avalanche), Clocktower, Dam, Dawn, Fallout, Forge Blitz, Foundation, Glory, Harbor, Hotel, Impact Dark, Lift, Lift Apex, Old Town, The Slab
Checkout, Dam, Diner, Fallout, Harbor, Hotel, Lift Apex, Reclaimed, Reclaimed Windflare, Relic
Avalanche, Blood Drive, Canals, Checkout, Clocktower, Dam, Diner, Drydock, Forge Blitz, Fuel Depot, Gridlock, Harbor, Impact, Lift, Lift Apex, Old Town, Reclaimed, Reclaimed Windflare, Speyer, War Machine
Torque Bow
Avalanche (after avalanche), Blood Drive, Canals, Dawn, Drydock, Fallout, Forge, Forge Blitz, Foundation, Harbor Haze, Hotel, Impact, Mercy, Old Town, Relic, War Machine
Avalanche, Drydock, Lift, Mercy, Reclaimed, Reclaimed Windflare, Rustlung, Security
RL-4 Salvo
Rustlung (after approx. 5 minutes), Speyer
Avalanche, Blood Drive, Impact, Reclaimed, Reclaimed Windflare, Relic, Security
Checkout, Impact, Mercy, Relic

Master At Arms in Gears of War 4
Get 50 kills with every weapon in Versus, excluding grenades (Public Only)
  • Unlocked by 5,062 tracked gamers (12% - TA Ratio = 5.86) 42,465

As mentioned previously, Versus packs are of no use to us so we'll ignore buying those, but try to knock out any Versus bounties you were given as you go. We'll ease our way into Multiplayer easily by picking on AI bots in coop mode. Get in the habit of marking cn_LS enemies to earn assist points.

Fire up a game against casual bots and your goal here is to try to get 10 kills without dying. Hang back with the lancer or hammerburst and just pelt away. King of the Hill is a good game mode to try to get this in as the bots will just rush the ring for easy kills.

I'm In The Zone in Gears of War 4
Kill 10 players without dying in a Versus Multiplayer match (Public only)
  • Unlocked by 18,093 tracked gamers (43% - TA Ratio = 3.09) 42,465

This will also gain you the Vigilant ribbon, which we'll need for Chest Candy and Seriously 4.0. After you've popped in the zone die once and upon completion of the map you will also pop:

I'm On Fire! in Gears of War 4
I'm On Fire!114 (50)
Complete a public Versus Multiplayer match earning at least 5 kills with more kills than deaths
  • Unlocked by 33,449 tracked gamers (80% - TA Ratio = 2.28) 41,697

How's it Going to Work? Teamwork! in Gears of War 4
Win a Casual Co-op Versus match
  • Unlocked by 37,671 tracked gamers (22% - TA Ratio = 2.14) 173,559

Ribbonator in Gears of War 4
Ribbonator24 (20)
Earn 5 Ribbons
  • Unlocked by 120,275 tracked gamers (72% - TA Ratio = 1.20) 166,066

Now fire up a game against the Insane AI, hang back picking the bots off, and you'll unlock.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work! in Gears of War 4
Win a Normal Co-op Versus match
  • Unlocked by 33,721 tracked gamers (19% - TA Ratio = 2.26) 173,559

Talent Gets Kills, Teamwork Wins Games! in Gears of War 4
Win a Hardcore Co-op Versus match
  • Unlocked by 29,085 tracked gamers (17% - TA Ratio = 2.44) 173,559

To Go Fast, Go Alone. To Go Far, Go Together in Gears of War 4
Win an Insane Co-op Versus match
  • Unlocked by 26,946 tracked gamers (16% - TA Ratio = 2.53) 173,559

While playing the Arms Race mode, casual works if you want to make it easier on yourself, try to get the final kill of the match(3rd kill of Boltok). If you don't have any luck don't fret as you can do this in a private match.

Say Hello to My Little Friend in Gears of War 4
Get the final winning kill in Arms Race
  • Unlocked by 36,369 tracked gamers (21% - TA Ratio = 2.18) 173,559

Play at whatever level you feel comfortable at getting weapon kills and maps. Keep picking on the bots until you earn:

Bot Killer in Gears of War 4
Bot Killer62 (25)
Kill 25 enemies in Co-op Versus matches
  • Unlocked by 27,927 tracked gamers (17% - TA Ratio = 2.49) 166,066

Along the way you should've grabbed some quick experience and will fly up through the first few levels.

Level 5 in Gears of War 4
Level 525 (20)
Reach Level 5
  • Unlocked by 107,542 tracked gamers (65% - TA Ratio = 1.26) 166,066

Level 10 in Gears of War 4
Level 1013 (10)
Reach level 10
  • Unlocked by 95,586 tracked gamers (55% - TA Ratio = 1.34) 173,559

Level 15 in Gears of War 4
Level 1536 (25)
Reach Level 15
  • Unlocked by 83,799 tracked gamers (50% - TA Ratio = 1.43) 166,066

Level 20 in Gears of War 4
Level 2053 (35)
Reach Level 20
  • Unlocked by 75,494 tracked gamers (45% - TA Ratio = 1.51) 166,066

Keep playing games until you play 5 in a row to unlock:

Rollin' With the Homies in Gears of War 4
Earn the maximum Consecutive Match Bonus in Versus
  • Unlocked by 44,665 tracked gamers (26% - TA Ratio = 1.97) 173,559

You will also start earning a little bit of credits, save them.

It's a Start in Gears of War 4
Earn 1000 Credits lifetime
  • Unlocked by 86,099 tracked gamers (50% - TA Ratio = 1.41) 173,559

All of your initial credits should go towards Horde packs to begin the long journey of being combat effective, but keep an eye out for a weapon and character skin. Equip one of each, win one game, and then feel free to scrap them(unless they are Series 3).

Custom Made in Gears of War 4
Win a Match using a non-Starter Character and non-default Weapon Skin
  • Unlocked by 70,597 tracked gamers (41% - TA Ratio = 1.56) 173,559

Scrap Happy in Gears of War 4
Destroy a card
  • Unlocked by 52,205 tracked gamers (94% - TA Ratio = 1.82) 55,656

There are many ribbons to be gained doing specific things in versus(which are covered in the S4.0 section) but one achievement you can only earn in dodgeball game modes requires 10 Big Ol' Hero ribbons. These are earned when you're the last man out in a game of dodgeball and your team comes back to win. This can take a while but I would recommend working together with a friends, LFG tool, or of course the obligatory TA session.

Big Ol Hero in Gears of War 4
Get the "Big Ol Hero" Ribbon ten times
  • Unlocked by 7,105 tracked gamers (4% - TA Ratio = 4.93) 173,559

You also need to dabble in ranked play a little so you can get these out of the way early on or wait to grab some of the tedious ribbons. You need to earn a rank in one core and one competitive(Execution and Escalation) game mode and earn 25 victories. It takes 5 completed matches to earn a rank(Bronze, Silver, Gold, Onyx, Diamond). If you live outside of the United States, especially in Oceania, it may take a long time to find a lobby or most likely not happen at all. If you're not having any luck I would recommend finding enough people for a TA session as this can be an effective means of boosting ribbons as well.

Ranked and Filed in Gears of War 4
Achieve a rank in one Core and one Competitive game mode
  • Unlocked by 16,160 tracked gamers (9% - TA Ratio = 3.27) 173,559

Getting Competitive in Gears of War 4
In Versus, win 25 matches in Competitive playlists (Public Only)
  • Unlocked by 4,972 tracked gamers (12% - TA Ratio = 5.90) 41,697

If you've been diligently marking targets with cn_LS well before you get your map, weapon, and 100 hour achievements you'll get:

Best Teammate in Gears of War 4
Best Teammate291 (100)
Earn 1000 spotting or damage assists in Versus (Public Only)
  • Unlocked by 20,465 tracked gamers (48% - TA Ratio = 2.91) 42,465

The last thing to keep an eye out for in Versus mode is keeping tabs on special calendar events periodically throughout the year to collect Flaming weapon skins. Refer to the solution for a list of upcoming dates. Two points to remember: 1) Once again if you live in a region where games are scarce you may need to find an American friend to invite you into the lobby. 2) If you need 100 kills with a specific weapon or 5 victories, if you joined a match in progress it won't count them, so only track fully completed games.

I Like Em Crispy in Gears of War 4
Collect 5 Flaming Weapon Skins from Versus Special Events
  • Unlocked by 5,301 tracked gamers (12% - TA Ratio = 5.70) 42,465

Don't stress out about completing the grindy achievements as the Coalition's current plan is to release quarterly achievements throughout all of 2018 so rest assured you'll most likely be back for Versus in the summer and fall of 2018.

Welcome to Horde v3.0. Please read the tips and tricks section first as here we'll specifically cover the achievements and assume you know what you're doing in Horde mode.

The Gears of War 4 horde achievements will be a very time consuming endeavor as there are 4 separate objectives you'll be trying to accomplish.

1) Map based achievements. This is the easiest of the bunch as it can be done on any difficulty, but games need to be won all 50 consecutive waves on each of the 10 starting launch maps:

Dam, Fallout, Forge, Foundation, Gridlock, Harbor, Impact, Lift, Reclaimed, Relic

The achievement tracker indicates progress, but it's up to you to remember which ones you've completed so make a list and cross them out as you go. You can see your highest score in the War Journal, but doesn't tell you whether you've made it all 50 waves.

I've Killed Things, Seen Places in Gears of War 4
Complete 50 consecutive waves of Horde in a squad on every Launch Series map (any difficulty)
  • Unlocked by 6,628 tracked gamers (4% - TA Ratio = 5.10) 173,559

There were 24 post launch maps released(see list in Versus section) and you will need to win the 50 consecutive waves on 5 maps that are not part of the aforementioned 10 in the launch list. Here one member of your party will need to have the Season Pass or individually purchased maps for:

New Horizons in Gears of War 4
Complete 50 consecutive waves of Horde in a squad on any Post Launch map
  • Unlocked by 24,561 tracked gamers (44% - TA Ratio = 2.65) 55,656

Around The World in Gears of War 4
Complete 50 consecutive waves of Horde in a squad on five Post Launch maps
  • Unlocked by 10,173 tracked gamers (18% - TA Ratio = 4.12) 55,656

2) Difficulty specific achievements. Each class has specific achievements for Insane, Inconceivable, and Ironman(Hardcore or above, but stackable just like the campaign) completed 50 wave runs.

3) Leveling all 5 classes to level 10. This class experience is separate from the experience your character gains and your own personal performance does not in any way impact the class exp you gain. Whether you kill every enemy in the wave or sit in the corner AFK makes no difference for class exp as it is given only upon successful completion of waves.

4) Leveling class skills via packs purchased from the store. You will need to upgrade at least 5 skills to level 6, but one class will need to have every single skill maxed out. This will take the largest amount of time of all three simply due to the massive amount of credits and scrap needed.

On top of that you also need to keep an eye out for season events just like you did in the Versus matches to collect skins(don't scrap them):

Better Than Bacon in Gears of War 4
Collect 5 Midnight Omen Weapon Skins from Horde Special Events
  • Unlocked by 6,062 tracked gamers (14% - TA Ratio = 5.33) 42,465

But before you load up your first Horde game you should spend all of your credits to buy Horde packs at 400 credits a pop. Then go into your Horde skills tab and upgrade as many of the skills as possible. It only takes 1 to go from level 1 to 2, 3 to go from 2 to 3, 5 to go from 3 to 4, 10 to go from 4 to 5, and a whopping 20 to go from 5 to 6.

As you open these you'll notice the majority of the cards are green(common), with a few blues(rare), and occasional purples(epic). The gold legendary cards are only skins for cosmetic purposes and you'll convert any you have to scrap. Don't scrap any Series 3 cards you earn just yet. You'll be buying Horde packs for quite some time until you start getting all of your green skills to level 6, at which point you will switch to Operation packs, which cost 800 credits, but have better odds to get the purple skills you'll most likely be lacking. Don't bother with Versus packs unless you want to make the game take considerably longer than it already does.

This should easily unlock:

Triple Threat in Gears of War 4
Upgrade 3 skill cards
  • Unlocked by 61,960 tracked gamers (37% - TA Ratio = 1.67) 166,066

If you find yourself close to increasing a particular skill to the next level you can craft a card to upgrade it.
Craftsman in Gears of War 4
Craft a card
  • Unlocked by 58,298 tracked gamers (34% - TA Ratio = 1.72) 173,559

Now you're ready to play your first game of Horde. Take a look at the Seriously 4.0 section to know which ribbons you should keep an eye out for. I strongly recommend you find a core group of individuals to play with that are achievement minded or just find people interested in horde from TA or the LFG tool. The reason why playing with randoms can be very frustrating as people leave after the first 10 or 20 waves to complete easy bounties or leave once you fail a wave. The experience gained from these early waves is very poor and not a good use of your time. Considering you need to do 15 maps worth of 1-50 runs this doesn't help your progress either. So to start off, just pick from one of the damage classes of Soldier, Heavy, or Sniper based on the one with the best cards or whatever you feel comfortable with. Heavy is a solid beginner choice as the Boomshot is always effective and Marked damage is great regardless of which weapon you're using. The Scout and Engineer classes are very skill dependent you won't be much help to the squad at a low level until you beef your cards up. In these early levels when you only have 1 card slot available with low level cards, turrets are your friends.

All you need to do is survive 10 waves and you'll receive:

At First I Was Afraid, I Was Petrified in Gears of War 4
Survive the first 10 consecutive waves of Horde in a squad (any difficulty, any map)
  • Unlocked by 93,524 tracked gamers (54% - TA Ratio = 1.36) 173,559

Watch for people dying and bring their COG tags back to the fabricator. This may not happen too often on the easy difficulties but rest assured you'll easily unlock this at some point later on:

Call a Dr. If Lasting More than 4 Teammates in Gears of War 4
Resurrect 4 teammates using the Fabricator in a single session (any difficulty)
  • Unlocked by 45,648 tracked gamers (26% - TA Ratio = 1.94) 173,559

As you progress through the waves the fabricator will level up and you'll eventually get:
Tea. Earl Grey. Hot. in Gears of War 4
Upgrade Fabricator to maximum level (in one session)
  • Unlocked by 47,599 tracked gamers (27% - TA Ratio = 1.90) 173,559

Once you make it through all 50 waves you'll unlock:

Bilford Bogin! in Gears of War 4
Complete 50 consecutive waves of Horde in a squad (any difficulty, any map)
  • Unlocked by 43,762 tracked gamers (25% - TA Ratio = 1.98) 173,559

You'll also be well on your way to level 3 and also receive:

Level Up! in Gears of War 4
Level Up!36 (25)
Reach level 2 in one Horde class
  • Unlocked by 83,763 tracked gamers (50% - TA Ratio = 1.43) 166,066

There's a few easy achievements to introduce you to the concept of your class, all easily and inadvertently attained in the thousands of rounds of Horde you'll end up playing. For the Heavy just utilize a weapons locker to refill ammo in either a heavy or launcher weapon. You need to refill 50 ammo, so a trishot or mulcher will make this happen almost instantly.

Know Your Role: Heavy in Gears of War 4
As a Heavy, add 50 ammo for launchers or Heavy Weapons in a Weapons Locker in one Horde match
  • Unlocked by 11,636 tracked gamers (28% - TA Ratio = 3.87) 41,697

For the soldier, use your lancer and stay in cover.
Know Your Role: Soldier in Gears of War 4
As a Soldier, kill 40 enemies from cover and have 100 Lancer kills in one Horde match
  • Unlocked by 11,815 tracked gamers (28% - TA Ratio = 3.84) 41,697

For the sniper, you need 30 headshots on DR-1s, Pouncers, Scions, and Snipers in one game. If it doesn't happen for you, a solo game on Monster Mash can be an option once your card level is high enough.
Know Your Role: Sniper in Gears of War 4
As a Sniper, kill 30 Scions, Pouncers, DR-1s or Snipers with headshots in one Horde match
  • Unlocked by 9,592 tracked gamers (23% - TA Ratio = 4.26) 41,697

For the engineer, you need to build 10 fortifications for an item you have a card equipped for.
Know Your Role: Engineer in Gears of War 4
As an Engineer, build 10 fortifications you equipped a skill card for in one Horde match
  • Unlocked by 13,405 tracked gamers (32% - TA Ratio = 3.61) 41,697

For the scout, all you need to do is pick up 10000 energy worth of money.
Know Your Role: Scout in Gears of War 4
As a Scout, pick up 10,000 Power during active combat in one Horde match
  • Unlocked by 18,504 tracked gamers (44% - TA Ratio = 3.07) 41,697

From hereon out you're on a long journey of grinding personal exp for 10 reups, class exp to get all 5 to level 10, and credits to level up cards to level 6 for one class. Try to knock out the map achievements while you're just starting out because most of the higher difficulty strategies are done on the same few maps (eg. Blood Drive, War Machine, Security). Once you've got every class to level 5 or so try to focus on one class as your main so you can start working on the higher difficulty settings as this is where the credits and exp are, but remember almost every successful run to 50 above normal difficulty will require both a scout and engineer. Double exp weekends will be your friend. Continue melting down any skins you've acquired but don't spend scrap to level up your skills yet, unless it's for the engineer. Don't stress about whether to go for credit bounties or xp bounties yet as you will need plenty of each, so just equip whatever you've got available for now and keep plugging away.

Level 50 in Gears of War 4
Level 5048 (25)
Reach level 50
  • Unlocked by 46,834 tracked gamers (27% - TA Ratio = 1.92) 173,559

Bounty Hunter in Gears of War 4
Complete 20 Bounties
  • Unlocked by 34,173 tracked gamers (20% - TA Ratio = 2.25) 173,559

Moving on up! in Gears of War 4
Earn 10000 Credits lifetime
  • Unlocked by 40,547 tracked gamers (23% - TA Ratio = 2.06) 173,559

Thank You, Sir. May I Have Another? in Gears of War 4
Re-up once
  • Unlocked by 28,012 tracked gamers (16% - TA Ratio = 2.49) 173,559

You might be tempted to jump into the harder difficulties to knock out the difficulty achievements sooner but failing a wave can put a serious damper on your class and experience progression. That's because there's an additional consecutive wave bonus for waves completed without failures. Going 1-50 flawlessly on insane can triple your total exp gain, but all it takes a few failed rounds and you might've been better off breezing through hardcore. So if your squad can't get through 50 hardcore waves without failing don't attempt insane as you could be handicapping your xp gains, both player level and horde classes.

For frame of reference here's how much class xp you need per level:
2 1,000 CXP
3 6,000 CXP
4 15,000 CXP
5 25,000 CXP
6 36,000 CXP
7 56,000 CXP
8 80,000 CXP
9 120,000 CXP
10 200,000 CXP

As you can see level 7 is a little over a quarter of the way to your final card slot and so you're going to need that insane/inconceivable consecutive wave bonus otherwise level 10 will take a long time. Once you've got your 4th card slot at level 7 and if you've farmed enough credits to get some level 5 cards you can start working on the Insane achievements without being a detriment to your squad. I know the achievement description mentions maximum level but prior to DLC release level 5 was the max.

I Have a Very Particular Set of Skills in Gears of War 4
Upgrade a Skill Card to level 5
  • Unlocked by 26,343 tracked gamers (15% - TA Ratio = 2.56) 173,559

Skills That Make Me a Nightmare in Gears of War 4
Upgrade 5 Skill cards to level 5
  • Unlocked by 17,311 tracked gamers (10% - TA Ratio = 3.16) 173,559

Depending on the skill, composition, class levels, and cards of your teammates you can continue to farm Insane horde runs quickly. If you really want the achievements ASAP, take turns having 4 high level team members carry one low level class through. Remember a level 4 turret can make anyone combat effective regardless of class. But don't fret as you'll max your horde classes before your 10th reup anyhow. The heavy's role is the most straight forward, just kill things with heavy weapons/turrets.

I Choose Violence in Gears of War 4
Complete 50 consecutive waves of Horde as Heavy on Insane in a squad (any map)
  • Unlocked by 10,515 tracked gamers (6% - TA Ratio = 4.05) 173,559

The soldier's Hammer of Dawn skill or grenade skills are sometimes key to accomplishing speed runs and you may need to level up those cards to be of use to the speed run. Now I mentioned don't spend scrap except for the engineer because we need to max one class out entirely and it just so happens that the engineer is cheapest. However, this is partially luck based as well as you cannot upgrade cards you have yet to find in packs, so you may be waiting on some of the purple skills to show up just once. I would recommend holding off on blowing lots of scrap to beef up one class unless you're sure it's the one you want to max out at the expense of all of the others.
Oh What a Day! What a Lovely Day! in Gears of War 4
Complete 50 consecutive waves of Horde as Soldier on Insane in a squad (any map)
  • Unlocked by 10,006 tracked gamers (6% - TA Ratio = 4.16) 173,559

The sniper skill Called Shot is key to the sniper's utility.

Give a Name. Any Name. in Gears of War 4
Complete 50 consecutive waves of Horde as Sniper on Insane in a squad (any map)
  • Unlocked by 8,925 tracked gamers (5% - TA Ratio = 4.40) 173,559

Certain speed run tactics(they're always changing as The Coalition nerfs any shortcuts players find) will call for specific setups such as 2 engineers (one barrier/one sentry). This is an opportunity to get the tougher achievements done with minimal cards on the engineer as your green barrier cards are easier to level than the blue sentry cards.

Job's Done in Gears of War 4
Job's Done84 (20)
Complete 50 consecutive waves of Horde as Engineer on Insane in a squad (any map)
  • Unlocked by 9,825 tracked gamers (6% - TA Ratio = 4.19) 173,559

While leveling up your scout you should've gotten your deposit bonus card as high as possible and you probably should've unlocked

Sugar Daddy in Gears of War 4
Deposit 1,000,000 power in the Fabricator lifetime
  • Unlocked by 21,403 tracked gamers (12% - TA Ratio = 2.84) 173,559

after a few runs. But certain strategies also have 2 scouts and you've got a very easy job of just fetching money.

I Have Approximate Knowledge of Many Things in Gears of War 4
Complete 50 consecutive waves of Horde as Scout on Insane in a squad (any map)
  • Unlocked by 10,724 tracked gamers (6% - TA Ratio = 4.01) 173,559

Somewhere along this point as you start your Insane horde runs the credits will start to roll in with several thousand a go and you'll become a real estate mogul and should consider running for public office:
I'm Drumpf in Gears of War 4
I'm Drumpf71 (20)
Game of the Year Earn 100000 Credits lifetime
  • Unlocked by 13,866 tracked gamers (8% - TA Ratio = 3.53) 173,559

If you've got the strategy to take out Insane without hiccups give Ironman a go, whether you do it on hardcore to ensure success or stack it with Insane is up to you. You're not allowed to fail a single wave so ensure one person(usually the sniper/soldier hanging out by the fabricator) carries team revive. The additional reward for Ironman is minor and usually not recommended unless you've got a solid strategy and everyone has decent cards.

To Survive a War, You Gotta Become War in Gears of War 4
Complete 50 consecutive waves of Horde as Heavy on Ironman (Hardcore or higher) in a squad
  • Unlocked by 5,665 tracked gamers (10% - TA Ratio = 5.52) 55,656

Tactical Necessity in Gears of War 4
Complete 50 consecutive waves of Horde as Soldier on Ironman (Hardcore or higher) in a squad
  • Unlocked by 5,637 tracked gamers (10% - TA Ratio = 5.53) 55,656

Never Know What Hit ‘em in Gears of War 4
Complete 50 consecutive waves of Horde as Sniper on Ironman (Hardcore or higher) in a squad
  • Unlocked by 5,325 tracked gamers (10% - TA Ratio = 5.69) 55,656

You Win Or You Die in Gears of War 4
Complete 50 consecutive waves of Horde as Scout on Ironman (Hardcore or higher) in a squad
  • Unlocked by 6,204 tracked gamers (11% - TA Ratio = 5.28) 55,656

The Great Battle of our Time in Gears of War 4
Complete 50 consecutive waves of Horde as Engineer on Ironman (Hardcore or higher) in a squad
  • Unlocked by 5,766 tracked gamers (10% - TA Ratio = 5.47) 55,656

At this point you should be nearing level 10 for one class:

Classy Move in Gears of War 4
Reach level 10 in one Horde class
  • Unlocked by 22,355 tracked gamers (13% - TA Ratio = 2.80) 173,559

Your green skills for that class should also be nearing level 6:
Six is the New Five in Gears of War 4
Upgrade a Skill Card to Level 6
  • Unlocked by 16,017 tracked gamers (29% - TA Ratio = 3.29) 55,656

Winning Hand in Gears of War 4
Upgrade 5 Skill Cards to Level 6
  • Unlocked by 11,050 tracked gamers (20% - TA Ratio = 3.96) 55,656

Once all of your necessary green skills are level 6 you're done buying Horde packs. As you've probably noticed by now the drop rate for epic cards in horde packs is very low. From hereon out we're interested in Operation packs hoping for epic skills and scrap. Any level 10 class with level 6 cards is now a solid candidate for an inconceivable run(and possibly combined with Ironman if you haven't finished it yet as you'll want the slight bonus in your final stretch of farming):
Nothing Is Over! in Gears of War 4
Complete 50 consecutive waves of Horde as Heavy on Inconceivable in a squad (any map)
  • Unlocked by 6,960 tracked gamers (13% - TA Ratio = 4.98) 55,656

I’ve Got You In My Sights in Gears of War 4
Complete 50 consecutive waves of Horde as Soldier on Inconceivable in a squad (any map)
  • Unlocked by 6,894 tracked gamers (12% - TA Ratio = 5.01) 55,656

Mind Blown in Gears of War 4
Mind Blown131 (25)
Complete 50 consecutive waves of Horde as Sniper on Inconceivable in a squad (any map)
  • Unlocked by 6,270 tracked gamers (11% - TA Ratio = 5.25) 55,656

You. Shall Not. Pass! in Gears of War 4
Complete 50 consecutive waves of Horde as Engineer on Inconceivable in a squad (any map)
  • Unlocked by 6,967 tracked gamers (13% - TA Ratio = 4.98) 55,656

A Scout Always Pays Their Debts in Gears of War 4
Complete 50 consecutive waves of Horde as Scout on Inconceivable in a squad (any map)
  • Unlocked by 7,816 tracked gamers (14% - TA Ratio = 4.70) 55,656

Find some friends or TA folks to fire up a private game of Horde Frenzy on Insane. You can change the horde options using the start(hamburger) button. This is only 25 waves with bosses every 5. I personally would recommend the map Blood Drive, place the fabricator in the door, and don't let anything in by using scouts with the Brawler card in the windows.

In and Out in Gears of War 4
In and Out258 (50)
Complete 25 consecutive waves of Horde Lite or Frenzy on Insane Difficulty
  • Unlocked by 6,517 tracked gamers (16% - TA Ratio = 5.15) 41,697

Quick and Dirty in Gears of War 4
Complete 25 consecutive waves of Horde Lite or Frenzy
  • Unlocked by 15,322 tracked gamers (37% - TA Ratio = 3.37) 41,697

Now you can do the same exact strategy for the next piece one so private Blood Drive again, this time you only need Hardcore difficulty. Bring at least one soldier with a decent Hammer of Dawn and a sniper with a decent Sniper Strike. Budget enough energy for the boss waves and save Sniper Strikes for the waves where they start dealing double damage.

School of '08 in Gears of War 4
In Private Horde, complete 50 consecutive waves on Hardcore without the team building fortifications
  • Unlocked by 3,892 tracked gamers (9% - TA Ratio = 6.67) 41,697

And as you progress towards your 10th reup you'll eventually cap out all of your classes.

Stay Classy in Gears of War 4
Reach level 10 in every launch Horde class
  • Unlocked by 10,723 tracked gamers (6% - TA Ratio = 4.03) 173,559

Now just play your favorite/best class or whatever the squad composition needs while you grind experience and credits. At this point while buying Operation packs it's time to assess which class you hope to cap out. The engineer or soldier are the easiest while the scout and heavy will take forever simply due to the number of epic skills they have. I recommend tracking via spreadsheet how much scrap you have available to you if you would like to complete horde sooner. For example, if you need 60k scrap to complete engineer then be ready to scrap your 5/20 Hammer of Dawn cards as getting an extra second to your HoD is not worth the potential scrap unless you really see yourself playing enough Gears to get use out of it. Also don't blindly upgrade awful skills you will never use such as X-Ray, Berserker, or Last Stand.
Then you will complete the last time consuming achievement:
Classy! in Gears of War 4
Classy!350 (50)
Upgrade all Skills Cards for one Horde class to Level 6
  • Unlocked by 3,560 tracked gamers (6% - TA Ratio = 6.99) 55,656

As with any Gears game the penultimate achievement is a "Seriously" achievement. But first a few miscellaneous achievements once you've got excess scrap to waste. You need to craft a craft only card as well as a legendary card so we'll knock both out at once. This will cost you 2400 scrap and a good choice is our dear friend from Gears 2, Tai Kaliso.

Crafty in Gears of War 4
Crafty62 (20)
Craft a Craft Only card
  • Unlocked by 17,903 tracked gamers (32% - TA Ratio = 3.11) 55,656

Master Craftsman in Gears of War 4
Craft a Legendary card
  • Unlocked by 24,516 tracked gamers (14% - TA Ratio = 2.66) 173,559

You can get your 600 scrap back now. Along the way you also need to have collected 10 Series 3 cards, this will pop:

Mine! in Gears of War 4
Mine!22 (10)
Own 10 Cards from the Series 3 Collection
  • Unlocked by 36,704 tracked gamers (86% - TA Ratio = 2.17) 42,465

You can scrap these now if you wish.

Seriously 4.0 is actually divided up into 7 pieces and each one will actually show progress in the achievement tracker.

The description reads: complete Insane Campaign, ribbons, rank placements, Horde maps, re-ups, classes and five skills.

Each of those pieces is actually tied to a separate achievement.

The Night is Dark and Full of Terrors in Gears of War 4
Complete all Campaign Acts on Insane difficulty
  • Unlocked by 14,038 tracked gamers (8% - TA Ratio = 3.51) 173,559

Chest Candy in Gears of War 4
Earn one of each launch Ribbon
  • Unlocked by 4,087 tracked gamers (2% - TA Ratio = 6.51) 173,559

Ranked and Filed in Gears of War 4
Achieve a rank in one Core and one Competitive game mode
  • Unlocked by 16,160 tracked gamers (9% - TA Ratio = 3.27) 173,559

I've Killed Things, Seen Places in Gears of War 4
Complete 50 consecutive waves of Horde in a squad on every Launch Series map (any difficulty)
  • Unlocked by 6,628 tracked gamers (4% - TA Ratio = 5.10) 173,559

Please Sir, Can I Have Some More? in Gears of War 4
Re-up ten times
  • Unlocked by 7,915 tracked gamers (5% - TA Ratio = 4.68) 173,559

Stay Classy in Gears of War 4
Reach level 10 in every launch Horde class
  • Unlocked by 10,723 tracked gamers (6% - TA Ratio = 4.03) 173,559

Skills That Make Me a Nightmare in Gears of War 4
Upgrade 5 Skill cards to level 5
  • Unlocked by 17,311 tracked gamers (10% - TA Ratio = 3.16) 173,559

If you complete all 7 of those and it doesn't pop immediately don't freak out, just play a game of something and it should eventually sync. The most time consuming will be the 10 reups but that's pretty self explanatory so here we're going to discuss the ribbons necessary for Chest Candy. There are 141 launch ribbons, but only 138 are required for the achievement. The following three ribbons are not required as they were removed as a requirement a year after launch.

Ole! – Grenade tag a bayonet-charging enemy.
Not Today – Revived every member of your team in a single round of an Execution or Warzone match.
Smorgasbord – Killed an enemy with each weapon in Arms Race.

If you collect all 138 ribbons Chest Candy may not pop immediately either until you go into your War Journal and view them. Multiplayer ribbons cannot be earned in a private match, although Horde ribbons can. I would encourage you to keep a spreadsheet and delete them as you go. The majority of these you will earn just by playing the game normally, although finding 2 other people with extra controllers can make a lot of these a piece of cake against coop casual bots. Others will be quite a pain so I'll offer commentary, while some of the Escalation ones are next to impossible to get without a boosting session.

10-56 in Progress (Did damage to an enemy that killed themselves in a Versus match)
Hang out near Boomshot and Frag grenade spawns on the map and run up to people as they grab them. Sometimes they'll panic and kill themselves, just inflict any sort of damage, sometimes the Boomshot alone is enough to count.

3rd and Long (Killed an enemy by downing that enemy three times in a Versus match)

Apex Predator (Won a Versus match where you were the last man standing)

Better Man (Won a sudden death situation in a Versus match)

Big Exit (Killed an enemy while grenade tagged)
Bots don't grenade tag(at least I've never seen it) so you'll either need to boost this one or get cheeky with someone online, similar to 10-56 in Progress.

Boombardier (Killed multiple enemies with a single explosive shot in Versus or Horde)

Carmine's Star (Had the most headshot deaths in a Versus match)

Chain Lightning (Shocked 2 enemies with the same planted Shock Grenade in a Versus match)
Plant in KOTH rings.

Clear! (Had the most revives in Versus or Horde)

Clusterluck (Killed multiple enemies with a single Frag Grenade in Versus or Horde)

Clutch (Killed at least three enemies, as the last man out, to win a Versus round)

Contender (Had the most melee hits in Versus or Horde)

Coup de Grâce (Got the final kill with an execution in Versus or Horde)

Death from Below (Killed an enemy with a grenade while you were down but not out in a Versus match)
Get downed while holding frags in an Execution or Warzone match so they need to get close to you to finish you off. Hold cn_RT as they approach.

Death from Beyond (Killed an enemy while you were dead in Versus or Horde)
Plant grenades in Horde, then go get killed.

Demolition Man (Killed multiple enemies with a single Dropshot shot in Versus or Horde)

Evasive (Took the least amount of damage in Versus or Horde)

Executioner (Got the most executions in a Versus match)

FIFO (Died first in a Versus round)

Final World (Got the final kill in Versus or Horde)

First to Fight (Got the first kill in every round of a Versus match)

First! (Got the first kill in Versus or Horde)

Grenadier (Had the most grenade kills in Versus or Horde)

Guys? Hello? (Spent the most time down but not out in Versus or Horde)

Hail Mary (Kill an enemy who was at least 200 feet away with the Boomshot or RL-4 Salvo in Versus or Horde)

Headhunter (Had the most headshots in Versus or Horde)

I Know Kung-Fu (Countered a close cover combat move)
Sit in cover and wait for someone or a bot to grab you, the timing window for hitting cn_B is very small so have your finger on the button.

I'm Fine (Self-revived twice during a Versus match)

Industrious (Used more than one Deebee weapon to kill a single enemy)
Change your starting loadout to Enforcer and grab either an EMBAR or a shock grenade on the map. An EMBAR active reload has a stun component so don't headshot them and then finish off with an Enforcer.

Inside Out (Killed an enemy with a Dropshot headshot in a Versus match)

Killjoy (Killed an enemy who had a kill streak of 5 or more in a Versus match)

Last Man Out (Was the only surviving member of your team in a Versus mode without respawns)

Methodical (Executed 5 enemies)

Military Intelligence (Marked 5 enemies who were then killed by someone else within ten seconds in Versus or Horde)

More Guts than Skill (Killed yourself at least 3 times in Versus or Horde)

MVP (Had the most points in Versus or Horde)

Negotiations Over (Headshot an enemy who was holding a meatshield in a Versus match)
One of the most difficult ribbons as bots don't use meatshields. Grab a Longshot, park yourself in a good vantage point over a ring in Escalation/KOTH, and wait very patiently.

Nemesis (Killed the same enemy 5 times in a Versus match)

Never Had a Chance (Won every round of a Versus match)

Never Surrender (Came from defeat to win a Versus match)

No Respect (Killed the top player in a Versus match)

No Smoking (Killed an enemy with a Smoke Grenade in Versus or Horde)
For this you'll have to DBNO someone three times. On the first two let them stand up, but on the 3rd walk up to them and tag them with a smoke grenade.

No, Wait! (Killed an enemy who was reloading in Versus)

Not So Fast (Killed an enemy who was executing a teammate in Versus or Horde)

Oscar Mike (Headshot a roadie running enemy)
Use the Horde skill 'Sniper Strike'.

Pacifist (Had more revives than kills in a Versus match)

Pistoleer (Had the most pistol kills in Versus or Horde)

Quick Clips (Had the most perfect active reloads in Versus or Horde)

Rough Day (Died the most in Versus or Horde)

Sapper Star (Killed an enemy by detonating their own planted grenade in a Versus match)
Another difficult one to get as you need to creepily follow someone as they plant a frag grenade. You've got a very small window of time to destroy it so be accurate or try sniping someone as they plant. Also easier on ring-based maps as that's where people typically plant.

Smooth Operator (Got the highest kill/death ratio in a Versus match)

So Close (Died within one second of self-reviving in Versus)
At the point where your character is off the ground and almost standing up.

Solid (Had more kills than deaths in a Versus match)

Special Delivery (Killed an enemy with a bag-n-tag in Versus or Horde)
Easiest in Horde, especially as Soldier. Down a drone, hit cn_X to meatshield them, then hit cn_up and send them off into a crowd of friends.

Spray and Pray (Had the most blindfire kills in Versus or Horde)

Stab Em (Killed an enemy with a knife execution after a close cover combat move)
Just like you did in the campaign tutorial either vaulting with cn_B or yanking with cn_X, but make sure to get in close and hit cn_Y.

Stay Down (Had more downs than kills in a Versus match)

Survivor (Had the most self-revives in a Versus match)

Swift Vengeance (Killed the last enemy who killed you in a Versus match)

Team Player (Had the most assists in Versus or Horde)

The Cleaner (Got the final kill in every round of a Versus match)

The Double Killed 2 enemies within four seconds of each other
The Triple Killed 3 enemies within four seconds of each other
The Quad Killed 4 enemies within four seconds of each other
The Quint Killed 5 enemies within four seconds of each other

The Super (Headshot a rolling enemy in Versus or Horde)
You won't see it in Horde so I'm not sure why they mention it but this can be quite annoying to get. Get out your Gnasher and have someone roll towards you.

Tough Guy (Died the least in Versus or Horde)

Trick Shot (Got a Torque Bow headshot that was also a double kill in Versus or Horde)
Another one I encourage boosting on but if you want to give it a go out in the wild once again pick on bots in KOTH. Down one with your Lancer in the ring and while they're reviving line up a pair of headshots or headshot the first and stick the second.

Under the Radar (Earned no other ribbons in a Versus match)
Unfortunately sitting there doing nothing will get you the Evasive ribbon, so find a friend or second controller and both of you just sit there. It won't work on all match types as some give out ribbons for different rounds so I recommend Arms Race.

Unlucky Bastard (Was the only person on your team who died in a Versus round)

Vigilant (Won a Versus match with at least 10 kills without dying)

Well Protected (Was most revived member on your team in Versus or Horde)

Arms Race Medals
Hair Trigger (Killed an enemy within 1 second of receiving a new gun in Arms Race)
Down someone and wait for your team to get the required 3 kills, then melee your downed friend.

Happy Ending (Killed an enemy with the final weapon in an Arms Race match)

Sorry, Charlie (Killed an enemy within 2 seconds of that enemy receiving a new gun in Arms Race)

Dodgeball Medals
Aww Man... (Was in the process of respawning when a Dodgeball match ended)

Big ol' Hero (Won a Dodgeball match where you were the last man standing)

Complete Resurrection (Was on a team that went from one living player back to five living players in a Dodgeball match)

Dead Weight (Was brought back twice in a Dodgeball round)

You're Welcome (Brought back two players in a Dodgeball round)

Execution/Warzone Medals
Big Poppa (Killed an enemy with one shot in an Execution or Warzone match)
Longshot, Gnasher

Downtime (Died within the first 15 seconds of an Execution or Warzone match)

Gladiator (Killed an enemy using the knife execution in an Execution or Warzone match)
Just like 'Stab Em' ribbon.

Master of the Zone (Was the last man standing on your team in a round and won the round in an Execution or Warzone match)

Guardian Medals - Casual coop is great for all of these.
Bag Man (Kill the enemy leader)

Bravado (Win a sudden death as the last man standing)

Getting It Done
(Kill the enemy leader as the leader)

Lead by Example
(Get 5 kills as the leader)

No Ransom
(Use the enemy leader as a meat shield)

Standup Guy
(As the leader do not go DBNO in a match)

(Revive the leader the most)

King of the Hill/Escalation Medals
Strongly encourage boosting unless you LOVE Escalation. All you need is 6 people, 4 with extra controllers to knock these out.

Dead Ringer (Won by shutting out the enemy team in King of the Hill or Escalation)
Casual coop, bring a full group.

Duelist (Killed an enemy while both of you were in the same ring in King of the Hill or Escalation)

Eyes on the Prize (Earned the most ring points in King of the Hill)

Fish in a Barrel (Killed 3 enemies holding a ring in King of the Hill or Escalation)

King Slayer (Killed an enemy holding a ring in King of the Hill or Escalation)

Last Resort (Broke a ring when the enemy team needed 5 or less points to win in King of the Hill)

Leave it all on the Field (Entered the final possible round with a tie score in an Escalation match)
Very time consuming. You need to go into the 13th round of Escalation in a 6 to 6 tie, does not matter who wins.

Lock and Load (Placed a weapon in an Escalation match)
The highest score player on the team that just lost the round gets to place a weapon on the map.

My House (Was on a team that won 7 straight rounds in an Escalation match)
And this is why these ribbons are very difficult to get.

Nice Pick (Killed an enemy with a weapon selected by the enemy team in that round of an Escalation match)
Win a round, then pay attention to where it was placed.

Our House (Killed an opponent who was breaking your ring in King of the Hill or Escalation)

Out from Under (Broke a domination in Escalation)
Once a team captures all three rings they are 'dominating' and a very short timer will start. Capture a ring otherwise the game is over.

Pioneer (Earned the first ring point in King of the Hill)

Rally (Won an Escalation match after being behind at half-time)

Ring King (Captured a ring at least 3 times in a King of the Hill round)

Ring Master (Held a ring for 30 seconds in King of the Hill or Escalation)

Sacrifice (Broke a ring by yourself while downed in King of the Hill)

Three and Out (Won an Escalation round by capturing three rings)

Top of the Hill (Killed 5 enemies from inside a ring in King of the Hill)

Team Deathmatch Medals
Annihilation (Was on a team where your whole team was alive and the enemy team was all dead in Team Deathmatch)

Brotherhood in Battle
(Respawned with at least three teammates in respawn wave in Team Deathmatch)

Close Shave (Won a Team Deathmatch round by 1)

(Killed every enemy once in Team Deathmatch)

Horde Medals
Construction Worker Upgraded the Fabricator)

Diversity (Won a Horde match with a team that had no duplicate classes)
You may get this while playing Horde on your own, but an easy way is to play a level 50 wave on casual by yourself. Pick a heavy, build a turret, and sit in the corner. If you get a boss that gives you trouble, just restart until you get something easy eg. Kestrel.

Equal Opportunity (Killed one of each enemy type in a Horde wave)

Financier (Deposited 5000 power into the Fabricator)

Go on Without Me (Complete the wave as the only dead player)

High ROI (Killed 5 enemies with a weapon from the Fabricator)

I Gotcha (Revived all four of your teammates in a single wave)
Needs to be done manually, cannot just use team revive card.

Last Hope (Completed a wave as the only player alive)
Need at least one other person in the game so use a second controller or have a friend die on wave 1.

Like a Boss (Completed a boss wave while not dead or DBNO)

Long Hauler (Completed all 50 waves in a single session)

Phat Loot (Completed a bonus objective)

Point Man (Picked up the most power in a wave)

Repair Man (Spent 1500 power repairing fortifications)

Rope-a-Dope (Killed 3 enemies who were distracted by a decoy)

Supervisor (Complete a wave with no kills)

The Specialists (Won a Horde match with a team was all the same class)
See 'Diversity' ribbon. Just one man army wave 50.

Seriously 4.0 in Gears of War 4
Seriously 4.01,440 (200)
Complete Insane Campaign, ribbons, rank placements, Horde maps, re-ups, classes and five skills
  • Unlocked by 3,345 tracked gamers (2% - TA Ratio = 7.20) 173,559

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